Jeff Vankooten

Inspiring people to bounce back and thrive in life changing times

Jeff Vankooten
Helping people effectively migrate through the quandaries of contemporary change
“...absolutely perfect...enthusiastic, engaging, and thoroughly knowledgeable of the topic...energized, intrigued and motivated our entire staff...brought back the fire in my heart...a crazily gifted communicator!...”
For over twenty years Jeff Vankooten has partnered with people and organizations to build their credibility and develop internal intelligence to become wildly resilient in change.
A crazily gifted speaker who hits a home run with every audience, every time Jeff Vankooten attunes his speaking engagements to meet the individual needs of his clients. He artfully weaves each of his presentations into the objectives and desires of the event itself. His ability to integrate his message into the rest of the meeting or conference means your audience members benefit from the synergy of all the presentations they hear. Jeff will work closely with your organization to identify the specific requirements needed. These dynamic, integrative and compelling programs provide both the motivation and the strategies to excel in business and in life. Whether you're looking for an opening keynote speaker, closing keynote speaker or general session presentation, Jeff Vankooten delivers a tailored program that will exceed your expectations – guaranteed. •Hyatt •Chevron •Chic-fil-a •Fort Dodge •IBEW •Credit Union Executives •Urbana •Georgia Perimeter College •NSPRA Core Themes As a specialist on resilience, Jeff is able to outfit people and organizations with the abilities and tactics to make our current moment useful, durable, nimble, and sustainable: Robust Collaboration Potent Communication Persistent Adaptation Vibrant Imagination "Jeff was enthusiastic, engaging, and thoroughly knowledgeable of the topic. His delivery style was well paced, comfortable, and he personally appealed to our audience." City of Colorado Springs "Your speech at the dinner was absolutely perfect and we've heard such amazingly positive comments. Thank you!!" Tennyson Center for Children "Your professional and entertaining delivery made the crucial information enjoyable and easy to absorb. Your contribution was a huge part of the overall success of the conference." IBEW Just a few fans:

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Core Abilities
The change we are experiencing is not only relentless, but discontinuous from previous known certitudes and strategies. It demands completely new ways of being and doing. We are living in the impact of the improbable — it’s a whole new space - crunch time. The migration through such space involves the transformative movement from the way things are to the way things ought to be. It can be a place of opportunity, creativity, and transformation... Jeff outfits people and organizations with four core abilities needed to leverage their potential and move through the stresses of contemporary change. A robust collaboration A potent communication A persistent adaptation A vibrant imagination Over twenty years of research and real life application has convinced Jeff of the critical need for these precise competencies and has garnered him a reputation as one of the very best in bringing them to life.

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presentation theme one
A robust collaboration
What's the most important relational skill you can have? Hands down it's the ability to collaborate; to work in teams, d i s c u s s , j u s t i f y, e x p l o re , s h a re k n o w l e d g e a n d understandings. Nothing else even comes close.

It all starts with people. You, and the people you gather about you, have to come up with everything else it takes to build and run an an amazingly compelling team or organization. Like a strategy, your unique offerings, the money required to keep the place running, the ideas, energy, and ambition that are needed. Every bit of this is born in the hearts, minds, and day-to-day behavior of human beings.

Featured Presentation
You are who you were when is a humorous, informative, and inspiring presentation on the formative themes that have shaped our unique generational personalities. Loaded with anecdotes and insights, participants will walk away with discernment in the cultural predicaments that shape us as well as practical skills in richly relating across the spectrum of age in our lives.

The more collaboratively talented your people, staff, and colleagues are, the better this “everything else” will be.

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presentation theme two
A potent communication
You don't have to spend a career presenting to full auditoriums to understand the critical importance of communicating with clear purpose and focused clarity. From e-mails to phone calls, meeting agendas to your lesson plans or public presentations, each day we deliver important messages, vehicles through which we hope to effect change or inspire action.

Though our culture has every communication convenience readily available, truly effective communication is becoming more difficult to find. And if you've endured being audience

Featured Presentation
Greatalk! Regardless of your chosen profession or pursuits, it is possible to take the passion of your message and express it in a way that is clear, concise and leaves your audience inspired to respond. Greatalk! provides a time-proven tool that will not only reframe the way you approach communication, but will change the way your audience responds to you.

to confusing, unfocused and flat communicators, or seeing the diminished way people communicate during conflict, chances are you want to do everything you can to keep from doing the same thing.

