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Task 01: Investigate how Human Resources Management (HRM) contributes to the

achievement of organizational objectives

The right men at the right work and situation is the key to success of any type of
business. To achieve victory, the first step is winning the best worker in the benefit of the
business. There are always two possibilities: the failure and success. The man that is
educated in the field of the work and became skilled in it is one of secret weapon of the

The right way to convey the decision in choosing the promising employees is really a
marvelous and hazardous way. The effectiveness of an employee is achievable in the
account of the company.

The company we selected is “LYCA” which is a prepaid SIM card product which
provides low-cost, high-quality services. It was first introduced in the Netherlands in
2006 and now present in six markets. It gives services to 1.2 million customers in UK
only direct from mobile phones. It has a network of more than 115,000 retail outlets in
Identify three key HRM activities of an identified Organization

The three main HRM activities of the Lycamobile are:

To organize the employees

The relationship between employees and management

To find resources

Achievement of above objective at Lycamobile

For organization some resources are utilized to produce the output and meet their goals. It
requires grouping activities to support co-operation, planning and implementing
programmes which are planned to improve the efficiency. The duties are Job and Role
Design deciding on the content of jobs.
LYCA MOBILE has a HR team of 200 members whose work is to find out the best talent
to hire the best talent across the world. They hire such talent which is good in
communication and professional skills to promote the company and also become a
competitive advantage.

Employment relationship builds an atmosphere of trust as well as developing a positive

psychological bond. Lycamobile always try to build employee’s faith for the company
and mutual trust between the employees and management.

Human Resource Planning helps in assessing future people necessities (numbers / levels
of talent and ability), and make the necessary formulating strategies and then
implementing there strategies to assemble requirements.
Lycamobile tries to find the best resources and provide the requirements of the workers
so they can achieve what they want. The people who do the outstanding work are
benefited by the company.

Harvard frame work model of Human Resources Management

The model acts as a real performer and has the ability to make unique contributions
which link as shared objectives. The model has five basic components they are:

1) The situational factors affect management’s selection of HR policy. Employee’s

characteristics management attitude, industry market rules, community principles
and patterns of unionizations are included in this model. The HRM of Lycamobile
familiar with the fact that the factors which are being basis of different situations
due to which they see to the employment relationship involve a combination of
2) Stake holder’s interests are the most important part of the HRM policies (Beer et
al 1985). It is the duty of HRM to gratify the stakeholders if they are unable to do
so then organization will certainly face some troubles. In past LYCAMOBILE
faces some problems in HRM. But they had formulated a strategy with the
government and also they satisfied the stakeholders.
3) HRM policies are totally give emphasis to the management decisions and actions
in the HRM that can be respected only if it is being familiar that they result from a
communication between the limitation and alternative. Lycamobile are being
implemented such policies which should be good for employees and their reason
is also met. Usual feedback is conveying in the company through different
4) Human resource outcomes the individual performance of employees can help to
achieve the goals of any organization. HRM of LYCA MOBILE is participating
in six major areas. The main responsibility of HRM is achieving goals through
effective management and development of important employees.
5) The long term consequences it gives the major difference between three levels
that are individual, organization and societal. HRM has much broader
consequences than last year’s return on equity. The HRM policy formulation must
include this in long term goals (Alan Price, 2007).

This model helps in developing good relations of HRM with other department of
management and also with decision making. The strength of this model is the
categorization of input and outcomes of both managerial and collective level, creating the
basics for an evaluation of comparative HRM (Boxall, 1992).

The weakness of this model is the absence of consistent hypothetical basics for
measuring the relationship between HRM inputs, output, and performance (Guest 1997).

II) The guest model of Human Resource Management

A rigid theoretical framework, which shows that a core set of integrated HRM practices,
can attain better individual and managerial performance, David guest (1989) it shows that
if an incorporated set of HRM practices is practical in normal fashion, in order to achieve
the goals of high dedication, high value and charge flexibility, then a greater individual
performance will end result.

This model is rigid because it comprises of various assumptions that HRM is typically
diverse from conventional staff management. It is naive; totally symbolize the faith that
basic factor of the HRM approach such as dedication have a positive connection with
valued business consequences.

