7.tétel 8.Our environment 9.Weather and clothing 1.What is the climate of Hungary like?

Hungary is in the temperate zone and has a continental climate. This means that the weather is quite easily predictable and there are big differences between the four seasons: spring,summer, autumn and winter. The hottest months are June Luly nad August, the temperature is about 35 Celsius degrees. December and January are the coldest months, but the average temperature doesn't fall below minus 5 Celsius degrees. 2.What's the weather like in spring? After the long cold winter it is warm again in spring . Nature awakens from its sleep and the trees are full of blossom. The most common flowers are tulpis, daisies and snowdrops. The wheather is not exactly settled in spring, it is quite changeable, especially in April. There can be heavy rainstorms too. 3.What is the weather like in winter? The temperature falls below zero. The snow falls from big grey clouds. There are blizzards and stormy winds. There are usually hard frosts in January. People don't usually go out because it's freezing, they rather stay at home. But there are som winter sports like skiing or ice-skating. 4.What is the weather like in autumn? In autumn the leaves of the trees slowly become coloured, you can see yellowish, brownish and reddish ones. Autumn is the rainiest season. IN October the weather is very changeable. In November there is often a frost. Schoolchildren are not very keen on autumn because this is the time when school starts. Autumn is the richest season as well because the trees are full of fruits like apples,pears and plums. In Hungary, tge grape harvest is a great feast too. 5.What is the weather like in summer? In summer we often have high temperatures and heat wave often happens in July. In this case the best way is to find shelter in the shade of a big tree or go to the river or lakeside. The heat wave is often followed by quick showers. 5. 6.6.What is an Indian summer? The beginning of autumn is called the Indian summer if the weather is still warm.There is still plenty of sunshine and the evenings are soft enough to take long walks. 5.7. What do we wear in winter? In winter you must be careful not to catch a cold. You must wear warm clothes and dress in layers. In winter, people wear thick, knitted hats and gloves, warm scarves, winter boots and fur-lined overcoats. 8.What do we wear in summer? IN summer, it is enough to put on light clothing with a T-shirt with shorts or skirts and a pair of sandals

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