SOUTH VILLAGE OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MINUTES June 4, 2008 – Recreation Centre Chair – Kelly Youngdale In attendance

: Rob Wallingford, Rick Piironen, Raymond Rousson, Suzanne Mackey, Kelly Youngdale (Chair), Gisèle Devaney (Secretary) 1. Administrative Procedures The May 7 Minutes were reviewed and adopted following a motion by Rob Wallingford seconded by Raymond Rousson. 2. Finance Committee The 2008 dues status spreadsheet was reviewed following the recent follow-ups done by some members. It was decided to send a letter to those residents who se dues have not been paid in the last three (3) or years. A June 30th deadline will be given. A lien will be placed on the property if dues are still unpaid. Pauline Drummond will update the spreadsheet and send it to board members. The 2009 dues letter will be sent at the beginning of November 2008 with a deadline of November 31st, 2008. Cheques may be post-dated to December 31st, 2008. 3. Communication / Residents’ Directory / Welcoming Committee Sue Mackey is preparing new Welcome Packages. She will be meeting with new residents. The Directory is being updated and will be sent electronically to all residents.

4. Recreation / Social Sue Mackey gave the update in the absence of Denise Dawson. The SVOA BBQ is scheduled for June 21st and there will be two (2) hostesses at the Recreation Center’s door – Sue Mackey and Gisèle Devaney. A former lifeguard, Megan Wallingford, will supervise the pool activities. Entertainment will be provided. 5. Community Beautification Sue Mackey provided the update in the absence of the Chair, Marion Pora. The Committee has already done some planting at the Recreation Center. Some new members are Lise Ketcheson, Norman Wiggan and Nathalie Dunlop.. 6. Physical Plant / Pool • The pool is now opened. The heater has been relocated and re-installed. Hydro and plumbing work is completed. • Chad was hired to maintain the pool and the area for the summer. • Rick will contact a resource to set up a contract for grass cutting at the Center. • New Signs will be prepared and posted at the Center. • Rick will contact the City of Ottawa to obtain the Health Report. • The pool cover was ripped – Rick will review the security tapes and get back to Rob and Kelly for further action if required. 7. Entrance Sign Rob Wallingford informs the committee that Dan Anderson has approved easement access for the north side of Lake Forest Walk and the owner of the south side is reserving his approval until the final choice is made. 8. Design Review Kelly Youngdale informs the committee that two (2) submissions have been received. Once has been accepted and the second one involved the installation of a small fence. After a thorough study of the covenants, he has sought Sunset Lake Developments’ input since no precedent exist. Government Relations Lloyd Mackey will review the documents received from the Province of Ontario regarding the Board of Directors and advice the co-chairs.


10. New Business N/A 11. Adjournment The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m. Next meeting is scheduled for September 3, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. or in the case of emergency, at the call of the co-chairs.


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