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and thoughts on restoring American liberties Obama's Socialist Past
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The Obama Timeline Author Interviews Look inside: Colony 14 Look inside: What You Don't Know About Economics Can Hurt You Inflation Calculator Recommended Reading Obama Presidential Eligibility ­ An Introductory Primer Obama Eligibility Primer Boycott / Support List Declaration of Independence U. S. Constitution Citizenship Terms in the U.S. Constitution The American Form of Government Kerchner v. Obama SUPREME COURT REFUSES TO HEAR KERCHNER V. OBAMA Please help Commander Kerchner! Exactly What IS a Natural Born Citizen? The Logical Analysis of a Natural Born Citizen How to Downsize the Federal Government 5 Minutes About Obama's Eligibility

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Little Things You Can Do... Hope and Change Cartoons The Obama Deception KeyWiki Archive: Is Obama constitutionally eligible? Was Obama's father Malcolm X? A Question of Eligibility FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! SUPREME COURT DECISION NOVEMBER 23 Grinding America Down I Want Your Money! Shameless! Did Obama choose allegiance to a country other than the United States? Originalism and the Natural Born Citizen Clause How has Obama been able to hide so many things? The dumbest woman on the planet (and former Obama economic advisor) The Power of Words The Bank Runs Of The Early 1930s And FDR's Ban On Gold

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A list of possibly unsafe U.S. banks Government gone wild Koran lighter fluid When the Saudi Monarchy Falls Way to go, Barry... Islam in France The first of many barrages against Lindsey "Goober" Graham Iraq versus Libya: a simple chart The Trump Cabinet Dear Mr. Trump Attorney Orly Taitz discusses Obama's ineligibility We've Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers Obama's Islamist Middle East Obama Military Mission Names Donald Trump Is a "Natural Born Citizen" But Putative President Barack Obama Is Not God Bless Donald Trump! Obama's first campaign advertisment for 2012 Eat the Rich!

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 Trump: The Failure of Multiculturalism and How to Turn the Tide 15 Indications That Bad Times Are About to Hit the U.S.Extortion by Wisconsin's Union thugs Ten Reflections On Libya The Most World's Important Unanswered Historical Question Open Letter to Roger Ailes. President of Fox News Channel Obama's Inner Bracket Stand with Israel Food Inflation Hidden in Tinier Bags Are you a racist? Ten missing elements from Obama's speech Drunkblogging Obama's Libya Speech Dear . Economy Radiation Dose Chart Beck Exposes the Federal Reserve CNN praises Muslim suicide bomber PFC Corey Clagett follows superior officer's order to kill unarmed Iraqi open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.

S. stunned by latest undercover sting The Gathering Storm open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. we're plunged into another war Understanding Obama: His One­ World View and Foreign Policy Bernanke Meets His Inept Match In Bill Dudley The Audacity of Golf Rio Welcomes Obama! Jets over Libya as H.unarmed Iraqi insurgeant confined to soli Great Myths of the Great Depression America's Accelerating Downward Spiral While Obama searches for . Clinton Assumes Presidency The Libyan War of 2011 Brazilian oil giant gets permit for drilling in US waters Obama: From Liberal to Invisible (and still too liberal) Money Train Earthquake Risk Map of the United States The Great Wave U.

8 Reasons Why Silver Is the Investment of the Decade How To End the Federal Reserve System Pension and health care funding by state If You Want Electric . You Need Electricity An idiot defends the Federal Reserve open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd...Who wrote Obama's book.. The Truth About Wisconsin Wisconsin teachers union abuses Obama hasn't got the rhythm to do this. Dreams From My Father? You Can Stop Worrying About a Radiation Disaster in Japan The Pulse of the Axis of Evil Addressing Islam: The Muslim Brotherhood and Democracy Waiting for World War III Five Principles That Made America Great Obama's Social Security Hoax Democrats before Iraq War started..

Obama's favorite teachers union They're All Detroit Democrats Now Republican wimps and the passion deficit Aussies Ready to Roll Out Deep Penetrating Radiation Scanners at Airports Obama's ferry fare Food Price Inflation Calculator Oh, To Be a Teacher in Wisconsin Russia, China, Radical Islam and the Latin American Threat to US Survival Proficiency How to handle the 'birther' question Protecting Yourself from Bernanke's Money Printing Showdown in Milwaukee: PATCO Revisited Don't cry for Wisonsin teachers Obama monitors events in Wisconsin... Barack Obama's Louis XV Budget Pigford's Harvest Good Morning, Suckers The Limits of

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The Limits of Obama's Rhetoric Escaping the Great Depression and Extending the Greater Depression Atlas Shrugged ­ the movie! America Alone I crossed the border... The domino theory... A Conversation with a Neo­Conservative about Egypt What If They Gave a Revolution and No Regime Fell? Israel's Never Looked So Good Housing Armageddon Chessboard: Balance of Power Changing Rapidly Rand's Reductions Red Flags in Hawaii No wonder Illinois is broke! Obama's Carter Moment Barack Obama: Portrait of an Etch­A­ Sketch President Reagan versus Obama Miss me yet? The Disastrous SOTU Forms of Citizenship Natural born versus

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Natural born versus native born Idiots at CNN... Together We Thrive... Bogus Democrat talking points on the repeal of ObamaCare I have a clean... America: Paydown problems This Sums It Up A call for civility... Disclosure Required A letter to Obama from attorney Orly Taitz From a father to a daughter... Witness to Atrocity My name is Betsy. I am a killer. Obama Eligibility Primer Buy a House... Then Buy Another Journalists urged caution after Ft. Hood, now race to blame Palin after Arizona shootings The Defender and the Offender Outing Ben Bernanke A Catalog of Evidence ­ Concerned Americans Have Good Reason to Doubt that Putative President Obama

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And then they came for... 25 Signs That The Coming Financial Collapse Is Now Closer Than Ever The Twelve Days of Winter Who's Lying? Tax deal proves Republicans have learned nothing Obama visits the troops in Afghanistan 3.3 Trillion Reasons Why We're in a Such a Mess The Possible Eligibility Fraud and Treason Trial of Barack Obama Interview with Lt. Colonel Lakin's attorney Obama's Final Betrayal The Economic Legacy of the Four­ Year Democrat Congress Small­Biz Killers: Who Pays for Jobless Benefits? National Inflation Association counters Ben Bernanke The Inflationary Depression Wisdom from Senator Tom Coburn Imagine No

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.. or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife's Breasts Before Throwing You in Jail Wait and See. Tea.. But It Does Cause Cancer The Euro Game Is Up The Day the Dollar Died What is Wrong With the Jobs Market? An American Hero Atlas .. 6 Million Benefit­ Paying Jobs Vanish in One Year Coffee. The New Illegal Immigration Problem ­ American Liberals Invade Canada Quantitative Easing Explained open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. American Narcissus Airport Security May Not Work.Imagine No Progressives. the movie Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story Obama will not run in 2012 The Abominable Paycheck Fairness Act The Idiots Guide to the Destructiveness of Public Spending Despite Stimulus...

