COMM 327- Short Essay Intellectual Property Rights and Internet Security issues Olivia Huxley (3268834


yet there are still loopholes in the system that cyber criminals can hack into and exploit everyday. firms must look at forming virtual alliances with one another. pg155). without being dealt the consequences of breaking the law.Global Cyber War The internet is a significant evolution of computer technology. Cyber criminals are attracted to the internet as they basically have a free pass to perform deceptive and misleading activities at the expense of the IT forms and online consumers. this causes other IT companies to weaken. Yet. Open innovation means that a firm cannot solve an innovative problem internally. As Microsoft gets stronger in the market. it can be extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to identify people who have breached intellectual property rights in relation to IT software and the internet. It is likely that initial hesitation will occur. Its power enables it to have the most efficient and highest standard of security systems over all other firms. Microsoft is a company that experiences increasing returns to feedback. copyrights. Hacking into software and implanting viruses is a major violation of intellectual property rights. Within months it became a worldwide phenomenon. If firms continue to only search for a solution exclusively within their individual firm then the issue is most likely to spread even further. However. In addition to auditing and upgrading software. but unless they network together and share their ideas about improving the quality of security then future innovations will continue to be damaged by the same problems. It has always been ahead in the IT industry as the market leader and has the ability to feed off itself and move further ahead. pg17). The major negative of the situation is that hack attacks usually cannot be stopped from occurring. Microsoft’s disruptive innovation was the internet. the pervasive nature of the internet also intrigued criminals who soon masterminded how to taunt the system. pg60). As the internet rapidly grows and infiltrates the economy. trade secrets. hackers and viruses that diminish internet and software security is a whole industry issue that affects other IT brands besides Microsoft. trademarks and electronic media (Pol & Carroll 2007. Software hacking is a major problem across the whole industry. so does the frequency of online fraud and crime. A disruptive innovation is a technological innovation that represents an important shift from everything that has come before (Pol & Carroll 2007. somebody outside the firm might have a useful piece of knowledge that the firm can use to find the required solution at an affordable cost (Pol & Carroll 2007. It has greatly contributed to the economy’s standard of living and is present throughout the entire world. September 2009. 2005). When the internet was launched to the world it was an image of innovation. This modernized product allowed connectivity between computers and introduced new methods of communication that were very attractive to businesses and consumers. The purpose of these rights is to give innovators protection over their works so that it cannot be imitated or unlawfully used. Companies within the IT industry need to be more accepting of open innovation. instead of declining. Virtual alliances are a customer centered pooling of resources that are mutually beneficial and that drive corporate growth and value (Doug Hardman. as the argument in the article “Internet Security” (New Economy Magazine. Intellectual property rights are special laws governing patents. it is important that firms in the IT industry partner together and introduce supplementary protection techniques to enhance their defense against the cunning force of cyber hijackers. According to the article “Internet Security”. To work towards a safer internet. . as firms want to guard their innovation from competitors. IT firms have executed many security mechanisms. However. pg139) mentions.

these techniques could prove to be a powerful weapon against criminals in the ongoing global cyber war. . as the ones currently in use are not enough to fight hack attacks.From the concepts outlined above and in the article. if the IT industry is serious about working towards eliminating the hacking of computer software then firms need to implement new and innovative security mechanisms. In conclusion. The It industry needs to explore further avenues. This would be achieved by implementing a high tech data system that is designed to scan through the internet. Rather than only looking internally. IT researchers responsible for developing new security software could also consider the option of forming working relationships with former hackers who have turned consultants. there are still weaknesses in the system and cyber criminals have the ability to exploit them. However. In doing so. the internet and online users. In my opinion all firms within the IT industry should ensure they employ a team of specialised. analyse any suspicious activities and send alert reports back to the firm. despite these attempts. rather than just update the already existing ones. firms can explore and research into future security techniques that aim to pinpoint the host responsible for hack attacks and block them from manipulating software. firms need to outsource in order to gain expertise not available within their own company. If successful. Besides identifying the vulnerabilities of their own products. professional staff who solely focus on monitoring and tracking hacking patterns. Having a few of such consultants at hand would provide Microsoft and other IT companies with opinions and advice from people who have some of the most critical knowledge that could help solve the growing problem relating to Internet Security. viruses and online scheming. This increases the knowledge and skill of IT companies that is needed to combat the continuous problems of hacking. firms gain an insiders perspective into the science of hacking and the methods cyber criminals use to crack the software codes. it can be seen that Microsoft and other IT firms already have security initiatives in place for their software and the internet. If firms assign an expert team whose sole purpose is to investigate and analyse the workings of cyber criminals then the companies could gain a better understanding of the issue from another viewpoint.

) 3.html. “Internet Security”. McGraw.theneweconomy. David. Resilience Report.Hill. Bergson. Virtual Scale: Alliances for Leverage. pg 138. Pol. (article obtained from The New Economy website: http://www. Carroll. Australia. 2009. Peter 2007. An Introduction to the Creatuve Economy. accessed Jan 7 2010. Eduardo. Doug. NSW. 2. Summer edition.139. publisged September 2009. 2005. Messinger. The New Economy Magazine. . Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.References: 1. North Hardman. Sara.

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