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St Kentigern’s Church God and us

A square metre introducing people together following Jesus
Serving God’s kingdom
Christian faith is a journey What’s our ‘picture’ of What about you?

Christian faith
Scottish Charity SC001324
finding out what God is like, what God? Christian faith invites
God has to do with humans, and how We think that church is about giving and taking
Proving or showing that there is a God is a dead-end. All you can do is live as people to give their time Christ at the centre
thinking about our relationship to God and resources, and use their Receiving
though there is a God; Or of course live as though there isn’t. It’s a cop-out to live
influences or helps us to think about skills, to promote the kinds of We’re aiming to provide meaningful, enjoyable and at
‘maybe as if there might be’ a God. In practice, that’s often living as though there isn’t one.
how we relate to other people.
If you do live as if there is a God, how you live depends on what you think God is like. things we understand God Among each other times challenging worship services on Sundays and at
wants (healing, learning, Good and godly relations, unity, seeking other times for church members and people we serve in
Even living ‘as if’ is a big step, one that Ben Elton finds almost impossibly difficult: our community.
“I'm only an atheist insomuch as... Traditional religion seems to me extraordinarily banal. It is self-evident faith, and others). justice for all, encouraging deeper faith,
caring as Christians We are trying to create a place of welcome and peace
that the universe is a glorious mystery, because even the greatness of science comes back to: 'What came where friends may be found and God discerned. To this
before the Big Bang? Nothing.' But that humanity has been able to convince itself that it can take the glories of end we offer a range of activities to help people think
the universe and then imagine a God that looks like us, imagine its personality, imagine the communications and reflect on Christian faith and to nourish their
we're having with it - directly - strikes me as, at the very best, arrogance beyond belief. So, you know, I'm an spiritual life.
atheist when it comes to a God with a human personality with whom we can personally communicate, A statement of belief
describe, look at the history of and consider the future of. Obviously, if you want to define 'God' as the Giving
This introduction is best read on-screen with an internet connection so you can watch the video clips which go along with each section. Watch if you The Church of Scotland is part of the Church round the world; all We believe that it is in giving that we really receive, so
mystery of the universe before which we should have some real sense “The Church of Scotland, as part of the followers of Jesus together. “Catholic” means “universal” and through the church there are opportunities to serve
print it out - the full size is a square metre! of our own smallness and take some view of our actions based on the holy catholic does not mean the Church of Scotland is a Roman Catholic God and other people. We have quite a bit going on
You’re encouraged to read, watch and consider the six key areas of faith which are connected at the centre then get in touch with Grant Barclay to that, then I'm all for it; but the one who listens to prayers - I or universal Church, Church (which, though the largest part, is only a part of the ourselves and we welcome interested and enthusiastic
Does God exist? don't believe in that.” Church of Jesus). people who would like to get involved in a range of
talk through your thoughts and ideas. This is not to check your answers are right, but to help you put in your own words what you think about what worshipping one God, Father,
Ben Elton in Third Way magazine ways. We think that service is for God’s kingdom and
you’re read and watched. Another picture of Son, and Holy Spirit, The Church worships God who is Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy not solely our congregation and so we are very pleased
God? Spirit. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit together are known as the when we are able to allow members of our congregation
affirms anew its belief in the Gospel Trinity. serve more broadly in other projects across Kilmarnock.
Christian ethics Not everyone finds it so hard. Gene Robinson suggests a way of
of the sovereign grace As part of the Church of Scotland we try to keep in
This is what the Church understands the “Good News” (Gospel) touch with some bigger issues and get involved in these
living ‘as if’ so that you can discover it’s true. and love of God, of Jesus is. It is based on the love of God which is greater than where possible. We encourage our members to
wherein through Jesus Christ, his anyone can control. Central to the Good News is that Jesus really consider serving themselves in one of the many Christian
“If someone came to you and asked, ‘What must I do to be saved?’, how would you Over to ministries currently around, including formal ones for
only Son, our Lord, incarnate, lived, died and rose again.
which selection, training and review are required. We
respond? you...
