Kate Lucie Yvonne Moore

E-mail: katelymoore@gmail.com | Other Contact Details Available Upon Request

Saturday Shelver September 2009 - June 2010 | West Sussex County Council | Crawley, West Sussex, Southern | Government and Public Sector
I worked each Saturday at Crawley Library volunteering shelving books and occasionally taking part in the young children's story time of a morning. My job was to shelve books in both the teenage area 'headspace' and occasionally in the large print area. I also took part in reading to younger children in the story time section of a morning occasionally and used my computer skills to help make voting cards for a fancy dress day at the library in aid of World Book Day. Skills attained: Organization, Sorting, Computer Design.

Work Shadowing September 2009 - September 2009 | Crawley Borough Council | RH10 1UZ, Crawley, West Sussex, Southern | Government and Public Sector
During my time at Crawley Borough Council, the week was spent in a variety of locations across the town with a variety of people in different roles, one moment I was by the river mole discussing the dams, then I was in the Property Store, then even working out how much it is required to pay to rent a shop in Southgate parade! A very varied week during which I learnt a lot. Skills attained: Communication Skills, Mathematics, People Skills.

'AS' Level| Computing, Drama & Theatre Studies, English Literature, Psychology | September 2010 — Current | Oriel High School Sixth Form | Crawley, West Sussex, Southern
I am currently taking four AS Levels at Oriel High School Sixth Form in Maidenbower in Crawley, West Sussex. These are Drama & Theatre Studies, Computing, English Literature and Psychology. I thoroughly enjoy these all and am attaining good levels in each.

ASDAN July 2010 | Oriel Youth Wing
I received one ASDAN for completing a 60 hour Peer Mentoring Course and became a qualified peer mentor aged 16.

ASDAN July 2010 | Oriel Youth Wing
I received one ASDAN for completing a 30 hour activities award at my local youth centre.

Food Safety and Hygiene in Catering Level 2 July 2010 | Oriel Youth Wing
I completed an award in Food Safety and Hygiene in Catering Level 2 aged 16.

YoungLifeSaver's Award July 2010 | St Johns Ambulance Service
I am awaiting the certificate for one award in First Aid, namely the YoungLifeSaver's Award

Co-Ordinating Listening Photographer Website Design Communication Skills Team Building Initiative Flexibility motivation Numeracy IT Knowledge Graphic & Web Designer

Expert Expert Intermediate Intermediate Expert Intermediate Intermediate Expert Expert Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate

French German

Intermediate Beginner

West Sussex Youth Cabinet
The West Sussex Youth Cabinet is a group of young locality representatives and the 4 UK Youth Parliament representatives, who are democratically elected by young people from all around West Sussex. The Youth Cabinet represents the views of the young people in their areas at county level. The project is currently in its 9th year and works closely alongside the County Council and the Youth Service. What do we do? Our job is to represent young people's interests, views and concerns at meetings and events with adults and other young people, locally, nationally and even internationally. As well as this, we work on projects which aim to improve situations and solve problems that affect young people. Examples of some of the work that the Youth Cabinet has done include the 3in-1 scheme, multiple awareness films, annual school councils’ conference, promotion of the eco-schools scheme, and many more… I was elected to represent Crawley South East in March 2010.

UK Youth Parliament
Along with my previous role as representative for Crawley South East in 2010, in March 2011 I was elected to be the Deputy Member of Youth Parliament for Crawley & East Grinstead in the UK Youth Parliament. Our role is much like that of the Youth Cabinet but on a wider scale, focusing on larger constituencies and working with young people from all over England, Scotland, Northern Island and Wales.

Multiple ASDAN awards. YoungLifeSavers award with St Johns Ambulance. Food Safety and Hygiene in Catering Level 2. CyberMentor Qualified. PeerMentor Qualified.

-------------I was elected to the West Sussex Youth Cabinet (a group of democratically elected young people between the ages of 11 and 19 - inclusive - there to represent young people all around the county) in March 2010 for Crawley South East, then in March 2011 I was elected to represent Crawley & East Grinstead as the Deputy Member of Youth Parliament again democratically, in an organisation a lot like the Youth Cabinet – details of which can be found under the section marked PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS / AFFILIATIONS.

I coordinated young people at a book launch as part of my work experience with Crawley Library at Random House Children's Book Publishers in London for an event with three established published authors called Teenage Kicks.

Books/Reading | Computing Community Service/Volunteering | Meeting New People |Networking | Acting/Town Theater | Politics REFERENCES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

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