Welcome to best career options that helps you to find out which career option is best for you. It will also help you identify your own career options in the industry. There are many career options available for you based on one's qualification and industry. We have collected information on many of them. Just select your category on the left hand side of the page and explore your options. While selecting career option, you first need to learn about various options available according to the qualification and interest. Today there are various opportunities available. However, it is important to select best possible option among all the available options. So before making any decision, it is important for you to become aware about many career options you can go for. You should select your career options according to your interest and qualification as it will give you enjoyment while working. It is also important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses to open the door to various opportunities. Using various career tests, one can determine your skill and interests and find a career option accordingly for you. Choosing a Career While selecting your career options, you should take into account your skills, your interests as well as your weaknesses. Also, you should see the scope or demand of that field as job prospects play an important role in selecting career options. If you choose a career of more demand, your chances of getting a good job increase effectively. Along with high salaried career options such as MBA, software, information technology, engineering, chartered accountancy, medical, journalism, advertising, human resources and architecture, there are also other different career options which include aviation, pharmacy, biotechnology, bio-informatics, art, economy, music, physical education, sports, law, fashion designing, automotive, retail, research & development and administrative services. When you will be exploring a career options, then you should study in detail about the nature of work, the work responsibility that will be assigned to you, your roles and also the type of training that you need to take according to your career path. When you are looking for career options, do think about your personality traits, and extracurricular activities along with the interests, skills, hobbies. If you love theater, writing, drawing or sports then select your career option from art or sports field accordingly. If you are interested in solving difficult math sums or you like to design a car or you love fashion then give preference to the above types of fields while selecting your career option. List of Career Options First thing you need to do is make a list of the career options which best align themselves with your interests and strengths. If counted, there are more than thousand different professions. However, you need not check all of them. If you want to do your career in research and development, then you just need to explore career options related to that field only. Meet the people from field that you are considering as a career. Also, attend industrial seminars, forums and trade shows related to concern field. Try to organize shadow interview or informational interviews with the people working in the same area. You need to know as many things as possible. There is no other option for this.

Your first job will teach you everything important in the school of profession. Join training programs. workshops. Your colleagues. don’t wait for fortune to bring it in front of you. Think of your priorities.Don't waste much time in thinking. Select your career options based on your search and planning. And don’t hesitate to leave your current job if you get the better one. Many people change their career options during their working lives. It is also helpful to know your current position at your work. Money statues etc are also few important factors you expect from your career. • The first step to start your career is to find a perfect job. Career planning is very important if you are seeking professional development at your work. use your contacts to get the best opportunity. select a well known and the best available option according to your c. Explore Career Options We have collected here some good articles about career options choices and which will surely help you. After you achieve your targets at your job. know the status of your position. Prepare your resume. While working for any company. Your educational qualification matters a lot if you are a fresher. fame and job satisfaction. Try to join a network and learn about new opportunities. It is very complicated to define the term. While building new contacts. set your aims and goals. This will leave goodwill for you at your ex-workplace. So. Ask questions to your colleague take feedback from your boss and consider their genuine advices. aims and consider the current job. getting a job. Finish all incomplete tasks at your current job. developing in your career. you can enjoy your job and start succeeding!! Although your current job profile is satisfactory. If it matches your expectations. don’t forget to maintain older ones. This will make you stand in the growing competition of fresher candidates. Regular updates on skills and knowledge will help you to cope up with the need of time. seminars and scholarships provided for your self up gradation. Develop a good rapport with them. take all the benefits provided by the company. In career planning. You can use them in your grey and needy days. This will give you the real joy of working. You need to take decision as early as possible. But if it does not. Career is the implementation of your knowledge to gain name. decide what your idea of a dream job is and what your expected goals are. Try to meet all the expectations of your work profile. Have a look at the listed below articles: • Career Planning . Love your work. So. Keep the deadlines and use your skills to achieve the targets. When you fulfill commitments. develop a good rapport with people in your area of interest. So it's time to take decision. you are going to get a great opportunity soon.v. While searching for another job. You can refer free resume templates to prepare your eye-catching resume. About Career Planning Career planning is a life long process. boss and other superiors are your teachers. Your educational qualification and knowledge updates are the most important factors of your career planning. They can help you to upgrade your career. Always be clear and open for new suggestions. These will help you to improve and become a perfectionist at your work. you can go for self development. Make yourself up to date with tools like a • • • • • • . you are a very lucky person.Career planning is important aspect and also it is a lifelong process. careers switch. activities include your occupation. It is the best way to work without stress. Go on discovering the best suited one for you. Decide the priorities. First of all. So.

