Descendants of

William M. Cooper
1817 – 1907

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Descendants of William M. Cooper

1. 2. 3. 4. INTRODUCTION .................................................................................................................. 3 COOPER FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS .................................................................................. 5 WHAT IS A COOPER AND WHO WERE THE FIRST ONES?......................................... 8 CENSUS RECORDS AND COUNTY HISTORIES ............................................................. 9 4.1 Georgia Census Records ................................................................................................ 9 4.1.1 1840 Census - Georgia............................................................................................ 9 4.1.2 1850 Census - Georgia............................................................................................ 9 4.1.3 1860 Census - Georgia.......................................................................................... 10 4.1.4 1870 Census - Georgia.......................................................................................... 11 4.1.5 1880 Census - Georgia.......................................................................................... 12 4.2 Georgia Cooper Families ............................................................................................. 13 4.3 History of Heard County, Georgia............................................................................... 14 4.4 Arkansas Census Records ............................................................................................ 22 4.4.1 1820 Census - Arkansas........................................................................................ 22 4.4.2 1830 Census - Arkansas........................................................................................ 22 4.4.3 1840 Census - Arkansas........................................................................................ 23 4.4.4 1900 Census - Arkansas........................................................................................ 23 4.5 Montgomery County, Arkansas, History..................................................................... 24 4.5.1 Story, Arkansas ..................................................................................................... 25 4.5.2 Story School.......................................................................................................... 26 4.6 South Carolina Coopers ............................................................................................... 26 5. DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM M. COOPER .................................................................. 28 5.1 Generation No. 1 – Family Tree Maker Report ........................................................... 29 5.2 Generation No. 2 – Family Tree Maker Report ........................................................... 31 5.3 Generation No. 3 – Family Tree Maker Report ........................................................... 36 5.4 Generation No. 4 – Family Tree Maker Report ........................................................... 44 5.5 Generation No. 5 – Family Tree Maker Report ........................................................... 60 5. 6 Generation No. 6 – Family Tree Maker Report ............................................................ 94 5.7 Generation No. 7 – Family Tree Maker Report ......................................................... 128 5.8 Endnotes..................................................................................................................... 131 6. CONCLUSION................................................................................................................... 132

1 2 3 4 Descendants of Roderick Lenard and Annie Elizabeth Cooper ................................................. 4 Counties of State of Georgia with Heard County Highlighted ................................................ 14 Map of Roanoke, Alabama to Glenn, Georgia ............................................................................ 15 Counties of the State of Arkansas with Montgomery County Highlighted ........................... 24

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Descendants of William M. Cooper

Researching ancestry began as a hobby for me (I Franklin I) in the early 1960’s. It has grown into a parttime business called Ardent Data Services. The step from the hobby to business was made in 1983 when I purchased a Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III Microcomputer and began entering my generally disorganized genealogy information into the computer. I have upgraded my computer resources a few times since then and moved most of my genealogy data into Family Tree Maker software. The information in the computer is much more easily maintained (as births, marriages, and deaths occur and as I find additional information) and can be sorted and printed out in many different formats. Family trees are complex so please do not expect to understand this information without studying it. The sources of the information are a personal interview with the individual, individual’s parent, individual’s in-law or individual’s child or a copy of the information was mailed to, edited, and returned by one of the foregoing, visiting a lot of cemeteries to glean data from tombstones. In 1959 I married into the Cooper lineage by marrying Mary Susanna McClure, the daughter of Winnie Pearl Cooper McClure (daughter of Henry Leonard Cooper, the son of Roderick Lenard Cooper, the son of William M. Cooper). In the late 1970’s I began writing down information about the Cooper genealogy on Family Tree forms, entering the data into word processing and database software. In 1980 distributed a few copies of what I had gathered and printed with a dot matrix printer. This 2007 version of Descendants of William M. Cooper is the first version issued using Family Tree Maker software and created as a Portable Document File (PDF). Two benefits are achieved in my compiling family trees – (1) I thoroughly enjoy the quest for the information and (2) it provides my descendants with a history of their lineage. If you enjoy what I have done, then that is an additional benefit. Please, please send to me by e-mail or US mail any additions, deletions, or changes I need to make to this dynamic data. If you would, please send to me a biographical sketch of yourself or family members. The biographical sketches add tremendously to the dates and towns and make the genealogy much more interesting.. Figure 1, Descendants of Roderick Lenard and Annie Elizabeth Cooper, provides a chart of this couple, their four children, and 27 grandchildren. The chart also shows Roderick’s siblings and parents. Most of you reading this document are descendants of Roderick and Annie. This chart provides a way for you to more easily visualize where you fit into this family tree and is probably worth your time to study it for a while.


Roderick Lenard and Annie Elizabeth Adamson Cooper

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Cooper FIGURE 1.Descendants of William M. REMOVED Page 4 .

ADAMSON COOPER: Seaborn Henry & Nancy Jackson Adamson PARENTS OF CELIA SUSANNA ALDRIDGE: Henry H. Cooper 2. COOPER FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS ALL PHOTOS REMOVED PARENTS OF ANNIE ELIZ. & Safronia Jane Robinson Aldridge ALL PHOTOS REMOVED Henry Leonard & Celia Susanna Aldridge Cooper Leota Vesta Emmons (2) Wayne Theodore Cooper (5) Ruthy Viola Emery Hiatt (6) Roderick Laney “Lain” Cooper (8) Henry Floyd Cooper (9) Winnie Pearl McClure (10) Ava Lenora Broderick (12) Page 5 .Descendants of William M.

Descendants of William M. Cooper ALL PHOTOS REMOVED William Downus & Della Mae Bonner Cooper Etta Mabel Hopkins (1) James Lonnie Cooper (3) Johnnie Clyde Cooper (4) William Vernon Cooper (5) Beulah Eveline Wilson Plesnicher (7) Rufus Linn Cooper (8) Zola Naomi Scott (9) Ruby Imogene Yow (10) PARENTS OF DELLA MAE BONNER COOPER: Josiah Allen & Pardelia Robinson Bonner Page 6 .

Cooper ALL PHOTOS REMOVED Walter Leander & Annie Mae Cooper Lockhart Birda Mae Lockhart Lamb Darnell Powell Page 7 .Descendants of William M.

Michael Couper was a tenant in Butyll. COOPER In general this is a trade name. Burke's General Armory describes the Cooper and the Cowper coats of arms. 1281. Symon Coopare.S. John Cooper held land in Elizabeth City County prior to 1624. origin unknown. 1425. edition of the Fayetteville (North Carolina) Observer newspaper: NOTE: The year listed in the paragraphs below mean that this person was listed in a register. Finla Couper of Atholl was fined for resetting the outlawed Macgregors. Some of the early artisans were Robert le (the) Cupere. John Cooper held land in Elizabeth City County prior to 1624. Berwick. Aberdeen. born about 1680 in Berkley County. appears in 1477 as Cowlpar and his wife as Cowlper. 1981. Sussex. 1296. Leon Earl “Butch” Cooper. has done some research to identify the ascendants of William M. then came Thomas de Cupro. Justinian Cooper was granted 850 acres in Isle of Wight County in 1639. In Virginia. both living in 1273. rendered homage to the English in 1296. John Couper and Will elmus Couper are on the 1329 Yorkshire Poll Tax Rolls. Oxfordshire. or name appeared in some document for that year. Henry le Cupper. 1613. It is derived from the Latin word cupa meaning 'tub. Surrey. Christian Cowper. Robert Cooper who married Ann Peronneaux George Cooper who died in 1810 William James Cooper A review of the U. In Massachusetts Walter Cooper arrived in James City County in 1619 and a Walter Cooper was granted 350 acres there in 1639. 1425. Andrew's Church. Cooper and has developed the following possible lineage but research is needed to prove this lineage: Great-great-greatgrandfather Great-great-grandfather Great-grandfather Grandfather Father John Cooper. SC Edward Cooper born in Berkley County. cask' and this became the Middle English word couper meaning a maker or repairer of such items. 1176. was on tax records. canon of St. 1275. SC Rev. Johny Copper. Patrick Culper ( the l is silent). The earliest in Scotland was Salomine de (of) Cupier who witnessed a charter in 1245. William le Coupere. Cooper 3. Berwickshire. 1182. Selide le Cooper. Norfolk. 1466. Robert Cupper was baliff of Yarmouth. Gazetteer reveals that there are 18 of the United States which have a town named Cooper! Page 8 . a Walter Cooper arrived in James City County in 1619 and a Walter Cooper was granted 350 acres there in 1639. 1376. Twenty of the name Cooper and one Cowper were officers in the American Revolutionary War. bucket. Nottinghamshire. The following Scots may have either trade or place names: John Cupar.Descendants of William M. WHAT IS A COOPER AND WHO WERE THE FIRST ONES? The following article was clipped by Lottie Marian Cooper from the January 11. both of whom appear to have derived their names from the hamlet of Coupar. and Richard le Cupare. Justinian Cooper was granted 850 acres in Isle of Wight County in 1639. Jr. Yorkshire.

Free White Females Age 40-50 . Slaves One Thomas Cooper is the only person named Cooper living in Heard County who was a Head of Family in the 1840 Census. Jackson is the father of Nancy Elizabeth Jackson (wife of Seaborn Henry Adamson) and thus the grandfather of Annie Elizabeth Adamson.Georgia The book 1840 Index to Georgia Census. The following is what I gleaned from the Georgia censuses. Page 306 .One. The 1860 Census of Georgia was reviewed first and became the key source of putting together the pieces of this family tree.Three. Eileen Sheffield.One.One. Age 20-30 .40 . Free White Females Under 5 . Page 305 . Free White Males Age 5-10 . Glenn is located in the far southwest corner of Heard County. 4. Page 9 . CENSUS RECORDS AND COUNTY HISTORIES The Georgia and Arkansas Census Records were researched because of the knowledge that Roderick Lenard Cooper was born in Glenn. Glenn (population 45 in 1980 Census) is only a mile or two from the Georgia-Alabama state line. Age 20-30 . Free White Males Age 30-40 . Georgia. Age 30.One. Age 15-20 . Age 10. Free White Males Age 5-10 .One Samuel W.James J. There are 20 listed with the name of William Cooper.One.One. Adamson. Age 5-10 . Until 1850 the census takers essentially asked only for the quantity of household occupants per age brackets and the name of the “Head of Household. and later moved to Story.1. published in 1969 by Mrs.Sam W.2 1850 Census . By reviewing the records of all 20 William Coopers. wife of Roderick Lenard Cooper. It is possible that this man is the father of William and grandfather of Roderick Lenard Cooper but William would have been in the Age 15.1 Georgia Census Records Georgia is one of the 13 original colonies. Jackson. (for Jefferson) Adamson is the father of Seaborn Henry Adamson and thus the grandfather of Annie Elizabeth Adamson.20 bracket in 1840 and is not shown. Cooper 4. The quest began by locating Glenn on a map in a large Rand McNally Atlas at the Dallas Public Library.Thomas Cooper. Free White Females Age Under 5 .One. is alphabetized by county.” Beginning in 1850 a lot more information was requested by the census takers which you will see as you read onward. Barbara Woods and Mrs.Descendants of William M.1.One. You may want to read about it first and then come back to reviewing the census records in chronological order as printed. 4. A review of this book in the Heard County section reveals the following Names of Heads of Family of interest: Page 288 . Age 30-40 .One. Age 15-20 .1 1840 Census .15 . Arkansas. The index in this book lists the persons alphabetically and tells the name of the county and the page on which the information appears which was handwritten by the census taker as he/she went from door to door.Georgia The book 1850 Census of Georgia lists 220 Heads of Household with the last name of Cooper. 4.Two. An important fact to know about census records is that different information has been asked for by the census takers each decade.One. wife of Roderick Lenard Cooper.One. Age 10-15 .One James J.

was in this family William Cooper Delilah Cooper William John Henry Age 27 21 2 2 months Sex M F M M Profession Occupation. was in this family William Cooper Delilah Cooper William John Roderick Talitha L. page 736. Carolina Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia The Head of Household for Family Number 499 was Jeptha B.Descendants of William M.3 1860 Census . Perhaps he was an orphan living with the Cooper family. page 427. or Trade Farmer Place of Birth Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia 4. William answered $1000 and $2000 respectively. the following information: The name of every person whose usual place of abode on the 1st day of June 1860. Family Number 212. Baptist Minister. years old in 1860. Only one William Cooper is listed in the index who lived in Heard County. Banks. The story passed down through the family is that he was born in Ireland. In fact. Cooper Mary Sue (my wife) and I found listed in Newton County. Mary Sue and I found listed in Heard County. Family Number 501 was Thomas A. Family Number 500. and (2) Where was he born? In 1850 he said he was born in Georgia. not 35. or Trade Farmer Place of Birth S. he should have been 37. in 1860 he said he was born in South Carolina. the following information: The name of every person whose usual place of abode on the 1st day of June 1850. There is no explanation for the 10 year old male named Thomas living in the William Cooper household. Page 10 .(1) What was his age? If he was 27 years old in 1850. This census also asked for their Value of Real Estate and Value of Personal Estate. Leemodella Thomas Age 35 32 12 10 5 2 5 months 10 Sex M F M M M F F M Profession Occupation. Someday we will answer these questions if we keep on researching. Camp. A comparison of William's responses to the 1850 and 1860 censuses raises two questions .Georgia The book An Index to the 1860 Georgia Federal Census compiled by Arlis Acord and Martha S. Mechanic. Anderson lists 251 Heads of Household with the last name of Cooper. he is the only Cooper of the 251 Heads of Household who was living in Heard County.1. Listing Thomas at the end of the list lends credence to this theory. There are 19 listed with the name of William Cooper.

Anna E. 37 32 14 13 11 9 4 1 Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia . Georgia. Camellia B. Seaborn H. William (?). The following information appears for families 1037. 1039. 21 M Farming Bonner. 25 21 1 Georgia Georgia Georgia Adamson. James Adamson. (Infant) 1 F Georgia Family 1039 M Farming F Keepinghouse Family 1040 M Farming F Keepinghouse F Family 1041 M Farmer F Keepinghouse M Farm laborer F At home M Farm laborer M F F Page 11 Place of Birth Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Cooper. Susannah 31 F (Illegible) Cooper. but about their neighbors. Cynthia E. or Age Sex Trade Family 1037 Bonner. on August 9. 8 M (William’s middle initial may be an A.) Family 1038 Cooper. Martha Adamson. 4. Benjamin W. 1870: The name of every person whose usual place of abode on the 1st day of June 1870. Samuel J. Nancy E. I found some interesting information. John Cooper. 1040. Georgia. Nancy 60 F Bonner. William 48 M Farmer Cooper. Georgia. (I have shown in bold the names of the people who I know are blood-related to the relatives of Roderick Lenard Cooper). Adamson. Mary 38 F Keepinghouse Cooper. Adamson. 15 M Farm laborer Cooper. Roderic L. and 1041 for Heard County.4 1870 Census . Josiah A. Nancy E. Emma 8 F Georgia Cooper. This census record identifies a 5 year old male named Roderick Cooper living in Glenn. brothers. Nancy E. Sallie 7 F Georgia Cooper. in 1860. and sisters of Roderick Lenard Cooper and his place of birth. Henry L. Adamson. was in this family Profession Occupation.Descendants of William M.1. Adamson. not only about the William Cooper family. 19 F At home Cooper. Lee 12 F At school Cooper. Cooper The highlight of this information is that it finally confirms the names of the parents. Adamson. By scrolling through frame after frame of microfilm of the census taker's scrawling. Esther 20 22 Georgia Georgia Adamson.Georgia The 1870 Census of Georgia is not alphabetized but it is separated by county. Adamson. 1038. Adamson. Anna 5 F Georgia Cooper. We have gleaned from family records that Roderick Lenard was born in 1855 in Glenn.

He would have been 21 in 1870. 42.5 1880 Census .” the 18year old Roderick Lenard Cooper. her mother was Delilah. William Cooper remarried sometime between 1860 and 1870. could not read or write and was idiotic. and Nancy E.” The John and Esther Cooper (Family 1039) are likely Roderick's older brother and his wife. F 26 Dau. wife of William Downous Cooper. GA GA * The census record also shows that Thomas L. Adamson Here is my explanation of who the people are whose names are printed boldly above: Nancy Bonner is probably the mother (perhaps a widow at age 60) of Josiah A. The 13-year old Anna E.2 tells us that William's first wife. The 12-year old female name Lee is the child listed as Leemodella in the 1860 census. Georgia. Cooper The census taker also asked each Head of Household their Value of Real Estate and Value of Personal Property. He said in 1850 that he was 27.Emma. Family 1041. Unbelievable turmoil occurred to families during this worst of the wars. Sallie. and an unnamed infant.Descendants of William M. Perhaps William saw the war coming in 1860 and could have been exempted from serving if he was 35 or more years old.Georgia The 1880 Census of Georgia is not indexed but is separated by county. at the age of 17. M 26 Son Farming GA GA Mallise C. the following families of interest were gleaned from these census records by scrolling through frame after frame of microfilm: Page No. we do find that the 5-year old Roderic (sic) L.1. Page 12 POB Mom GA VA VA VA GA GA GA . Seaborn H. M 75 Head Farming GA MD Elizabeth D. to Occupatio POB POB Head n Dad House Adamson. had given birth to four more children . Bonner. four years later on January 31. Evidently. M 3 Grandson GA GA Ada Lee F 1 Granddau. John was 10 in 1860 and is now 20 in 1870. Here are their answers: Value of Real Estate $800 $1500 (Blank) (Blank) $500 Value of Personal Property $569 $1080 $150 $150 $648 Nancy Bonner William Cooper John Cooper James Adamson Seaborn H. 62. Cooper has now become 15 and is a “Farm Laborer. Delilah probably died during childbirth. 1874. 4. Ten years after 1860.-in-law At home GA GA James W. is Anna Elizabeth Adamson who. and an “Infant Cooper” are buried in the Adamson Cemetery near Glenn. Josiah is the father of Della Mae Bonner. 1860 that he was 35. married the “boy next door (or farm). Josiah Allen Bonner was born November 23. Paragraph 3. especially their 13-year old daughter named Anna E. F 68 Wife Keephouse VA VA Thomas L. Mary.. 1848. and Family No. Anna. M 32 Son At home* GA GA Nathaniel R. Delilah. James J. Again. William’s second wife. William Cooper probably did not know his date of birth. 42: Name Sex Age Rel. Dwelling No. are of special interest. Adamson and their six children. and in 1870 that he was 48. The War Between the States was from 1861 to 1865.

Dwelling No. After reading through all these frames of microfilm William and Mary Cooper were not found in Heard County nor were Roderick Lenard and Annie Elizabeth Cooper. Massachusetts with his sons. Seborn(sic) M 47 Head Nancy F 41 Wife Benjamin M 21 Son Samuel M 19 Son Cornelia F 11 Daughter Nancy F 12 Daughter Ida F 10 Daughter Rufus M 7 Son Lea(or o)na F 5 Daughter Charley G. 4. a captain in the Revolutionary War. Mary’s County. who married William James Cooper.) From Thomas Jr. Maryland from their mother’s brother. Robert Sly. perhaps Alabama. possible ancestor of Elizabeth Yates. 142. moved to Georgia and had a son named Thomas. in Maryland came Thomas III. M 8 Son Reubin M 6 Son John F. Thomas Jr. Jr. in Maryland witnessed wills of Martin Yates. Another interesting Cooper family is John Couper (the name of Cooper is sometime spelled this way.2 Georgia Cooper Families In Georgia was a Thomas Cooper family that came from a Thomas Cooper family of Springfield. Mark Anthony Cooper. The early Thomas Cooper family inherited a plantation in St. and Family No. Cooper James J. to Head House Cooper. M 2 Son Occupatio n Farming Keephouse Laborer Laborer At home At home At school POB GA GA GA GA GA GA GA GA GA GA PO B Dad GA GA GA GA GA GA GA GA GA GA POB Mom GA GA GA GA GA GA GA GA GA GA Seaborn Henry and Nancy Jackson Adamson are the parents of Annie Elizabeth Adamson. 68. William M 30 Head Elizabeth F 29 Wife William J. and Timothy. who married into the Susan Anthony. wife of Roderick Lenard Cooper. (St. 50. who was one of the early founders of Maryland 1640-1650’s and another Thomas Cooper of Massachusetts who helped found Springfield in 1640’s.Descendants of William M. M 3 Son Francis R F 1 Daughter Occupatio n Farming Keephouse At school POB GA GA GA GA GA GA GA PO B Dad GA GA GA GA GA GA GA POB Mom GA GA GA GA GA GA GA This William Cooper is believed to be the oldest brother of Roderick Lenard Cooper. and Family No. Their son. 50: Name Sex Age Rel. Mary’s County is on the western shore of Maryland and on the peninsula jutting out into the Chesapeake Bay east of Washington. DC. 142: Name Sex Age Rel. Simons Island. 62. Page No. to Head House Adamson. since it is only a few miles away. Page No.) of St. Perhaps they had moved to another Georgia county or maybe to another state. M 10 Son James L. Dwelling No. Thomas Cooper. They were married in 1874 so Annie was no longer living at home in 1880. wife of Roderick Lenard Cooper. (for Jefferson) Adamson is the father of Seaborn Henry Adamson and thus the grandfather of Annie Elizabeth Adamson. and with James Moore probably later became governor of South Carolina. GA who moved there in 1790 and married Rebecca Maxwell from a very wealthy Page 13 .

He came to America from Renfrewshire. The Cooper shipping and trading firm in Glasgow was owned by Captain Samuel Cooper who married into the family and owned the William Wallace home at Elderslie in Renfrew. The movie was released in 1995 and starred Mel Gibson. St. Braveheart. was taken the liveoak tree that was used to make the keel for the US Constitution (“Old Ironsides”) now resting in Boston Harbor. GA belonging to this John Couper. about William Wallace. not one or two but many plantations (that later became the Dodge Trust for lumbering in Southeast Georgia. Georgia Heard County. Perhaps you saw the movie.000 to 30. Scotland (shire to east of Glasgow).000. 4. 50 miles north of Columbus. etc).000 volumes. Figure 2 shows its location in relation to the other Georgia counties. Georgia. Sir William Wallace was the Scottish hero of the early 1300s who tried to defeat and throw out the English from Scotland and was executed for it. James Hamilton. It is about 50 miles southwest of Atlanta. This John Couper was a very advanced planter with one of the largest libraries in America (20.Descendants of William M. Cooper planter family Later this John owned with later governor of South Carolina. Its county seat is Franklin which has a population of around 600.incredible number) and had many dignitaries visit in his home. Simons Island.3 History of Heard County. is a cotton growing area on Georgia’s western state line bordering Alabama. The county is traversed from the northeast corner to the south central county line by the Chattahooche River with a portion of the large West Point Lake backing into the county. On the plantation at Canon Point. The entire county has a population of around 6. Page 14 .

See Figure 3. The next town is Roanoke. was born. The nearest town in Alabama to Glenn is Rock Mills where Celia Susanna Aldridge Cooper. Counties of State of Georgia with Heard County Highlighted Glenn is in the State Line District in the southwest corner of the county. Page 15 .Descendants of William M. Alabama. wife of Henry Leonard Cooper. wife of William Downous Cooper. Cooper MAP REMOVED Figure 2. was born. where Della Mae Bonner Cooper.

Descendants of William M.. 1864.The following roster of Heard County Confederate Soldiers gives the Company and Regiment in which they served. 1928. Georgia A two volume history of Heard County is available in the Dallas Public Library . GEORGIA: A HISTORY OF ITS PEOPLE.3758. Adamson on May 30. Alabama to Glenn. (The catalog number is R929. R. Cooper MAP REMOVED Figure 3.1864 The Federal cavalry. May 12. 1862. Georgia: Cemeteries. Oct. VOLUME I Page 63 . Appointed Sergeant. General Hospital #11. It is a description of Civil War battles taking place around Glenn. 1862. Admitted to C. Private Mar. Adamson is Nathanial R. and inscribed on a concrete slab marking the grave of an unknown Union soldier buried in the Adamson Cemetery. May 25.) The following items of interest were excerpted from these books by using the books’ alphabetical indexes and reviewing each reference to a Cooper or their relatives: HEARD COUNTY. 21. NC. 1863. 20. 5. Apr. a Saturday. in 1864.M. Miss. N. under the command of General E. WILLIAM--I-41.--D-35. Georgia. 1862. Georgia: A History of Its People. R.S. JOHN H.A. at Charlotte. Of special interest is the Adamson Cemetery “about a mile and a half from Glenn” and the ballad written by N. I have shown in bold the items of special interest to the Cooper family. COOPER. Resaca. Private Mar. May 16. 4. Volume II. 8. Cooper.Heard County. Wounded and captured at Perryville. brother of Seaborn Henry Adamson and son of James Jefferson Adamson. 1864. Va. McCook arrived in the vicinity of Newnan early in the morning of July 30th. and any casualties that they may have received and the locations: COOPER. Adamson. 1865 and returned to duty Apr. McCOOK'S RETREAT THROUGH WEST GEORGIA -.Confederate Roster . Volume I and Heard County. Pages 98 and 99 . 1865. GA. over 4000 men. Map of Roanoke. Wounded at Baker's Creek. Exchanged Dec. McCook had led his troops Page 16 . William would have been 14 years old in 1862 and could have joined the army but I have no proof. 1862. E45H. 4. This William Cooper could have been Roderick Lenard Cooper's older brother. Killed at Spotsylvania.The following was typed from pages 98 and 99 of this book. complaint wound in head. KY. NOTE: I have not determined a connection to this John H.

The soldier died in spite of the efforts to save him. Away from home away from friends and all that heart holds dear a federal soldier buried here no earthly friends was near His lips ere closed his body frale (sic) his dying groans and face was pale. Away from home away from friends and all that heart holds dear a federal soldier buried here no earthly friends was near The clothes he wore blue uniform his body showed not a mark of harm. Men of the second and eighth Indiana regiments voluntarily remained behind and fought. Inscribed on the slabs on top of the unknown soldier's grave is the following: This dying man his friends had fled left to his foes not a word he said. Moving on down the Old Philpott Ferry Road the men came to the river to find that the ferry had been sunk and an ambush was waiting.C. The Confederates again forced McCook out of the woods. In this cemetery is the grave of one of the unknown Union soldiers. Alabama. and went to the cemetery. then on to Rock Mills. Some of the Union soldiers formed barricades while others searched for any means to cross the river. Away from home away from friends and all that heart holds dear a federal soldier buried here no earthly friends was near Page 17 . Several of the soldiers that were ordered to march and hunt for food died along the way and were buried near the farms that they raided. McCook ordered his men to march through the area northward. The advance unit of the troops encountered a Confederate unit that was stationed near Newnan and they began to fight. This grave is marked and covered with two concrete slabs. a mile west of the cemetery. Wheeler had anticipated the retreat and had sent a detachment to all river crossings. Inscribed on the slab is a ballad about the soldier. With nearly 1500 men. He by-passed Newnan by about three or four miles to the east. Some of the Union soldiers were shot while trying to swim across and others drowned in the currents. Horses and weapons were lost. Away from home away from friends and all that heart holds dear a federal soldier buried here no earthly friends was near His death occurred from unknown cause had a deathly stroke and fell from a horse. opened fire on the Union soldiers who were jamming onto the small ferry site and narrow roadbed. Knowing that they would be pursued. a member of McCook's unit who fainted and fell from his horse at the well of J.federate soldiers from following these marchers. Adamson. hidden in the woods above the road. About a mile and a half from Glenn is the old Adamson Cemetery. the ballad tells about the soldier. and forage for food and horses. After digging the grave. Gamble. horses. The farmer put the body in a wagon. McCook finally sought refuge in the woods nearby. He marked the grave as unknown. he took the remaining mounted troops along the Liberty Hill Road to Liberty Hill and to the Glenn area. He ordered his men to fight their way through the Confederates and ride south to the Chattahoochee River. Cooper from Fayetteville toward Newnan after destroying many sections of the Atlanta and West Point railroad. The river was only about 100 yards wide at this point and they were blocked from retreat as the ambushers were firing from both sides. took some planks from his barn. Written by N. wagons. who remembered the incident. They crossed a plank bridge across the New River pausing long enough to burn the bridge behind them. he lined the hole with the planks because he had no nails. He continued northeasterly until he reentered Georgia. A small ferryboat was found downstream and the soldiers began to cross under fire. To distract the Con. and any prisoners to the Confederates.R.Descendants of William M. McCook broke through the enemy lines and fled down the LaGrange Road (now known as the Corinth Road). leaving artillery. This battle was later known as the Battle of Brown's Mill. Across the river the remaining Union soldiers regrouped and planned their route back to Marietta. Confederate soldiers. General Joseph Wheeler commanded the battle from Newnan and the Confederates gradually encircled the Union positions.

. Adamson. Banks James B. in Wilkes Co. others found boats and crossed. W.. L. R. C. Sept. C. Adamson M. Cooper His coffin rough and loosly (sic) laid of scrapes (sic) of plank and they had no nails. B. Benjamon (sic) W..R. Adamson. Gin Adams.The Church of Christ as Pleasant Grove constituted with the following names: J. L. and on Alabama line. Adamson. Brand A.The following list of businessmen and professionals residing in Glenn. Buried at Adamson's Cemetery in Heard Co. (pop. Blacksmith Page 117 . F.D.A. Cooper.Pleasant Grove Church . The Union soldiers' trek through Heard County left an indelible impression on the people of the area. Postmaster & General Store Horn. Page 159 . in Heard Co. 13.D.This section of the book provides family histories arranged in alphabetical order. Sebron (sic) H. Caswell C. He was the son of Greenberry Adamson born in Maryland and Sarah Coates of Wilkes Co. Bennett Thomas Adamson Francis Rice Martha J. N. Lindsey B. Believed to have been known as Brainard Church. McCooks Raid July 31. A. Thos.1891 Tax Digest for the State Line District: Adamson. F.B. 1805. S. Brand Eliz D. Georgia.located in 939 G.M. Caswell Susanna House * G. The bold names highlight references to direct blood ascendants of Annie Elizabeth Adamson Cooper: ADAMSON--James Jefferson Adamson born May 16. R. Page 145 . Caswell Willis Adamson R. Adamson. A. E. W. Lindsey M.. L.. 1886 . 16. Adamson 5-30-1928 C. School Teacher Wilson. Constable Willson. Died Apr. L. C. Henry L. 50) appeared in an 1886 edition of the Georgia State Gazetteer newspaper: Adamson & Whitley.. D. 1891. The following was typed from the paragraph of the Adamson Family History.. 1864 Some of McCooks men went through a swampy area between Philpotts Ferry and Franklin coming out above Franklin on the river.. Page 109 . M. Adamson M. Banks S. M. Caswell J. Ga. Today stories are still told of the battle of Philpotts Ferry.* near Glenn Ga. Away from home away from friends and all that heart holds dear a federal soldier buried here no earthly friends was near The planks was off a nearby barn where federals robed (sic) of its wheat and corn by N. equivalent to a tax district.Descendants of William M. Ga. S. A. Justice Deloach. stands for Georgia Militia District.M. J. who was born in Page 18 . Some of them swam across. P.

Hanna. who was a Baptist Minister. He moved to Heard Co. Nancy Elizabeth Jackson: Samuel W. (10) Nathanial R. 12. 1926. and married Melissa Lanier. and married Matilda Ray. 1920. who married Amos Bennett. Lewis C. 28. Ga. who married a Hudson. 1926. who was born Nov. a tradition which persists among descendants of his 2 sons. with his father William Jackson. and died in 1915. about 1830 from Henry Co. (3) George M. Grover Adamson. who moved to Ark. 1958.. The bold names highlight references to direct blood ascendants of Annie Elizabeth Adamson Cooper through her mother. (7) Thomas Adamson. who was born in 18 57. Adamson. George Adamson. Leona Adamson. 30. Cooper Va. Page 201 . (2) Seaborn Henry Adamson who was born June 15. who was born in 1839. who was born in 1875 and married William Tapley Hester. who married a Bean. He enlisted in the Confederate Army and was killed in Va. Charles Adamson.. 1903.. Ida Adamson. 1831. then to Meriwether. and died May 9. and married John Camp. who married a Hendon . Donald Stenger. was German. who was born in 1835. who was born in 1850. They had the following eight children: Reuben J. and married Margaret Cumbie. who was born Oct. Benjamin Adamson. who was born in 1854. 10. He married Oppie Crouch. She was the daughter of William and Nancy Adams of Heard Co. Joel Adamson. 13. Page 19 . 1864 and died Jan. Henry Adamson. He was a farmer and a member of the Primitive Baptist Church. He enlisted and served in the 41st Ga. 13. The following are their twelve children: Henry L. 1860 and died July 1. John C. Adamson. Lilla Adamson. who was born in 1841. He was a carpenter by trade. who married a Willingham.. July 3.. Charlie Green Adamson. 1891. Willis Adamson. 1855. The information on the Adamsons was given by Hugh D. Annie E. and who is buried in Adamson's Cemetery in Heard Co. who was born in 1847. (8) Sarah Adamson. who was born in 1846.. The family was of Scotch-Irish descent but William Jackson's wife. He served in the Confederate Army. Rufus Adamson. who was born Feb. on Feb. Both are buried in Adamson's Cemetery. Mrs. who married Adele Usry. Adamson. Jackson from Ga.. (6) John W. He was the son of Greenberry Adamson born in Maryland and Sarah Coates of Wilkes Co . who moved to Ark. Cornelia Adamson. Cumbie Adamson. and Ada Adamson. 1833. Emma Adamson. 1878. 1839. and Alexander Adamson. Ga. who was born in 1859. who was born in 1866. Nancy Adamson. about 1830 from Henry Co. and died June 4. 1877. Samuel claimed that he was related to Stonewall Jackson. Jackson is said to have come to Walton Co. Ga.Jackson Family History The following was typed from the paragraph of the Jackson Family History.Descendants of William M. (4) Nancy Adamson. who was born in 1859. They had the following four children: Willie Adamson. and died in Heard Co. who married a Dollar. Adamson. Samuel Jackson moved from Walton to Pike Co. 8.. He moved to Heard Co. Adamson.. Adamson of Coffee Co. They had the following ten children who also lived in Heard Co. who was born in 1863 and died in 1867. Confederate Army. Both are buried in Adamson's Cemetery. and died Mar. He was a Died Apr. Ala. who was born Feb. in 1802. and later to Heard Co. and Mrs. 1830. in 1863. Regt. Adamson. by 1840. and Leroy. Adamson. and died May 23. who married Laura Fomby.. He married Nancy E. He married Elizabeth Harris from Henry Co. Martha J. who was born in 1868. in Heard Co. who was born in 1870 and married Emerial Jackson Hester.. Adamson. 4. Buried at Adamson's Cemetery in Heard Co. who married Valeria Usry. She is al so buried in Adamson's Cemetery. Manson Adamson. (5) Martha L. who was born Apr. Nancy. and Ethel Adamson. and married Martha Hendricks in 1866. Samuel Jefferson Adamson. 1950. who was born in 1873. They had the following four children: Chloe Adamson. 10. and married Richard Gill of Heard Co. who was born in Va. James Adamson. Adamson. 1949. (1) Joseph Greenberry Adamson who was born May 4. about 1824. He married Charlotte Adams who was born May 24. (9) James G. who was born in 1837.

born 3 Nov. 1890. died Aug. 1835. 1893. Nancy Lewis was born 6 May 1805 and died 15 May 1882. James Enoch (born 31 Jan. Married Benjamin Franklin Caswell. While there he caught typhoid fever and died.. Josiah (born 6 Feb. Married Seaborn Henry Adamson. 1835 in Meriwether Co. in North Carolina. 1875) and Jimmie Stell (born 13 Apr. and died 19 June 1898. John Coleman. 1820 in Jasper Co. Sarah Martha ( 8 Mar. Ark. 1849-4 June 1924) married Sampson David Burdette. Josiah. Samuel Jackson was impoverished by the Civil War like many others.C. Cooper His Primitive Baptist religion may account for his nickname. list Leroy among his children. Jesse N. Meriwether Co. Anna Elizabeth (born about 1852/died about 1876) married James M .'s descendants recalled that Leroy married a Smith. Melicia Caroline (born about 1844) married Thomas Greene. Charity Ann. Robert Housand married Hibernia Elizabeth Norwood and his twin brother Jeremiah married Palmyra Norwood (sisters and daughters of Andrew Pickens Norwood). Tallapoosa Co. Page 20 . married Martha Lucinda Gamble about 1847 in Heard Co. 1837/3 July 1895) married Sarah A.. Eliza married Joseph T. Jeroline Heard Jackson (2 Sept. 1826 in either Pike or Meriwether. Descendants of Samuel's son. in Heard Co. Grimes. 22. that William L. James Jackson (1799-1861) married Nancy Lewis.. daughter of Walker Lewis and Mary Graham. 19. born about 1833 and died 1863 during the Civil War. Palmer in 1847. she was born 10 Aug. 1892.. 1866) married Eula Strong 23 Dec.B. Nancy Elizabeth. Josiah Jackson (15 Jan. 1904. Emily Frances (born about 1851/died 1911) married Benjamin Franklin McDonald. 1893. Susan Savannah (born about 1856) married Thomas J. Heard Co. born 7 Jan.Descendants of William M. 1871). King Hiram of Tyre was a Biblical personality who donated craftsmen and materials toward the building of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. born Apr. Ga. Cook and married by David L. munitions depot. James A.. was a Primitive Baptist minister. Tallapoosa Co. Justin Lowe (born 10 Apr. Glenn. Grace Amanda born about 1843 in Heard Co. They moved to Corinth. He married Lavinia Malone. Cook 25 Mar. McDonough. 25. Evidence shows conclusively that Leroy's father was Samuel.. In the 1850 Ga.. 1872. 1. H. Samuel Jackson was born about 1796. Their children were: Josie D. John Walton (12 May 1859-12 Apr. 1929) married Bernie Dunson. John C. Webb 28 Dec. an that his nickname was Lee. married second Nancy Caroline Smith. Ala.. about 1817. John C.. 1865) married Lena Rawlins 21 Dec. and that Charlotte married Buck Lanier. 1839 died 9 May 1926. Mary Liza (born about 1846) married James W. Both branches remember that two other daughters married a Caswell and an Adamson. Whatley. C. Leroy. Hiram. married William Washington (Buck) Lanier Oct. 1858 at the home of H. (born 19 Mar. L. Lucinda Percilla (born about 1854) married Wilson W. where they were have supposed to have been both born and married. Both branches remember that John. Jeremiah died 3 May 1862. Hope Jackson (born 19 Sept. John Coleman Jackson and his wife Sarah Elizabeth Hill Smith had the following children: William Washington (17 Apr. The family had no way to retrieve the body. Jeremiah W. rather than Samuel Jackson. Some in his family say that Leroy Jackson's father was Hiram.. In the Civil War he was a guard at the Demopolis. 1841/2-July 1902) married Susan Elizabeth Crouch. He married Sarah Elizabeth Hill Smith about 1840 in Heard Co. Ga. The children of Samuel and Lavinia Jackson were: Charlotte T. 1906. Ga. 1878. Died Mar. census they were living in Green Co.. 1869/3 Aug. 17. Barrett. Jeannie (born 10 May 1873). born 28 Feb. 1841 and died 20 May 1912. 1855). 1862). shortly after 1850. Ala. 1881). William (died 29 Nov. (17 July 1859/12 July 1893) married W. They had the following children: Henry W. born 26 Oct. and descendants of Leroy recall the same names for Leroy's brothers and sisters. Sara Ann Mapp Jackson married a Dr. Matthews 18 Dec. and William L. (died 15 June 1852). He was a Primitive Baptist Minister. to build a home. Sept. In 1871 he took the family's only horse and wagon and went to Little Rock. Enoch (died 5 May 1864). East. and he was buried in Little Rock. was killed in the Civil War. Ala. She was born about 1801 in North Carolina and died in 1862. Barnett about 1858. 1942) married Dr. 1818 died 20 Oct.

Heard Co. Elizabeth (born about 1832). Ga. wife of Roderick Lenard Cooper. They had the following known children: Mary (7 Sept. The Adamson family history shown in Volume I of this book states that Seaborn's date of birth is 06-15-1833. G. 1823/16 July 1908) married first Emily Ann Jenkins 6 Dec. Page 162 Page 21 . son of Isaac and Elizabeth Jackson. 12.. Centralhatchee. Prospect Methodist Church Page 54 Sarah M.. John J. Anna Z. I cannot prove which is correct. Adamson Cemetery Page 160 Delilah Cooper (No date) (No date) Infant Cooper (No date) (No date) Epitaph Reads: “Infant of W.. Emily E.H.Descendants of William M. Page 210 . VOLUME II Each chapter in this book is for a different G. Adamson 01-15-1833 02-28-1839 07-03-1903 05-09-1926 NOTE: These are the parents of Annie Elizabeth Adamson Cooper. Their children were: Mary J. Page 161 Seaborn Henry Adamson Nancy E.D. Sabe. Williams. 761.D. Susan L. Andrew B. (last name unknown). 1817) married Samuel Pascoe. William (19 Feb. (born 1833 or 1836). 1895. Jackson (18 Feb. for awhile. 1859 in Heard Co. William S. Robert Housan Jackson. (19 Nov. He married Elizabeth Booker 15 July 1813 in Putnam Co. An alphabetical index at the back of the book guided us to glean the following tombstone inscriptions of the Cooper family and their relatives: NAME DATE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH Chapter III. and Thomas J. Isaac. 1831 Putnam Co. Ga.D. died 22 May 1960.M.M. P.. 1813/30 Aug. Cook Cooper 08-24-1878 01-30-1963 Reuben Nathan Cooper 03-06-1873 05-16-1960 Chapter VI. Jr. Henrietta.M. John E. of Greene Co. and lived in Haralson Co. died 28 Aug. Ga.. CEMETERIES. 1847 to Miss Mary E. Luella C. 1836. 14.The following marriage is recorded: Emma Ophelia Kitchens (26 June 1880/23 March 1957) married John Henry Cooper 25 Dec. Ga.M. Texas. 1815/8 Oct. (Georgia Militia District). He was born 26 Mar.. He was married Jan... Amanda.. 1829 at White Plains. State Line. married second Mary F.M. They had the following children: Phemonia. Elizabeth. born 25 Mar. 792. Hall. Rev. Cooper Joseph Jackson. 1894) married Elizabeth (last name unknown). It is believed that they left Heard Co. (born 1847).. Joseph (born about 1823). and Ruby. James (born 1837). and D. Rebecca married Solomon F. G. Central Cemetery Page 130 Deetie Eulane Cooper 1946 1946 Chapter VIII. (daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth Brown Hall). 939... HEARD COUNTY. Green Co. Cooper” NOTE: This Delilah Cooper is highly likely to be William M. GEORGIA. was born Oct. Reubin (born about 1822) married Elizabeth (last name unknown). 1886) married Lucy Ann S. Cooper's first wife and this infant is their child which Delilah may have died with during childbirth. Each chapter is divided by the cemeteries in each G.A. Thomas J.D. Henderson (16 May 1818/21 Aug. Mell. 1913) on 28 Jan. G. Martha A. 1877. 1792 Greene Co.D.F..

