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Advertising Planning

Situation Analysis

Advertising Planning
Message strategy/ Media Objectives (Reach,
Creative Brief Freq., GRPs, Budget)

Advertising Concept Media Strategy

Development & Mix

Creative Execution Media buying and

and Production operations


What does an ad expected to do?

• Inform ( unaware to aware)
• Emphasize and help identify unfulfilled need
• Describe attributes, benefits and uses of the product
• Persuade ( awareness to intent) Communication Process
• Create feelings of interest, familiarity & liking
• Create/ strengthen positive associations/ attitudes
• Weaken negative associations
• Sale/ Retain loyal customers (Intention to
• Remind

Variables in Advertising Decision

SMCR Communication Model
Independent Source Message Channel/ Receiver
/Dependent Media
MESSAGE Variables
Encoding Decoding

Noise Comprehensi

Feedback Response Yielding/


Analyzing the receiver Situation analysis
• Target audience: masses to individuals
• In mass communications, marketers do not have opportunity to clarify or • The Framework
explain the message and hence consumer response process must be
understood well. • Marketing Objective and Strategy
• Most important aspects : response process
• Traditional response hierarchy models • Product/ Brand Description
• Each stage of the response hierarchy is a dependable variable that must be attained
and mayy serve as an objective
j of the communication p
process • Market Assessment – Size, Growth, Trends
• Potential buyers may be at different stages in the hierarchy
• Useful for intermediate measures of communication effectiveness • Previous Campaigns & Campaign histroy
• Alternative Response hierarchy- michael ray
• Standard learning model: learn, feel, do; Dissonance/ attribution model: do,feel, learn; • Competitive Evaluation – SoM, SoV, Messages
low-involvement model: learn, do, feel
• It is important for planners to examine communication situation and determine which
type of response process is most likely to occur
• Consumer/ audience understanding
• Cognitive processing models
• Relationship between controllable factors (source/ message) and the outcome variables
(attention, comprehension, liking, intent)
• Types of cognitive responses evoked by ad, attitude towards the ad and the brand and
purchase intention

Defining Audience/ Buyers Understanding Buying Behviour

• Defining TA (Market) • Understanding buyer behavior/ buying
• Where the sales/ usage would come from – system
customers or non-customers? (E-O-N) • Purchase mode
• Awareness and Image Analysis among TA • Choices
(familiarity-favorability studies)
• Needs & Motives
• Influences

Buying System
• Purchase Mode • Needs & Motives
• Frequent vs. Infrequent • Rational/ emotional/ social/
• Habit/ routine
• Problem to solve/
• Experiment/ try out/ novelty Prevention of problem
• Search/ seek information/
• Opportunity
• Reward/ Gift How Advertising Works
• Bargain hunt • Self-expression/ Display
• Impulse/ on-the-spot • Ritual
• Self-indulgence
• Choices
• High vs. Low involvement • Influences
• Current brand set/ Other • Family
product types • Friends/ neighbors/
• Brand Loyalty colleagues
• Shops/ Retailers
• Fashion
• Advertising
• Editorial

Road to a sale Alternative Response Hierarchies
Response AIDA HoE model Other High Involvement Low Involvement
Stage Model Models Learning Model
Low-involvement Model
Model: Learn-Feel-Do
Cognitive Awareness Awareness Awareness Model: Learn-Do-Feel
Stage Cognitive
(Thinking) High Cognitive
Knowledge Differenti Affective
Aff i Interest Image ation
Response Liking Matching
Conative Conative
(Liking) Preference
Desire Conviction Fact Dissonance/ Attribution
Matching Model
Behavioral Affective
Model: Do-Feel-Learn
Stage Differenti Conative
(Acting) Action Purchase Transaction ation
Follow- Affective

Advertising Effectiveness
Advertising Objectives
Consumer Representative Statement Measures of
• Sales oriented objectives Response Stage effectiveness
Exposure ‘I know brand is advertisied’ Circulation, Reach
• Communication Effects objective Awareness ‘I know that the product or brand Recall
• Cognitive response (Awareness, Knowledge) exists’ Unaided recall
• Affective Response (Liking, Preference, Desire) Aided recall
• Behavioral Response (Inquiry, Purchase Action)
Interest ‘the Product or Brand is relevant to Advertising Recall
• DAGMAR (Defined Advertising Goals for me’ Attitudes
Brand Image
Measured Advertising Results) Inquiries
• Awareness, Comprehension, conviction/ purchase intention, Desire ‘I would like to buy the product/ Preferences
Action brand’ Intention to buy

