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Store Operations Messages Aaron Angle XCom285 01/10/10 Maya Held

our stores will be modifying all employee work schedules to help keep our company operating at maximum efficiency through these tough economic times. or 3 day workweeks depending on how many hours they work. No stores will be closing. Sincerely. Part-time employees will consolidate their hours into 1. Starting February 15. . 2010. Employees will work 4-10 hour days per week. but no new stores will open at this time. Ohio 44627 Subject: Change in Store Operations Dear Mr. Miller. I am writing this letter to inform you of upcoming changes that will be made within all of our retail stores. Our stores will open an hour later and close an hour earlier. We felt like this was the fairest option for all company employees.Store Operations Messages Store Operations Messages Store Managers-Business Letter 2 Angle Outfitters 50 Melody Lane Apple Creek. Manager P. 2. Keep up the good work! If you have any questions. Box 29 Fredericksburg.O. These changes will affect your current position along with all hourly employee positions. Mike Miller. I want to start off by saying that I appreciate your dedication to the company. Ohio 44606 Mr. as you said something similar in the previous paragraph. allowing them to have an extra day off. please don¶t hesitate to contact me. but we have structured the schedule so all full time employees will still be able to work a 40 hour week. Thank you for all of your hard work and time you put in to make sure that our company is successful. We found these changes necessary in order to keep our company operating at maximum efficiency. Aaron Angle Public Relations Manager Comment [m1]: : Comment [m2]: This letter is to Comment [m3]: This is repetitive.

Store Operations Messages Employees-Business Memo 3 Angle Outfitters 50 Melody Lane Apple Creek. 2010. but no new stores will be opening at this time. Starting February 15. 2010 To: Employees From: Aaron Angle Subject: Change in Store Operations Our company is making several changes to our operating structure to combat rising operating expenses through these tough economic Aaron Angle<aaron_angle. We do expect our economic situation to improve and do not expect employees to be negatively impacted by our situation. or 3 days a week depending on how many hours they are working that week. We will also be switching to a 4 day workweek. We appreciate your continuous hard work.m. the stores will open one hour later and close one hour earlier than normal. Ohio 44606 Memo January 10. 2010. These changes in the schedule were necessary to help our company avoid any lay-offs.m. so do not use WE Comment [m6]: This is negative. This will give employees an extra day off to relax and spend time with family. Part time employees will work 1. and further. to 8 p. During the week. please contact your store manager. If you have any questions regarding these changes in the operating schedule. To: From: Subject: Cc: The Public-E-mail Message Anne Angle<anneangle@ohio. Our new store hours will be as follows: Monday thru Saturday: 10a. all Angle Outfitters stores will remain closed on Sundays. Comment [m4]: unnecessary Comment [m5]: YOU as the PR manager will not be working. Thanks for understanding these changes in the New Store Hours all. We will be changing our store hours starting February 15. .publicrelations@angleoutfitters. 2. All full time employees will still receive their 40 hours as we will be working 10 hour shifts. None of our stores will be Dear Valued Customer. keep our company operating at maximum efficiency.

Comment [m8]: No -ed Aaron Angle Public Relations Manager Voice: 330-555-5555 Fax: 330-555-5554 E-mail: aaron_angle. Mention this email and receive 25% on any of our merchandise. and . y Format of message is correct. Remember that memos are designed to be easy to read (and fast). y y y The Messages included accurate information.Store Operations Messages Sunday: Closed 4 Although we have had to make changes to our operating schedule to combat these bad economic times. We look forward to serving you again in one of our Angle Outfitters stores. y Length of each message is appropriate for type Messages could have been more succinct. Comment [m7]: Choose more descriptive and less negative word. Tone is professional Grammar and punctuation are correct content is comprehensive. there was a bit of repetition in your points. Due in Week Three Content and Development 75 Points Student covers all key elements of the assignment in a substantive way. Points Earned 72/75 Additional Comments: Your messages were clear and the tone was appropriate for each. Plus. so they must be succinct and to the Assignment Grading Form for Store Operations Messages. like challenging. You maintained professionalism while highlighting the positives of the upcoming schedule changes. You included some negative information about layoffs in the employee correspondence that did not seem to be necessary. as both the (maximum of 200 words) letter and the memo exceeded the 200 word maximum. we are proud to say that all of our Angle Outfitter stores will remain opened. accurate.publicrelations@angleoutfitters. There were a couple minor grammatical errors as well. Sincerely.

Messages link theory to relevant examples and use the vocabulary of the theory correctly. Sentences are well constructed. logical. pleasant and Mechanics 15 Points Points Earned 8/10 Additional Comments: Small grammatical errors Rules of grammar. they are supported by specific details. and are organized logically. and maintain the flow throughout the paper. Transitions are present. Facts are stated clearly. Sentences are complete. Paragraphs flow well in correspondence. and varied. clear. Total 100 Points Overall Comments: Points Earned 95/100 . Sentence transitions are present and maintain the flow of thought. Spelling is correct. 5 Readability and Style 15 Points Points Earned 15/15 Additional Comments: Tone is appropriate for content professional.Store Operations Messages persuasive. The tone is appropriate to the content and assignment. and punctuation are followed. and concise. usage. strong.

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