G. G.D. D. and A. C. G. The date of death is shown to be 09-13-1883 in the family Bible record of Roderick Lenard and Annie Elizabeth Cooper. Story. 4.J. Yates” 4.Arkansas The book Arkansas 1830 Census Index lists the following people with the last name of Cooper: GIVEN NAME Elijah COUNTY St. D. Cooper in Arkansas County. as the twenty-fifth state. 1842.D.L. 987. daughter of E.4.D. R.J. from Hot Springs County. Cooper” Mr. Arkansas.M. Cooper 02-16-1875 Epitaph Reads: “Daughter of W. Perhaps some of these early Cooper settlers in Arkansas are relatives of Roderick Lenard Cooper.M. Cooper S. J. J. 034 Page 22 TOWNSHIP Mitchell . Cooper 12-24-1854 01-07-1900 Epitaph Reads: “Wife of R. is in Sulphur Springs Township of Montgomery County which was organized on December 9. and Mary A.M.E. Cooper. 4.4 Arkansas Census Records Arkansas was admitted to the Union on June 15. Cooper Infant Cooper Infant Cooper 02-13-1882 (No date) (No date) 04-16-1908 (No date) (No date) Chapter XIII. Cooper Cemetery Page 278 M. stands for is still unknown. Chapter IX. C. and 1840 records are entered here only because I accumulated this information very early in my research before I realized that it was after 1890 before Roderick Lenard Cooper moved from Georgia to Arkansas. where Roderick Lenard Cooper nearby. Francis PAGE NO.Descendants of William M. Waresville. 1836. Cooper 08-17-1878 Epitaph Reads: “Son of R. What the S. Bethel Christian Church Page 275 Leola W. Figure 4 shows the present county configuration of Arkansas. 1705. Cooper” 09-03-1883 NOTE: This inscription verifies that this child was a son and his date of birth and date of death. and E.2 1830 Census . Waresville. Rockalo. The following is what I have gleaned from the Arkansas censuses. Caney Head Methodist Church Page 179 S. Cooper” 06-19-1876 E. 1705. E. 1830.1 1820 Census . Cooper 02-05-1882 06-09-1946 Charlie S. H. The 1820. Cooper 10-10-1881 11-25-1950 Page 276 Leonard Cooper Clarence Cooper 1908 1904 1919 1919 Chapter XIII.Arkansas The book Arkansas 1820 Census Index lists only one Cooper: Matthew T. Cooper 08-20-1850 12-07-1882 Epitaph Reads: “Wife of W.4. M.

1857 Jan.1884 May.4.1855 Jan. The census taker visited their homes on June 19.1887 Jul. Annie E. by Accelerated Indexing Systems. Supervisory District 5. by the process of reading the microfilm. Again. Francis 162 182 009 034 No TWP listed No TWP listed No TWP listed Mitchell 4. Sheet Number 11. 191: Name Rel. Mary R. in 1976. 1900. the following people of interest were gleaned from the census records of Montgomery County.. Cooper Nancy Robert Washington William Sevier Washington Lawrence St. the following Coopers are listed: GIVEN NAME Archabald Benjamin Benjamin Berry E.H. Enumeration District Number 131. 283 165 162 139 209 128 114 071 128 145 116 137 163 048 164 020 159 153 164 128 TOWNSHIP Prairie Monroe Ozan Liberty Saline Mitchell No TWP listed White Mitchell Concord Mississippi Riley Washington Union Monroe Baley Fenton Hot Springs Monroe Mitchell 4.1881 Jan. Bountiful. Utah. Jackson James M.1852 Age 44 43 15 13 18 48 Page 23 POB GA GA GA GA GA GA POB Dad GA GA GA GA GA GA POB Mom GA GA GA GA GA GA Occupation Farmer Laborer At school Laborer Laborer . Dwelling No.3 1840 Census .4 1900 Census . where Story is located.Arkansas In the book Arkansas 1840 Census Index by Ronald Vern Jackson.Arkansas The 1900 Census Records of Arkansas are not indexed but they are separated by county. Gary Ronald Teeples. Family No. All of these families lived in Leverney Township.Descendants of William M. and David Schaefermeyer.4. Head Wife Son Daughter Nephew Hired Wilkes Mo/Yr Birth Oct. Inc. Head Cooper Rodric(sic)L. which is a computer listing published. 186. Stowel William William William COUNTY Washington Sevier Hempsted Pope Saline Poinsett Desha Conway Poinsett Greene Desha Pope Sevier Marion Sevier Benton Hot Springs Hot Springs Sevier Poinsett PAGE NO. John John John Levi H. Elijah Gardner J. William D. Linard H. Annie May Robert J.

1878 Dec.J. with the support of the Montgomery County Council for the Performing Arts and the Chamber of Commerce published a history book to preserve some important facts and interesting stories.1875 Oct.Descendants of William M. had died in Georgia). Can Write. Cooper Cooper Miller Minnie L. MAP REMOVED Page 24 . and Lena replied 1 and 0. and Can Speak English except Annie who said she could not write. Minnie replied 1 and 1. Annie replied 4 and 3 (her son S.1876 24 23 GA TN GA AR GA AR Farmer In response to the question Number of Years Married? Roderick and Annie replied 26. Celia replied 3 and 1 (this implies that in addition to Bessie Lee who died as an infant that she had also lost another child). Daughter Dwelling No.1875 May. In response to the questions Mother of How Many Children? and Number of These Still Living?.1876 Dec. and Adrian and Lena replied 2. Figure 4 shows the location of Montgomery County. C. the Sesquicentennial Committee of Montgomery County. Family No. Hand Niece Nephew Sep. 4. Family No. Adrian said he rented his home. Wife Oct. Arkansas. 189. Roderick and Henry both said they owned their homes and that they were mortgage free. 192: Cooper Henry L. Winnie Cooper McClure loaned me her copy of this book for review and excerpting. 194: Adamson Adrian L. Lena P. Head . Lewis. Henry and Celia replied 6. All of the adults said they Can Read.1896 21 3 GA AR GA AR GA GA Cook Dwelling No. History In 1986 as a Sesquicentennial project. Head Celia Wife Leoda V.1896 24 24 3 GA AL AR GA GA GA GA GA AL Farmer Oct. 187.5 Montgomery County.

Stevens. with Nellie Story appointed as postmistress. .. Some wheat was grown for flour. McKenzie. Willard. James Breashears built a cotton gin.. .. Holmes. hogs. . Nixon. Montgomery County.. log rollings.... Emery. Brewer. . Cows. . First settlers were Lamb. Morgan. and baseball games. Story. Donahue. Aldrich. . There were house raisings... and gardens were important to the area. gins. corn. and Robinson. decoration at cemeteries. Phillips. 1886. dinner on grounds at churches. Lassiter.. Southard.1 Story. Cotton... Riddles. Lambert.. There were sawmills. and horses were kept on open range...5. Breashears. and grist mills near Story Creek. The permit was given around 1877. . James Story received a permit to establish a post office at Story which was named Story. Cooper Figure 4.. . Stound. Adamson. quilting bees. Kilby. Arkansas The following is excerpted from page 454 of the History of Montgomery County under the heading Story: The first post office in the area was Stillwater.. Cooper. sawmill. Willie. Oller. Henryetta Lambert Smith was postmaster. Blakely.. Counties of the State of Arkansas with Montgomery County Highlighted Of special interest is a family description of the Henry Leonard Cooper and Roderick Lain Cooper families.. Rodenhouser. People were good neighbors. Penniger.. Stachey. Much of the material in this family tree about Henry Leonard Cooper was originally written for publication in the History of Montgomery County.. After fire destroyed the mills. Curtis.. Brumley. Equitos Lassiter had a sawmill and cotton gin near the present location of the Zack Meers residence. and gristmills since the 1870's. Bonner. Hopkins. Qualls. 4. Scaggs.... One hundred years ago on August 27.. Reed. It has remained Story since that time.. Page 25 . Bill Reed and James Story went her bond to get the office. Smith. Stewart. located about three miles north of Story near Reed Cemetery. Graves.Descendants of William M. The mills burned in the summer of 1944 and were never rebuilt.

The congregation (he was pastor of the main church in Charleston) asked that he resign and he did so without any comment. Jr. Volume 44. Thomas Cooper lived in Charleston and died approximately 1734. Rev. Thomas Middleton. In 1918 Delia Bonner sold the school district four acres of land for the purpose of a school. Cooper came from South Carolina to Georgia. Robert Cooper received 30.Descendants of William M.2 Story School The following is excerpted from page 511 of the History of Montgomery County under the heading Story School District 4: The first school. The public was always invited to school programs at Thanksgiving. daughter of Governor John Wright’s brother. Ina McKay and Jewell Phillips recall that the schoolhouses served as churches on Sundays. and was the largest taxpayer in Boston..g. Dr. and the earlier William James. One was a Thomas Cooper. and marbles were games for recess. A new elementary school was built in 1950. The Story school. Thomas Cooper of Charleston married Eleanor Wright. They had returned to England circa 1776 as he had prayed for the king. In the same timeframe and confusing matters were many other prominent Coopers in Charleston especially two (or three) named Thomas. and later Thomas Cooper 1720s and 30s onward (with possibly another brother named Samuel). William James Cooper. Edward. 4. which was established before 1885. was located two miles north of Story on land donated by Franklin Lamb. South Carolina (northwest of Charleston about 30 to 40 miles). 4. Robert Cooper had a son. pp. England. jump rope. . who had a son. Basketball was played on open courts. 1929. died in 1795 or 96 and this Thomas Jr. including with Page 26 . He was the son of Captain Thomas Cooper of Boston who married Mehitable Minot.000 pounds on returning to South Carolina after the Revolutionary War. Volume I. Sommersetshire.. Remember that all these planters also lived in Charleston a good part of the year. consolidated with Mount Ida November 23. Christmas. daughter of wealthy planter Henry Perroneaux. This section reviews some of the Coopers of South Carolina. ______ Mickle. Robert Cooper came to America and married Ann Perroneaux. Early terms of school were two or three months in winter and two in summer. Massachusetts who married Elizabeth (De) Haven. Baseball was a popular sport and horseshoe pitching. All these people hobnobbed together in Charleston and surrounding cities. etc. page 53].. from Boston. George Cooper. was born shortly thereafter [Source: New England History & Gen Revolution. a one-room log structure. This family was a very early family in South Carolina beginning in about 1680 with John Cooper then. Boys and girls courted while walking to and from these events. Cooper’s oldest son but the ages indicate that there is a missing generation between William M. Several years later this school was replaced by a one-room frame schoolhouse which was built east of Story near the present location of the churches. niece of Gay William Stoughton. Also in Charleston was a John Cooper..5. Cooper Churches and schools provided entertainment for communities. a merchant who owned ships with e. there appears to be a Thomas Cooper family in Berkeley County. Additionally. the same name as William M. tag. 171-178]. The Thomas Sr. Ann and Rev.6 South Carolina Coopers William M. Thomas. [Source: New England History & Gen Revolution. but remained as a wing school until 1955. and Easter. Rev. In his will he left his property to his brother. Joseph. Robert Cooper of Litton. Rev.

GA near Covington. There were two Carolina governors named James Moore (first about 1700-1705 and second 1710-1722).all with familiar South Carolina names. and later William James lived (with John Frank living by his father William James) was a Thomas Cooper family. Cooper governors. where the Coopers lived was a Dr. Later at Texas. Cooper as the family lore is that he had a brother and a sister. (For more history about Social Circle.Descendants of William M. Mickle and a Moore family . This Thomas was possibly a brother of William M. read Wayfarers in Walton by Sams. GA.) Page 27 . At the Stateline District before William M. The family was from South Carolina but moved to Georgia passing through and living some time in Social Circle. Georgia.

Page 28 . Cooper. The Genealogy Report is divided into Generations and numbered consecutively from No. DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM M. The descendants who married are assigned a consecutive number within each generation but you must look to the next generation to read details about each of these descendants. The names of spouses of descendants are shown but they are not assigned a number. 1 to No. I will create a similar Genealogy Report but for earlier generations. This is the oldest ascendant of the Coopers discussed in this document. A few minutes of study and doing some exercises are well worth your time to understanding how to read this document. The direct descendants of William M. Cooper are consecutively numbered 2 through 204. He was born in 1817 and died in 1907. If we ever determine who his ascendants were. Cooper 5. COOPER The remaining pages of this document were created by Family Tree Maker software by selecting Reports – Genealogy Report for William M.Descendants of William M. 7.

Alabama. Dwelling 142. She was born 1832 in Georgia. born 28 Jan 1848 in Newton County. Madison. AR. CT 06490-0874]. + + 5 6 iv. 1861. v. William James Cooper. Notes for William M. (Infant)2 Cooper. the county seat of Randolph County. Most of this information about William M. apparently one of their daughters married into the McClary family. He married Esther E. born Abt. + 3 ii. 1847. 1829 in Georgia. Cooper 5. Butch has a picture of William as an elderly gentleman. Cooper: Burial: Zion Baptist Church Cemetery. Woodland. William's tombstone says he was born in 1817 and died in 1907. and died 1902.1 Cooper was born Mar 1817 in South Carolina. 1 – Family Tree Maker Report 1. 1847. This gentleman is a descendant of one of Roderick Cooper's brothers. Tabitha Levina Cooper. AL.Descendants of William M. Jr. John Henry Cooper2. He married (1) Delilah Sheffield 25 Dec 1845 in Madison. Georgia. He also has a picture of William James and Roderick (two sons of William & Delilah) and Humphrey and Oliver (two sons of William & Mary). GA. More About Delilah Sheffield: Burial: Adamson Cemetery. 4 iii. [I suppose Butch might provide copies of these photos if a Cooper descendant contacted him and paid for the copy costs. Southport.1 Generation No. [P. Morgan County. died Abt. 1862. William James Cooper. GA More About William Cooper and Delilah Sheffield: Marriage: 25 Dec 1845. Alabama. Roderick Lenard Cooper. Cooper: William M. GA.] More About William M. Box 874.Darrell Ard. William & Mary are buried with the McClary family. and died Oct 1907 in Randolph County. born Abt. Glenn. GA More About Mary Hendricks: Burial: Zion Baptist Church Cemetery. William M. He married (2) Mary Hendricks1 Abt. She was born Abt. Morgan County. AL Notes for Delilah Sheffield: Delilah is buried in 431N. 1862 Children of William Cooper and Delilah Sheffield are: 2 i. died 02 Mar 1924 in Lafayette. 1850 in Georgia. and died Abt. Cooper and his wives was compiled by Leon Earl "Butch" Cooper. born Abt. born 09 Oct 1855 in Glenn. and has considerable information on the Cooper lineage in his files. Alabama. Adamson3. Notes for John Henry Cooper: John was killed during the Civil War . a small town 10 miles northeast of Wedowee. AL More About William Cooper and Mary Hendricks: Marriage: Abt. O. Woodland. lived at Lamar. Page 29 . born 1859 in Georgia. died 11 Feb 1903 in Story. 1848 in Georgia. .Page 68.

More About Humphrey Chester Cooper: Burial: Zion Baptist Church Cemetery. born 09 Sep 1866 in Georgia. born 03 May 1864 in Georgia. born 26 Jan 1872. Woodland. Notes for Humphrey Chester Cooper: Humphrey never married. born 20 Aug 1874. 12 v. Annie Genevera Cooper.Descendants of William M. died 06 Feb 1933. Notes for Leemodella Cooper: "Emma" never married. AL Page 30 . + 9 ii. died 16 Aug 1945. Humphrey Chester Cooper. Lemuel Oliver Cooper. died 04 Dec 1946. Leemodella Cooper4. born 14 Jul 1869 in Georgia. Sarah L. AL Children of William Cooper and Mary Hendricks are: + 8 i.2 Cooper. Senthie Idelia Cooper. More About Leemodella Cooper: Burial: Zion Baptist Church Cemetery. died 13 Oct 1959. born 16 Nov 1861 in Georgia. + 11 iv. died 08 Apr 1914. + 10 iii. Cooper 7 vi. Woodland.

born 03 Aug 1886. AL More About Bennie Borders and Effie Cooper: Marriage: 1910 14 15 ii. More About Elizabeth Catherine Yates: Burial: Cooper Family Burial Ground. Effie T.Descendants of William M.3 Cooper. James Prichette at residence of Mrs. Bacon Level. daughter of Eli Yates and Mary A. Cooper 5. AL Notes for Bennie Dixie Borders: Bacon Level. born Mar 1885. east of Rock Mills. More About Bennie Dixie Borders: Burial: Friendship Baptist Church. AL More About Mary Elizabeth Holder Gresham: Burial: Paran Church. and died 29 Dec 1893. 2 – Family Tree Maker Report 3. died 06 Dec 1972. He married (3) Elizabeth Catherine Yates5 17 Dec 1868. He married (1) Mary Elizabeth Holder Gresham. born 24 Apr 1885. T. Waresville. born 21 Nov 1879. Georgia. Bacon Level. She was born 20 Aug 1850 in Georgia. and died 07 Dec 1882. GA Marriage Notes for William Cooper and Elizabeth Yates: Married by Rev. iii. AL Notes for Elizabeth Catherine Yates: The Cooper Family Burial Ground at Waresville. O'Neal. She married Robert F. More About William James Cooper: Burial: Paran Church. Lolar M. William James2 Cooper (William M.1)4 was born 28 Jan 1848 in Newton County. born 23 April 1878 and Abe H. daughter of E.. Both of these children were raised by Mollie and William James Cooper. She was born 05 Oct 1852. Gresham. born 24 Oct 1888. AL. Georgia is 1/2 mile north of old Middlebrooks Store up dirt road from store. Ferrell. Enloe.2 Generation No. Cooper: Burial: Friendship Baptist Church. He married (2) Mollie E. east of Rock Mills. died 21 May 1944. Greshan. Ferrell: Burial: Paran Baptist Church. Cooper. and died 02 Mar 1924 in Lafayette. She was born 03 Apr 1861. daughter of John Holder. and died 23 Jun 1935. AL is four miles southeast of Roanoke. AL Notes for Mollie E. Ferrell: Mollie had two childen from a previous message: Emma M. She married Bennie Dixie Borders 1910. died 26 Feb 1946. More About Mollie E. east of Rock Mills. born 05 Dec 1878. Ferrell. More About Effie T. More About William Cooper and Elizabeth Yates: Marriage: 17 Dec 1868 Children of William Cooper and Mary Gresham are: 13 i. Selina Cooper. Alabama. She married James Monroe Page 31 .

died 1983. Rock Mills. More About Mary D. GA. GA More About James Monroe Sanders: Burial: Bethel Christian Church. Cooper. Heard County. AR6. born 24 Jun 1885. More About Blummer Horace Dennis: Burial: Lafayette. Almon. Notes for Mary D. GA. born 26 Dec 1891. vi. vii. died 27 Feb 1952. died 24 Jul 1954. AL + 22 23 iii. born 12 Jan 1878. He married Elizabeth E. died 08 Jan 1941.1) was born 09 Oct 1855 in Glenn. died 22 Mar 1955. Cooper: Burial: Cooper Family Burial Ground. born 05 Apr 1873. He married Stella Harriet Crowder. Cooper: Burial: Paran Church. Cooper Sanders. She married Blummer Horace Dennis. GA Children of William Cooper and Elizabeth Yates are: 20 i. Reuben Nathan Cooper. GA. More About James L. died 13 May 1954. died 10 Feb 1956. More About Lolar M. daughter of Seaborn Adamson and Nancy Jackson. born 10 Jan 1897. east of Rock Mills. and died 11 Feb 1903 in Story. born 24 Apr 1893. Cooper: Burial: Bethel Christian Church.Descendants of William M. died 19 Jun 1876. GA6. He married Annie Elizabeth Adamson 31 Jan 1874 in Glenn. Rock Mills. born 22 Dec 1869 in Georgia.3 Cooper5. Cooper: Mary D. born 06 Mar 1873 in Waresville. Walker County. v. More About William J. Heard County. and died 04 Feb 1939 in Madill. Mary D. born 18 Aug 1893. Cooper: Burial: Wehadkee Cemetery. died 22 May 1960. OK6. Cooper. Child of William Cooper and Mollie Ferrell is: 19 i. William J. died 16 May 1960 in LaGrange. Francis R. born 28 Feb 1877 in Georgia. iv. Waresville. born 10 Oct 1881 in Georgia. AL 21 ii. died 25 Nov 1950. vi. Dora Belle3 Cooper. 5. born 25 May 1890. She was born 22 Jan 1857 in Glenn. born 30 Mar 1879 in Georgia. Cooper5. Serena Cooper. John Frank Cooper. born 09 Aug 1871 in Georgia. Ida L. AL More About Stella Harriet Crowder: Burial: Wehadkee Cemetery. Cooper. Cooper. GA + + + 24 25 26 v. Tiney E. Notes for Roderick Lenard Cooper: Page 32 . James L. died at the age of 16 months. Roderick Lenard2 Cooper (William M. GA6. GA + + + 16 17 18 iv. born 19 Feb 1875 in Georgia. Charles Sebron Cooper.

1903. S. Heard County. GA7. stood for is not certain. I updated the data in 1988 to agree with the information in the book. If you are interested in the genealogy of Annie Elizabeth which goes back into the 1700s. She loved to play dominos and hated to lose. It is believed his middle name was Jordan. and Nancy Elizabeth Jackson Adamson. Terry fits into the Adamson pedigree. Glenn. Jordan Cooper. Georgia on January 31. Roderick Lenard was a farmer and a distiller. Roderick Laney Cooper. this child was born with birth defects . Madill. a Civil War veteran. [In the 1990s I corresponded with another descendant of William. Cooper. Georgia: Cemeteries. Page 33 . Montgomery County. Georgia: A History of Its People. and Noah. Cal. She is buried in the Woodberry-Forest Cemetery at Madill. L. remembers that he consumed a lot of the production from his still. born 17 Aug 1878 in Glenn. Jordan Cooper: As Winnie Pearl Cooper McClure recalls. She died at the age of 82. 1874. his grandson. One brother lived in Aly (pronounced long a .lee). born 13 Oct 1875 in Glenn. The epitaph on his tombstone reads: "A precious one from us has gone.-Darrell Ard] At the age of 19. AR Notes for Annie Elizabeth Adamson: Annie Elizabeth was the second child of Seaborn Henry Adamson. More About Annie Elizabeth Adamson: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. The data about Annie Elizabeth's family was compiled from information passed to me [Darrell Franklin Ard] in 1977 by Carol Adamson. Roderick Lenard's father was named William. Heard County. Cooper The story passed down is that the ancestors of Roderick Lenard Cooper came from Ireland but they were probably Scotch-Irish. daughter of Myrl Adamson of Madill. According to Winnie Cooper McClure. Oklahoma. A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled. Oklahoma. 17. Notes for S. died 13 Sep 1883 in Glenn. She became a widow in 1903 at the age of 46 and lived for another 36 years. J. Roderick Lenard died on February 11. The child was male but what the letters S. Many of her grandchildren called her Granny-ma-ma. Arkansas. GA Children of Roderick Cooper and Annie Adamson are: + 27 i. had a son named Roderick Lenard. all born in Glenn. Harriet Terry. at the age of 48 and is buried in the Reed Cemetery near Story. They had four children. According to the book. Henry Leonard3 Cooper. OK. GA7.Descendants of William M. his tombstone inscription reads: "Aug. GA. Arkansas. This brother had three sons named Bob. Oklahoma. Arkansas.1878/Sept. County. They probably originally settled in South Carolina and later moved to Georgia. to Story. A voice we loved is still. Georgia. Story.both physical and mental. Roderick Lenard married Annie Elizabeth Adamson in Glenn. one brother of Roderick Lenard moved to Texas and was never heard from again. Soon after Walter and Annie (her daughter) Lockhart married in 1905. died 04 Sep 1951 in Madill. E. Sometime in the early 1890s Roderick Lenard and his family moved from Glenn." More About Roderick Lenard Cooper: Burial: Reed Cemetery. The later years of her life she lived in Thackerville. possibly a relative of Stonewall Jackson. 28 ii. According to an entry in the family Bible owned by Birda Lockhart. please contact me. she moved in with them and lived the rest of her life with them. I have no idea how Mrs. Heard County. The information was passed to Carol Adamson from Mrs. who confirmed William M. OK More About Roderick Cooper and Annie Adamson: Marriage: 31 Jan 1874.

Huey. Annie Mae Cooper. Sarah L. Huey. born 15 May 1889. 40 iv. Hattie Stephens. He was born 19 Feb 1858. E. She married Charlie C. 41 v. T. Cooper's Family Bible. William Downous Cooper. Huey. George W. died 1995. GA + + 29 30 iii. Woodland. Mary J. She married Henry Stephens. Tabitha Levina2 Cooper (William M. born 1893. born 09 Sep 1886. born 10 Jan 1884 in Glenn. Glenn. AL More About Charlie C. Larkin Huey.1883" and "Son of R. L. born 1899. AL Children of Sarah Cooper and Charlie Huey are: 37 i. More About Sarah L.Descendants of William M. born 1901.1)8 was born 1859 in Georgia. Lula Stephens. and died 01 Jul 1946. 34 iv. 39 iii.1)9 was born 09 Sep 1866 in Georgia. 42 vi. 44 viii. W. and died 16 Aug 1945. GA. James Arthur Huey. Huey: Burial: Liberty Grove Methodist Church Cemetery. Lucius H. 32 ii. born 25 May 1887 in Glenn. Eddie3 Stephens. Adolphus3 Huey. born 1910. Roy Huey. 45 ix. 8. born 1908.1)9 was born 03 May 1864 in Georgia. OK. Agnes Stephens. AL Children of Annie Cooper and Thomas Traylor are: Page 34 . Jordan Cooper: Burial: Adamson Cemetery. Cooper: Burial: Liberty Grove Methodist Church Cemetery. Myrtle Lee Huey. 36 vi. born 20 Oct 1881. 33 iii. 43 vii. Cooper 3. OK. 38 ii. Dilly Stephens. Children of Tabitha Cooper and Henry Stephens are: 31 i. Annie M. More About S. 35 v. Huey. Cooper. and their children is the Family Bible that belonged to Thomas Manley Traylor. Huey. 6. 1878 and his date of death was September 13. 1883. Annie Genevera2 Cooper (William M. She married Thomas Manley Traylor10. New Hope. died 03 Jun 1943 in Madill. AL Notes for Thomas Manley Traylor: The source of the names and dates for Thomas Manley Traylor and his wife. Cooper and A. died 26 Feb 1961 in Marietta. Woodland. his date of birth was August 17. GA. More About Thomas Manley Traylor: Burial: Zion Baptist Church Cemetery. iv. H." According to the entry in Roderick L.2 Cooper (William M. Annie Genevera Cooper. New Hope. and died 06 Feb 1933. and died 19 Apr 1941. He was born 17 May 1860. More About Annie Genevera Cooper: Burial: Zion Baptist Church Cemetery. Parnina Stephens. born 30 Mar 1896. 9. and Annie E.

born 15 Nov 1911. born 17 Jan 1894. Woodland. Charlie Cooper. born 1907. William McCarley. Velma Traylor. 65 iii. Thomas Jefferson Traylor. died 30 Jan 1962. AL More About Albert Lester McCarley: Burial: Zion Baptist Church Cemetery. Glenn Cooper. Humphrey Cooper Traylor. 58 ii. More About Lemuel Oliver Cooper: Burial: Zion Baptist Church Cemetery. He was born 23 Sep 1870. Eva E. 62 vi. and died 04 Dec 1946.3 Cooper. died 19 Aug 1960. born 19 Jul 1926. born 08 Apr 1906. She married Pierce Owens. born 18 Jul 1911. iv. Cooper 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 i. born 09 May 1895. born 31 Jul 1903. Robert Felton McCarley. He married Doris Lester. born Aug 1903. born Nov 1899. Cooper. born 1919.1)11 was born 14 Jul 1869 in Georgia. died 17 Feb 1985. 11. 61 v. McCarley. Effie S. iii. Mary Estelle Traylor. Vernon Leon Traylor. C. ii. born 1909. Page 35 . He married Mary Lane Roberts. born 02 Nov 1899. She married Albert Lester McCarley. 60 iv. and died 08 Apr 1914. died 08 Feb 1961. born Apr 1897. Lila Mae McCarley.Descendants of William M. William Stell Traylor. and died 31 Oct 1937. born 04 Mar 1901. AL More About Narcie Ella Wilder: Burial: Zion Baptist Church Cemetery. Wilder Cooper. He married Narcie Ella Wilder 14 Dec 1902. ix. born 17 May 1898. 10. born 09 Jan 1906. vi. AL More About Lemuel Cooper and Narcie Wilder: Marriage: 14 Dec 1902 Children of Lemuel Cooper and Narcie Wilder are: 63 i. born 1905. born 08 Dec 1894. Lemuel Oliver2 Cooper (William M. born 21 Dec 1890. He married Jo Ann Bryant. She married Grady Nix. 69 vii. v. She was born 15 Sep 1883. Dora Mae Cooper. viii. and died 27 Dec 1963. 59 iii. Woodland. Grady Cooper. Senthie Idelia2 Cooper (William M. Woodland. Woodland. AL Children of Senthie Cooper and Albert McCarley are: 57 i. vii. died 17 Nov 1901. born 18 Mar 1892. died 03 Mar 1900. died 1992. Hermon Lloyd3 Traylor. More About Senthie Idelia Cooper: Burial: Zion Baptist Church Cemetery. Annie Vera Traylor. Elmo Traylor. xi. died 27 Dec 1975. H. Lillian Cordelia Traylor. 67 v. 64 ii. 68 vi.1) was born 26 Jan 1872. x. Hoyt Lester3 McCarley. died 21 Sep 1970. born 08 May 1909. Kermit Curtis Traylor. Thomas Carl McCarley. 66 iv.

Cooper 5. 87 iii. 84 viii. Voncile4 Smith. 18. Odell Smith. She married Earnest Smith.Descendants of William M. Reuben Nathan3 Cooper (William James2.1) was born 26 Dec 1891. Cooper Smith. Serena3 Cooper (William James2. born 08 May 1914. Page 36 GA13. 89 v. daughter of George Cook and Sarah Samson. died 26 Feb 1981. Precious Bennett. Mettie Mearl4 Bennett. + 94 iii. born 02 Mar 1903. 76 vii. Curtis Smith. GA. + 93 ii. William M. 79 iii. 71 ii.3 Generation No. She was born 24 Aug 1878. (Infant) Smith. + 95 iv. Children of Tiney Cooper and Earnest Smith are: 85 i. Aubrey Smith. Mozelle Smith.3 Cooper (William James2. 17. 75 vi. Mary Mildred Cooper. She married Cebe Smith. Herman Bennett. More About Reuben Nathan Cooper: Burial: Prospect Methodist Church Cemetery More About Sarah Martha Cook: Burial: Prospect Methodist Church Cemetery Children of Reuben Cooper and Sarah Cook are: + 92 i. and died 16 May 1960 in LaGrange. 22. Felton Smith. Lorene Smith. 81 v. Trubee Smith. 82 vi. William M. Charles King Bennett. died 30 Nov 1963. 80 iv. Alvin Smith. Marvin4 Smith. 91 vii. 90 vi.1) was born 25 May 1890.1)12 was born 06 Mar 1873 in Waresville. Ida L. born 06 Sep 1912. William M. born 07 Jul 1907. Clyde Bennett. Alice Bennett. 86 ii. 78 ii. Virgil Smith. Children of Ida Cooper and Cebe Smith are: 70 i. and died 30 Jan 1963. . 88 iv. Edna Ruby Cooper. Tiney E.1) was born 18 Aug 1893. 3 – Family Tree Maker Report 16. Catharine Bennett. Guy Olin4 Cooper. William M.3 Cooper (William James2. Children of Serena Cooper and Roland Bennett are: 77 i. She married Roland Bennett. 83 vii. 74 v. Christine Bennett. 73 iv. Leroy Smith. He married Sarah Martha Cook. 72 iii. Annie Pearl Cooper. born 02 Sep 1899.

Henry James Cooper. born 06 Mar 1909.1)14 was born 28 Feb 1877 in Georgia. born 28 Apr 1901. and died 02 Jul 1958. Herman McKinley Cooper. 24. born 26 Nov 1896. born 02 Feb 1913. born 02 Mar 1911. Heard County. Middlebrooks: Burial: Paran Baptist Church. Cooper + 96 v. Francis R. died 15 Apr 1990 in Lake City. Charles Sebron3 Cooper (William James2. Heard County. GA. Janet Elaine Cooper. She married Charles A. William Oliver Cooper. AL in retirement. Georgia. + 105 ix. born 12 May 1907. east of Rock Mills. More About Francis R. + 103 vii. died Abt. east of Rock Mills. born 18 Aug 1898. east of Rock Mills. and died 22 May 1960. GA Children of Charles Cooper and Roberta Wingo are: Page 37 . 108 ii. William M. Notes for John Frank Cooper: John owned a farm inherited from father at Waresville. More About John Frank Cooper: Burial: Paran Baptist Church. + 104 viii. He married Roberta Leola Wingo. died 05 Jul 1980. and died 23 Mar 1957. John Milton Cooper. GA More About Roberta Leola Wingo: Burial: Bethel Christian Church. died 16 Jan 1962. died 20 Apr 1973. + 98 ii. 1984 in Akron. Mabel Middlebrooks. + 109 iii. She was born 05 Feb 1882. Sr. east of Rock Mills. Mamye Delilah Cooper. + 99 iii. Annie Ethyl Cooper. Frank Middlebrooks. He married Emma Ophelia Kitchens.1)14 was born 30 Mar 1879 in Georgia. 25. He was born 03 Sep 1866. William M. born 16 Oct 1919. She married La Prad Jones. and died 13 May 1954. born 17 Nov 1904. died 24 Aug 1984.3 Cooper (William James2. born 26 Nov 1896. died 29 Oct 1992.Descendants of William M. Freeman Ozell Cooper. AL Children of John Cooper and Emma Kitchens are: + 97 i. died 08 Oct 1985. John Frank3 Cooper (William James2. born 28 Sep 1905. + 102 vi. Lena Inez Cooper. OH. died 15 Jan 1979 in Franklin.1) was born 10 Oct 1881 in Georgia. Notes for Mabel Middlebrooks: Mabel "Mae" had no children. FL. More About Charles Sebron Cooper: Burial: Bethel Christian Church. + 100 iv. AL More About Charles A. and died 09 Jun 1946. + 106 x. William M. and died 25 Nov 1950. born 06 Jan 1903. AL Children of Francis Cooper and Charles Middlebrooks are: + 107 i. Cooper: Burial: Paran Baptist Church. Leon Earl Cooper. Verna4 Middlebrooks. Maude4 Cooper. She was born 26 Jun 1880. He later moved to Five Points and then to Roanoke. + 101 v. born 07 May 1903. 26. born 08 Jan 1915. F. Middlebrooks. AL More About Emma Ophelia Kitchens: Burial: Paran Baptist Church..

died 06 Mar 1909. Wesley Robert Cooper. Henry and the older boys rode in Page 38 . He married Annie Louise Walston. and their four children (Vester. Notes for Henry Leonard Cooper: Henry. 27. She was born 15 May 1876 in Rock Mills. socks and sweaters for the family. to furnish fish for the table. Louise Cooper. He always saved a 50-gallon barrel for the family's consumption.cows. Their first farm in Marshall County was the Everett Buckholt farm in the Buckholt Community. died 10 Mar 1919. William M. and died 02 Jan 1945 in Madill. Celia. stopping to eat leftovers at noon. Henry and Celia lived in Buckholt until 1922 when they had to return to Arkansas to take the farm back. AR. born 26 Nov 1908. Each covered wagon was accompanied by a cow for milk and cooped chickens for meat. gloves. opossum. He married Alma Miller. Henry soon met Celia and they married about a year later when he was 18 and she was 17. GA16. deer. Charles Albert Cooper.1)15 was born 13 Oct 1875 in Glenn. William Clarence4 Cooper. Oklahoma. The wool was washed and pulled apart by hand. OK16. v. Arkansas in the area of Red Ridge. In October. Henry ran a sawmill and farmed. moved with his family from Glenn. vi. guitars and fiddles. Oklahoma. put cows and horses and farming equipment in one end and the household possessions in the other end. daughter of Henry Aldridge and Safronia Robinson. 3-1/2 miles from Story. iii. She married Ralph Morris Reed. and wild turkey. They lived in a dugout for about a year then moved back to Story staying until 1919. fruit. Arkansas. squirrel. quail. they waited until Sunday afternoon to head out for Madill. Henry rented a box car for $75. The family went to the mountains in front of the home each year and picked a tub of huckleberries to can. Henry Leonard3 Cooper (Roderick Lenard2. Harvey Jordan Cooper. Henry and Celia sold the farm at Story. Henry played the jew's-harp. and died 04 Sep 1951 in Madill. and sheep. Celia went fishing once a week. The family grew all their vegetables. They traveled for about 16 days. and helped build the church building. and other musicians in the community came to the Cooper home to play banjos. 1919. Henry. for $1200. AL16. and Lain) moved from Story to Love Valley near Marietta. Marvin Taylor Cooper. Leonard Orbin Cooper. Ruth. In season the family had rabbit. including furniture. Most of the teachers roomed and boarded at the Cooper home. OK16. Georgia to Montgomery County. vii. made bats then rolls and finally yarn from which she made caps. born 18 Jul 1904. iv. They returned to Story by train. Because of Henry's persistence that the family go to church every Sunday. born 29 Oct 1912. as a teenager. They traveled by covered wagon along with the Walter Lockhart and Jim Tom Blakely families. Henry also ran a grist mill.00. Cooper 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 i. About once a month the Youngs. and chickens. horses. died Nov 1983. born 02 Jul 1918. born 01 Aug 1906. Celia. They cooked breakfast and supper. born 25 Oct 1920. Henry liked to hunt. In 1908 Henry. The sheep were sheared and the boys had to remove the cockleburs. ii. The school at Red Ridge was on the Cooper land and only about 200 yards from the house. song leader. when the weather allowed. and livestock. Celia carded the wool. They lived in a three-room house and farmed as sharecroppers. hogs. He married Sarah Nell Fisher.Descendants of William M. Sunday school superintendent. He married Tiney Mae Cook. born 07 Jun 1915. He made sorghum molasses for the community from the sugar cane brought to him by neighbors. He also had livestock . Lockharts. and their children went to the Southern Baptist Church at Story where Henry was a deacon. Wayne. He married Celia Susanna Aldridge 29 Oct 1894 in Story. tools.

born 28 Apr 1894 in Franklin County. died 23 Jan 1926 in Madill. AR 118 ii. In a letter she sent to her mother in December 1925. Henry then bought a service station which was not successful so he sold out and returned to the farm until he retired. She also suffered with pellagra. Story. OK. AR18. Leota Vester Cooper. Henry farmed again for a year. born 30 Dec 1896 in Story. was in charge of the service. His funeral service was held at the First Baptist Church in Madill. According to her Death Certificate Celia died of pneumonia at the age of 68. Bessie Lee4 Cooper. AR. thought I was going to bead [sic] to death had hemorrhage of lungs and my nose was beading [sic]. Cooper the box car while Celia and the younger children rode in the passenger car. Madill. Henry (died of a stroke at the age of 75) in Madill at the home of his daughter. He later bought a grocery store. MD. Both are buried at Reed Cemetery near Story. Safronia Jane had a sister named Pardelia Martha Ann Robinson who married Josiah Allen Bonner. Arkansas." She died a month later from tuberculosis. Oklahoma. More About Bessie Lee Cooper: Burial: Reed Cemetery.Descendants of William M. Bert Cherry. OK Religion: Southern Baptist Page 39 . Pardelia and Josiah's daughter Della Mae Bonner married William Downous Cooper. She married Clarence Emmons 22 Jan 1921. They resold the farm and moved back to Buckholt in 1923 farming there until 1926. died 27 Mar 1895 in Story. Rev. Winnie Cooper McClure. pastor of First Baptist Church... They lived in Okmulgee. OK Occupation: Homemaker Religion: Southern Baptist More About Henry Cooper and Celia Aldridge: Marriage: 29 Oct 1894. Madill. died 21 Nov 1979 in Okmulgee. She died at the age of 30. born 13 Feb 1895 in Story. a brother of Henry Leonard Cooper. More About Henry Leonard Cooper: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. OK17 Occupation: Farmer Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Celia Susanna Aldridge: Celia was the daughter of Henry H. AR18. Notes for Leota Vester Cooper: Vester and Clarence had no children. More About Celia Susanna Aldridge: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. ran it for a while. Story. Madill. she said ". More About Leota Vester Cooper: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. Aldridge (13 September 1840 to 15 December 1900) and Safronia Jane Robinson (16 September 1849 to 16 December 1905). and retired again. According to his Death Certificate Henry had arterial sclerosis for 10 years prior to his death and his cause of death was cerebral thrombosis. OK. AR Children of Henry Cooper and Celia Aldridge are: 117 i.

