FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 11, 2011 Contact: Chris Buck, Press Liaison Buck and Chidester, LLC 603

-865-1918 Rick Parent Launches the Patriots for NH Values PAC Wolfeboro, NH – Former First District Congressional candidate Rick Parent today announced the formation of a new political action committee, even as he plans to leave for 3 months at sea in the Persian Gulf. The Patriots for NH Values PAC, as it is called, will focus on conservative values and will support local, federal and state candidates that can demonstrate their commitment to conservative principles. The PAC’s Chairman and Founder is Rick Parent, and it is actively managed by Buck & Chidester, LLC, a new political consulting firm. “We are a mission-driven organization,” said Parent. “We believe in the family values that a majority of our state’s citizens also share. Those are values like life from conception, individual liberty, freedom from excessive taxation, traditional marriage, free enterprise, the Second Amendment, and faith-based charity.” The PAC’s website ( and its spokesman Chris Buck both confirmed that they will require a commitment to the PAC’s core values from all of the candidates they support. “We welcome meetings with all likeminded candidates,” said Buck. “One of the things that makes us unique is that we are not at all opposed to donating to local races. We will support both State Representative and Presidential candidates alike. It is all about advancing a common vision for the future. And our own supporters can be sure that if the PAC contributes any financial support to a candidate, that candidate has personally met with our team and has demonstrated a strong commitment to the same vision.” Recently, Rick Parent made a splash in political circles by starting the “Draft Ovide” movement (online at and Parent was clear that his PAC launched the site independently and without any outside direction. In the same vein, he said that the PAC should not be viewed as a competitor with any other PAC:

“We’re fans of Ovide’s Oath PAC and the Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC, and we will not do anything that we feel would be detrimental to their goals. We are not competing with other conservatives. We are competing with the failed, big-government, liberal policies that threaten our values and our way of life here in New Hampshire.” Rick Parent is Chief Engineer for a shipping company operating primarily in the Middle East. He is a family man, the father of two children and husband to Doreen Parent. In 2010, Rick brought an authenticity to the First District Congressional Race that was appreciated by NH voters and his fellow candidates. Buck and Chidester, LLC is a full-service political consulting firm based in Dover, New Hampshire. Jeff Chidester is a prominent conservative radio talk show host and political advisor. Chris Buck is a Dover attorney and entrepreneur and is active in Republican politics on the Seacoast. #####