. the largest in history Why are Companies Leaving California? open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. the Vanity of Obama The joke of Obama's deficit reduction commission Ben Bernanke: The Chauncey Gardiner of Central Banking Gerrymandering 101 Stop the Obama Tax Hikes More outrageous treatment by the TSA When the Dems warned of Saddam and his WMDs Clueless Ben Bernanke 100­Years of the Ever­ Disintegrating Dollar 7 Lame Liberal Excuses For The 2010 Election Shellacking A Staggeringly Empty Suit Democrats covering for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Countdown to the Obama tax .Inflation Is Coming! Inflation Is Coming! Rally Around the Flag! TSA encounter at San Diego International Airport American Narcissus..

com ... Coming ObamaCare horrors The Senate victories in perspective The Winner: Rush Limbaugh Entitlements and Guaranteed Bankruptcy Thus spoketh Harry Reid.. Ignorance on display at the Jon Stewart rally Nude X­Rays From the Government Outrage of the day open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.. Alice Dancing Under the Gallows Sex perverts at the TSA Behind the scenes of ObamaCare.... Hey. US Air A Challenge to Tea Party Elected Officials QE2 The Last Gasp of a Monetary System Agenda 21 For Dummies Food prices soon to skyrocket? Ben Bernanke is a dangerous idiot More proof that California is nuts.Obama imparts his wisdom on India..

..Around the world with welfare ATM cards Why California is Broke Obama's Economic Program An Open Letter to the Walt Disney Company The Day Obama Snaps and Loses It End of Liberty The Inexplicables Thank you. Economy Why Can't Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground? Depression Within a Depression One Man Against the Surveillance State Pictorial Essay of US Citizenship The Logical analysis open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.S. soldiers We all need to start doing this. The Police State Is Doomed Hyperinflation is on the way! Vote Smart! Playing You to the Bitter End 30 Reasons Why People Should Be Getting Really Nervous About the State of the .

Judgment Days: November 2 and 3 Accelerating Towards the Abyss: The Real Story of Fiscal Year 2010 American Hero Mountain . You Have Won Nothing.The Logical analysis of a Natural Born Citizen Democrat election workers currently cheating the vote: you will love federal prison Seven More Days. Take Me Home A Real Mortgage Fraud: Pre­Bailout Bailouts! NPR's Free Ride Illinois Debate audience forces Pledge of Allegiance The Democrats Hate Our Guts Yet another example of the intolerant Left 2010 Is Just Deck Chair Politics on the USS Titanic Obama's puppetmaster Man Fired for Wearing Bush Sweatshirt at Obama Rally Nugent: It Is Us open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. You Have Not Stopped Obama.

open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. Pencil No Groping Me and No Naked Photos Wind turbines and the tissue of lies If you give a Democrat a .0 Scanned or Groped? Hey Daddy! Evil Rich People Epic levels of suck ObamaCare Is Already Costing Americans The Mythical Lincoln Another Myth Busted! Chilean solidarity over psychobabble I.. blow­hard hypocrite iDepression 2.Breaking Point An Open Letter to the Walt Disney Company White House Jester Beheaded For Making Fun Of Soaring National Debt Three Charts that Will Infuriate Taxpayers Why Inflation is Always a Bad Thing Volt Fraud At Government Motors Republican 2010 Victory Metaphors James Cameron.

Obama murdered Medicare The . Constitution in a Nutshell: O'Donnell Is Right. Coons Is Wrong With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan End the Fed and get the gold Obama rallying the troops Obama is giving out your personal information over the Internet So Much Worse Than Carter Deep mortgage doo­ doo The $2 trillion heist Global warming fraud: the tide begins to turn The Second Leg Down of America's Death Spiral Eliminate school choice! Invisible Victims Can they sink any lower? The President's Nun: Obamacare Scranton Scandal Explodes Foreign­connected PACs How Obama is invading your home open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.

The Hail Mary The Violence of the Storm. the Destruction of the Middle Class and the Coming Gold Standard The Killing and Reviving of the American Dream Drowning in Law: A flood of statutes... Ellen Brown's absurd . and regulations is killing the American spirit How to anger 58 million senior citizens right before an election Fuzzy logic from Obama and Axelrod Poseur Puppet And the Oscar goes to. rules. Web of Debt Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure Obama's Tax Piracy Democrat Fail Video! Remember in open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.The American Left Slides into Psychosis Foreclosuregate The As Seen On TV President 4 million lost jobs since Obama took office..

 Economy Another reason to hate . Congressman Mike Pence on the Constitution and the Presidency Kerchner v Obama Update Why Dems Are Going Down in November Cram Down the Ultimate $100 Trillion open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd..Remember in November Congress Can't Repeal Economics The Powder Keg in Our Future What Kind of Person Runs for Public Office? Can I Have A Receipt with That? Big Brother to control Colleges and Universities End the Fed! Gloria Allred is why everyone hates lawyers. The Danger of Islam The Myth of the Clinton Surplus Obamacare is even worse than the critics thought 12 Reasons Why the Food Safety Bill From Hell Could Be Very Dangerous for the U..S.