Decide your priorities according to your view. That is what is called happiness. • If you are interested in business.In career research. research. it is better to seek help from your friends and guides. tutor and researcher. They can research the perfect career with an objective and realistic view. This will include information about openings. It will help you to find a change in your work. Here. Your seniors are your guides in seeking a perfect career. government sector too need such professors. Joining a career workshop is the best way for career research if it is attended at the right time i. you can establish yourself as a professional supervisor. Career in academics is the best choice if you are post graduate or a PhD holder. Success follows them who don’t pay attention to it. so that you can get the research results without much effort. administration. use all updated search tools to get the perfect job. Career research can help you to finding out career alternatives too. You can have a promising career in this field if you choose the perfect institution to serve. So. It will help you to filter the right career option for you. You need to do a survey and keen study before you start such an institution. those who work in academics have respect and honor in the society. consult your seniors about your career. You can also find them on Internet. Even you may seek help through the question answer sessions online on the websites of such career research associations or joining chat rooms of such institutions is also an option to get help.e. you can research accordingly. So. which is very important at a specific level. For your career research. collect the information of the students who got the best suited jobs. career planners and consultation of seniors. After you finish your career search. It can help you in getting suitable jobs according to your educational qualification. required qualifications. posts. make a list of available options or suggestions. Launching an educational institution can be one of the risky but promising career options. After you go through such help lines like websites. If you are wise enough. It is better to stay in touch with the college or institution. Avoid the mistakes they made. Then start gathering information for each option. you need to find out the perfect career for yourself. you need to find job and employment options in a variety of industries and locations. Consulting a scholarly association is the best way to find the best suited career option for you. Generally. So. Use your references and contacts to study the industry and further scope. during your graduation period.• skillfully written resume and well organized profile. • About Career Research After finishing your education. Career Research . Career supervisor is also a good option for making a career in this field. The ratio of this observation will tell you about the best firms and institutions around you. So. This field provides a career in teaching. Plan to succeed! • • • • • • • • . It will help you to get the right path soon. You can even get help of a career adviser for this purpose. be honest to your work and you will forget the remaining things. you get information about career research tools for career switch and also information on how to explore to different career options. NGO. You learn a lot from their examples. private coach. lecturer ship. you might have started it by now. They also get the satisfaction of changing many lives in a positive direction. The best way to achieve success is don’t care for it any more. experience criterion and such other things.

They are also called as career training programs. The eligibility criterion includes your educational qualification.. Vocational training is considered post secondary education. have career training to get the benefit. pilots and air hostess and many other careers demand only skilled candidates. to keep running with time. Discuss it with your seniors and get admitted for the suitable training course. It is a kind of non educational activity that includes procedural applications. Many well known companies arrange the pre joining training program for new candidates. attitude and ability to work.Proper career training can help you to achieve your goals. time and course material provided before the admission. facilities provided and trustworthiness of the educational institution. you need to meet eligibility criteria to join such training. the reputation of the training institution tells a lot about your ability. practical knowledge and personality development. you need lot of practice to adopt it. quick and smart way. So. you need to pursue such vocational courses on your own. you are selected for the work because you are an eligible candidate. You can demand a training session before joining. seniors and colleagues. If you plan to get such trainings at the perfect time. get information about the usefulness. Vocational courses are on a high demand for the same reason. It is called apprenticeship. The training is a practice of the job in an easy. So. you need professional training. It will help you to measure your development after joining the training program. Management Company. it is better to join with your group or colleagues. You have to update your knowledge frequently. It will be helpful in knowing the nature of your work and you can work without stress after getting this kind of training. It lets you plan your career at the right time. If you are planning to take career training at a private institution. But education is the theoretical part of the field. When you indulge in actual work. It is your right to have time and scholarships to attend such courses. Training is life long process. • • • • • • • About Career Assessment . engineering. When you learn new thing.V. Career Assessment . you can prove your potential and work without stress at your work place. Although the course will not add any educational up gradation to your C. Before choosing any vocational course. Use all your study material and notes to develop your abilities and try to get good results at your work. Trainee programs are arranged at well known companies. Most of the time. which helps you to decide the usefulness of the training course at the same time. Remember to gather the information about various courses available. Joining academics. hotel management. So.In career assessment section. More about career training is explained in this section. After every two or tree years. About Career Training When you join a career. a friend circle can give you such practice and fruitful discussions over the topics. • • • This training includes aptitude knowledge. you come to know different methods or tests that are used for the assessment of careers. It is also called vocational training. Joining a training session with your colleagues is really very helpful to build healthy atmosphere amongst you.• Career Training . So. you need to update your knowledge. such training courses help you to refresh your application based knowledge. benefits of joining them. Discuss about the perfect training program with your business partners.