Henry Floyd Cooper. which is just across the state line from Glenn. AR. AR + + 121 122 123 v. Story. OK Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Della Mae Bonner: Della was born in Roanoke. AR18. died 06 Jun 1996 in Madill. More About William Downous Cooper: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. AR. Her name was frequently pronounced "Dellar. GA18. Winnie Pearl Cooper. born 30 Dec 1913 in Story. AR + 128 xii. He was a farmer and rancher. OK. More About Oscar Glenn Cooper: Burial: Reed Cemetery. 1967. died 04 Mar 1964 in Baytown. born 16 Mar 1906 in Story. born 26 Apr 1907 in Story. OK. born 07 Apr 1899 in Story. two days before her eighty-first birthday. Notes for William Downous Cooper: At the age of 19. AR18.1) was born 10 Jan 1884 in Glenn. He married Della Mae Bonner19. born 30 Jul 1902 in Story. More About (Infant Daughter) Cooper: Burial: Reed Cemetery. He moved his family from Glenn to Montgomery County. AL. Oscar Glenn Cooper. born 10 Jan 1912 in Story. TX. died 06 Mar 1977 in Houston. AR. Roderick Laney Cooper. Story. AR. AR18. vii. Georgia. Cooper More About Clarence Emmons: Occupation: Barber More About Clarence Emmons and Leota Cooper: Marriage: 22 Jan 1921 119 iii. vi. More About Ira Grady Cooper: Burial: Reed Cemetery. (Infant Daughter) Cooper. AR. AR + + + 124 125 126 127 viii. ix. OK. AR. and died 25 Aug 1967 in Madill. died 09 Jan 1914 in Story. died 08 Dec 1992 in Hot Springs. AR. Ava Lenora Cooper. born 01 Sep 1900 in Story. AR. died 02 Sep 1900 in Story. Reed. 29. William Downous3 Cooper (Roderick Lenard2. More About (Infant Daughter) Cooper: Burial: Reed Cemetery. Georgia. born 29 Dec 1909 in Story. Madill. died 04 Jun 1986 in Mount Ida. Arkansas in 1909.Descendants of William M. AR18. (Infant Daughter) Cooper. AR 120 iv. OK. Wayne Theodore Cooper. x. William M. AR." Page 40 . born 13 Jun 1916 in Story. Alabama. AR. xi. died 16 Mar 1906 in Story. Ruthy Viola Cooper. born 24 Mar 1904 in Story. AR. and died 03 Jun 1943 in Madill. where her husband Downous was born. Reed. She was born 27 Aug 1886 in Roanoke. TX. daughter of Josiah Bonner and Pardelia Robinson. AR. died 20 Jan 2002 in Madill. Ira Grady Cooper. Della died on August 25. Downous married Della Mae Bonner in Glenn. Oklahoma. died 06 Aug 1899 in Story. In 1925 they moved to the Buckholt Community in Marshall County.

hired hands to help Page 41 . AR. died 12 Jan 1968 in Hayward. Beulah Eveline Cooper. OK. Annie M. The interview was conducted on March 8. died 21 Aug 1981 in Borger. the only daughter Annie Mae Cooper Lockhart. 1979. died 04 Mar 1907 in Story. Story. After Annie and W. TX. AR. born 31 Aug 1908 in Pike. OK. More About (Infant Daughter) Cooper: Burial: Reed Cemetery. ix. AR + + + 131 132 133 134 iii. August 20. Annie Mae3 Cooper (Roderick Lenard2. OK. died 10 Jun 1947 in Madill. died 03 Jan 1986 in Kingston. AR. She married Walter Leander Lockhart 20 Aug 1905 in Story. born 11 Apr 1913 in Story. AR. OK. born 15 Feb 1927 in Buckholt. Rufus Linn Cooper. Montgomery. Georgia in 1887. v. This couple was married in Story. (Infant Daughter) Cooper. More About Linard Allen Cooper: Burial: Reed Cemetery. L. died 23 Nov 1987 in Cleburne. Roderick Lenard Cooper. Story. born 25 Dec 1916 in Story. TX. Cooper Della's parents were Josiah Allen Bonner and Pardelia Martha Ann Robinson Bonner. married. Her brothers were already married. GA. vi. William Vernon Cooper. died 18 Oct 1915 in Story. He was born 23 Jan 1886 in Beersheba Springs. born 12 Feb 1907 in Story.Descendants of William M. Etta Mabel4 Cooper. lived together on the Cooper farm. so Annie and her mother. She married Perry Hopkins. Johnny Clyde Cooper. More About Della Mae Bonner: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. . L. Madill. born 22 Jan 1904 in Story. Annie's father. It answers the question of “Who was Annie Mae Cooper?” and provides some other interesting facts about her husband and children: "W. James Lonnie Cooper. Notes for Annie Mae Cooper: The following material was typed from an interview with Birda Mae Lockhart Lamb Powell. Cooper was born in Glenn. viii. William M. Aldridge. AR20. AR20. Zola Naomi Cooper. and died 19 Dec 1959 in Marietta. TN. a sister of Safronia Jane Robinson who was the wife of Heny H. 1905. born 13 Jan 1920 in Story. OK. More About Etta Mabel Cooper: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. Arkansas. AR.1) was born 25 May 1887 in Glenn. iv. OK. AR. Madill. AR. born 31 Jan 1923 in Story. OK 130 ii. They continued to live on the Cooper farm. Annie Elizabeth Cooper. died 18 months before she married. Alameda. L. Ruby Imogene Cooper. her mother lived with them until her death in 1939. x. born 17 Feb 1911 in Story. OK Religion: Southern Baptist More About William Cooper and Della Bonner: Marriage: 19 Children of William Cooper and Della Bonner are: 129 i. Lockhart was born in Tennessee in 1886. AR. by Charles and Jo Lamb who then typed this material. born 18 Oct 1915 in Story. and died 26 Feb 1961 in Marietta. AR + + + + 135 136 137 138 vii. CA. AR20. 30. W. Linard Allen Cooper.

Reed Cemetery. L. which Birda operated. as they traveled. He got a job as a pumper in the oil fields. She rented a house for herself.L. Birda Mae Lockhart. L. The man. There were eight people living in a 4-room house. L. W. was with Magnolia Oil Company. This was really exciting for the kids to see. The Henry Cooper family had two wagons. Fred drove a gasoline truck for W. survived. her son and her mother to live in. They would leave one morning and camp out that night. This couple had five children born in Story. Arkansas. He moved his mother. (Adrian and Annie were cousins. Jim Tom Blakely and Henry Cooper (Annie's brother) were planning to move to Madill.two at one end and two at the other end. on December 19. They reached Hot Springs. About a year later Birda and Fred separated and then divorced. 1925. W. He would be away from home all week and return on the weekends. Grandmaw Cooper died while they lived here. in the spring and fall. W. He moved his family to Wetumka. and the Jim Tom Blakely family had two wagons.'s father's land joined it. The Lockharts later moved to Sentinel and then on to Cordell. Cooper with the crops and he sold Raleigh products from a buggy. About 1924 the Lockharts moved from the farm into Madill. He was transferred to Seminole and then Bald Hill. round trip. Fred Lamb had quit the mechanic job. the Lockhart family had one. There were five covered wagons. operated the Sinclair Agency in Tipton. Birda worked in the fields for a while and then went to work in a beauty shop in Marietta. Birda married Fred Lamb. His father and mother remained in Story. It was Halloween and the kids saw their first skating rink. She worked in a beauty shop for one year as an apprentice then took a test and got her operator's license. L. They moved into the house with the Lockharts at Cordell. Fred drank too much and was fired. Roy married and Mida started teaching school. and it took 19 days to get to Madill. The only other building was a post office. Arkansas mostly for clothing and sewing material. When they finally arrived at Madill.) A short time later. Soon afterwards. the Lockhart family lived in the house with Adrian and Lena Adamson.Descendants of William M. W. There were seven adults and nine children. Fred worked for W. while W. died before the deal was settled and this man’s family got both houses. shopped and spent one night in the wagonyard. Birda had to walk three miles to a school named Grantham. Charles was born on December 25. Oklahoma. Birda had a little dog that slept on the bed too. L. W. His father and her mother were brother and sister. 1924. The Lockharts later moved to Tipton. L. when Charles was six months old. Birda was 13 years old at this time . W. bought a house and service station with the Sinclair Agency. and Grandmaw Cooper all slept on one regular size bed in the wagon . L. L. L. they camped out one night on the return trip. L. One night was spent in the wagonyard at Mena. Then.. traded cattle and sold Raleigh products. W. Annie. they rented the farm joining Adrian's. W. and her son Royal (Mida's husband had died and she had moved back with her parents) to Madill to live with his family. 1919. Oklahoma. It had two rooms and two teachers. Arkansas only had a small store where they could purchase some food staples. This group left Story in October. L. During the trip. The Page 42 . Only the first child. During this time. The whole family moved to Ardmore about 1936. Story. The skaters wore costumes. The trip was 40 miles. W. The family moved to Thackerville about 1938. his brother Roy. L. with the house in Tipton. his sister Mida.'s father died in 1922. in 1939. then went back to Story on the train. Anna Lou was born here. the kids would walk and play around the wagons. Annie kept her sewing machine and all the other furniture was sold. Twice a year. They lived together for about two years. Oklahoma. During this time. leased a service station and cabins called Hill Crest Cottages. the family made a trip to Hot Springs. They were each planning to hold an auction sale to dispose of all their property. He took part of his things to Blakely's house and part to Henry Cooper's house and everything was sold at auction. was in the process of trading his house in Madill for one in Tipton. About a week before the sale. W. L. Birda. sold the Cooper farm to Taylor Lamb. He also leased a laundry. Birda and her kids stayed on with her parents and grandmother. decided to make the move with them. They went in a wagon and it took five days. as a mechanic for awhile. The four boys died young and were buried at Story. W.

AR21. at the age of 16. It was near the pool hall. Earnest Powell died in 1979. AR21. born 29 Apr 1915 in Story. but soon married. Annie Mae Cooper Lockhart had a talent for crochet and quiltmaking which provided her grandchildren and great-grandchildren with tangible reminders of the quiet life she lived . Anna Lou was still with her. The rent was $10 a month for the whole building. AR. died 13 Aug 1917 in Story. More About Troy Lockhart: Burial: Reed Cemetery. to be near her daughter. They later rented a larger building. in 1971. Birda was remarried to a barber named Clarence Darnell. Story. died 05 Jan 1909 in Story. More About Earl Lockhart: Burial: Reed Cemetery. and was gone about 3-1/2 years. She and her husband moved to Sulphur Springs. born 29 Apr 1915 in Story. After he left. AR. L. OK. They still lived in the back. The Lockharts rented a cafe and lived in the back for about a year. Clide Lockhart. Walter's father was Lemuel Kirby Lockhart and his mother was Emma Bond. They sold the cafe and moved into an apartment for about three years. died in 1959 and Annie died a year and two months later in 1961. Charles went into the Navy while they lived here. They bought the house across the street from the one they lived in and put in a beauty shop. AR. L. When she left. He left during the night and took all the money from the bank account. Birda rented a house and put in a beauty shop. The marriage lasted one year and 10 days. Page 43 . 140 ii. and Annie moved back into the house with Birda. More About Annie Mae Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Walter Leander Lockhart: Walter was a Raleigh Products Salesman. Earl Lockhart.Descendants of William M. AR 141 iii. in 1951. AR. born 24 May 1911 in Story. Texas. W. Troy Lockhart. 143 v. L. after the move. The Lockharts moved in with them and stayed until their death. W. Story. They were soon divorced. AR 142 iv. Birda retired and sold her shop and house. Birda Mae4 Lockhart. AR. They opened a barber and beauty shop together and lived in the back. Charles worked for them and then moved to Houston. died 11 Jun 1992 in Marietta. Notes for Clide Lockhart: Clide (that is the correct spelling) and Claude were twins. born 09 Jun 1906 in Story. It was in the next block and cost $20 a month. He rented an apartment. Story. Birda married Earnest Powell. AR21. Notes for Claude Lockhart: Claude and Clide were twins. born 18 Dec 1908 in Story. Cooper family rented a house on the Lake Road and moved to Marietta in 1940. and Annie moved in the back of the shop with Birda and her kids.a life filled with dignity and love of family during a time of great hardship throughout this Nation. W. Claude Lockhart. died 04 Dec 1911 in Story. About one year after Anna Lou married. AR21. AR Children of Annie Cooper and Walter Lockhart are: + 139 i. Charles got out of the Navy and married. died 16 Apr 1918 in Story. SOURCE: Family Bible of Birda Powell More About Walter Leander Lockhart: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Walter Lockhart and Annie Cooper: Marriage: 20 Aug 1905.

and died 15 Jan 1987. He married (1) Martha Kate Barnes. 155 ii. He married Yvonne Molyneaux. Mary Mildred4 Cooper (Reuben Nathan3. William M. Carey Donald Knight. and died 30 Nov 1963.1) was born 06 Sep 1912. born 21 Sep 1941.Descendants of William M. William James2. Janet Elaine4 Cooper (Reuben Nathan3. Maude4 Cooper (John Frank3. 150 v. James Ralph Cooper. 148 iii. He was born 16 Nov 1891. William M. Sarah Caroline5 Hurley. F. Maude Cooper: Page 44 . William M. 96. Guy Olin4 Cooper (Reuben Nathan3.5 Knight. William M. He was born 13 Mar 1921. born 02 Feb 1921. Cooper Lenwood Hurley. William James2. born 1934.4 Generation No.1) was born 16 Oct 1919. Richard M. William James2. She married Henry Knight. Nathan Gene Knight. and died 15 Jan 1979 in Franklin. and died 29 Oct 1982.1) was born 02 Sep 1899. Rudine5 Cooper. 95. William M. Notes for James Ralph Cooper: James had no children from either marriage. Edna Ruby4 Cooper (Reuben Nathan3. William M. Children of Edna Cooper and Theron Hurley are: 152 i. and died 20 Dec 1980. He was born 01 Sep 1905. died 10 Jul 1930. Annie Pearl4 Cooper (Reuben Nathan3. More About Guy Cooper and Precious Hill: Marriage: 22 Jun 1919 Children of Guy Cooper and Precious Hill are: + 144 i. She married Edgar Bledsoe. He married Elizabeth Ann Brady. Douglas Edgar5 Bledsoe. born 07 May 1924. Child of Mary Cooper and Edgar Bledsoe is: 151 i. and died 26 Feb 1981. born 15 Jul 1929.1) was born 02 Mar 1903. He married (2) Juanita Hardison. She married Kenneth Gustavson. born 16 Apr 1924. 145 ii. He married Precious Ethel Hill 22 Jun 1919. He was born 18 Sep 1901. Kenneth Thomas5 Gustavson. He married Lillian Hill. William James2. 97. Russell Harry Gustavson. Reuben B. born 01 Dec 1935. and died 17 Mar 1986. She was born 27 Aug 1902. Children of Annie Cooper and Henry Knight are: 146 i.1) was born 26 Nov 1896. William James2. Sara Anne Knight. 4 – Family Tree Maker Report 92. Children of Janet Cooper and Kenneth Gustavson are: 154 i. born 28 Jan 1944. 147 ii. 94. William James2. Notes for F. 153 ii. GA. She married Henry Grady Dennis 01 Mar 1914. died 06 Dec 1993. 149 iv.1) was born 07 Jul 1907. She married Theron Hurley. 93. died 08 Apr 1925. Knight. born 24 Sep 1947. He was born 15 Jul 1904. Cooper 5.

Jr. Jaquelyn Anne Dennis. + 169 iv. GA. Harold Nathan Dennis. He was born 24 Sep 1898. William James2... Olive Precious Moore. died in Franklin. + 157 ii. She married (2) George W. AL. She married Charles Elgin Avery. He died 05 May 1986. Heard County. John Emory Dennis. She is a twin sister of Maude. + 165 x. AL. Henry James4 Cooper (John Frank3. + 163 viii. Notes for George W. Child of Henry Cooper and Eva Makin is: + 170 i. GA More About Henry Dennis and F. More About Mamye Delilah Cooper: Burial: Five Points. + 161 vi. GA. born 04 Jul 1915. Notes for Annie Ethyl Cooper: Ethyl lived at Wadley. Mamye Delilah4 Cooper (John Frank3. Emily Ophelia Moore. GA. + 167 ii. and died 27 Apr 1938. + 164 ix. and died 16 Jan 1962. Henry George5 Cooper. GA. born 01 Oct 1918. daughter of George Makin and Elizabeth. died in Dallas. Notes for Mamye Delilah Cooper: Mamye lived at Five Points. died in Franklin. AL. Heard County. born in Wadley. died 20 Sep 1989 in St. Cooper and Henry Dennis are: + 156 i. Cooper: Marriage: 01 Mar 1914 Children of F. Tommy Lou Cooper5 Dennis. died Jun 1927 in Texas. William M.Descendants of William M. William M. 162 vii. + 168 iii. Cooper Maude is a twin sister of Annie Ethyl. He died 01 Sep 1972. AL Page 45 . + 160 v. GA.1) was born 18 Aug 1898. born 25 Aug 1929. + 159 iv. Morris Dennis. Dorothy Edna Dennis. More About F. Hester: George and Ethyl had no children. William James2. Horace Dennis. born 10 Jun 1921. Sr. 99. 98. born 19 Jan 1917. born 08 Jul 1931. FL. GA. Annie Ethyl4 Cooper (John Frank3. died in Atlanta. 100. Children of Annie Cooper and Paul Moore are: + 166 i. born 27 Jan 1922. born 09 May 1926. OH. 1984 in Akron. William M. born in Fairfax. William James2. Alabama. born Jun 1927. AL. born 19 May 1938. died in Decatur. Nettie Eloise Dennis. Alabama. He married Eva Mae Makin. GA More About Henry Grady Dennis: Burial: Bethel Christian Church. born in Roanoke. GA. + 158 iii. Richard Frank Dennis. Hester. and died Abt. Pauline Mayme5 Moore.1) was born 26 Nov 1896. died 25 Apr 1993 in Jacksonville. GA. died in Disneyland. Simons Island. born in Wadley.1) was born 07 May 1903. Annette Moore. Henry Grady Dennis. She married (1) Paul Cornelius Moore. Maude Cooper: Burial: Bethel Christian Church. FL. died in Newman. born 10 Feb 1923.

He taught a Sunday school class Page 46 . Sr. Sr. He married Margaret Frazier. Sr. was valedictorian of his high school class at Five Points. Notes for John Milton Cooper: John lived at Lafayette. born 02 Jan 1931. Child of John Cooper and Margaret Frazier is: + 173 i. Gary Craig was Henry County Superintendent of Education. William M. Notes for Peggie Waits Boehmer: Peggie had two children from a previous marriage: Gary Craig and Susan Gail Boehmer. He married Flora Evelyn Bonner.Descendants of William M. + 172 ii. 104. He married (1) Natalie. She was born 18 Aug 1911 in Five Points. William James2. and died 24 Sep 1984. He married Merle Wheeler. He was employed as the manager of Roanoke Guano Company and Roanoke Oil Company and manager of Master Door Co.1) was born 12 May 1907. Alabama. born 14 Aug 1934 in Ft. Notes for Leon Earl Cooper. Oklahoma. 101.1) was born 02 Mar 1911. trustee of First Baptist Church of Roanoke 1932 to 1995 and was chairman of the fellowship of deacons for approximately half of that time. William Oliver4 Cooper (John Frank3. (John Frank3. He attended the University of Alabama and studied pre-law with straight "As" During World War II he served as a US Marine in the Pacific Front. Alabama with 97. Jr. 102. Susan Gail married Vincent Pinyard.: Burial: Five Points.. AL Children of Mamye Cooper and Charles Avery are: + 171 i. Child of William Cooper and Lucille Fleeting is: + 174 i. GA. William James2.8 average.: Leon Sr. Richard Wheeler5 Cooper. William M. born 23 Jan 1934 in Conyers. Valley. daughter of Samuel Lester Bonner. Child of Herman Cooper and Merle Wheeler is: 175 i. Notes for Herman McKinley Cooper: Herman lived at Fairfax. GA. William M. She was born 26 Aug 1908. Notes for William Oliver Cooper: Oliver lived at Oklahoma City. John Raymond5 Cooper.1) was born 28 Sep 1905. He graduated early at the age of 16 and traveled through Europe for three months on a trip he won for selling magazines. Marilyn Elizabeth Avery. died 1989. He married Lucille Fleeting. daughter of Walter Frazier and Mary Sanders. William James2. Leon Earl4 Cooper. 103. Herman McKinley4 Cooper (John Frank3. Charles Elgin5 Avery. John Milton4 Cooper (John Frank3. Dr. Alabama.1) was born 06 Mar 1909. More About Richard Wheeler Cooper: Adoption: Richard was an adopted son. William James2. AL. Cooper More About Charles Elgin Avery. Doris Fleeting5 Cooper. and died 05 Jul 1980. William M. He married (2) Peggie Waits Boehmer. He served two terms on the Roanoke City Council.

born Sep 1924. Frank4 Middlebrooks (Francis R. William M. He married Winie P. She married Marshall McConnell. 107. Anne5 Barker. born 04 Nov 1948. and died 30 Apr 1983. born 20 Aug 1942. William James2. Jr. Freeman Ozell4 Cooper (John Frank3. 187 ii. Notes for Flora Evelyn Bonner: Flora was a member of the garden club and a "flower expert. Leon Earl Cooper. Charles5 Middlebrooks.Descendants of William M.1) was born 08 Jan 1915.1) was born 30 Jul 1902 in Story. + 184 ii.3 Cooper. Children of Lena Cooper and Frank Barker are: 180 i.. Lena Inez4 Cooper (John Frank3. Children of Freeman Cooper and Quawanya Porterfield are: 178 i. GA.. Children of Leon Cooper and Flora Bonner are: + 176 i. Willadeen5 McConnell. Verna4 Middlebrooks (Francis R. and died 24 Aug 1984. Jr. TX. NC.1) was born 02 Feb 1913. + 177 ii. FL." For over 50 years she handled the "Cradle Roll" at her church. William James2. William James2.. He married Quawanya White Porterfield. She regularly placed fresh flowers in the Sunday class where Earl taught. NC + 179 ii. She visited "shut-ins" for decades. He married (1) Billie Jane Johnson 29 Sep 1929. born in Blytheville. are: 186 i. and at funeral service in 1984. + 181 182 ii. She married (1) Frank Barker. She was born 05 Feb 1915.. Harry Gregory Marcum. William M. and died 15 Apr 1990 in Lake City. AR. William M. William M. the church overflowed with family and friends.1) was born 17 Nov 1904. Jean Barker. William M. 121.3 Cooper. Roderick Lenard2. Wayne Theodore4 Cooper (Henry Leonard3. Notes for Anne Barker: Anne was a commodore in the US Navy. born 03 May 1944. Child of Verna Middlebrooks and Marshall McConnell is: 185 i. Children of Frank Middlebrooks and Winie P. and died 20 Apr 1973. Sr. 105. Tabitha Cooper. Johnny Barker. and died 06 Mar 1977 in Houston. iii. 109. She married Paul Love in Graham.1) was born 28 Apr 1901. William James2. Page 47 . and died 08 Oct 1985. He was born 17 Nov 1903. Children of Lena Cooper and Harry Marcum are: + 183 i. born in Franklin. registering new births and welcoming new parents. Vickie Lynn5 Marcum. Cooper on radio station WLR for over 50 years. Deborah5 Cooper. More About Paul Love and Deborah Cooper: Marriage: Graham. Carol Evelyn5 Cooper. AR. 106. She married (2) Harry Gregory Marcum. Mozelle Ikenberry Middlebrooks. born 03 Nov 1953.

born 20 Jan 1935 in Madill. More About Wayne Theodore Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Billie Jane Johnson: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. Texas area before moving to Mt. Arkansas. AR. lived for some time in California. and died 19 Jul 1984 in Madill. Notes for Ruthy Viola Cooper: Ruth was born in Story. and a member of the Lake Ouachita Baptist Church. He returned to Arkansas for two years and taught school at Redwood and Union Hill in 1923 and 1924.Descendants of William M. and died 04 Jun 1986 in Mount Ida. 122. AR. From 1945 to 1963 Wayne worked for Hughes Tool Co. Ruthy Viola4 Cooper (Henry Leonard3. AR. and great-grandmother. where she lived at the time of her death in 1986 at the age of 82. OK. OK. Ida.Jane) and Billy Roberts (wife-Jackie). Madill. grandmother. OK. She died in Houston. More About Ruthy Viola Cooper: Burial: Reed Cemetery. CA. She married (3) Elbert Joshua Emery 09 Oct 1924. Bobby Gene Cooper. Story. Oklahoma. Oklahoma. Arkansas. 1967. Linda Sue Cooper. + 191 iv. William M. Cooper She was born 09 Jun 1912 in Big Flat. AR Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Elbert Joshua Emery: The source of the information on the ascendants of Elbert is the Family Tree compiled by Anthony and Sheryl Cooper. and died in Oakland. son of Job Emery and Ida Reed. Carroll Joe5 Cooper. 1967 Children of Wayne Cooper and Billie Johnson are: + 188 i. Texas. OK. She married (4) Elmer Dee Hiatt 23 Dec 1967. + 190 iii. a housewife. born 05 Nov 1932 in Madill. More About Wayne Cooper and Willie Skelton: Marriage: Abt. in 1942 and worked for Brown and Root Shipyard.1) was born 24 Mar 1904 in Story. He went back to Madill and worked in grocery stores and as a carpenter. She married (2) Ted Stewart. TX. Roderick Lenard2. born 04 Feb 1939 in Madill. She was a mother. Ida. AR22. IN. + 189 ii. died 06 Dec 1975 in Houston. and lived most of her life in the Houston. died 27 Jan 1978 in Houston. Skelton: Willie Temperance (maiden name Skelton) Cooper had two sons from a previous marriage: Roger Adair Roberts (wife. Ida High School in Mt. Notes for Wayne Theodore Cooper: Wayne graduated from Mt. He was born 25 Dec 1901 in Rochester. TX. Arkansas. and died 1983 in Conroe. He married (2) Willie T. first married in Madill. by covered wagon in 1919. OK Religion: Southern Baptist More About Wayne Cooper and Billie Johnson: Marriage: 29 Sep 1929 Notes for Willie T. Skelton Abt. Page 48 . She was Wayne's fourth wife. OK. TX. Waynda Lea Cooper. She married (1) Dewey Lampkin. born 04 Sep 1930 in Sentinel. in Houston as a carpenter and painter. TX. He was born 05 Mar 1902 in Story. He relocated his family to Houston. As a teenager Wayne moved with his family to Madill.

Paul Dean Emery. and died 04 Jan 2003 in Houston. He married Ruby Jewell Stachey 06 Aug 1927. Lain. Madill. Glen Buevenne5 Emery. AR. OK. 1992. Betty Jean Emery23. More About Ruby Jewell Stachey: Burial: 11 Jan 2003. OK. Her funeral service was held at the First Baptist Church in Madill with the Rev. died 02 Mar 1937 in Madill. Rev. D. she moved to Spring. Texas hospital after a 15-day illness. Arkansas. She was born 05 Sep 1909 in Story. Arkansas. iv. TX.Descendants of William M. AR. Madill. AR24. Notes for Betty Jean Emery: Betty Jean died at the age of 3 in a Sherman. Ruby. OK + 196 v. Story. James Craver. AR Notes for Ruby Jewell Stachey: Ruby retired after many years as a saleswoman with Foley and Sakowitz department stores in Houston.J. OK. OK + 194 195 iii. He and his wife. Roderick Lenard2. Story. born 08 Jul 1925 in Madill. AR Religion: Southern Baptist More About Roderick Cooper and Ruby Stachey: Page 49 . More About Betty Jean Emery: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. OK. OK22. retired to Lake Hamilton near Hot Springs. Roderick Laney4 Cooper (Henry Leonard3. Death was said to have been caused by pneumonia. Reed Cemetery. Notes for Roderick Laney Cooper: Lain retired after many years as a salesman with American Life Insurance Company in Houston. More About Billy Gene Emery: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. Charlie Whisman was in charge of the song service. She and her husband. OK. Reed Cemetery. born 19 Sep 1930 in Madill. Mrs.1) was born 26 Apr 1907 in Story. Stachey and Isabelle. Funeral service was at the Muddy Creek Community Church. Emery. After Lain's death. Billy Gene Emery. and died 08 Dec 1992 in Hot Springs. died 27 May 1991 in Mount Ida. born 24 Jul 1934 in Madill. William M. born 11 Jul 1928 in Madill. 124. L. 193 ii. On August 6. to be near her children and grandchildren. E. daughter of A. More About Roderick Laney Cooper: Burial: 11 Dec 1992. Cooper More About Elbert Emery and Ruthy Cooper: Marriage: 09 Oct 1924 More About Elmer Dee Hiatt: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Elmer Hiatt and Ruthy Cooper: Marriage: 23 Dec 1967 Children of Ruthy Cooper and Elbert Emery are: + 192 i. born 03 Jun 1936 in Madill. Julia Standridge conducting and Rev. AR. OK24. Riley assisting. Texas. died 03 Mar 1929 in Madill. retired to Lake Hamilton near Hot Springs. Lain and Ruby celebrated their Sixty-fifth Wedding Anniversary. officiating.

He married (1) Clotte Nance 14 May 1932.. Floyd lived at 2001 Adams in Baytown. Block Number 12.1)25 was born 29 Dec 1909 in Story. Henry Floyd4 Cooper (Henry Leonard3. Notes for Roderick Laney Cooper. Mary Marthalene5 Cooper." This child is buried in Lot Number 12. and died 13 Mar 2001 in Burnet. Lain Cooper. OK. AR. Jr. TX. and owned a service station on West Main. Cooper Marriage: 06 Aug 1927 Children of Roderick Cooper and Ruby Stachey are: 197 i.. born 07 Dec 1933 in Story. OK. William M. Jr. conducted by Rev. The body was held awaiting the arrival of Mrs. living in north Madill. He was an insurance agent in Baytown for 15 years. AR. died 14 Mar 1929 in Madill. OK24. Walters of Durant. His funeral service was conducted by Rev. and died 04 Mar 1964 in Baytown. son of Mr. Dorothy Hazel Cooper.Descendants of William M. Memory Gardens of Baytown (TX) Cemetery Religion: Southern Baptist More About Henry Cooper and Shellia Nickelson: Marriage: 21 Mar 1936 Children of Henry Cooper and Shellia Nickelson are: + 200 i. Roderick Laney5 Cooper. Roderick Lenard2. Paul Stephens. iii. Jr. died 24 Nov 2007 in Houston. Texas. More About Roderick Laney Cooper. He married (2) Shellia Mae Nickelson 21 Mar 1936. who lives in Arkansas. 1929: "Lain Cooper Jr. + 201 ii. and a member of Second Baptist Church. born 12 Dec 1940 in Durant. More About Henry Floyd Cooper: Burial: Memory Gardens of Baytown (TX) Cemetery25 Religion: Southern Baptist More About Henry Cooper and Clotte Nance: Marriage: 14 May 1932 More About Shellia Mae Nickelson: Burial: 15 Mar 2001. OK. and Mrs. born 10 Dec 1937 in Madill. Donald Ray Cooper. Notes for Henry Floyd Cooper: At the time of his death at the age of 54. Page 50 . Madill. 125. a position he held for five years. Funeral Services was [sic] held at the Watts Funeral Home Saturday March 16.: According to an article in The Madill Record newspaper dated March 21. born 09 Dec 1928 in Madill. TX.: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. OK. She was born 20 Sep 1917 in Swearington. He was formerly district manager of the American National Insurance Co. TX. OK + + 198 199 ii. Shirley Ann Cooper. TX. Cooper's mother. pastor of Second Baptist Church. born 08 Sep 1931 in Madill. died at the family residence March 14. followed by interment in Woodberry-Forest cemetery under the direction of the Watts Funeral Home.

OK Occupation: Gardener/Cook/Seamstress/Bookkeeper Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for John Welch McClure: Page 51 . Winnie Pearl4 Cooper (Henry Leonard3. 126. She and John always had a garden and two of Winnie's greatest joys in life were tending to the garden and canning and freezing garden produce. bring them home.1) was born 10 Jan 1912 in Story. OK. she became the Mistletoe Express Agent for three years (1972-1974) before she retired. and died 06 Jun 1996 in Madill. Winnie recalled that they grew everything they ate . Peggy Lou Cooper. In high school she was active in the 4-H Club and played on the girls' basketball team. June 6. Roy Oates. Her first teacher was Virgil Bonner (a third cousin). Oklahoma with her family in 1919. she passed from this Earth on to a glorious place called Heaven on Thursday. Winnie moved in a covered wagon from Story. She became a Christian at an early age and had been a member of the Buckholt. She taught preschool children in Sunday school for a number of years. opossums. "at 12 o'clock noon and the snow was a foot deep.hogs. OK. Baptist churches. When John retired. Homer Walkup. and wild turkeys. It was still referred to by the locals as the “Old Cooper Place on Red Ridge Road. a variety of vegetables and fruits. and died 25 Nov 1996 in Madill. A yearly family outing was to go to the nearby mountains and pick huckleberries by the tub full. At the age of seven. and Madill First." She had the joy of knowing that all 20 of her grandchildren and the older of the great-grandchildren were "Born Again" believers in Jesus Christ. born 17 Mar 1944 in Durant. kept grand and great-grandchildren. AR.m. they didn't miss. After the first of her 20 grandchildren was born. More About Winnie Pearl Cooper: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery.. Madill. Notes for Winnie Pearl Cooper: Winnie was born on a cold January day in Story. gave the land for the building of a schoolhouse. she was known in the family as "Granny.Descendants of William M. former pastor of First Baptist. He was born 26 Jun 1905 in Madill. Arkansas to Madill. Antioch. Peterson's and Ewing's Department Stores. Madill. At the age of five. Their home near Story was still standing as late as 1996. Gillett's. Cooper + 202 iii. Rev. chickens. A creek was about 1/2 mile from their house where they caught fish. Most of the teachers roomed at the Cooper house in the parlor. In retirement she did sewing and alterations in her home." according to her mother." Winnie graduated from Madill High School in 1931. At the age of 84. son of John McClure and Mary Ott. rabbits. They also had a grape vineyard. She worked at several full-time and part-time jobs: As the Bookkeeper for the Railway Express Office. 1996. Madill. Burial was in Woodberry-Forest Cemetery under the direction of Watts Funeral Home. as a Cook at the Madill High School cafeteria. Her father. led the service honoring her long and fruitful life. In the early years of her marriage. Unless they had sickness. and tended her garden. Roderick Lenard2. Pastor of First Baptist. Henry. They used a wagon sheet and coal oil heater when needed in the winter. deer. OK. she was very active in the Weaverton Home Demonstration Club. Her father liked to hunt so they enjoyed his kills of quails. William M. and lots of different kinds of berries. Winnie started to school which was only about 200 years from their house. as a Seamstress at Madill Manufacturing Co. She married John Welch McClure 04 Aug 1934 in Madill. They went to church in a wagon in all kinds of weather. and can them. OK. squirrels. OK. and Rev. She said their Southern Baptist church was 3-1/2 miles away in Story. Winnie married John Welch McClure in 1934 in the home of her parents when she was 22. at 12:07 a. and at the Marshall Memorial Hospital and Federated. Arkansas.

born 08 Jul 1940 in Madill. and Richard Midkiff. As a young man he owned a threshing machine and employed a large crew of men to operate it. James Murrel Cooper remembers that his Uncle John had a black riding horse named Queen.Descendants of William M. for many years. Glenn Smith. 1996. They lived on "the old Love place" west of Oakland when he and Winnie first married. died 22 Mar 1996 in Madill. Roderick Lenard2. and Doyle Blakely. born 18 Feb 1938 in Madill. Johnnie Ruth McClure. at 3:34 a. Burial was on November 29. Indian Territory. he had the joy of knowing that his four daughters and their husbands and all 20 of his grandchildren were bornagain believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. After the first of his 20 grandchildren was born. More About John Welch McClure: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. Notes for Ava Lenora Cooper: Page 52 . 128. born 10 Jun 1943 in Madill. AR. OK. He also drove the school bus and church bus for many years. Cooper John Welch McClure was actually born in Madill. + 205 iii. Honorary escorts were Vernon Ard. composed of four of his grandsons (Barry. led the service honoring his long and fruitful life. a position he held until the office was closed in 1966. John supplemented the farm income by a variety of jobs. 1996. William M. they lived at 701 W. He played the piano by ear and possessed a fine bass voice. In the Fall of 1944. Francis. He became a Christian at the age of 19 at the First Baptist Church of Madill and was ordained a deacon by the Antioch Baptist Church at the age of 29. Bill Landgraf. OK Occupation: Farmer/Railway Express Agent Religion: Southern Baptist More About John McClure and Winnie Cooper: Marriage: 04 Aug 1934. Oklahoma in 1907-08 and Tucumcari. John and Winnie lived at 611 W. New Mexico in 1916-17. Madill. Casket bearers were Harry Cassell. Scott Landgraf. Craig. Mary Susanna McClure. He also worked at the Madill Cotton Gin and drove a road grader for the county. The heavy rains were followed by "green bugs" that ate the remaining oats. Winona Pearl5 McClure. + 204 ii. and died 20 Jan 2002 in Madill. Burney from 1946 until 1955.1) was born 13 Jun 1916 in Story. She married Robert Langdon Broderick 06 Nov 1942. sang some of John's favorite old hymns. he was known in the family as "Daddy John. (two years before it became Oklahoma in 1907). OK. Pastor of First Baptist. Madill. Their second home was "the old Benich" place southwest of Madill. November 25. most importantly. he sold the farm and moved to Madill to become the Railway Express Agent. His parents were John Luther McClure and Mary Alice Isabell Ott McClure.m. Madill. OK. + 206 iv. rancher. During the 1960’s John also drove a truck for Gordon Freight Lines. OK. Ava Elaine McClure. Madill. OK. born 16 Jun 1935 in Madill. But. Ardell Pickett. The Spring of 1944 brought heavy rains which practically ruined his oat crop. in WoodberryForest Cemetery under the direction of Watts Funeral Home. From 1955 until 1996. He would have preferred to have lived his life as a farmer. Madill. he passed from this Earth on to a glorious place called Heaven on Monday. John lived in Marshall County all of his life except for two brief periods: Boswell. He helped to clear the timber for Lake Texoma in the Willis and Lebanon areas. The River Red quartet. At the age of 91. Roy Oates. Randol Bullard. John led the singing when they were members of the Antioch Baptist Church and sang in the church choir at First Baptist. and Mark Williams and Stephen Ard). NY." All 20 of his grandchildren graduated from high school and many of them graduated from college. Arvell White. At the age of 29 he married Winnie Pearl Cooper. John had cataracts removed from his eyes but continued to have failing vision which was further impaired by glaucoma. and dairyman. He was born 07 Sep 1918 in Schenectady. OK Children of Winnie Cooper and John McClure are: + 203 i. Ava Lenora4 Cooper (Henry Leonard3. Rev. In 1939 they moved to the Weaverton Community where they owned 130 acres. In 1968 he took over the Mistletoe Express in Madill and continued with this job until he retired. OK.

was a student of both George Weinheimer and Barber Weinheimer in basic training to become a teacher of art. In Schenectady. and still life. His name was Robert Langdon “Bob” Broderick of Schenectady. In 1962 Ava moved to Madill. She was an intense fan of Oklahoma University Sooners' football and painted a portrait of Coach Barry Switzer that was presented to Barry by her son. Cooper Ava was born as the twelfth and last child of Henry Leonard and Celia Susanna Cooper." At this club she was looking over the shoulder of a young marine while he was doing a sketch. She also worked for White Cross Drugs as manager of a food service counter. and Arkansas and her work is in private collections all over the United States. She asked if he were interested in art. and worked in Schenectady as a technical illustrator for the General Electric Company." "Aunt Ava was cool before it became popular to be cool" (Said by one of her great-nephews.Descendants of William M. they lived in Schenectady where Bob worked for the railroad until his retirement. Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. A representative of the company came to their home. Ava had to quit school after the eighth grade because of what was diagnosed as a "dropped kidney" but was probably the three damaged disks in her back. Mike. Numerous accolades were given by those in attendance . Ava belonged to a club called the "400 Club. and other cities while Bob was serving his hitch in the U. and saw each other each day until they married . from First Baptist of Madill and Dr. Oklahoma. At night she worked for a sign company painting the scenery as background for the lettering. New York." More About Ava Lenora Cooper: Burial: 22 Jan 2002. Bob Waitman.). After completing the course she went to work for a company in Kingston which did stage drops. She also owned a gift shop in Madill with Verna Neff as a partner. taught art in her home. and offered her an art course for $500. Ava continued her lifelong interest in art. Her wide range of work dealt in both conservative and contemporary landscapes. Ava was commissioned to paint the portrait of former Governor Raymond Gary for the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. She went on vacation to California and found she could get a job there. Indiana. and in Old Mexico.m."Ava improved the culture of this entire community through her art. conducted art workshops and continued her personal study of art. Texas. They lived in El Centro. "Ava loved her church and she loved her Lord. along with her drawing. showed them her work and designed sales flyers for them. Officiating at the service was her pastor. California. lived with Bob's parents. her physician and member of First Baptist of Madill. had two years of commercial art with the Federal School in Indianapolis. She has won approximately 100 awards in showings in New York. She rented a room from a Judge Simpson and his wife in El Centro. A graveside service was held in her honor on a sunny and warm January afternoon. Joe Potter. New Mexico. Ava lived at Brookside Manor in Madill. She attended Raymon Froman's School of Art in Cloudcroft. tested Ava for her artistic skills." When Ava was about 15 years old. Ava moved to Schenectady. After World War II was over. For the last four and one-half years of her life. Ava suffered from colitis "all her life. She called on merchants. OK Religion: Southern Baptist More About Robert Langdon Broderick: Page 53 .S.26 days later. Minnesota. When Bob went overseas. Ava was 26 years old. This common interest drew them together. Madill. where she worked as a waitress. Oklahoma. she clipped a coupon out of a magazine advertisement headed "Draw Me!" and mailed it off to a company in Minneapolis. Judge Simpson allowed them to move into his garage apartment. They talked until 3:00 a. portraits. and worked at General Electric until the war was over. Marines. She followed this by opening her own sign shop on the courthouse square in Madill where she also did stage drops and artwork for sales flyers for the local merchants.

