SOUTH VILLAGE OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MINUTES January 16, 2008 – Recreation Centre Chair – Rob Wallingford Present

: Denise Dawson, Kim Dawson, Gisèle Devaney, Susanne Mackey, Lionel Nolet, Rick Piironen, Raymond Rousson, Robert Wallingford (Co-Chair), Kelly Youngdale (Co-chair).


Administrative Procedures
• • Call to order at 7:00 p.m. Review of action items of the December 5, 2007 Minutes: 1. No specific budget will be allocated to the Management Committee. 2. Denise Dawson will send a copy of the revised Committee List to all residents. 3. Motioned by Kelly Youngdale and seconded by Kim Dawson, the December 5, 2007 South Village Management Meeting Minutes were approved. ACTION: Denise Dawson to email revised Committee List to all residents. Review Preparations for the Annual General Meeting: 1. The date for the Annual General meeting (AGM) is set for Wednesday, February 13, 208 at 7:00 p.m. at the South Village Recreation Center. 2. The AGM’s agenda will contain the following items: Financial statement, Approval of 2008 budget; Ratification of the Board of Directors and of the Management Committee. 3. A ballot form will be available in case it is required. Denise Dawson will print 50 copies.

4. A Wine and Cheese reception will be held following the AGM. 2. FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT • The collection of the 2008 dues is continuing. The Finance Committee is pursuing the collection of the unpaid 2006-07 dues. • Financial Report – Lionel Nolet presented the 2007 financial report and reviewed the proposed 2008 budget. A discussion on the costs associated with the pool ensued. Pool operation make up for 50% of the SVOA expenses. Lionel will present to the AGM as motioned by Kim Dawson and seconded by Raymond Rousson. ACTION: Lionel will make copies of the Financial Report for the AGM.


COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE REPORT • Nothing official to report. Activities are ongoing. The recreation center access keys were given to Gisèle Devaney for distribution as required. RECREATIONAL/SOCIAL COMMITTEE REPORT • The Christmas party was a success and feedback was complimentary. • The 2008 budget submission was prepared • The January Activity Night was cancelled. COMMUNITY BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE REPORT • Susan Mackey will organize the Spring Clean-up Day. This activity will be announced in the next SV Newsletter. PHYSICAL PLANT/POOL COMMITTEE REPORT • The committee members met and reviewed the 2008 budget and wish list. • The 2008 proposed budget does not reflect extended season for pool operation. Lionel will address these additional costs at the AGM. • The proposed list of duties for the 2008 operation season was reviewed and amended. • The security systems in operation at the Centre were discussed. • An additional 2 volunteers are required for this committee. Duties will be clarified. • A proposal to invite the residents of the section of Sparkling Lake Way which is not part of South Village to use the pool at a cost of $500 per year is discussed but no decision made. 3




The committee agreed to install a dead bolt on the basement room door as well as a Panic-set door hardware on the center’s side door. These items are considered essential and already appear on the wish list presented for inclusion in the 2008 budget.


ENTRANCE SIGN COMMITTEE REPORT • Kelly Youngdale will arrange for the drawings of the Entrance Sign at a cost of $200. • Rob Wallingford will prepare estimates for the installation. DESIGN REVIEW COMMITTEE REPORT • No new activity to report. The committee has received seven (7) requests up to now. • The next meeting of this committee will be held in February 2008.


9. GOVERNMENT RELATIONS / LEGAL COMMITTEE REPORT • Nothing to report at this time. 10. NEW BUSINESS • Letterhead and envelopes – Gisèle Devaney will look into the cost associated with purchasing SVOA letterhead and envelopes and report back to the Committee. • The Department of Natural Resources will be contacted as to the stock of our lakes with fish. Gisèle will report back to the Committee. • Pauline Drummond now has the SVOA mailbox key. • Method of Payment – Pauline Drummond will continue to pay the utilities’ bills while all other bills/invoices will be reviewed and paid at regular Management Meetings. 11. ADJOURNMENT • The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m. The next meeting of the South Village Management Committee will be held February 6, 2007. The AGM will be held on February 13, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at the Recreation Centre.
As recorded by Gisèle Devaney


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