— Web site up and running at www.i-move.ca “Time is money.” Many believe that adage is true in most areas of life today, but when time is spent caught in traffic, it’s expensive not just financially, but ecologically, as well, with engines idling in stop-and-go traffic adding needlessly to the production of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Now, motorists have a high-tech tool for spotting where the problem areas are, and planning their trips to avoid or minimize delays. iMove, introduced in October as a “lab” website, is now in full operation on the Internet. iMove consolidates information on construction zones, motor vehicle crash sites, ferry and public transit schedules, cycling networks and conditions at airports and the Port of Vancouver on a single, real-time web site. The system has been developed over the past five years by TransLink’s Intelligent Transportation Systems division, with generous financial support from Transport Canada, the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation, Western Economic Diversification Canada and the Vancouver Port Authority. iMove users are able to search particular routes, regions, and modes of transportation to get an up-to-the-minute picture of the traffic situation. “An integrated transportation system is key to the entire functionality of Metro Vancouver,” says TransLink chair Malcolm Brodie. “Developing a system to provide integrated transportation information is a principal element, and we’re proud of our ITS professionals for the years of hard work they have put in to make this a reality.” More than a tool for commuters, iMove addresses the longstanding need for transportation-dependent businesses to have up-to-the-minute information. “iMove’s communications system is a two-way street,” adds Colin Wright, Township of Langley’s Director of Engineering and a member of the Major Roads Transportation Advisory Council (MRTAC). “Our residents need the information for their commute, but just as importantly, our civic works departments can use the information from iMove to plan important infrastructure upgrades and installation.”

iMove News Release

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iMove News Release

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“Knowing where potential problem areas may be in advance on the land and marine sides is important for the Port and its many stakeholders,” says Dennis Bickel, Manager of Logistics for the Vancouver Port Authority. “iMove allows us to identify operational issues and gives us the flexibility to respond, keeping supply chains open which is part of our commitment to an efficient gateway.” Paul Landry, President & CEO of the BC Trucking Association, agrees. “An incident-management tool like iMove will help motor carriers to avoid costly delays on the road and reduce idling time, both of which are important to our members.” Whether you’re a commercial truck driver, tour operator or courier; whether you’re going home from work, taking the kids to school or getting to the church on time, iMove is now available as an important aid to accomplishing your tasks efficiently and economically – in all ways. -30-

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