Lopez, Natalia Alicia

LCB – Methods II

29th August 2008

1° Draft
      Number of students: 20 Age of learners: 16 Length of lesson: 40 minutes Level: Advanced Teacher: Natalia A. López Book: Get on track to FCE

Task: Write a description of your favourite place for a
Materials used: Students book book ( pages 32, 33, 35 ,38) magazines  Assumed knowledge:  Topic: learners are expected to know how to describe places with appropriate language  Grammar: present simple, continuous, time expressions, present perfect, past simple, (all forms)  Vocabulary: learners are expected to know adjectives, nouns, (vocabulary based on time out)  Function: learners are expected to know how to describe  Skills: planning and writing a description  Aims of the lesson:  Topic aims: Places: Learners read four articles about four different places. Learners talking about their favourite places in the world  Vocabulary aims: Learners read new vocabulary connected to Time out, describing places, word-formation :-ed/-ing adjectives  Functions aims: Learners learn how to describe places.  Skill aims: Learners read to follow an example of the text they have to write, they plan and organize a description.  Writing: They learn how to link their ideas when writing, (linking expressions)


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