Introduction Geography Facts and figures History Ho Chi Minh The American War One country, two peoples A half-chance of paradise A people on the move Vietnam's perestroika: doi moi Back to the family farm In the shadow of the dam A long and rocky road The doctor is out selling... Birth control The new battle: malaria A most literate nation Women are equal to men ... but Battered by nature Typhoon Becky hits Ky Anh Agent Orange to eroding earth The conservation crusader The ecological triangle Gods under Marx View from the hills Tet: the Lunar New Year The democracy taboo The outlaw state Reaching out to the world Oxfam and Vietnam Further reading
Acknowledgements Some material in this book is based on a report for Oxfam written by Larry Jagan. Advice and valuable information was provided by Ben Fawcett.

The Price of Peace

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Chris Brazier

This book converted to digital file in 2010

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