• Target Audience is very crucial to define Action ‘I have bought the product/ brand Trial
Market Share
Sales/ Share growth

Research in Advertising

• Provide information base to take decisions

related to advertising campaign
Advertising Planning and Role • Direction to advertising campaign
of Research • Is essentially an aid to minimize failure risks
• Its role is different in different stages of an
advertising campaign

The Advertising Campaign Stages Research inputs to the advertising planning cycle

Strategy Familiarize

Hypothesize Hypothesize
Campaign Tracking
E l ti
Evaluation Research Development
The Planning
Cycle Message Research
Evaluate Synthesize Evaluation Synthesize
Optimize Inspire Creative Brief Development
Optimize Research Inspire

Advertising Research Domain

1. Strategy Development Research: for
directions on “what needs to be said”
2. Creative Development Research: for
Strategy Development
directions on “how
how it will be said”
said Research
3. Message evaluation research: for
understanding “are we saying what we want
to say”
4. Tracking Research: for understanding
effectiveness of our campaign in real life

Strategy Development Strategy Development Research –

Research Information Areas
• Determines – What I want to say to the • Brand Familiarity & Favourability
• Understanding of brand, its history and its position in the
consumer? market
• Consumer’s perception about our brand vis-à-vis competition
• Aims to answer questions such as
• Needs & Motives:
• Where we are • What drives the category in the market
• Why are we here
• Users:
• Where could we be • Profile of the users
• Buying roles and influences
• Purchase and Consumption Process
• Level of his involvement in the purchase
• Cycle and pattern of his purchase

Strategy Development Research - Strategy Development Research -
Sources of Information Deliverables
• Company marketing intelligence
• Previous researches with company and agency • Definition of clear and measurable
• Syndicated market and consumer information communication objectives
• Trade and association studies • Pre-emption of desired consumer response of
• Census data the communication
• Primary research data – qualitative and

Paint Market 2002-03

• Asian Paints - the market leader generated a
high visibility through its advertising
Case: Nerolac Paints • A market with Asian Paints on one side and
others including g Nerolac on the other

Paint market – a snapshot The competitive strengths

Media Spends – 02-03
Market Shares
Snowce 100 •Asian paints is the clear leader
m 90
50 2%
Others 80
GNP 3% 70 •Nerolac has all the characteristics of a
40 18% 60
Asian 50 challenger
30 1% 40
49% 30 •However, it was not reflected in the
20 20
ICI 10 market shares
10 16% Berger 0
TOMA Spont Commu
Awareness Awareness •Where was the problem?
0 11%

98-99 99-00 00-01 01-02 02-03 Nerolac Asian Paints Berger

•Category leader dominates Market

Share and SOV GNP AP
•As compared to Asian Paints
Mean score on leadership 40 80
Nerolac lacked on parameters of
Mean score on dynamism 40 80 leadership and dynamism

Source: TNS Mode Research Source: TNS Mode Research

Paint Consumption – Home Segment Consumer Buying Behaviour
Lasts for • Consumer do not differentiate between paint brands
Level 1
12 - 20 weeks Buyer Æ home owner/customer • Any known brand will do as long as it is the shade of my liking
& long decision Peers/Dealers/Self • Buying Process: involved, time consuming
• Six month renovation mood
making process
Painter Æ reinforces the brand • Clear metro and non metro divide
Derived from choice & applicator
Level 2 triggers • Co
su e Beliefs:
e es
Level 1 Concern: Will the painter cheat me? • painting is important for looks of the house
• premium brands add prestige and lasts longer
Lasts for • leader brand is more trustworthy
3 - 5 years • painter & contractors cheat – need trusted painter and dealer
Level 2 A subject
Consumption Æ self/ socializing • application process more important than the brand
of self indulgence,
Self expression &
Concern: Will the new look add to my status? • Painting cycle: 3-5 years
social status • Shop visits for rate negotiations and decision on colour
Complex, long drawn and high involvement consumption Trust and leadership important for end consumers
Source: Mind & Mood Source: Mind & Mood

