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Week 26

Kindergarten 2 MARCH 21, 2011


Jesus Time Language Math

Jesus Blesses Children This week in Reading and March 25 Deadline for the
Writing we will: pinecar registration form
We will see how Jesus held • Learning that the “e”
the children and blessed • Spell sight words in the and the word March 25 7 PM Mom’s game
them. Help us to bring “a” make the same night
God’s children to hear • Reading assessment sound, they borrow
more about His love so on Monday and Tues- Umber Umbrella March 27 11:15 K1-K2 sing
that we can love others. day morning Birds sound. Umber Practice at 11:00 am
is good at sharing.
I John 4:7 Love comes • Review the sounds qu, That sound is called April 1 Registration Dead-
from God. ck, gl, pl, sl, -nd, -ft , line for Returning Families
the schwa sound.
sp, sk, fr, st, dr
• Write an acrostic April 22 K2-8 sing at 2 pm
Jesus Changes Zacchaeus’ • Prefix un- poem, FRIENDS
Life April 25-29 Easter Vacation
• Read a story “Mini • Plural, rhyme, syllable
We will see that Jesus for- Book #14”
gave Zacchaeus’ sins. God This week in Math we will:
• Review sight words
help us to forgive and • Compare numerals
on, off, lot, not, got,
speak kindly to those who more than, less than,
red, yellow, blue, a,
have hurt us. the same
the, can, why, with,
I Timothy 1:15 Jesus me, I, see, from, to,
• Math assessment
came save sinners. do, in, may, at, like,
two, it, if, is, my, little, • Write 5’s
The children will recite one
up, can’t, I’ll
of the two passages to me • -0, -1, -2 +0, +1, +2
this week. • Review nouns, verbs, double addition
adjectives, adverbs
• ABBC sound patterns Homework
• Writing review u, i, e, Monday: Read two stories
k, y, j • Pay for items to 25 -ug review sheet
cents, trade 25 cents in Tuesday: read two stories
• Word themes: Be a nickels for a quarter -ug review sheet
Good Sport and Learn Wednesday: read two stories
to Take Turns • Divide -ug review sheet
Thursday: Read two stories
Scrabble challenge, add the numerals
Play a game.
Music P.E. Social
Friday: Return folder.
Studies/Science Chapel-Children are invited to bring
money to be used to tell those who
Songs: P.E. M, W: Iran New Year do not know Jesus.
Practice songs for singing Please wear comfortable Celebration, Review the Return folder.
in church Sunday, March shoes for running. continents and introduce
27 11:15 am the ocean names School Collects:
Box Tops for Ed.
Musician: Mozart T, Th: animal homes, how
Coca Cola caps
Read the rhythm: whole animals move
notes, half notes, quarter F: Scholastic News
notes, eighth notes