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nielle Kennedy

Her book, Wisdom Warriors, was published in 2005 and is an important art piece in its own right. Each element and detail of the book expresses the same sense-appealing quality as her Spirit Figures: from the beautiful black fabric cover with its embossed gold lettering, to the rich, orange- colored first and final pages. The book is filled with photos of many of her sculptures and each is accompanied by a meditation inspired by that particular figure. The Spirit of Generosity tells us: “The more deeply I nurture myself, the more I have to share with others.” The Medicine Man says: “Walk with grace and dignity and the whole world will honor you.” Living in Taos, New Mexico, Kennedy is involved in the healing arts and continues to be inspired by clouds, natural objects, and the beauty of the surrounding southwestern landscape. “Taos is a very lively place on an energetic level. It’s intense here in terms of personal work; it stimulates and amplifies what we bring with us. I feel this energy goes into the sculptures and the sculptures carry it out into the world.” She shared the following about what she wishes to impart through her art: “We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Respect the mystery of Life, because it’s so rich and so deep. Go beyond the ordinary and make room for surprise, for mystery, and for Spirit to speak. Quiet the outer world and thoughts, so that inspirations may be heard. This art comes from an authentic place in me. My hope is that this authenticity will resonate in the person who is visiting with the work and give them the inspiration and courage to express their own uniqueness.” We invite you to share in the experience of Danielle Kennedy’s art by visiting

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