A. Allen West on Islam Obama regime's top 20 Marxist statements open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.Ultimate $100 Trillion Bailout Phony Money and Fractional Reserves 10 Undeniable "Birther" Facts 10 years needed to turn Europe Muslim Deep Economic and Debt Frictions Triggering Competing Currency Wars Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One Obama doesn't get it Obama's Coming Tax Increase on the Poor The Bastard Child of the Mother of All Bubbles The Top 100 Items to Disappear First Obama Made Us Do It! November is coming Stealth Monetization in the U. Wild West Obama's 2004 religion interview .S. Mourning in America The Not­So­Wild. the man who would be God Obama versus Lt. Col.

com .. The Ominous Silent Canary Accountability and Its Discontents America Still Makes Stuff My top priority.How Hyperinflation Will Happen Obama's Cloak of Secrecy Fractional Reserve Banking Defining Natural­Born Citizen 15 Shocking Poverty Statistics That Are Skyrocketing as the American Middle Class Continues To Be Sl Protecting America in the new missile age The Death Panel is about to rule Gold Price Breakout. How the US Government is selling out your future Obama Flunks the Leadership Test 50 Mind Blowing Facts About America That Our Founding Fathers Never Would Have Believed Death plot Google is Obama's Halliburton We the People open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd..

.com ..The nation's greatest governor. The Smoking Ruin Solution Indymac Boys and Soros Get Sweetheart Deal from the Taxpayers Obama's billionaire pal George Birthers versus Obamatons Robert Reich is dumber than anyone but Paul Krugman The day the Democrats took over Barry Poppins A Non­Prediction Marching Off the Cliff The middle class is being destroyed Our distracted commander in chief The irony of Jesse Jackson's stripped SUV The Fourth Turning Scientist Bails Out Of Global Warming Movement The Obama Crime Wave of 2020 Proof: Democrats at Fault for the Recession Scanners: No Place to Hide Why Bernanke's open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.

Why Bernanke's attempts to fix the economy are only a facade The Third Jihad Home Prices May Drop Another 25% Here's The Trend Obama Is Fighting The Elites Have Lost The Right to Rule An Unofficial Translation of Bernanke's Jackson Hole Speech. Obama... The Keep America Safe Scorecard Obama wants your 401(k) The True National Debt In Bush . Part 2 An Unofficial Translation of Bernanke's Jackson Hole Speech America Facing Depression and Bankruptcy The purpose of the Second Amendment Stunning Revelations from Obama. the Lightworker The Great Deleveraging Lie A sad but wise obituary. Bush Wins in a Rout Sharia for Dummies open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.

Krauthammer The Ecstasy of Empire GZM Music Video: Salt in the Wound Distracting Republicans with the Ridiculous and open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. Sox and Ground Zero Mosques Spot .. Understanding the Fear in the Markets America's Ruling Class ­­ And the Perils of Revolution Like Deja Vu All Over Again Yanks.. as usual.Muslims + Mainstream Media = Madness FED TO SAVERS: DROP DEAD Fair to see yet bound to die Understanding Taqiyya ­ Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah Carts and Horses Inflation Follows the Stimulus Boom Tick ­ Tick ­ Tick The Economy Bomb Gallup Ignoring Its Own Big Stories UNDER SIEGE IN AMERICA Why our best days are in the past.

S.Ridiculous and Absurd President Bush Welcomes Troops August 2010 New York Times scrubs Ground Zero mosque imam's quote More from Obama's religion of . The Weather Undergound ­ documentary Accommodating Muslim football players Lies and Unction THERE WILL BE NO DOUBLE DIP The Incredible. is Becoming a Third World Country The first sign of the death panels. A 9/11 family member open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. Sinking Obama Obama's Ground Zero Dodge Obama's Dukakis moment Best Advertorial You'll See The Obama­Piven Strategy Maybe we need some more ass kicking Obama Accused of Gay Sex. and Murder 10 Signs The U... Drugs...

 Allen Wests battle cry: Come and get it! STIMULUS ­­ REAL OR FAKE Quick Facts About the Raid of the Social Security Trust Fund U. Col. not the government's Our real Gulf disaster GM's subprime solution The Dollar's Third and Final Act A REAL bridge to nowhere Lt. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know It Obama debates Obama! The Enemy Abroad and The Enemy Within open in browser customize free license .S.Obama the Islamic Ballerina 15 Economic Statistics That Just Keep Getting Worse We're in the mother of all recessions Demolish It and They Will Leave! Runaway Slave ­ the documentary The Dame in Spain was quickly put to shame YOUR recession.

Oppose the mega­ mosque at Ground Zero Does this Spanish princess.... The voice of the people.. John Kerry's plan to open in browser customize free license ..... Why I'm Not Hiring Who uses a dead man's SSN? Ted Nugent: It Is Us The brilliant scam of Islam The media cannot tolerate black conservatives Gay Marriage: An Oxymoron Obama's voter intimidation in the 2008 caucuses Dems will lose big on November 2 Janet "Butch" Napolitano lied! Government run amok. You Mecca Me Hot! No translation necessary.. Obamination The White Rose: A Lesson in Dissent The inevitable collapse of the dollar Don't trust Hillary either..

. Be wary of .. Bush and Bush Hitler learns the truth. The Impossible Is Now Possible Removing Obama from office.... Three Things About Islam You Did Not Know Reception problems.John Kerry's plan to destroy America He said what? ICE employees nix Obama boss Why you don't want a Chevy Volt The Unemployment President We are ready to upchuck! The government run amok Journalists Still Hiding Obama's Broken Promises on Jobs The best governor in the nation.. Ban the burqa The Soak­the­Rich Catch­22 Obama is a usurper The End Of The Rule Of Law Your tax dollars open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd..

. Citizenship open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. Refudiate liberalism! More from that religion of peace.. A Torch With No Flame Of sound mind and humor all the way to the end. Hidden cameras on the Arizona border The Breakup of the United States Pictorial Essay of U.Your tax dollars wasted on a Palestinian casino.... Obamatons: Kermit the Frog comments on Obama! Burn this chart into your memory! How to Buy Your Kids a House Obama's many defining moments Why the left uses the term "birthers" Shirley Sherrod's racist husband.S. George Washington's Remarkable Vision Five Immigration­ Reduction Bills Obama's how­to videos Even the Dems are calling Obama divisive Explain ...