Decision making on paint types,

Nerolac’s objective for 03-04
shades and brands
• Type • To attain a growth of 20% in 2003-04 over
– Decision made by CWE after evaluating various alternatives with
painters and dealers 2002-03
– Dictated by budgetary constraints
– Expected industry growth 8-10%
• Shades
– Dominated
D i t db by wives
i and
d children,
hild th
h a ffamily
il ddecision
i i • To establish leaders in Industrial paints
• Brands segment
– Decided by CWE. Based on perceptions, peer recommendations
and shop visits

CWE was needed to be convinced more for the A difficult task to be achieved with a fraction of media
brand preference spends as compared to the category leader
Source: Mind & Mood

Strategic directions for Nerolac

• Take a leadership stance in communication
– Exploit the leadership position of industrial segment
• Improve scores on TOMA
Creative Development
• Bring the brand in purchase consideration set of Research
• Influence the CWE and give him the conviction
that choosing Nerolac is the right decision
• Build empathy amongst intermediate consumers

Creative Development Creative Development Research -
Research Information Area
• It determines – “How should I say it?” • Understanding of customer’s culture
• Aims to answer question • Vocabulary consumers use when talking
• How can we get there? about your category

Creative Development Research - Creative Development Research -

Sources of info Deliverables
• Primary research with adcepts, scripts or • Judgment on how the ad strategy could be
scratch films communicated as creative ideas and
• Discussions – extended creativity groups, enhancement of these ideas further
brain storming sessions • Most persuasive and unique promise
• Secondary research
• Observations

Nerolac: Creative Challenges

• The creative challenge for 2003-04
• To provide Nerolac with an aura of
Case: Nerolac Paints leadership
• To change consumer mindset
» In paints I can choose between Nerolac and
• To change trade mindset
» Nerolac is the only challenge to Asian

Nerolac Creative Decisions Celebrity Selection
• Use a celebrity to create high TOMA • Following celebrities were considered for the
• Celebrity who can give stature of a leader task
• Amitabh Bachchan
to the brand
• Shah Rukh Khan
• Celebrity should not dominate the brand • Sachin Tendulkar
and yet command a high respect from • Priety Zinta
end-consumers as well as intermediary • Aishwarya Rai
• Aamir Khan
consumers • Rahul Dravid
• Leverage the leadership in industrial paint • The consideration was based on the popularity
segment of celebrities at that point in time

AB seen as a true leader

Celebrity Selection
• Internal study using
• A litmus and a spider was conducted to litmus
check suitability of the celebrities for the • No politician today seen
as ‘true’ leaders
brand • Among celebrities the
• Each celebrity was checked on various unanimous choice of a
true leader was ‘AB’
parameters including leadership aura • Outlook study - May
• Amitabh Bachchan was found to be best 2003
suited for the task • Who would you want as
PM of India?
• Amitabh Bachchan 90%

AB personality traits
Heritage, Indian
Family oriented
Amitabh Bachchan & ‘Nerolac’
Smart conversationalist
Fi di a personality
Finding lit fit C fid t Intelligent
Confident, I t lli t
Mature, Knowledgeable

Friend, philosopher, guide

Role model for youth

Enduring Source- Cogito Consulting study

Published secondary data
Larger than life

Nerolac brand personality
Personality Fit
• Indian, Traditional
• Family oriented
AB Nerolac
• Heritage
• Young
• Sophisticated • Mature
• Indian • Cool
• Confident • Knowledgeable
• Traditional • Fun
• Friend, philosopher,
• Family oriented • Relaxed
• Young, Cool guide
• Fun, Relaxed • Role model for youth
• Sophisticated • Technology savvy
• Smart conversationalist
• Confident
• Technology savvy • Enduring
• Intelligent • Reputed
• Larger than life
• Reputed
Source- Drshti
VIP Findings

