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The Perfect World
• Disease Free Mankind. • Perfectly born children.

The Perfect Human Being
• Optimal Functionality of human beings achieved by what I am proposing. • No Handicap or Sorrow ever for any being.

The World as it must be. Welcome to Utopia !

the Cancer causing. say cancer. in an unborn child by tracing the genetic data of its ancestry from the human genome project. say CLASP2 gene as studied in this experiment.My Project Idea • My project is to forecast/prevent the occurrence of any disease. • I match this gene data with the data from the Cancer Genome Anatomy Project using SAGE Bioinformatics tool and find if any over expressed gene causing cancer in the subject exists. . using gene therapy to prevent the disease in the yet to be born child. then I tailor. does exist. • If any cancer gene.

Cancer can only be controlled/cured after occurrence. • This is a painful and debilitating process currently. not predicted and prevented. . • Cancer is a genetic and environment dependant disease. • Presently.What is Cancer? • Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells within the Human Body.

• An Estimated 100Trillion exist in the human body.What is a Cell? • The Cell is the smallest unit of any living organism. .

The Nucleotides of the DNA are Adenine. • DNA. in the double helix structure. Cytosine. Thymine & Guanine or Uracil (for RNA) .What is DNA? • DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) found in the cell. is the carrier of genetic information of the individual. is the chemical that makes up genes and chromosomes.

What are Proteins? • Proteins are a group of chemical substances that build and run cells. • Proteins are made of Amino Acids. .

. • Genes have specific functions and code for specific parts of the body.What is a Gene? • A Gene is a set of instructions that is made of DNA.

What is a Chromosome? • The thread like structure that are made up of Genes. DNA and Protein. . • There are 46 chromosomes in nucleus of the cells of the human body.

• RNA helps in making Proteins. .What is RNA? • RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) • Similar to DNA but smaller and with only one strand instead of two.

. • The Genome is found in each and every cell of the Human Body.What is the Human Genome? • The complete set of Genes found in any Human Being.

• The process by which the gene uses DNA to make Proteins and RNA. • When a gene produces too many Proteins and RNA. . it is called gene over expression.

The Human Genome Project • The Human Genome Project is designed to trace the Human Evolution and study the Gene/DNA Structure of Homo Sapiens . .

• It provides valuable bioinformatics search tools for further research.The Cancer Genome Anatomy Project • The Cancer Genome Anatomy Project (CGAP) was created to study and analyze Cancer causing genes. .

Tailoring (Cutting out) an unwanted gene 2. Inserting more inhibitory genes. Replacing a gene 3. .What is Gene Therapy? Gene therapy is treating a disease at the gene level by either: 1.

• The procedure for finding the CLASP2 gene and prove that it is Over Expressed is given below: . • The CLASP2 gene is an Over Expressed gene in the Pancreatic type of Cancer tissue. • The gene data for CLASP2 is taken from the Cancer Genome Anatomy Project website.The Experiment • In my experiment I will be dealing with the CLASP2 gene in the Pancreatic type of Cancer tissue.

1). Once you've filled in your e-mail address." Tissue histology "Normal.nih." "Exclude Cell Lines" should be checked in Pool A and Pool B." The next page gives you the opportunity to alter the statistical parameters for your gene search—use the default selections (F =• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Go to the CGAP website: http://cgap. You will be required to input an e-mail address where the server can send you a notice when the comparison search is done." Select "Two SAGE library pools" and then click on "Submit." For Pool B. Click "Submit Query. select "Include.nci. SAGE_Pancreas_normal_B_1 should be check-marked as Pool A. Q = 0. where B is the pool of genes from cancerous tissue and A is the pool of genes from normal tissue)." SAGE_Pancreas_adenocarcinoma_B_96-6252 should be check-marked as Pool B. The next page lists all of the genes that are differentially expressed. click "Submit Query" at the bottom of the page. Scroll to the bottom of the list to find the genes that are over-expressed in pancreatic cancer tissue (B>A. select "Include". select: Select: "Short tags" List libraries by: "Tissue Type" For Pool A." Click on "The SAGE Digital Gene Expression Displayer. . The "Chromosome" field should be "All." Tissue Type "Pancreas. Go to "SAGE Genie. In the next step. Tissue histology "Cancer. Tissue Type "Pancreas". the software will identify genes that are differentially expressed in these two pools." On the next page. SAGE_Pancreas_adenocarcinoma_B_91-16113 should be check-marked as Pool B.

The Results • The results as shown indicate that Clasp2 over-expressed gene is found only in cancer cell but not normal cell.00E+00 . as we predicted. Tag (nucleotide sequence) Gene Libraries (no. of libraries tag was name or found) Accession A (Normal Tissue) Tags (basic data) Tag Odds A:B Q (False (Significance of Discovery Rate) data) B ( Cancer Tissue) B ( Cancer Tissue) A (Normal Tissue) TCCCTTCTAT CLASP2 0 2 0 3619 0 0.

• This mechanism needs to be generalized for all diseases for improved health of humanity. thereby eradicating cancer. This shows us that the over expressed genes are a cause for cancer. • This helps us to go to the next step of the project to apply gene therapy to modify CLASP2 gene. .Experiment Summary • The experiment shows us that the overexpressed CLASP2 gene is found only in the cancer type tissue.

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