Do we really have to decide? crucified, and risen, think that financial giving is an important part of worship
I would say, probably: ‘Believe that God loves you beyond your wildest imagining, and Everyone who admits their life isn’t the way God wants, and who
Christian faith is a way of understanding and service and encourage members to reflect on their
begin to live your life as if that were true.’ I think it transforms your life dramatically if you he freely offers to all upon wants to live God’s way, can be sure their separation from God giving to God through St Kentigern’s.
what is right and what is wrong and offers insights For a long time a problem was seen in the fact that if God knew You probably wouldn’t be around has been taken away, can be sure they have been given new
into how we make moral decisions about what to do everything and could do anything, the existence of evil meant God
believe that. ... I would go on to say that I believe that Jesus is the perfect revelation of
church if you believed there was no repentance and faith, spiritual life by God and be sure that they shall always belong to
God and of God’s will for us. Take a look at what he said, what he did and how he lived
as individuals, in groups together and as whole either couldn’t solve evil or didn’t care enough to solve it. Is God as his life and that’s the way you will discover most clearly what God’s attitude is toward God. However what you think of God the forgiveness of sins, renewal by God for ever.
societies. caring as Christians say, and as powerful as they believe? Alvin you and what God’s will is for you. is probably pretty important. What the Holy Spirit, and eternal life, These people have a job: to work for Jesus so that the Good
Plantinga developed a way of thinking about this which help us us do you think God is like, and how News is made alive here and across the world so that other
see that the decisions we each make have a part to play.
Doesn’t that circumvent repentance and the cross?
does that influence how you
and calls them to labour in the people come to know Jesus as Lord.
No, I don’t think so. It is painfully obvious to all of us that we are sinful, we fellowship of faith for the
don’t live up to what God would have us do and be. The cross represents think you might discover
more about advancement of the kingdom of God God’s message is contained in the Bible, which is why we read it. It Making a difference
the lengths to which God was willing to go to save us from a life that tells us what God is like, it tells us who Jesus is and why he came,
is captive to sin and death. Jesus accomplished Reasons for thinking throughout the world. Action in our lives, in our families,
Can we decide well and it tells us what principles to live by. Reading, understanding
God exists working in our communities, contributing
enough? something on the cross that changed the The Church of Scotland and living by the teaching of the Bible is very important.
to our society, praying for and supporting
world completely.
Reformed thinking (that’s what our church goes
Gene Robinson in
acknowledges the Word of God, There is another document, the Westminster Confession, which is and enabling change world-wide to push
by) takes the view that no human being is perfect. contained in the Scriptures of the an orderly account of the things some Christians believe. Christ’s kingdom forward along with
That idea is technically called total depravity but it Evil ... and God many other Christians everywhere.
Old and New Testaments, However, not all of it is now acceptable to many people in church,
doesn’t mean that everyone in church or outside is so only those parts which are at the core of the faith still apply.
totally depraved! It does mean that we can’t be sure in to be the supreme rule There is anyway a freedom to believe things which are not at the
any situation that we are making the absolutely correct of faith and life. core of Christian faith.
moral decision. We might not know enough, we might
have an interest which makes us biased, or we just
Serving Jesus by being a part of his people together
might not be able to decide among a number of
options. So there needs to be a way of Serving Jesus Vows of membership
God, Jesus and us When you join the church you make certain promises.
deciding how to decide. These are the goals we want to reach and ways we get
What happened to Jesus? Living faith is directed at following Jesus. It’s not just there.
Over to you... Journeys need signposts. Christianity looks to Jesus as about holding beliefs in common or joining an Within ourselves They’re what we aspire to, not what we fall away from.
Deciding right & wrong the principal signpost about God. Some journeys have The central fact of Christianity and the early Church was the organisation with others. There’s a strong sense of
We all do a little of each of these A ‘lively faith’, a ‘strangely warmed heart’,
guides who travel with you. Christianity understands resurrection of Jesus. Whether you believe that might depend on following a person, someone we cannot directly They are mainly about you saying publicly:
three things. Maybe, though, it’s good to a personal relationship / friendship with
Jesus as God and as present with us by his what you think about God and how God connects to our world. Tom see but can sense. that you believe and trust in God and accept his
step back and think. How much of each Jesus Christ. forgiveness and new life; and
Spirit, who can be perceived by faith to Wright, Bishop of Durham, explains in this video clip what the effect
suits you - and is it down to what suits you, be with us always. that you promise to make your faith stronger and
of the resurrection of Jesus had on the people who first followed follow Jesus in the world.
anyway? him. The question for us is: what do you do about the death
We decide Our culture Look to What are God’s principles, how do you and resurrection of Jesus? Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Do you believe in one God, Father, Son and
for ourselves decides God understand them and what weight “Cheap grace is the deadly enemy of our Church. We
Do you believe it? Holy Spirit; and do you confess Jesus Christ as
do you give them? are fighting today for costly grace. Cheap grace means your Saviour and Lord?