Personality fit - AB and Nerolac Using Amitabh Bachchan

• No major disconnect between Nerolac & AB
• AB could be portrayed in one of the following • Working with Amitabh Bachchan was
context not easy
• Indian, Traditional, Family oriented • He is has a larger
g than life aura
• Sophisticated, Confident, Intelligent • He could have easily dominated the brand
• AB has a high aura and a larger than life • Difficult to create a brand association with him
persona as he was overexposed - working in movies,
• whereas the personality of Nerolac is not that strongly
TV shows and was endorsing too many brands
established in the minds of the consumers • They studied his movies and the
• Thus Nerolac can absorb some of AB’s qualities advertisements he endorsed
• however reverse may not be accepted by the people

AB in films 2002
How he reinvented Three films released
Only Kaante
did a little
better on
From angry box office!
young man To an Kaante: Played the tough, canny
taking on the instit tion
institution himself
Hum kisi se
kam nahin:
Played a
Aankhen: Played a negative

The transformed AB Brands endorsed by Amitabh
• Maruti Versa • Parker
AB of 2003
AB of 70’s • Pulse Polio • Pepsi
• Has immense
• Using him in this
relevance today
avatar is irrelevant
•Seen as a person
today as there would
be major disconnect in
with stature and • Mirinda
commands respect in
consumer’s mind
large part of India
• Not successful in this
• Cuts across
avatar in last decade

Interface research May 03

AB & other endorsed brand fit

Dipstick findings Mirinda
Heritage, Indian - Fun
- Young
Family oriented - Frivolous
Brand Spont. Recall Pulse polio Sophisticated
BPL 27 Smart conversationalist Versa
Confident,, Intelligent
Pepsi i 27 Mature, Knowledgeable ICICI
Parker 23
ICICI 22 Friend, philosopher, guide
Role model for youth Pepsi
Versa 18
Larger than life Parker

Parker Versa
Celebrity- huge fan
But there is another side
Frivolous style of
Indian Inference 1
Competing with his son Confident/ great
to him
self belief/ pride
He is human like any of us
But not arrogance
- Can be fooled/ not
Inspiring, motivator • BPL has highest recall, despite being off air
always wise
Deep thinker
- Can loose composure
- Has his weaker moments
for many years
5 broad personality Friend, philosopher, – Gained the first mover advantage
traits of AB have guide
Celebrity with huge fan
been portrayed in Advisor expert
Advisor, – Using him in a relevant persona has also led to
People willing to do the various ads -
anything for him
Pulse Polio high memorability
Friend, philosopher,
But he can be humbled
- by child who sees him as
Warm and caring
an ordinary man
Firm and angry
He has his weaknesses
when necessary
Responsible Indian
Mirinda Entertainer
social citizen
Traditional, Indian
Comical role
Can turn negative into a
Completely mass
Lacks sophistication/ class

Parker Pulse Polio
Celebrity- huge fan
No personality sync.
Friend, philosopher,
Inference 2 following
But there is another side
Did not work well for
Frivolous style of
Versa, went against
Warm and caring
to him AB’s acceptability Firm and angry
Competing with his son
He is human like any of us when necessary
• Irrelevant brand personality will lead to Fitsbe
- Can well with
fooled/ low
Responsible Indian
brand losing out on AB’s aura always wise
- Can loose composure
social citizen
impulse products.
- Has his weaker moments BPL
• Mirinda has no recall No sync with high
Personality Indian
Pepsi 5 broad personality Confident/ great
• Personality of AB was not relevant Celebrity options for have
traits of AB Option 2 pride
seriouswith huge fan
products. self belief/
• Postman who runs away with a woman following Nerolac
been portrayed in Authority
But not arrogance
People willing to do the various ads - Leader motivator
• Versa failure anything for him
But he can be humbled
Deep thinker

• Failure could be due to a poor product - by child who sees him as ICICI
an ordinary man Friend, philosopher,
• But failure could have been minimized by He has his weaknesses guide
capturing AB’s aura through relevant personality Advisor, expert
No personality sync. Did Pepsi
not Mirinda
work well for Mirinda Option 1
Entertainer KBC Promos
Entertainer Traditional, Indian Helpful advisor to
• Need to get perfect personality to have our brand stand out in the clutter
went against AB’s Traditional, Indian ordinary citizens
Comical role Can turn negative into a
• Need to ensure that we do not convert the greatest opportunity into a mishap
acceptability boundaries.
Completely mass Patriarch
positive Witty/ fun -playfully
Lacks sophistication/ class teases people

