Digital Curation

What is it? What are the Possibilities?

Digital Curation: Definitions

”includes the authentication, archiving, management, preservation, retrieval, and presentation for use and reuse over time of high-quality digital data in any format.” Stephanie Clark, IMLS “Managing digital objects, and sustaining usability, over the long term…” Stephen Chapman, Harvard University Library "Everyone from museum administrators to college students are trying to figure out what it actually means to be an information professional in a museum.“ Cathryn Goodwin, Museum Computer Network (MCN)

What are Digital Curators Called?

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Digital Acquistions Program Librarian Digital Acquistions Support Librarian Digital Cartography Specialist Digital Library Program Manager Digital Library Projects Liaison Digital Library Software Engineer Digital Projects Analyst Digital Projects Librarian Digital Projects Program Librarian Electronic Reserves Librarian E-Resources Licensing Specialist HCL Librarian for Collections Digitization Metadata Analyst

What do they do? (Example: Digital Repository)
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Digital stewardship: Cooperate with collection managers in exercising appropriate digital stewardship. Preservation of usability: Preserve the usability of stored objects over time. Delivery services: Deliver content to desktop client applications via standard web protocols. Professionalism and sustainability: Manage Digital Repository in a manner that is administratively, financially, and technically sustainable. Responsiveness and transparency: Be responsive to the needs and concerns of the collection manager community and conduct Digital Repository policy setting and planning activities in an open and transparent manner. (From presentation by Stephen Chapman, Harvard University Library)

Who is Providing a Program in Digital Curation?

University of Arizona, SIRLS in partnership with the AZ State Library University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in partnership with science data centers
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in partnership with the National Archives

DigCCurr 2007 & 2009
International Symposium in Digital Curation, Chapel Hill, NC  Part of their Digital Curation Curriculun Project  First one held on April 18-20, 2007  The 2009 Conference will be April 1-3 and the theme will be “Digital Curation: Practice, Promise and Prospects”

UIUC Program
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Master of Science: Concentration in Data Curation The Data Curation Education Program (DCEP) concentration within our ALA-accredited master of science offers a focus on data collection and management, knowledge representation, digital preservation and archiving, data standards, and policy. Data curation is the active and on-going management of data through its lifecycle of interest and usefulness to scholarship, science, and education. Data curation activities enable data discovery and retrieval, maintain its quality, add value, and provide for re-use over time, and this new field includes authentication, archiving, management, preservation, retrieval, and representation. Our program will provide a strong focus on the theory and skills necessary to work directly with academic and industry researchers who need data curation expertise.

UIUC Program Continued

The ALA-accredited Master of Science degree (M.S.) requires a total of 40 credit hours of course work that includes required core courses:
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LIS501 Information Organization and Access LIS502 (2 hours only) Libraries, Information and Society LIS452 Foundations of Information Processing in LIS LIS590BDI Biodiversity and Ecoinformatics LIS590DI Digital Libraries: Research and Practice LIS590DM Document Modeling LIS590IM Information Modeling LIS590MD Metadata in Theory and Practice LIS590OD Ontology Development LIS590RO Representing and Organizing Information Resources

UIUC (Continued)

Distance Learning Opportunities:

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For a variety of reasons, students who want to earn a degree at Illinois are not always able to relocate to campus. We extend our program to them through our online learning option called LEEP. Via this option, candidates without on- campus access to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are able to complete our M.S. degree with this concentration in data curation. In addition to online coursework, LEEP students participate in brief on-campus visits each semester. Financial support for travel and housing is available for a small number of entering LEEP students each year.

University of Arizona Program
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Graduate Certificate in Digital Information Management (DigIn) The University of Arizona School of Information Resources and Library Science and The University of Arizona Office of Continuing Education jointly administer the graduate certificate program in Digital Information Management (DigIn). DigIn provides hands-on experience and focused instruction for people seeking new careers in or improving their skills and knowledge of digital archives, digital libraries, digital document repositories and other kinds of digital collections. All coursework is online and may be completed in 15-27 months. The certificate program has been developed in cooperation with The Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records.

University of Arizona (Continued)
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Studies begin each summer with the course Introduction to Applied Technology. Students may then take either one or two courses each fall and spring, with a capstone course concluding the program each summer. Major funding for program development comes from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), which has also provided funding for a limited number of scholarships. There are no formal prerequisites for the certificate program, however you should be familiar with the World Wide Web, basic technology and personal computers. Students are expected to have experience in at least one of the four professions: libraries, archives, records management, or information technology.

Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Program
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Funded by ILMS (Institute of Museum and Library Services) Program by the School of Information and Library Science Broken into DigCCurr I and II DigCCurr I is a three-year, collaborative project seeking to develop an openly accessible, graduate-level curricular framework, course modules, and experiential and enrichment components and exemplars necessary to prepare students to work in the 21st century environment of trusted digital and data repositories. It has an Advisory Board consisting of key international figures in digital preservation from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, and New Zealand. Runs July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2009

UNC Program (Continued)

DigCCurr II will launch in Fall 2009. DigCCurr II seeks to develop an international, doctoral-level curriculum and educational network in the management and preservation of digital materials across their life cycle. UNC was awarded a 2008 Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program Grant from IMLS, under the category "Programs to Build Institutional Capacity." Very little detail on either program yet on website…still very much in the development stage 5 Digital Curation Fellows pursuing degrees at SILS - began fall 2007

Digital Curation Centre (UK)

Scientists, researchers and scholars across the UK generate increasingly vast amounts of digital data, with further investment in digitisation and purchase of digital content and information. The scientific record and the documentary heritage created in digital form are at risk from technology obsolescence, from the fragility of digital media, and from lack of the basics of good practice. Working with other practitioners, the Digital Curation Centre will support UK institutions who store, manage and preserve these data to help ensure their enhancement and their continuing long-term use. Digital curation is maintaining and adding value to a trusted body of digital information for current and future use; specifically, we mean the active management and appraisal of data over the life-cycle of scholarly and scientific materials. Website:

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