We have an internal sense of right Instead of trusting ourselves, we If God told us, we would be more grace sold on the market like stuff worth nothing. ... If Jesus is a Saviour, we must need to be saved from
and wrong, so why not just use that? could trust our upbringing, culture sure it was right, and we would all at Grace without price; grace without cost! The essence something. We’re saved from godlessness and distance
However, how do you know that’s and society. People as a group know least have the same source. But would from God which is called sin. We’re also pardoned all
of grace, we suppose, is that the account has been paid the things we’ve done which are sinful. So Jesus is a
right, or you’re not being influenced what’s right and wrong. Or do they? we understand it the same way, and in advance; and, because it has been paid, everything Being involved gives us Gaining this sense of Saviour. But he is also someone we trust and obey. So
by other things. And how do we Have we made such a good job of would we be committed enough The resurrection of Jesus access to loads of he is also Lord.
Connected with God and Jesus: human and divine Live Life. Follow Jesus
can be had for nothing.... Cheap grace means grace as a belonging and growing
operate if people have things? Is there really one view to obey when it was difficult? doctrine, a principle, a system. ... In such a Church the
different senses of right which holds good all the others through Holy Spirit Exploring Christian spirituality resources to help our in faith, knowing more Do you promise to join regularly with your
world finds a cheap covering for its sins; no contrition spiritual lives to grow
and wrong? time? together and individually about Jesus and fellow Christians in worship on the Lord's day?
is required, still less any real desire to be delivered Coming together regularly to worship is important
from sin. Cheap grace therefore amounts to a denial of and flourish. Services, Christianity and past service to God.
Contemplative the living Word of God, in fact, a denial of the small groups, personal followers all helps us to
The Prayer-Filled Life: Incarnation of the Word of God.” study and other church give our lives to serve Do you promise to be faithful in reading the
Sermon on the Mount Costly grace is the gospel which must be sought again Bible and in prayer?
Ethics and Jesus intimacy with God and depth of events help our faith. God, often by serving These are things we learn by doing, so there’s no time
Matthew chapter 5 Jesus at the centre spirituality. and again and again, the gift which must be asked for, others. like the present to start.
What did Jesus say? Over to the door at which a man must knock. Such grace is
Christian faith is a way of understanding what is right Charismatic
It’s not only Jesus’ death, but his life that deeply influences you... costly because it calls us to follow, and it is grace Do you promise to give a fitting proportion of
and what is wrong and offers insights into how we make Some of Jesus’ teaching about right and The Spirit-Empowered Life: because it calls us to follow Jesus Christ. It is costly your time, talents and money for the church's
Christians. What he taught is still thought very important by
moral decisions about what to do as individuals, in wrong ranks amongst the most the charisms of the Spirit and because it costs a man his life, and it is grace because it work in the world?
many people today. His miracles of healing people and exorcising What do you think of Jesus? And How much is Jesus, and sharing Jesus’ values, worth to
groups together and as whole societies. famous things anyone has said. demons seem strange to us, but they caused many people to follow worship. gives a man the only true life. It is costly because it
The Beatitudes what do you think is the relationship you?
Here are some of him. The discussions, sometimes arguments, he had with people at the Evangelical condemns sin, and grace because it justifies the sinner.
between Jesus and you, and between
Temple and the conversations he had with his friends and people he The Word-Centred Life: you and other followers of Jesus? Above all, it is costly because it cost God the life of his Do you promise, depending on the grace of God,
met on the way have become part of our culture. The life, Son: “ye were bought at a price,” and what has cost Making a difference to confess Christ before all people, to serve him
Parable of Good Samaritan proclaiming the good news And what difference do you plan Action in our lives, in our families, in your daily work, and to walk in his ways all the
death and resurrection of Jesus are central to Christian this shall make in your life? God much cannot be cheap for us. Above all, it is grace
Luke chapter 10 faith.
Social Justice
because God did working in our communities, contributing days of your life?
The Compassionate Life: to our society, praying for and supporting Faith in Jesus isn’t only for Sundays!
not reckon his It’s for all of life!
