Water¶s ability to heal is the very basis that runs through the explanations of how the word µSPA¶ came into existence. This reflects the importance of µWater¶ not only in the ancient centres of healing but also in the early European spa culture. There have been various suggestions by experts that the word µSPA¶ was an acronym for a number of Latin phrases such as µSolusPer Aqua¶, µSanitas Per Aqua¶, or µSanus Per Aqua¶. All of these phrases have a similar meaning which is µhealth through water¶. Even graffiti found in Roman bath ± s µSalutPer Aqua¶ has a similar meaning and can be traced down to have formed this word. The modern spas can be termed as establishments that integrate a range of professionally administered health, wellness and beauty treatments and services with vario us fitness components, an emphasis on the awareness of µSelf¶ anda focus on nutrition, which is also the area of focus for this topic. Spa Cuisineexplores the way how the food is prepared in Spas with the aim of inspiring a human being to get back the balance in his body, detoxify his system, and optimize his energy in a manner that is both nutritious and delicious. Spa cuisine also aims at providing helpful and easy methods to teach how to cook good foodat home and what to eat for a good, well balanced and well maintained lifestyle. ³A balanced meal in a spa goes beyond providing nou rishment for the body. The taste, texture, fragrance and freshness of the ingredients also contribute to the pleasure of the experience felt by your entire being.´ - Spa Style Europe (2004)

Even the diets of a lot of youngsters today have been affected with the growing popularity of junk foods which initially originated from America and Europe. medpaget day. Alongwith this there are other activities that have led to a decline in the health of people such as smoking. etc. These activities have correspondingly have given rise to diseases such as hypertension. a balanced diet is designed to optimise the levels of energy. Today. alcohol consumption. improper eating habits. we have restaurants coming up with such menus that aim at offering a healthy diet to the customers. But now steadily and slowly. people. Food has an important position in this tooas. This move radically transformed food preparation in thousands of restaurant kitchens around   . low in calories and low in salt. diabetes etc. specially adults are experiencing the need for improving and maintaining a healthy body and soul and thus more and more spas are coming up to re-enforce these people. It began in America with state signed legislations that banned restaurants and other local food retail establishments from using artificial trans-fats from oils. detoxify the system and balance the body with meals that are merely low in fat. focuses on the health and wellness of the people. This science. the increase in fat-saturated ingredients ± and subsequently waistlines of people over the last two decades caught the attention of health officials worldwide and nutrition regulations started getting enforced alongwith the spreading of awareness amongst the people for a healthier lifestyle. butter and shortening in cooking. Spas are based on a science of healing which varies from one place to another. According to Horwath Spa Consulting. Meals in spas are designed in all these ways and with people¶s growing concern for health this has led to the formation of a new cuisine called the Spa Cuisine or Wellness Cuisine. this is being felt even more. with the healthy lifestyles of people declining. Such a diet provides purity. which is the need of the hour. Another notable thing considering the need for Wellness cuisine is that it has moved out of traditional spa settings and is now moving onto the menus of luxury hotels and restaurants. no matter to whatever country or region it belongs. lightness and energy all together to oneself.C.´ And this is not the case only with Americans but also with the rest of the According to Fiore K. yet delicious.THE NEED FOR WELLNESS The ori i of spas can be traced back to as earl as 2000 B. cardiovascular problems. This shows that the need for wellness has always been prevalent amongst the human beings and today. People today have busy schedules and disturbed lifestyles with increased workloads and a world full of tensions so there is hardly any time for people to concentrate on their health and keep fit. where the ancient Egyptians used baths for therapeutic purposes. All these involve various treatments and therapies for people that provide relaxation and rejuvenation to their bodies and souls and re-energise them by spreading positivity all around. giving rise to what we may somewhat call an obesity epidemic. it has also become easy to implement such diets at homes. ³Far fewer Americans are engaging in healthy lifestyles than there were just two decades ago. ranging from acupressure in Japan and China to µAyurveda¶ in India to µJamu¶ in Java and so on.. other speciali ed health-based food joints and with more and more books becoming available.

to healthier oils such as canola and soybean. . but also lower in saturated fats. many restaurants successfully transitioned from cooking with partially hydrogenated oils. which made foods not only free of trans-fats.Alternately.the globe and was also a basis for shooting up a new cuisine called the Spa Cuisine ± A cuisine which was led by the aim of cooking the healthiest food with minimum possible use of fats and the maximum health benefits to the followers.

