Provincial Government-Unit 1

There has been a major crime committed in Alberta! You have found an Albertan who does not understand how our provincial government works. You are an investigator and it is your job to collect information and give it to the victim so they can learn about the government of their province! Good luck to all!!

Stage 1 Objective 1: How is the provincial government structured? Choice A: Read page 146 complete the web about the structure of the provincial government. Choice B: Read page 146 out loud to a friend. After reading it out loud, you can come get Mrs.Bain’s computer and retell what you learned about the structure of the government orally. Choice C: Read page 146 and create a picture of the structure of the provincial government.

Objective 2: What is the role of the lieutenant governor? Choice A: Read pages 142-143 to yourself and complete the note web. Choice B: Read pages 142-143 out loud to a friend. When you are done you have to write a song about the role of the lieutenant governor. Your song must list all of the duties of him/her. Choice C: Read pages 142-143. Create 4 flashcards. The flashcards will have a question on one side and your answer on the other side. The questions you will use are found on page 142 and page 143 in the Thinking it Through sections.

Write a 2 page play depicting a conversation between the lieutenant governor. the premier.Stage 2 1. a cabinet minister and the premier. Please refer to procedure sheets for expectations of each of the three choices. 3. . Create a poster to display your icons. They were describing their jobs to each other. Create an icon for each level of the provincial government. Who is our lieutenant governor? You are going to write a biography on our current lieutenant governor. 2.

Your response must include the following information: o Do you agree or disagree with the act was passed? o Why do you agree or disagree? o If you were a part of the government that made the decision. Bain to organize your ideas. which way would you have voted? o What groups of people are affected by the decision? How do you think they feel about the decision? Your letter is to be hand written or printed. Come to Mrs.Stage 3 You are going to read a newspaper article about a bill that the provincial government passed.Bain to receive your article. 1) Brainstorming-your ideas 2) Choosing your ideas that you want to include 3) Use the graphic organizer from Mrs. Your job is to try and convince the readers of the newspaper to agree with your opinion. I want to see that you took the letter through all stages of the writing process. You will write a “letter to the editor” to respond to that article. 4) Write the first draft (double space your work!) 5) Edit. revise 6) Final copy .

the premier and a member of the legislative assembly (MLA). Keep your topic in mind when beginning to write your play. You are going to recount the information for the victim (person who does not know anything about their Albertan government) in the form of a play. You must include all four of the things listed above. 1) Fill out the following chart: Lieutenant Gov. Qualifications How selected Role Responsibilities Premier MLA 2. the Lieutenant governor is going to describe her/his job to the Premier and the MLA.Write a Play You have overheard a conversation between the lieutenant governor. For example. .

• • • • Lieutenant governor Premier Member of legislative assembly Legislative assembly Your apps must include the following information: • • • Easily recognizable by most people Accurately reflect each position Accurately reflect the most important part of each of the position’s jobs .IPhone Apps The victim really wants a way to check up on the different levels of government when he/she feels like it. So it is up to you to design an iphone app for each level of government.

ca/ . Remember to follow a newspaper-writing format.lieutenantgovernor. come and see Mrs. Much of the information you will need can be found on this website: http://www. If you need help.Write a newspaper article You are going to conduct research about our current lieutenant governor of Alberta. Bain about a planning sheet to help you organize your information. In your newspaper article you must include the following points: 1) Who is our current lieutenant governor? 2) What are they responsible to do in government? 3) When did they become the lieutenant governor? 4) Where were they born? Where do they live now? 5) Why did they want to become the lieutenant governor? 6) How did they get their job? 7) Any other interesting facts you can find out.ab.

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