and we always attended. At the church service we attended. He married Lora Murrel McClure26 03 Feb 1930. she would stop and tell me what the word was. great-grandfather and a member of Henderson Street Baptist Church. She had taught me that I must make a public profession and then be ready to tell others. I went to the altar. She was born 05 Oct 1912 in Madill. and died 23 Nov 1987 in Cleburne. at construction. Mamma would always kneel at the altar praying.Descendants of William M. TX Occupation: Service Station Operator and Heavy Equipment Operator Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Lora Murrel McClure: The following is the personal testimony of Lora Murrel. This tells something about her childhood and marriage but. He was a father. piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit. the four children attended a preaching service. tells about how she came to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ: "As a ten year old. TX. and I gave my heart to Jesus. until his death in 1987 at the age of 79. and died 15 May 2002 in Cleburne. daughter of John McClure and Mary Ott. James Lonnie4 Cooper (William Downous3. and he brought a New Testament to the little ones of the family. I immediately started reading it. I’m sure that her children would be saved. Next morning. NY. I knew nothing about how God's Holy Spirit works nor that in Hebrews 4:12 it says 'For the Word of God is quick and powerful. and of the joints and marrow. most importantly. Roderick Lenard2. However. On a Saturday night. Sharper than any two-edged sword. Copies of this were distributed at her funeral service. More About James Lonnie Cooper: Burial: Green Acres Memorial Park. Papa had bought a Model T Ford so we could get about more. Also. OK. By this time. and owner of a service station. I became distressed about something that was happening to me. Cleburne. There was not a church close enough to travel to by buggy or wagon. grandfather. Patiently. At that stage of my life. gospel singing in our home. as a heavy equipment operator. After retirement Lonnie lived in Cleburne. Cooper Religion: Roman Catholic More About Robert Broderick and Ava Cooper: Marriage: 06 Nov 1942 Child of Ava Cooper and Robert Broderick is: + 207 i. That very night. my older brother returned home safely. Michael Henry5 Broderick. Also. knelt with Christians who prayed with me. 131. frequently there would be revivals held nearby. Texas.1)26 was born 31 Aug 1908 in Pike. Not able to sleep when I went to bed. the first thing I did was tell Mamma. William M. Never a day went by but that family gathered around the organ for singing sacred songs. when World War I ended. This didn't happen because I was at church every Sunday hearing the Word preached.' Now I know that the reason I was restless was the power of God's Word working and the Holy Spirit leading as a result of living in a Christian home and a Mother who prayed while leading me to Jesus. These lasted from 2 to 4 weeks. TX. I was convicted that I needed Jesus as my Savior. OK. and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. I remember how I followed Mamma around while she did her work with my fingers pointing to the words I couldn't pronounce. born 26 Feb 1951 in Schenectady. Page 54 . Notes for James Lonnie Cooper: Lonnie worked as a farmer. I was six years old.

what a friend! Oh. The eulogy included having the congregation quote her favorite Bible verse in unison: "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God. 18 grandchildren. to them who are the called according to his purpose. Her funeral service was held at Martin's Funeral Home in Cleburne. Though sometimes when I remember the lowest and saddest times. More About Lora Murrel McClure: Burial: 18 May 2002. Page 55 . Walters officiated. and in Whitney and Cleburne. When 13 years old. Borrowing from the poem FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND: 'As I look back over the sands of time. I was carrying you. + 209 ii. He was 21. She worked many years to supplement the family's income. Oklahoma. Eddie Freeman and Rev. I have always felt that God called me to be a Mother of a large family. Texas. Cleburne. including being a pastor's secretary. Jerry Edwin Cooper. 1980 and had been married over 57 years at the time of Lonnie's death in 1987. She maintained a prayer list with over 100 names on it and frequently prayed for each of these people by name. Her children. After the children were grown she worked with Lonnie in their service station until they retired. So. OK. Cooper About one year later. I see two sets of footprints side by side. 44 great-grandchildren. Always He is there by my side. where she lived until her death. Parsons. She served beautifully in her role as matriarch of the Cooper family. At the time of her death she had five sons and one daughter. Roy Alvin Cooper. Kansas. a church was organized at the school that I attended. + 210 iii. upbeat attitude about life. until they were grown. Rev. They moved to Whitney in 1959 and to Cleburne in 1966. Texas. I asked the Lord about it and He said 'My precious child I never left you during your time of trial.Descendants of William M. Through it all. There has been much happiness as well as many trials. OK. During their marriage they lived in Madill. She could play the piano. and five great-great grandchildren. She deeply loved the Lord. William L. She was exceptionally intelligent and had a positive. Green Acres Memorial Park. and at age 11 I was baptized. such a friend! Jesus. She kept up with everyone and often prayed that each of them would have a personal relationship with Jesus. Jesus has never left me alone. In later years her hearing became impaired but she had excellent eyesight and regularly attended the Henderson Street Baptist Church where she often taught a ladies Sunday school class. but mostly worked in the home caring for their six children. saintly woman. OK. my Savior!" Lora Murrel graduated from Madill High School in 1930. All the family became members. I rejoice in the fact that I have witnessed our six children as they accepted Jesus as their Savior. we were married. born 06 Dec 1932 in Madill. even in difficult times. I met the man who was to be my life's companion. born 29 Mar 1935 in Madill. her husband. and her family." Romans 8:28 Lora Murrel was an unselfish. I see only one set of footprints. TX Occupation: Homemaker Religion: Southern Baptist More About James Cooper and Lora McClure: Marriage: 03 Feb 1930 Children of James Cooper and Lora McClure are: + 208 i. James Murrel5 Cooper.' HE HAS NEVER LEFT ME ALONE! Jesus. Where you see only one set of footprints. Al the age of 17. grandchildren and great-grandchildren respected and adored her. born 24 Mar 1938 in Madill. Lora Murrel and Lonnie celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on February 3. Her personal relationship with Jesus Christ was evident.

OK. AR. She attended school at Foss where she lived for nine years. vi. Lora June Cooper. OK. Marshall. OK. More About William Vernon Cooper: Burial: 05 Jan 1986. She was born 25 Jan 1914 in Madill. and died 15 Apr 1996 in Kingston. 1937. born 26 Dec 1947 in Parsons. CA. C. He married Rilla Oneta Wheeler 25 Aug 1937 in Linn. CA Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Ruby Fay Emery: Ruby was buried next to her husband on what would have been their wedding anniversary. KS. born 17 Jun 1945 in Oakland. OK27. CA. Cooper of Kingston and Wanda Vick of Ponca City. 3. Mrs. Cooper + + + 211 212 213 iv. + 215 ii. Linn Cemetery. CA.1) was born 17 Feb 1911 in Story. born 07 Dec 1942 in Parsons. KS. She and William Vernon Cooper [were married] on Aug. Roderick Lenard2. 25. Notes for Johnny Clyde Cooper: Johnny was a Sears employee. Bobbie Lee Cooper. William Harold5 Cooper. and died 06 Aug 1997. Eldon Earl Cooper. Mrs. Linn. Cooper. OK Children of Johnny Cooper and Ruby Emery are: + 214 i. Cooper died Jan.] Mrs. 82.. 25. Alameda. He married Ruby Fay Emery 12 Aug 1933 in Madill. 1914. More About Ruby Fay Emery: Burial: 12 Aug 1997 Religion: Southern Baptist More About Johnny Cooper and Ruby Emery: Marriage: 12 Aug 1933. She was born 12 Jul 1912 in Chickalah. Marshall. AR. She had been a pastry cook at Lake Texoma Lodge. His funeral service was held at the First Baptist Church of Hayward. J. in Madill and was reared in Marshall County. of Kingston were Wednesday. Vernon W. 132. 1986. died 09 Oct 1995 in Hayward. and died 03 Jan 1986 in Kingston. Montgomery. Johnny Clyde4 Cooper (William Downous3. in Linn. born 15 Jul 1938 in Madill. Clayton Durbin officiating. California with Rev. born 04 May 1945 in Parsons. KS. OK Occupation: Ranch Foreman Notes for Rilla Oneta Wheeler: The following appeared in her obituary in The Madill Record: Funeral services for Rilla Oneta Cooper. AR. Johnny was a deacon. Gordon Neal Cooper. William M. born 28 Dec 1934 in Madill. Roderick Lenard2. four grandchildren. Cooper was born Jan. Mr. Alameda. v. OK.Descendants of William M. 133. Marshall. William M. Marshall. six great-grandchildren. + 216 iii. OK. as John Welch McClure. He was ordained at the same service at the Antioch Baptist Church west of Madill. William Vernon4 Cooper (William Downous3. [Her nickname was Neet. Lone Tree Cemetery. Cooper died April 15 [1996] in a Kingston nursing facility following an extended period of declining health. She is survived by two children. Cooper attended the Kingston Church of the Nazarene and in later years the Grantham Baptist Church. OK28. More About Johnny Clyde Cooper: Burial: 22 Jan 1968. Madill. Hayward. daughter of William Emery and Nancy Shelby. one great-great-great grandchild and numerous nieces and Page 56 . and died 12 Jan 1968 in Hayward. Yell.1) was born 11 Apr 1913 in Story. Oklahoma.

136. born 14 Oct 1938 in Madill. Grider. Services were in Watts Memorial Chapel with Jerrell and Sherry Heath officiating. More About Beulah Eveline Cooper: Religion: Baptist Notes for Reece E. Burial was in the Linn Cemetery under the direction of Watts. Vernon and Karene Ard. OK Children of William Cooper and Rilla Wheeler are: + 217 i. died 1998. and died 21 Aug 1981 in Borger. Wilson 28 Nov 1936.V. He was born 25 Jan 1916 in Van Alstyne. Casket bearers were Earl Wayne Vick. + 221 iii. Vernon Winford5 Cooper. Linn. TX. Wanda Lucille Cooper. OK. born 11 Jul 1939 in Madill. born 17 Jan 1946 in Madill. Vance Edward Wilson. CA. Linn. Little. Phillip Lindsay. OK. got married. L. Ed Benton. Reece and Beulah "stood up" with them at the marriage ceremony. William M. and died 12 Oct 1977 in Redlands. Wilson: Occupation: Mechanic Religion: Baptist More About Reece Wilson and Beulah Cooper: Marriage: 28 Nov 1936 Children of Beulah Cooper and Reece Wilson are: + 219 i. OK.1) was born 13 Jan 1920 in Story. born 09 Nov 1940 in Madill. Roderick Lenard2. Music was arranged by Elaine Williams. Wilson: When Darrell Ard's parents. More About William Cooper and Rilla Wheeler: Marriage: 25 Aug 1937. Rufus Linn4 Cooper (William Downous3. AR. Jimmy Moss and John Henry. AR. + 218 ii. Della Diana Wilson. She married (1) Plesnicher. Inez Laverne5 Wilson. She married (2) Reece E. Roderick Lenard2. He married Ann Hughes 04 May 1941. OK Marriage Notes for William Cooper and Rilla Wheeler: The source of their marriage date is Oneta's obituary. More About Reece E.Descendants of William M. Beulah Eveline4 Cooper (William Downous3. Jones. TX.D. Cooper nephews. She was born 24 Oct 1924 in Mannsville. Linn Cemetery. born 06 Apr 1941 in Madill. OK. More About Rufus Linn Cooper: Occupation: Machinist Religion: Baptist More About Ann Hughes: Religion: Baptist Page 57 . L. William M. 135. More About Rilla Oneta Wheeler: Burial: 17 Apr 1996. OK. OK. John H. + 220 ii.1) was born 25 Dec 1916 in Story.

More About Everett Lawrence Scott: Religion: Baptist More About Everett Scott and Zola Cooper: Marriage: 11 Apr 1941 Children of Zola Cooper and Everett Scott are: + 224 i. OK. except for the period 1955 to August 1964. He was born 15 Apr 1920 in Oakland. 138. OK Page 58 . More About Zola Naomi Cooper: Religion: Baptist Notes for Everett Lawrence Scott: Everett retired from Jackson Manufacturing on June 1. 1942. and has worked at the Corner Drug Store since 1984. + 223 ii.1) was born 15 Feb 1927 in Buckholt. born 14 Oct 1956 in Durant. when she and Bruce and their family lived in Ryan. Malinda Faye5 Scott. OK. Jackie Linn5 Cooper. Oakland. He had a crossed eye that the Army wanted him to have surgery on. OK. He refused the surgery and was granted an honorable discharge in October. Notes for Zola Naomi Cooper: Zola retired from Dunn's Redbud Grocery on March 21. Ruby Imogene4 Cooper (William Downous3. AR. He obtained the rank of PFC in the Military Police during his brief six months in the Army. 1985. Roderick Lenard2. OK. he was drafted into the U. OK. 1985. except for a 9-year period from 1955 to 1964 when he and his family lived in Ryan. She married Everett Lawrence Scott 11 Apr 1941. KS.1) was born 31 Jan 1923 in Story. + 225 ii.S. Roderick Lenard2. Eddie Lee Scott. OK. and died 04 Feb 1989 in Madill. born 28 Nov 1943 in Parsons. Army during World War II. born 16 May 1950 in Durant. Notes for Ruby Imogene Cooper: Imogene is the youngest of the 10 children of Downous and Della Cooper.Descendants of William M. born 21 Apr 1946 in Phillips. Oklahoma. 137. He was born 20 Jul 1922 in Powell. She spent her entire life in Marshall County. Bruce lived his entire life in Marshall County. 9 years at Peterson's Department Store. William M. 1 year at Brookside Manor Nursing Home. Zola Naomi4 Cooper (William Downous3. Her career consisted of 8-1/2 years at the pants factory in Madill. More About Ruby Imogene Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Thomas Bruce Yow: After Bruce completed his junior year at Madill High School. Bruce was a Lumber Salesman and worked for many years for Madill Lumber Company that was owned by Carol Stafford. Oklahoma. OK. Cooper More About Rufus Cooper and Ann Hughes: Marriage: 04 May 1941 Children of Rufus Cooper and Ann Hughes are: + 222 i. Oklahoma. William M. She married Thomas Bruce Yow 03 Jul 1943 in Buckholt. TX. More About Thomas Bruce Yow: Burial: Oakland Cemetery. Barbara Ann Cooper.

She married (3) Ernest Powell 12 Oct 1951. Charles Lee5 Lamb. OK. Page 59 . and died 16 Oct 1969 in Madill. OK. TX. born 26 Dec 1945 in Madill. 139. Buckholt. AR. + 227 ii. OK.1) was born 09 Jun 1906 in Story. + 229 iv. OK. Marietta. OK. OK. Tommy Gene Yow. She married (1) Clarence Darnell. OK. born 24 Aug 1956 in Ryan. and died 11 Jun 1992 in Marietta. AR. born 10 Aug 1953 in Ardmore. She married (2) Fred Harrison Lamb 19 Dec 1924.Descendants of William M. and died 17 Jan 1978 in Marietta. born 25 Dec 1925 in Madill. died in Sulphur Springs. Roderick Lenard2. OK Children of Ruby Cooper and Thomas Yow are: + 226 i. Cooper Religion: Southern Baptist More About Thomas Yow and Ruby Cooper: Marriage: 03 Jul 1943. Anna Lou Lamb. Judy Jeannine Yow. He was born 12 Feb 1903 in Montgomery County. More About Birda Mae Lockhart: Burial: 15 Jun 1992. OK. William M. born 17 Mar 1931 in Haskell. OK. Thomas Leroy Yow. + 231 ii. OK. Birda Mae4 Lockhart (Annie Mae3 Cooper. OK. He was born 05 Jun 1897 in Wheeler. Lakeview Cemetery Occupation: Beauty Shop Operator and Owner Religion: Southern Baptist More About Fred Harrison Lamb: Occupation: Oil Field Mechanic Religion: Southern Baptist More About Fred Lamb and Birda Lockhart: Marriage: 19 Dec 1924 More About Ernest Powell: Occupation: Construction Worker More About Ernest Powell and Birda Lockhart: Marriage: 12 Oct 1951 Children of Birda Lockhart and Fred Lamb are: + 230 i. Patricia Louise5 Yow. + 228 iii. born 17 Mar 1949 in Madill.

1) was born 16 Apr 1924. William M. She married William Edward Wilson.1) was born 01 Oct 1918. Robert6 Tyre. FL. Rebecca Wilson. Denise Tyre. Maude4 Cooper. John Frank3. Douglas Tyre. 158. William M. John Emory6 Dennis. born 30 Jun 1949. Maria Vismor. He married // Yarborough. John Frank3. Maude4 Cooper.1) was born 10 Feb 1923.Descendants of William M. Rudine5 Cooper (Guy Olin4. Page 60 . He married Bennie Willis. 237 ii. 157. 238 iii. Jr. She married Neal Vismor. He married Hazel Penny. Jr. Children of Henry Dennis and // Yarborough are: 243 i. Penny Ann Dennis. Reuben Nathan3. (F. 240 ii. + 233 ii. He was born 24 Jun 1923. William James2. and died in Atlanta.1) was born 10 Jun 1921. John Frank3. Maude4 Cooper. 5 – Family Tree Maker Report 144. GA. Michael Vismor.1) was born 04 Jul 1915. 156. and died in Newman. Children of Nettie Dennis and Neal Vismor are: 239 i. William James2. William James2. Tommy Lou Cooper5 Dennis (F. William James2. William M. 245 iii. Jerry Dennis. 159. Cathy Vismor. She married Robert Tyre 20 Dec 1941. Nettie Eloise5 Dennis (F. 241 iii. GA. Mary Jane Dennis. Children of Tommy Dennis and Bennie Willis are: 234 i. Maude4 Cooper. 246 iv. Timothy6 Vismor. Henry Grady5 Dennis. Henry Grady Dennis III. Maude4 Cooper. John Frank3. Dorothy Edna5 Dennis (F. Robert Cooper6 Wilson. Sanford Thomas6 Dennis. William James2. Jr. Simons Island. William M. William M. 242 iv. 249 iii. and died in Disneyland. William James2. 244 ii. GA. 235 ii. born 19 May 1951.1) was born 19 Jan 1917. Children of Rudine Cooper and William Wilson are: + 232 i. FL. John Frank3. More About Robert Tyre and Dorothy Dennis: Marriage: 20 Dec 1941 Children of Dorothy Dennis and Robert Tyre are: 247 i.. William M. Patricia6 Dennis. son of James Floyd and Mary Weathers. and died 20 Sep 1989 in St. Cooper 5. 248 ii.5 Generation No. 160.. and died 25 Apr 1993 in Jacksonville. Donna Dennis. Children of John Dennis and Hazel Penny are: 236 i. Paul Dennis. John Emory5 Dennis (F.

GA. 166. Horace5 Dennis (F. 258 ii. Jaquelyn Anne5 Dennis (F. Child of Pauline Moore and Samuel Becker is: + 260 i. Richard Frank5 Dennis (F. Rosalyn6 Becker. Dawne6 Dennis. AL. 165. Elfreda Richardson. Kathleen6 Richardson. and died in Franklin. 167. William M. William M. More About Richard Dennis and Katherine Kirby: Marriage: 25 Oct 1952 Children of Richard Dennis and Katherine Kirby are: 254 i. Children of Olive Moore and George Cole are: + 261 i.1) was born 09 May 1926.1) was born in Roanoke.1) was born 19 May 1938. William James2. 163. John Frank3. GA. Becker. William James2. and died in Dallas. Jr. GA. She married Eugene Richardson 19 Jun 1960. Deryl6 Dennis. Patricia Ann Cole. John Frank3. and died in Franklin. John Frank3. Steve Dennis.1) was born in Wadley. She married Samuel P. William M. William James2. Heather Richardson. 253 ii. 259 iii. William James2. Pauline Mayme5 Moore (Annie Ethyl4 Cooper. William M. John Frank3. He married Katherine Kirby 25 Oct 1952. 255 ii. 262 ii. More About Horace Dennis and Dallas Bond: Marriage: 04 Nov 1962 Children of Horace Dennis and Dallas Bond are: 250 i. 164. John Frank3. Richard6 Dennis. 251 ii. Page 61 . Janet Dennis. GA. More About Harold Dennis and Emma Brooks: Marriage: 11 Feb 1951 Children of Harold Dennis and Emma Brooks are: 252 i. He married Emma Brooks 11 Feb 1951. William James2. and died in Decatur. Harold Nathan5 Dennis (F.. He married Dallas Ann Bond 04 Nov 1962.1) was born 08 Jul 1931. Maude4 Cooper. Maude4 Cooper. Cooper 161. 256 iii. She married George Cole. More About Eugene Richardson and Jaquelyn Dennis: Marriage: 19 Jun 1960 Children of Jaquelyn Dennis and Eugene Richardson are: 257 i. William M. Richard Wayne6 Cole. William James2. Jill Dennis.Descendants of William M. William M. AL. John Frank3. Sanford Dennis. Maude4 Cooper. Maude4 Cooper. Olive Precious5 Moore (Annie Ethyl4 Cooper.1) was born 25 Aug 1929.

Descendants of William M. Cooper
+ 263 264 iii. iv. Elizabeth Olive Cole. Kenneth Roger Cole.

168. Emily Ophelia5 Moore (Annie Ethyl4 Cooper, John Frank3, William James2, William M.1) was born in Wadley, AL. She married Lewis Vernon Knight. Children of Emily Moore and Lewis Knight are: + 265 i. Peggy Susan6 Knight. + 266 ii. Peter Wade Knight. 169. Annette5 Moore (Annie Ethyl4 Cooper, John Frank3, William James2, William M.1) was born in Fairfax, AL. She married (1) J. P. Rice. She married (2) Joseph Harold Elliott. Children of Annette Moore and J. Rice are: + 267 i. David Paul6 Rice. + 268 ii. Stephen Mark Rice. + 269 iii. Cynthia Carol Rice. 170. Henry George5 Cooper (Henry James4, John Frank3, William James2, William M.1) was born 27 Jan 1922. He married Dorothy Williams, daughter of Claude Williams and Icey. She was born 27 Apr 1927. Children of Henry Cooper and Dorothy Williams are: + 270 i. Henry Bruce6 Cooper, born 11 Mar 1949 in Akron, CA. + 271 ii. Thomas Allen Cooper, born 15 Jun 1951 in Belen, NM. 272 iii. Alison Lynn Cooper, born 15 Jul 1959 in Colorado Springs, CO. She married Charles Randall Howington. 171. Charles Elgin5 Avery, Jr. (Mamye Delilah4 Cooper, John Frank3, William James2, William M.1) died 1989. He married (1) Ann B. Bonner. She died Mar 1985. He married (2) Margie H.. Notes for Charles Elgin Avery, Jr.: Charles Jr. was a colonel in US Army. More About Charles Elgin Avery, Jr.: Burial: Five Points, AL Notes for Margie H.: Margie had two children from a previous marriage, Teresa and Kathy. She and Charles Jr. had no children. Teresa married Firah Obediat at Marietta, GA; Kathy married Doyle ______ at Pine Mountain, GA and they had sons Jessie and James. Child of Charles Avery and Ann Bonner is: 273 i. Steve Walter6 Avery, born 05 Apr 1959. He married Cindy; born in Roanoke, AL. Notes for Steve Walter Avery: Steve lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 172. Marilyn Elizabeth5 Avery (Mamye Delilah4 Cooper, John Frank3, William James2, William M.1) was born 14 Aug 1934 in Ft. Valley, GA. She married George Morton, son of P. Morton and Elbie. He was born 01 Aug 1931. Notes for Marilyn Elizabeth Avery: Marilyn lived at Ft. Valley, Georgia. Page 62

Descendants of William M. Cooper
Children of Marilyn Avery and George Morton are: 274 i. Avery George6 Morton, born 20 Apr 1955. 275 ii. Susan Elizabeth Morton, born 26 Jan 1958 in Huntsville, AL. She married Jimmie L. Bright. 276 iii. Charles Elgin Morton, born 03 Jul 1960 in Eglin AFB, FL. He married Debby Grimes. 173. Dr. John Raymond5 Cooper (John Milton4, John Frank3, William James2, William M.1) was born 02 Jan 1931. He married Mary Joan Cox, daughter of P. Cox and Helen Grant. She was born 16 Oct 1928. Notes for Dr. John Raymond Cooper: Raymond was a physics professor at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. Children of John Cooper and Mary Cox are: 277 i. Dr. Jan Allyson6 Cooper, born 13 Jan 1954. Notes for Dr. Jan Allyson Cooper: Jan was a professor at Oberlin College in Ohio. 278 ii. Dr. John Reed Cooper, born 25 Oct 1957. He married Susanne Strickland. Notes for Dr. John Reed Cooper: John was a medical doctor in Auburn, Alabama. 174. Doris Fleeting5 Cooper (William Oliver4, John Frank3, William James2, William M.1) She married Raymond Argo. Children of Doris Cooper and Raymond Argo are: 279 i. John6 Argo, born in Del City, OK. He married Carmine Collard. 280 ii. William Joseph Argo, born in USAF Shreveport, LA. He married Amy King. 176. Carol Evelyn5 Cooper (Leon Earl4, John Frank3, William James2, William M.1) was born 20 Aug 1942. She married (1) Craig Winfred Knowles. She married (2) William Thomas Curry, Jr., son of William Thomas Curry, Sr.. Notes for Carol Evelyn Cooper: Carol had a brown hair and brown eyes and was a "beauty." She took 13 years of piano lessons, sang soprano in the church choir, played clarinet in the high school band, and later was a majorette. She earned a B. A. in music from the University of Alabama where she was a member of AXO sorority. She lived at LaGrange and Forsyth, Georgia Notes for Craig Winfred Knowles: Craig grew up in Huntsville, Alabama where he was a track star in high school and national leader/vice president of Junior Achievement. He was a campus leader at the University of Alabama and was a member of the SX fraternity. He "lived and breathed" politics and many consider him the founder of the Republican Party in Alabama, meaning his key founding work later paid off in their being elected Republican governors, US representatives and senators where the state had always been a Democrat state. Craig ran the campaign for election of a North Carolina US representative and a campaign to elect a US representative to replace one who died prematurely. Child of Carol Cooper and Craig Knowles is: 281 i. Cooper Craig6 Knowles, born in Atlanta, GA. Notes for Cooper Craig Knowles: Page 63

Descendants of William M. Cooper
Craig was an "A-student" at high school in Forsyth, Georgia where he was also cocaptain of the football team. He graduated from Mercer College with a B. A. in English. He made the Dean's List several times and was a member of the SN fraternity. Child of Carol Cooper and William Curry is: 282 i. Cayce Carol6 Curry, born in Macon, GA. Notes for Cayce Carol Curry: Cayce graduated from Milledgeville College with a degree in nursing. She was always on the Dean's List. 177. Leon Earl5 Cooper, Jr. (Leon Earl4, John Frank3, William James2, William M.1) was born 03 May 1944. He married (1) Virginia Dee Smith. He married (2) Mary Patricia Ann Wood, daughter of Kenneth Wood and Mary Breen. She was born 10 Apr 1948. Notes for Leon Earl Cooper, Jr.: Butch was red headed and blue eyed. In high school he was a straight A student and active in all sports 3 letters in football, 3 in basketball, and 1 in baseball. He left high school early to attend the University of Alabama where he obtained a B.S. in physics and math and a J. D. (law). He completed these degrees in six years while active in campus politics. His first job was as a patent attorney with NASA in Huntsville, Alabama. He served as a USAF captain with JAG at Griffis AFB in Rome, NY and Camp Rahn AFB, representative of Vietnam. After the military service he attended Harvard Business School and obtained an MBA (Finance) and worked at Wall Street: Blyth Eastman Dillon (now Paine Webber) Senior VP 1973-1980; Dean Witter Reynolds Managing Director 1980-1983; Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company (now Chemical Bank) VP 1984-1985; Counselor - US, Japanese, and British governments and attorney in Southport, CT from 1984. BUTCH IS THE MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR OF INFORMATION TO MANY OF THE DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM M. COOPER.

This Wall Street Review
(The information below was copied from the Internet at URL: s_Wall_Street_Review ) [Some editing was done by Darrell Ard to make it more readable and spelled out abbreviations.] While movers and shakers for their time on Wall Street, investment bankers fade to not be remembered by anyone, though they worked long and hard hours to raise the capital that made America what it is the past 150 years. Partners at top 10 firms in the 1970s numbered a few 100s who worked together with many knowing most others; then, partners grew to the 1,000s today with most not knowing but a handful of other firm partners in their specialties. Add your info to memorialize those who spent their Christmas eves working to raise capital for American (and other) companies. Leon Earl “Butch: Cooper, Jr. - CMP First VP, Senior VP (Partner, Senior Partner)-Blyth Eastman (now UBS); Managing Director (Senior Partner)-Dean Witter (now Morgan Stanley) Capital market expert creating "size" on Wall Street and saving markets in 1991 and causing bull market of 1990s--see Timeline below. Advisor to Governments-US-Presidents-Reagan, Bush41, Bush43 Administrations, Federal Reserve, US Treasury; UK - Prime Ministers-Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Saudi-Oil Minister Sheik Yemini; JapanPrime Ministers, China-Various(Zhou Enlai/Chou En-lai thru Hu);

Page 64

and its traders out of work and you could not move its large trading floor elsewhere (except in 1-2 years to wire up that capability) and all the rest of Wall Street did NOT have this (Soly) ability at all. this advice with saving markets (see 1991 below) and causing bull market rally (see 1992) advances GE stock price 1985-2005 by 500% for which Welch is regarded as best CEO ever (but all done by this LEC advice) 1987-US Secretary of State Shultz visits China on LEC recommendation to Reagan Admin especially pointing out that China did not fire on Tianamin Square rebels even though son of Pres Zemin thrown out window and killed 1987-Advice to US & China on Nuclear Fuel provided to China 1986 repeated warnings of the crash that came in October 1987 1986-87 advice to Reagan Administration ends Contra attacks on Reagan especially pointing out no "scienter"/i. AAA ATT was only $100 million 1984 capital market studies-size (stock.that is. and so saving the US Government financing saved the US Government from default (US then borrowing 30 billion week x 52 weeks or 1. Soly would have been shutdown. Sohio/BP & ARCO . the entire rest of Wall Street could not have replaced Soly government financing because if indicted. Cooper Author-US Presidents .e. SEC. Welch changes to do 50-100 deals year.g. Colstrip financing for 4 NW utilities with Citibank & JP Morgan LC backing 1984-85 advice to Saudi Arabia Oil Minister Sheik Yemini to reduce & stabilize price of crude oil was adopted 1985 Neighbor Jack Welch (CEO of GE) advised to stop analyzing and doing only 3-5 deals year. and no one .in charge of 200 deals for 7 billion 1977-created ”size” on Wall Street-creating Valdez..Some Highlights 1973-85 Wall Street.not Soly executives. new interim Chairman for Salomon Brothers by Congressional committees where only 3-4 days before. no criminal intent 1986-87 repeated advice to Japan to allow financial futures to allow hedging are finally followed and such markets opened but warnings to Japan of Japan bubble and crash ignored and no one hedges 1991 advice to US Government (to Congress.$2 billion for Valdez. futures) and daily volume 1984-largest deal again $360 million Forsyth. nor Fed Reserve nor White house nor Congress realized or knew any of this info and after learning it they did not indict Saloman Bros . Mont. ALL of these committees and all of Wall Street were calling for indictment of Salomon Brothers noteat this time Soly was the financier for 75% of US Government financing and had no replacement . largest deals even by e. debt.. (Salomon Brothers had admitted rigging US Government Bond auctions to hog & receive most of the bonds in all these auctions and that admission caused both Congress and Wall Street to call for Salomon Brothers indictment) so saving Salomon Brothers also saved all global markets from collapse and 50 years of global depression (see further explanation in note below) & saved an estimated 20-30 trillion dollars in market losses following info in note taught to US Government.including 6.. global markets would have melted down causing that global depression. that the 'job' is not analysis but execution.. click 1967 HBS.000 year timeline of economic development: China's US Presidents ISBN 0595377092 India's US Presidents ISBN 0595379001 The Bush Family ISBN 0595332692 books link Bama law school. White House. Alaska deals for Exxon. Fed Reserve) saves Salomon Brothers (Soly) from indictment and collapse.. For previous 40 years the Federal Reserve practice was to Page 65 • • • • • • • • • • • • • . and not a single question was asked of Warren Buffett.. Before this. Alaska marine terminal-largest deals ever done at that point. see section D Timeline .5 trillion/yr more than any bank lending group could possibly provide but for few months) and if the US Government had defaulted. nor US Treasury... 1992-93>99 advice to US Government ends US Federal Reserve jawboning markets down permitting and causing the 1990s US & global stock market bull rally to new highs & creating increase of global markets value from 30 to 70 trillion.Five book series details genetic and religious history of all mankind .Descendants of William M.

banks . born 03 Sep 1981. Notes for Mary Patricia Ann Wood: Mary earned a BS in Education from Manhattanville College and and MS in Education from Boston College.this advice exactly followed in China / SIC purchase of 8% of (BX) Blackstone in March 2007 2007 summary outline of all global capital markets/ markets. etc 2004-06 Five books on ancestors of all 43 US presidents & 6000 history of global family including China leaders 2000 BC to today and including economic milestones globally for 6000 years 2005 advice to China (when Petrochina turned down in bid for UNOCAL) to instead buy such targets via investing in LBO structure and then only about 8-10% . born 27 Jul 1980. Wen. Minister of Finance Jin. grandmother Cooper. on using it. Children of Leon Cooper and Mary Wood are: 283 i.Descendants of William M.000 did NOT cause inflation) was explained to Congress (House banking and Senate Financing & Banking) Committees by this note writer-LEC and those committees then sledge hammered Greenspan at his testimony resulting in Greenspan stopping entirely jawboning for most of the 1990s (note the versatile Greenspan then claimed in huge PR campaign that his fine tuning caused the bull market rally of the 1990s . (and his preferred jawboning would have prevented any such bull market rally he claimed credit for) 1992 Advised Michael Milken that the overwhelming bulk of S&L problems / collapse he was blamed for and put in jail for was caused by US Government new rules causing marking to market millions of good mortgages and making it appear that the S&Ls equity was wiped out by the mandated reevaluation. as this stopping his jawboning the rally down is what allowed that bull market rally to occur & that done by LEC.all BS. Whit ws 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 160 pounds. advice to UK Prime Ministers Thatcher thru today’s' Brown especially cementing the "special relationship" • • • • • • • • • Notes for Virginia Dee Smith: Butch and Virginia had no children. He was named Earl after father and grandfather. 284 ii. Notes for William Earl Whitmel Cooper: At the age of 13. Patricia Evelyn Fitzsimmons6 Cooper. this flawed reasoning (proven flawed as the larger bull market rally of the 1990s from DJIA of 2000 to 12.Hu. SAFE. investment banking firms to China . that overwhelming fact and feature he was blamed for by US Government prosecutors was an argument never advanced or understood by Milken's attorneys.2000+ plus memo's 2001-02-advice to US to include India-Secretary of State Powell then visits & begins new relations leading to today's good relations and ending ignoring of India due to its arms deals with Russia . and Whitmel after Bonner great grandfather. 1995 advice to China to finance 500 of million of credit cards 2001-present advice to US . William Earl Whitmel Cooper. SIC 2007 repeated heavy Advice to Bush43 to jawbone US Fed Reserve into aiding markets finally and too late (markets broken/ wounded?) Fed Reserve finally acts 8/11/07 UK 1985-present. Page 66 . She was seldom sick! She was named after mother. Cooper jawbone down any increase in the US Stock markets above 6-7% / year due to the theory an increase of any larger amount would cause inflation. terrorists and especially capital markets .numerous topics including defense v. and grandmother Wood's mother's family. Notes for Patricia Evelyn Fitzsimmons Cooper: Patricia was born prematurely at 4-1/2 months and weighed only 1 pound 10 ounces. Milken released early. William after great and great-great grandfathers.

Doshia6 Marcum.1) She married Greg Kirby. with Rev. born 29 May 1990. Page 67 . Kimberly6 Kunnermann. 183. 290 ii. born 26 Nov 1974. He married Betty Ruth Horton 10 Feb 1951. He was a member of Carpet. Children of Harry Marcum and Celeste Marion are: 293 i. Heather Kunnermann. Children of Vickie Marcum and Greg Kirby are: 291 i. 294 ii. 188. Jr. Texas. Jennifer6 Kirby. William James2. He married (2) Kate Meadley. Notes for John Frank Humphries Cooper: Johnny was named after great-grandfather and great-great uncle. born 05 Jun 1985. She was born 09 May 1933 in Houston. Rebecca Marcum. John Frank3. More About Doug Smith and Tabitha Cooper: Marriage: Raleigh. born 23 Jul 1984. 181. Joe's funeral service was held at Howard-Glendale Chapel. Harry Gregory5 Marcum. Brett Osborn Smith. Tabitha5 Cooper (Freeman Ozell4. 292 ii. born 07 May 1955. Leroy "Skip" Smith. He and his brother Bob were in the carpet business for 23 years in Pasadena. Smith. William M. Henry Leonard3. Their business was called Cooper Brothers Carpet Service.1) He married (1) Celeste Marion. Lena Marcum. 296 iv. William M. All were strawberry blondes with blue eyes and handsome. 179. Emily Marcum. Notes for Henry Elgin Bonner Cooper: Henry was named Elgin after his father's favorite uncle.1) was born 03 Nov 1953. John Frank3.1) She married Frank Kunnermann. William M. TX. NC. TX. John Frank3. Notes for Carroll Joe Cooper: Joe lived at 10909 Muscatine Street at the time of his death at the age of 45. born 08 Sep 1953. OK. She married Doug Michael Smith in Raleigh. Carroll Joe5 Cooper (Wayne Theodore4. John Frank3. Elgin Avery and Bonner after his grandmother's family. Vickie Lynn5 Marcum (Lena Inez4 Cooper. William James2. (Lena Inez4 Cooper. William James2. Henry Elgin Bonner Cooper. NC Children of Tabitha Cooper and Doug Smith are: 287 i. born 15 Nov 1976. Linoleum and Resilient Floor Covering Workers Union Local No. 288 ii. Stephen Kyle Cooper6 Smith. 295 iii. 1863. William M. 297 v. William M. born 23 Sep 1980. 184. Mark Tyre Kirby. Jean5 Barker (Lena Inez4 Cooper. Children of Jean Barker and Frank Kunnermann are: 289 i. and died 06 Dec 1975 in Houston. born 06 Oct 1983. Teresa Marcum. Cooper 285 iii. William James2. born 15 May 1989. 286 iv.1)29 was born 04 Sep 1930 in Sentinel. son of Jack V. Jr.Descendants of William M. Roderick Lenard2. born 15 Jul 1983. John Frank Humphries Cooper.

S. Charles Wayne6 Cooper. in Ardmore. Texas. He was a member of St. Oklahoma to Houston. More About Waynda Lea Cooper: Occupation: Homemaker Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Bobby Gene Rushing: Bob retired with 25 years in the U. He and his brother Joe were in the carpet business for 23 years in Pasadena. George Parragin of St. Simmons Episcopal Church.Descendants of William M. Constance Sue6 Cooper. Henry Leonard3. Roderick Lenard2. Their business was called Cooper Brothers Carpet Service. Henry Leonard3. Notes for Bobby Gene Cooper: Bob. She married Bobby Gene Rushing 28 Jul 1952. OK. 304 iv. KS. Donald Gene Cooper. born 04 Mar 1953 in Houston. 299 ii. born 03 Feb 1952 in Houston. Texas in 1941. TX. TX. He was born 04 Jun 1931 in Lebanon. OK. William M. 189. born 09 Sep 1954 in Houston. Rites were conducted by Rev. More About Carroll Joe Cooper: Burial: Forest Park East Cemetery29 Occupation: Carpet Layer Religion: Southern Baptist More About Betty Ruth Horton: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Carroll Cooper and Betty Horton: Marriage: 10 Feb 1951 Children of Carroll Cooper and Betty Horton are: 298 i. 303 iii. born 04 Feb 1952 in Houston. Robert Arnold Cooper. born 06 Jan 1957 in Houston. S. TX. Notes for Waynda Lea Cooper: Waynda teaches 2 and 3 year old children at Oakview Baptist Church and works in the nursery. + 302 ii. He moved from Madill. TX. 190. Army and was employed by Uniroyal Tire Co. Page 68 . Waynda Lea5 Cooper (Wayne Theodore4. Simmons. Joe Allen Cooper. at the age of 45. and died 27 Jan 1978 in Houston. Roderick Lenard2. William M. passed away in his sleep of a heart attack. She married Parrott. TX. OK. Bobby Gene5 Cooper (Wayne Theodore4. Oklahoma. She was born 16 Jan 1933 in Wichita. Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery More About Bobby Cooper and Sue Lanham: Marriage: 02 Sep 1950 Children of Bobby Cooper and Sue Lanham are: 301 i.1) was born 20 Jan 1935 in Madill. More About Bobby Gene Cooper: Burial: 28 Jun 1978. born 15 Apr 1955 in Houston. TX. Lynellen Jane Cooper. TX. Cheryl Denise Cooper. TX. Cooper officiating.1)29 was born 05 Nov 1932 in Madill. + 300 iii. He married Sue LaVaughn Lanham 02 Sep 1950. Bob was a mill representative for Milligan & Calloway Carpet Co. born 07 Oct 1953 in Houston.