A Theory of Christian ethics justice and shalom in society Son too dear a and enabling change world-wide to push
Holiness price to pay for Christ’s kingdom forward along with At the service when you take these vows, you
(or, what principles do Christians use to decide what’s right?) many other Christians everywhere. answer “I do” to each of them.
The Virtuous Life: our life, but
personal moral transformation delivered him up
Some moral laws matter more (Jesus speaks of the ‘greatest commandment’). Good Samaritan You’re also encouraged to write out beforehand
Incarnational for us. Costly and to say in front of the congregation why you
Sometimes you can’t obey all moral laws simultaneously; disobeying lesser ones is okay.
grace is the are taking this step of faith and commitment in
There’s no blame in having to make difficult moral decisions if you keep the most important Christianity - in three minutes! The Sacramental Life:
Parable of sheep & goats Incarnation of following Christ. This is a big ask, but it can be
making visible the life of the spirit God. helpful for you and other people.
Moral guidance comes from God through the Bible - if it’s interpreted Luke chapter 10 Radical discipleship

Sheep & Goats

Keith Green
Making a difference
Over to you... Christian faith: a big picture
Here’s my attempt to show the really big Want to find out more? These resources will help you discover more about Christian faith Visit Amazon’s website by clicking each image.
God and us Action in our lives, in our families, working in
Do you know what the Bible says about picture of Christian faith on one page.
Christian ethics website our communities, contributing to our society,
important ethical issues? The central aim, I think, is to be closer to
praying for and supporting and enabling change
Have you come across Christians applying the Bible’s Christ at the centre, both within ourselves Christian faith is a journey finding out what God is
world-wide to push Christ’s kingdom
message to modern ethical issues? and among each other like, what God has to do with humans, and how thinking
Christian social policy think-tank forward along with many other
Are you comfortable that people in good conscience What do you think of this? What’s missing? about our relationship to God influences or helps us
Christians everywhere.
Thinking and discovering

can have different views? What would you say differently? Does this to think about how we relate to other people.
Church of Scotland Are you part of a community where help you think about faith?
Church & Society Council d
people are trying to live
ethically? s
h i
Deciding and living together t
Ethics d Serving God’s kingdom
This isn’t just about theory, but about life. Do you think it might be better to belong with people who are
trying to live the same way? What would a community like that look like? How might it Christian faith is a way of understanding what is right Christian faith invites people to give their time and
help you? and what is wrong and offers insights into how we make Within ourselves resources, and use their skills, to promote the kinds of
moral decisions about what to do as individuals, in A ‘lively faith’, a ‘strangely warmed heart’, a things we understand God wants (healing, learning, New Living Translation Study Bible NT Wright: Simply Christian Bonhoeffer: The Cost of discipleship A History of Christianity 6-DVD set
groups together and as whole societies. personal relationship / friendship with faith, and others). This is a brilliant Bible full of explanatory Why is justice fair? Why are so many The real substance of this book is in MacCullocht explains how what started as
Jesus Christ. notes, a mini concordance, and dictionary people pursuing spirituality? Why do we Bonhoeffer's own words. Cheap grace was a small Jewish sect that preached humility
as well as background into each book crave relationship? And why is beauty so the deadly enemy of the church then, and it became the biggest religion in the world.
Christ at the centre you're reading and the main characters. It beautiful? N. T. Wright argues that each of remains a dangerous foe to this day. So much of our modern world, its
really makes the Bible come alive and en- these questions takes us into the mystery societies, conflicts and customs are
hances your understanding. Whether it's to of who God is and what he wants from us. intertwined with the development of
Behaving and acting

Among each other study, read or a companion for meditating For two thousand years Christianity has Christianity that I found each programme
on the word, this is it. There's also the claimed to answer these mysteries, and this to be extremely interesting and of direct
Gathering together Good and godly relations, unity, seeking Prayerful reflection
‘One Christian is no Christian, for we were meant to justice for all, encouraging deeper faith, ‘The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy;
added bonus of the daily Bible reading plan. renowned biblical scholar and Anglican relevance to modern life, regardless of any
be together.’ caring as Christians I have come to give life in all its fullness.’ bishop shows that it still does today. individual's religious opinions.

