The goal of the organizers of February 2011’s Eco Fashion Week (www.ecofashion-week.

com/home) in Vancouver, BC, Canada is to create awareness of the commitment to the environment in the fashion industry. They work with a host of members of the Green Advisory Board (GAB) to effectively fuse fashion, beauty and the environment. The EFW runway shows featuring the creations of the world’s eco-designers; their devotion to using the most sustainable methods to create their designs is undeniably impressive and beautiful in so many ways. Included among the designers showcased at EFW were Dahlia Drive, Nicole Bridger, Lara Presber, We3 and Lav & Kush. With Dahlia Drive, there’s a collision of art and fashion, both in the pieces themselves (walking art, anyone?) and in the artfulness employed to produce images of the pieces. Inspired by everything from da Vinci to nature to the body of a woman, Dahlia Drive ( designer Wendy Van Riesen puts so much of herself into her designs. Her passion for muted but striking hues is immediately apparent but her attention to individuality is what is truly outstanding about this Vancouver artiste. There is no way the wearer of Dahlia Drive could fade into the background; these upcycled pieces are about being noticed. Vancouver BC (Canada) designer Nicole Bridger’s Spring/Summer collection (, entitled “Reconnect” to reflect the designer’s own life circumstances, is nothing short of breathtaking. Not only does she work with sustainable materials like renewable woven cotton but she is eco-conscious wherever and whenever it is possible. However, Bridger’s dedication to renewability doesn’t stop at materials or practices; sewn into her garments is a label declaring “I AM LOVE”, the designer’s signature mantra and an attempt to spread positive energy. Bridger’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection is bursting with flavourful colour; citric greens and deep berry blues are interspersed with earthy tones or pastels. Said to be a collection reflective of Bridger’s rediscovery of happiness and reconnection to herself, it is clear in the airy fabrics, the softness of the fabric arrangement and the light hearted titles for the pieces that the designer is in a good place. The collection shows no apprehension toward texture, movement and distinctive drapery. Dresses and skirts are prevalent in the collection with jackets, tunics, shorts and a harem inspired cropped pant mixed in here and there. The Inspired Scarf, a soft flowing accessory, is a versatile piece made to wrap around the head as a thick band or for wearing around the neck. Notably, the Connected Dress has a gathered hemline, displaying the legs with elegant decency. The flattering crisscross bust line,

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