TN. Oklahoma.1) was born 04 Feb 1939 in Madill. On December 15. died 30 Nov 2003 in Memphis. Notes for Jennifer Joann Rushing: Jennifer graduated from Madill High School in 1990. She married Jerome Leslie Carver 29 Aug 1959. + 310 ii. Jennifer Joann Rushing. she graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant.Descendants of William M. He married Adele P. 1995. She never married. OK. Glen Buevenne5 Emery (Ruthy Viola4 Cooper. + 307 iii. born 01 Mar 1963 in Marks. KS. MS. born 10 May 1968 in Memphis. + 306 ii. More About Linda Sue Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Jerome Leslie Carver: Occupation: Accountant Religion: Southern Baptist More About Jerome Carver and Linda Cooper: Marriage: 29 Aug 1959 Children of Linda Cooper and Jerome Carver are: + 309 i. California.1) was born 08 Jul 1925 in Madill. Notes for Glen Buevenne Emery: Glenn attended high school in Madill. Riley. born 12 May 1958 in Heidelberg. Cynthia Leigh Carver. with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Education. Roderick Lenard2. Proske: Religion: Lutheran Page 69 . OK30. Roderick Lenard2. She taught at Madill High School. Glenn retired in July. born 22 Dec 1972 in Ft. OK. 1983. 308 iv. born 11 Oct 1954 in Gainesville. Henry Leonard3. More About Jennifer Joann Rushing: Religion: Southern Baptist 191. and died 27 May 1991 in Mount Ida. Proske 23 Sep 1948. William M. She was born 24 Feb 1924 in Giddings. TN. Randall Gene6 Rushing. More About Glen Buevenne Emery: Burial: Reed Cemetery. Henry Leonard3. Lorrie Ann Rushing. 192. Kelly Sue Rushing. Linda Sue5 Cooper (Wayne Theodore4. William M. TN. Arkansas. In 1948 he went to work for Trans Texas Airlines which became Texas International Airlines and later called Continental Airlines. Story. After 41 years as an Aircraft Mechanic (35 with Texas International at Hobby Airport in Houston). Cooper More About Bobby Rushing and Waynda Cooper: Marriage: 28 Jul 1952 Children of Waynda Cooper and Bobby Rushing are: + 305 i. Germany. and moved to Mount Ida. He was born 09 Sep 1935 in Jackson. Navy. Glenn went to work for Pan American Airlines when he was 17 in 1942 followed by a 2-year hitch in the U. Oklahoma. and Oakland. AR Religion: Lutheran More About Adele P.S. born 20 Dec 1969 in Madill. TX. AR30. TX. Michael Leslie6 Carver.

Jr Paul Dean6 Emery. Kenneth James6 Emery. Paul Dean5 Emery (Ruthy Viola4 Cooper. While stationed in New Jersey he met Kathleen "Kay" Cwiklinski. born 28 Aug 1961. "Kay was the strongest person God ever put on this earth. + 314 iii. and they were married for 44+ years. and "coupon shopper.J. She always put her family first. She underwent radiation and chemotherapy in Hot Springs. OK. doctors determined that the cancer had spread to her brain in May [2004]. She had been dealing with a recurring pituitary tumor since 1993. William M.1) was born 03 Jun 1936 in Madill. and others before herself. New Jersey.Humble Oil. and died Bef. CA.J. born 16 Oct 1948 in San Lorenzo. TX. and loved Foley Department Store's "Red Apple" sales. E. More About E. E.Descendants of William M. graduated from Reagan High School and received an Associate Degree from Alvin Junior College. J. and she came to Houston for special radiation and Page 70 ." She volunteered at her son's Little League baseball games during that time of her life. 315 iv. Cooper More About Glen Emery and Adele Proske: Marriage: 23 Sep 1948 Child of Glen Emery and Adele Proske is: + 311 i. TX. J. She was an excellent seamstress. William M. 1991 in San Leandro. Henry Leonard3.'s teasing and practical jokes. Henry Leonard3.J. 316 v. TX. 313 ii. TX. J. E. Arkansas. Kay retired from Mobil Oil Corp. and died 03 Jul 2004 in Houston. born 09 Apr 1953 in Houston. cook. born 27 Nov 1950 in Houston. She had a good sense of humor. Texas. She was born 16 Nov 1932. Roderick Lenard2. She worked for various oil companies . He married Kathleen Cwiklinski 08 Aug 1959 in Trenton. Notes for E. in Houston.1) was born 19 Sep 1930 in Madill. Superior Oil. which she needed to endure E. Unfortunately. He retired as a Field Engineer for Allied Signal Technical Services at NASA in Houston. Edward Joel Emery. Texas. The bulletin at her funeral service said. with all the devastating side effects. and Mobil Oil. J. NJ. More About Paul Dean Emery: Occupation: Printer More About Paul Emery and Virgina Borden: Marriage: 02 Apr 1948 Children of Paul Emery and Virgina Borden are: + 312 i. Upon retirement. OK. and was dealt another blow when diagnosed with lung cancer in November of 2003. Deborah Jean Emery. but never complained. (the letters are his name) spent four years in the United States Air Force. born 31 Aug 1953 in Houston. E. and had the scars to prove it.5 Emery (Ruthy Viola4 Cooper. and Kay moved to a country home near Mount Ida. where she was the Training Coordinator. Arkansas. Emery: E. CA. Emery: Religion: Baptist Notes for Kathleen Cwiklinski: Kathleen "Kay" graduated from Trenton High School in Trenton. gardener. 196. She married Lupe Murguia. daughter of Edmond Cwiklinski and Mary Rutka. born 20 Jul 1960 in San Leandro. He married Virgina Lee Borden 02 Apr 1948. loved to tease and do practical jokes. She was born 30 Apr 1938 in Trenton. Valerie Raye Emery. Shawn Martin Emery. NJ. She was a professional shopper. Roderick Lenard2. 194. J. CA.

2004. Houston. Emery and Kathleen Cwiklinski: Marriage: 08 Aug 1959. William M. born 14 Mar 1966 in Houston. TX Religion: Roman Catholic More About E.J. His funeral mass was at St. + 321 ii. TX. TX. Emery and Kathleen Cwiklinski are: + 317 i. He spent four years in the Navy then graduated from the University of Houston. She only complained when it was time to go to the doctor again. TX. Donald was the District Sales Manager for a pipe fabrication company in Houston. She married Jesse Collins Freeman 03 Apr 1954. More About Donald Ray Cooper: Burial: 28 Nov 2007. born 19 May 1960 in Houston. TX Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Bernice Demny: Bernice is a Senior Secretary for Shell Oil Company in Houston. + 323 iv. born 04 Dec 1963 in Houston. Mark Klein. Sharon Leigh Emery. Through all her obstacles. born 26 Mar 1962 in Houston. AR. born 07 May 1967 in Houston. Officiating was Father John Upton. + 322 iii.Descendants of William M. July 3. hope. Houston. John Vianney Catholic Church in Houston. and a smile. and was unable to overcome it. 198. TX. died 04 Jun 1964 in Houston. TX. Cooper chemotherapy treatments. Scott Keith6 Emery. TX. Trenton. Jennifer Lynn Cooper. and the service was directed by Rev. He married Bernice Demny 01 Jun 1957. TX. TX. + 319 iii. She passed away Saturday afternoon." The funeral mass was at Christ The Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Spring. TX. TX. Lisa Ann Cooper. The treatments weakened her body and compromised her immune system. Christopher Allen Emery. Donald Brian Cooper. Donald Ray5 Cooper (Roderick Laney4. More About Bernice Demny: Religion: Roman Catholic More About Donald Cooper and Bernice Demny: Marriage: 01 Jun 1957 Children of Donald Cooper and Bernice Demny are: + 320 i. NJ Children of E. Henry Leonard3. Roderick Lenard2. 318 ii. She contracted pneumonia. Dorothy Hazel5 Cooper (Roderick Laney4. He was an accomplished gardener of vegetables and fisherman. Memorial Oaks Cemetery. TX. born 01 Jan 1958 in Houston. she still had faith. Page 71 . She was born 18 Feb 1931 in Navasota. More About Kathleen Cwiklinski: Burial: 07 Jul 2004. William M. and died 24 Nov 2007 in Houston. Texas. born 29 Jun 1961 in Houston. OK.J. Notes for Donald Ray Cooper: Donald attended Texas A&M University before he joined the US Navy. He was born 19 Dec 1932 in Littlefield. Henry Leonard3. TX. Catherine Elaine6 Cooper. 199.1) was born 07 Dec 1933 in Story.1) was born 08 Sep 1931 in Madill. Roderick Lenard2.

She married (1) Gerald Devil Tatum 23 Aug 1958.1) was born 12 Dec 1940 in Durant. He was born 17 Mar 1935 in Caldwell. TX. More About Jesse Collins Freeman: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Jesse Freeman and Dorothy Cooper: Marriage: 03 Apr 1954 Child of Dorothy Cooper and Jesse Freeman is: + 324 i. TX. OK. He was born 10 Oct 1930 in Marble Falls. Susan Elizabeth6 Freeman. Cooper Notes for Dorothy Hazel Cooper: Dorothy attended Jefferson Davis High School and the University of Houston. He was a deacon and a teacher in Bible Study Fellowship. and died 23 Apr 1968 in Baytown. born 30 Sep 1968 in Denver. He was a partner in an offshore drilling and equipment company and sold commercial real estate. Shirley Ann5 Cooper (Henry Floyd4. and died 14 Aug 1983 in Burnet. attended the University of Houston. She married (2) Leonard Durwood Alcorn 03 Jul 1969. Henry Leonard3. William M. Henry Leonard3. TX. C. More About Dorothy Hazel Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Jesse Collins Freeman: J. William M. Nebraska. 201. TX. CO. She was a Secretary for the Klein School District. Floyd Kirk6 Tatum. died 08 Jun 2007 in Marble Falls. She married (3) William Carrol Heffington 06 Oct 1984. He was born 23 Aug 1936 in Kearney. TX. 200. He was born 08 May Page 72 . born 17 Jan 1962 in Baytown. She married Glenn Edward Grantham 16 Sep 1961. TX. Roderick Lenard2. OK.1) was born 10 Dec 1937 in Madill. More About Mary Marthalene Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Gerald Devil Tatum: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Gerald Tatum and Mary Cooper: Marriage: 23 Aug 1958 More About Leonard Durwood Alcorn: Religion: Church of Christ More About Leonard Alcorn and Mary Cooper: Marriage: 03 Jul 1969 More About William Carrol Heffington: Occupation: Barber Religion: Southern Baptist More About William Heffington and Mary Cooper: Marriage: 06 Oct 1984 Child of Mary Cooper and Gerald Tatum is: + 325 i. Mary Marthalene5 Cooper (Henry Floyd4.Descendants of William M. Roderick Lenard2.

Notes for Peggy Lou Cooper: Peggy attended Lee Junior College and the American Banking Institute. 20 Feb 1957 in Anson.Descendants of William M. She was the Supervisor. Able Mitchell6 Rossi IV. moved to DeQueen. More About Shirley Ann Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Glenn Edward Grantham: Glenn graduated from Robert E. She married Able Mitchell Rossi III 31 Aug 1963. TX. More About Glenn Edward Grantham: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Glenn Grantham and Shirley Cooper: Marriage: 16 Sep 1961 Child of Shirley Cooper and Glenn Grantham is: + 326 i. She was an Administrative Assistant with Baker Hughes Incorporated.S. from Lamar State College in Beaumont. Heather Glyn6 Grantham.. From 1963 to 1966. Page 73 . William M. Henry Leonard3. TX. Dr. OK. Texas. in Elementary Education from Oklahoma Baptist University. Jr. in Texas City. Texas. Notes for Winona Pearl McClure: Winona graduated from Madill High School in 1952 and received a B. Cooper 1941 in Ewing. Lee High School in Baytown. Arkansas. Baytown. He was born 08 Feb 1939 in Tahlequah. TX. More About Able Rossi and Peggy Cooper: Marriage: 31 Aug 1963 Child of Peggy Cooper and Able Rossi is: + 327 i.1) was born 17 Mar 1944 in Durant. Texas. and died 28 Feb 1987 in DeQueen. His employment was refinery/construction with Rhoam and Hass/Belmont Co. She married (1) William Lyles Moore. Winona Pearl5 McClure (Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. William M. OK. She married (2) Jack Allen Reed31 03 Sep 1961 in Madill. and attended Lee College and the University of Houston. Roderick Lenard2. OK. in 1964. OK. Deer Park. son of William Moore and Justin Edwards. beginning in 1967. born 18 Aug 1965 in Houston. Henry Leonard3. 202. son of Cecile Reed and Bluie Cookson. Oklahoma. Roderick Lenard2. TX. OK. in 1956. she taught first grade in Horatio. He was a Pipefitter for Amoco Oil Co. AR. at the Citizens Bank and Trust. She and her husband.S. More About Peggy Lou Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Able Mitchell Rossi III: Mitch earned an A. he was in the Air Force Reserve. For six years. Lee High School in Baytown. Notes for Shirley Ann Cooper: Shirley graduated from Robert E. 203. born 22 Nov 1966 in Baytown. He was born 21 Sep 1943 in Houston. Data Processing Center.A.1) was born 16 Jun 1935 in Madill. Peggy Lou5 Cooper (Henry Floyd4. Texas. Jack Allen Reed. Texas and Southwestern Business University. He attended Southwest College of Law and was a member of the Delta Theta Phi law fraternity. Texas. degree from Lee Junior College and a B. TX. Shawnee. He was born 1927 in Linn.

John enlisted in the Air Force in September. 1987. 1985. Ruth Ann Reed. in 1984. Oklahoma. Oklahoma. She sang alto in the church choir. in 1956. Jack succumbed to cancer at the age of 48 in University Medical Center at Little Rock on February 28. she spent much of her time traveling and visiting family. St. OK. for 22 years. After retiring. until 1964. He married (1) Kristina Lynn Martin 08 Oct 1988 in Jacksonville. OK Children of Winona McClure and Jack Reed are: + 328 i. Lions Club. Arkansas. Jack was a member of the Gideons. Rebecca Elaine Reed. More About John Andrew Reed: Religion: Southern Baptist Page 74 . OK. Nevada where John was a Financial Adviser for a car dealership. IL. Cooper Arkansas. OK. He served as an Air Traffic Control Specialist stationed at the Little Rock Air Force Base.Descendants of William M. Prayer Chain Group. He practiced chiropractic medicine in Madill. was called "Junior" or "Dub" by his family and friends. Notes for John Andrew Reed: John graduated from DeQueen High School in DeQueen. and Texarkana Community College in Texarkana. Anson. More About William Moore and Winona McClure: Marriage: 20 Feb 1957. born 31 Aug 1962 in Richmond. Arkansas. He married (2) Alesia Madge Almand 22 May 1999 in Tulsa. Jack loved to sing and play the piano. He was a graduate of Madill High School and Oklahoma State University. and Missions Alive Group. After marrying Alesia. in 1964. John took the required college courses of study to get into chiropractic college. DeQueen. Madill. taught third and fourth grade in Sunday school. While in the Air Force. John Andrew Reed. and a Sunday school teacher and deacon at the First Baptist Church. they moved to Las Vegas. 331 iv. Jr. He married Winona in 1961 and they moved to moved to DeQueen. John later lived in Dallas and studied for his Doctorate of Chiropracty. Jack Allen Reed practiced chiropractic medicine in DeQueen. AR. AR. He attended Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia. Celia Suzanne6 Reed. More About Winona Pearl McClure: Occupation: Elementary School Teacher Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for William Lyles Moore. Claremore. his first year after high school. TX Notes for Jack Allen Reed: Jack graduated from Claremore High School. OK. He was also an accomplished artist. Arkansas. in 1959. More About Jack Allen Reed: Burial: Redmen Cemetery. born 11 Oct 1967 in Des Plaines. born 17 Jun 1966 in DeQueen. AR Occupation: Chiropractor Religion: Southern Baptist More About Jack Reed and Winona McClure: Marriage: 03 Sep 1961.: William Lyles Jr. born 07 Mar 1964 in Madill. Arkansas. born 08 Oct 1957 in Madill. Arkansas. He earned a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine degree from Logan Chiropractic College. where she taught third grade until she retired in May 2000. born 21 Sep 1962 in Madill. Then she transferred to DeQueen Elementary School in 1974. + 330 iii. Missouri. VA. served on the Missions Committee. Louis. + 329 ii. Dr.

For over 20 years she worked as a substitute school teacher at J.Scott Thompson. sewing. son of Vernon Ard and Karene Churchwell. 1962. and Darrell advanced to the Page 75 . Shawnee. and moved to Dallas. Children's Choir Director.S. Bulgaria. Austria. More About John Reed and Alesia Almand: Marriage: 22 May 1999. and Czech Republic Her grandchildren called her "Grandma. She visited all 50 states of the United States. 204. Mary Sue served her church. Jamaica. J. He married Mary Susanna McClure. She married the boy next door. Jordan. in Secondary Education in the field of Home Economics. Sanctuary Choir Member (second soprano). Women's Missionary Union President. Mary Susanna5 McClure (Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. with a B. Mexico. He joined the Oklahoma National Guard (45th Division) in February 1959. California. on October 3. with a B. Shawnee. teacher of a senior adult ladies Sunday school class. Oklahoma. born July 12. The Heights Baptist Church.1) Notes for Mary Susanna McClure: Mary Sue grew up at Weaverton Community and Madill. Texas. Henry Leonard3. Jacksonville. in Secondary Education in the field of Industrial Arts. The Netherlands. OK + 332 v. as a Young People's Sunday School Teacher and Department Director for 29 years. England. Israel. 1980. Hungary. Oklahoma. He worked for one and a half years for Aerotest Equipment Company as a draftsman and drawing checker. 1959. Greece. Scotland. Her hobbies were playing the piano. in the Linn community where he went through the eighth grade in a 2-room schoolhouse. Slovakia. OK Occupation: Secondary School Teacher Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Darrell Franklin Ard: Darrell grew up 10 miles east of Madill. and traveling. He contracted for six months as a draftsman at Ling-Temco-Vought Corp. 1959. Texas. This company later became E-Systems Inc. Darrell graduated from Madill High School in 1954. Arkansas. Germany. M. Ireland. Tulsa. cooking. Roderick Lenard2. On September 13. on October 3. Canada. he went to work for LTV Temco Aerosystems as a senior draftsman at an annual salary of $6000.Descendants of William M. born 31 Oct 1968 in DeQueen. Mary Sue worked in Dallas as a secretary at the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. William was born 18 Feb 1938 in Madill. and moved to Dallas. She graduated from Madill High School in 1955. She married Darrell Franklin Ard 03 Oct 1959 in Madill. attained the rank of Specialist E-6. Cooper More About Kristina Lynn Martin: Occupation: Hairdresser More About John Reed and Kristina Martin: Marriage: 08 Oct 1988. Darrell Franklin Ard. AR Notes for Alesia Madge Almand: Alesia has a son from a previous marriage . Oklahoma. Pearce High School in Richardson. France.S. and Collins Radio Company. Switzerland. and served on numerous committees. Wales. in May 1959." More About Mary Susanna McClure: Baptism: Apr 1959. He was born 16 Sep 1937 in Madill. at the age of 16 and from Southeastern State College in Durant. spent six months on active duty (Service Number 25766261) at Fort Chaffee. and Fort Ord. OK. and spent six years in the active reserve. OK. Paul Cookson Reed. and from Oklahoma Baptist University. in January 1959. Texas. the girl next door. Oklahoma. AR. OK.

Scotland. Sanctuary Choir President. Belgium. Germany. After leaving E-Systems at the age of 56.B. he distributed the computers to pastors. graduated with honors from J. Department Director. and genealogy. In 1982 the ADPA granted Darrell professional certification as a Configuration Manager.A. orphanages. When Darrell and Mary Sue first moved to Dallas. Texas. Material Requirements Planning. Senior Accountant with Trammell Crow Company in Dallas. and Bulgarian Child Inc. Cooper position of Manager of Operations Services. primarily to Belarus and Bulgaria. and Credit Union Audit Committees. In 1987 Darrell was elected to the executive board of the Technical Documentation Division of the American Defense Preparedness Association (ADPA). Australia. New Zealand. France. TX. Madill. Volkswagen toy collecting (over 900 unique ones). Deacon. Hungary. Dallas. During his employment with E-Systems. Luxembourg. OK Children of Mary McClure and Darrell Ard are: 333 i. DC. After college Annette held positions as a Senior Auditor with Arthur Anderson & Company. He was caught up in the downsizing of the defense industry and retired early from E-Systems in December. they bought their first new home at 8162 Greenhollow Lane. The Ard family joined Richardson Heights Baptist Church (name changed to The Heights Baptist Church in 1996) in October 1962. Mexico. In the fall of 1962. and graduated from Baylor University in 1983 with a B. Slovakia. Darrell and Mary Sue traveled to Bulgaria on mission trips. Jamaica. On trips to Bulgaria. They then moved to the Oak Cliff area and rented a house at 2112 Michigan Avenue from May 1960. Dallas. General Sunday School Director. His grandchildren called him "Grandpa. Greece. Germany. In January 1998. in Accounting. J. Wales. the Internal Audit Manager of the Plano (Texas) Independent School District. In 2006 he was selected to serve on the board of directors of Ridgway Ministries Inc. they lived for nine months in an apartment at 7711 Eastern Avenue. Baptist Men President. Texas. He also had a "computer ministry" where he reconfigured a few hundred donated computers and provided them for shipment to Eastern Europe. he made almost 100 trips to Washington. Pearce High School in 1979. He belonged to the Dallas Genealogical Society. Israel." to the Holy Land of Israel and to Petra in Jordan. Notes for Susan Annette Ard: Annette grew up in Dallas. Ireland. Fiji. plus many trips to most of the major cities in the United States and two trips to Australia. until September 1962. born 01 Nov 1960 in Dallas. His hobbies were coin collecting. He loved to travel and had been in all 50 of the United States. she became a Page 76 . The Netherlands. he and Mary Sue made "our greatest trip. they spent three weeks at the offices of the European Baptist Convention (EBC) in Wiesbaden. E-Systems was later purchased by Raytheon. personal computers. and hospitals.Descendants of William M. Darrell developed computer databases for the Bulgarian Baptist Union and the EBC. At E-Systems he served on the Suggestion. In the fall of 1999. and as a Consultant with Pierce Johnson Management Search Consultants. Switzerland. in the fall of 1969 they bought their second new home at 7647 Querida Lane. Austria. and did some computer training through a translator. England." More About Darrell Franklin Ard: Occupation: Engineering Administrator Religion: Southern Baptist More About Darrell Ard and Mary McClure: Marriage: 03 Oct 1959. and achieved certification as a Microcomputer Operations Specialist. he attended Richland College to take 22 computer classes. Jordan. In the spring and again in the fall of 1999. In March 1987. Design-Drafting-Procedures Manual. Bulgaria. Political Action. 1994. He had also been to Canada. after 32 years of employment. Susan Annette6 Ard. He served on four Pastor Search Committees. and Czech Republic. and Trustee and chaired and served on numerous committees. where Darrell served as a Sunday School Teacher. photography. Texas.

Henry Leonard3. TX. 205. and enjoyable life that amidst struggles and pain still provides beauty. Oklahoma. Virginia Wynne6 Jacks. Roderick Lenard2. OK. iii. Oklahoma. born 20 Jul 1962 in Dallas. Abigail Maria Ard. for Granny's 80th Birthday Book. but most of all.S. and purity. born 01 Jul 1960 in Madill. Notes for Johnnie Ruth McClure: Johnnie graduated from Madill High School in 1958. and attended Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee. Annette said "My goals in life are simple. William M.1) was born 08 Jul 1940 in Madill. in Guidance and Counseling in 1972. both degrees were earned at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. and Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. She married Leston Pate Jacks 27 Jun 1959 in First Baptist Church. Cooper Certified Public Accountant. born 06 Dec 1966 in Dallas. TX. I want love that is free to give and to get. in Secondary Education (Woodworking and Drafting) in 1961 and an M. In June. More About Leston Pate Jacks: Occupation: Social Worker/Counselor Religion: Southern Baptist More About Leston Jacks and Johnnie McClure: Marriage: 27 Jun 1959. TX. OK Occupation: Church Secretary Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Leston Pate Jacks: Leston graduated from Madill High School in 1956. First Baptist Church. and feeding and observing birds. He received a B. She was a Charter Member of the Oklahoma Singing Churchwomen that started in 1989.S. Ellen Kay Ard. After 1979 he was a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with the Oklahoma Rehabilitative Services for Johnston and Marshall counties. OK Children of Johnnie McClure and Leston Jacks are: + 337 i. OK. Most of her adult life she fought depression and its ensuing problems in all areas of her life. died 09 Mar 2003 in Plano. Brazil. For 14 years he was a High School Teacher and Counselor in the Madill School System. TX. Johnnie Ruth5 McClure (Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. and died 22 Mar 1996 in Madill. OK. OK. born 02 Jul 1972 in Dallas. 1994. a career that is challenging but is more play than work. Oklahoma. Page 77 . Winnie McClure. OK. except for 1973 when she taught private piano lessons in her home. More About Johnnie Ruth McClure: Burial: Woodberry-Forest Cemetery. Oklahoma. Stephen Franklin Ard. I need and I want to know my God looks down on me and He is pleased. passion. Madill. iv. From 1972 until 1996 she was the Church Secretary at the First Baptist Church. In a letter to her grandmother. Madill. but perhaps too unattainable at times to keep me motivated.Descendants of William M. He was born 04 Nov 1937 in Madill. His interests were woodworking. she and Leston traveled with the Churchwomen to Rio de Janeiro. fishing." More About Susan Annette Ard: Occupation: Accounting/Consulting/Sales Religion: Southern Baptist + + + 334 335 336 ii. joy. son of Alfred Jacks and Virginia Jackson. Madill. Madill. Adult-onset diabetes caused her many physical problems and eventually weakened her heart to the point of where she could not recover from surgery. She also played the organ at First Baptist and for numerous funerals at Watts Funeral Home.

in 1993. Oklahoma. She married (2) Steven Keith Haworth 28 Mar 1997. He attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. served as Assistant to Announcer for Madill High School sports. and studied electronics. OK. OK. born 19 Sep 1961 in The Philippines. OK. OK. OK. Leston Stewart Jacks. More About Cooper Elizabeth Jacks: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Anthony DeWayne Erwin: Tony graduated from Kingston High School in Kingston. OK More About Steven Haworth and Cooper Jacks: Marriage: 28 Mar 1997 Notes for James Robert Hunter: James had two children from a previous marriage: Kelsi Paige Hunter was born June 14. He graduated from Ardmore Vo-Tech in Ardmore. Brandon was strongly interested in sports. Notes for Brandon Pate Jacks: Brandon graduated from Madill High School in Madill. More About James Hunter and Cooper Jacks: Marriage: 15 Nov 2002. born 11 Oct 1971 in Madill. he graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. Beth was employed by Marshall Memorial Hospital. born 04 Feb 1972 in Pauls Valley. OK. First Baptist Church. born 13 Aug 1963 in Madill. Oklahoma. Notes for Cooper Elizabeth Jacks: Beth graduated from Madill High School in 1989. with a certificate in electronics. Amy Lee Jacks. born 13 May 1965 in Madill. Madill. OK 341 v. Oklahoma. Cooper Elizabeth Jacks. in 1980. His long range plan was to be a sports journalist. On December 13. OK. Brandon Pate Jacks. Madill. Cooper + + 338 339 340 ii. Madill. with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication. More About Brandon Pate Jacks: Page 78 . born 28 Jul 1973 in Madill. 1996. her relay team won third place in the state of Oklahoma in the two mile relay race. iii. Oklahoma. born 08 Dec 1961 in Willis. He was employed in school administration by Madill High School. in 1991. He earned an Associate Degree of Journalism from Murray State College in Tishomingo. She attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. Oklahoma. 1994 in Ardmore. Oklahoma. He was employed by WW Trailers in Madill. He was also employed part-time by radio station KYNZ in Ardmore. Oklahoma. More About Anthony DeWayne Erwin: Occupation: Welder More About Anthony Erwin and Cooper Jacks: Marriage: 11 Jul 1992. OK. While in high school. Oklahoma. She married (3) James Robert Hunter 15 Nov 2002 in Madill. iv. 1998 in Ardmore. OK and James Frank Hunter was born October 3. and as a team manager.Descendants of William M. She carried her grandmother Winnie McClure’s maiden name as her first name but went by Beth. She married (1) Anthony DeWayne Erwin 11 Jul 1992 in First Baptist Church. OK. Oklahoma.

" More About Ted Craig Williams: Occupation: Postman Religion: Southern Baptist More About Ted Williams and Ava McClure: Marriage: 07 Sep 1963. OK. She later worked for First National Bank in Ardmore as a loan secretary. supervisor for a truss company. surveyor. Madill. GA. More About Janet Lynn Williams: Occupation: Banking Secretary Religion: Southern Baptist Page 79 . William M. Ava Elaine5 McClure (Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. Ted had a variety of jobs: Construction engineer. Janet Lynn Williams. with a Bachelor of Business Administration. AR. She married Ted Craig Williams 07 Sep 1963 in Madill.Descendants of William M. + 343 ii. Elaine was mysteriously given the nickname of "Tootsie" as a child and was frequently called that by the family." Elaine had a beautiful first soprano voice and sang in the church choir and with the Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma for many years. OK. She married David Bridges 02 Jul 2006 in Las Vega. More About Ava Elaine McClure: Occupation: Homemaker Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Ted Craig Williams: Ted graduated from Madill High School in 1960. born 22 Oct 1967 in Sallisaw. east of Madill. Notes for Ava Elaine McClure: Elaine graduated from Madill High School in 1961. son of Earl Williams and Peggy Wheeler. Oklahoma. After he became a grandfather. she was known in her family as "Tootsie Mam-maw. born 10 Oct 1964 in Fort Smith. Oklahoma. Janet went to work for The Bank of Southern Oklahoma in Madill as a loan secretary. After living several places in Oklahoma and Texas. Ted was adopted at the age of 14 from the Baptist Children's Home in Oklahoma City as a teenager by Earl and Peggy Williams of Grantham Community. Henry Leonard3. specializing in Banking and Finance. OK Children of Ava McClure and Ted Williams are: + 342 i. Janet graduated in 1990 from Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee. born 18 Apr 1966 in Sallisaw. and postman.1) was born 10 Jun 1943 in Madill. Cooper Occupation: School Administrator Religion: Southern Baptist 206. and did substitute teaching. Texas. Elaine was a mother and housewife. Roderick Lenard2. 344 iii. She moved to Lewisville. She sang alto with the Bisonette Glee Club while at OBU. After graduation from OBU. worked at a daycare center. and worked as a loan administrator for First State Bank of Texas and later as Head of the Loan Department at United Community Bank in Lewisville. Craig Earl Williams. OK. they moved back to Madill in 1976. Notes for Janet Lynn Williams: Janet graduated from Madill High School in 1986 as an Honor Graduate and Valedictorian. carpenter. Peggy Lane6 Williams. Ted's original name was John Franklin Dukes. OK. He was born 26 Dec 1941 in Homerville. NV. he was known in the family as "Pa-paw Ted. After she became a grandmother. She played and sang for funerals.

Oklahoma. Mike was an agent for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs from 1977 to 1982. born 22 Jan 1969 in Dallas. Mary Leigh Williams. Notes for Michael Henry Broderick: Mike graduated from Madill High School and attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. He married (1) Martha Jean Pate 22 Jun 1973 in Madill. OK. OK. Mark Alan Williams. OK. He married (2) Mary Frances Porter 02 Sep 1977 in Madill. Madill. From 1970 to 1975. OK. Oklahoma. NY. she was adopted by Mike. Madill. born 31 Aug 1971 in Dallas.Descendants of William M. 207. born 30 Jan 1970 in McAlester. After Mary's marriage to Mike Broderick. Barry Wayne Williams. Tara Dawn6 Broderick. Mary was a Secretary at the Oklahoma Allergy clinic. OK Notes for Mary Frances Porter: Mary attended Central State University in Edmond. and graduated from the Legal Assistant Program. TX. was a Secretary in the Cleveland County (Oklahoma) District Attorney's office and beginning in 1982 was a Legal Assistant in the Lyn Ables Law Offices in Madill. She married (1) Will White. vi. Michael Henry5 Broderick (Ava Lenora4 Cooper. Las Vega. NV + + + 345 346 347 iv.1) was born 26 Feb 1951 in Schenectady. Roderick Lenard2. Madill. She was born 23 Sep 1951 in Ardmore. born 10 Dec 1973 in Oklahoma City. More About Mary Frances Porter: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Michael Broderick and Mary Porter: Marriage: 02 Sep 1977. OK. Cooper More About David Bridges and Janet Williams: Marriage: 02 Jul 2006. University of Oklahoma Law Center in 1987. TX. OK Children of Michael Broderick and Mary Porter are: 348 i. v. William M. Henry Leonard3. She married (2) Michael Edward Baker 03 Jun 1995 in First Baptist Church. From 1982 to 2000 he was an inspector for the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy. He graduated from the Oklahoma City Police Academy in 1978. She was born 29 Aug 1955 in Fort Sill. born 19 Sep 1976 in Ardmore. Notes for Tara Dawn Broderick: Tara was born from her mother Mary's first marriage. More About Tara Dawn Broderick: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Michael Edward Baker: Page 80 . OK. More About Michael Henry Broderick: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Martha Jean Pate: Religion: Presbyterian More About Michael Broderick and Martha Pate: Marriage: 22 Jun 1973. Oklahoma. and the University of Oklahoma in Norman. from 1976 to 1982. OK. OK.

including Tiffany lamps.S.S. play golf. Madill. and play softball. William M. In 1996 he was a Republican Candidate for the U. or around the world with James. 1991-1995. He graduated from Duke University School of Law and had been a practicing attorney in Fayetteville. TX. Newfoundland. North Carolina Retirement Systems. In February 1995. 1983-1985. to see his mother and around the U. William Downous3. Mike liked to hunt. In the Air Force he was a Staff Officer and Combat Pilot.S. He was associated with the McAlester Regional Health Center in the Physical Therapy Department. Cumberland County Department of Social Services. where he had the opportunity to be a Student Trainer for the athletic teams and the greater opportunity to meet Tara Broderick who became his wife. In 1993 Mike earned a B. More About James Murrel Cooper: Occupation: Attorney Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Lottie Marian Hiscock: Lottie grew up in Canada but spent her adult life in the U. Cumberland County Council for Older Adults. since 1975. 208. He was a deacon and Sunday school teacher at Temple Baptist Church. Northeastern was the runner-up in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) World Series. NC. Chairman Cumberland County Republican Party.S. She was a member of the Page 81 . he was Chairman. for two years then he transferred to East Central University in Ada. Oklahoma. he also played baseball. Johns. Congress Seventh District of North Carolina. he received his Athletic Trainer Certification. Oklahoma. Notes for James Murrel Cooper: James retired from the United States Air Force as a Major in 1970. OK + 349 350 ii. A part of his responsibility was providing training services to the McAlester high schools. More About Michael Edward Baker: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Michael Baker and Tara Broderick: Marriage: 03 Jun 1995. TX. He played right fielder for three years on his high school baseball team and they won the state championship his senior year. OK. He married Lottie Marian Hiscock32 09 Jan 1952. Roderick Lenard2. in 1988. Moderator New South River Baptist Association. Cooper Mike graduated from McAlester High School in McAlester. First Baptist Church. Oklahoma. North Carolina. 1988-present. fish. Mike attended Oklahoma University in Norman. From 1979-1980. Board of Directors. in Exercise Science from East Central. Zack Langdon Broderick. Member Board of Trustees. James Murrel5 Cooper (James Lonnie4. Oklahoma. Fayetteville. Her longtime hobby was crafting stain glass products. born 23 Mar 1984 in Denison. OK.Descendants of William M. She was born 17 Sep 1933 in St. 1987-1993. Bryan Michael Broderick. James owned and flew his own airplane and made frequent visits to Cleburne. born 24 Aug 1978 in Oklahoma City.1)32 was born 06 Dec 1932 in Madill. iii. He served on the Executive Board overseeing Fayetteville's Coliseum Complex. to visit children and grandchildren. While he was earning his Associate degree in 1990 from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M in Miami. After Northeastern.

Theresa Diane Cooper. TX. Roy Alan Cooper. After retirement. 209. Cooper Temple Baptist Church in Fayetteville. + 355 v. Roderick Lenard2. More About Lottie Marian Hiscock: Occupation: Homemaker Religion: Anglican More About James Cooper and Lottie Hiscock: Marriage: 09 Jan 1952 Children of James Cooper and Lottie Hiscock are: + 351 i. Page 82 . AL. Air Force in 1974 and undertook several different programs toward final retirement. Included were attaining an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Hill Junior College and several business related jobs. + 358 iii. James Richard Austin6 Cooper. reading. Donna Susanne Cooper. OK. Notes for Roy Alvin Cooper: Roy retired from the U. Any other time you could find him at home fishing. More About Sharon Marie Bailey: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Roy Cooper and Sharon Bailey: Marriage: 16 Aug 1954 Children of Roy Cooper and Sharon Bailey are: + 356 i. Jerry Edwin5 Cooper (James Lonnie4. and even working in the woodshop when he got the urge. Pamela Ruth Cooper. born 13 Apr 1967 in Tokyo. born 16 Jan 1960 in Fayetteville. born 05 Nov 1962 in Montgomery. Texas area. Wendy Diane Cooper. She was born 24 Nov 1935 in Caldwell. Roy had a part time job as a Security Guard at a local controlled access development. + 354 iv. AZ. Among these jobs was Area Supervisor for a chain of convenience stores in the Cleburne.1)32 was born 29 Mar 1935 in Madill. William Downous3. KS.S. born 01 Apr 1954 in San Antonio. William M. TX. William M. Debra Denise Cooper. Robert Lonnie Cooper. + 360 v. + 357 ii. + 359 iv. Texas. + 353 iii. TX. After three years of this job. OK. He married Shirley Jean Gerdes32 27 Apr 1962. NC. born 26 Jul 1959 in Waco. + 352 ii. 210. She was born 16 Nov 1939 in Graham. More About Roy Alvin Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Sharon Marie Bailey: In 1980 Sharon joined the oil jobber shop where Roy worked. born 10 Oct 1964 in Amarillo. born 15 Nov 1952 in San Antonio. Roy Alvin5 Cooper (James Lonnie4.Descendants of William M.1)32 was born 24 Mar 1938 in Madill. born 09 Aug 1956 in Tucson. NC. or doing any number of things people do after retirement . Japan. born 25 May 1957 in Ashland. She was a bookkeeper there until her retirement in 1997. TX. Cheryl Lynn Cooper. Roy and Sharon lived on Lake Granbury near Granbury. watching TV. William Downous3. born 01 Sep 1955 in Cheyenne. Roderick Lenard2. OK. He married Sharon Marie Bailey32 16 Aug 1954. WY. he quit and went to work for a local oil jobber shop where he worked until his "final" retirement in 1997. Sharon spent hours upon hours with her needlework. Cynthia Marie6 Cooper. boating.

in 1971 as the District Manager for Greyhound in Omaha. 211. Nebraska. She attended North Lake Junior College. born 01 Feb 1963 in Houston. and worked for Greyhound for 21 years. He joined Greyhound Lines Inc. More About Jerry Edwin Cooper: Occupation: Airport Security Officer Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Shirley Jean Gerdes: Shirley graduated from Brazosport High School. William M. he joined the Texas Department of Public Safety and worked there until April. Texas. Roderick Lenard2. TX. Texas.Descendants of William M. In 1992 he moved to the Cleveland. KS. Ohio area where he worked in management for Ohio's largest intercity bus line. More About Shirley Jean Gerdes: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Jerry Cooper and Shirley Gerdes: Marriage: 27 Apr 1962 Children of Jerry Cooper and Shirley Gerdes are: + 361 i.1)32 was born 07 Dec 1942 in Parsons. and collected many autographed baseballs. Lakefront Lines. was promoted to Lieutenant. born 22 Jun 1967 in Arlington. + 362 ii. in 1953. He and Shirley owned a place at Amon Carter Lake near Bowie. attended numerous Cleveland Indians games. teach Bible study. he became employed by the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Board in the Public Safety Department and in August. On August 13. where Jerry spent time with his cattle and bulldozer. Oklahoma. Inc. She was an Associate Manager in the Real Estate Department in Dallas. William Downous3. 2000. Jerry was also a flight instructor. in 1960 and attended Navarro County Junior College in Corsicana. Shirley went to work for The Prudential Insurance Company of America in April. and worked there for over 36 years. 1973. He married Virginia Ann Reid32 21 Nov 1975. Texas. in 1955. Freeport. Gordon Neal5 Cooper (James Lonnie4. 1973. Ketchum. Darrell Eugene Cooper. He served in the Anti-Air Piracy and Patrol Divisions. and working one day a week at church processing the Accounts Payable. More About Gordon Neal Cooper: Occupation: Commercial Bus Line Manager Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Virginia Ann Reid: Page 83 . Gordon was in the Air Force from 1966 to 1970. TX. 1960. In June. In May. 1954. Notes for Gordon Neal Cooper: Gordon graduated from Whitney High School in Whitney. Texas. Cooper Notes for Jerry Edwin Cooper: Jerry graduated form Ketchum High School. 1973. moved to Texas and was employed by the Waco Fire Department until 1960. Jerry served in the Navy until 1959. he retired from his work at D/FW Airport. majoring in Real Estate. Gordon was an avid baseball fan. After retirement she spent her time loving her family. Brett Owen6 Cooper. TX. She was born 20 Dec 1943 in Whitney.