. Obama and the Paycheck Fairness Act Obama. the racist and sexist open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.The Law of Nations or the Principle of Natural Law I wonder.. Disturbing oil spill photos The Ten Commandments According to Obama Coming to a bedroom near you? Obama's socialist takeover must be stopped Why are banks withholding high­end repossessions? Dems put politics ahead of saving children North of the Border I Do Not Like This Uncle Sam Fear and Whining in Los Angeles I sure as Hell would have bought them! Tragedy in Haiti If you set . BP WEB OF DECEIT: THE UGLY TRUTH In the "actions have consequences" category.

Profit­Making Is . Average Duration of Employment A heartfelt argument against Kagan Obama's criminal ties to Kenya When World War III started. Joe "not stimulating enough" Biden Immigration Counters The Natural Born Presidency Don't trust either party to cut spending Immigration.. reconsidered Notification of Violation Obama Must Be Impeached Ten Mental Mistakes of Obamatons Documents supporting an Obama birth in Kenya Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit The Elite Turn Against Obama Der VerschwörungsFrosch deckt auf: Obama open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. Not Vice Does Obama Want Your Bling? Quit comparing me...

com ....No mosque at Ground Zero "I want one of them too" Why hyperinflation is on the way.. Dumber than a rock.and likely to get reelected Deficits Are A Symptom ­ The Problem Is Spending The Gulf Oil Disaster: Real People ­ Real Places The financial mess Obama helped create in Illinois An intelligent Democrat comments on Obamacare The wrong­headed Arizona challenge Obama's Rules for Revolution Three Million Imaginary Jobs The Audacity Against Arizona Life and Death in California Outrageous Islamist lawsuit The Islamization of America Obama the Socialist Fascist Communist When We Were Negroes open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.

multiple choice test for Eric Holder Revolution or Civil War: The choice is ours! Bad Medicine: a 100­ day Obamacare check­up Two Bad Investments: Stocks. Obama and the redemption of America The Depths of Economic Hell? Defining unemployment A chart of unemployment since 1995 Obama's new haircut The Dumbest ..EVER! KUHNER: Why Obama is a cultural Muslim Oil Spill Timeline Video open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.. Bonds What has America become? Two Resumes Tiger Woods.The Flight of the Money ­ Where Has It Gone? Learn economics in two hours NASA 2011 Megyn Kelly for Attorney General! An illustrated.

Obama and redistribution Give me your tired. A True Moderate Muslim And Why Obama Sides Against Him Block Kagan! I Fought For You 10 UNDENIABLE OBAMA "BIRTHER" FACTS When the music stopped........ Oliver North Salute to Troops The Manchurian Candidate: Deceiving America America Rising Illinois Election Outrage Kate Smith introduces God Bless America Kagan Must Be Blocked open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. Obama's worst foreign­policy mistake What Really Matters How many of these can Hamas buy. your .. Santa Claus and Frank Nitti It's a good thing Obama has been on this since day one.

 Twinkle.. The best place to be poor open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd..... World Economic Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes That Which is Seen.. and That Which is Not Seen Sign of the times. Little Star? Why Obamanomics Has Failed Remember in November... And this jerk will be reelected in November. from the religion of peace Kagan's Princeton Thesis Cited German Socialist Who Endorsed Nazis Obama and Kagan would have let this woman be killed (Even a Few) Words Matter Whatever happened to Twinkle. Deepwater Horizon Incident Timeline Still more.Time for a little perspective on oil spills Making the World More Dangerous Meltdown! One of these things is not like the .

 and Corexit Write Your Own Caption Breyer's Wrong­ Headed Opinion Schiff: . oil. and Obama. the EPA. preparedness Missouri can stop ObamaCare on August 3 The Ultimate Horror Movie Elena Kagan. the Censor The Democrat racist origins of gun control The Other Bara(c)k? Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve? Ineligibility could prove costly for Obama BP. Is in a Depression Pensacola Beach Covered In Oil And Tar Read this before the November election The Debt Limit: Made Simple Apathetic­ Obama: A Bill of Indictment Do your job. Obama! Obama nominee open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.

... unscripted That Rolling Stone article. borrow less The Scariest Picture You'll Ever See Planning to Fail It Takes a Spillage 1963 Communist Goals Teddy the Traitor World Sees Obama as Incompetent and Amateur The General's Last Laugh Yet another reason to reject Kagan MacArthur Defeats Truman: The Real McChrystal Message Obama.. Louisiana Woman Tells It Like It Is! All the President's (Hench)Men Two Muslim . Body Language The best stimulus? Spend less. Can gold be valued in currency or is itself money? Enemy at the Gates CALL AND COMPLAIN NOW! open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.Obama nominee Kagan.....

. Boycott Absolut Vodka The Three Enablers The fix was in. like we really need this.. Pay no attention... More wisdom from Governor Christie Living in the Economic Past open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. what took you so long? . Salesmanship Obama.. The False Choice 2010 Inflation Report Somebody paid the price.... 101 Thoughts on America's Economy Sympathy Deformed A Dog in the Manger Presidency It All Goes Back in the Box Why we will have hyperinflation Where Do Our Federal Tax Dollars Go? The more things change....Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket Alarming statistics..

 ObamaCare Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque Gulf Oil Rig Incident Timeline We Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet Uncivilized Tactics at UC Irvine North Korean defections unlikely at the World Cup The Other National Debt Andrea Bocelli. on abortion We Con the World 22 million illegals and counting MELTUP Destroying the economy is a feature... not a bug Taxpayer­funded open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.Obama gives taxpayers funds to Hamas Obama Jokes Excuse me. No energy in Obama energy speech Busted: Governments... Pensions.. Unions The 2010 Idiot of the Year Award. The Story of The Star Spangled Banner Roe .

open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. In God is Our .... Obama regrets the death of terrorists. The Millionaire Cop Next Door Never again The greatest threat to America. Daddy? Helen Thomas' Exquisite 'Weimar Moment' Reflects Progressive America How Not to Get Shot by a Soldier Corexit is Killing the Gulf Obama: "It's complicated!" Nowhere to cut federal spending? Mario Apuzzo on Obama's ineligibility The Alien in the White House Terrorist tactics... A book worth reading....Taxpayer­funded global warming lies Gun registration and confiscation under the Nazis Talk about audacity! It isn't the guns that they fear. The Obama Disaster Machine Did you plug the hole yet....

