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(919) 225-9022 605 Edgewater Circle Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Certified Public Accountant previously licensed in Pennsylvania

Corporate Development Financial Management
o Strategic planning o Financing strategy and forecasts
o International transactions o Financing/capitalization
o Portfolio management o Acquisition integration
o Emerging ventures o Operations analysis
o Product development/launch o Financial reporting
o Strategic partnerships o Budgeting
o Mergers & acquisitions o Forecasting
o Deal structure and negotiation o Controller operations

• Co-founded Galaxy Diagnostics, an infectious disease diagnostics company based on
patented technology from North Caorlina State University.
• Consulted to CEO of specialty pharmaceutical company. Improved communications both
internally and with manufacturing and marketing partners; provided strategic guidance on
deal structure and other corporate development matters.
• Advised CEO of nanotechnology materials company with chiral separation products.
Provided strategic direction on product development and launch, and led strategic alliance
and channel distribution planning.
• Restarted an early-stage biotechnology company, transforming it into a commercial
technology services company. Restructured, generating first year savings of $4,000,000.
Negotiated and closed a $2,500,000 diagnostics collaboration, as well as pilot drug discovery
and technology licensing agreements.
• Envisioned and created a new market segment of the publishing industry. Co-founded Xlibris
Corporation, the first online, on-demand book publisher. Xlibris is now a division of Random
House, and several other media conglomerates followed into this category.
• Managed a diverse company and product development portfolio. Led entire initial investment
process, from deal identification, to board approval and close. Worked with 15 companies,
ranging from a networking hardware manufacturer to a genomics tools company.
• Promoted three times in five years at Alco Standard Corporation (NYSE: IKN). Named
division chief financial officer at youngest tenure in the history of the corporation.
• Grew Alco Office Products, a small division of the company, from 6 operating
companies with sales of $200 million, to the largest independent office equipment
provider, with 80 operating subsidiaries and more than $2 billion in sales.
• Completed acquisitions of eight business services companies located throughout
North America. All achieved growth, profitability and market share expectations.
• Built operations reporting for $2 billion division of NYSE company - improving
operations, streamlining communications and reducing turnaround times by 50%.

NC Independent advisory services for emerging growth companies. again on time and under budget.000. Selected achievements include: • Repositioned technologies to provide discovery productivity for pharmaceutical pipelines. Negotiated and closed two finance rounds. Co-Founder and Vice President Philadelphia.000 in bridge financing.Musician and MASH truck driver . Inc. NC First Flight Venture Fund. Managing Director Research Triangle Park. 2005 to present • Lead acquisitions integration for the largest enterprise software company. Alco Standard Corporation (now listed as NYSE: IKN) 1988 . Inc. . • Created and launched three novel publishing services within one year. • Led media and publishing company into new product and market segments. NC Ribonomics.1983 to 1990.000 in federal grant financing. • Closed more than $1. 2000 to 2002 Managed seed-stage venture capital arm of NCTDA. • Wrote the business plan. Fully integrated sales operations for a $2 billion acquisition within 60 days. ranging from a networking hardware manufacturer to a genomics tools company. including balance sheet and forecast analysis.200. • Directed turnaround of operations in Munich and Aschaffenburg. Brought in by the board to advise on leadership development and management structure. PA 1988 Conducted management reviews of European acquisition candidates. retained and motivated all essential staff throughout the restart. Again led an international team to fully integrate sales operations for a $11 billion hardware company acquisition within 45 days. • Coached subsidiary management during strategic business planning processes. Germany 1993 Financial Operations Manager Alco Office Products Valley Forge. • Led the assimilation and consolidation of $300 million UK acquisition. Consulted on operations for business units ranging from 70 to 500 employees. • Post-acquisition financial reviews. Kenan-Flagler Business School. PA Xlibris Corporation (a division of Random House Ventures) 1997 to 1999 Xlibris uses proprietary software to publish books online and on-demand. reducing the cost of book publishing to consumer price points. 2002 to 2005 Joined the biotechnology division of a Japanese diagnostics company to restart and position for substantial growth. Senior Accountant Philadelphia. KELLY Page 2 Professional Background Sole Proprietor Chapel Hill. • Led up to 15 employees. President and CEO Durham. CA 1989 . PA Deloitte Haskins & Sells 1985 – 1988 ADDITIONAL DATA • Adjunct professor of business planning and strategy. • Closed more than $2. • Acting chief operating officer of supply-chain software supplier. Worked with 15 active portfolio companies. Directed acquisitions for $2 billion office equipment group.1993 Controller Encom Office Systems San Francisco.CHRISTOPHER B. • Assessed all areas of acquisition candidates and conducted local competitive analyses. UNC • PA National Guard . through acquisition. on time and under budget.1993 Operations Consultant IMM Office Systems Munich. PA 1991 .1991 Senior Auditor Alco Standard Corporation Valley Forge.