Nerolac Theme Commercial


• 1986-87 (may)
• CMS field study
• Raymond Flynn, Mayor, Neil Sullivan, Marc Zagans
• Options – FGD
• CMS study group • Sampling – community centers neighbourhood, age, gender
• Drug use model – nonusers, experimental, regular, addict
• 1000 arrests in 1986, drugs consfiscated of the worth $250 mn. • Screening – are they awre about drugs, do they watch advertising
• Demand side strategies – ‘demarket’
demarket • Protocols – DG : attitudes,
attitudes motives
motives, influences

• Data Analysis
• Drug programs – Enforcement has limited role. But decreasing demand is • Drug facts and statistics not recalled
important, Educaiton – SPECDA/ health classes, teenage role models, • Non-users avoid friends and strangers rather than confrontation
Drug-free-days, ‘Drop-a-dime’ program • Young people resent being told. May go against it.
• Communication programs • Family is important
• Nancy McKeon, Celbrity; sports stars
• Teenage girl, actual news footage – take me out of ballgame
• Relate stories abour drugs and drug users
• Drug user teenage boy- dumb parents, story telling, helpline • Current drug advertising unrealistic except take me out of the ball game
• Info-celbrity do not work.
• Celebrities are not viewed as credible spokes people

• What role Communications play? What are the
marketing objectives?
• What’s the process?
• What are your views?
• The process followed by CMS group looks good. Why does a
Thank you
member towards the end feels what he feels?
• Are there issues with the process – the model, the research
approach, sampling, screening, data & its analysis?
• What are the communication directions?
• Do you agree? What are the supporting evidences?
• What are the alternative directions/ communication
• What else could be found from the data?

Message Evaluation Research

• Determines – Have I said what I wanted
to say?
Message Evaluation Research • Aims to answer questions such as
• Have we got there?

Message Evaluation Research – Message Evaluation Research -
Information Areas Sources of Information

• Ability of the advertisement to break the clutter • Consumer Litmus 3 (Advertising-Pre) – A

• Understanding of the comprehension FCB tool
capabilities of consumers
• Persuasion abilities of the advertisement
• Contribution of individual elements of the
• AC Nielsen ORG Marg’s Ad*vantage
advertisement in achieving desired objectives • DAR

Message Evaluation Research -

Why do this?
• To prevent disaster
• Perception • To test new approaches to old problems
• Comprehension • To evaluate alternative methods of
• Reaction communicating
i ti ththe b
d’ sales
l message
• To determine how well the advertising
• whether your advertising communicates achieves its objectives
what you wanted to communicate?
• To improve the proposed advertising
before it is used

Targeted Respondents
• 54 Male and 46 Female
Case: Nerolac Paints • 25 to 40 years of age
• Living in Mumbai & Delhi
Field Pre-Test: Nerolac Amitabh
Bachchan TVC

Most Watched Programmes Unaided recall of ads
Mumbai Delhi Mumbai Delhi
• News, Serials in Star, • News, Serials in Zee, • Colgate – 16% • CD Dawn – 10%
ZEE and Sony Star and Sony • Nerolac – 10% • Nerolac – 8%
• Movies – Zee and • Movies – ZEE, Star • Asian Paints – 8% • Asian Paints – 5%
Star • Sports Channels • Hutch – 5%
• Hutch – 8%
• Infotainment channels • Infotainment • Dettol Soap – 3%
• Reliance – 6%
– Discovery and Channels – Discovery
Animal Planet and Animal Planet • Reports of zapping
during commercial

Recall of Paint ads with Amitabh

Aided recall – Paint category
Mumbai Delhi Mumbai Delhi

• Nerolac – 50% • Nerolac – 55% • Nerolac – 75% • Nerolac – 65%

• Asian Paints – 40% • Asian Paints – 55% • Asian Paints – 6% • Asian Paints – 8%
• Shalimar Paints – • Shalimar Paints – 8%