William Downous3. in 1961.A.Descendants of William M. KS. On May 2. Virginia has one son from a previous marriage. and then he stopped improving and started going backward. He was promoted to Lieutenant of Safety Education Services of the Department of Public Safety in September. Texas. Notes for Lora June Cooper: June was the valedictorian of her graduating class from Whitney High School in Whitney. KS. Texas and attended Navarro Junior College in Corsicana. June was the pianist at their church. When she lived in Omaha.1)32 was born 04 May 1945 in Parsons. she was employed by Calallen Baptist Day School. and died 03 Aug 2006 in Austin. Roderick Lenard2. Near Austin he started having trouble and they rushed him to Seton Hospital instead of rehab. Colorado. in Cleburne from 1961 to 1975. Ohio. James was in the hospital over three months and she only left long enough to shower Page 84 . died 24 Jul 1977 in Overland Park. When she and James lived in Corpus Christi. Texas. in Highlands Ranch. About three weeks later he was moved to rehab. before joining Southwest Airlines in Cleveland. 2006. Colorado. and graduated from Arapahoe High School in Littleton. Cooper Virginia graduated from Cleburne High School in Cleburne. Later he was the Regional Service Commander over the Safety Education Service. in 1985. William M. Texas. James was employed by the Texas Department of Public Safety beginning in 1966. Collins. James was a deacon in his church. Colorado. TX. He was born 10 Feb 1943 in Mount Calm. Texas. More About Virginia Ann Reid: Occupation: Accountant Religion: Methodist More About Gordon Cooper and Virginia Reid: Marriage: 21 Nov 1975 Child of Gordon Cooper and Virginia Reid is: 363 i. finally got all his tubes out of him. From 1979 to 1986. Woodard. TX. Hanna Rubber Compounding Company as an Administrative Assistant. She attended Navarro Junior College in Corsicana. 1986. Texas. Lora June5 Cooper (James Lonnie4. Dave was born December 22. More About Lora June Cooper: Occupation: Day Care Attendant Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for James Edward Whaley: James graduated from Waco High School in Waco. June taught pre-kindergarten and was Assistant Director of a preschool in Waco. Texas. She married James Edward Whaley32 28 Aug 1964. she worked in the accounting department for Con Agra. Texas. she worked as a Teacher's Aide in a class of mentally-challenged and learning-disabled children at an elementary school. In 1991 she joined M. Karen Ann6 Cooper. Only by God's hand did June make it through this difficult time. When they moved back to Elm Mott. David earned a degree in psychology at Colorado State University in Ft. for 12 and 1/2 years. Notes for Karen Ann Cooper: Karen Ann was a stillborn baby. James entered Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple. David W. Virginia worked in accounts payable for Rangaire Corp. she was the Budget Administrator at Mission Viejo Co. son of Edward Whaley and Billie Rubin. Texas to have a valve replaced in his heart. He stayed for over a month and a half at that hospital and then was moved to Austin to go into rehab. Nebraska. born 24 Jul 1977 in Overland Park. 1966. 212. KS.

Descendants of William M. Cooper
and eat out when someone came by. [This paragraph came via e-mail from Shirley Cooper.] The following obituary was printed in the Waco Tribune on Aug. 4, 2006: "James Whaley, 63, of Elm Mott, passed away Thursday, Aug. 3, at an Austin Hospital. Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Monday, Aug. 7, at Elm Mott First Baptist Church with the Rev. Jody Gousset officiating assisted by the Rev. Todd Pylant. Burial will be at Mt. Calm Cemetery. Family visitation will be from 4 to 6 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 6, at Bellmead Funeral Home. James was born Feb. 10, 1943, in Mt. Calm to Edward L. and Billie Wren (Rubin) Whaley. He worked for the Texas Department of Public Safety for 36 and 1/2 years and retired as a Lieutenant in Aug., 2002. He was a Deacon at Elm Mott First Baptist Church, a member of the Masonic Lodge, Past President and member of Connally ISD School Board. Survivors include his wife, Lora June Whaley of Elm Mott; father, Edward L. Whaley of Grand Prairie; sons, James Kevin Whaley and wife, Michelle of McAllen and Blaine Edward Whaley and wife, Karen of Houston; sister, Katharine Elizabeth Eudy of Lake Jackson; brother, Thomas A. Whaley of Grand Prairie; grandchildren, Zhanya Whaley, Zane Whaley and Sydney Whaley; and a host of other family and friends. Pallbearers will be Garry Parker, Charlie Morgan, Mike Perez, Eddie Carmen, Steve Potts, Dub Gillum and Basilio Martinez Jr."

More About James Edward Whaley: Burial: 07 Aug 2006 Occupation: Highway Patrolman Religion: Southern Baptist More About James Whaley and Lora Cooper: Marriage: 28 Aug 1964 Children of Lora Cooper and James Whaley are: + 364 i. James Kevin6 Whaley, born 18 Sep 1965 in Waco, TX. + 365 ii. Blaine Edward Whaley, born 26 Jan 1970 in Waxahachie, TX. 213. Eldon Earl5 Cooper (James Lonnie4, William Downous3, Roderick Lenard2, William M.1)32 was born 26 Dec 1947 in Parsons, KS. He married (1) Judy Elaine Ownbey 14 Jan 1966. She was born 19 Aug 1948 in Cleburne, TX. He married (2) Pamela Ann Edds32 12 Dec 1992 in Cleburne, TX. She was born 15 Aug 1952 in Gatesville, TX. Notes for Eldon Earl Cooper: Earl worked for several years as a Bus Driver for Greyhound Lines Inc. before going into business for himself selling and servicing garage doors. Earl and Pam lived in a lovely log cabin on three acres of land near Cleburne, Texas. They loved to travel and to attend Texas Rangers baseball games. More About Eldon Earl Cooper: Occupation: Bus Driver Religion: Southern Baptist More About Eldon Cooper and Judy Ownbey: Marriage: 14 Jan 1966 Notes for Pamela Ann Edds: Edds is Pamela's first husband's name. Pam worked as a Secretary at Walls Industries in Cleburne, Texas. More About Pamela Ann Edds: Religion: Presbyterian More About Eldon Cooper and Pamela Edds: Marriage: 12 Dec 1992, Cleburne, TX Page 85

Descendants of William M. Cooper
Children of Eldon Cooper and Judy Ownbey are: + 366 i. Stephanie Elaine6 Cooper, born 23 Dec 1967 in Cleburne, TX. + 367 ii. Stephen Earl Cooper, born 24 Jan 1970 in Cleburne, TX. 214. William Harold5 Cooper (Johnny Clyde4, William Downous3, Roderick Lenard2, William M.1) was born 28 Dec 1934 in Madill, Marshall, OK. He married Lois Florine Graham 29 Jul 1956 in San Leandro, CA. She was born 10 May 1938 in Greenville, TX. More About William Harold Cooper: Occupation: Montgomery Ward Employee Religion: Presbyterian More About Lois Florine Graham: Religion: Presbyterian More About William Cooper and Lois Graham: Marriage: 29 Jul 1956, San Leandro, CA Children of William Cooper and Lois Graham are: + 368 i. Lawrence John6 Cooper, born 01 May 1959 in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA. + 369 ii. Randolph Elliot Cooper, born 19 Sep 1960 in Carmel, Monterey, CA. 370 iii. Jerome David Cooper, born 12 Aug 1962 in Fremont, Alameda, CA. He married Ingrid Maria Leist 08 Oct 1994. More About Jerome Cooper and Ingrid Leist: Marriage: 08 Oct 1994 215. J. C.5 Cooper (Johnny Clyde4, William Downous3, Roderick Lenard2, William M.1) was born 15 Jul 1938 in Madill, Marshall, OK, and died 09 Oct 1995 in Hayward, CA. He married Margaret Allison Ewing 26 Jan 1963 in Hayward, Alameda, CA, daughter of Judge Ewing and Mary Allison. She was born 16 May 1937 in Claremore, Roger, OK. Notes for J. C. Cooper: J.C. changed his name to John Clyde Cooper, Jr. after moving to California. More About J. Cooper and Margaret Ewing: Marriage: 26 Jan 1963, Hayward, Alameda, CA Children of J. Cooper and Margaret Ewing are: + 371 i. Sheryl Fay6 Cooper, born 26 Oct 1963 in Castro Valley, Alameda, CA. + 372 ii. Ted Jay Cooper, born 19 Jul 1967 in Castro Valley, Alameda, CA. + 373 iii. John Casey Cooper, born 01 Feb 1971 in Castro Valley, Alameda, CA. 216. Bobbie Lee5 Cooper (Johnny Clyde4, William Downous3, Roderick Lenard2, William M.1) was born 17 Jun 1945 in Oakland, Alameda, CA. He married Phylis Ann Norton 29 Sep 1967. She was born 20 Nov 1945. More About Bobbie Cooper and Phylis Norton: Marriage: 29 Sep 1967 Children of Bobbie Cooper and Phylis Norton are: + 374 i. Katherine Denise6 Cooper, born 02 Jul 1969. 375 ii. Timothy Daniel Cooper, born 22 Dec 1972. Page 86

Descendants of William M. Cooper
M.1) 217. Vernon Winford5 Cooper (William Vernon4, William Downous3, Roderick Lenard2, William was born 14 Oct 1938 in Madill, OK. He married (1) Katherine. He married (2) Peggy Grissaffi 04 Jan 1979.

More About Vernon Winford Cooper: Occupation: Butcher More About Vernon Cooper and Peggy Grissaffi: Marriage: 04 Jan 1979 Children of Vernon Cooper and Katherine are: 376 i. Charlotte Louise6 Cooper, born 13 Oct 1956; died 30 Dec 1969. + 377 ii. Michael Keith Cooper, born 07 Feb 1958 in Durant, OK. + 378 iii. Terry Joe Cooper, born 04 Apr 1959 in Durant, OK. 218. Wanda Lucille5 Cooper (William Vernon4, William Downous3, Roderick Lenard2, William M.1) was born 09 Nov 1940 in Madill, OK. She married Earl Wayne Vick. More About Wanda Lucille Cooper: Religion: Presbyterian Children of Wanda Cooper and Earl Vick are: + 379 i. Sabrena Dawn6 Vick, born 08 Mar 1964 in Oklahoma City, OK. + 380 ii. Robet Wayne Vick, born 13 Dec 1967 in Ponca City, OK. 219. Inez Laverne5 Wilson (Beulah Eveline4 Cooper, William Downous3, Roderick Lenard2, William M.1) was born 11 Jul 1939 in Madill, OK, and died 1998. She married James Kenneth Uren. He was born 14 Dec 1940 in Dubois, PA. More About James Kenneth Uren: Occupation: Bell Telephone Employee Child of Inez Wilson and James Uren is: 381 i. Michelle DeLynn6 Uren, born 18 Jul 1968 in Loma Linda, CA. 220. Della Diana5 Wilson (Beulah Eveline4 Cooper, William Downous3, Roderick Lenard2, William M.1) was born 06 Apr 1941 in Madill, OK. She married Earl J. Sharp 26 Jun 1957. He was born 27 Feb 1937 in Neosho, MO. More About Della Diana Wilson: Religion: Baptist More About Earl J. Sharp: Occupation: Switchman for Santa Fe Railroad Religion: Baptist More About Earl Sharp and Della Wilson: Marriage: 26 Jun 1957 Children of Della Wilson and Earl Sharp are: 382 i. Belinda Joy6 Sharp, born 15 Apr 1961 in Loma Linda, CA. She married Robert Yohe 21 Oct 1978; born 12 Aug 1958 in Loma Linda, CA. More About Belinda Joy Sharp: Religion: Baptist Page 87

CA. Curtis Aaron6 Cooper. born 02 Feb 1969 in Loma Linda. Roderick Lenard2. Luan Renee' Sharp. 387 ii. born 28 Aug 1970 in San Bernadino. CA. Steven Vance Wilson. CA. More About Darrin Wayne Sharp: Religion: Baptist + 384 385 iii. Notes for Jamye Cooper: Jamye is adopted. KS. Barbara Ann5 Cooper (Rufus Linn4. He married DeLana Kay Malloy. Cooper More About Robert Yohe and Belinda Sharp: Marriage: 21 Oct 1978 383 ii. CA. TX. Teresa Marie6 Wilson.1) was born 28 Nov 1943 in Parsons. born 20 Dec 1972 in Ardmore.Descendants of William M. OK. William Downous3. She married Eddie Garrard 05 Nov 1964. KS. Jamye Cooper.1) was born 21 Apr 1946 in Phillips. William M. Vance Edward5 Wilson (Beulah Eveline4 Cooper.1) was born 17 Jan 1946 in Madill. William M. More About Barbara Ann Cooper: Religion: Baptist Notes for Eddie Garrard: Page 88 . More About Jackie Linn Cooper: Occupation: Truck Driver Children of Jackie Cooper and DeLana Malloy are: 388 i. Darrin Wayne Sharp. Roderick Lenard2. 223. William M. born 30 May 1965 in Loma Linda. CA. 389 ii. and died 1997. born 18 Apr 1970 in Coffeyville. 222. Roderick Lenard2. OK. She was born 19 Sep 1950 in San Bernadino. TX. He married Judy Ann Sellers 16 Jun 1967. born 25 Feb 1975 in San Bernadino. Notes for Curtis Aaron Cooper: Curtis is adopted. William Downous3. born 05 Jul 1967 in Loma Linda. Jackie Linn5 Cooper (Rufus Linn4. CA. iv. He was born 14 May 1938 in Quannah. Jerry Allen Sharp. William Downous3. She was born 20 Nov. 221. More About Vance Edward Wilson: Occupation: Foreman for Amex Aluminum Religion: Baptist More About Judy Ann Sellers: Religion: Baptist More About Vance Wilson and Judy Sellers: Marriage: 16 Jun 1967 Children of Vance Wilson and Judy Sellers are: 386 i.

Later. More About Malinda Faye Scott: Religion: Baptist More About Danny Hair and Malinda Scott: Divorce: Jan 1975 Child of Malinda Scott and Danny Hair is: 392 i. William Downous3. 225. OK. Page 89 . David Lee Garrard. Julia Lovania6 Garrard. born 18 Jul 1970 in Chickasha. TX. TX. Rochelle Renee'6 Hair. 391 ii. 224. OK. born 24 Apr 1974 in Ardmore. she was a Second Grade Teacher at the Paul Keyes Elementary school in Irving. She was born 14 Aug 1959 in Muleshoe. born 05 Jul 1971 in Madill. OK. Roderick Lenard2. William Downous3. He married Terri Lorraine Powell 21 Jan 1984. Notes for David Lee Garrard: David is adopted. OK. William M. Inc. More About Eddie Garrard and Barbara Cooper: Marriage: 05 Nov 1964 Children of Barbara Cooper and Eddie Garrard are: 390 i. More About Rochelle Renee' Hair: Religion: Baptist Notes for James Clayton Johnson: Jim is Operations Manager for KGOU in Norman. Cooper Eddie is an Operator for an oilwell service company. More About Eddie Lee Scott: Religion: Baptist Notes for Terri Lorraine Powell: Terri graduated from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and was employed as a First Grade Teacher at the Cement (Oklahoma) Public School. Notes for Eddie Lee Scott: Eddie attended Oklahoma State Tech and was employed in the Special Products Division of Halliburton Services. OK. Malinda Faye5 Scott (Zola Naomi4 Cooper.Descendants of William M. Notes for Rochelle Renee' Hair: "Chelly" was the Office Manager for Southwest Regional Sports. She married Danny Glen Hair. born 14 Jul 1995 in Mexico. OK. Roderick Lenard2.1) was born 16 May 1950 in Durant.1) was born 14 Oct 1956 in Durant. he was employed at the Directory Distribution Center of Citizens Communications. She married James Clayton Johnson. William M. Eddie Lee5 Scott (Zola Naomi4 Cooper. Later. she was self-employed. Later. Notes for Julia Lovania Garrard: Julia is adopted.

Descendants of William M. in 1964. She was the Receptionist for Dr. Roderick Lenard2. 396 ii. Oklahoma. First Baptist Church. Cooper More About Terri Lorraine Powell: Religion: Baptist More About Eddie Scott and Terri Powell: Marriage: 21 Jan 1984 Children of Eddie Scott and Terri Powell are: + 393 i. The summer after graduating from college he married Patricia Yow. She attended Murray State College in Tishomingo. OK. OK. More About Judy Jeannine Yow: Page 90 M. OK Children of Patricia Yow and Jerry Jacks are: 395 i.1) was born 17 Mar 1949 in Madill. Madill. in Education from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 1968. William Downous3. She got a secretarial job with the Altus school system and was the Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools for many years. Notes for Patricia Louise Yow: Patricia graduated from Ryan High School in Ryan. born 04 Jan 1985 in Chickasha. Jeanie Beatrice6 Jacks. born 14 Oct 1977 in Altus. William Downous3. in 1964 and earned a B. Oklahoma. OK. OK. and died 06 Jun 1994 in Madill. Jaret Patrice Jacks. Oklahoma. born 01 Apr 1980 in Altus. Patricia Louise5 Yow (Ruby Imogene4 Cooper. OK. Roderick Lenard2. She married Jerry Roy Jacks 17 Aug 1968 in First Baptist Church. for one year.S. More About Bryan Eric Scott: Religion: Baptist 226. William was born 26 Dec 1945 in Madill. took a job that fall teaching school in Altus. OK. OK. 227. in 1967 and attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. He was born 20 Oct 1947 in Madill. He was born 25 Aug 1946 in Madill. Oklahoma. Oklahoma. Judy Jeannine5 Yow (Ruby Imogene4 Cooper. for two years and Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. 394 ii. More About Patricia Louise Yow: Religion: Church of Christ Notes for Jerry Roy Jacks: Jerry graduated from Madill High School in Madill. She married Donnie Lynn Keltner 21 Sep 1968 in First Baptist Church. Richard Bone. OK. Oklahoma. Madill. for two years. Oklahoma. a chiropractor in Ardmore. OK. Bryan Eric Scott. William M. Oklahoma. Notes for Judy Jeannine Yow: Judy graduated from Madill High School in Madill. OK.1) . Susan Ranee6 Scott. Madill. OK. More About Jerry Roy Jacks: Occupation: School Teacher Religion: Church of Christ More About Jerry Jacks and Patricia Yow: Marriage: 17 Aug 1968. and spent his entire career there. born 02 Nov 1980 in Chickasha. Oklahoma. She almost got her degree but instead she married Jerry Jacks in August 1968 and they moved to Altus.

S. in 1971 and attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University for one year. Tommy Gene5 Yow (Ruby Imogene4 Cooper. in 1965. in 1974. OK Children of Judy Yow and Donnie Keltner are: 397 i. OK. Oakland. He is employed by Piecemaker (parts for trailers) at Madill. Oklahoma. OK. Oklahoma. She was born 29 Aug 1959 in Caddo. More About Thomas Leroy Yow: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Donna Loraine Burchett: Religion: Jehovah Witness More About Thomas Yow and Donna Burchett: Marriage: 02 Jun 1978. He is employed in the maintenance department at the Marshall County Memorial Hospital. born 12 Sep 1976 in Ardmore. Madill.1) . born 11 Feb 1972 in Ardmore. Air Force during the Vietnam War. He married (1) Jo Nell Garrison 23 Feb 1974 in First Baptist Church. born 30 Jun 1980 in Madill.1) was born 10 Aug 1953 in Ardmore. She was born 31 Aug 1957 in Maywood. CA. OK.Descendants of William M. More About Tommy Gene Yow: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Jo Nell Garrison: Religion: Southern Baptist Page 91 M. William Downous3. OK. OK. 400 ii. She was born 27 Jul 1958 in Madill. OK. 229. Oklahoma. William was born 24 Aug 1956 in Ryan. Bradley Don6 Keltner. OK. Cooper Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Donnie Lynn Keltner: Donnie graduated from Madill High School in Madill. OK. Tasha Renae6 Yow. OK Cause of Death: cancer of the pancreas Religion: Southern Baptist More About Donnie Keltner and Judy Yow: Marriage: 21 Sep 1968. William M. TX Children of Thomas Yow and Donna Burchett are: 399 i. 228. He married (2) Fran Marie Sampson 31 Dec 1981 in Durant. Notes for Tommy Gene Yow: Tommy graduated from Madill High School in Madill. Thomas Leroy5 Yow (Ruby Imogene4 Cooper. Madill. born 07 Jul 1985 in Madill. OK. TX. Tyson Ryan Yow. Roderick Lenard2. Notes for Thomas Leroy Yow: Leroy graduated from Madill High School in Madill. Gainesville. Oklahoma. First Baptist Church. For many years he worked for Uniroyal in Ardmore. William Downous3. 398 ii. Roderick Lenard2. Jeanna DeLynn Keltner. More About Donnie Lynn Keltner: Burial: Oakland Cemetery. OK. He served in the U. He married Donna Loraine Burchett 02 Jun 1978 in Gainesville.

He married Verla Jo Laney 23 Nov 1946. Robert Alan McLarry. born 27 Aug 1955. Stephen Randal Yow. Montana. TX. OK. OK. born 31 Oct 1952 in Abilene. Ronnie Charles6 Lamb. OK More About Fran Marie Sampson: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Tommy Yow and Fran Sampson: Marriage: 31 Dec 1981. born 27 Sep 1974 in Madill. Anna Lou5 Lamb (Birda Mae4 Lockhart. Madill. Dallas Patrick Yow. 230. TX. Notes for Charles Lee Lamb: Charles retired August 1.Descendants of William M. Carol Ann6 McLarry. Charles Lee5 Lamb (Birda Mae4 Lockhart. from Houston Lighting and Power after 35 years of service. born 03 Dec 1954 in Houston. OK Children of Tommy Yow and Jo Garrison are: 401 i. William M.1) was born 25 Dec 1925 in Madill. Annie Mae3 Cooper. She married Bill Montgomery McLarry 28 Jul 1950. TX. born 28 Aug 1979 in Ardmore. and died in Sulphur Springs. Durant. + 406 ii. OK. William M. TX. Annie Mae3 Cooper. Page 92 . died in Nacogdoches. First Baptist Church.1) was born 17 Mar 1931 in Haskell. Roderick Lenard2. died in Houston. Ricky Wayne Lamb. OK. 402 ii. TX. Child of Tommy Yow and Fran Sampson is: 404 i. Jason David6 Yow. Roderick Lenard2. born 07 Aug 1949 in Gainesville. Cooper More About Tommy Yow and Jo Garrison: Marriage: 23 Feb 1974. She was born 20 Apr 1929 in Tioga. born 03 Jan 1978 in Ardmore. OK. TX. TX. He was born 19 May 1929 in Greenville. born 15 Dec 1982 in Madill. born 03 Jun 1954 in Billings. TX. Rosanna Marie6 Yow. He married Ruth Lynette Hatcher 19 Jan 1974. 231. OK. 403 iii. 1986. More About Anna Lou Lamb: Religion: Episcopalian More About Bill Montgomery McLarry: Occupation: Geologist Religion: Episcopalian More About Bill McLarry and Anna Lamb: Marriage: 28 Jul 1950 Children of Anna Lamb and Bill McLarry are: + 407 i. 408 ii. More About Charles Lee Lamb: Religion: Church of Christ More About Verla Jo Laney: Religion: Church of Christ More About Charles Lamb and Verla Laney: Marriage: 23 Nov 1946 Children of Charles Lamb and Verla Laney are: + 405 i.

Descendants of William M. Cooper More About Robert Alan McLarry: Religion: Episcopalian More About Robert McLarry and Ruth Hatcher: Marriage: 19 Jan 1974 Page 93 .

She married Rodney Andru Hardy. 260. born 08 Jul 1991. 410 ii. Anthony Winburn. ODK Phi Eta Sigma. 263. He went to Auburn University: Treasurer of Study Body and Senator from graduate school. John Frank3. Phi Alpha Theta. John Frank3. Robert was an attorney. Notes for Robert Cooper Wilson: Robert was valedictorian of 1967 class of Clay County High School. She attended Auburn University: Phi Kappa Phi. born 20 Mar 1983. Alpha Gamma Delta . William M. At the University of Alabama Law School: Bench & Bar. Spade . Pi Sigma Alpha. William James2. Child of Rosalyn Becker and Roger Levin is: 416 i. Sigma Tau Delta. 420 ii. William M.1) Generation No. John Frank3. Nathan Wilson Hardy. Phi Kappa Phi.1) He married Carolyn Noles. William was born 30 Jun 1949.Senior's Men's Honorary. William James2. Order of the Barristers and Phi Alpha Delta. Richi7 Noles. Annie Ethyl4 Cooper. Richard Wayne6 Cole (Olive Precious5 Moore. born 25 Mar 1987. William Caleb Wilson.1) was born 19 May 1951. born 26 Oct 1988. Annie Ethyl4 Cooper. born 17 May 1978. David7 Levin. Annie Ethyl4 Cooper.Descendants of William M. 414 ii. Scott7 Winburn. William James2. 411 iii. 415 iii. born 30 Aug 1985. Notes for Rebecca Wilson: Becky was the valedictorian of the 1969 class of Clay County High School. Civens. Guy Olin4. Page 94 .social sorority. 6 – Family Tree Maker Report 232. Thomas Cooper7 Wilson. Children of Richard Cole and Carolyn Noles are: 417 i. William M. William James2. Kappa Delta Pi. Rosalyn6 Becker (Pauline Mayme5 Moore. William M.1) She married Tommie Winburn. Nicki Noles. Alpah Lambda Delta. Reuben Nathan3. 6 M. She was a cheeleader in junior high and high school. Elizabeth Olive6 Cole (Olive Precious5 Moore. Guy Olin4. and Phi Kappa Tau . Mortor Board. William James2. Jenny Elizabeth Hardy. Cooper 5. 418 ii. Clinton Hurst Wilson.1) She married Roger Levin. Children of Robert Wilson and Janet Thomas are: 409 i. Children of Rebecca Wilson and Rodney Hardy are: 413 i. born 12 Oct fraternity. 412 iv. Children of Elizabeth Cole and Tommie Winburn are: 419 i. Rebecca6 Wilson (Rudine5 Cooper. He married Janet Lee Thomas. In high school she was chosen a Miss Clay County. Robyn Leigh7 Hardy. Reuben Nathan3. Caroline Weathers Wilson. 261. Robert Cooper6 Wilson (Rudine5 Cooper. 233.

John Frank3. William He married Robin Dale Bosarge. William M. William was born 15 Jun 1951 in Belen. Stephen Mark6 Rice (Annette5 Moore. John Frank3. Cheryl Denise6 Cooper (Carroll Joe5. Peter Wade6 Knight (Emily Ophelia5 Moore. Henry James4. She married (2) David Roy 09 Mar 1975.1) She married (1) Jimmy Holmes.1) was born 11 Mar 1949 in Akron. David Paul6 Rice (Annette5 Moore. 300. William M. Henry James4. TX. Brandon Ross Knight. 426 ii. Geoffrey Wade7 Knight. Brooke Allison7 White. CA. NM. William M. M. John Frank3. John Frank3. Annie Ethyl4 Cooper. Children of Peggy Knight and Dudley White are: 421 i. Shanna Annette7 Holmes. Peggy Susan6 Knight (Emily Ophelia5 Moore. Henry Bruce6 Cooper (Henry George5. daughter of William Brundage and June. He married Barbara Brundage. Beth7 Rice. She married (1) Joe Cummings. Child of Cynthia Rice and Jimmy Holmes is: 428 i. Child of Henry Cooper and Barbara Brundage is: 429 i. Children of Peter Knight and Mary Atkin are: 423 i. Cooper 265. John Frank3.Descendants of William M.1) He married Mary Candace Atkin. William James2. M. William James2. William James2.1) Children of David Rice and Robin Bosarge are: 425 i. 270. Katie Rice.1) She married Dudley Alan White. born 05 Dec 1975. Page 95 . William James2. Christopher7 Cooper. Thomas Allen6 Cooper (Henry George5. Henry Leonard3.1) Child of Thomas Cooper and Cheryl is: 430 i. Annie Ethyl4 Cooper. 422 ii. Wayne Theodore4. 268. Cynthia Carol6 Rice (Annette5 Moore. William James2. Britt Alan White. Emily7 Rice. Annie Ethyl4 Cooper. Child of Stephen Rice and Carol Wood is: 427 i. Annie Ethyl4 Cooper.1) was born 09 Sep 1954 in Houston. John Frank3. John Frank3. She married (2) Gary Tibbets. Joseph Swain7 Roy. 271. William M. 269. William James2. Roderick Lenard2. William M. 424 ii. Annie Ethyl4 Cooper. More About David Roy and Cheryl Cooper: Marriage: 09 Mar 1975 Child of Cheryl Cooper and David Roy is: 431 i. William James2. William M. 267.1) He married Carol Louise Wood. Mathew7 Cooper. 266. He married Cheryl.

born 23 Dec 1971 in Pasadena. More About Randall Gene Rushing: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Cynthia Sue Cook: Sue was the Manager and Accountant at Dornick Hills Country Club in Ardmore.Descendants of William M. Notes for Randall Gene Rushing: Randy was employed at Savage Equipment Company in Madill. Notes for Joel Alvin Trammell: Joe worked for Mesa Petroleum Co. TX. Germany. born 19 Sep 1978 in Ardmore. Wayne Theodore4. TX. Randall Gene6 Rushing (Waynda Lea5 Cooper. born 11 Dec 1982 in Denison. William M. Cooper 302. Henry Leonard3. Henry Leonard3. TX. 305. Wayne Theodore4. He married (2) Michelle Kaiser 13 Jul 1974. Oklahoma. in Madill. William M. Wayne Theodore4.1) was born 11 Oct 1954 in Gainesville. Roderick Lenard2. Roderick Lenard2. More About Joel Trammell and Lorrie Rushing: Marriage: 01 Oct 1975 Page 96 . She graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. Charles Edward Alexander7 Cooper. Oklahoma. She was born 21 Jan 1960 in Ardmore. Lorrie Ann6 Rushing (Waynda Lea5 Cooper. at Little City. Notes for Lorrie Ann Rushing: Lorrie was employed at the Madill Manufacturing Co. TX. He married (1) Pauline Durham 23 Nov 1971. She was born 22 Aug 1955. He married Cynthia Sue Cook 05 Aug 1977. OK. 434 ii. 306.1) was born 12 May 1958 in Heidelberg. TX. OK. Roderick Lenard2. Henry Leonard3.1) was born 07 Oct 1953 in Houston. He was born 27 Apr 1958 in Sulphur. She was born 03 Feb 1956 in Houston. Matt Dillon Rushing. Oklahoma. She married Joel Alvin Trammell 01 Oct 1975. More About Cynthia Sue Cook: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Randall Rushing and Cynthia Cook: Marriage: 05 Aug 1977 Children of Randall Rushing and Cynthia Cook are: + 433 i. More About Robert Cooper and Pauline Durham: Marriage: 23 Nov 1971 More About Robert Cooper and Michelle Kaiser: Marriage: 13 Jul 1974 Child of Robert Cooper and Pauline Durham is: 432 i. Robert Arnold6 Cooper (Bobby Gene5. William M. Tabatha Sue7 Rushing. Notes for Robert Arnold Cooper: Robert is a Carpet Layer. OK.

1) was born 01 Mar 1963 in Marks. Michael attended Memphis State for a couple of semesters. She worked for Winn Dixie Grocery in Madill. TN. OK. Memphis. TN. Kelly Sue6 Rushing (Waynda Lea5 Cooper. Funeral services were in the Memorial Park Funeral Home. Wayne Theodore4. He later worked at Faulks Automotive. 309. was caused by a pulmonary embolism. More About Kelly Sue Rushing: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Greg Lowe and Kelly Rushing: Marriage: 28 Oct 1993. born 03 Jun 2005 in Madill. Roderick Lenard2. Cindy received a full scholarship to State Technical Institute and attended one year before transferring to Memphis State. born 26 Oct 1995. MS.1) was born 10 May 1968 in Memphis. She graduated from beauty school and owned a salon on the north side of the Madill Square for many years. born 22 Apr 1985 in Denison. at the age of 38. TN Children of Michael Carver and Laurie Gary are: 438 i. At the time of his death. and died 30 Nov 2003 in Memphis. in 1986. He was born 03 Dec 1968 in Madill. DC on September 11. Roderick Lenard2. His death. Dalton Wade Carver. Wayne Theodore4. She married Montgomery. 307. She was born 06 Oct 1965 in Memphis. servicing foreign cars. in 1981. 437 ii. Cooper Child of Lorrie Rushing and Joel Trammell is: 435 i. Cindy graduated in the top percentile of her class. He was a member of the Tennessee Task Force "I" which went to assist after the bombing of the Pentagon in Washington. He received the Medal of Bravery from the Memphis Fire Department. Kellanie Cooper Lowe. More About Michael Leslie Carver: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Michael Carver and Laurie Gary: Marriage: 20 Feb 1992. He worked at Krogers for several years during high school and after graduation. William M. Roderick Lenard2. Notes for Cynthia Leigh Carver: Cindy graduated from Sheffield High Schol in Memphis. She married Greg Joe Lowe 28 Oct 1993 in Madill. William M. born 09 Aug 1995 in Memphis. Notes for Kelly Sue Rushing: Kelly graduated from Madill High School in 1988. TN. He was a deacon and youth leader at White Station Baptist Church. TN. TN.1) was born 20 Dec 1969 in Madill. Wayne Theodore4. Tennessee. Michael Leslie6 Carver (Linda Sue5 Cooper. was Page 97 . Steven V. Shannon Joel7 Trammell. Henry Leonard3. She worked at Kayanne's Hallmark Shop part time. Henry Leonard3. 2001. Henry Leonard3. Tennessee. OK. William M. 439 ii. He married Laurie Lynn Gary 20 Feb 1992 in Memphis. OK.Descendants of William M. Madill. 310. Skyler Jo7 Lowe. Notes for Michael Leslie Carver: Michael graduated from Sheffield High School in Memphis. Interment was in Memorial Park South Woods Cemetery in Memphis. Cynthia Leigh6 Carver (Linda Sue5 Cooper. TX. Michael was a special operations lieutenant for the Memphis Fire Department. OK.7 Carver. OK Children of Kelly Rushing and Greg Lowe are: 436 i.

J. William M. Kendra Dawn Emery. CA.S. He married Ann Reeves. William M. Roderick Lenard2. He married Linda Cheryl Dinken 12 May 1990 in The Woodlands. Kenneth James6 Emery (Glen Buevenne5. born 23 Apr 1982 in Houston. 312. Sharon Leigh6 Emery (E. She was born 10 Mar 1955 in Niagra Falls.1) was born 31 Aug 1953 in Houston. Logan James Emery.1) was born 09 Apr 1953 in Houston. 447 ii. Ruthy Viola4 Cooper. He married Laurie Jean Roy 25 Aug 1973. TX Children of Scott Emery and Linda Dinken are: 446 i.Descendants of William M. Scott Keith6 Emery (E. TX.5. More About Kenneth Emery and Laurie Roy: Marriage: 25 Aug 1973 Children of Kenneth Emery and Laurie Roy are: 441 i. Roderick Lenard2. in Industrial Technology in 1985 from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. and was on the Dean's List while attending State Technical Institute. 319. More About Cynthia Leigh Carver: Religion: Southern Baptist Child of Cynthia Carver and Montgomery is: 440 i. Austin Christopher7 Emery. Ruthy Viola4 Cooper. Scott was currently an Appraiser for Savings of America in Houston. Texas. 442 ii. More About Scott Keith Emery: Religion: Catholic More About Scott Emery and Linda Dinken: Marriage: 12 May 1990. born in Hayward. Ruthy Viola4 Cooper.J. Roderick Lenard2. Texas. 311. IL. TX. TX. Autumn Nicole Emery. 317. Henry Leonard3. TX. Roderick Lenard2. TX.5. born 28 Apr 2005 in Memphis. Child of Valerie Emery and Dave Hansen is: 445 i. born 17 Sep 1986 in Eagle River. William Page 98 . Sandra7 Hansen. NY. Alaska. Henry Leonard3. She was born 09 Mar 1960 in Champaign. born 05 Jan 1980 in Houston. Henry Leonard3. and received a B.1) was born 16 Oct 1948 in San Lorenzo.1) was born 29 Jun 1961 in Houston. She was born 07 Mar 1945 in Greenville. Roderick Lenard2. 314. Notes for Scott Keith Emery: Scott graduated from Conroe High School in Conroe. 443 iii. Cooper listed in Who's Who Among American Students. Madison Grace7 Montgomery. born 30 Sep 1995 in The Woodlands. The Woodlands. Ruthy Viola4 Cooper. Texas. Ruthy Viola4 Cooper. TX. She married Dave Hansen. CA. Child of Paul Emery and Ann Reeves is: 444 i. born 26 Nov 1993 in The Woodlands. William M. TX. TN. Meghan Kathleen7 Emery. born 05 Aug 1975 in Greenville. Valerie Raye6 Emery (Paul Dean5. Jamsey Paul7 Emery. CA. TX. William M. He was born in Hayward. TX. Henry Leonard3. Henry Leonard3. TX. Jr Paul Dean6 Emery (Paul Dean5.

TX. and attended Harris County Junior College. 451 ii. Texas. She married Walter Jay Wells 12 Apr 1980 in Houston. Cathy is a housewife and mother. TX. and Cody Goodman. 449 ii.1) was born 07 May 1967 in Houston. Texas. Cooper M. Notes for Donald Brian Cooper: Brian graduated from Texas A&M University and is a Regional Sales Manager for an electrical products Page 99 . Lauren Ashley7 Wells. Catherine Elaine6 Cooper (Donald Ray5. born 07 Jun 1986 in Houston. J. More About Walter Jay Wells: Religion: Roman Catholic More About Walter Wells and Catherine Cooper: Marriage: 12 Apr 1980. She was born 27 Apr 1962 in Richmond. Houston. He was born 11 Feb 1956 in Houston. Roderick Laney4. Currently. More About Catherine Elaine Cooper: Religion: Roman Catholic Notes for Walter Jay Wells: Walter graduated from Texas A&M and is a Sales Manager for a motor distributor in Houston. born 09 Apr 1991 in San Antonio. Jessica Leigh7 Rainwater.Descendants of William M. TX. Bryce Allen Rainwater. Roderick Lenard2. Roderick Lenard2. TX Children of Sharon Emery and John Rainwater are: 448 i. TX. she worked for a dermatologist in San Antonio. TX. born 04 Feb 1994 in San Antonio. TX. She married (1) Tony Goodman.1) was born 19 May 1960 in Houston. She married (2) John Rainwater 10 Feb 1990 in Dallas. C. Dallas. He married Carolyn Stuart 12 Apr 1986. TX. Henry Leonard3. Donald Brian6 Cooper (Donald Ray5. TX. born 12 Feb 1989 in Houston. 321. TX. 320. Notes for Sharon Leigh Emery: Sharon graduated from Conroe High School in Conroe. Texas. Roderick Laney4. William M. More About John Rainwater: Religion: Episcopal More About John Rainwater and Sharon Emery: Marriage: 10 Feb 1990. Notes for John Rainwater: John currently works for North Side Independent School District in San Antonio. TX. More About Sharon Leigh Emery: Religion: Catholic Notes for Tony Goodman: Tony had three children when he married Sharon: Kevin. TX.. Henry Leonard3. TX Children of Catherine Cooper and Walter Wells are: 450 i.1) was born 01 Jan 1958 in Houston. He was born 14 Apr 1964 in Big Spring. TX. William M. Notes for Catherine Elaine Cooper: Catherine "Cathy" graduated from Texas A&M University in 1979. Lindsey Anne Wells.

He was born 01 Jun 1962 in Alice. Roderick Laney4. Lisa was a high school Mathematics Teacher. born 10 Dec 1991 in Shakopee. Notes for Lisa Ann Cooper: Lisa attended North Texas State University in Denton. Houston. William M.1) was born 26 Mar 1962 in Houston. Notes for Cody Brian Cooper: Cody Bryan and Cameron Stuart are twins. 322.1) was born 14 Mar 1966 in Houston. 323. More About Carolyn Stuart: Religion: Methodist More About Donald Cooper and Carolyn Stuart: Marriage: 12 Apr 1986 Children of Donald Cooper and Carolyn Stuart are: 452 i. TX. More About George Tucker: Religion: Baptist More About George Tucker and Lisa Cooper: Marriage: 13 Aug 1983. Sarah Elizabeth7 Tucker. Notes for Jennifer Lynn Cooper: Page 100 . born 11 May 1992 in Spring.Descendants of William M. born 22 Aug 1990 in Spring. 453 ii. Henry Leonard3. More About Lisa Ann Cooper: Religion: Roman Catholic Notes for George Tucker: George is a High School Coach and Science Teacher. He was born 16 Oct. TX. 455 ii. More About Donald Brian Cooper: Religion: Roman Catholic Notes for Carolyn Stuart: Carolyn graduated from Baylor University. She married George Tucker 13 Aug 1983 in Houston. TX. Roderick Laney4. Henry Leonard3. William M. She married Thomas Medley 04 Jun 1994 in Houston. TX Children of Lisa Cooper and George Tucker are: 454 i. TX but graduated from Texas A&M. born 10 Dec 1991 in Shakopee. Cameron Stuart7 Cooper. Roderick Lenard2. TX. TX. Notes for Cameron Stuart Cooper: Cameron Stuart and Cody Bryan are twins. Cody Brian Cooper. Lisa Ann6 Cooper (Donald Ray5. Rachel Elaine Tucker. She is a Computer Analyst for Northrup-King Seed Company. Jennifer Lynn6 Cooper (Donald Ray5. MN. TX. Cooper company. TX. MN. Roderick Lenard2.