Whole grains and whole fish for instance are used. Thus we see that only the fats that are µgood¶ should be consumed but that too sparingly. Regular fats in this cuisine should be replaced by cooking with such fats or by using stocks to lubricate and by cooking in non stick pans.These have no place in the dishes that form a part of the cuisine. and many nuts and seeds also come under these. corn. being laid on the comeback of Organic foods in whose production. Along with the use of organic food products. Once the oil is heated. For most of our history. Products only in their very natural form. Stevia. The essence of this cuisine lies very much in its ingredients. stress is . provided they are fresh and clean. They come mostly from animal foods. Saturated fats are considered as µbad¶ fats. with the use of such chemicals started being called ³conventional´ which has degraded the farms. which is remarkable non-caloric herb.THE ESSENCE OF THE SPA CUISINE Spa Cuisine is a cuisine derived out of the need of wellness of the people. genetic modifications started being done and used much later on. the chains in the f t change a and what is naturally considered a µgood¶ fat changes to a carcinogenic one. olive. which are natural. and they come from plant sources. The cuisine offers organic foods. insecticides and herbicides is greatly restricted and hence such foods restrict toxins from entering our bodies. Organic foods refer tofoods that are produced according to certain production standards. form a part of the ingredients chosen in this cuisine worldwide. An important polyunsaturated fat is omega-3 fatty acid. whole foods. All these flavourings. This new production method. seasonings.Spa cuisine also restricts the use of µFood Supplements¶ and products that are tinned. Sugars and artificial sweeteners are another concern for the Spa cuisine. which comes mostly from fish sources. soybeans. onlywith the 20th century there came in a lot of new synthetic chemicals into the food supply. They are usually liquid at room temperature and include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. and sunflower oils. Fat in the cooking process is not needed. native to Stevia . Such type of food is what should also be started to be consumed regularly as they comprise the type of food that was initially eaten by man. chemicals processing. Unsaturated fats on the contrary are healthier fats. Spa cuisine comprises of a variety of well matched and well prepared food items that are balanced and rejuvenating. irradiated or chemically treated and have added preservatives or are processed. The use of plant based foods in this Cuisine is also essential as it is the plants which contain vital elements that help to flush out antioxidants and detoxify our toxic bodies. spa cuisine uses food in whole form which retains its nutritional values and imparts maximum benefit to the person who consumes it. and peanut oils and that of polyunsaturated fats are safflower. the produce and the entire ecosystem As a result of the need of revival today. agriculture had always been organic. fresh and clean. Good sources of monounsaturated fats are canola. t e use of conventional h non-organic pesticides.

deep fryers and a luminium pots and pans.Paraguay. Masticators are used for squeezing juices.300 mg a day. Though there is no recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for sodium. What should be used instead should be the regular cooking aids that have been used by man for centuries. Below: Rock Salt Sodium performs many essential functions in the body. it should be somewhat around at least 500 mg per day. Cooking with ur stevia does require a skill. These are found in high levels in the following foods: soy sauces. Stevia can be used with other sweeteners. instead more natural(organic) formsof salt from plants and minerals are used. has been used as a sweetener and flavo enhancer forcenturies. we see that they are just as important as the ingredients that are used. but seeing its advantages of reducing sugar in the diet as well as eliminating consumption of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. Other natural forms of salt include sea salt like maldon. grilling. It sparks nerve impulses and helps the body to process and digest proteins and carbohydrates. rock salt etc. Source: Ban Sabai Spa Village. gas stoves and Tandoors come next. pans and other regular utensils are also used. adults otherwise should consume it within the range of 1. regular table salt is avoided due to it being refined thus making it inorganic. But sodium in excess of this bad as it shoots up the blood pressure and can give chronic diseases. celery and seaweeds.Sodium in the diet is measured in milligrams (mg).100 to 3.The equipment used for cooking should not be the modern technology items such as microwaves. . Stainless steel. it is another item that is entering the ingredient list of the Spa Cuisine. Moving towards the cooking methods adopted in this cuisine. poaching. In Spa cuisine. like honey or maple syrup. Chiang Mai Thailand . alt. It regulates fluid balance by controlling the flow of liquids in and out of each cell. copper or earthen pots. The methods of cooking used in this cuisine thus include steaming ± one of the most important method in this cuisine. spinach. glass. S being a sodium compound is available in many forms.

