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[ sasha kate madfes ]
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[ summary ]
Over a decade of experience in successfully identifying opportunities to drive efficiencies by establishing, evaluating, and
optimizing department operational procedures while serving in various analyst and management capacities at B2B focused
services of Web 2.0 and New Media companies.

Quickly identifies meaningful relevant patterns by manipulating, analyzing, and validating data in an effort to uncover and resolve
integrity issues.

Considers issues strategically from a business perspective in an effort to achieve targeted and measurable results while continuing to
maintain an emphasis on both internal and external customer satisfaction.

Examines complex situations and develops innovative, effective, and repeatable processes to simplify them.

[ strengths ]
SALESFORCE.COM CRM Enterprise Salesforce Administrator level access for managing 70+ users, creating and
maintaining custom objects and fields, handling bulk data migration, maintaining page layouts,
and installing applications from the App-Exchange. Imported, de-duplicated/merged, converted,
and cleaned-up leads, contacts, accounts, and campaigns. Configured dashboards, created
custom reports of performance metrics, and customized profile specific view screens.

DESKTOP SUPPORT Experienced with performing extensive technical support, general trouble shooting of software
and hardware failures, and identifying network problems when related to work station
configurations including hardware installations, registry repairs, software configuration changes,
and regular maintenance in Microsoft Windows environments.

MICROSOFT OFFICE Expert level, advanced knowledge of efficient methods for using functions of Microsoft Word,
Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint applications, including the writing, utilization, and testing of
macros to increase productivity; arranging data using pivot tables, advanced complex formulas
for cell reference, vlookup, concatenate functionality, and if/then statements.

CREATIVE DESIGN Skilled with Adobe design applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat. Created
personal websites and has active membership with various graphic, font, and photography
services used for project inspirations and mastering design skills.

SALES DEVELOPMENT Knowledgeable in the principles and processes for providing customer service, including needs
assessment, meeting quality standards, and evaluation of customer satisfaction; adept at
developing and deploying effective service delivery, call center, and quality control strategies.
Experienced in supporting sales efforts by performing competitive research, lead generation,
lead nurturing, and management of the revenue cycle, and sales pipeline.

ONLINE MARKETING Maintains active independent relationships with affiliate marketing services as a publisher.
Familiar with current web technologies, web services, and enterprise software as well as
interactive dashboards used by online publishers, advertisers, and in e-commerce to analyze
key metrics, optimize campaigns, and develop solutions to reduce barriers and increase
conversion rates.

[ education ]


[ highlights ]
THE PASHA GROUP Contracted through Robert Half Technology, Inc to provide system administration on a
SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR customized Salesforce CRM platform with 70 end-users and 10,000+ contacts. Performed
mass imports, record updates, and data manipulations. Developed customized list views,
08.2010 – 12.2010 reports, and dashboards; set-up account hierarchies. Supported corporate marketing activities
including campaign creation and mailing list generation; worked directly with print and postal
[ IT services ] vendor.
[ database management ]
· Successfully uncovered major data integrity issues; resolved undeliverable bulk-
mail rate address issues causing unnecessary expense.
· Utilized macros, the Apex Data-Loader, and Data Utilities to manage and complete
a thorough system cleanup.
· Identified, evaluated, and integrated additional cost effective procedures to
maximize efficiencies between global departments with their long standing
established off-line methods of operation.
· Managed global projects that improved data quality, consistency, and reduced the
cost of data operations.

MARIN SOFTWARE Coordinated sales development efforts of 5 Research Associates responsible for
TEAM LEAD, RESEARCH conducting strategic investigation of prospective customers for the Inside Sales Team
Utilized online resources, including KeywordSpy, Nielsen, Internet Retailer, iSpionage,
08.2008 – 09.2009 TheSearchMonitor, and iPerceptions:WASP, to identify appropriate contacts responsible for
managing potential clients’ keyword bidding.
[ lead generation ]
· Determined best practices to resolve dashboard and data reporting issues after
[ sales support ]
researching and identifying application solutions, enhancements, and system
integrations in a Administrator capacity.
· Introduced new resources and methods of investigation for analyzing existing paid
search advertising of prospects; protocol became instrumental in qualifying leads.

REPLY! INC Created, developed, and managed the Quality Control Team tasked with processing the
MANAGER OF DATA QUALITY company's products before being delivered to subscribing customers. Hired, supervised,
and scheduled 15 non-exempt full-time employees to maintain 365 day, 24x7 coverage in
06.2005 – 06.2007 screening requests, verifying contact information, and confirming interest for follow-up
information. Reported on performance metrics and all aspects of forecasting, and KPI analysis,
[ call center manager ] including preparation for predictions of volume and staffing.
[ workforce analyst ]
· Multiplied revenues, achieving major improvements in speed and accuracy, by
implementing new department validation procedures and scripts used for
screening referral requests and verifying consumer contact information.
· Recruited, trained, and managed a nationwide team of 20+ long-term independent
contractors to work remotely as business needs dictated. Reduced operating
expenses, automating the lead review process, by integrating a 3rd party data
verification provider TARGUSInfo.
· Implemented an inspection process to track discovered XML data issues from
outsourced lead providers and evaluated issues related to product quality.
· Instituted bonus plans and incentive schemes to motivate team members.

REPLY! INC Coordinated customer support activities and served as the primary client contact and
SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER escalation point for the company’s automotive web services programs. Processed monthly
billings and oversaw retention efforts; reviewed and approved suspensions of delinquent
06.2003 – 06.2005 accounts. Created action plans to improve service delivery based on metrics, data analysis, and
customer feedback.
[ client services ] · Defined the processes for contact handling and service requests, drafted all
[ customer service ]
customer communication templates (web copy, emails, and debt collection letters)
and created a customer service reference book.
· Independently identified a 3-year-old database issue that was failing to report over
$870,000 in generated revenue; successfully collected over 60% of those past due
balances that had not been properly invoiced.
· Increased ROI by reducing losses caused by wasteful practices by implementing
an improved protocol for managing member accounts.
· Developed strategies to drive efficient operations by creating and implementing an
audit process to determine and resolve service standard compliance issues.