Descendants of William M. Cooper
Jennifer graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in elementary education. More About Jennifer Lynn Cooper: Religion: Roman Catholic More About Thomas Medley and Jennifer Cooper: Marriage: 04 Jun 1994, Houston, TX Children of Jennifer Cooper and Thomas Medley are: 456 i. Madison Rose7 Medley, born 05 Apr 1996 in Houston, TX. 457 ii. Jake Thomas Medley, born 17 Jun 1998 in Houston, TX. 458 iii. Joseph Cooper Medley, born 15 Oct 2003 in Houston, TX. 324. Susan Elizabeth6 Freeman (Dorothy Hazel5 Cooper, Roderick Laney4, Henry Leonard3, Roderick Lenard2, William M.1) was born 30 Sep 1968 in Denver, CO. She married Darrell George Ruby. He was born 21 Mar 1967 in Missoula, Montana. Notes for Susan Elizabeth Freeman: Susan graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, with a degree in sociology. She earned a graduate degree in public affairs from William and Mary University in Williamsburg, Virginia. She earned a PhD in YEAR from UNIVERSITY. She was a professor at East Washington State University in Spokane, WA where she taught psychology. More About Susan Elizabeth Freeman: Religion: Non-denominational More About Darrell George Ruby: Religion: Non-denominational Children of Susan Freeman and Darrell Ruby are: 459 i. Jessica Lynn7 Ruby, born 10 May 1995 in Corpus Christi, TX. 460 ii. Laura Elizabeth Ruby, born 08 Nov 1997 in Honolulu, HI. 461 iii. Luke Howard Ruby, born 02 Jun 2003 in Redlands, CA. 325. Floyd Kirk6 Tatum (Mary Marthalene5 Cooper, Henry Floyd4, Henry Leonard3, Roderick Lenard2, William M.1) was born 17 Jan 1962 in Baytown, TX, and died 08 Jun 2007 in Marble Falls, TX. He married (1) Elaine. She was born 26 Dec 1971. He married (2) Lori Ann Greenlees 06 Sep 1985 in Burnet, TX. She was born 16 Apr 1967 in Florence, AL. More About Floyd Kirk Tatum: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Lori Ann Greenlees: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Floyd Tatum and Lori Greenlees: Marriage: 06 Sep 1985, Burnet, TX Child of Floyd Tatum and Lori Greenlees is: 462 i. Ryan Kirk7 Tatum, born 10 Feb 1987 in Austin, TX. 326. Heather Glyn6 Grantham (Shirley Ann5 Cooper, Henry Floyd4, Henry Leonard3, Roderick Lenard2, William M.1) was born 18 Aug 1965 in Houston, TX. She married Frederick Louis Braun 12 Sep 1992 in League City, TX. He was born 26 Apr 1959 in Sacramento, CA. Page 101

Descendants of William M. Cooper
Notes for Heather Glyn Grantham: Heather graduated from Clear Lake High School in League City, Texas, in 1984. She earned an accounting degree from the University of Houston. More About Heather Glyn Grantham: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Frederick Louis Braun: Fred graduated from Texas A&M University in 1981 and was a Chemical Engineer. More About Frederick Louis Braun: Religion: Roman Catholic More About Frederick Braun and Heather Grantham: Marriage: 12 Sep 1992, League City, TX Children of Heather Grantham and Frederick Braun are: 463 i. Frederick Glenn7 Braun, born 07 Jul 2000 in Webster, TX. 464 ii. Amy Elizabeth Braun, born 16 Dec 2005 in The Woodlands, TX. 327. Able Mitchell6 Rossi IV (Peggy Lou5 Cooper, Henry Floyd4, Henry Leonard3, Roderick Lenard2, William M.1) was born 22 Nov 1966 in Baytown, TX. He married (1) Jeri Lynette Whitaker. She was born 22 Feb 1973 in Baytown, TX. He married (2) Stephanie Nicole Straughan 14 Jan 1995 in Houston, TX. She was born 31 Jul 1973 in Greensboro, NC. Notes for Able Mitchell Rossi IV: "Mitch" attended Lee Junior College and Austin Community College. He earned a B. A. from Lamar Unversity in Finance in 1996 and an A. S. in Process Technology from San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas in 1997. Notes for Jeri Lynette Whitaker: Jeri earned a B.A. in English from Baylor University in 1995 and an M.A. in Library Science from the University of Houston in 2003. More About Able Rossi and Stephanie Straughan: Marriage: 14 Jan 1995, Houston, TX Child of Able Rossi and Stephanie Straughan is: 465 i. V Avery Michelle7 Rossi, born 09 Jul 1995. 328. Celia Suzanne6 Reed (Winona Pearl5 McClure, Winnie Pearl4 Cooper, Henry Leonard3, Roderick Lenard2, William M.1) was born 08 Oct 1957 in Madill, OK. She married Gary Paul Crawford 06 Aug 1983 in DeQueen, AR. He was born 10 Jan 1958 in Paris, TX. Notes for Celia Suzanne Reed: Celia graduated from DeQueen High School in DeQueen, Arkansas, in 1975. Celia earned a B.S. in Elementary Education from Henderson State College, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, in 1979. She taught kindergarten in Nashville, Arkansas, and later in Ashdown, Arkansas, for a total of 5-1/2 years. She taught in Ashdown after marrying Gary Paul Crawford and before their first child was born. In October of 1986, Gary was transferred to New Boston, Texas. In the fall of 1995 the Crawford family moved to Harrison, Arkansas where Celia taught kindergarten in the Bergman Public Schools. More About Celia Suzanne Reed: Occupation: Elementary School Teacher Religion: Baptist Page 102

Descendants of William M. Cooper
Notes for Gary Paul Crawford: Gary was an Assistant Manager of a Brookshires Supermarket. In 1989 he was called as pastor of the Hillcrest Baptist Church in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. In the fall of 1995, he was called as pastor of the Red Oak Baptist Church in Harrison, Arkansas. More About Gary Paul Crawford: Occupation: Minister (Pastor) Religion: Baptist More About Gary Crawford and Celia Reed: Marriage: 06 Aug 1983, DeQueen, AR Children of Celia Reed and Gary Crawford are: 466 i. Jeremy Paul7 Crawford, born 01 Dec 1984 in Texarkana, TX. Notes for Jeremy Paul Crawford: Jeremy graduated from Bergman High School in Harrison, Arkansas in May 2003. He was interested in the field of graphic design. More About Jeremy Paul Crawford: Religion: Baptist 467 ii. Jacob Spencer Crawford, born 13 May 1987 in Texarkana, TX. Notes for Jacob Spencer Crawford: Jacob attended Bergman High School in Harrison, Arkansas and was on the basketball and golf teams. More About Jacob Spencer Crawford: Religion: Baptist 468 iii. Joshua Taylor Crawford, born 07 Nov 1998 in Harrison, AR.

329. Rebecca Elaine6 Reed (Winona Pearl5 McClure, Winnie Pearl4 Cooper, Henry Leonard3, Roderick Lenard2, William M.1) was born 21 Sep 1962 in Madill, OK. She married (1) Unknown, son of James Kirtpatrick and Glenda. She married (2) Doug Boyer in DeQueen, AR. She married (3) Joe Allen Vance 04 Jun 1988 in DeQueen, AR. He was born 12 Apr 1952 in DeQueen, AR. Notes for Rebecca Elaine Reed: "Becky" was born at Ardmore, Oklahoma, and lived in Madill until she was one when she moved to DeQueen, Arkansas. In DeQueen she attended 12 years of school and graduated from DeQueen High School in 1980. During high school Becky was a member of the National Honor Society, student council, and girls basketball and track teams. In January, 1980, she had a beautiful daughter by the name of Heather Ashley Reed. Becky attended two and one-half years of college at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway and two other colleges. While in college, she worked on a double major of biology and chemistry with a minor in mathematics. During the summers while attending college, she served as President of the Womans Softball League in DeQueen. She was a member of the First Baptist Church of DeQueen since 1970. Becky completed the requirements for a Licensed Vocational Nurse in 1994 at the Cossatot Vocational Technical School. She was then employed at the Wadley Hospital in Texarkana where she completed the requirements for Registered Nurse certification. She worked as a Registered Nurse in Houston, Texas. More About Rebecca Elaine Reed: Occupation: Nurse Page 103

In 1983 he moved to Dallas and went to work for E-Systems Inc. He then studied drafting at Pulaski County Votech in Little Rock. Arkansas in 1988 and Ruthie worked at Wilkerson Jewelers as the Receptionist and Sales Secretary. Notes for Ruth Ann Reed: "Ruthie" graduated from DeQueen High School in DeQueen. More About Joe Vance and Rebecca Reed: Marriage: 04 Jun 1988. AR. He was born 25 Apr 1962 in Jonesboro. Arkansas. 330. they moved to North Little Rock.1) was born 07 Mar 1964 in Madill. needing a change. OK. Ruthie was a member of Sylvan Hills First Baptist Church. Amanda Megan7 Vance. For the next few years she pulled her hair out and went for another change. born 24 Oct 1989 in Texarkana. Henry Leonard3. 8 months. Cooper Religion: Southern Baptist More About Doug Boyer and Rebecca Reed: Marriage: DeQueen. He suffered a severe injury in the service and was a disabled American veteran. In 1984 he married Ruthie and they lived in Dallas. He enlisted in the armed services right after graduation and was in the service for 6 years. DeQueen. AR. Arkansas. where she got her CDA associate. Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. In 2001 she went to work for Hagan Newkirk Financial Services as a Receptionist/Secretary and was promoted to Marketing Coordinator in May 2002. AR. AR where he graduated from high school in 1970. she went to work at Rush Engine Remanufacturer as an Office Assistant. as a Technical Illustrator. AR Notes for Joe Allen Vance: Joe attended 12 years of school in Horatio. They then moved in Stuttgart. in 1980. TX. In May 1991. William M. In 1998.Descendants of William M. After she married Trey in 1984. Texas. Child of Rebecca Reed and Joe Vance is: 470 i. they lived in Dallas for two years where she worked for Hall Financial Group as a Secretary and Word Processor. Roderick Lenard2. They moved to DeQueen in July 1986 where Ruthie worked as a Bank Teller. Arkansas where Trey worked as a Truck Driver for DeQueen Sand and Page 104 . and 1 day. in Garland. Ruth Ann6 Reed (Winona Pearl5 McClure. She married III Azor Thomas "Trey" Osburn 05 May 1984 in DeQueen. They were only in DeQueen for a year and Ruthie worked at the hospital in the pharmacy as a Pharmacist Assistant. Trey attended Southern Arkansas University in Camden where he studied commercial art. More About Ruth Ann Reed: Occupation: Marketing Coordinator Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for III Azor Thomas "Trey" Osburn: Trey graduated from Stuttgart High School in Stuttgart. born 17 Jan 1980 in DeQueen. AR Child of Rebecca Reed and Unknown is: + 469 i. In 1993 they built a house in Gravel Ridge. Heather Ashley7 Reed. Arkansas near North Little Rock. in 1982. Ruthie worked at a therapeutic day care center as a Unit Supervisor over the baby and toddler unit for the next seven years. She graduated in 1983 from Cossatot Vocational Technical School in DeQueen where she received secretarial/business training. before moving back to DeQueen in 1990. In 1986 they moved to DeQueen. Arkansas.

Conway. At Harold Ives. TX 332. He married Debora Rae Lewis 15 Jun 1991 in DeQueen. In 1988 they moved to Stuttgart where Trey worked at Harold Ives Trucking Company as a Dispatcher. William M. Roderick Lenard2. AR. Trey went to boot camp when she was three months pregnant and returned when she was six months pregnant. More About Kathryn Elizabeth "Katie" Osburn: Religion: Southern Baptist More About James Goffe and Kathryn Osburn: Marriage: 26 May 2007.C. She attended Cato Elementary School. including doing costumes and makeup of the actors. Also in 1986 Trey joined the Army National Guard and went to boot camp in January 1987. She was one of the first cheerleaders to be picked in seventh grade and the again in the eighth grade. and loved it. Here future plans were to go to UCA. AR. Notes for Paul Cookson Reed: Paul graduated with honors from DeQueen High School in DeQueen." She was a member of Sylvan Hills Baptist Church where she was involved with the youth program and choir. in 1991 the Osburn family moved to North Little Rock. Harold Ives needed him back in Little Rock so. Arkansas. Dr. Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. Paul Cookson6 Reed (Winona Pearl5 McClure. AR. 1987. She went to Northwood Junior High for seventh and eighth grades. DeQueen. Ruthie's dad. He left there in 1999 to take a full-time technician job at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock. For a short time they moved back to DeQueen and Trey worked at Curtis Body Shop. Notes for Kathryn Elizabeth "Katie" Osburn: "Katie" was the only child of Trey and Ruthie Osburn. which coordinated activities like "See You At the Pole. AR. Arkansas. TX. working on Howitzers. More About III Azor Thomas "Trey" Osburn: Occupation: Artillery Repair Technician Religion: Methodist More About Azor Osburn and Ruth Reed: Marriage: 05 May 1984. She married James Casper "J. She made her spending money by babysitting for friends and at church. Road Assist Supervisor. AR Child of Ruth Reed and Azor Osburn is: 471 i." Goffe 26 May 2007 in Wichita Falls. in 1987 and from Page 105 . Trey had opportunities over the next few years to be a Shop Foreman. while Trey was in boot camp and this was very hard on both of them. Kathryn Elizabeth "Katie"7 Osburn. Cooper Gravel. Trey returned home in April 1987 looking very fit and Ruthie looking very pregnant. In 1992 she attended kindergarten at Bellwood Elementary in North Little Rock. Ruthie became pregnant in November 1986. Wichita Falls. She was born 28 Dec 1964 in Arkadelphia. Arkansas.1) was born 31 Oct 1968 in DeQueen. He started out as a Mail Clerk and after five months was moved to a Supply Technician at CSMS and in January 2002 moved over to Artillery Repair Technician. born 24 Aug 1987 in DeQueen. Arkansas to become a Physical Therapist.Descendants of William M. died on February 28. She was a member of Jesus Uniting Students Together (JUST). In high school she enjoyed being in Stage Crew and Drama Club. and Training Manager. She went to high school for ninth and tenth grades at North Pulaski High School where she was also a cheerleader. Henry Leonard3. Jack Allen Reed.

Henry Leonard3. Arkansas. and graduated from Texas A & M University in 1984 with a Bachelor of Environmental Design. River Red and Call to Destiny. to take the position of Associate Pastor of Music and Senior Adults at Hopeful Baptist Church. Alabama. Paul graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. 334. containing many of his compositions. and TGS Architects. She taught third grade at Horatio Elementary in Horatio. She graduated from East Texas State University in Texarkana. born 10 Mar 1994 in Denton. Steve had a fine bass voice and sung for a few years with the Vocal Majority Barbershop Chorus. Texas. TX. J.Descendants of William M. taught second graders in Sunday School. Notes for Stephen Franklin Ard: Stephen grew up in Dallas. Roderick Lenard2. Paul served as a home missionary in Arnold. served on the Design Team that planned the relocation of the church. In May 1995. In 1997 and in 1998. near St. in 1994 he became a Registered Interior Designer. She attended Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia. FL. in 1983. formed a quartet they called River Red. that he called "Stuff I Wrote. then fifth grade at Lake Dallas Elementary in Lake Dallas. She was born 16 Mar 1963 in Santa Ana. They also produced two albums. with a Master of Music degree. Florida. His undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Music in Church Music. Connor Lewis Reed. Mark. Texas. they sang the National Anthem at two Texas Rangers baseball games. Paul made the OBU Dean's List and the National Dean's List and was a member of the Singing Men at OBU. He sang on the Praise Team at The Heights Baptist Church. After college he was an intern architect for Tom Dance Associates and an architect for Architects Design Group. 1998. Texas. born 26 Sep 2004 in Lake City. More About Paul Cookson Reed: Occupation: Minister of Music Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Debora Rae Lewis: Debbie graduated with honors from DeQueen High School in DeQueen. 1995. Stephen Franklin6 Ard (Mary Susanna5 McClure. In 1991 he passed a 4-day exam and became a Registered Architect. and Barry Williams. Arkansas. He married Shelley Jean Boyette 16 Nov 1985 in Richardson. Cameron Jack7 Reed. Missouri. Page 106 . Arkansas. TX. she taught sixth grade. in 1991. TX. Also in May. He created a CD. Louis. from 1989 to 1991. he moved to Lake City. until May 1995. Paul served as the Minister of Music and Youth at the Lake Shore Baptist Church in Lake Dallas." Stephen was blessed with a keen wit and kept family and friends in stitches with his clever humor. He was President of his own company. Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. CA. William M. and died 09 Mar 2003 in Plano. TX.1) was born 20 Jul 1962 in Dallas. Cooper Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia. After marrying Paul and moving to Lake Dallas. In March. More About Debora Rae Lewis: Occupation: Elementary School Teacher Religion: Southern Baptist More About Paul Reed and Debora Lewis: Marriage: 15 Jun 1991. AR Children of Paul Reed and Debora Lewis are: 472 i. daughter of Donald Boyette and Mary Armstrong. singing contemporary Christian music. Arkansas. 473 ii. In 1996 Stephen and his three cousins. Pearce High School in 1980. in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. AB Architects. Texas. DeQueen. From August 1991. Paul became the Minister of Music and Youth at the Livingston First Baptist Church in Livingston. HKS Architects. During the summer of 1988. and played guitar with the Kids Depending on God (KDOG) band. Texas. graduated from J. Craig. Stephen wrote and arranged many of their songs as well as many other songs. For over two years they performed for many churches and groups.

Cooper On July 11. Pearce High School in 1985. Notes for Ellen Kay Ard: Ellen grew up in Dallas. synesthesia is the neurological mixing of the senses. basketball. TX. She played soccer. her various jobs included work at Day Care Centers and Rehabilitation Centers. in Physical Education. son of Danny Balch and Sharon Lichte. Ellen associated a color with each number. Ellen had the "gift" of synesthesia. born 28 Mar 1990 in Plano. Jr. MO. She was employed as a Physical Therapy Aide at North Dallas Physical Therapists. More About Shelley Jean Boyette: Occupation: Salesperson Religion: Southern Baptist More About Stephen Ard and Shelley Boyette: Marriage: 16 Nov 1985. Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. softball. She owned an embroidery company called Stitch-n-Chicks. More About Olivia Christine Ard: Religion: Southern Baptist 476 iii. J. TX Children of Stephen Ard and Shelley Boyette are: 474 i. James Triggs. Richardson. She married Jeffrey Dale Balch 13 Oct 1990 in Richardson. TX.1) was born 06 Dec 1966 in Dallas. Stephen was 6' 6" tall. She graduated from Baylor University in 1989 with a B. 2000. 2000. and track. More About Stephanie Mishelle Ard: Religion: Southern Baptist 475 ii. While going to college. More About Stephen Franklin Ard: Burial: 15 Mar 2003. Garland. She had an incredible ability to remember birthdays and anniversary dates. TX. Roderick Lenard2.Descendants of William M. Henry Leonard3. Texas. Olivia Christine Ard. He received a stem cell transplant on October 4. born 03 Dec 1992 in Plano. TX. She was always very involved in sports. Shelley sold medical insurance and retirement plans to businesses and credit card programs to airplane pilots. and graduated with honors from J. Stephen was diagnosed with leukemia. Ellen Kay6 Ard (Mary Susanna5 McClure. Her parents at lived at 1300 South Shelley Street in Santa Ana. He was born 30 Jan 1964 in St. Texas. and she visualized each day of the week as a 3-dimensional object. California. and that the recall of the colors was easier than remembering the Page 107 . born 17 Jun 1987 in Dallas. Louis. volleyball. Only after becoming an adult did she tell this to her family. Shelley graduated from Berkner High School in 1981 in Richardson. TX.S. William M. Stephanie Mishelle7 Ard. The attending physician was Dr. According to a search on the Internet. Garrett Franklin Ard. She said she was able to do this by associating a color with these dates. More About Garrett Franklin Ard: Religion: Southern Baptist 335. TX Occupation: Architect Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Shelley Jean Boyette: Shelley was born at at 1:48pm in Santa Ana Community Hospital in Santa Ana. Big Spring Cemetery.

TX won Page 108 . Rachel Susanna Balch. Her family nickname. 2000. running back. Democratic President Bill Clinton was nearing the end of his eight years in office as President of the United States.m. TX Occupation: Physical Therapy Aide Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Jeffrey Dale Balch: Jeff was born in Missouri but his family moved to Florida when he was small and to Richardson. Texas. Texas. were being sent to Idaho to assist with extinguishing raging forest fires.Descendants of William M. Colton Daniel Balch. Dick Cheney from Wyoming were nominated at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia. on August 7. He played the trumpet in the church orchestra and played softball and basketball in season. Richardson. Jeff loved hunting and fishing and had a reserved site near Mineral Wells. when he was in the eighth grade. Jeff played in Little League Baseball. NHL hockey. born 17 Sep 1997 in Plano. democratic presidential nominee Al Gore was nearing a decision on who would be his running mate (the next day he chose Sen. He was a Quality Inspector of night vision goggles/scopes and fire control systems at Optex Systems. Japan. Texas heat reached 102 degrees. TX. The outside temperature even that early in the morning was 82 degrees. Church Basketball. an Oscar-winning actor for his roles in The Bridge on the River Kwai and Star Wars. soldiers from Fort Hood. golfer. Sir Alec Guinness. Texas. Joseph Lieberman. England. Richardson. Lance Armstrong from Austin. baseball. which was given to her by her sister Abi. Pennsylvania. The dominate athletes of this period were: Tiger Woods. Bush and former Secretary of Defense. Hunter Ryan7 Balch. More About Jeffrey Dale Balch: Occupation: Quality Assurance Inspector Religion: Southern Baptist More About Jeffrey Balch and Ellen Ard: Marriage: 13 Oct 1990. The headlines in The Dallas Morning News of August 7. quarterback. for the Dallas Cowboys. died at his home in Petersfield. Shaquille O'Neal. basketball. and Emmitt Smith. born 18 Jun 1993 in Plano. TX Children of Ellen Ard and Jeffrey Balch are: 477 i. He attended North Texas State University and received an Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences from Richland College in 1986. included it being the 17th day this summer when the temperature was over 100 degrees. and played the trumpet in the school band and jazz band. Later that day the temperature in the Plano. a week earlier to be the Republican candidates for President and Vice President of the United States. He graduated from Richardson High School in 1982. Troy Aikman. TX. New York Yankees. Mike Modano with the Dallas Stars. Notes for Colton Daniel Balch: Colton was born on a Monday morning at 6:45 a. and the Dallas Cowboys returned from playing the Atlantic Falcons in a National Football League exhibition game in Tokyo. at the age of 86. Venus and Serena Williams. 2000. Inc. was Ah-nee. More About Ellen Kay Ard: Baptism: 16 Apr 1978. TX. born 07 Aug 2000 in Plano. 479 iii. 478 ii. Cooper dates. We don't know for certain how it should be spelled but she plans to be called this by her grandchildren. an Orthodox Jew from the state of Connecticut). Texas Governor George W. tennis.

767. She played the clarinet in the school band for four years.1) was born 02 Jul 1972 in Dallas. playing the piano. she received numerous awards for various piano competitions. More About Michael Allen Aars: Occupation: Student/Computer Specialist Religion: Lutheran More About Michael Aars and Abigail Ard: Marriage: 06 Aug 1994. traveling. Henry Leonard3. she was a member of Opus (an auditioned high school ensemble). Texas. She later formed her own company. He was born 04 Mar 1972 in Arlington. and graduated with honors from J. the Nasdaq Composite Index opened at 3. As a youth at the Richardson Heights Baptist Church. TX. Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. In 1995 he passed the Novell Network exams and became a Certified Network Engineer. and graduated from Clifton High School in 1990 as the valedictorian. Texas. TX. drawing.Descendants of William M. primarily for Word Publishing Company. Prior to graduation.93. She married Michael Allen Aars 06 Aug 1994 in Richardson. Cooper the Tour de France for the second consecutive year. Texas. painting. Richardson. and California and sang in choir tours across the southeastern states and southern Texas. 336.36. Pearce High School in 1990. an advertising and printing company. Notes for Corinne Maria Aars: The name Corinne is French and means girl or feminine. and collecting miniature rabbits. Texas. Scotland. She enjoyed singing. and Wales.75. Roderick Lenard2. He attended the University of Texas at Arlington for a year and. sang in the choir. born 16 Jul 2001 in Austin. Abigail Maria6 Ard (Mary Susanna5 McClure. Texas. J. decorating. TX Children of Abigail Ard and Michael Aars are: 480 i. In high school she was a member of the French club and National Honor Society. son of Alton Aars and Melissa Moore. Missouri. speaking French. From second through eighth grade.787. she accepted a fulltime position with Nystrom and within a year was promoted to Art Director. attended McLellan County Community College in Waco. Mike and Abi first heard the name in the movie Patch Adams. Abi studied French for six years and spoke it fluently. He attended Texas A&M University for three years. In 1985 Abi traveled with her parents to England. She graduated from Baylor University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. The Digital Easel. Mike will receive a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Baylor University in Waco. and specialized in computer-generated graphic art design. TX.463. Her freshman year she made All District band. in Waco. Notes for Abigail Maria Ard: Abi grew up in Dallas. Corinne Maria7 Aars. aerobics. The Dow Jones Industrial average opened that morning at 10. In the spring of 1997. the Standard & Poor's 500 Index was at 1. She took various mission trips to Nebraska. and was the long-snapper on the football team that went to the 1992 Cotton Bowl. In 1992 she spent two weeks in France where she was able to stay with one of her Baylor roommates. TX. Her senior year at Baylor she worked as an Intern for Nystrom Lithocraft. William M. Page 109 . after marrying Abigail Maria Ard. was in the Corps. and was a member of the youth staff. More About Abigail Maria Ard: Occupation: Graphics Artist Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Michael Allen Aars: Mike grew up in Clifton.

and Sen. His home was at 100 Whistling Wind in McGregor. Even though the date of Erik's birth was the last day of December. and friends.Descendants of William M. Her head and chest diameter were both 14 inches.04. golfer. Shaquille O'Neal. Erik Allen Aars. included the banning by the Food and Drug Administration of the sales of Ephedra (a weight-loss aid that created health problems for some users). the Nasdaq Composite Index opened at 2. quarterback. Laura Meritt but the delivering physician was Dr. New York Yankees.109. The dominate athletes of this period were: Tiger Woods. The major news stories of these times had to do with the United States and allies defending against terrorism. the construction of the High Five intersection in Dallas. The headlines in The Dallas Morning News of December 31. She was 21-1/2 inches long. The first placed she lived was at 6804 North Capital of Texas Highway. the War in Iraq. the pursuit of Osama Ben Laden. Texas. S. 2003. Margaret Thompson. Dr. Venus and Serena Williams. Sen.88. Dianne Sawyer. Joseph Lieberman. In the waiting room during her delivery were grandparents Allen & Kay Aars and Darrell & Mary Sue Ard. a congressman from Missouri. Texas. the vice president was Dick Chaney from Wyoming. the purchase of Kinko's copy shops by FedEx for $2. TX 78731. the War in Afghanistan. Howard Dean. Peyton Manning. for the Indianapolis Colts. under first-year coach Bill Parcells. John Kerry. the banning by the U. Apartment #112. an Orthodox Jew from the state of Connecticut. the series of bowl games during the holidays. Wesley Clark. Her obstetrician was Dr. Lance Armstrong from Austin. a physician and former governor of Vermont. Department of Agriculture of the sales of meat from some "downer" cattle because of the potential infestation of Mad Cow Disease. The Democratic party had several candidates who hope to be elected president in November 2004: Gen. 481 ii. baseball. Cooper Corinne was born at 2:01 a. on New Years Eve 2003 at Hillcrest Baptist Hospital in Waco. finished the season with 10 wins and six losses and were defeated in the first round of the playoffs by the Carolina Panthers. He weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces and was 20-1/2 inches long.m. The doctor who delivered him was Dr. basketball. the receiving of the very first closeup photographs from Mars as transmitted from the vehicle on the Mars surface. from Massachusetts. TX. She weighed 8 pounds and 15 ounces. The Dallas Cowboys. Mike Modano with the Dallas Stars. uncle and aunts Matt & Michelle Aars & Annette Ard. The president of the United States was George W.425.009. born 31 Dec 2003 in Austin. Bush from Texas. at 10. her pediatrician was Dr. The Dow Jones Industrial average opened on the morning of December 31. Notes for Erik Allen Aars: Erik was born at 3:47 a. and the upcoming major elections in 2004. the high temperature that day was 62 degrees and some light rain fell. Brad & Keri Thrift. former commader of NATO. the capture of Sadaam Hussein.m. Austin. Dick Gephardt. and the defeat of the University of Texas (20) football team to Washington State (28) in the Holiday Bowl. TX won the Tour de France for the fourth consecutive year.4 billion.64 Page 110 . tennis. NHL hockey. Elaine Hamilton. 2003. Texas. at North Austin Medical Center in Austin. the Standard & Poor's 500 Index was at 1.

she was the librarian for the Madill Elementary School. Winnie Pearl4 Cooper.S. First Baptist Church.1) was born 01 Jul 1960 in Madill. Anya Ella Aars. He plays football. He married Lynnis Jane Watkins 20 May 1989 in Tulsa. She attended Oklahoma University. Jeffery Michael7 Stowers33. daughter of Edwin Watkins and Sara Gilliam. Madill. born 14 Dec 1983 in Madill. OK. OK. She received a B. Rick was formerly employed by Sutherland Oil Service and by J & I Manufacturing Co. basketball. More About Rick Jeffery Stowers: Occupation: Supervisor. 337. and was later promoted to Supervisor. Team roping and horses were among his favorite hobbies. Roderick Lenard2. Beginning in 1986. She married Rick Jeffery Stowers 06 Jul 1979 in First Baptist Church. born 04 Oct 1981 in Madill. He attends the First Baptist Church of Madill. OK. Notes for Virginia Wynne Jacks: Wynne graduated from Madill High School in 1978. Notes for Jeffery Michael Stowers: Jeff's school activities and honors include Oklahoma Honor Society. son of Amos Stowers and Nowana Bodiford. She was born 05 Oct 1966 in Tulsa. a lot of it on weekends. OK. Student Council. Leston Stewart6 Jacks (Johnnie Ruth5 McClure. to complete a Masters degree in Library Science and Information Studies in 1989. OK Children of Virginia Jacks and Rick Stowers are: 483 i. Oklahoma. U. TX. Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. Postal Service Religion: Southern Baptist More About Rick Stowers and Virginia Jacks: Marriage: 06 Jul 1979.S. Postal Service in Ardmore. Oklahoma. William M. Henry Leonard3. and baseball. OK. in Elementary Education in 1983 from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. Erin Wynne Stowers. and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Roderick Lenard2. His comment for the future is "stay positive and be true to yourself.1) was born 13 Aug 1963 in Madill.Descendants of William M. Madill.S. More About Erin Wynne Stowers: Religion: Southern Baptist 338. Henry Leonard3. He enjoys listening to music and his future plans are to attend the University of Oklahoma and become a Doctor of Sports Medicine. In 1991 he went to work for the U. OK. born 19 May 2006 in Waco. Virginia Wynne6 Jacks (Johnnie Ruth5 McClure. the President's Education Award for Academic Achievement. He was born 24 Aug 1957 in Madill. OK. More About Virginia Wynne Jacks: Occupation: School Librarian Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Rick Jeffery Stowers: Rick graduated from Madill High School in 1975. OK. Page 111 ." More About Jeffery Michael Stowers: Religion: Southern Baptist 484 ii. Cooper 482 iii. William M.

Amy Lee6 Jacks (Johnnie Ruth5 McClure. He was born 13 Sep 1966 in Madill. Fish and Wildlife Service (UFS&WS). Cooper Notes for Leston Stewart Jacks: Stewart graduated from Madill High School in 1981. Texas and later to Pine Top.. in 1984. Oklahoma. he taught science at Dickson High School in Dickson. Ethan Stewart Jacks. Arizona where Stewart continued his career as a Fishery Biologist with the USF&WS. in 1988. born 11 Jan 1993 in Mesa. In high school. He received a B. as a Dental Assistant and was employed as an Orthodontist Assistant for Dr. In 1994 they moved to Corpus Christi. More About Amy Lee Jacks: Occupation: Dental Assistant Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Stewart John Bond: Stewart graduated from Madill High School in 1984. Del City. Oklahoma. He received a Bachelor of Education in Biology in 1985 from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. in Finance from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. Stewart was the starting quarterback and punter on the football team. his freshman year. in Physical Education in 1989 and a Masters degree in 1993 from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. In 1990 he received an M. Kingston. Tony Stretesky in Ardmore. Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. OK. OK. Oklahoma. Oklahoma. Oklahoma. Oklahoma. he worked for the U. Oklahoma. in Fisheries Ecology from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. born 28 Jul 1994 in Corpus Christi. Tulsa. In 1986 she graduated from Grayson County College in Sherman. Oklahoma. Upon graduation. For one year she attended Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee. Oklahoma. During the 1985-1986 school year.S. Roderick Lenard2.S. Del City High School. and Norman High School in Norman. OK. More About Leston Stewart Jacks: Occupation: Fishery Biologist Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Lynnis Jane Watkins: Lynnis graduated from East Central High School in Tulsa. Notes for Amy Lee Jacks: Amy graduated from Madill High School in 1983. AZ. Henry Leonard3. She received a B. Texas. Oklahoma. In 1988 Stewart received an award from the National Wildlife Federation as the Outstanding Graduate Student in Oklahoma. TX. OK Children of Leston Jacks and Lynnis Watkins are: 485 i. She married Stewart John Bond 03 Dec 1988 in First Baptist Church.S. William M.Descendants of William M. he and Lynnis moved to Globe. where Stewart was a Fishery Biologist with the Pinetop Fisheries Assistance Office of the UFS&WS. More About Lynnis Jane Watkins: Occupation: Accountant Religion: Southern Baptist More About Leston Jacks and Lynnis Watkins: Marriage: 20 May 1989. More About Stewart John Bond: Page 112 . 486 ii. While working on his M. until she married.S. Sheldon Leston7 Jacks. 339. Oklahoma. Madill. son of William Bond and Hazel. Arizona.S. Stewart attended Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee. Oklahoma. He held positions as the Assistant Football Coach at Kingston High School.1) was born 13 May 1965 in Madill.

Peggy Lane6 Williams (Ava Elaine5 McClure... Henry Leonard3. In 1995 he will graduate from Arizona . AR. OK. in Social Studies Education. Roderick Lenard2..... Craig works for the Arizona . Oklahoma. 4 ounces.... in 1988.. Richard was employed by LeVeridge Volvo and Eskridge Honda in Oklahoma City as a Sales Representative. in Music Education from Central State University in Edmond... Later. born 30 Nov 1994 in Ardmore. Madill... Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. OK Children of Amy Jacks and Stewart Bond are: 487 i.. OK. Notes for Samuel James Bond: At birth this child weighed 9 pounds. Cooper Occupation: High School Football Coach/Teacher Religion: Southern Baptist More About Stewart Bond and Amy Jacks: Marriage: 03 Dec 1988. Eric Richard LaMascus..S...... He married Julie Dawn Kime 13 Jun 1987 in Madill..7 Bond. ... Sarah Elaine LaMascus. William M. Page 113 .... from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant with a B... with a B.. Craig graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. She was the middle school and high school Music Director for the Harrah School District from 1988 until 1991... Notes for Peggy Lane Williams: Peggy graduated from Madill High School in 1983... Roderick Lenard2... More About Ernest Richard LaMascus: Occupation: Secondary School Teacher Religion: Southern Baptist More About Ernest LaMascus and Peggy Williams: Marriage: 30 Jun 1984.. 491 ii. OK. He was born 19 Dec 1963 in Oklahoma City. 489 iii.. born 15 Jan 1995 in Norman...... Samuel James Bond.S.. Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. OK... OK... Texas.... Richard graduated in May.. OK.... L... She was born 06 Aug 1965 in Philadelphia. 343.. William M. 492 iii.. OK. 488 ii.. Paten Stewart Bond..... OK. Oklahoma...... with a Masters in .... as a Suicide Prevention Counselor. OK Children of Peggy Williams and Ernest LaMascus are: 490 i. More About Peggy Lane Williams: Occupation: Elementary School Music Teacher Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Ernest Richard LaMascus: Richard graduated from Madill High School in 1982.Descendants of William M...... born 21 Oct 1990 in Oklahoma City... born 21 Jan 1992 in Oklahoma City.. born 02 Aug 1994 in Norman... Henry Leonard3. born 10 Sep 1992 in Ada.... Madill... First Baptist Church..... Craig Earl6 Williams (Ava Elaine5 McClure.. OK.. OK.. Peggy was the Music Director for the middle school and high school in Madill and then took a similar position in Hereford......... 1996....1) was born 18 Apr 1966 in Sallisaw... To supplement his income while going to college.A. Spencer J. in Psychology..1) was born 10 Oct 1964 in Fort Smith.. Tyler James7 LaMascus. He is currently substitute teaching in the Madill schools. PA. Notes for Craig Earl Williams: Craig graduated from Madill High School in 1984.. 342. She married Ernest Richard LaMascus 30 Jun 1984 in Madill. in 1989. and was 21-3/4 inches long. Peggy earned a B.

.. Halle Nicole Williams. Mike is now a Research Associate at the University of Oklahoma. Kansas. born 05 Dec 1992 in Tempe. 14 ounces and was 21-1/2 inches long... AZ. 495 iii. Julie attended the Ardmore Higher Education Center in Ardmore.. Oklahoma.. fishing. and graduated from Central State University in 1992 with a B... Dr.. Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. TX.. Ryan Craig7 Williams. Oklahoma and kindergarten in Madill.. Halle weighed 8 lbs. Roderick Lenard2. OK Page 114 . Madill. and hunting. OK. More About Julie Dawn Kime: Occupation: Medical Assistant Religion: Baptist More About Craig Williams and Julie Kime: Marriage: 13 Jun 1987.. Notes for Halle Nicole Williams: At birth. Oklahoma. Oklahoma... son of Cecil Proctor and Connie Carmichael. He graduated from Kingston High School in 1985.. OK Children of Craig Williams and Julie Kime are: 493 i... Hal Kime. He and his family moved to Turlock... at birth Halle weighed 8 pounds 14 ounces and was 21 and 1/2 inches long. In 1992.. Julie was a Medical Assistant at . Henry Leonard3.. Oklahoma.S.... he recieved a masters degree in Biology from Fort Hays University in Hays.. TX. Cooper More About Craig Earl Williams: Occupation: Counselor in Social Work Religion: Baptist Notes for Julie Dawn Kime: Julie graduated from Madill High School in 1983.. in Early Childhood Education.. She married Michael Darrell Proctor 28 Jul 1990 in Madill...... She taught preschool at Middle Earth Child Development Center. More About Mary Leigh Williams: Occupation: Elementary School Teacher Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Michael Darrell Proctor: Mike was adopted by Cecil and Connie when he was six weeks old. He was born 16 Mar 1967 in Fort Collins. More About Michael Darrell Proctor: Occupation: Biologist More About Michael Proctor and Mary Williams: Marriage: 28 Jul 1990. CO.. Mary attended Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee.. to become a Medical Assistant. Per her birth announcement. Cody Michael Williams. born 11 May 1994 in Mesa. in 1989 with a B. 345. in Wildlife Conservation. He graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant... His hobbies are computers. Mary Leigh6 Williams (Ava Elaine5 McClure..S. She was employed as a Medical Assistant at Lee Family Clinic in Durant. . William M.. 494 ii.. Norman.. AZ.Descendants of William M. Halle was named for her maternal grandfather. Notes for Mary Leigh Williams: Mary graduated from Madill High School in 1987 as an Honor Graduate... born 20 Mar 1998 in Lewisville. CA when Mike was 6 years old and then to Kingston when he was 12. Madill..1) was born 22 Jan 1969 in Dallas.

