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The Professor Garfield.org alphabet books are an instructional tool that can be used in conjunction with the classroom alphabet set that is available on the website. To use the books, fold along the dotted lines to create a four-page booklet. The design is such that the teacher can use the cover of the booklet to introduce students to an individual letter and an object that begins with that letter. On the second page, the child is directed to trace the letter following the numbered lines to introduce/reinforce the conventional order of letter creation. Page three should be an opportunity for the child to trace the letter again, this time without the aid of the "numbered" lines directing the order of creation. In addition, in the blank below the letter, the child should draw an object that begins with the appropriate letter. Finally, on the last page, the child should make an attempt at correctly creating the letter without the benefit of the dotted lines. There is an additional space below the lines for a child to draw another picture that begins with the appropriate letter.

Compliments of the Professor Garfield Foundation: www.professorgarfield.org

/Aa/ /Aa/ //// /Aa/
© Paws: www.professorgarfield.org


professorgarfield./Bb/ /Bb/ //// /Bb/ Book © Paws: www.org Bug .

/Cc/ /Cc/ //// /Cc/ Cake © Paws: www.professorgarfield.org Cat .

professorgarfield./Dd/ /Dd/ //// /Dd/ Drum © Paws: www.org Doughnut .

/Ee/ /Ee/ //// /Ee/ Egg © Paws: www.org Elephant .professorgarfield.

professorgarfield.org Fox .//// /Ff/ /Ff/ /Ff/ Flower © Paws: www.

professorgarfield./Gg/ /Gg/ //// /Gg/ Garfield © Paws: www.org Goat .

/Hh/ /Hh/ //// /Hh/ Hat © Paws: www.org House .professorgarfield.

org Igloo /Ii/ .//// /Ii/ /Ii/ Ice Cream © Paws: www.professorgarfield.

professorgarfield.org Jump /Jj/ .//// /Jj/ /Jj/ Juggle © Paws: www.

/Kk/ /Kk/ //// /Kk/ Kite © Paws: www.org Key .professorgarfield.

org Leg /Ll/ .professorgarfield.//// /Ll/ /Ll/ Lightbulb © Paws: www.

org Monster .professorgarfield./Mm/ /Mm/ //// /Mm/ Money © Paws: www.

/Nn/ /Nn/ //// /Nn/ Nurse © Paws: www.professorgarfield.org Net .

org Odie ./Oo/ /Oo/ //// /Oo/ Octopus © Paws: www.professorgarfield.

professorgarfield./Pp/ /Pp/ //// /Pp/ Party © Paws: www.org Pig .

org Quilt ./Qq/ /Qq/ //// /Qq/ Question Mark © Paws: www.professorgarfield.

professorgarfield.//// /Rr/ /Rr/ Rabbit © Paws: www.org Refrigerator /Rr/ .

org Sock /Ss/ .//// /Ss/ /Ss/ Sandwich © Paws: www.professorgarfield.

org Turtle /Tt/ .professorgarfield.//// /Tt/ /Tt/ TV © Paws: www.

professorgarfield.org Uniform ./Uu/ /Uu/ //// /Uu/ Umbrella © Paws: www.

//// /Vv/ Valentine © Paws: www.professorgarfield.org Violin /Vv/ .

//// Ww Ww Watermelon © Paws: www.professorgarfield.org Web Ww .

org Xylophone .professorgarfield.//// /Xx/ /Xx/ /Xx/ X-Ray © Paws: www.

professorgarfield.org Yo-Yo ./Yy/ /Yy/ //// /Yy/ Yawn © Paws: www.

org Zipper .professorgarfield./Zz/ /Zz/ //// /Zz/ Zebra © Paws: www.

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