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March 16, 2011

Introduction Second generation technologies for Sugarcane Complex Turn-key Plants Offered

- Bleached CTMP Pulp /
paper unit


- Particle board plant - MDF ( Medium density
fibre) board plant

- Thin MDF ( Medium density
fibre) board plant

- Co-generation of electricity
& steam

- Biomass based power

- Other projects based on
sugar & by-products

A view of Particleboard Plant

Another view of Particleboard Plant

- Miscellaneous projects - 36 Most lucrative projects
from China & Europe Consultancy services Offered Contact Us Main Production Line for Particleboard

Particleboard fibre arrangement INTRODUCTION -

Woodwaste ready for Particleboard production

Particleboard is a classic wood-based panel, made from high quality particles of wood / bagasse. It is a low – density board with density range from 650 kgs to 750 kgs per cubic meter.Partic leboard Plants are
www.goodrichsugar.com/particle.asp?… 1/9

which makes it suitable for widespread use in the furniture industry such as bedroom units. Cheaper price than MDF 5. Hence a number of Particleboard Plants can be set up in various parts of the Country to convert these wood wastes into wealth. veneer wastes. Average bulk density is 700 kg/m3 on the average thickness of 18mm. neat & smooth finish.com/particle. saw dust. Much of this bagasse is burnt to fuel the boiler. in 160 days of working. Sugarcane bagasse.asp?… 2/9 . furniture wastes & other wood processing wastes. laminate flooring.3/16/2011 GoodRich Sugar specially designed to produce an effective alternative for wood-based panel products. The Plant utilizes low – cost agri-wastes resulting in a high quality & versatile panel product with virtually unlimited applications. Since Particleboard replaces wood & plywood. durability & screw-holding capacity of near MDF. Particleboard is accepted universally. WOODY RAW MATERIAL FOR PARTICLEBOARD India has 19% of its land by way of forests. the pressure on virgin forests are reduced & a new social forestry can be developed near the Particleboard Factory to meet the future wood requirements. dried leaves. High quality Particleboard has the strength.000 tons of bagasse with 50% moisture. Particleboard comes in 6 mm to 30 mm thickness & in the density range of 650 – 750 kg/m3.wood branches. www. 2. MARKET FOR PARTICLEBOARD Industries that use Particleboard include construction and packaging. It is also used in household electrical appliances. wood pieces. fitted kitchens. Particleboard has good mechanical performance of fine. the surplus is used for power generation. RAW MATERIAL FOR PARTICLEBOARD 1. Low Capital investment & lower operating costs. Readily available local raw material 4. Low density & lower weight than MDF. which makes it suitable for certain applications. A 2.goodrichsugar. Some sugar factories sell surplus bagasse to the nearby paper factories.Small diameter wood logs. due to the availability of abundant solar energy. Of late. ADVANTAGES OF PARTICLEBOARD 1. PARTICLEBOARD FROM BAGASSE There are 450 Sugar factories in India. cabinets & floor underlayment. It meets the growing demand amongst consumers & manufacturers alike for environmentally – friendly alternatives.20. A wide variety of trees are grown here. shelves & tables.500 TCD Sugar Plant generates 1. Low energy requirement 3. 2.

35 5.per ton on co-generation. Iran & India. with total capacities of 3 million m3.000/. which may increase to Rs. which is not suitable for making Particleboard.726 3.74.In the rest of Asia.99. The same can be used for the Boiler. The notional price of bagasse is Rs.127 84.000 m3/year can be run throughout the year.000 tons of trash by a 2.624 1.563 Capacity in Average mill Capacity in m3 1.North East Asia .000 54 17 10 251 1000 m3 10. 10. discussions with some of the mills suggest that demand for Particle Board is high & the Indian Sugar Industry could provide sufficient bagasse for more than 2 million m3 of www. of Production Lines U. It is possible to bale 80. the largest number of mills are found in Pakistan.635 2. With the de-pithed bagasse of 46. Canada Mexico Europe Rest of the world . GLOBAL MARKET SURVEY OF PARTICLEBOARD – World Particleboard lines – Key Areas No.000 In China.000 per ton.goodrichsugar.740 22.000 tons (with 50% moisture).000 m3 * Including India.101.157 1227 1130 82.23.000 263 5.000 World Average 1. which deserves better value-addition than simple burning.000 94.797 937 43. the price of the board will be Rs.000 – 15.per ton. along with baled sugarcane trash in place of bagasse. 500/.Australasia Totals 53 21 18 815 5.S. 1.000 58. If the same is converted into Particleboard.a Particleboard production line of 30.China . However.000 26 2.000 63. around 200 mills were built by using Chinese Plant & Equipments. Bagasse contains 30% pith.000 1.Other Asia * -Latin/ south America .South East Asia 67 .000 2.01.500 TCD Sugar Factory in 160 days of working. but the Indian total capacity is insignificant.asp?… 3/9 .com/particle.3/16/2011 GoodRich Sugar Bagasse is a valuable cellulose.663 97.000 61.Africa .