10 People to Blame for the Oil open in browser customize free license . Bilderberg 2010: Between the sword and the wall Saddam's WNDs were shipped to Syria Senior citizens......... Ocean currents likely to carry oil along Atlantic coast 1979 Redux Obama oil spill timeline From liberty to fascism.Join Team Obama in His Fight Against the Oil Spill Obama Fails the Test of Office Judge Andrew Napolitano interview The case for default of the national debt In God Is Our Trust.. God Bless a Re­ Awakening of America Election day reminder. Jihad in humanitarian clothing The cowardly news anchor. The nation's best governor...

.. The deficits. The Scope of the Problem The world economy explained...... Flotillas and Falsehoods A bleak scenario in the Gulf... When Masculine Virtues Go Out of Fashion Courtroom comeback. Time to stop paying taxes? A Torch With No Flame Thoughts for open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. The old . Gene Simmons' Military Salute A Disaster with Many Fathers When Professor Obama Meets Dirty Reality A national disgrace.Obama Administration Closes In On Control of Media Fast and loose with the census Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Ima How to plug the oil leak...

.com .. up. Bye All You Socialist Creeps Obama's Arizona Stance Borders Treason Plug the damn hole! Taxes. Restore Our Border Security Plan Bye..Thoughts for Memorial Day The Freedom Dome Is the oil spill only a diversion? National debt increases by president Muslim beheading in Texas Obama has not raised any taxes? Sestak Memo Only Raises More Questions Reunions.. Obama's Katrina Can you make. where was Obama? Lt.. Nashville flood. and away Obama Must Confront World's Bullies In defense of bigots.. Col.. Allen West on Obama Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) They will just keep open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd... up..

... Israel and Iran 30 Islamist terror plots in the U.... Clearing the Smoke on Obama's Eligibility Illegal immigrants South Korea..They will just keep printing money.S. Mayor Gordon. since 9/11 A suggestion for ... Mexican Immigrants in the United States Let's say I break into your house. Reading is really super swell! Another stupid Obamaton. North Korea. shut up! That volcano in Iceland.S..A. The high cost of cheap labor The disatrous financial regulation bill Why you should own gold Could Palin win in 2012? open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.. ObamaCare's marriage penalty Suspend the Constitution? Sell in May and run away Come to the U.

Dante's Tenth Circle Obama's ties to Goldman Sachs If THIS doesn't frost your a** nothing ... Obama's choice to head Medicare prefers England's system The Socialist Judge: Elena Kagan and the open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.... Barry Soetoro from Indonesia. Katz Why Terrorism Matters How Mexcio treats illegal immigrants Speak for yourself.Some writings by Jonathan I. The face of terrorism in America today. Obama's Waterloo Tell me again why I bothered with college? THIS is FRIGHTENING! The Keynesian Race to Bankruptcy NIA Inflation Charts No mosque at Ground Zero! OBAMA DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE THIS They Walk Among Us..

In .. drill Hispanic teacher calls for revolution Paula Abdul for the Supreme Court! Truer words were never written.... Obama wants your ATM records. not Yemen Obamacare's unintended (?) consequences Dear Anderson Cooper: Time to Plan for War Fraud in the USA Commie Obama Illegals rally in Atlanta open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. Floral print plus plaid? The Greek Economic Crisis Made Simple Gulf oil spill is a drop in the bucket Arizona. baby...Elena Kagan and the Teachable Moment Drill. It's Greek to Us 700 illegals on one trail in one month in Arizona Censorship of Islamic Terminology Everything I ever needed to learn about Islam.

.. Bank Regulation for Dummies Border Alert!! Arizona can enforce its new law Dear Mr. Google Maps with Arabic text? President Ball Sucker Sneak into a baseball game. Obama open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.. Obama's good and bad words "Smart Grid" Myths Federal pay versus private sector pay The Liberty Tree Communists Sue Democrat Party! Why I voted for Arizona SB 1070 The limp and the dead..The nation's best governor Class versus Crass Obama wants your 401(k) Natural born versus native born U. And they say Tea Partiers are dangerous? Can someone explain this? Never mind that hospital .S.

Tea Party Slogans Repository A Question of Eligibility Tick ­ Tick ­ Tick The Economy Bomb Not Too Hip and Edgy for Censorship open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.Dogs on welfare Obama's day at NASA Obama the . Get ready for lousy health care The Mohammed Image Archive Why liberals hate the Tea Party Who's to Blame When a Black Man Rapes a Woman? Afghanistan for Dummies What's wrong with this picture? Arizona's first big catch The Obama student loan takeover Duh! Gaza garbage truck Who uses phony Social Security numbers? Remember November The government can.....

. say the Obamas Ganging Up on Grandma Physicians and Hospitals That Love ObamaCare Awesome! Spreading your wealth The carbon offset­ offset program! Student loans throw us further into debt These are.. corruption back in Haiti open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd..Today... Golf Czar The Tea Party in Boston knew how to right a ship Tea Party racism. Bush deficits versus Obama deficits The Obama budget cuts Thank your military A message from your president. not No we can't We should not be reluctant to assert the superiority of Western values Earthquake over. I Cried for America America .

Tea Parties a delayed Bush backlash So Why Aren't Progressives Called Regressives? Bibi's Secret Letter to Obama Yes. a black conservative site Red Skelton and the Pledge of Allegiance The Goldman Sachs scam Britain . Conservative women versus liberal women Ending the Fed From the Bottom Up open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.. A drunken sailor responds. America's Quiet Anger What Do We Do If the Rich Start to Leave? Feds Busy Rewriting the History of the Collapse ObamaCare Explained.. USA tomorrow? The disaster called ObamaCare The Great Global Warming Swindle Stop Spending our Future Honor It's All Bush's Fault...