Lycamobile constantly examine its workers and find that they are satisfied with the
strategy and their feedback is taken to make a necessary change if required. Other issue
had observed that the guest model may simply be a perfect kind towards which western
organizations can prospers (Kenova 1990).
Task 2: HR Planning and Development Methods
For an identified organisation select at least three HR planning and development methods

HR Planning
HR Planning means to plan the future workforce needed for the company. Different
experts of HR department plan this. The two HRP methods used at LYCA MOBILE:

1) Recruitment
2) Job evaluation

There are few methods mainly used by LYCA MOBILE for recruitment which are used
latest technology methods given by Hays and Greengard (1999&2000) by advertising
vacancies on its website ( by fill in an online application by
candidates from the website. Then shortlist them and promoted to call telephone
interview hotline for further evaluation.

The second method used by LYCA MOBILE is to take an initial interview with the
candidate who drops his CV in office. If manager is satisfied with informal interview, the
candidate is given the phone interview number to face the next stage of the e interview.

The third and most successful manner used is Tyler (1996) method of recruiting where
LYCA MOBILE recruit the workers through referrals from present workforce which they
can find is more cost efficient and consistent. Worker suggests a friend for a post and
management took decision for recruitment.

JOB Evaluation is done in LYCA MOBILE to give promotions from middle managers to
top managers it is usually done by taking into account, a full job description, a worker
specification, and a detailed job analysis in addition to the salary packages while
considering LYCA MOBILE equal opportunity policy. This is done with a specific date
and takes the initials interview
HR Development at LYCA MOBILE:
“William R. Tracey”, defines Human Resources as:
“The people that staff and operate an organization as contrasted with the financial and
material resources of an organization. The organizational function that deals with the
people “

Jackson and Schuler (1990), finds that planning to be effective if it included with the long
and short term business goals of organization.

“Human Resources Development is any process or activity that, either initially or over
long term, has the potential to develop adult’s work-based knowledge, expertise,
productivity and satisfaction, whether for personal or group/team gain, or for the benefit
of an organization ,community, nation, or, ultimately ,the whole of humanity” (Mc Lean
& Mc Lean 2000).

Human Resource development can be defines as:

"Organized learning activities arranged within an organization in order to improve

performance and/or personal growth for the purpose of improving the job, the individual,
and/or the organization".

Human Resource Development is the structure to help workers to expand their individual
and managerial skills, understanding, and capability. Human Resource Development
comprise such opportunity like training of workers, Career development, performance
supervision and growth, teaching, mentoring, progression planning, main worker
recognition, and development of organization

HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT comprises of the part of training and growth,

career growth, and development of organization. This is connected to Human Resource
Management field which comprise of “HUMAN RESOURCE research and information
systems”, “workers relations”, “workers support”, “compensation/benefits”, selection and
staffing”, “performance management systems”, “HR planning, and organization/job
HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT is very important to find out new talent and
develop new skills, to react to the alteration in our lives, our professions, and our
businesses. We easily deals with these by using amendments for our competitive edge
and as chances for individual and managerial growth, or we can be snowed under by

The objective of HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT is to modify the performance

of our firms by increasing the competencies and performance of our workers. We have to
build up our knowledge and abilities, our performance and principles, our inspiration,
motivations, thoughts and work atmosphere.

Critically evaluate their effectiveness to meet organizational objectives

Like other companies, the main objective of LYCA MOBILE is to maximize profits, they
come into market in order to achieve their ultimate objective and to achieve this they
have to sale their products by appropriate branding, marketing and promotions. Their
goal is also that in market, they want to have the market leadership in the mobile
networks. This can only be achieve if they deliver their customers the best service quality
and provide the cheapest call rates which satisfy their customers. By doing all this ,it take
LYCAMOBILE to the top among all other companies if they setup the appropriate series
which they choose and this all things can guide to the expansion of the corporation.

To become the biggest and most successful organization and to achieve their goals,
LYCA MOBILE has done all this by good HR planning and development methods. Is we
deeply viewed all these methods, they have a world recognize trainee schemes and the
“Graduate management scheme” which an honor is charming plan are really world class
and most variety after in the business. Now the brand image of LYCA MOBILE is
enough to attract the customers. The distinctive training systems interactions the
HUMAN RESOURCE department have its workers and also the incentive method
explain that these are ideal techniques for the optimization of the corporation
performance. Actually they are one of the oldest and also now one of the most flourishing
shows that their process have really delivered results and they are always going to better
these processes. There are some problems in the selection methods of the management of
LYCA MOBILE. The process of selection is same as it way in the starting. Now its time
to bring changes in the selection processes. There should be different methods of
selection for different countries like candidates from United Kingdom and European
Task 03: Critically review how HR performance in an identified organisation is
currently indicated and monitored? Suggest ways to improve this?