Recall of Nerolac Paints Elements recalled – Nerlac Advertisements

Mumbai Delhi
Elements Mumbai Delhi
Amitabh Bachchan 75% 80%
• Total recall – 90% • Total recall – 94% Hands getting coloured 75% 75%
Lady’s folded hands getting coloured 70% 65%
Child’s hands getting coloured 70% 60%
Navy man 50% 55%
Joggers and businessman 40% 20%
Goody 20% -
Sea Beach 20% -
Jingle and family dancing 25% -

Narration of storyline – Amitabh
Bachchan Ad
Mumbai Delhi
• Nerolac is present • Nerolac is a good paint –
Mumbai Delhi everywhere – 30%
• 45% • 42% • Nerolac touches all of us
– 30% • Nerolac offers range and
h i
choices – 25%
• Nerolac is a good paint –
20% • Nerolac is a paint for
• Nerolac is a paint for every one – 20%
everyone – 20% • Use Nerolac – 10%
• Nerolac is a water
resistant paint – 15%

• AB’s presence is making the ad clutter
Campaign Evaluation
• AB is not dominating the ads as other
elements being recalled also have good Research
• Main message that Nerolac is everywhere
has high scores

Campaign Evaluation Research –

Campaign Evaluation Research Information Areas
• Determines – How have we fared at the • Advertisement comprehension
market place? • Recall of different elements of the
• Aims to answer questions advertisement
• Have we got there? • Ad likeability or its uniqueness measure
• Also known as Tracking Research • Overall effectiveness of advertisement in a
competitive context
• Ad awareness v/s media spends
• Brand awareness v/s ad awareness

Campaign Evaluation Research - Campaign Evaluation Research -
Sources of Information Deliverables

• Brand tracks commissioned by the • A comparative score for the competing

clients brands on the following parameters
• IMRB Brand Track • TOMA,
TOMA Spont Awareness,
Awareness Overall Awareness
• TNS Brand Track • Message comprehension
• AC Nielsen Brand Track • Brand positioning
• Store panels
• Retail audits

Methodology for the Nerolac ATP

„ Continuous Quantitative interviewing

„ Face to face Interviewing using structured questionnaire

ADVANCETRACKING PROGRAMME ON PAINTS Data collection period : from 1st of Oct

Reported in thispresentation : 1st October to 27th of Dec 2003
Presentation for the Quarter 1 Findings
Total Sample size : 1290 (included for this presentation)
Presented to : Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd
Locations (Sample) : Mumbai (390), Delhi (390), Kanpur (130),
Presented by : IMRB International
Hyderabad (131), Cochin (119) &
29th January 2004 Ahmedabad (130)

Target Audience for the The ATP was undertaken at following

High Activity Moderate Activity Low Activity
• SEC A1, A2, B1 households. Locations Sample * Weeks Sample * Weeks Sample * Weeks Yearly Sample
Delhi 30 * 16 = 480 20 * 10 = 200 10* 18 = 180 860
Mumbai 30 * 16 = 480 20 * 10 = 200 10* 18 = 180 860
Ahmedabad 10 * 16 = 160 10 * 10 = 100 10* 18 = 180 440
• Age: 25 -45 years
Hyderabad 10 * 16 = 160 10 * 10 = 100 10* 18 = 180 440
Coc 10
0 * 16
6 = 160
60 100 * 10
0 = 100
00 10*
0 18
8 = 180
80 440
Kanpur 10 * 16 = 160 10 * 10 = 100 10* 18 = 180 440
• Either painted the interiors / exteriors of the house in the last 6 Total Sample 1600 800 1080 3480
months or intending to in the next 6 months. Sample size varies as per the intensity of marketing activity which could be broadly
classified as:

High Activity Period – September to December 16 Weeks

• Should be a decision-maker for the type of paint (Cement / Moderate Activity Period – January to March 10 Weeks
Low Activity Period – April to May, August 18 Weeks
Distemper / Emulsion)
Total no of weeks 44 Weeks

