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From: BNC Canada - Treasury [mailto:treasury@cdnbnc.

org] Sent: April-06-11 6:46 PM To: All LSAs Alberta Region; All LSAs Atlantic Region; All LSAs BC Region; All LSAs Northwest Territories; All LSAs Nunavut; All LSAs ONTARIO; All LSAs Quebec Region; All LSAs SK, MB & NWO Region; All LSAs Yukon Subject: Letter of 6 April 2011

(French translation to follow) Message: 6 April 2011 / 17 Splendour 168 To all Local Spiritual Assemblies Dear Bahá’í Friends, At its recent meeting, the National Spiritual Assembly reviewed the financial position of the Canadian community as part of the formulation of a budget that would provide for activities related to the first year of the new Five Year Plan. A thrilling picture of Canada’s contribution to the growth of the Faith emerged from our review. At the same time, we noted with growing concern that the needs have substantially exceeded the flow of contributions to the national fund. Over the last few months, therefore, the National Assembly has drawn from funds set aside from bequests and endowments so that commitments to other funds of the Cause and the movement of the Plan in Canada may not be impeded. Examples include increased contributions to the House of Worship in Chile, an historic restoration of the Shrine in Montreal in preparation for the centenary of the visit of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, the winning of Canada’s international pioneer goals through the settlement of a large number of pioneers, international collaborative projects in Congo and Burkina, and of course, the personnel and operational costs of the processes of growth throughout the country. Contributions to the fund fluctuate throughout the year, but by the end of March, the Assembly can usually foresee whether the contributions will meet the year’s needs. This year, contributions as of the end of March had reached $4,000,000, an amount which fell $700,000 short of the year-to-date expenditure budget. This gap moved us to immediately share the state of affairs with you, calling for a supreme effort to remedy this condition and in fact, welcome the new Plan at Ridvan with a surplus. The beloved Guardian called on the believers to maintain the flow of their contributions to the funds of the Faith, underlining that such contributions constituted “a practical and effective way whereby every believer can test the measure and character of his Faith”[i]. He also praised the body of the Canadian believers for having “amply demonstrated its capacity to assume and discharge its heavy and multiple responsibilities”[ii]. The Universal House of Justice has also described the financial sacrifices of the Canadian believers, among other distinctions, as “a brilliant demonstration of spiritual power”[iii].

We are confident that the Canadian community, praised by the beloved Guardian and the Universal House of Justice for its characteristic sacrificial response will maintain the enviable position it occupies by responding to the needs of the hour. In addition to your institution’s deliberation on this message, kindly share it with the friends gathered at the upcoming Feast, along with the love of the National Assembly. With loving Baha’i greetings, Enayat Rawhani, Treasurer cc: Counsellors A. Boyles, B. Noureddin, and D. Scott National Spiritual Assembly (9) All Auxiliary Board members All Regional Bahá’í Councils All registered groups

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