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Welcome to the training courses at distance of Epson, developed for training in the
various products and Epson models.

Here're the requirements to enter these courses, as well as suggested solutions to resolve
problems that may occur.

The plugins you need to view these courses are provided by Adobe, the first is the
FlashPlayer, which can be installed from the following website:

The second plugin is the WebPlayer and can be installed from the following website:

The Internet address to which you must connect to take this course is:

By entering this page you will see this screen in which you must enter your name and
Then select Course Catalog


You must click on the course and then must mark the ENROLL option to enroll in the
course. Once enrolled in one course, you must go to My Courses.

From the My Courses can start working on the course selected. In this option the
following screen appears. Click on the plus sign (+) and then follow each chapter
sequentially in the selected Course.

Each chapter consists of a sequence of layers to be studied. At the end of each chapter
must submit a Partial Test with minimum score = 80% approval.
At the end of the course must pass an exam with a minimum of Approval = 80% and a
maximum of 5 chances to apply. NOTE: The system requires a minimum of 2 hours
between each time that yields the final exam.


The implementation of these courses requires a good communication to the Internet,

should be disabled all programs that prevent pop-ups, in the case of Windows 98
Internet Explorer does not have this type of program faults, only if it is installed an
optional program that must be disabled.

Windows XP, in its original version does not include Internet Explorer in a program that
prevents pop-ups, only with the upgrade to Service Pack 2 creates an automatic option
in Internet Explorer which prevents pop-ups.

The following image shows where this option is located which you must clear before
taking the course.

In this case the option is enabled and must be as shown in this second image.
Another possible cause of connection problems are notebooks or PC Firewall, which are
installed either directly or when you install an antivirus program or anti-spam programs,
each of these programs must be verified to be non - option active firewall.

In other cases, has submitted the following error:

Problem: Error loading accuses some module, or can not save the test scores, sending
the message
UNABLE TO EXPRESSION EVAL or failure is the term CMI (track error asp), or
after the modules have been taken indicate that they are not approved

- Open the Control Panel
- Select Regional Settings
- Select Options
- Select Menu Number
- Decimal option should have a period (.)
- The option symbol for separating thousands must have a comma (,)
Note: If when starting a course, the screen remains blank, have to wait between 1 and
10 minutes (depending on connection speed), so that plugins are loaded from Adobe,
which is executed automatically Background. This happens only once when starting a
course (after opening the windows normally follows).


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