com Feb-97 Series A financing for Internet company Co-lead $3 M 3D Ultrasound Apr-97 Series C financing for medical device maker Co-investor $8 M United Emergency Services May-97 Series A for physicians services provider Co-lead $2 M Unitive Electronics.5 M MBL International various Bridge financing Lead $2 M Sojitz Corporation Jun-03 Agency agreement Lead <$1M NC Biotechnology Center Sep-03 Convertible Loan with warrants Lead <$1M Mitsubishi Pharma Corp Feb-04 Pilot agreement Lead <$1M Large Enterprise Software Company Nine acquisitions May-08 to present Technology and customer addons Integration Leader n/a . CopyCorp Oct-88 Acquisition of Kentucky office equipment dealer Diligence Leader $10 M Halifax Copy Nov-88 Acquisition of Nova Scotia office equipment dealer Diligence Leader $10 M Calgary Copy Apr-89 Acquisition of Alberta office equipment dealer Diligence Leader $23 M Nevada Copy May-89 Acquisition of Nevada office equipment dealer Diligence Leader $15 M St. John Copy Jun-89 Acquisition of Indiana office equipment dealer Diligence Leader $16 M Hillman Group Jul-91 Acquisition of privately-held holding company Team member $300 M + with operations in 24 US markets Modern Office Machines Apr-92 Acquisition of South Carolina office equipment dealer Acquisition leader $30 M + NightRider Copy Jun-92 Acquisition of Houston-based specialty copy Team member $100 M + service company with operations in 30 US cities Fort St. Mar-00 Series B for semiconductor manufacturer Co-investor $9 M Xanthon. KELLY (919) 225-9022 605 Edgewater Circle chriskelly@nc. CHRISTOPHER B. Inc. NC 27516 LIST OF SIGNED TRANSACTIONS Signed Deals Date Description Role on team Key Terms Alco Standard Corp. Inc. John Copy Jul-92 Asset acquisition of Yukon office equipment dealer Acquisition leader <$1M Teel Copy Aug-92 Acquisition of Louisiana office equipment dealer Acquisition leader $13 M McGarrity Equipment Sep-92 Asset Acquisition of specialty printing company Acquisition leader $5 M Southern Copy Oct-92 Acquisition of Georgia office equipment dealer Acquisition leader $20 M IMMOS Jan-93 International joint venture with German holding company Team member to lead $250 M+ Erskine House May-93 Acquisition of publicly traded UK company Integration Leader $400 M with 30 operating divisions in Europe and North America Xlibris Corporation Individual investors Oct-97 Seed financing Lead $1 M Cooper Investments May-99 Series A financing Lead $1 M+ Bharti Enterprises Nov-99 Series B financing Lead $3 M First Flight Venture Fund 3D Ultrasound Feb-96 Series B financing for medical device maker Co-investor $5 M SciQuest. MBL International Jul-02 Diagnostics collaboration Lead $ Jul-00 Series B for compliance software provider Co-investor $15 M OpenMind Publishing Dec-00 Series A for college e-book publisher Co-lead $3 M+ Overture Networks Jul-01 Series A for telecomm equipment maker Co-investor $3 M+ OpenMind Publishing Aug-01 Convertible Note with warrants Co-lead <$1M Ribonomics. May-00 Series D for medical diagnostics firm Co-investor $3 M Chapel Hill. Inc. Inc. Jun-00 Series B for insurance software developer Co-investor $3 M Industrial Microwave Systems Jun-00 Series C for heating systems manufacturer Co-investor $8 M Blue292.