Vietnam. Asian ingredients and dishes are used and prepared in ways commonly regarded as Western. balanced intake of calorie. Spices are invariably used. whereas foods which come under Yang are supposed to warm the body e. but regular meals after shorter intervals which include healthy snacks in between such as yoghurt preparations etc. Foods which come under Yin are supposed to have a cooling effect on the body. Foods that form the basis of the Spa Cuisine in India include organic products such as rare herbs. Some famous foods from the Chinese Spa Cuisine include: o o o o Chinese Vegetable Salad Double ± boiled Guinea Fowl Soup with Chinese herbs Stir Fried Shrimps With Honey Beans Fresh Ginseng And Chinese Wolfberries Source: The Hilton. Pakistan and Sri Lanka). Such foods include bamboo shoots. Laos. brown rice. The continent of Asia boasts of spas from the Southeast (Thailand. curries are served commonly. which are different from one place to another. Chicken and ginger. carbohydrate. baby potatoes and ¢ THE GLOBAL SPA C ISINE ± Recipes f om across t ¡ e nations . Yet the cuisine in each area remains distinct as the use of ingredients and preparation methods differ. which are often from their own gardens and include a variety of herbs and vegetables. Korea and Japan) then follows the Northeast (India. and fats and also cater to special dietary requests.g. protein. The new Asian Spa Cuisine is a fusion of cuisines from across Asia paired up together. Ingredients from different cuisines are prepared alongside each other and the influences of different countries¶ cuisines can be found within a meal.The Spa cuisine is not restricted to one particular region but varies from nation to nation according to the availability of ingredients as well as the eating styles. Food serving style in spas employ smaller portion si es. Yin and Yang are broadly described as two opposite forces of a central life force and these opposites extend to food as well. For instance. Spas. Some spas even use organic produce. Shanghai Food from India is based on Ayurveda. Spa cuisineis basically well balanced and designed to be easily digested while providing the body with an optimum amount of energy and encouraging a healthier way of living anywhere it is found. In the µNew Asian¶ Cuisine. Malaysia. Indonesia. Singapore and Brunei and Southwest (China. Food from China is based on balancing the Yin-Yang and Qi. The best spas are said to be found in the continents Asia and Europe. curries in Northeast and Southeast Asia are generally coconutmilk based while those from the Southwest are yogurt-based. globally aim at providing a proper. and rice and noodles form a part of the staples. which records the use of spices and foods for different body types and the curative properties of food. cucumber etc. Some ingredients and dishes are common to all. Cambodia.

even the cottage cheese is replced by Tofu. Indonesia Japanese cuisine. salty and bitter. and vegetables are condiments that are meant to flavour the staple. sour. Some foods from the Spas of Japan include: o o o o Seared Maguro Loin An Daikon Salad Chilled Tofu And Light Miso Soup Buchwheat Soba With Dashi Broth Fruit Sushi Roll Source: Chef Jimmy Chok. Even the humblest of fish is served and presented in an elaborate fashion. Japan being a predominantly coastline country. is also famed forits careful attention to the detail. Items from the Tandoor may feature in the Indian spa menus. Thai cuisine is distinctively hot as Thais believe that eating chillies is good for health. Salt. Later on these spices even attracted the European traders as they had medicinal properties and could be used to preserve food. Many of the spices used in Indonesian cooking are also common to other cuisines. The traditional Japanese diet has a healthy reputation ± it is one of the world¶s lowest in fat. Hot chillies. Rice and noodles are a staple and raw vegetables are . it is no wonder that fish is such an important ingredient in the Japanese diet. Thai dishes are either stir-fried or steamed in a wok. besides being unique. clove and pepper were the main reasons why traders from china were drawn to Indonesian the early days. coconut milk and spices are a must. sweet. Singapore Thai Cuisine offers food that is a mixture of hot. For instance. fish.Rice in Indonesia is a staple and meat. form and balance of every dish served. Sushis from Japan are world famous and this cuisine too. Some dishes from the Indian Spa kitchens include: o o o o o Tandoori Lotus Stem Brown Rice and SubziShorba Pahaadi Kebab with LachchaParantha Jhangora Pudding Chaanch Source:Ananda-In the Himalayas Spices like nutmeg.Most Japanese meals are prepared with with very little or no oil and hence are very light as compared to other Asian and Western Cuisines.West Java. Some famous dishes from the Indonesian spas are as follows: o o o o o Chicken Satay East Javanese Chicken Soup Rice Custard Grilled Mackerel on Balinese Sauce Warm Ginger Milk Source: JavanaSpa.

