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Wireless Express (CDMA-BSS) The 45 Issue

【 Wireless Express-CBSS】
】 -45--WiMAX Product Promotion (5)

Publish Date:2008-09-02 15:30:21

Introduction of Current Issue: This document describes WiMAX Network Architecture.

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—– Wireless Express —–
-- WiMAX Product Promotion (5)
Dear Customer,

This document WiMAX Network Architecture.

1. WiMAX Network Architecture

The WiMAX network consists of MS/SS (Mobile Station/Subscriber Station), Access Service Network
(ASN),and Connectivity Service Network (CSN). Figure 1-1 shows the architecture of the WiMAX network.

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The following contents show the functions of the WiMAX network components.


The MS/SS is the user part of the WiMAX network. MS is a universal mobile device. SS is a universal fixed


ASN consists of the base station (BS) and the Access Service Network- Gateway (ASN-GW). The ASN
provides the wireless access connection between the user equipment (UE) and the CSNs of different Network
Service Provider (NSP). The ASN also manages the IEEE802.16 air interface and has the following functions:

Setting up the L2 connection between BS and MS and assisting the upper layers with the L3 connection.

Setting up the L3 connection for the MS to transfer messages, for example, assigning the IP addresses.

Transferring the RADIUS messages to the home NSP of the WiMAX subscribers.

Perform the authentication, authorization and accounting actions to the user session.

Locating the preferred NSP network of the WiMAX subscribers.

Setting up and managing the ANS-CSN channel.

Performing the Paging and Mobility Management inside the ASN.

Performing the Radio Resource Management (RRM).

Storing and managing the list for the temporary users.


The CSN consists of devices such as the router, the AAA agent/server, and the internet gateway device.
You can construct the CSN by adding new network equipment, or you can use part of the existing equipment to
realize the CSN functions. CSN provides the WiMAX subscribers with the IP connection, and has the following

Assigning the IP addresses and session parameters to the MS.

Providing the internet entry.

Performing the functions of the AAA agent/server.

Performing accounting and settlement.

Performing QoS management based on the user system parameters.

Performing mobility management of different ASNs.

Setting up and managing the channels between the ASN and the CSN.

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Providing WiMAX services, such as services based on location, multicast service, etc.

2. WiMAX Network Interfaces

The function of every interface

Interface Position of the Interface function

No. interface in the
R1 Air interface, the In compliant with the PHY Layer and MAC layer of the
interface between IEEE802.16 air interface. The management plane function may be
the terminals and added by necessary.
R2 Logical interface Only logical interface, providing related service with
between terminals authentication, service authorization and IP host configuration
and CSN management.
R3 Interface between This interface includes the protocol stack of control plane and
ASN and CSN bearer plane; the bearer plane is constituted by the IP tunnel
between ASN and CSN. The diameter of IP tunnel is related to
different QoS and CSN; the control plane includes the IP tunnel
establishment and the control protocol for tunnel releasing caused
by the terminal mobility, also includes such protocol as AAA,
strategy and QoS execution.
R4 Interface between Define the protocol related to mobility between ASNs on the
different ASNs control and bearer plane.
R5 Interface between This interface include the protocol stack of control and bearer
different CSNs plane to satisfy the interconnection need between visiting CSN and
home CSN; the bearer plane is constituted by the IP tunnel
between visiting CSN and home CSN, and the diameter of the IP
tunnel is related to different QoS rank and home CSN; control plan
includes the IP tunnel establishment and the control protocol for
tunnel releasing caused by the terminal mobility, also includes
such interoperability control information between visiting CSN and
home CSN as AAA, strategy and QoS execution.
R6 Interface inside of Interfaces inside of ASN, constituted by the protocol stack of
ASN, and between bearer plane and control plane; the bearer plane is constituted by
BS and ASN-GW the IP tunnel between BS and ASN-GW; control plane includes
tunnel establishment, release control protocol, the diameter of the
tunnel is related to different BSs, different QoS rank, also includes

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such control information as AAA, bandwidth reservation, strategy

negotiation and wireless resource management.

R7 Interface inside of Detailed definition is still in discussion.

R8 Interface between Constituted by the protocol stack of bearer plane and control
different BSs plane, to satisfy the need of fast seamless handover between
BSs; bearer plane defines a set of protocol, to allow passing data
between related BSs when handover; control plane includes the
communication protocol between BSs, also allows passing control
information between related BSs when handover.


u HUAWEI BTS3703 is a WiMAX ( Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) BS( Base Station)
that HUAWEI Corporation R&D independently based on IEEE802.16e-2005, working on the frequency band of
2.3GHz、2.5GHz、3.5GHz. Network consists of BTS3703 and its corresponding ASN-GW (Access Service
Network Gate Way) and MS (Mobile Station), which is able to meet different service needs from different

u Network that consists of BTS3703、WASN9770(ASN-GW)and MS is widely applied to fixed and

mobile wireless bandwidth access, which could be used to satisfy VOIP telephone users 、SME (Small to
Medium sized Enterprise) 、SMB (Small to Medium sized Business)、SOHO (Small Office Home Office) and
bandwidth access needs from residents.

u The characteristics of HUAWEI WiMAX facility (a general designation of BS facility and ASN-GW) is
obvious, such as low cost, easily installed, mobile bandwidth access supplied, wide coverage, independent
network building, and complementing 3G .

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【 Wireless Express-CBSS】
】 -44--WiMAX Product Promotion (4)

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