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Within our souls is the being ov Satanas-Lucifer, We are are designed for chaos,
bloodshed, and ecstatic perversion by He Who Bears The Torch, The Serpent, The
Initiator ov Truth and Wisdom. Hatred and Love are the same emotion in essence,
for we love to hate, and hate to love. Anyone who says differently does not trul
y grasp the goal of Humankind. I will be one ov the many to admit that I feel th
at no Human being is created equal, but I will say first and foremost that this
attitude is not racial in any way, shape or form. But, this attitude does begin
with my disgust ov the vile creed ov the Nazarene. For these last couple years,
I have begun to see the manipulation that is throughout our world's media, and h
ow it projects the image that everyone is "equal" and it only reminds me ov a fo
rm ov weakness in every aspect. The minds ov the masses have been corrupted beyo
nd repair with this idea.
Satanism and the Left Hand Path in general in my eyes is the only truth, for it
is upfront and never holds anything back, ever.
It is imprinted in the minds ov most that since we're all human, that we all des
erve equal treatment; Fuck that. The various sects ov society have converted int
o a subconscious state ov communism so that all have an "equal" share at everyth
ing, but that in itself is a contradiction, because all ov those with false powe
r have chosen the paths ov us, well the majority ov us.. The strong, and enlight
ened have broken free finally and now it shall be our time to destroy to create;
for us to become the shift.
The leaders ov today continute to sharpen their knives ov deceit to carve into u
s that we all mean something. But isn't it about time someone just shoved those
knives back into their hearts?
Now, some may call this just a rant ov teenage frustration, but the age ov my so
ul is thousands ov years old, as are all enlightened ones. My theory is that; Th
ose ov the isolated psyche have power beyond all cosmic comprehension and that t
hose who promote selflessness are weak, and mundane and are just vessels, subhum
ans, flesh machines or otherwise known as the Kneebent, by my own creation. By g
iving up any care for yourself, you destroy the design ov Humankind; Selfishness
is Self-love, Selflessness is Self-destruction.
We ov the LHP embrace self-empowerment in it's purest form, and every obstacle t
hat poses a threat to the Mundane, is non-existent, for we are on a different le
vel than most. But, being one with the LHP is not just all talk, there is also
ritualistic systems that we dive into; so that we may become one with Satanas-Lu
cifer, or whatever Dark Gods one believes in and strives to reach. As you can p
robably already tell, I follow a chaotic system ov thought, I myself am very hea
vily influenced by the mere thought ov chaos, Just because I find that in the vo
id, I may find my own light by putting myself through what the Kneebent called "
Hell" so that I may become one ov the elite. In all honesty, I have not acheived
the massive amount ov power that I so crave; this has become my dedication, my
obsession, if you will. Most ov my work is mostly Runic sigils that I've created
and burned into my subconscious, or to go to an extreme expression, into my ver
y soul. I've felt a very strong calling towards the Elder Futhark ov the Old Nor
se Tradition, and also to various traditions such as Seidhr, Voudoun, Goetic, Ql
ippothic, Nephilimic Witchcraft, Yatuk Dinoih, and even Cthulhu Mythos/Sumerian.
Chaos is ecclectic in every way, shape and form; Basically I take what i find i
nteresting in one spirituality and mold it to my own, if it resonates within my
Adversarial, Chaos-Gnostic belief, then move on. This is my journey to focus my
consciousness to match The Adversary.
There are many Dark Gods throughout the ages, and my theory is that they are Nam
eless, but the essence basically in my eyes resonates with Satanas-Lucifer, and
I see him as ancient, androgynous and very alien, almost in a Lovecraftian sense
. Because ov my over analyzing mind, I usually have to have proof ov something b
efore I believe and by various experiences with the void, this has just only fue
led me to dive into this "unknown" reality, I feel that we all truly know about
it; we just bury it deep down in our subconscious. So basically, what I strive t
o reach is paradoxical, and that makes me love it even more and create more ov a
mystery for me to solve.
Paradox is beauty; 'round and 'round this orderly cosmos goes, dedicated to perv
ersity ov nature in every sense. What is seen when you look up to the sky, or se
e pictures ov space? I personally see balance, but is that what is really needed
? A vacuum ov the untold, nameless energies that cannot even be fathomed awaits.
Now keep in mind, this idea will not be taken in easily by the common human, or
the Mundane because it is an inversion, a heresy to them. I actually have laugh
ed everytime I've ever been called a "Heretic" or a "Blasphemer", it's just so e
ntertaining to see monotheistic people's minds writhe in frustration and confusi
on at my various ideas. The systematic universe we are born into can easily be d
efined as enslavement ov all species, and ov all mentality. Eyes ov the masses h
ave been sewn shut to this obvious factor, brainwashed by embodiments ov corrupt
ion, But If one is to attain eternity, or salvation, they must be willing to tea
r at the very seams that hold them within, and creates rot ov existence. What I'
m trying to say is that the majority ov humanity is asleep, and lead empty, spir
itless, and unfulfilling lives. I just want you understand that awareness ov tru
th is the goal ov this idea.
Through the nature ov Chaos; Pure creation emerges. The energies that are emitte
d from the entities in universe are the Nameless Ones, our LHP Dark Gods, and th
ey are usually misunderstood by most. These Dark Gods are truly nameless, but as
Humankind has progressed, We have molded them in with our culture, and they pro
sper within our subconscious, always wishing to break free and grant us Metamorp
hosis ov Self. Satanas-Lucifer is the embodiment of enlightenment, or the "Light
in the Darkness", the very essence ov all Awakened ones. He holds the torch ov
the Black Flame, His spirit breathes this fiery energies into us to ignite our d
ivinity. Through his dark blessings, we create our place in the void- and will d
estroy this Holographic Universe. The sight we hold is enhanced with the Shadow-
Self. Those who put faith in scripture without further investigation the very wa
ys ov the words, Do NOT see at all. Without strain, they dive blindly into false
hood, exalting the perversity ov order and system. They do not FEEL the very ess
ence ov self-empowerment, they take it all for granted and do NOT truly live. Ig
nite your flame. Indulge in "Sin" and love every bit ov it. See with your Soul,
do not exclude this key point like the servitors ov the subhuman masses. To put
it quite bluntly, every mind ov the unawakened is actively warding off that whic
h is real, just so they can live they're pathetic lives, blissfully unaware ov t
heir potential...
The iron grip ov the Archonic enslavers; all "Gods" ov light promote an "Anti-Ev
olutionary" or a state ov stagnance. All LHP studies have contributed to the awa
kening ov senses, or the paradigm shift ov this life; Realizing that we are dorm
ant and that we are all enigmas. We don't truly exist at all.. This is fuels my
belief that any law created by Human kind is false and does not matter. Thus, th
e words "Good and Evil" are meaningless to those who long for "Universe B". If
I were to question a Kneebent on what the solid definition ov "Evil" was, they w
ould most likely reply with something along the lines ov; "Something bad, like h
urting people" but is hurting people really so horrible or wrong, if it gets you
r message across? Yes, I am trying to say that I condone violence, but only in m
ost dire circumstances; such as being threatened. "Good and Evil" are only defin
ed by one's own mind. The Cattle, The Subhumans are aligned to what they deem to
be true- and We, the Awakened align ourselves to opposition. I have set out to
question everything in the short amount ov time I've spent "alive", if you reall
y desire to call it that, and I urge that you, reader, to do the very same.
Quod per atrum iucunditas , nos transcend per niger pennae.
Hail Chaos.
Hail Satanas-Lucifer.
Hail Thyself.
Hail Validus.
Nex ut Pallens.
-Telal Amarybaus Proziophile.