Kalinowski 1 Taylor Kalinowski Ms. Bleistine World Literature, 6th 12 April 2011 Death of a Salesman Act I 1.

Willy is an unstable man who is slowly starting to become crazy. He begins to have flashbacks of past events and gets them confused with the present. Willy is trying to achieve the American dream but he is not built or destined to do business work. Five qualities that describe him are stubborn, relentless, insecure, sorrowful and senile. Willy contradicts himself when he says his Chevrolet is a good car then later complains about how the car is a piece of trash. 2. Willy does not have a realistic view of the world. He constructed elaborate fantasies about his life goals and dreams. His sons, Happy and Biff, share many of the same characteristics as him and that is because of Willy’s philosophy of life. He has influenced his boys in a manner that has affected their lives. They are lost in the world and are unsure of what their live goals are. This is because Willy tried so hard to force them to achieve the American dream, even if that was not what they were meant to do. Willy continuously goes into flashbacks because he is trying to rebuild his relationship with Biff. In a way he was a bad father because he did not reprimand Biff for his illegal actions such as stealing and that has caused him to continue to do so. On the other hand, Happy was always fighting for the attention of his father and that has affected his life as an adult. 3. The existence of The Women affects the overall impression of Willy because I no longer think that Willy is committed to his family. He needs more in life and that is why

7. 6. Biff’s previous job involved doing laborious work on a farm. Happy is trying to live up to Biff in Willy’s eyes because he has always been fighting to get noticed by his family. Linda is a different character around her sons. In reality Happy and Biff deserve the most love from her because they have been loyal to her. . They boys idolized him when they were younger but that is not the case anymore. He is seeking an outlet to his pathetic life because he cannot reach his unrealistic goals. As a result he sleeps around with his bosses wives. When Linda tells Willy “few men are idolized by their children the way you are” she is saying it in a sincere manner. Biff has been trying to discover himself and has not done much with his life yet. She unconditionally loves Willy and in a sense shuts down around him. He now feels as if he needs to be like Biff to be liked but in reality this is causing him pain in his life. 4. When they were growing up Happy always had to compete with Biff.Kalinowski 2 he has an affair with another women. He continuously moves around searching for a job and he currently lives back at home with his family. She even leaves the gas pipe unblocked as Willy has put it even though it might result in his death. Biff is extremely unstable while Happy has a pretty steady job. The conversation between Biff and Happy in Act I shows their differences. The reason why he cannot keep a steady job is because he has kleptomania. 5. Biff is not the ideal person to view as a role model. Linda is a static character. She is not as sweet and loving as she is toward Willy. Even though Happy has a job he is unhappy and this causes him to feel lonely. She always does what he says and is often times afraid to upset him or do anything that he will not be pleased with. the urge to steal things. She knows that Willy has attempted to kill himself but does not talk about it because she does not want to cause further harm.

He is also affected by achieving American dream and his father’s goals for him. He acts in ways that Biff did in high school such as sleeping around with many women to gain popularity. . Bernard and Charley’s dramatic functions are in the play are to further display the lack of success of the Loman family. Happy’s greatest character flaw is that he is stuck in the shadow of his brother and tries to live up to him in his father’s eyes. This is similar to his father who has a secret woman in Boston. Ideally Arthur Miller uses these two characters to contrast with Willy and his sons and to further show their lack of success. Happy resembles his father because they both are working to gain the attention and as a result are left lonely. Bernard is a prime example of how Willy wanted his sons to turn out and seeing his achievements is hard for Willy. he is in a sense competing with them. he is unsure about his personality. He instead has no string attached with these women. Charley has to loan Willy money ever month and Willy is jealous of all his success at achieving the American Dream. Neither of the boys are in stable relationships and this might be because they have commitment issues that are caused by their relationship with Linda. Happy’s womanizing reveals that he does not care about the vows of marriage. Since he lives in the shadow of Biff. They comment on her hair turning gray and how her ageing upsets them. 10.Kalinowski 3 8. 9. The sons both love Linda but they feel that she does not love them as much as she loves Willy. 11. He likes women that are married and he does not have to have a commitment with. Willy cheats on his wife Linda while Happy sleep with women who are married. Since often times these women are his boss’s wives.

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