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Checkerboard Notes

1. Cut pine 13” long (2 people) Both people put name on Pine. 1) Portable Jig Saw 2) Clamp 3) Scrap wood 4) Ruler 5) Carpenter’s square (Hair tied back. Sleeves rolled up) 2. Hand in pine to Kuhn. 3. Table Saw -cut with grain, four, 1” strips NO KNOTS. 4. Put name on each strip/ Put in locker 5. Portable Jig Saw cut mahogany 13” long (1 per person). 6. 7. 8. 9. Put name on mahogany and go to Table Saw Table saw-cut four, 1” strips. Put name on each strip/Put in Locker Organize strips-alternate pine and then mahogany. Have pine as the

first stick. Number the sticks 1 through 8 with pine as number 1 10. Surfacer-Have number side down. Surface all 8 pieces. 11. Put stick number one (pine in tub on table four). 12. Glue sticks together DO NOT PUT GLUE ON STICK # 8 13. Do not tighten clamp at the first table. 14. At the 2nd table make sure one end is even before you tighten the clamp You need a wet and a dry paper towel for this step. 15. Wipe of excess glue on one side. Wait five minutes; loosen clamp, flip and wipe. FLIP TWO TIMES. 16. Let dry one day on the back table. 17. Table Saw-cut one end straight. (bring pencil) 18. At the table saw-write name on straight end. 19. Sand top and bottom with sand paper and sanding block. (No Power Sanders) Sand until 1) Pencil Marks 2) Dried Glue (yellow marks) 3) Until Even (feels like one piece of wood) Show Kuhn project for inspection. Put name above line that Kuhn draws. (BIG AND BOLD) Give project to Kuhn. Table Saw, bring pencil. Kuhn is your left hand cut 4 strips.

20. 21. 22. 23.

24. Before going to glue table 1. Organize in Checkerboard pattern 2. Put name on each strip 3. Number then 1 through 4 4. Write Name on each end 25. Put left over piece in locker. 26. Glue strips together DO NOT PUT GLUE ON STICK #4 27. DO NOT tighten clamp at the first table. 28. Both ends even when you tighten at 2nd table. Loosen, Wipe, Flip, 2 X's. 29. Sand with the grain-sand both top and bottom or go onto next step. 30. Put name on straight end and repeat steps 23-28 with left over piece 31. Write name on both sides of Checkerboard 32. Pick a top. Put both in vice and sand until same thickness. 33. Show Kuhn for approval. 34. Write “TOP” big and bold and give both sides to Kuhn 35. Scribble on both ends. 36. Disc Sander use miter gauge. TAPA TAPA until no pencil. 37. Make sure-same length before you leave disc sander. 38. Stamp first and last name on BOTTOM of each piece. Not on outside edges. Hit each letter twice. Once on each piece. 39. Give project to Kuhn. 40. Router Table- TOP UP cut dado around outer edge 1st table - sides only 2nd table - sides 1st then ends. 41. Sand fuzz off made by router. Show Kuhn project 42. Repeat steps 40 & 41 43. Show Kuhn both sides with dados cut to get 200 grit 44. Hand in 220 plus project to get sides pieces Sand stamp side only - sand off scratches with 60 45. Band Saw cut on pencil line (use miter gauge). 46. Tape ends to folder. Put sides pieces in folder unless going onto next step. 47. To glue on side pieces you need:

1. Dry and wet paper towels 2. Two pine scraps 3. Two mahogany scraps 4. Toothpick. 47. While in vice sand sides with used sand paper (flip every 5 minutes) Leave in vice until lights go off. 49. Sand sides – put two pine strips in vice before putting in Checkerboard sand-off pencil marks and dirty wood. 50. Show Kuhn and bring folder with end pieces taped on . 51. Disc Sander- tapa tapa fit 52. Show Kuhn or trade in end for a replacement piece. 53. Number end pieces as they fit. 54. Repeat step at Disc Sander 55. All 4 ends must fit before going onto next step 56. Glue end pieces and put in vice, flip every 5 minutes (Leave in until lights turn off.) ? Cut checker pieces at band saw. 57. Sanding Board to sand bottom smooth. 58. Fill in cracks on bottom- little dab of glue in corner, wipe of excess glue with damp paper towel, and sand on sanding board until dry. 59. Show Kuhn to proceed 60. Scribble ends 61. Disc Sander- tapa tapa flip until no scribble 62. Don’t leave Disc Sander until same length. 63. Sand off swirls made by disc sander. 64. Fill in cracks. (outside only) 1. Put glue in crack 2. Wipe off glue (steps 1 and 2 are done at your desk) 3. Put sawdust in crack. 4. Sand with used sandpaper (sand until dry). 65. Show Kuhn who puts two X's on 2 best sides. 66. Cut Mortises on Router Table (Only cut X sides). One cut without spacer, one cut with spacer on each end 67. Prepare Mortise for hinge 1. Sanding Board - sand fuzz off

2. Clamp on - Make sure hinge fits 3. Line up hinge in center and center punch in middle of circle 4. Drill 8 holes with Drill Press (Delta) 68. Spring Clamp on to get baggie of screws, hinges, and screwdriver. 69. Put on hinges. 70. Sand ends and front with sanding block. 71. Sand hinge side-rolled up sand paper, don’t sand over hinges 72. Sand top with sanding block-sand with grain, sand pencil off, top flat. 73. Show Kuhn for advice or hand in 60 grit for 220 grit Sand inside, outside, hinge side. 74. Hand in 220 for 600 grit sand inside, outside, hinge side. 75. Hand in 600 grit. Stain inside, outside, hinge side. 76. Put in your Period’s cabinet. 77. Get baggie of checkers and Sand checker pieces sand fuzz off and smooth with Sanding Board. 78. Fill out evaluation- Found on Kuhn’s desk keep until Step 84 79. Notes need to be complete, neat, in order, and in pencil. 80. Put on clasp at table one. 1. Put in vice-get center punch. Place Bottom piece in center. 2. Hand in CP to get hammer and nails use Needle Nose Pliers to hold nail 3. Hand in hammer to get CP and top piece. (no rattle) 4. Hand in CP to get hammer and nails. 81. Next in line Hand in hammer to Kuhn 82. Show Kuhn project for final inspection 83. File any metal that Kuhn has instructed you to file 84. Bring to Kuhn: 1. Baggie of checkers 2. Checkerboard 3. Evaluation/notes stapled FOR A SQUIRT 85. Go to new stain table, dry off checkers, put in checkers in checkerboard to dry. 86. Put in your Period’s cabinet.