Faith grows and is acted out with other people Making the effort regularly to be open to God,
(otherwise it’s only beliefs) in worship and stepping back to think about life in the light of Reid: Outside Verdict
groups for thinking or action. God’s Word and Spirit. An outsider’s view of the modern Church
of Scotland. Helps you get to grips with the
Reading the Bible practices and criticisms of the modern
‘Your word is a light for my feet Church.
and a lamp for my path.’ What’s this diagram showing?
The key source of knowing God and God’s intentions Each oval itself is a big area, explained in the other
and hopes for humanity. panels, but this gives a really broad view, I think. The
It’s rich, complex and open to different three upper ovals are maybe where we’re heading.
interpretations whose application may The three lower ovals are the main church-based
change. ways we are helped to get there.

Gathering together Reading the Bible Prayerful reflection

Christians gather to learn ‘The thief comes only to steal, Prayer is... Prayer isn’t...
Everyone learns alongside other people and ‘Your word is a light for my feet What is it?
‘One Christian is no Christian, for we were and a lamp for my path.’ kill and destroy; Affirming the presence of God in our midst. Looking or feeling smart, or holier, or more
church is no different. It can be daunting, at first you A collection of 66 different short books. I have come to give life in all its fullness.’ ‘spiritual’.
meant to be together.’ The key source of knowing God and God’s intentions Being honest to God about our hopes, dreams and
can feel a bit out of it or unsure, and at times it’s hard Big split between Old and New Testaments. Twisting God’s arm.
and hopes for humanity. fears.
work. It’s also really rewarding, challenging and it Written over period of about 800-1000 years. Making the effort regularly to be open to Making our conscience feel better (or less bad).
Faith grows and is acted out with other people It’s rich, complex and open to different Faith, hope, love and joy in realising more deeply
Christians gather to serve warms your heart to think about God and what Set almost completely in Israel/Palestine God, stepping back to think about life in Doing something because we’re forced to do it.
(otherwise it’s only beliefs) in worship and interpretations whose application may change. God’s concern for our concerns.
It’s so much easier to serve others when you’re other people think about important Contains history of Jewish people, songs, the light of God’s Word and Getting involved in weird, wacky or
groups for thinking or action. Can we trust the ancient Bible? Doing what Jesus and his disciples did.
doing it as part of a team. Working with others bring issues of faith and life. challenges to faith, story of Jesus and Spirit. outlandish stuff.
challenges about getting on, and how we each do things, letters from his followers.
but on the whole it’s really enriching. Many people
have found serving Christ by serving others Question Mark
through church has enriched their lives. This is a series of six or seven meetings where we get
together and ask honest questions and try to work out
Christians gather to some honest answers. Why is it important? Praying is
How is it used? Different ways to pray
worship It’s read directly and it’s talked about
Enables us to understand God. varied
There’s something ‘together’ about being a Christian. Live life. Follow Jesus It’s principal way of accessing Jesus’ life & teaching. If prayer’s like breathing, there are different ways to Praying’s not just about asking God for
Local schools We offer a series of meetings exploring Christian It makes you think: conversation between you & it. pray like there are different ways to inhale. Some of
It’s not possible to be truly Christian alone. Christians The story’s complex but engrossing. things. Generally, praying includes:
We are involved with all the non-denominational spirituality together and individually. Some people read it straight off the page. the more frequently used ways are these...
worship God together. You don’t go to church simply It reflects much real life.
schools in New Farm Loch. The Minister leads Others see it just as illustrating truth.
for what you get out of it, but what you give to It has hugely influenced our culture. Prayers of adoration and worship
assemblies in Silverwood and New Farm Primaries and Bible Study Groups Many Christians think truth from God can be
others and to God together with others. It’s leads the chaplaincy team at James Hamilton Academy. We run two streams of Bible studies on alternate discerned from studying it. It’s good to tell of God’s greatness, perhaps by using
weeks to allow you to learn in a traditional setting or What’s the Bible’s significance to
completely different from a self- words from the Psalms, or from hymns both old and new.