Various websites provide such tests for every age group. keep these instructions in mind while solving the test set. Jobs like managers. one has to plan career very carefully. It gives you satisfaction in your work and an identity to live in the society. Some assessment activities that measure your skills and psychomotor activities need to be finished within a certain given time. It also gives you comfort in life and all the luxuries to spend your life happily. get the better career opportunities suitable to their profile. these tests are very authentic because they are result oriented. More than that. after their post . So. Such questions measure your interests. arts. So. assess the bright future. Qualitative exercises in it prove helpful to clarify the goals and priorities. Generally. who go for the consultation of such career assessment. These help you to find the best career options for you. So. You have to work hard to reach there. values. Self career assessment test is also possible with the help of some authentic tools and users’ guides. You should know the career path at this early stage to reach your aim in an appropriate time. public relations. attitude and aptitude. Find out the best suited career and be happy and satisfied through out the life. It is a mere beginning towards your aim. There are many types and dimensions of a career assessment test. Introvert and extrovert are two main types of personalities. Remember. An I Career planning is lifelong process. Procedure of finding your career starts in secondary school or junior college. These assessment tests are available at University service centers and in placement companies. Best career option is the one which suits you the best. Get here tips on how to plan career. Introvert has options like research related jobs. • • • • • • • About Career Path Career is the process of getting your chosen profession to succeed in your life. More about this in career path section. it can be false and prove to be wrong.Selecting a proper career path ensures your long term success.Career assessment tests define the interests. career assessment is a tool to find the proper direction towards your goal. • People who seek a career later than normally acceptable can also rock with the best career opportunities. skills and aptitudes of the candidate. so try to give answers seriously. Career Path . You have to select the perfect assessment according to your preferences. don’t try to suit yourself to your dream job. They may help you to go in the correct decision. Your views matter a lot in your career designing. creative field and such other fields. Personality measurement focuses on your interests and on your skills. consumer care etc are best for extroverts. your passion and its fulfillment are the most important thing. get the benefit of available options. there are some common points in every assessment test. it is necessary to take a good career assessment test and have an authentic career consultant. Scientifically. who find out there interest rather late. • • Career assessment tests help you to define the perfect dimension of your career. you have to be honest and realistic. There is career path for every career option. There are many examples of such people. In these days. The candidates. In order to get success in your career. Get feed back from your friends. Descriptive questions are opinion based. So. you need to be very careful to choose your favorite career options and interests. Those who face difficulty in academics but are good at sports or arts. While appearing for such test. possibly. teachers and elders for better results. If the observations of such test are drawn with subjective view or biased nature. if they follow perfect career path. It measures your personality.

so take active part in your favorite field from the beginning. you need to be very devoted to your aim. Have conscience while drawing the picture of your economical needs and an idea of living life. Even some institutions provide recruitment assistance programs. If you want o get some training before joining the profession. So. • About Career Development Career development is a procedure of getting the highest position you dreamt of in your profession. you have to preplan your moves accordingly. The passion to reach the goal is also on its peak. Thus. Just be aware that it’s high time to select the right path to reach to your goal soon. developing contacts with the established professionals in your field and searching for career options. Knowledge is the best investment you have.In career development. have a modified time table for the next move. knowledge and training in the best time. For example. current job openings etc. After you achieve any one of them. this phase is very necessary in career building. your article ship or internship programs are the quality certifications for your working ability. So. Be realistic about your dreams. you learn the basic skills to reach your goal. So. Your contribution helps you enhance skills and you can take on more responsibility. don’t get nervous. Devote all . get it from a certified institution. passing through them is very important for you.• • • • • • • graduation. Get help from your career guide and elders. you received a feedback in terms of salary reviews and rewards. Practical knowledge is required everywhere. so keep your knowledge up to date. Reputed educational institutes demand students with caliber. Know about them first. So. Know your capacities and economical status. You should be in a position to peruse all the necessary educational courses at an appropriate time and with promising results. "Having a Career path" means knowing the proper direction of your educational upgradation. It starts right from your college days. You can adopt the skills. vocational courses and other efforts. Know about the surest way to enter into your profession. • As you have to manage all your worries like getting proper education with the best results and field knowledge. economical arrangements and good graph on mark sheet are three main domains among with all other things. even if you are late. and then decide the best option for you. Such people get back and start from beginning to seek there favorite career option. This will help you to get good opportunities and the possible best salary suited to your profile. When you join a specific vocational course. get set and go! Career Development . Be prompt while running in the race but don’t become a rat. You can learn more about career development in this article. Be true to yourself while choosing the path for your career. Try hard to get through that way only. the ratio of your learning capacity is very high. If you want to do a job immediately after finishing the basic required education.. There are three stages of career development. This is an initial way of career development. Have a serious attitude towards all your assignments and submissions as they can be your entry passes at the gate of recruitment. Try to follow the planning. There is no point in running behind unrealistic goals and loosing the things that you have now. Proper planning. In the early stage of your education. be careful about your results. Draw a rough timetable of your short term and long term goals. While pursuing your education. go to reputed firms for such programs and prove your best in the training sessions. Use your best capacity to learn things in this phase. know your next goal and start moving towards that target.