Dear Fox News The Reason They Hate Us Let's Outlaw YOUR Business Next The End of Trust Hate the Feds and lose your kids The Shadow of Ryazan Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate Hyperinflation Special Report All gave some. Sunday..... Gold and Silver open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.. Bloody Sunday Study . some gave all Dems and the media at work. Davy Crockett's sockdolager tale.Abortion clinic lies 10 reasons why Barack Obama is the most naïve president in US history The Unfunded Obligations of Eurpoean Countries I own gold and will never sell it Jon Voight's Letter to the American People Pointing out the obvious.....

com . socialism.500 reasons to vote for Republicans Who pays the most income tax? "I Will Follow Him" Why I Love Obama! Obama in Rude Denial America's Quiet Anger Capitalism. and fascism The ObamaCare medicine cabinet How To Prepare For Obamacare: Practice Self­Care Census Numbers Uncensored What the Democrats do not understand Democracy Denied ObamaCare Boards and Commissions The Media's Myth of Right Wing Violence open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.Gold and Silver market manipulation The Ivy League Hates Nullification The Coming Dictatorship The Perfect Constitutional Storm Survivalism in the suburbs A Roadmap for America's Future 16.

. How to annoy a leftist. ObamaCare avoidance tip.The Tax Man Obama's assault on American identity I'll bet you didn't know this! Hold on to your wallet The Administration Attack on American Business ObamaCare taxes on those earning less than $250.....000 The radical left's war on America Health Care Timeline The Complete List of Obama Statement Expiration Dates Obama birth certificate issue more urgent than ever Budget crisis! The most terrifying motion picture in .. A great Judge Napolitano interview Obama's 2012 Commemorative Address The Sneeze ObamaCare: a win open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd... A relieved Jimmy Carter.

.. Your new word for the day.. The "special deals" in ObamaCare open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd..ObamaCare: a win for special interests A letter for your Congressman. Suffer the little children. 20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms Emergency Broadcast! New World Order Ahead! The Democrats' Unfair Advantage Health Care and Detroit: Killed By Government High school arranges student's abortion Effective dates for ObamaCare provisions Caution: Obama has been emboldened Even idiots can learn a ...... Where Were You When the Republic Died? The Obama Retirement Trap ObamaCare Myths and Facts ObamaCare screws senior citizens Doorstep of history..

. fashionista Ferris Geithner's Day Off I've fallen and I can't get up. Health Care Takeover By the Numbers The memo that proves Obama is lying Conservative versus Liberal How to complete the census form Health Care Bill Myths ObamaCare explained...... A one­page health care plan Make sure you read the comments too Some alarming numbers. The Tenth Amendment open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! ObamaCare's Devilish Principles ObamaCare: Everything you need to know Chelsea . Veterans Running for Congress Red Dawn Over America Up to age 26 my libertarian behind.

The truth about the Bush tax cuts Declaration of Tea Party Independence The impact of . The worst is yet to come.... it won't be pretty Full speed ahead..... no budget reconciliation for ObamaCare Obamacare worth the price to Democrats Krauthammer for President 2012! Who says health insurers earn excessive profits? Why government is the problem Penance for Obama voters.. Reconciliation.... Obama Caught Lip­ Syncing Speech open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd..Amendment Movement A Sleeping Nation Census Data Not So Confidential After All The funding gimmicks in ObamaCare The Great Reneger Mark Levin's Great Reagan Forum Speech The fix is in.

 and Cooper! There's A Communist Living in the White House! Security or political correctness? Bernanke on a Bailout of the Treasury Judge Andrew Napolitano on health care legislation . Carter: How They Killed Kennedy The Great Enemy of the Truth The official Sasha and Malia reading list Why Obama illegally fired an Inspector General 159 Big Spending. Big Government Features of Obamacare Great news for Olbermann. health care inflation less than Canada and England Governor Christie sets a leadership example for Obama I'm Sure Glad The Recession Ended Death of a Democrat entrepreneur The Top 20 PACs open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.Dear Mr. Matthews.S.

... and Payback MSNBC Hyprocites open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. Dark Secret Master of the Insulting Gesture Obama gives Ryan the finger at 5:25 Why Obama's job numbers are phony Woman of the Year Progressive Islam. be warned Narrowbacks.Bill Gates is ... Wetbacks. and an idiot If Our Colleges And Universities Do Not Breed Men Who Riot The Four Boxes Newspeak Obama Birth Certificate Destroyed in Hawaii Tsunami! Obama Fatigue Hyperinflation and its Consequences for America Illegal Immigration by the Numbers What to say to global­ warming fearmongers Will somebody please. And what about bananas? The Left's Deep..

... Bush defict bad.. GOP Valentines's Day Cards Defend Michael Behenna Clinton's stents and ObamaCare President Me! The Musical Economic Warnings From an Elderly 3rd Grader Memory aids.Obama's Secret Blueprint Wall Street's Bailout Hustle Boondoggle Dossier2 Obama's Big Sellout After America... A sign of the times.. Civil disobedience and the census How to lose the war in Afghanistan Buy more blankets. Obama deficit good? The Code of the West versus the Code of the Left The Decadent Democrats L'Éducation open in browser customize free license .. there is no place to go.. The worst politicians money can buy.

com . Charlie Wilson and Ronald Reagan's War The Coming Obama Retirement Trap Stimulus Jobs Going to China Palin's Notes vs. Obama's TelePrompTer Dancing With the Politicians! Did Open Border Policies Set Off Mortgage Meltdown? Obama Shrine Global Disastrification! Another Look at Obama's Origins Who Told Fox to Shut Up? Fallacies Behind Abortion on Demand Obama: Imaginary Friend of Democrats How to Blame Bush: Lie Air America is off the air Government Snow Plow Obama talks too much Why Obama beat McCain We're Screwed! open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.If at first you don't secede...

Obama the vindictive Really. teabaggers!" High school brainwashing.2 trillion in tax increases Obama's spending cuts and freezes Obama is nuts.) Unemployed? It's part of Obama's plan A new era of irresponsibility Media Malpractice at March for Life The real story from Haiti... Obama style Make Mine Freedom open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.. the guy is nuts The Obama trash can. don't try it on a plane. Nice Guy More Washington Obama's Nazi Doctors "Don't demonize ... Egypt's move backward The hottest hoax in the world Trying terrorists: some facts The Islam Tax More Mr.Obama's $2... Airplane laptop fun! (No..