000 2. Itarsi 4/9 .64. 3. country-wise are given below – Estimated Capacity in 1000 m3 Europe (EU member countries) Austria 12 2427 Belgium 15 3360 Denmark 1 350 Finland 3 650 France 19 4496 Germany 28 8465 Greece Ireland Italy Portugal Spain Sw eden U.000 75. Chandrapur Bharat Boards. of lines Average Plant size in m3 2.45.000 2.000 2.000 1.000 m3 as underPlain Pre-laminated Particleboard plants in India – 1.000 3.02.com/particle.000 2.3/16/2011 GoodRich Sugar future capacity.74.000 2.35.000 95.000 8 1 27 4 18 6 12 560 140 4500 1010 2945 810 2945 No. Czech Republic Estonia Lithuania Latvia Norway Slovenia Slovakia Sw itzerland Turkey Poland Hungary Romania Russia Total 3 2 2 2 5 3 2 2 27 9 2 9 29 251 European average 840 150 180 200 475 200 380 600 1800 2240 440 900 2500 43563 1.49.000 2.000 2.40.000 1.24.000 1.000 67.000 67. with a built-up capacity of around 3.90. The Particleboard capacities in Europe.000 1.000 Europe (Outside EU) As per the statistics available.37.000 3.000 90.000 m3 2.000 3.goodrichsugar. 2.K.80. Nagpur Bakelite Hylam.00.000 1.50.asp?… Aurobindo. www. there are 14 Pre-laminated/Plain Particle Board manufacturers in India.

34 0.22 0. Hyderabad Mysore Chipboards.50 1. 5. As against this. which is equal to Rs. consisting of more than 23. whic h can provide necessary raw material for more than 50 new Particleboard Plants in India.65 0. 7.com/particle. 14.40 73.00 1.01 28.5 million tons of wood wastes. Hyderabad Nuboards. sports goods.3/16/2011 GoodRich Sugar 4. newsprint) Plyw ood Particleboard Fibrew ood (Hardboard) MDF Total 23. Daulatt SSK. 11.95 92. 8. Dhule Wilson Boards. 6. the requirement of sawnwood by 2005 will be around 50 million cubic meters.92 0. Bulk of the industrial round wood in India is utilized by the saw milling industry.60 1. Pune Leo Laminates.goodrichsugar. etc.000 c rores in monetary terms. It is estimated that each sawmill will generate 100 – 120 tons of sawdust & wood cuttings per year on an average and make available totally 2.) Pulp (Paper. 10. 9.asp?… 5/9 . Surat Shivdhan Industries. 60. furniture.41 0. Moradabad Cosmic Crafts. draining valuable foreign exchange.32 0.67 81. Mysore Novopan . agri-implements.69 0.45 0. 13.000 units.00 Year 2010 54. The projected demand for Particleboard by 2005 is 4 90 000 cubic meters www.67 35. Halkarni Eco-board Ltd. packaging. the availability of sawnwood in India is only 47 million cubic meters & some quantity is imported. Kolhapur INDIAN MARKET POTENTIAL FOR PARTICLEBOARD – The Working Paper by FAO estimated the demand for industrial round wood in India (other than fuel wood) as under – Wood raw material requirement in India (in million cubic meters) Sector Saw nw ood (For housing.00 Year 2005 50.00 As per FAO. 12.49 0.. Nagpur Sri Satpada Tapi Parivar SSK.93 Year 2000 47. Meghalaya Patil Boards.