Here. Career decision is something that is very important. get information about new career options. Try to learn new techniques from youngsters. you must have developed an identity. • About Career Counseling: Career is a major cause of concern for youngsters nowadays. Remember. Observe the colleagues and seniors. The first five years after you join your profession is the second phase of your career development. The domination and pressure of responsibilities will make you upset. who are specialized for giving career counseling in specific fields. Steady and continuous efforts to develop your career will definitely direct you toward to a successful and satisfied position in your career. your identity is that of a mere fresher. This is the phase to develop contacts in your field. try to get to a efficient way of work. In this phase.• • • • • your energy to it at this stage as it will be your investment for the upcoming years of your life.With the help of career counseling. learn and adopt recent tools and techniques and prepare yourself for the next move. It can be a hurdle in the path of your success. A wrong decision made can ruin the whole life of a person. but ambitions grow quickly! Try to balance both of them. notice their working style and try to get guidance from them. Egoism is the part of your professional nature. sometimes you will become fed-up with the continuous demands of your career. Even the first job is usually not your dream job. you will come to know the importance for career counseling. So. The last phase is the destinations for which you struggled hard through out your life. it is possible for you to get a career according to interests and goals. He/She can give you proper suggestions and guidance related to your career. you must consult a career counselor. In this phase. Try to take it positively. Have a positive view towards juniors and try to become an understanding leader and experienced elderly boss for them. but it is a scholarship provided to you for your best performance in the first phase. But the enthusiasm is very much there and you use all your energy to prove yourself in these early days after joining. be connected with your professional committee. Your ability to handle and lead can prove helpful to you in getting better chances. There are special career counselors. society and competition among friends in order to achieve a successful career. . By now. Physical strength and learning ability will speed up this span. Attend various training sessions and join workshops to get more relevant information about your work. This is the best way to learn all business ethics and recent trends in the business. So before take decisions related to career. concentrate on the working style. Go for smart work instead of hard work. So. be the best performer in all three stages of your career and get the best position where ever you go. career related decisions have to be taken after great discussion. this is not a rest from your struggle. So. counseling and with care. Observation is the best teacher in these early days of your career. You can even join some courses to strengthen your profile for your next move. Career Counseling . There is pressure by the family. In these days. This is where career counseling comes into the picture. Accept the changes in the field. So. Use all the facilities provided by your company to boost your career graph.