Thailand Some other world famous dishes from the Spa Cuisine include: o o o o o o o o o o Thai Spiced Chicken Breast Fresh Mango Soup With Berries And Yoghurt Ice Cream Fresh Guava And Lime Crush Spinach. HuaHin.preferred for their natural crunchiness and flavour. Broccoli. Avocado And Sun-Dried Blueberries With Coriander Mint Dressing Carrot. Tomato And Tofu Soup Orange Poached Pieces With Lime Sherbet Steamed Sea Bass Fillet And Suteed Spinach Leaves With Horseradish Sauce Parsley Chicken Eggs With Caviar Saffron-Steamed Turbot With Anchovies Source: Spa Style ± Asia and Europe . Some dishes that feature from the Thai spa cuisine include: o o o o o Glass Noodle Salad Tom KhaGai Green Chicken Curry Herbal Lemon Grass Tea Steamed Custard In Pumpkin Source:Chiva-Som.

These mini services at lower price points are popular ways to get a taste of treatments offered at many spas. If we look at the need of the hour.´ . and 86 percent offering shorter treatments. Thus. All these reasons listed above are also the sources for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular problems. Spas. this cuisine is now going out from the spas with the opening up of more and more health-based joints which are offering a cuisine called the wellness cuisine which is also almost same as the Spa cuisine. Food forms an important part of every individual¶s life and it is the food that we consume that can provide energy or make us feel lazy and drowsy. And good health is not at all possible without having a good intake that is good food and so it is what we have in front of us today ± The Spa Cuisine. it is not just the Spas where such dishes are available. be it Europe or Australia. with its need being felt all over. the increased preference for fast foods. it is all these problems that are now forcing people to change their lifestyles and focus more towards health and wellness. The lack of time. the invention of genetically modified foods. it is our health that needs to be paid attention to and it is these rising health issues that have given rise to a new form of cuisine called the µSpa Cuisine¶. ³Spa cuisine trends for 2010 show that now you can order up a sampling of spa treatments to try out. diabetes. hypertension. The art of balancing this food to provide our bodies with exactly what they want is what Spa Cuisine does. According to the international Spa Association(ISPA). With 46 percent of ISPA member spas seeing an increase in shorter (30 minutes or less) treatment bookings. The main aim of this cuisine is to detoxify our bodies and enrich them. asthama. it's the perfect recipe for consumers seeking small treats to help lift their spirits. the crazy lifestyles of people may be noted as a few reasons which have brought about the popularity of this cuisine as a µSaver¶. with all its goodness intact. So what exactly brought about the need for Spa Cuisine? The answer is the degraded world that we all today live in. the introduction of chemicals into foods. Spas refer to places which provide mental and physical relaxation to individuals by incorporating a variety of arts of body and mind healing which come from ancient traditions and Civilizations that have prevailed over the years. And now. Spa Cuisine today features globally.Critique Spa cuisine is as multi-disciplined as any of the culinary arts and as varied as any spa treatment menu today. today are offering foods from all over the world to provide people with the goodness from all the cusines and wide varieties for their palettes. increased blood pressure levels etc.

It exemplifies variety. and low in salt. Although its definition may differ from one spa to another and the cuisine itself may vary from one country to another. whole foods with high nutritive value and minimal processing such as whole grains.Conclusion Spa cuisine goes beyond being low in calories. Today¶s spa cuisine. there are common qualities that the health-conscious people can count on. clean. fruits.features seasonally fresh. which is based on wellness. beans and fresh fruits and vegetables and also promotes the sustainability of agricultural resources. is as varied as the menus for spa treatments. moderation and balance through the meals. and re-energising them ± That¶s the goodness of the Spa Cuisine! . And it is not just Brussels sprouts. Today. Spa cuisine is not limited just to spas. rejuvenating their bodies. and bottled water but much more beyond this. it can also be and should be enjoyed in the comfort of home which would provide a better life to individuals by helping to reduce stress. Spa cuisine aims at promoting optimal health and well-being through a sensible strategy for lifelong healthy eating habits. low in fat. legumes. detoxifying their bodies. Thus we see that foods offered in this cuisine are pleasurable and satisfying to all senses. http://telebisyon.php/SpaCuisine http://www.php Books: Spa Style Asia(2002).com/Detox-Food/Organic-Diet.asp http://www.experienceispa.theworldwidegourmet.spafinder.BIBLIOGRAPHY Web Refrences: Thames & Hudson .htm http://www.php http://www.htm ISINE/C http://www. Thames & Hudson Spa Style Europe (2003) http://www.htm http://www.about.

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