com/particle.90.50 1. paper on Particleboard 4. The shortage is covered by Particleboard imports at high prices.00. Hot pressing. heated air & heated oil to 5.goodrichsugar.000 m3/year (56. trial run & training the staff Optional Steam turbine & Super-heated boiler of high capac ity. motors. commissioning. Screening.00 2.00 18. 1.000 tons) 2.50 1.3/16/2011 GoodRich Sugar The projected demand for Particleboard by 2005 is 4. Formaldehyde (optional) & UF Resin Plants including reactors. Electrical c ontrol panels.50 5.UF Resin & Short Cycle Lamination Plants (optional) 6.00 2.000 80. Drying.000 tons). Edge trimming & Sanding.50 6.000 cubic meters. suitable for Co-generation to supply captive Power for Particleboard line COST OF THE PROJECT(Rs.000 cubic meters.Formaldehyde.00 6/9 . SCOPE OF SUPPLY – PLANT & MACHINERY OFFERED FOR PARTICLEBOARD PROJECTS – Particleboard production line complete with more than 100 individual equipments lined up for continuous production.00 4.000 50.00 29. as 8. storage tanks & pipelines 1 set 1 set 25 sets 25 sets 1 set 1 set 1 set 1 set - - Short cycle lamination Plant for overlaying melamine coated 3.asp?… - - 3.000 m3plant m3Plant m3Plant Factory Buildings Plant & Machinery including contingencies (excluding co-generation) Interest during construction period Deposits & Preliminary expenses including Consultancy charges Working capital margin (25%) www. with a capacity of 30.50 2. Resin blending.00 36. the Particleboard. whereas the combined Capacity of the Plants operating in India is only3. PROCESS DESCRIPTION FOR PARTICLE BOARD – The Particleboard production line mainly includes Material preparation section.in crores) 30. Mat forming.000 m3/year (21. Erection. starters & cabling 7. The process also needs Energy supply by way of Steam / Hot oil & Electricity.00 1.000 tons) or 80.000 m3/year (35.50 1. Horizontal Impregnation line to coat melamine on the Plain paper - Energy Plant to supply steam.00 1. 50.

VAT.712/per m3 Rs.From Promoters & associates .From Foreign institutional investors & Venture capital companies Total Term loan from Banks / All India financial institutions / Foreign Finance Corporations Total 5. = . 29/.40.per sq.000 m3Plant 9.000m3/year 50.2. 19.25.per sq.25 mm .500/particle board per m3 Or Rs. x 4 ft sizes . Wood waste / firewood / round logs 1. = . 15.00 18.000/per m3 Rs.700/- Rs.00 Rs. 33/.50.12 mm .per sq.00 11.50 23.Rs. 20. Cost of Production per ton A.com/particle. 29.00 Rs.700/7/9 .Rs.978/per m3 Rs. ft.asp?… 15.50.00 crores crores crores MEANS OF FINANCE30.50 Share capital .trade margins& transport @ 47. 20.18 mm . ft.500/per ton www.000 m3Plant 11.00 9.2.000m3/year 30. 48/.000/per ton 2.Rs.00 crores Rs. = Weighted average price in relation to the plant capacity Less:Excise duty.50% Rs.9mm .25.goodrichsugar. 25/. = .00 5.00 80. 9.Rs.40.860/per m3 Rs.00 crores COST OF PRODUCTION & PROFITABILITY – 1.00 15. ft.00 23.644/per m3 Rs.00 10.1. Average imported prices for two side Pre-laminated Particleboards in India for 8 ft.per sq. 25.3/16/2011 (25%) Total GoodRich Sugar Rs.00 Rs. 10.2.000m3/year Rs.700/- Rs.8 tons @ Rs.00 crores Rs.500/per m3 Suggested Ex-factory price for both side pre-laminated Rs. ft.00 18.000 m3Plant 50.