Messy Church explore faith from a more contemporary perspective. (Australian) culture?
service culture. Quiet reflection
We run times for mums and preschool children on We also partner with other churches, for example to
Tuesday afternoons which include a chance to learn be involved with Alpha Courses. Usually alone, people make themselves available to Prayers of confession
Freshchurch choruses and hear a Bible story. God as they read passages from the Bible, or hymns, or There’s a place for saying that we have gone wrong, though
Some Sundays we have informal times of sharing in Stepping Forward spiritual poems. Sometimes this starts with quietly there is a danger we circle down into a spiral of weakness and
small groups, exploring a whole range of ideas and Other groups From time to time we run groups where people can saying a prayer, seeking discernment for God’s despondency. It’s maybe also not a great idea to identify the
We allow other groups within our community to use explore together films they’ve seen or books they’ve Different approaches How can I do it?
activities associated with Christian faith. presence and leading. Ignatian spirituality weaknesses of others, or to be excessively personal in a group
our premises for the good of the neighbourhood and read, or discuss current issues from a Christian point of What the Bible says (’scripture’) is thought There’s tons of stuff- good and bad!
prayer setting.
The Morning Service everyone who lives here. view. about alongside how people think (‘reason’) and what Here are some suggestions which you can access to
The service at 11.15 is traditional worship in the people in church have thought for a long time help you get to grips with understanding the bible so
Church of Scotland fashion. Our praise is mixed, there Coffee and Company Praise, prayer and Study Gatherings (‘tradition’). This paper helps explain how these three you can read it with understanding. Prayers of thanksgiving
is usually a sermon and we celebrate the sacrament of The Library is open every Wednesday afternoon from 2 There are chances to meet others for conferences, I think God is probably pleased when we’re pleased,
the Lord’s Supper formally three times a year. until 3.30 for members of our community to pop in, prayer meetings at bigger events locally in Kilmarnock, things sit together - and how, sometimes, they Led prayer
don’t! and especially delighted when his children stop to
have tea and coffee and a chat. or in Glasgow, or sometimes tapping into national Often in worship services someone speaks as recognise and revel in God’s goodness. It’s good
Tuesday Afternoon Worship organisations. everyone prays. This is usually something prepared, it to count our blessings, and a prayer time is a
We hold a service on Tuesday afternoons once each The Howard Centre might follow a structure, and might include place to name those blessings one by
month at 1.45pm especially for those who find it harder Many people from our congregation help with a wide Praying in church?
everyone saying the Lord’s Prayer. one.
to get out and about. range of events at the Howard Centre, a new outreach
to the whole of Kilmarnock.
Start the Day with God
On Tuesday mornings we have half hour times of quiet Weddings and funerals
reflection and either spoken or quiet prayer. The congregation pays the Minister who conducts How do you see it? Reading the Bible:
services for weddings, funerals and at other times. by Savitri Hensman a Guide Open prayer
Banner Group by Grant Barclay In informal small groups people may pray together
Our banner Group meets regularly to design and create Our Town videos for issues as they arise or as people feel they should
new banners which enrich the worship in our church. Two local ministers made some videos of things people pray about them. It’s less structured than led
New Testament literature course
in Kilmarnock are doing to help others. prayer, but still done in a group. Praying together
Kilmarnock: our town at Yale University

Gathering and Jesus Jesus started the church The Bible and Jesus Where is Jesus? Jesus in OT Prayer and Jesus Prayer is for individuals
For Christians, Jesus is the central figure of faith Jesus was born after the Old Testament, but he The world was created as God Jesus encourages private prayer that’s not
‘One Christian is no Christian, for we were meant to Jesus called people together to follow him. He
be together.’ didn’t ask individuals to believe alone. This pattern of
and therefore the central figure of Scripture. is the eternal second Person of the Trinity. Some spoke (words) so the world was What can we learn from Jesus about praying? boasted about. This is personal, regular, prayer in Teaching on prayer
However, that doesn’t mean the answer to every people see Jesus implicitly in the Old Testament, others created through the eternal Christ. secret where we open ourselves up to a God who Matthew chapter 6
believing and belonging is a strong and long-lasting
question has to be ‘Jesus’. Knowing how our see predictions about him, and others see the Old The three visitors Abraham spoke already knows us better than we imagine and cares
Jesus wants his people to be together, and promises pattern which continues with congregations and
understanding of Jesus relates to the whole Bible Testament, which Jesus knew very well, as with are sometimes thought the
to be together with them. These are important People serve through Jesus denominations. By joining the church, you are
is important.
for us more than we can tell.
saying to the world that you’re part of providing a background for Jesus’ Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
for our Christian faith. The work Christians do for others means they
Jesus’ people today. teaching.
