I Dream Of Blue
The fictional story of something
Abdalla A. Dafiah 4/11/2011

A man finds himself in a desert named Misery.

Chapter I Sun
The man awakens to find himself in a dark room« he looks around yet there is no one around, the only sounds in the room were of water droplets and his breath. The man in black keeps his calm. He reaches his hand around in the dark, and he finds a box. When he opened it three voices emerged from it saying ³When shall we three meet again. In thunder, lightning, or in rain?" . The man became startled and threw the box on the floor and heard the three voices speak of three prophecies. The first is there will be a castle; the second is in that castle will be pain and pleasure, and the third is near the cliff that the castle stands upon is a valley filled with lost dreams, nightmares, and treasures. He man heard footsteps behind him and so he threw the box away, the three voices still talked yet he can barely hear their words upon the strong thumps of the footsteps. The man crawled into a corner slowly and quietly until the footsteps stopped, he heard a voice aside from the box¶s say Who are you« did he put you in here as well. The man sat silently in his corner hopping this isn¶t the end of him. The voice said Don¶t worry I can¶t do any harm« my names Jonah. The man breaks his silence and replies How so? Jonah replies back to him in a subtle gravely, voice. Three witches lay a spell on me so that I cannot harm a living soul when I tried to go after them for taking my dog. To which the man replies hesitantly Where am I? I don¶t know, Says Jonah, there¶s a door« I tried pushing on it but that hasn¶t worked. The man in black said You got me now, don¶t you? The man followed Jonah¶s heavy breathing and walked into him. Jonah stumbled back and fell on the box which produced screams and laughter before a bright light flashed and disappeared, yet it almost seemed to go unnoticed.

The couple of them decided to charge at the door at once, yet it opened for them and they found themselves in a desert with a door standing beside them with the sun piercing brightly at them. The man looked at the door as it closed behind them, it hat the inscription *%8) 7(336 There was a crow on the door that gazed at them and then it spoke. Welcome to Misery Desert« in case you¶re wondering what the door says its fates door. you just left wherever you just came from and now you¶re in the hands of Fate, she might sound reasonable but trust me she¶s not. The men where startled by what they saw and heard, and they asked the crow. Why do you speak? The crow answered I was turned into a crow by the witches because never knew how to be quite« you know most people to come out of that door and hear me run away in fear, and now they roam the desert for years to come, because here there is neither hunger or thirst. It is eternal punishment. The man in black asks curiously. The witches? As if he hasn¶t heard it before. Jonah and the crow reply the three eternal, the three all knowing, the three bewitched. The crow explains that they are three sisters who share a body at day yet at night they need no bodies for they roam with the shadows and demons of the night. They must find new bodies each day that is why you are here.

To be continued.

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