800/Rs.000 Tons/year Rs.11.2.00 crores Less than 51 months Less than 44 months Less than 34 months TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER PARTICLEBOARD PROJECT www. Staff & Managers 100/125/150 nos. 11.20.000m3/year 80.500/.com/particle.40. administration & sales H. Hence the capacity in tons 5. Cost of UF Resin & Chemicals C.575/- Rs.000 Tons/year Rs. Water -1 m3 litres per ton E.500/- 30.3.goodrichsugar.750/- Rs.per ton / Rs.50.450/- Rs. Estimated cost of the project crores Rs. Labourers .31.3/16/2011 per ton GoodRich Sugar B.20 crores Rs.58.35 crores Rs.50 per kg F. Average weight of the board per m3 is 700 kg.000/.38.450/- Rs.000m3/year 50.00 crores Rs.00 crores Rs. Plant capacities 4. 80% during II year & 100% during III year) Rs.000/.475/- Rs.per ton/Rs.ft on the average thickness of 18 mm Total cost per ton 3.100/Rs. Electricity – 225 KWH /200 KWH / 175 KWH @ Rs.500/.asp?… & TURN-KEY CONSULTANCY ON 8/9 .850/- Rs.100/- Rs.per ton Less: Cost of production @ Rs. Cost of prelamination based on Rupee Pay-back period (assuming the capacity utilization of 60% during I year.700/Rs. Thermal Energy1.24.425/- Rs. 1.000/- Rs.15 crores Rs.000m3/year 21.100/- Rs. @ Rs.950/- Rs. Revenue per year @ Rs.10. 15.900/Rs. Miscellaneous expenses including factory maintenance.000/.000 Tons/year Rs.50 crores 56.3. 1.10.100/- Rs.750 / 1. 4 per KWH D.00 crores Rs.650/- Rs.250 kgs of steam =500 / 437 / 375 kgs of firewood @ Rs. Gross profitability before interest & depreciation 7.325/- Rs.500 / 1.00 crores Rs.84.000/Rs.25.200/Rs.per year each G.550/- Rs.50 crores 35.2.00 per sq.80 crores Rs.per ton 6.500/- Rs.450/- Rs.14.52.3.

there is greater scope for cost-efficient particleboard systems to make wood substitutes.000 m3/year Other Co-Projects with Particleboard .PER YEAR TO LAMINATE MELAMINE PAPER ON MDF / PARTICLE BOARDS. design & installation of the Plants from concept to commissioning including Feasibility studies.50.3/16/2011 GoodRich Sugar PARTICLEBOARD PROJECT– ‘Goodrich’ offers these highly profitable Particleboard production lines for the Indian entrepreneurs.CO-GENERATION PLANT & ENERGY PLANT FOR MDF / PARTICLE BOARD PROJECTS .HORIZONTAL IMPREGNATION LINES FROM CHINA . With the new engineering technology. .30.asp?… 9/9 .goodrichsugar. More & more composite panels are used to replace plywood for making furniture. Click here for BAGASSE.000 m3/year Click here for WOOD. Plant Engineering. Our services include technology transfer.PARTICLEBOARD & PLYWOOD MANUFACTURERS IN THE CAPACITY RANGE FROM 10 TONS TO 100 TONS.30.000 meter3/year.FT. Equipment selection & procurement. As the pressure on worldwide supplies of wood increases. .000 m3/year & 80.MELAMINE COATING PLANT & SHORT CYCLE LAMINATING PLANT WITH A CAPACITY OF 10 MILLION SQ.000 meter3/year. There is a shortage of wood logs in all parts of the world today. cabinets & specialty products.BASED PARTICLEBOARD PRODUCTION LINES FROM CHINA & EUROPE IN PLANT CAPACITIES OF 15.000 meter3/year.BASED PARTICLEBOARD PRODUCTION LINES FROM CHINA & EUROPE IN PLANT CAPACITIES OF 15.0+ at 800 X 600 resolution www. Co-ordination in project management.000 m3/year.FORMALDEHYDE & UREA FORMALDEHYDE RESIN PLANTS FOR MDF. operational training and initial marketing support.com/particle.000 meter3/year & 80. small sized juvenile wood and sugarcane bagasse to produce high quality Boards. the Particleboard Plants can take advantage of lower value raw materials like wood wastes & cuttings.50.CLONING TECHNOLOGY FOR RAISING EUCALYPTUS / SUBABUL PLANTATIONS © 2006 GoodRich Sugar This site is best view ed in Internet Explorer 4.

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