Name: Mr. Cecil!

Masters of Photography

Objective: I will shoot a roll of film inspired by the work of Richard Barnes.. I will explore the idea of containment and packaging as well as objects recontextualized; representing behindthe-scenes people or environments. I will use available or natural light and a documentary style of zoomed out or straight-on photography in order to document objects and activities out of their normal context. I will complete and turn in three 8X10 prints, including my test strips, and contact sheet

Containment. Documenting objects that have been recontextualized or are out of place. Documenting what is unseen by most people. Bring into question the reality or meaning of objects or environments when presented out of their normal context. Documenting how people work to fabricate a reality that is presented to the general public, meant to educate, or inform. Photographing scientific “evidence” in a scientific or very composed and methodical way.
Subject Matter Considerations:

Everyday objects. Behind the scenes environments or objects in that have been added to through packaging or storage. Fabricated or artificial nature. Objects recontextualized. People doing their jobs in a setting that is not normally seen.
Lighting Considerations:

Available artificial light or available natural light. Documentary style lighting (even or very specific).
Compositional Considerations:

Centered, zoomed out, filled frame in order to show the setting or context or environment.
Presentation: Size is considered. Edges have even border or cut neatly and are square. Photo has no scratches, stains, or blemishes. SelfAssessment Teacher Assessment /25 /25 Design: Photograph shows principles of composition with good contrast, and appropriate subject matter /25 /25 Studio Skills: Photograph is exposed, focused, developed, and printed properly, using correct darkroom procedures. /25 /25 Objective: Total: Your roll is an exploration of the themes of your master artist. You chose your 3 best to print and turn in, completing all parts of the assignment on time, investing thought and care when doing so. /25 /25 /100 /100