you must consult a career counselor. One has to think that whether he or she likes to take care of people or likes to be among people. who belong to your field. So before take decisions related to career. values. who find out your areas of interest. One – Person Enterprise – Involves working of a single person from home. Career should be chosen on the basis of your interest in the particular field or what you enjoy the most. and help you to choose career options. This is done by doing thorough research about the career. counseling and with care. A wrong decision made can ruin the whole life of a person.Be aware of the upgrades in the business world especially in the industry where you would be involving yourself. It involves financial commitment and risks. career related decisions have to be taken after great discussion. One may like to work with machines most of the time rather than being with the people. • Step 4 – Increase or broaden your professional circle by making contacts with the person. If a person wants to take up career as a long-term career then he must research about it and try to know the pros and cons of being in that career. Your career will enter a new avenues depending upon the business scenario. • Step 3 – After narrowing the options one has to decide which option he wishes to take up as his career. There are specialized career counselors or counseling advisors. personality traits. Consulting – Consulting is mainly related to working on different projects at a time and that to at different places. society and competition among friends in order to achieve a successful career. There are special career counselors. This is where career counseling comes into the picture. . This is required so that he doesn’t regret his decision in the future. skills etc. Career counseling involves four steps -: • Step1 – It involves finding and identifying your areas of interest. • Step2 . Apart from career options. Career decision is something that is very important. Career choice should be purely made based on one’s own caliber and area of interest. It needs infrastructure and employees. It sometimes involves financial loss. One has to jot down all the areas of interest and then see in which area he or she wants to get trained.Career is a major cause of concern for youngsters nowadays. There is pressure by the family. It should not be according to what the current market trend speaks. self employment is a very good option that you can choose. One question also arises that will he or she is able to perform up to the benchmark in his or her area of interest. You should not take up any career just because your friends are taking it or it is lucrative. unpredictable income etc. It involves planning. who are specialized for giving career counseling in specific fields. strategy making and consulting related to different business affairs. There are three self-employment options:• • • Small Scale business – It involves production and marketing of products and services. He/She can give you proper suggestions and guidance related to your career. So.

Jobs are basically divided into two categories: • Public Sector Jobs – Public sector jobs includes all jobs pertaining in government organizations.A business is an organization made to provide products and services to the customers. It also includes salient features and characteristics of jobs. values. Nowadays business is a good source of income for a person who can invest a large amount of capiatal or money as resource. • Education – Education is the process with the help of which society transfers it knowledge. skills and values from one generation to another. Career descriptions include description of duties. In order to manage hospitals. engineering or civil services as professions. . Education as a career is very demanding and it requires a lot of patience. different companies that offer this job and many other things. Career position helps to earn money and respect. But in the present scenario there has been a flood of educational streams in order to make a career. principle to abide oneself by. you get information about job. doctors are trained in hospital management or administration. marketing. electrical etc. banks owned by government etc. It includes jobs in the factories. public organizations. mechanical. responsibilities and qualifications required by the person. A career in healthcare not only gives internal satisfaction but is highly lucrative too. There are many private organizations or multinational companies which give a wide variety of job opportunities in India as well as abroad. Engineering as a career is traditional and it involves many streams like civil. Mostly a business is a privately owned body. has led to an increase in the standard of living of the people. mathematical. A person’s worth is judged by his success and failures in his career graph. About Career Descriptions Career signifies progress in a particular life span of an individual. There are many multinational companies mushrooming in India which not only provide job opportunity to a wide range of population but also. nature of working. scientific techniques in some constructive work. • Construction. It is mainly related to education and work. supply chain management.• Career Descriptions . Hotel business is again a burgeoning and flourishing business. • Private Sector Jobs – Private sector jobs are job opportunities within private organizations. • Healthcare – Healthcare refers to prevention and cure of diseases with the help of medicine. The following are some of the fastest growing careers: • Business . Earlier there were limited fields in the job market. Either a student would opt for arts. Nowadays it is very difficult to get a government job. There is a scope of doing masters degree in business administration which includes various specializations including systems. event management. There are special courses for hotel management. finance.Construction is the method of building infrastructure. electronics and telecommunication. It is a lucrative and ever growing business.In career descriptions. human resources. You need to clear exams in order to get a government job. In Latin the meaning of 'career' is 'race'. • Engineering – Engineering is a subject used for acquiring and putting together technical. sciences or commerce and would go for pursuing either medicine. customer relationship management etc.