Brand Saliency - Top of Mind Brand Saliency - Total Spont
High TOM recall for Asian Paints; Nerolac a distant second. awareness
Î Nerolac getting highest mentions in Kanpur;
All figs in % Î Asian Paints dominates - near universal saliency
Î Scores for Asian Paints very high in Mumbai & Hyderabad All figs in %

Î In Cochin, Nerolac and Berger also recalled well. Î Highest saliency for Nerolac in Kanpur
Total Del Mum Ahd Hyd Coc Kan Î Berger more salient in Cochin.
Base: 1290 390 390 130 131 119 130 Total Del Mum Ahd Hyd Coc Kan
Base: 1290 390 390 130 131 119 130
Any Asian Pts 67 50 86 69 91 53 43
A Asian
Any A i Pts
Pt 98 96 100 100 100 98 95
Asian Paints 63 47 79 66 89 50 42

Any Nerolac 21 27 11 25 4 21 43 Any Nerolac 92 87 96 92 98 84 98

Nerolac 20 27 11 25 4 18 43 Any Berger 60 67 46 38 63 87 78

Any Berger 9 17 0 4 2 23 12
Any ICI-Dulux 31 22 56 12 24 17 21
Any ICI-Dulux 2 2 3 1 2 2 1
Any Shalimar 25 15 25 25 25 47 30
Any Shalimar 1 3 - 2 1 1 2 Q- When you think of paints, which brands come your mind?
Q- When you think of paints, which brands come your mind?
Total Spontaneous refers to the unprompted brand recall
Top of mind refers to the first brand recall by consumer

Executions recalled – AB Theme

To sum up – Saliency & Ad
Î Only Amitabh Bachchan recalled…… shadows other execution elements.
Awareness Î Consumers missing the key Link! …

• Saliency for Nerolac moving towards parity with Asian Base: Proven Recallers 184
• Amitabh Bachchan campaign has contributed in building Shown Amitabh Bachchan 91
this. Shakes hand with everyone 46
• Th
The focus
f Of Nerolac
N l now, should
h ld be
b towards
t d enhancing
h i Pl
Plays with
ith child
hild 8
TOMA recall, where the gap between Asian Paints & Colour comes on girl’s hand 12
Nerolac significant, more since TOMA has a high Colour comes on lady’s hand 9
correlation with preference.
People get colour on their hands 33
• Asian Paints enjoys maximum Top of Mind recall as well as VO: yeh rang hai …. 15
universal saliency. Considerable marketing activities and
VO: “Hum keh rahe hai” 8
communication over the years could have helped them in
maintaining this. Written: Nerolac 4

Learning's &
To sum up – Communication Hence Way Ahead

• Amitabh Bachchan’s presence manages to break the • Amitabh Bachchan enhances brand saliency for Nerolac
clutter and provides noticeability / saliency to Nerolac.
… However Top of Mind awareness yet to be achieved.
• However theme ad has not been able to leave behind the
desired message. • AP the leading brand across most centres.
• AB the only high point in the advt and he emerges as the
• Mumbai and Hyderabad weak markets for Nerolac;
hero rather than brand.
• Sunil Babu, despite consumers not playing back “Time Kanpur the strong market. Three way competition (with
Proof Beauty”, communicating long lasting and durable Berger) seen in Cochin and Delhi.
paint message.

Research Type of advtg effect Relevant research

exposure to advtg media research

recall of advtg survey research
• Is an aid for future directions attitudes toadvtg survey/qualitative
• Yet it fails to answer, which campaign will research
awareness of brand survey research
make the biggest contribution to our brand perceptions/image survey/qualitative
over a period of years? of brand research
attitude to brand survey/qualitative
• Here one still have to rely on judgment research

consumer buying panel data

Research is a guide not a definite answer
sales retail audit, household panel,
primary sales data

Research and agency Type of advtg effect Relevant research

– exposure to advtg media research

• Does your agency rely strategy based on – awareness/ recall of survey research
data, market facts and solid research? brand/ advtg
– attitudes to advtg/ brand survey/qualitative
• Does it use appropriate researches at
different stages of a campaign? – perceptions/image survey/qualitative
• Does it convert research into actionable of brand research
strategy? – consumer buying qualitative research
• Does it realize limitations of the research – sales retail audit, household
while developing strategy? panel, primary sales data

Thank you