Position applied for Customer Services Consultant Previous position applied (if any)


PERSONAL INFORMATION Full name ĐỖ THỊ MINH HIỀN Permanent Address 15/370/1 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Long Bien District, Ha Noi. Personal ID/passport number 12749044 Issued by CA TPHN

Date of birth (mm/dd 5/29/1989

Date 10/24/2004

Current residential place 15/370/1 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Long Bien District, Ha Noi Communist party join date 3/26/2003 Contact Number In case of emergency, contact person NGÔ THỊ MINH HẠNH Expected date to be on board Jul-11 II/ QUALIFICATION Certificate High School Vocational School College University Post graduate (MBA) Other Certificates Language Capacity III/ English certification of Tyndale program 2008 TOEIC: TOEFL: BTEC HND Business (Finance) University of Sunderland Finance Name of School Nguyen Gia Thieu Majority Place of joining Ha Noi During working hours 0987.999.257 Tel 0982.134.560 Salary expected

Banking - F

WORKING HISTORY (including part-time jobs; please start with the latest job) Time 2009-Present 2008- Present 2008 Name of company British Council Independent Asia Injury Prevention Foundation Press

Position Customer A Private tuto Surveyor

Describe working experience in details: (Main tasks & duties assigned in each company; achievements…)

SKILLS (Please outline your special characteristics. skills accumulated in studying. information to get promotion.) Full name Position Written newspaper Others (in detail): Company . then create student. My plan for the near future is updating more knowledge. your supervisor at University.Welcome customers and check theirs names on the list. Collecting the reg forms and answer sheets and putting in IV/ PLAN FOR CAREER DEVELOPMENT/PERSON EXPECTECTATIONS Hopefully.O. DISCIPLINE COMMEND AND REWARD November 2008: Winner of "English for Success" of Banking Academy July 2009: Scholarship of Banking Academy DISCIPLINE I hereby commit that up to now I've never been catched.B 7/25/1958 5/4/1960 9/17/1993 VIII/ HOW DO YOU KNOW THE JOST POST? Techcombank Website √ Báo điện tử IX/ REFERENCES ( i.e: your direct manager. husband/wife/daughter/son) Full Name No 1 ĐỖ VĂN HẠNH 2 3 NGÔ THỊ MINH HẠNH ĐỖ THỊ MINH HUYỀN Sex Male Female Female D. note the customer’ Giving customers appropriate test papers. collect PT fee. contribute my knowledge and effort to the organization. your colleagues …. I want to become a member of Techcombank. brother/sister. working processes Patient Hard working Logical Well organized Trust worthy VI/ COMMEND AND REWARD. book PT. mother. sentenced or put into prison for any anti-law actions VII/ FAMILY MEMBERS (father. issue a Campus receipt. note the time and guiding them how to do. higher position to work with Techcombank by doing the V/ SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS.

who are working in other banks/financial institutions in Vietnam (if any) Full name Position Company I hereby commit that all information outlined above are accurate and sufficient. I accept the bank’s checking & verifying my related information for their recruitment process and selection. I commit not to sue my previous working.LÊ THỊ HỒNG ÁI Quyền Trưởng Ban Phát triển và Triển khai Nghiệp vụ Bao Viet Group X/ Please advise us whether you have any relationships and/or friends. who are working in TECHCOMBANK (if any) Full name Position Company XI/ Please advise us whether you have any relationships and/or friends. studying places or individuals who provide the Bank with information in relation to the reference che .

com 4.560 Majority Time 2004-2007 Classify Medium Average points Finance 2008 .2010 2010-2011 Waiting Waiting Banking .Finance IELTS: Other Language: Position Customer Assistant Private tutor Surveyor Salary level $3/hour $3/hour $2/hour Reason for resignation .999.FORMATION Code 11-0053 Time Location Ha Noi Test result rth (mm/dd/yyyy) Sex (Male/Female) Chị Height (cm) 160 Weight (kg) 50 Date 10/24/2004 Nationality Vietnamese Marital status (Single/ Married/ Divorced) Độc thân After working hours 0987.257 Relationship Mother Email abbyhien@gmail.

g processes and other experience (if any) /1958 Relationship Father Mother Sister Career – Working place Administrative Manager .Finance. Guide customers to the waiting room.Thang Long Construction Corporation Vice chief of Machenic-Power Engineering Joint Stock Company Student .e customer’s Campus Id. name and BoD on a registration form and give it to them together with a pre-test paper d putting into the trays in the Interview rooms. y doing the master in Banking.Lương Thế Vinh High School 1960 /1993 paper Relations ail): mpany Relationship Tel/ mail .

Viet Group Aunt 0904. ……Ha Noi………. ……03….99./……13……/2010 CANDIDATE ..66.54 mpany Relationship Tel/ mail mpany Relation Tel/ mail ference cheking process.

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