. or bad haircut? . Head injury.S. on the wall... Does Obama really need.... Part II... You're on your own. Keep your hand on your wallet. England today... open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd... That's what we do. airline passengers . Why the Dems want "Immigration Reform" America's Impending Master Class Dictatorship Milton Friedman. Mr.. brain surgery.. Mirror. we're Americans Obama clearance sale $10 says it was Shepard Smith at Fox Leftist thuggery in action. the prophet The more things change. U. President This should get your blood boiling... mirror....and the Leftists aren't pleased either This little piggy..Make Mine Freedom (1948) Hello There.

. the Tax Man! The Supreme Court Ruled Correctly Why California is Broke How pathetic! The Bronze Rat Obama did this! (01/23/2009) Republican Women versus Democrat Women.... tomorrow? Freeze that Waste and Fraud (01/26/2009) D. State of Disunion Harry Reid Carries MasterLard Obama.England today. Coincidence? Obama's First Year California Dreamin' Bush advisor mops open in browser customize free license . U... Will doctors dump their Medicare patients on March 1? The Real Conspiracy. Double­Dippers Why O'Reilly and Beck ridicule "birthers" Stimulus Sign Teddy's Wake You can't make this stuff up.

com .... higher insurance premiums..Bush advisor mops the floor with Christiane Amanpour Obama and the 7 Dorks Hitler learns that Coakley lost to Brown. open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. Obama vs. Tiger Senator Brown's daughter sings the National Anthem Obama's Job to be Outsourced to India Coakley and the Curling Iron Case A Brown Victory Would Signal Second American Revolution Haiti's on Hold while Hussein is Heckled Democrats hoisted with their own petard (01/18/2009) Who loses when the dollar collapses? ObamaCare's Marriage Penalty Top 10 Union Corruption Stories of 2009 Global Waming ­ The Other Side More proof Obama is an idiot (01/15/2010) How to keep your airline luggage safe Higher taxes.

.. in Hawaii An offer you should refuse.. I like the sound of the .. I'm gonna tell you something. Flaca.... Connecting the Dots Democrats on an Escalator What Obama Thinks of Average Americans Horowitz and Cadell Keep America Safe: 100 Hours Who's Your Daddy? Obama's Next Three Years Obama's Failed Freshman Year open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.Massachusetts Miracle Cocaine in the White House? Ghana newspaper calls Obama Kenyan­ born Connecting the dots. Anti­War Protestors Impeach Obama simply on the basis of fraud! A Speech Full of Promises to Break Guide to Offensive Statements by Public Officials Republic..

Obama and the Iranian Protesters (12/28/2009) New Airline Rules Obama's Real Report Card We don't need no stinkin' Constitutional authority! (12/27/2009) open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. Shame on Obama for doing . Man of the Year Proof that liberals are NUTS! Three Terrible Choices (12/31/2009) Secession: The Hope for Humanity Bungling Ben Bernanke Another reason to fear ObamaCare Obama will not rest..Strangers On My Flight Warning to All America The 40 Most Obnoxious Quotes of 2009 Why Detroit Sucks The Third Jihad An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians No Left Turns My dog is a Democrat Sarah Palin..

Fascism. from Harry Reid Terrorist Test Runs? Wikipedia and the Global Warming Scam open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd... Depression Beginning Global Warming Thoughts The President Without a Country Top 25 Features of ObamaCare Obama: Unhinged in Copenhagen White Guilt in 3D Yet another job­ killing tax. Away with the Manger The Greatest Man in the World We Must Take the Threat Seriously Nazi Eurabia. defined.What Liberals Do Not Understand Obama Gaffe List Muslim Ghost Town 50 Years of Democrat Rule Recession . and America's Fate The Public Option: Explained in 41 Seconds Merry Christmas..

com . Beggar in Chief (12/20/2009) A Republic..Why no one watches MSNBC. not a Democracy We the People A new low for the left (Warning: foul language) America Under Obama Climategate: History's Message The Need for Shame (12/19/2009) One Nation Under God Never Forget A great Newt Gingrich speech How to Stop Obama The first 8 of the last 9 years.. (12/18/2009) America needs more men and women like this ObamaCare will Kill People Global Warming Linked to Postal Rates! The Manufactured Health Care Crisis Isolate and Crush the Secular Socialist Left ObamaCare meets Global Warming (12/17/2009) open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd...

.com .. (12/14/2009) Capitalist Pigs and Global Warming The Death of the Dollar Twas the Night Before a Non­ Denominational Winter Holiday Hide the Decline United Nations Gun Ban Plan Obama Ensures a Long Depression Nowhere to Hide open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.Consumers Lose Under ObamaCare 100 Reasons Why Climate Change is Natural A Sarah Palin Primer (12/15/2009) The History of Republican Evil Climate Scientologists Exposed A Suggested Survival List The Globalony Warming Apostles' Creed (12/15/2009) The Reagan Obama Debate The Death of the Dollar Alien Tree Hugger One child per family.

.com .. row your ship of state (12/02/2009) Obama's triangulation open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. A TOTALLY JUSTIFIED Angry Letter Obama's Safe Schools Czar Promotes Pornography Walking around blindly...Why California is in trouble... Everything old is new again (12/03/2009) A military mother's take on the president's speech Obama Mirrors LBJ's Vietnam Exit Speech Party Crashers Row.. row.. Social Security Will Go Bust in 2010 Not hiring.. ObamaCare is Bad Medicine The Worst American President poster Another reason Obama has to go. General Patton on tthe War on Terror Alinsky Does Afghanistan Nice work if you can get it..

.com ... and buy gold A business offer you can't refuse... A German's view of Islam (11/24/2009) Sarah Palin's Breast Panel (11/21/2009) People said it didn't matter. Secession From Obama's America A Case for Secession Trial and Terror Psalm 2009 Obama Is Not Eligible A man beneath contempt.. Amnesty by any other open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd....Why I Own Gold (11/28/2009) The Geography of a Recession Global Cooling May Be Coming The Day Al Gore Stood Still Digits and Revolution The Great Thanksgiving Hoax Does Spaghetti Cause Wind? (11/25/2009) Climategate Hide the Decline Read this. (11/13/2009) Almost beyond belief..