take part in the ministry of Christ in the world. Not
only is Jesus with them, but their work is in Jesus’ name
and so they’re taking part in Jesus’ ministry in his
world today. This includes all kinds of service
including all sorts of practical and faith- Jesus foretold in The Lord’s Prayer
Jesus promises based things. What or Who Jesus is central Prayer is a team event Matthew chapter 6
Jesus’ teaching makes little sense without the Old Testament Praying as Jesus taught
his presence is the Word? The Gospel writers frequently make Jesus prayed with his disciples, in his church, and
background of OT history and beliefs. The chances are the Lord’s Prayer started as
Jesus promised that where two or three were The term ‘the Word of God’ (sometimes without a connections between Jesus’ teaching in front of thousands. So his followers meet together
Pathfinders The rest of the Bible hinges on the life of Jesus. short prayers Jesus regularly used with his disciples.
gathered in his name, he would be present with them. capital at ‘word’) is used loads in our church tradition. It or actions and OT events. Bibles to pray in all sorts of places - and discover that God
This is an organisation for boys in primaries 1 to 3, The Acts and letters of the New Testament describe They learned, remembered, and joined these together.
Gathering ‘in his name’ probably means for the can mean two slightly different things, and it’s often have this in footnotes. answers prayers!
aimed at helping boys to know Jesus and to follow him the earliest followers of the Jesus of the Gospels. We repeat the Lord’s Prayer in worship; people say it
purpose of worshipping or serving him. Christ’s sometimes not clear which one is being meant. Isaiah 53 is often applied Early Christians pray-
in their lives. Pathfinders+ is a similar format for boys Jesus makes the Bible hang together. privately and its themes can inform how we pray
promised presence is separate from any sense in the remainder of primary school. Church of Scotland website to Jesus. more generally. ing
of being good, clever or successful. Acts chapter 4
Girls’ Brigade
The Company attached to St Kentigern's is part of the
much larger, world-wide organisation which aims to
help girls become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus uses OT
There is a structured programme of activities and
Jesus quotes the OT and accepts
Jesus is present events within and outside the church. Jesus as the Word it but challenges the strict, literal
Matthew chapter 18 AND John’s Gospel starts by saying that the ‘Word
interpretation used by religious We start by focusing on God.
Woman's Hour was made flesh and lived among us.’ Word here Our prayers are for what God
This provides fellowship and interesting meetings for leaders in his day. Sometimes he
ladies, usually on Monday evenings with other events means that in Jesus, and in Jesus alone, God perfectly wishes, not what we want.
broadens or extends it. Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name;
throughout the year. shows people all that God has always been and all that The end of the Word? We pray and work and look for Thy kingdom come,
Jesus is part of the team
God feels for humanity and all that God wants God’s kingdom coming. Christians understand their prayers aren’t perfect,
St Kentigern’s website Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven;
Women of Worship for people. Jesus is God’s Word. Heavenly life is a pattern for earthly but are able to be heard by God through what Jesus
Meeting on the first Sunday evening of the month, this Give us this day our daily bread,
living. has done. So prayers are often offered ‘through Jesus’
time of worship and fellowship allows us to address And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors;
Sermon on the Mount We look for God to meet our or ‘in Jesus’ name’ to remind us that Jesus makes
issues of particular relevance to women in the And lead us not into temptation,
present needs. praying to God possible.
congregation. Matthew chapter 5 But deliver us from evil;
We seek God’s forgiveness and let For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory,
Frendz! The Bible as the Word go of all we hold against others. For ever. Amen.
Along with other local churches we offer a once a The Bible’s understood as communicating, in We seek protection and strength
month Saturday-morning Christian club for young words, truths about God and from God. So the Bible against enemies of all sorts
What is the Church? people of primary and early secondary age. is God’s Word (God’s communication) but given What is clean We remember who is on control, Amen
through people’s words in particular times and places. and unclean? now and always! This is Hebrew for ‘so be it’. It’s a way of emphasising
Young People's Group The weight you give this idea of setting affects Debate is very much alive! our being sincere when we pray, or lending our
This aims to develop the spiritual lives of young people Matthew chapter 15 support when others pray, and it comes at the
how you interpret the Bible as God’s Spong on ‘terrible texts’ in Bible.
12-17 by meeting on Sunday evenings. to talk and think communication end of prayers.
through important questions about life.