• Education: Education plays a big role in deciding the average salary of an employee. So we can say that the salary of an employee largely depends on his or her location being opted.• • Law . If you are well qualified but you lack the skills which are mandatory for the job then your pay will reduce accordingly. standard of living. If a person continuously increases his skill sets according to the needs of the position of the job then he is definitely going to get an exponential rise from the average salary. If the location of an employee is in a very expensive city then definitely a person can demand more salary according to the expenditures he/she expects. So a salary is affected by many factors and if you have the combination of every factor then there would be a salary hike like anything. education. if you have a post graduate degree then you are supposed to to be better paid. More about career salaries is explained in this article. experience and location. One’s salary may be high or low depending on one’s skills. Factors affecting Average Salary of an employee are: • Location: Location is a factor which generally affects the average salary of an employee. which is helpful for you to calculate salary according to your state and type of job. For accounting purposes salaries are recorded in payrolls in accounts. If there is an experienced person and a non-experienced person then definitely company or an organization would prefer to hire an experienced guy. Salary in a career is affected by many factors. About Career Salaries Salary is a periodic pay given to a person. Salary can also be seen as money given to a particular human resource in order to do the daily operations of an organization. • Skill Sets: There is a great influence of skill sets in the rise of a person in his or her career. then also there would be a reduction in your salary. It is because after hiring an experienced person there is no need for special training thus . Career Salaries Career salary is an important aspect. • Experience: Experience is a very important factor in deciding the average salary of an employee. If you are just a graduate then there is a chance that your salary hike would take place like a slow and steady way like a tortoise.000 BC. aspirations and our thinking in general. There is a career salary calculator. there was barter system prevalent in which the work done was exchanged in terms of goods. Salary is the criteria for shaping of the career. However. while selecting your career option. For example if the location for job is in a metro then also an employee can demand a hike in the salary. Salary is a big consideration in one’s life as it affects our lifestyle. This can be known by doing research or survey on average salary for various jobs. In earlier days. The salary system is supposed to have started in a village in Neolithic Revolution between 10.Law is a protocol which is enforced by an institution. who is working as an employee for your organization.000 BC and 6. If you have the set of skills mandatory for the job but you don’t have a degree that is a basic criteria. So one must be keen to improve and increase his skill sets as and when required. Salary given in pieces or on hourly basis is known as wages. It is important to know that whether we are being payed sufficiently according to the work we do. From olden days law has been a profession and is still a respectable profession.

which will make the student’s decision-making independent. If you do not have time then you can schedule the online sessions as per your convenience. Career education includes the following: Career education is best planned under the assistance of a professional career advisor. who coaches people regarding their career and helps to take important decisions related to career. Many employees have failed to update themselves in the field of IT Education. Career education must have the following characteristics: • Intentional – Education career must have a goal and an intension for its existence. Such an updated knowledge helps to keep the individual up to the mark or up to the standards. So you should be aware about career education. character or physical existence of an individual. So career education is the kind of education. Postgraduate Programs: There are many postgraduate programs designed according to the requirement of job positions in a company. There are various MBA program categories from supply chain management to customer relationship management. skill and values from one generation to another by the society. money and resource for training him in a specified field. Many people working as executives have failed to build their career because of not paying attention to career education. It should be intentional. Career education includes the development of skills knowledge and attitudes with the help of programs. • Developmental – Career education must also be developmental in the sense that it should be there to develop the inner intellectual know-how of a person. So. these are the factors which affect the average salary of an employee. Some careers are specific to education. About Career Education Education is an action or experience that has an impression on the mind. Home Study Programs: It includes programs or study subjects. They need proper career education in the field of IT in order to progress and excel in the career. • Career Education .Education plays an important role in selecting a need for investment of time. they are known as home study programs. Career education is a tool for shaping one’s career. The MBA program curriculum is designed according to the demand of knowledge required for a particular position in any organization. . Online Degrees: Nowadays there are online study programs where you can learn online and earn online degrees. Education is the process of transmitting knowledge. which deals with improvising the current or updated knowledge of any individual. Our parents and grandparents didn’t have this vision to find advice related to the career as they were in static career atmosphere where they use to stick to one job throughout their life. These programs don’t need practice sessions and hence. which can be studied at home. A career advisor is a person. Career education is must in order to progress in your career. that are planned for getting learning experiences in education.