. Oh.. the Proud Muslim Gold and Freedom (Olympia) Snowe Job (10/30/2009) Dear Mr.. (11/09/2009) The New Obama­ Pelosi Stealth Tax The Health Care Bill in 90 Seconds Health Care in Cuba The 2012 Race Circus Tents and Side Shows (11/06/2009) The Worst Bill Ever PelosiCare Reading Guide The Pelosi Bill Obama. and Vaccines. O'Reilly: Reagan's Rendezvous with Destiny Birds.. (11/14/2009) Thank you. Pigs.. My! (10/27/2009) The Government Can open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. President Bush and . Bush Jihad AND Treason Devil's Dictionary of Healthcare Reform Advice for Weak­ Kneed GOP Senators The Employee Meeting (11/10/2009) This lunacy has got to end.Amnesty by any other name..

 oh.The Shrinking Middle Class Health Insurers NOT So Profitable Why Health Insurance? Explain this. and Obama (October . Fascism.. by Date How Crazy Are Those Birthers? Doctors "Going Galt" Socialism. But. the humidity! Just Texas Where's the Inflation? (10/18/2009) ObamaCare the Musical! Obama Addresses and Multiple SSNs Obama Meets with General McChrystal Doogie Howser for ObamaCare Job Loss Map. 2009) A hoax? Or even more evidence? ACORN Employment Application open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. Hussein! Baucus Bill Bull (10/24/2009 update) The Baucus Health Care Bill Decoded Internet Censorship We noticed..

 2009) Obama's Olympics (10/02/2009) Implications of House Bill 3200 (09/14/2009) Health Insurance for Dummies (09/11/2009) Why Obama is an Idiot (09/09/2009) Judge Orders Obama Eligibility Case to Proceed Who is Obama? Videos The Last Black President (3/11/2009) Sergeant Friday Lectures Obama open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. 2009) Don Rickles Roasts Congress Kool­Aid in Kokomo The Secret Scrapbook of Barry Soetoro Letter to the Nobel Prize Committee (10/09/2009) Nobel Peace Prize Jokes Ignored Advice The Energy Non­Crisis Top 10 Reasons Why Chicago Lost the Olympics Letter to Mark Kirk (October 5.Obama and Madame Defarge (October .

.com .. The AMA and Obamacare (7/21/2009) While Obama Fiddles.. 2009) Understanding the House Democrat health care bill (6/9/2009) A Moment of Silence (7/6/2009) Excellent translation work! (July 2009) In Commemoration of Juneteenth (July 2009) Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One (6/12/ 2009) America is NOT evil (4/28/2009) Blueprint for a Smaller Government open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. Obama's Health Care Prescription (June 12..Marine Corps Bumper Stickers Canadian Health Care Exposed Shovel­Ready! The Cow Allegory ­ Updated Teddy's Welcoming Committee. (6/24/2009) Negotiating With Terrorists (6/24/2009) Madoff's Scheme (June 2009) Dr.

The Job Destruction Act of 2009 A picture is worth a thousand words. Obama is spelled N­ A­I­V­E The gifts that keep on giving.. Roesgen: (4/16/2009) World History 101 (June 2009) Where is John Galt? (4/5/2009) President Pantywaist (4/10/2009) Obama's Incurable Nausea The Socialist Brain of a Liberal Democrat Surviving in a post­ American world Obama reaches out to moderate pirates Secession ­ One Year Later It didn't work then either. Help for small businesses? open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.. A Question of ........ One more time please. The Founding Fathers' Error..Smaller Government (June 2009) Dear Ms. I hate to admit it....

Dear Senator __________: The Little Red Hen ­ revisited A bail­out allegory BHOSO's speech to Congress. Obama created.Most NATO "Allies" are Useless Three Strikes and You're Outraged! OFA oafs Perverted Priorities An ingrate for the ages. Republican. Iranian style... no more . translated Please. Govern from the center? Salary caps and other liberal lunacies open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd. or Southerner? Justice.. In the beginning.... Eric Holder! The Axis of Idiots Churchill or Patton he ain't. Where is Obama's scalpel? Body counts and tipping points Are you a Democrat.. Choose your weapon.

.. Invalid.. Altruism versus Self­ Interest Why McCain Lost open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.. President Bush: Pardon Abraham Bolden Obama's Stimulating Package Lightning Rod Blagojevich Schlossberg for Senator? The Psychology of Barack Obama Obama's First Attacks on Our Liberties A modest . Throw That Drowning Man an Anvil Do As I Say..Fat black women need not apply Kill the Death Tax! Dear Senator Stabenow: My Brush with the Chief of Staff A sod but wiser man. Obama got what he wanted. No right to buy ammunition? A REAL stimulus package.. and the pursuit of happiness... liberty..

and American Idol open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd... A modest proposal ­ to save $700 billion The Threshold Factor What's wrong with compromise Podiums and lecterns and .. An Obama share­the­ wealth experiment Obama's associations Questions the media should (but won't) ask Obama during the debates Why Hollywood supports Obama Obama's Energy Policy Why I'm voting Democrat. oh my! Obama's spring break in Pakistan Palin.. not capitalism. Obama's 95 per cent tax cut lie A failure of government. abstract art.... First impressions of the first debate.. Truman's hope for peace in the Mideast What Obama would do..Obama's "Stealth Slavery Reparations" If Obama wins..

.com .. Michelle Obama's "Revolutionary" Speech Obama's baby­sitters Still no thrill up my leg.. Cut my salary. Plead the Fifth and screw the Tenth Well I've never been to China.Obama and equal pay for women Eddie Haskell for President? Liberal hypocrites Who wrote it? Obama the flim­flam man Biden's Talk versus Palin's Walk Two lawyers Three­fifths of a person North to Alaska Obama's coronation lies and obfuscations. please. can you spare 0...... Brother.7 per cent of GDP? How Michelle Obama got that big raise We don't need no stinkin' secret ballots! Michael Moore's Strong Suit open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd.

open in browser customize free license pdfcrowd... the Abortionist The liberal thought process explained. O.. It's Not That Easy Bein' Green BHOSO the Clown Obama is no JFK... do no harm. Obama's startling defense of the 9/11 terrorists White males need not respond.At least he doesn't snore... Remember the Alamo! First... J.. Trickle­down . The cure for cancer.....

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