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a waterways project publication co-directors: Barbara Fisher & Richard Spiegel assistant: Thomas Perry

Text compilation: Ms. LieiaRiJey Edited-typeset-printed: JA Brathwaite,

Island Academy printing-graphic arts teacher Produced in Island Academy printing-graphic arts class ... 03/97 Island Academy principal: Mr. Timothy F. Lisante Co-edited: L. Riley

Stephen E. Phillips: Superentendent, Alternative High Schools & Programs

With funding support from

The New York State Council on the Arts Copyright 1997

Buddy Winston is a 17~year old student at Island Academy Alternative High School. If he enjoys any school activity more than writing poetry, it would be "pioneering" things in his printinggraphic arts class.

Strive for Excellence

I live in a violent environment, A really ruff residence,

Where it's hard to strive for excellence .. Those who sell drugs, and are thugs Think it's nonsense to have intelligence· Or have thoughts of becoming President. Is striving for excellence irrelevant?

I honestly think not.

I'd rather be successful Than to own a crackspot.

Some get shot, and some locked up For being what they really are not. This madness has got to stop,

It must stop right now.

Let us start striving for excellence And make our people proud.


Reach for the Sky (U'! Rap)

Until the day I die

I'm going to reach for the sky. Not waste all my time on

the corner getting high.

Some think I can't make it, My pride, they try to take it.

But it's funny 'cause every class

I passed and every test I aced it Ever since coming to this school. Here the rules are so strict,

With guards that will get ya,

Hit ya with so much time

You'll stumble like ya had liquor. Education is the picture

That you put in the frame

Which happens to be your brain. And you aim for the top,

Not posing with guns, flashy clothes, And gold chains as your props.

It's not a fun thing being incarcerated. Never too getting educated.

So reach for the top ...

Don't procrastinate -- kid!


I Can Do It

I can do it!

What can I do? Whatever it takes to do what I can do.

I will do it until it's done. Doing it won't do me harm, "Cause I know I can do it.

So when I am dead and gone To heaven or to hell,

I can say it with assurance:

I've been there, did it, and done it, "Cause I always told myself:

I can do it!


Just Love

Love is a very strong word. Love will make you observe an energy to a reaction,

hoping something good happens. Love can be very painful,

can shame you for life

as your heart melts away like ice. Love makes you think twice. Should or should you not proceed or maybe stop?

Love is hard to explain

but easy to express to someone whom you think is best.

Funny how love can turn to hate when a companion wants to separate. Love operates something

you always wanted to see,

Or what you thought it would be. Love can be a wish that comes true ... like when I met you.


Be My Valentine

Tears fall from my eyes whenever I think of you and all the things

we have been through.

I used to pray so hard every night and every day that you would never

take your love away.

As we would awake

to face another day,

our bodies rubbing together would make my mind

as light as a feather. Whatever it takes,

I would do to be with you

tor if our good thing ends

my heart would be so blue. My life has definitely changed since you made me shine. What I am trying to say is:

I wish you'll forever be mine.


Will You Be Mine

I have a burning desire for your love.

It's just the way you rub and caress me with that feeling Whenever I feel down

and you give me sexual healing, The change it makes in me

is indeed truly amazing.

So tender is your every touch I get this endless craving

Like a hungry man longing tor another bite of a tasty meal.

That is the equivalent of my passion for you when our wild minds meet. This hold you have on my heart, May it last...until death do us part.


A Lesson

Life can be especially hard on a person kind and soft.

For him life seems even harder when something valuable is lost.

In jail, you wonder if another man is out there messing with your girl. To be incarcerated is a depression and the hardest lesson in the world.



To Be With You

Just how do you

do the things you do

to make me feel this way? It seems when I'm alone I'm so very quiet

But when I'm with you I have so much to say

about the present and the future. Forget about the past.

If I had never found you My life could not last,

but draft, drift into another world with visions of my girl,

none other but you

Somewhere the sky stays blue and the stars seem white.

And as long as we are together my life can never bein strife. That's why I love you so

and want you to be my wife .

Hooked On You

My mind lights up like fireworks, Full with excitement

whenever I see you.

If you were a drug

I would be a fiend, "cause 1 need you so.

I'm addicted to your Jove

and your torrid passion. Sometimes I see how your actions can cause a fatal attraction.

Never act cold hearted

to the one who loves you dearly yearly and cheerfully,

happy with your ways.

Giving praise to the Lord for you being here.

Please don't ever leave me Or I'll drown in my own tears.


The Fisrt Time

When I first saw you,

it was love at first sight

My life was full of darkness, but to it you brought light.

You know how to please me, How to relieve me from stress. That's why no matter what

I wliliove you to the death.

My heart beats excitedly whenever you are near

I know now I can't function

if you take your love away? For your I have a ring that will my love forever sing.


In Search of a Song Volume 283

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