Performance of HR in LYCA MOBILE

LYCA MOBILE uses different qualitative and quantitative tools to monitor the
performance of all the workers working in the company. There are lots of methods used
by the company and it is impossible to explain all these methods so we discuss some of
the important methods used by LYCA MOBLE to monitor the performance of the

The first and most important method used by the LYCA MOBILE HR department is
“360-degree appraisal” mainly to emphasize the strengths and improvement areas of
these employees. “Bohlander” and “Snell” (2009) define “360-degree performance”.

“The process of gathering feedback from a review panel of eight to twelve people which
include co-workers, supervisors, team members, subordinates and sometimes customers”

LYCA Mobile’s also perform employee’s inspection to find out the efficiency of the
performance of the HR workers. While “360- degree feedback “and “staff surveying” are
complete in that response are collect from various viewpoint and give inputs for both
result and performance, they be short of objectivity as well as they call up unacceptable
assessment According to Armstrong (2006).

“Performance management is also a strategy that relates organizational endeavors

embedded in the context of human resource (HR) policies”.

It would be reasonable to put into practice a “Critical incident file” and “behaviorally
anchored rating scales (BARS)” so that Human resource performance evaluation would
be more purposeful and accurate. “Critical incident file” means such performance
appraisal method where the manager notes down the good and bad performance manners
of workers during the performance stage. It is such type of documentation which includes
concise comments concerning remarkable actions in the working life of workers. The
main drawbacks are biasness because of its distinctive scenery and rely upon the
capability of the evaluator. For LYCA MOBILE this wants a situation higher than the
HUMAN RESOURCE employees to do the documentation. On the other hand the person
should be also functioning strongly with the HUMAN RESOURCE people, which is a
big challenge.

More ever the strengths of “Behaviorally anchored rating scales” are it is more precise
and purposeful than “critical incident file”. “Behaviorally anchored rating scales” has its
authority under inspection because the efficiency of performance is being calculated by
many statement that explain the performance of an HR worker. It is the better to select
one which best explains that HR worker thus having injustice while doing so. However,
this could be tackle by appointing a capable person to do the job and plans HUMAN
RESOURCE metrics and principles wherein most excellent statement will be selected on
the bases on these metrics and principles.

There are many other tools also used by the management of the HUMAN RESOURCE of
LYCA MOBILE but these are not commonly used. These are used on special situations.
It is unnecessary to discuss these methods here.

Suggestions to improve HR performance of LYCA mobile:

There is always a need of improvements in the HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT

and also in the HUMAN RESOURCE Policies. So I want to suggest the following
improvements to the management of HUMAN RESOURCE of LYCA MOBILE.

Managers should have a meeting with individual staff once in 3 months and provide a
performance feedback of the particular staff member’s. And they must give suggestion to
improve their performance before the start of next meeting .the manager should clearly
defined that what they expect from the staff on regular basis.

Managers should do a consult with staff and find out the causes of absenteeism that can
be grievances or may be with job dissatisfaction. The manager should define career
development goals and show enthusiasm in his own work to motivate his staff. The
manager must show commitment with his brand i.e. LYCA MOBILE that what actually
their brand is.

The LYCA MOBILE will set the alignment of their corporative goal if they set
S.M.A.R.T objective for their staff that will give their staff a proper direction for
achieving their objectives.

It is compulsory to provide leave forms to the staff at the beginning of the year so that
their will not be any mishandling by the manager in managing the shifts. and while
making sure to handed back the leave forms the staff should make sure the information is
up to date under the law.

There has to be a spokesperson from the HUMAN RESOURCE function and among
superior managers if the implementation has to have any trustworthiness. The main
judgment is to explain who makes the last decision to buy the services given by the
function. This is likely to be the general managers of the strategic business units are in
decentralized multi-divisional organization.

The main activities and it’s most important values is too significant to establishing the
connection between HUMAN RESOURCE policy and practices, and the corporation’s
generally business policy.

A continues feedback from customers should be taken by the management to identify the
performance gap of their worker and take necessary steps to overcome these gaps. The
dedication for execute the essential enhancements should be put on. The metrics selected
should be the approved upon true indicator of the HUMAN RESOURCE function’s
performance and evaluate the results with industry means, challengers, ‘best’ practice
organizations, and/or with set targets or preceding performance ratings.

Managers should encourage the employees to take necessary training and attend the
seminars regarding training. Job rotation and on the job training are best ways to give
training to the employees.