Henry Leonard3. He married Amy Renae Lambertsen 03 Aug 1996 in Madill. Barry Wayne6 Williams (Ava Elaine5 McClure. Cooper Child of Mary Williams and Michael Proctor is: 496 i. Caleb Eddy Williams.1) was born 19 Sep 1976 in Ardmore. She now is the Office Manager for C&M Trailers in Madill. 346. In the fall of 1995. Madill. 501 ii. OK. Notes for Mark Alan Williams: Mark graduated from Madill High School in 1989. born 02 Mar 1992 in Ardmore. Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. OK. OK. Mark Alan6 Williams (Ava Elaine5 McClure. Roderick Lenard2. Oklahoma. 347. G. Page 115 . OK Children of Barry Williams and Amy Lambertsen are: 500 i.7 Proctor. Mark attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. Marshall B. Oklahoma. 499 iii. OK. More About Jamie Lou Eddy: Occupation: Accountant Religion: Southern Baptist More About Mark Williams and Jamie Eddy: Marriage: 24 Nov 1989. Jamie graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant. Henry Leonard3. born 10 Apr 2000 in Ardmore. Barry made a trip to England and Wales with the Oklahoma Baptist Youth Choir and Orchestra. He married Jamie Lou Eddy 24 Nov 1989 in Madill. Oklahoma. William M. She was born 08 Nov 1970 in Sherman. OK. Oklahoma. More About Mark Alan Williams: Occupation: Retail Sales/Maintenance Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Jamie Lou Eddy: Jamie graduated from Madill High School in 1989. She was born 08 Dec 1976 in Iowa Falls.1) was born 31 Aug 1971 in Dallas. 498 ii. born 14 Nov 1999 in Ardmore. Haley Noelle7 Williams. OK. TX. OK. Roderick Lenard2. More About Barry Wayne Williams: Occupation: College Student Religion: Southern Baptist More About Barry Williams and Amy Lambertsen: Marriage: 03 Aug 1996. Winnie Pearl4 Cooper. He worked for Wal-Mart in the claims department and later for WinnDixie groceries. born 25 Dec 1995 in Ada. William M. OK. Oklahoma.Descendants of William M. Barry began his studies toward a degree in music at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee. TX. OK Children of Mark Williams and Jamie Eddy are: 497 i. Kayla Rachelle Williams. IA. Justin Alan7 Williams. OK. in 1992 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. Jared Lee Williams. In the summer of 1995. Mark also did custodial care for the Madill Elementary School and worked for Best Buy in Ardmore. born 26 Jun 1990 in Ardmore. born 28 Sep 2000 in Ardmore. Notes for Barry Wayne Williams: Barry graduated from Madill High School in 1995. Madill.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes. His Science Fair project was a State Qualifier. Cooper 349. He married April Lea Ford 04 Jan 2003 in Sherwood. OK with a major in Exercise Science. daughter of Hugh Ford and Pamela Hardison. William Downous3. she received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a major in Sign Language Interpretation.m. Ford Michael7 Broderick. More About Bryan Michael Broderick: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for April Lea Ford: April graduated from Sylvan Hills High School in 1999. VA. William M. Roderick Lenard2. born 19 Dec 2003 in Little Rock. He married Denise Marie Brustad 03 Aug 1974. LIFE. and Who's Who. at Doctor's St. Notes for Ford Michael Broderick: Ford was born at 11:17 a. He weighed 7 lbs. More About James Richard Austin Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Denise Marie Brustad: Religion: Roman Catholic More About James Cooper and Denise Brustad: Marriage: 03 Aug 1974 Children of James Cooper and Denise Brustad are: 504 i. NM for an engineering research firm with his specialty being in computer networking. Sherwood.1) was born 24 Aug 1978 in Oklahoma City. William M. He was involved in several organizations at Madill High School that include National Honor Society. James Richard Austin6 Cooper (James Murrel5. In 2001 he received a Bachelor of Science from East Central State University in Ada. AR with a major in Exercise Science. Elizabeth Michelle7 Cooper. More About April Lea Ford: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Bryan Broderick and April Ford: Marriage: 04 Jan 2003. She married Davis Page 116 . TX. She was born 27 Feb 1981 in Little Rock. Henry Leonard3. born 17 Jul 1976 in Portsmouth. Arkansas. Notes for Bryan Michael Broderick: Bryan graduated from Madill High School in 1997.1)34 was born 15 Nov 1952 in San Antonio. and was 19-1/2 inches long. In 2003 he received a Masters of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Central Arkansas in Conway. Notes for James Richard Austin Cooper: Rick worked in Albuquerque. Ava Lenora4 Cooper. AR. James Lonnie4. Roderick Lenard2. MI. Bryan Michael6 Broderick (Michael Henry5. AR. Student Council. In the spring of 2003. OK. AR. Loralea Dawn Broderick. Vincent Hospital in Little Rock. born 27 Oct 2005 in Little Rock. AR.Descendants of William M. She was born 16 May 1954 in Muskegon. 503 ii. AR Children of Bryan Broderick and April Ford are: 502 i. 351.

iii. More About Robert Lonnie Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Sharon Kaye Bullard: Sharon owned and operated a shop selling items for the home. James Lonnie4. born 15 Jul 1976 in Agana. Cooper Christopher Robin 22 Jul 2000 in Cary. He was born 13 Aug 1953 in Atlanta. Jennifer Eileen7 Cooper34. Roderick Lenard2. born 07 Jul 1979 in Germantown. born 10 Mar 1981 in Fairfax. NC.Descendants of William M. William Downous3. 509 iii. More About Davis Christopher Robin and Elizabeth Cooper: Marriage: 22 Jul 2000. VA. Jared Benjamin Norton. born 02 Oct. born 24 Apr 1977 in Fayetteville. William M. More About Robert Cooper and Sharon Bullard: Marriage: 22 Oct 1976 Children of Robert Cooper and Sharon Bullard are: 510 i. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Cary. She was born 26 Nov 1955 in Fayetteville. TX.1)34 was born 09 Aug 1956 in Tucson. Christine Lynn Cooper. More About Debra Denise Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Kenith Elmer Norton: Ken was in management with Lockheed Aircraft in Marietta. 352. Cary. Robert Lonnie6 Cooper (James Murrel5. North Carolina. Georgia. Guam. Page 117 . Notes for Debra Denise Cooper: Debra was head of the Workmen's Compensation Division of the Home Depot office in Atlanta. MD. Roderick Lenard2. William M. AZ. Georgia. William Downous3.1)34 was born 01 Apr 1954 in San Antonio. Kenith Jason Norton. NC. He married Sharon Kaye Bullard34 22 Oct 1976. James Lonnie4. James Edward Cooper. She married Kenith Elmer Norton34 16 Apr 1975. Timothy Scott7 Norton. NC. born 06 Jan 1982 in Atlanta. More About Kenith Elmer Norton: Religion: Presbyterian More About Kenith Norton and Debra Cooper: Marriage: 16 Apr 1975 Children of Debra Cooper and Kenith Norton are: + 507 i. North Carolina. NC. Notes for Elizabeth Michelle Cooper: Elizabeth and Christopher were married at St. + 508 ii. most of which were decorated by her. GA. NC 505 506 ii. born 23 Oct 1974 in Fayetteville. 353. Debra Denise6 Cooper (James Murrel5. GA. Notes for Robert Lonnie Cooper: Bob practiced law with his father in Fayetteville.

Clarissa Emily Mercer. He was born 07 Aug 1967 in Lumberton. 355. NC.1)34 was born 13 Apr 1967 in Tokyo. Donna Susanne6 Cooper (James Murrel5. Scott Christopher Porter. Roderick Lenard2. She married Christopher James Porter34 28 Aug 1982. More About Christopher Porter and Donna Cooper: Marriage: 28 Aug 1982 Children of Donna Cooper and Christopher Porter are: 512 i. born 24 May 1986 in Columbus. Page 118 . Lee Ross7 Porter.1)34 was born 16 Jan 1960 in Fayetteville. North Carolina in 1988 and a Master of Business Administration from Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville. born 06 Feb 1985 in Fayetteville. In 2000 Wendy took a position as Adjunct Professor at Montreat College in Asheville. North Carolina. She married James Marvin Mercer34 31 Dec 1988. Joshua Laney Cooper. teaching classes in business management. North Carolina in 1995. born 09 Feb 1993 in Fort Campbell. He was born 07 Feb 1963 in West Point. From 1996 to 2000 she was the East Georgia Customer Service Manager for Ferrellgas. 511 ii. Japan. 513 ii. NY. born 20 Feb 1990 in Heidelberg. 515 iv. KY. William M.Descendants of William M. More About Donna Susanne Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Christopher James Porter: Chris worked in the computer industry in Columbus. born 25 Jun 1993 in Columbus. born 22 Jan 1988 in Columbus. OH. NC. James Lonnie4. James Lonnie4. 517 ii. 518 iii. Zachary Cole Mercer. born 27 Jun 1998 in Savannah. Roderick Lenard2. Lynn Allison Porter. William Downous3. OH. Jesse Michael Porter. Lora Meredith7 Mercer. 514 iii. William Downous3. Wendy Diane6 Cooper (James Murrel5. 354. Ohio. Notes for Wendy Diane Cooper: Wendy earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Western Carolina University in Cullowhee. a national distributor of propane gas. GA. born 29 Jun 1990 in Columbus. Cooper Notes for Jennifer Eileen Cooper: Jennifer worked in telemarketing. William M. Germany. OH. More About Wendy Diane Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for James Marvin Mercer: Marvin studied civil engineering and worked in home construction and repair. NC. Notes for Donna Susanne Cooper: Susanne graduated from Ohio State University with a masters degree in the field of speech therapy and worked with children with speech impairments in the public schools of Ohio. More About James Mercer and Wendy Cooper: Marriage: 31 Dec 1988 Children of Wendy Cooper and James Mercer are: 516 i. OH.

Earl Elliott34 02 Jan 1976. William Downous3. Texas. KS. TX. + 525 iii. TX. Jennifer M. Texas. He married Misty Thompson. Scott Dee Elliott. Notes for Cheryl Lynn Cooper: Cherie was the Office Manager for Dr. Rusty Raines in Cleburne. TX. More About John Pearson and Cynthia Cooper: Marriage: 15 Jun 1973 Children of Cynthia Cooper and John Pearson are: + 520 i. TX. 357. William M. Cynthia Marie6 Cooper (Roy Alvin5. WY. born 30 Apr 1979 in Cleburne. 524 ii. for a number of years before joining Page 119 . Pamela Ruth6 Cooper (Roy Alvin5. He was born 21 Mar 1955 in Fort Worth. He also worked for Dayton Superior Machine Shop in Grand Prairie. William M. Sarah Elizabeth Pearson. Texas public school system.Descendants of William M.1)34 was born 01 Sep 1955 in Cheyenne. Elliott. TX. Notes for Cynthia Marie Cooper: Cindy was an educator in the Wichita Falls.1)34 was born 25 May 1957 in Ashland. born 24 Nov 1982 in Wichita Falls. Cooper 519 iv. NC. Earl Elliott: Earl was a Master Carpenter. She married Jr. Roderick Lenard2.1)34 was born 26 Jul 1959 in Waco. born 29 May 1981 in Fort Worth. TX. John Thomas7 Pearson. Daniel Joseph Pearson. She married III John Joseph Pearson34 15 Jun 1973. William M. Katherine Anne Mercer. She was an Office Manager for Dr. Cheryl Lynn6 Cooper (Roy Alvin5. 522 iii. TX. Notes for Pamela Ruth Cooper: Pamela was a registered nurse and worked as a supervisor in the Emergency Room at the North Hills Medical Center in North Richland Hills. 358. born 19 Feb 1980 in Wichita Falls.7 Elliott. Christopher E. William Downous3. Roderick Lenard2. William Downous3. TX. born 01 May 2001 in Asheville. He was born 28 Sep 1960 in Cleburne. born 26 Jul 1977 in Cleburne. More About Pamela Ruth Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Jr. TX. More About Cynthia Marie Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for III John Joseph Pearson: Joe was an educator in the Wichita Falls. James Lonnie4. She married (2) Mark Franklin 01 Dec 1987. Texas. He was born 10 Feb 1958 in Fort Worth. 521 ii. James Lonnie4. Sheila Horsley at Huguley Hospital south of Fort Worth. Texas. He married Teisha Gautreaux. born 02 Aug 1976 in Wichita Falls. 356. He was born 15 Apr 1951 in Wichita Falls. James Lonnie4. More About Earl Elliott and Pamela Cooper: Marriage: 02 Jan 1976 Children of Pamela Cooper and Earl Elliott are: + 523 i. She married (1) Steven David Valentine 14 Mar 1981. TX. TX. Texas public school system. Roderick Lenard2.

531 iii. Cooper Dr. William was born 10 Oct 1964 in Amarillo. TX. TX. He was born 27 Jul 1962 in Cleburne. born 06 Jun 1984 in Cleburne. Michael Keith Pipkin. AR. Germany. More About Theresa Diane Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Keith Pipkin and Theresa Cooper: Marriage: 21 Jan 1980 Notes for Douglas Glenn Ward: Doug worked for several years for the Rubbermaid Corporation in Cleburne. Roderick Lenard2. She married (2) Douglas Glenn Ward34 14 Feb 1997. Hannah Ruth Ward. 527 ii. born 26 Jul 1983 in Kansas. Texas. born 3 Jan 1985 in Fort Worth. Notes for Theresa Diane Cooper: Theresa was the Assistant Business Manager for Dr. She was born 24 Jan 1970 in Oak Park. TX. He married (1) Lisa Renee' Levitt34. TX. More About Cheryl Lynn Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Steven Valentine and Cheryl Cooper: Marriage: 14 Mar 1981 Notes for Mark Franklin: Mark had a child from a previous marriage: Cherish. Horsley in 1996. Texas. Theresa Diane6 Cooper (Roy Alvin5. AL. TX. MI. William Downous3. He married (2) Angie Lori McPherson 16 Oct 1981.Descendants of William M. TX. AR. More About Douglas Ward and Theresa Cooper: Marriage: 14 Feb 1997 Children of Theresa Cooper and Keith Pipkin are: + 529 i. 533 ii. William Downous3. born 27 Feb 1977 in Cleburne. Jessie Allen Pipkin. Lori Marie Valentine. James Lonnie4. 359. TX. Roy Alan6 Cooper (Roy Alvin5. Heather LaVerne7 Franklin.1)34 Page 120 . Children of Theresa Cooper and Douglas Ward are: 532 i. Roderick Lenard2. born 18 Oct 1989 in Ashdown. born 01 Dec 2002 in Fort Worth. TX. Texas. She was born 02 Nov 1960 in Cleburne. Child of Cheryl Cooper and Mark Franklin is: 528 i. She married (1) Keith Allen Pipkin 21 Jan 1980. 360. AR.1)34 was born 05 Nov 1962 in Montgomery. He was born 26 Oct 1955 in Blytheville. She married Dallas Rose. Bailey Marie7 Ward. born 13 Nov 1988 in Heidelberg. born 30 Jan 1982 in Cleburne. More About Mark Franklin and Cheryl Cooper: Marriage: 01 Dec 1987 Children of Cheryl Cooper and Steven Valentine are: + 526 i. M. 530 ii. McCarty in Fort Worth. James Lonnie4. born 24 Jan 1981 in Batesville. Kristin Lynn7 Valentine. William M. Cara Leanne7 Pipkin. born 06 Apr 1998 in Fort Worth.

1)34 was born 01 Feb 1963 in Houston. TX. and facilities. El Paso/Las Cruces area. She handled human resources. born 13 Feb 1999. Avery Nicholl Cooper. He was later promoted to New Car Sales Manager. 1986. He learned his trade as a member of the U. Cooper Notes for Roy Alan Cooper: Alan spent a number of years after high school as an Aircraft Mechanic. 361. James Lonnie4. More About Brett Owen Cooper: Occupation: Pharmaceutical Representative Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Kirsten Helane Coors: Kirsten was employed as General Operations Manager for Garcia Automotive Group which had two dealerships in Albuquerque. He was elected Homecoming King in 1986.Descendants of William M. During the Gulf War. TX. Austin Alan Cooper.S. California. More About Angie Lori McPherson: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Roy Cooper and Angie McPherson: Marriage: 16 Oct 1981 Children of Roy Cooper and Lisa Levitt are: 534 i. New Mexico. Ryan Taylor7 Cooper. More About Kirsten Helane Coors: Page 121 . Brett Owen6 Cooper (Jerry Edwin5. in 1981. Brett received a promotion with Amgen and began handling hiring in the southwest. Kikrsten was later employed by Roche Pharmaceutical as a sales representative. born 19 Jul 1978 in Lubbock. Notes for Brett Owen Cooper: Brett graduated from Lamar High School. born 23 Apr 1985 in Cleburne. Brett was a pharmaceutical representative for Smith. Brett graduated with a degree in Chemistry from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces in December. TX. Texas. He married Kirsten Helane Coors34 05 May 1990. + 537 ii. Air Force and Air National Guard. She married Nicholas Levi Coffman. Children of Roy Cooper and Angie McPherson are: 536 i. customer relations. he spent a year in the United Arab Emirates with the Texas Air National Guard. NM. and the Four Corners. Roderick Lenard2. TX. She was born 09 Mar 1966 in Albuquerque. He played four years of football for NMSU and was a Student Ambassador for the university his last semester. Kline & French in Albuquerque and later a Professional Sales Representative with Amgen Pharmaceutical and covered the state of New Mexico. William Downous3. Arlington. marketing. Texas. In 1995 Alan decided to change careers and got a job as a Car Salesman for Lute Riley Honda in Richardson. and later earned a Masters in Business Administration from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. More About Roy Alan Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Lisa Renee' Levitt: Lisa graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. 535 ii. In October 1999. born 13 Jun 1982 in Cleburne. Texas. William M. Audra Lauren7 Cooper.

Ashely Lauren Cooper. More About Michelle Renee Banda: Religion: Roman Catholic More About James Whaley and Michelle Banda: Marriage: 16 Dec 1989.1)34 was born 22 Jun 1967 in Arlington. TX. 362. CA. 364. James Kevin6 Whaley (Lora June5 Cooper. He later took the position as Defensive Coordinator for the varsity football team and the Assistant Coach for the varsity baseball team at the local high school in Floresville. born 30 Jun 1994 in Arlington. He also taught history. William M. 541 ii. He graduated in May. was Honorable Mention All-District in football. TX. TX. and was elected to the Society of Distinguished American High School Students. More About Darrell Eugene Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Laurie Ann Reed: Laurie worked part time at her church and sold Mary Kay products from her home. Oklahoma. for one year. Casey Aaron7 Cooper. Kendall Scott Cooper. James Lonnie4. TX.Descendants of William M. TX. Texas. Notes for Darrell Eugene Cooper: Darrell graduated from Lamar High School. She was born 23 Feb 1970 in Fort Worth. Cooper Religion: Southern Baptist More About Brett Cooper and Kirsten Coors: Marriage: 05 May 1990 Children of Brett Cooper and Kirsten Coors are: 538 i. and became a teacher/coach at Teague High School in Teague. He married Michelle Renee Banda34 16 Dec 1989 in Waco. TX. Texas. 1989. TX.1)34 was born 18 Sep 1965 in Waco. Roderick Lenard2. Darrell attended Oklahoma Baptist University. Texas. Texas. He spent his summers in Dallas working for Bill Beasley Air Conditioning Shop. Fort Worth. Notes for Michelle Renee Banda: Michelle worked a the Receptionist at the Promised Land Dairy in Floresville. William M. where he played football for two years. During Kevin's senior year he was selected as Extraordinary Christian High School Student of America. TX Page 122 . Darrell Eugene6 Cooper (Jerry Edwin5. He joined Delta Airlines in 1997 and worked at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. for one year and Tarrant County Junior College. in 1985. William Downous3. 539 ii. born 19 Jun 1994 in Moorpark. in 1984. born 12 Sep 1998 in Albuquerque. At graduation he received an award from the Army Reserve for the Most Athletic/Most Scholarly senior boy. She was born 01 May 1966 in Waco. Texas. Sydney Marie7 Cooper. He attended McMurry College in Abilene. Waco. More About Darrell Cooper and Laurie Reed: Marriage: 04 Feb 1989 Children of Darrell Cooper and Laurie Reed are: 540 i. Arlington. Notes for James Kevin Whaley: Kevin graduated from Connally High School in Waco. Roderick Lenard2. James Lonnie4. NM. Shawnee. Texas. He married Laurie Ann Reed34 04 Feb 1989. Texas. William Downous3. born 27 Sep 1991 in Arlington.

After moving to Corpus Christi during his junior year. Upon graduating from eighth grade. Page 123 . and also the Minister of Music at College Heights Baptist Church in Cleburne. Dustin Ross7 Emery. Blaine received the Citizenship Award from the American Legion and was named one of the Ten Most Outstanding Students. Notes for Blaine Edward Whaley: Blaine attended Connally High School in Waco. Texas. she joined LECG in College Station. He was born 17 Aug 1968 in Grandview. Notes for Karen Marie Rubino: Karen worked as a Representative for Aim Management. William M. TX. Texas. She was born 26 Oct 1972 in NY. She married Damon Ross Emery34 21 May 1988. William Downous3.Descendants of William M. Houston. TX Children of Blaine Whaley and Karen Rubino are: 543 i. TX. Zhanya Rose7 Whaley. Blaine joined Aim Management. as an Assistant Supervisor and was later promoted to Supervisor. More About Damon Ross Emery: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Damon Emery and Stephanie Cooper: Marriage: 21 May 1988 Child of Stephanie Cooper and Damon Emery is: 545 i. 365. His junior year he was named First Team All-District in football. Cooper Child of James Whaley and Michelle Banda is: 542 i. born 19 Nov 1990 in Brownwood. a mutual find company. More About Blaine Whaley and Karen Rubino: Marriage: 22 Nov 1997.N.1)34 was born 26 Jan 1970 in Waxahachie. as a Research Analyst. Roderick Lenard2. born 07 Apr 2004. James Lonnie4. a mutual fund company. 366. Notes for Stephanie Elaine Cooper: Stephanie was an L. TX. Texas. William M. He married Karen Marie Rubino34 22 Nov 1997 in Houston. Later. More About Stephanie Elaine Cooper: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Damon Ross Emery: Damon was a School Teacher in Rio Vista.1)34 was born 23 Dec 1967 in Cleburne. William Downous3. Zane Daniel Whaley. born 11 Aug 2001 in Houston. Texas. Sydney7 Whaley. Stephanie Elaine6 Cooper (Eldon Earl5. Texas. in Houston. Blaine attended McLennan Community College in Waco and received his bachelor's degree from the University of North Texas in Denton. Blaine Edward6 Whaley (Lora June5 Cooper. at Walls Regional Hospital in Cleburne. He was nominated for the Fina Academic All-State Football Team during his senior year. Texas. James Lonnie4. Texas.V. until the middle of his junior year. Blaine graduated in 1988 from Calallen High School in Corpus Christi as an honor student and a member of the National Honor Society. he received a scholastic award there. 544 ii. TX. Roderick Lenard2. TX. TX.

James Lonnie4. William Downous3. She married Anthony Michael Ayers 21 Feb 1987 in Alameda. AK. Johnny Clyde4. Johnny Clyde4. CA. Notes for Stephen Earl Cooper: Stephen worked at Chaparral Steel in Midlothian. Roderick Lenard2. Texas. son of Clifford Ayers and Kathleen Allen. Lawrence John6 Cooper (William Harold5. 369. William M. Jared Earl Cooper. AK. Notes for Julia Anne Rosiere: Julia was a Physical Education Teacher at Santa Fe Kindergarten in Cleburne. born 06 Dec 1995 in Cleburne. Stephen Earl6 Cooper (Eldon Earl5. He is also "into" genealogy and provided much of the Cooper information. When he married Sheryl Fay Cooper in 1987. TX. Roderick Lenard2. TX. 368. Marshall. he changed his surname to Cooper. Alameda. CA Page 124 . More About Randolph Cooper and Heidi Kamstra: Marriage: 12 May 1989. Texas. William M. IA. Tony is a Computer Trainer for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system in San Francisco. born 23 Jun 1993 in Cleburne. He married Heidi Rae Kamstra 12 May 1989 in Anchorage. 371. TX. William M. More About Lawrence Cooper and Tammy Conine: Marriage: 26 Jul 1986 Child of Lawrence Cooper and Tammy Conine is: 548 i. Alameda. Monterey. She was born 11 Jun 1969 in Cleburne. born 16 Oct 1989 in Anchorage. He married Tammy Lynn Conine 26 Jul 1986. Alameda. She later became the Librarian at the elementary school. 547 ii. William Downous3. Randolph Elliot6 Cooper (William Harold5. He married Julia Anne Rosiere34 31 Mar 1990. She was born 06 Sep 1961.5. Chelsea Rae7 Cooper. AK. More About Anthony Ayers and Sheryl Cooper: Marriage: 21 Feb 1987. He was born 02 Mar 1963 in Marshalltown. She was born 21 Mar 1960 in Juneau. his stepfather's name. 550 ii. Alameda. Roderick Lenard2.1) was born 26 Oct 1963 in Castro Valley. CA.1) was born 01 May 1959 in San Jose. Breanna Skye Cooper. C. William Downous3. In 1970 he changed his last name to Kelderman.Descendants of William M. William M. Notes for Anthony Michael Ayers: Tony's original last name was Ayers. born 13 Feb 1991 in Anchorage. Derek7 Cooper. William Downous3. AK Children of Randolph Cooper and Heidi Kamstra are: 549 i.1)34 was born 24 Jan 1970 in Cleburne.1) was born 19 Sep 1960 in Carmel. Sheryl Fay6 Cooper (J. Jessica Ann7 Cooper. AK. More About Julia Anne Rosiere: Religion: Disciples of Christ (Christian) More About Stephen Cooper and Julia Rosiere: Marriage: 31 Mar 1990 Children of Stephen Cooper and Julia Rosiere are: 546 i. Santa Clara. CA. Cooper 367. CA. Johnny Clyde4. Roderick Lenard2. TX. Anchorage.

OK. 378. John Casey6 Cooper (J. Roderick Lenard2. born 09 Aug 1994 in Hayward.. born 24 Dec 1986. 552 ii. He was 22 inches long. CA. He married Coleena Cannon. born 11 Oct 1976. William Downous3. His mother was having problems at the end of pregnancy with high blood pressure and temperature and protein count were rising. William Downous3. William M.1) was born 04 Apr 1959 in Durant. Katherine Denise6 Cooper (Bobbie Lee5. born 01 Jan 1979. Jarod Lyle7 Chamberlain. Jennifer Lee7 Cooper. He married (2) Jeanette Buckaloo 1982.1) was born 19 Jul 1967 in Castro Valley. William Vernon4. 372. He married Brenda. Roderick Lenard2. 554 ii. He married (1) Jo Ann McCarver. CA. CA. Charlotte LeAnn7 Cooper. William M. William M. born 19 Dec 1998 in Los Banos. Cooper Children of Sheryl Cooper and Anthony Ayers are: 551 i. born 17 Dec 1991 in Auburn. More About Michael Cooper and Jeanette Buckaloo: Marriage: 1982 Children of Michael Cooper and Jo McCarver are: 557 i. born 30 Oct 1993 in Castro Valley. William Downous3. OK. C. C. born 27 Apr 1999 in Walnut Creek.1) was born 01 Feb 1971 in Castro Valley. She went into the hospital on Friday to have labor induced on Monday. NV Child of John Cooper and Keddy Kenery is: 555 i. born 15 Jun 1983. CA. born 23 Sep 1999 in Castro Valley. Alameda. More About John Cooper and Keddy Kenery: Marriage: 27 Jul 1991. She was born 13 Apr 1969 in San Francisco. Child of Katherine Cooper and Nick Chamberlain is: 556 i. Michael Keith6 Cooper (Vernon Winford5. Kevon didn't wait. Johnny Clyde4. CA. Kevon Zindel7 Cooper. William M. CA. Alameda.1) was born 07 Feb 1958 in Durant. He married Keddy Estandian Kenery 27 Jul 1991 in Lake Tahoe. Children of Terry Cooper and Brenda are: 560 i.1) was born 02 Jul 1969. CA. 373. 558 ii. Ashley Allison Cooper. Roderick Lenard2. Alameda. Angie Ladon Cooper.5. Notes for Kevon Zindel Cooper: Born on 10/30/93 at 7lbs 10. Roderick Lenard2. Johnny Clyde4. William M. Alameda. William Downous3.5. CA. William Vernon4. He was born 14 Feb 1971 in Walnut Creek. Children of Ted Cooper and Coleena Cannon are: 553 i. Jr Michael Keith7 Cooper. Child of Michael Cooper and Jeanette Buckaloo is: 559 i. Roderick Lenard2. Terry Joe6 Cooper (Vernon Winford5. Ted Jay6 Cooper (J. Alameda. CA. Lake Tahoe. NV. William Downous3. Ca. Page 125 . 374. Melissa Ann7 Cooper. Krystal Ember Cooper.Descendants of William M. Johnny Clyde4. 377.9oz. John Casey7 Cooper. She married Nick Chamberlain.

Page 126 . Beulah Eveline4 Cooper. TX. Jennah Rhea Hayes. William M. Roderick Lenard2. William Vernon4. 567 ii. Zola Naomi4 Cooper. He married Karmen. born 14 Feb 1985 in Riverside.1) was born 07 Aug 1949 in Gainesville. born 06 Feb 1986 in Houston. born 19 Dec 1976.1) was born 02 Nov 1980 in Chickasha. Rhiannon Joy7 Hayes. William M.1) was born 05 Jul 1967 in Loma Linda. 568 iii. William Downous3. Roderick Lenard2. born 26 Sep 1990. 379. She married Salas. CA. Luan Renee'6 Sharp (Della Diana5 Wilson. She married Randy Hayes. OK. 565 ii. William Downous3. William M. Ronnie Charles6 Lamb (Charles Lee5. Children of Sabrena Vick and Randy Hayes are: 562 i. William M. CA.Descendants of William M. Roderick Lenard2. Jake Daniel Weiler. Birda Mae4 Lockhart. OK. born 26 Mar 1979. Annie Mae3 Cooper. Roderick Lenard2. She was born 23 Jan 1953 in Carthage. He was born 23 Oct 1962 in St. TX. 384. Roderick Lenard2. Paul. 405. Kellie Renee'7 Weiler. 563 ii. and died in Houston. TX. Robet Wayne6 Vick (Wanda Lucille5 Cooper. She married Jr Alan Berne Weiler 17 Jun 1982. Terra Cooper. Gabriella Maria7 Salas. Jonathan Lee7 Lamb. Clayton Cooper Vick. TX. OK. TX. CA. He married Nettie Mae Hancock 07 Aug 1982. died 30 Jun 1997. William Vernon4. Cooper 561 ii. Susan Ranee6 Scott (Eddie Lee5. Notes for Ronnie Charles Lamb: Ronnie is a Lineman for a private contractor. 393. William Downous3. William Downous3.1) was born 08 Mar 1964 in Oklahoma City. Ross William Weiler. born 27 Sep 1995 in Ponca City. born 23 Jul 1997. Children of Robet Vick and Karmen are: 564 i. More About Susan Ranee Scott: Religion: Baptist Child of Susan Scott and Salas is: 569 i. More About Luan Renee' Sharp: Religion: Baptist More About Jr Alan Berne Weiler: Religion: Baptist More About Alan Weiler and Luan Sharp: Marriage: 17 Jun 1982 Children of Luan Sharp and Alan Weiler are: 566 i.1) was born 13 Dec 1967 in Ponca City. More About Ronnie Lamb and Nettie Hancock: Marriage: 07 Aug 1982 Child of Ronnie Lamb and Nettie Hancock is: 570 i. Sabrena Dawn6 Vick (Wanda Lucille5 Cooper. Cole Clinton7 Vick. OK. TN. William M. born 29 Nov 1982 in Riverside. born 21 Dec 1987 in Memphis. 380. born 19 Jun 2000 in Irving. MN.

William M. More About Carol Ann McLarry: Religion: Episcopalian More About Kerry Mack Bailey: Religion: Southern Baptist More About Kerry Bailey and Carol McLarry: Marriage: 19 Dec 1968 Children of Carol McLarry and Kerry Bailey are: 573 i. Ricky Wayne6 Lamb (Charles Lee5. TX. TX. She married Kerry Mack Bailey 19 Dec 1968. TX. Randy Lee Lamb. More About Stephen Charles Bailey: Religion: Episcopalian 574 ii. Roderick Lenard2. born 22 Mar 1973 in Greenville. Carol Ann6 McLarry (Anna Lou5 Lamb. He married Donna Kay Nowaski 23 Dec 1974.Descendants of William M. Roderick Lenard2. She was born 20 Jul 1956 in Houston. Brian Wayne7 Lamb. TX. TX. Page 127 . Birda Mae4 Lockhart. More About Brian Wayne Lamb: Religion: Roman Catholic 572 ii. born 24 Feb 1977 in Houston. Birda Mae4 Lockhart. William M. Annie Mae3 Cooper. More About Ricky Wayne Lamb: Occupation: Iron Worker More About Donna Kay Nowaski: Religion: Roman Catholic More About Ricky Lamb and Donna Nowaski: Marriage: 23 Dec 1974 Children of Ricky Lamb and Donna Nowaski are: 571 i. born 17 Jul 1969 in Sulphur Springs. TX. Annie Mae3 Cooper.1) was born 31 Oct 1952 in Abilene. Cooper 406. TX. TX. He was born 27 Aug 1949 in Sulphur Springs. and died in Houston. 407. Stephen Charles7 Bailey. Jon Alan Bailey. born 19 Jan 1981 in Houston. TX.1) was born 03 Dec 1954 in Houston.

Henry Leonard3. Tabatha Sue7 Rushing (Randall Gene6. Wayne Theodore4. More About Kelli Vansant: Page 128 . Ashley's half-sister. She amassed a large collection of miniature unicorns and horses. Celia Crawford. He was born 15 Jan 1982 in Fort Smith. AR. William M. friend of the groom. William Downous3. husband of Ashely's aunt. Gary Crawford. Henry Leonard3. He married (1) Kelli Vansant 12 Aug 1995. AR.1)34 was born 23 Oct 1974 in Fayetteville. The bride was given away by Trey Osburn. born 10 Aug 2007 in Ardmore. husband of Ashley's aunt. He was a mechanic. William M. More About Heather Ashley Reed: Religion: Southern Baptist Notes for Ryan Keith Watkins: Ryan was born at Spark Hospital in Fort Smith. A barbecue supper was provided for all the guests. Arkansas. Heather Ashley7 Reed (Rebecca Elaine6. Waynda Lea5 Cooper. She married Ryan Keith Watkins 12 Aug 2006 in Mulberry. Missouri on their honeymoon. The ceremony was performed by Rev. He married (2) Jennifer Rae Spencer 03 Jul 1999 in Nebraska.1) was born 19 Sep 1978 in Ardmore. James Lonnie4. Arkansas. OK. 1998. William Reign8 Scasta. He and Kelli were divorced.S. Marriage Notes for Heather Reed and Ryan Watkins: Ryan and Ashley were married in an outdoor ceremony in the woods near their home in Mulberry. son of Kenneth Watkins and Linda Nicholas.7 Generation No. She married Matt Scasta. born 15 Oct 2006 in Fort Smith. AR Child of Heather Reed and Ryan Watkins is: 576 i. James Murrel5. She was born 17 Jul 1977 in Atlanta. Child of Tabatha Rushing and Matt Scasta is: 575 i. Cooper 5. Roderick Lenard2. AR. Paul Reed. Ashley's uncle. 507. In high school she played the clarinet in the band and sang in the school and church choirs. 469. NC. She was born 19 Aug 1973 in Morrill. Notes for Timothy Scott Norton: Timothy was adopted. The best man was Billy Joe Jones. Ashley graduated from DeQueen High School and enrolled at the University of Arkansas in the fall of 1998. The music was provided by Rev. Sydney Adora8 Watkins. The bride and groom went to Branson.Descendants of William M. Notes for Heather Ashley Reed: Ashley played the piano. Winnie Pearl4 Cooper.1) was born 17 Jan 1980 in DeQueen. AR. Ruth Ann Osburn. The maid of honor was Amanda Vance. He served in the U. Roderick Lenard2. 7 – Family Tree Maker Report 433. Winona Pearl5 McClure. More About Ryan Watkins and Heather Reed: Marriage: 12 Aug 2006. Timothy Scott7 Norton (Debra Denise6 Cooper. GA. Air Force based at Omaha. William M. She liked to read and loved horses. Nebraska. and house painter. Nebraska. who accompanied himself on guitar. carpenter. In May. Roderick Lenard2. OK. Mulberry.

Roderick Lenard2. William M. Elliott is: 580 i. Jaiden Isabelle8 Ensinia. born 27 May 1997 in Cleburne.7 Elliott (Pamela Ruth6 Cooper. James Murrel5. Child of Scott Elliott and Diane Fulbright is: 582 i. 520. TX. William Downous3.1) was born 29 May 1981 in Fort Worth. Guam. James Lonnie4. Roy Alvin5.1)34 was born 15 Jul 1976 in Agana. TX. TX. TX. born 11 Dec 2003 in North Richland Hills. William M. Kristin Lynn7 Valentine (Cheryl Lynn6 Cooper.1) was born 27 Feb 1977 in Cleburne. Marines and was stationed in Georgia. GA. She was born 14 Oct 1981 in Alpine. She married Keith Freetport. born 24 Nov 2005 in Dallas. He married Diane Louise Fulbright. Child of John Pearson and SaReah is: 579 i. Elliott: Jennifer worked as a Loan Processor at Omni American Credit Union and attended Tarrant County Junior College. John Thomas7 Pearson (Cynthia Marie6 Cooper. Notes for Jennifer M. Roderick Lenard2. Scott Dee7 Elliott (Pamela Ruth6 Cooper. He was born 10 May 1977. TX. Roderick Lenard2. 525. Nebraska Child of Timothy Norton and Jennifer Spencer is: 577 i. William M. Hailey Lynn8 Freetport. Cooper Religion: Southern Baptist More About Timothy Norton and Kelli Vansant: Marriage: 12 Aug 1995 More About Timothy Norton and Jennifer Spencer: Marriage: 03 Jul 1999. Seth Thomas8 Pearson. born 10 Dec 2002 in Atlanta.S. born 27 Sep 2004 in Fort Worth. James Lonnie4. Page 129 . TX. Jennifer M. Child of Jennifer Elliott and Joseph Ensinia is: 581 i. born 18 Aug 2005 in Wichita Falls. James Lonnie4.1)34 was born 26 Jul 1977 in Cleburne. 526.Descendants of William M.1) was born 02 Aug 1976 in Wichita Falls. William Downous3. 508. TX. James Lonnie4. TX. Notes for Kenith Jason Norton: Jason served in the U. James Lonnie4. He married SaReah. Ashley Nicole8 Norton. Roderick Lenard2. She was born 17 Jan 1977 in Wichita Falls. TX. William Downous3. Spencer James8 Norton. William M. Roy Alvin5. Roy Alvin5. William Downous3. William Downous3. 523. Nicholas Alexander8 Fisher. TX. Child of Kenith Jason Norton is: 578 i. Roderick Lenard2. TX. Tiffany Ann8 Elliott. William M. Kenith Jason7 Norton (Debra Denise6 Cooper. She married (2) Joseph Luis Ensinia. GA. Roy Alvin5. Child of Jennifer M. Child of Kristin Valentine and Keith Freetport is: 583 i. born 31 Jul 1998 in Atlanta.

born 25 Feb 2007 in Cleburne. He was born 11 May 1975 in Dallas. Lora Murrel Cooper. He married Kristy Diane McDonald.1) was born 24 Jan 1981 in Batesville. William Downous3. 585 ii. TX. Roy Alvin5. She married Jr. Page 130 . TX. Roderick Lenard2. William Downous3. James Lonnie4.1) was born 23 Apr 1985 in Cleburne. Austin Alan7 Cooper (Roy Alan6. She was born 08 Oct 1986 in Cleburne. Addison Emma8 Cooper. TX. TX. born 16 May 2002 in Fort Worth. 537. Child of Austin Cooper and Kristy McDonald is: 586 i.Descendants of William M. born 24 Jul 2005 in Cleburne. James Lonnie4. Rylee Shyanne8 Snider. William M. Cooper 529. More About Paul Snider and Cara Pipkin: Marriage: 13 Apr 2002 Children of Cara Pipkin and Paul Snider are: 584 i. Notes for Rylee Shyanne Snider: Rylee was born in Huguley Hospital the day after the death of her great-great grandmother. Keillen Dale Snider. Roderick Lenard2. AR. Paul Edward Snider 13 Apr 2002. William M. Roy Alvin5. Cara Leanne7 Pipkin (Theresa Diane6 Cooper. TX. TX.

I. Cooper. Census of Georgia-1880. 9. Georgia: A History of Its People. verified the dates of birth and death by reading this person's tombstone. Cooper 5. Heard County. TX. James Cooper and Others. 18 Apr 1996. 15. Darrell Ard. James Cooper and Others. Volume 2. 6. 1987. published Spring 1998.8 Endnotes 1.The Lonnie and Lora Murrel McClure Cooper Family.. Darrell Ard. The McClure Record. Dallas. 21. Obituary. 10. Volume II. Obituary. 4. 12. I. Featured Family .. Featured Family . I. Volume I and Cemeteries. Spring. Featured Family . Issue 1.Descendants of William M. TX. 13. Heard County. Darrell Ard. 31.The Lonnie and Lora Murrel McClure Cooper Family. Censuses of Georgia. verified the dates of birth and death by reading this person's tombstone. 19. I. Spring. verified the dates of birth and death by reading this person's tombstone. 20. Obituary. The Madill Record. 1998. Dallas. 30. The McClure Record. The Madill Record. 7. dated March 2. The Madill Record. and Annie E. Issue 1. 8.The Lonnie and Lora Murrel McClure Cooper Family. verified the dates of birth and death by reading this person's tombstone. 1998. published Spring 1998. Censuses of Georgia. 34. Page 131 . Darrell Ard. Volume 2. Family Bible of Roderick L. Darrell Ard. 2. Family Bible of Roderick L. Family Bible of Thomas Manley Traylor. 14. Darrell Ard. 25. 11. I. Census of Georgia-1870. Volume I and Cemeteries. Volume II. verified the dates of birth and death by reading this person's tombstone. Obituary. 22. Volume 2. James Cooper and Others. 5. 1996. Cooper. 17. Darrell Ard. Darrell Ard. Census of Georgia-1870. 33. Darrell Ard. published Spring 1998. Census of Georgia-1880. 24. 18 April 1996. December 12.. Darrell Ard. Darrell Ard.. 23. Censuses of Georgia. 16. Darrell Ard. Census of Georgia-1870.. 18. 32. TX. Darrell Ard. 29. Darrell Ard. 28. Georgia: A History of Its People. Thursday. Darrell Ard.. Obituary. Census of Georgia-1880. Spring.. Obituary of Jack Reed from the DeQueen Daily Citizen. Census of Georgia-1870. 27. 26. I. and Annie E. verified the dates of birth and death by reading this person's tombstone. Darrell Ard. Issue 1. Dallas. 3. Obituary. The McClure Record. 1998. Darrell Ard. Page 14-A. Obituary. verified the dates of birth and death by reading this person's tombstone. I.

Ellen. if you have additional information. And some of them you know. which Requires a different view If you could meet your ancestors. J. If you find errors. Cooper 6. please send it to me. If you could see your ancestors All standing in a row. ANCESTORS If you could see your ancestors All standing in a row.Copied from: Somerville (N. and Abigail. and to their descendants. I seriously doubt that this family tree would be considered a legal document in a court of law. Would they be proud of you? . CONCLUSION I assume no legal responsibility for the accuracy of the names and dates in this family tree. I plan to periodically update the tree. There might be some of them perhaps. Stephen. please do not hesitate to point them out to me. My principal purpose for compiling this family tree is to gather as much data about the Cooper family as is possible to leave as an inheritance to my four children .) Journal Page 132 .Annette. Or don't you really know? Some strange discoveries are made In climbing family trees. Much effort has been made to make the data as complete and accurate as possible. Would you be proud of them or not. You wouldn't care to know. But there's another question. do not Particularly please. Also.Descendants of William M.