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presentation theme three
A persistent adaptation
Many people react to difficult circumstances with a flood of strong emotions and a sense of urgency. Yet people generally adapt well over time to life - changing situations and stressful conditions. What enables them to do so? It involves a persistent adaptation, an ongoing process that requires time and effort and engages people in taking a number of initiatives. These programs extract from studies in resilience as a template for engaging change in our lives. They are also based on an emerging new branch of psychology focusing on the empirical study of such things as positive emotions, strengths-based character, and healthy institutions. Jeff’s programs will activate the deep strengths needed to thrive during tumultuous change and richly engage our circumstances in the process..

Featured Presentation
Ignite your passion gnite your passion is a presentation that honestly explores the deadening impact of low mood and morale and counters it by igniting within audiences the pilot lights of passion. These lights are always “on” deep down in our hearts but often are not ignited.  Using a mix of cultural insight, appropriate humor and applicable strategies, this presentation is intended to ignite the heart on fire.

Featured Presentation
Bounce back and Thrive In this powerful primer, Jeff highlights the resilient skills essential to moving successfully through the dilemmas of change. With an overarching vantage point, Jeff enlivens these inherent skills and outfits people with the where-with-all to move successfully from a bewildering place of disorientation to an exhilarating location of a brand new orientation.

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presentation theme four
A vibrant imagination
The ability to change and be creative are two traits often associated with successful people and organizations. Yet for many these two attributes seem counterintuitive to the needs, fears and demands of everyday life.

Indeed, for as much as we dream of change and the creation of new ideas, life often remains the same until someone or something changes it for us!

Jeff knows that creativity and attention to the “interior life” is an essential part of innovation and invention and is important

Featured Presentation
Activate your Creative Thinking gives tested ways to think in new dimensions and spur your mind to creative action. It also introduces you to a person you know, or ought to know. The creative person within maintains the attitudes of the most creative people in history and employs the organic qualities that contribute most to creativity. What is this person for you – a distant image or a mirror reflection?

in professions worldwide. He respects the ambiguity and multi-dimensional nature of creativity, the depth and mystery of our deepest selves, and the tantalizingly valuable contribution they make in our lives.

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About Jeff Vankooten
deep conversations he has prompted days after the program has ended. Leaders and people of influence agree: Jeff’s training

Multi-faceted, versatile, & beneficial

An outfitter for change
Jeff Vankooten focuses tightly on four competencies essential to bouncing back and thriving in change: a robust collaboration, a potent communication, a persistent adaptation, and a vibrant imagination. He serves organizations and communities as a true specialist, with unmatched depth, creativity and front line thinking in his four practice areas. He partners with people to build their credibility and develop internal intelligence with the quandaries of contemporary change. Jeff’s expertise comes from real world experiences as a business consultant, entrepreneur, graduate student, high school teacher, pastor, parent, and a voracious curiosity. Because he’s had 22 years experience from the platform, and because he’s just downright funny, Jeff will cause you both to laugh and to learn.

and presentations are on the leading edge of transformational excellence: “Out of a possible score of 5 in three categories, (objectives, work of presenter, & met my expectations), you scored 4.8, 4.8, and 4.7, respectively. One person even gave you 5+, 5+, and 5+!” -Lisa Mull, Conference Coordinator “Jeff’s presentation energized, intrigued and motivated our entire staff. The language and mental constructs he provided have allowed for mindful discussion about how to best educate the upcoming generations. We are looking forward to inviting Jeff back for future presentations and workshops.” -Philippe Ernewein, MA, Dean of Faculty Training & Development, Denver Academy "Jeff's training has brought back the fire in my heart to get back up and continue what I know I need to do. This was a new start to a fresh new beginning. Better than I ever expected!" -Kayla Bergholz, Actor - Writer - Model - Speaker

A sought after speaker
Jeff Vankooten is consistently rated by his audiences as among the very best speakers when it comes to the relevant engagement and adaptive challenges of contemporary change. Jeff’s candid and comedic approach uses memorable illustrations to teach proven principles that are guaranteed to strengthen and energize any change initiative. His superb storytelling skills and generous sense of humor provoke healthy discussion and participation in every single venue. Audiences regularly comment on the

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