It is usually related to work or formal education. • In the late 20th century and early 21 st century.• • Comprehensive – Career education should be comprehensive and compact i. You should prepare well for these tests in order to succeed in your career. Career means an individual’s work and life roles over a period of time. aptitude. It is very important to be honest while giving the career aptitude test as it will decide which career is best suited to your profile. skills etc. Career tests helps you to learn about success. workers would take single lifelong social position in the workforce and the concept of dynamic career had not set in. and help them explore career options. executive coaches. learning strategies and student development. Most common is career aptitude test. The answers to the questions would help to find out your preferences and your nature. If it is available to many students then it is going to be more popular and in demand. About Career Tests Career means development of an individual throughout his life or in a particular life span. Career counselors. career planning. going into the world of work or joining some professional training course. which includes various questions related to your interest. • Career Tests . Career tests recognize and articulate an individual’s interest. strengths and inclination towards any topic. This tool helps to narrow down the avenues for an individual and helps to choose one career. personality. The concept of career is concerned with progress of an individual in a hierarchy within an organization or profession. The tests are designed by psychologists to be used by career counselors and career educators around the world. Career advisors evaluate people’s interest. outplacement companies and career development centers offer career tests to help an individual be focused in their career search concerning their profile. Career tests are scientifically proven tests.Here. Career advisors give one–to-one or group professional assistance for exploring one’s career options and also influence the decision-making in order to choose an occupation. which would be beneficial for him in the • • • • . Earlier in static societies. there has been a plethora of choices in professions and specialized education has made it possible to plan a career. leadership qualities within you and whether you are on the right path as far as your skills are concerned. Mark your answer by your first instinct. It also provides a competent level to live up to the expectations of the designation.e it should include every aspect of the education career for which it is meant to be. There are many career tests. values. Career tests are assessments that come in many forms and depend on quantitative as well as qualitative practices. Career aptitude test is a type of career test. Availability – It should be available to all students without any hindrance and problem. values and skills. A pro-active approach towards career education not only enhances one’s own skills but also help that person to achieve a goal in terms of position in a company. Career field is very vast and includes career placement. All the preferences are matched with the large career database. your style of working and your inclination for interacting with people around you. you will get information about career tests and its importance. With the spread of awareness about progress and the vision for self-betterment careers became dynamic. The word 'career' has originated from Latin word ‘carrera’ which means 'race'.

Is career choosing simple: Choosing a career is not simple. So take a career aptitude test as early as possible. About Choosing a Career Many people think that they know a lot about choosing an occupation as a career.While choosing a career option. value and skill.  Would a person be stuck in a career chosen forever -: It is a misconception that if a person chooses a career earlier he would be stuck in it forever. They can help you to take a decision related to taking up a career stream. which involves many steps starting from learning completely about oneself and the occupation that you would take up. They end up choosing a wrong career.• • • long run as a dream career. . Here. you need to take various things in to consideration which include your qualifications. Choosing a Career . which are made in order to asses your inclination towards something. The following are ten myths or questions as follows: 1. On the internet you get a variety of career aptitude test including personality tests. Just because from a distance the occupation seems to be lucrative. you will get tips about how to choose your career.  Should a career be chosen from the 'Best Career' list -: At the end of every year there is a list of most popular jobs. If hobby becomes profession. it doesn’t mean that the occupation is appropriate for you  Would making a lot of money make one happy -: Money is not the only criteria for job satisfaction. which come under the category of best career jobs? It is also true that the most popular job this year won’t be so popular the next year. Ultimately this helps you to learn more about your self and in which field you fit in best. Many people change career many a times in the course of their lifespan. intersect and many more.  Can a career counselor can tell us what occupation he should pick -: A career counselor or career development professional can tell us which career is best for him or her. Planning a career is a process. It should be given proper time that it needs. then it is sure that the person is going to excel in his or her career like anything. It will let you know about your strength and abilities as well as weakness.  Can a person make his or her living from his or her own hobby . There are about ten myths or questions which will make you take an informed decision. Personality test is a type of career aptitude test where in we find how much and in how many ways one can interact with people around and how people out there perceive this interaction.: If you will ask a career development professional regarding choosing a career he would suggest taking up a career that you would enjoy doing the most. So our decision regarding the choosing of one’s career should be purely based on interest. If a job is lucrative in terms of money then that doesn’t mean that it is meant for you. This is most often a misconception.

