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WEEK: 6 DATE: UNIT: 17th Century

Weekly Topic Virginia, Slavery, and Africa

Classtime All
Story of the World, Vol. 3
Usborne History
Composer of the Week:
Ch. 7 (Spread of Slavery) 2000 UILE p 324-325 George Frideric Handel
(The Slave Trade)
Read from Companion for Week 6.

4/5+ 4/5+
A History of US A History of US
Making Thirteen Colonies (2) Making Thirteen Colonies (2)
“1619-A Big Year” “Poverty in England”
“Indians Vs. Colonists” “A Nasty Triangle”
“Massacre in Virginia”
In Depth or High Read from Companion for
School Reading 8+ Week 6. Streams of Civilization Vol. 2
(See tan pages for more Ch. 3 p73 “George Frederick
high school options) Handel”
Mystery of History/ MOH Vol. III—Week 26 “The
All level option Atlantic Slave Trade”

Readers OR
K-2 The Jamestown Colony: We A Day in the Life of a
the People Colonial_______ (Choose from
15 titles.)

3+ The Runaway’s Revenge

Nzinga, Warrior Queen of

5+ Matamba: The Royal

Complete English Poems,

8+ Pilgrim’s Progress and/or For Weeks 1-12
Scarlet Letter
Family Read The Sign of the Beaver
Aloud pp 99-finish this week

Map/Timeline/ BP Cool History for Week 6
BP Map for Week 6: BP Timeline Figures for
Cool History Wk.6 Triangular Trade Route Week 6
Writing Ideas Young Writer: Help your Grammar: Imagine that Logic: Describe how the “nasty
student write a brief summary or you have become a slave. triangle” worked, and how the
do copy work from the SOTW
What would you miss most various traders benefited.
about your free life?

Optional Fiction The African Slave Trade

and Resources Read this week (52 pages)

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