-: No this is not at all true as your happiness in a profession totally depends on your job satisfaction and not on your friend’s job satisfaction. electro medical instruments. It will help you to select such a career which will provide you more chances of getting job. It is gearing up quickly to improve in a better way and has proven to be much stronger and independent. corporate intranets. Bio-medical engineers possess master’s and doctorate degrees that help them to do research in developing products and systems including artificial organs.Here information about fastest growing careers is provided. interviewing the people who have worked on that profile is equally important. Sometimes the unemployment is high. The following are the fastest growing careers: 1. At every step you have to take proper decisions in order to excel in your career. local area networks (LANs) and other data communications systems. Medical Scientist: Medical scientists do biomedical research on bacteria. Financial Examiners: If one likes to work with numbers then he can work as a financial advisor to help business and government organizations by maintaining their high professional accounting standards. 3. He or she has it even if there is a change made in the job profile. Would a person’s skill go waste if he changes his or her career –: A person’s skill is his or her own treasure. 2. Fastest Growing Careers Information Currently the Indian economy is volatile in nature. wide area networks (WANs). These financial analyst or examiners are expected to grow as there is an increase in the federal and state financial regulations. To be a medical scientist one needs a doctorate degree in biological science. viruses and other infectious bodies.  Whether decision-making for your career just once is enough -: Decision-making related to career is not just a one affair. It all depends on your area of interest. so to cope with it we must choose a career from the fastest growing careers list. which can be gained by reading books. health management. • Fastest Growing Careers .  Does only practical experience have importance in the job scenario -: No theoretical knowledge. Biomedical Engineering: In this field the knowledge of biology and medicine with engineering is used to develop devices and instruments. it is ever changing.  Would a person be happy just because his friend is happy in a particular profession. health care delivery system etc. . The career seems to be very dynamic and is the most burgeoning and flourishing field for fresher’s. It is true that since the economy is volatile in nature employment condition is never same. He may not use it in the same way as earlier but definitely his skills won’t go in vain. prosthesis (meaning replacing an impaired body part with an artificial organ). 4. This is to ensure that we don’t end up being in the queue of unemployed persons. which provide medical and health care related solutions. Network Systems and Data Communications: Network systems and data communications include internet.

5. They take care of the skin of people by giving head and neck massage. these are the following fastest growing career in the present scenario. A student is expected to graduate with a solid technical background that will enable him or her to contribute to finding solutions to the complex problems facing our nation. Engineers with Post . You can take any of the careers according to your area of interest. 7. In order to do research in related fields. Ceramic engineering. too. engineers can find employment in the public sector as well. Athletic trainers have bachelor’s and master’s degree and some certifications are also required for this position. diagnose and treat bone as well as muscle illnesses and injuries. This field deals with designing and its application. one should possess a doctorate degree in biology or in related subfields. Engineering offers tremendous scope for employment depending upon the area of specialization. there are various other branches like Aeronautical engineering. Engineers can join Defense services as commissioned officers. textile engineering etc. mechanical and electrical. chemical engineering. 8. computer engineering. All fields in the modern economy have been invigorated by engineering technology. body treatments and applying makeup to make the skin look beautiful. Physician Assistant: Physician assistant or medical assistant carry out clinical and clerical tasks. The three traditional branches of engineering are civil. production. So. implementation and maintenance etc. construction. technology and business. These biomedical scientists help in improving human health by finding out different medicines or vaccines in order to rectify the prevalent disease. It is a vast field that offers infinite specialization. testing. Engineers work starting from planning. industrial engineering. designing. automobile engineering. Engineers work on scientific theories to get practical solutions. Engineering Engineering means to find economical solution for technological problems and it has a vital role in the prevailing milieu. Biochemists and Biophysicists: Biochemists study the chemical composition of an organism whereas biophysicists relate mechanical as well as electrical concepts to study an organism. diagnostic and preventive healthcare services. They are there to prevent. schools and other workplaces. 6. Apart form these. They have great demand in Civil Aviation Industry and Merchant Navy. Under the supervision of physician or surgeons physician assistants provide therapeutic. Engineering extends it's branches catering to industries. marine engineering. Athletic Trainers: Athletic trainers are everywhere starting from managing professional sports team to local gyms. Skin-Care Specialists: They are also known as estheticians. environmental engineering. Physician assistant has a bachelor’s degree and a two year PA program degree. Apart from jobs in the private sector. There are numerous opportunities for engineers in the computer software industry. Other opportunities include working as a Consultant in research / scientific organizations. facials. Professionals in this field are in great demand today and the demand keeps on burgeoning day by day.

. Here we are trying to help you to take that decision by giving you a brief idea about the prospects of a person getting into the world of computer sciences. The time after schooling could be turning point in the life of a person if right decisions are taken at that time. interesting and yet intriguing or fascinating career. An engineer with entrepreneurship abilities can also set up his/her own enterprise. These are generally about the future prospects of the person and his career. Computer Sciences is a complex. This kind of decision is the most critical one and must be taken very cautiously after a lot of thinking. THE INFORMATION AGE – Career in Computers There is an ever-increasing demand for knowledge and hence everyone must strive to gather as much knowledge and to use it in the most efficient way possible. Below is a small effort to provide you with information about some courses offered by some of the leading computer institutions in India so as to make that critical decision a little bit easier to make.Graduate degree get senior position in private and government department or as a planner or advisor on basic infrastructure development of the industry. This may include a job as simple as making front-end entries to as complex as managing a distributed database over a network or systems programming and engineering.

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