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ROBERTO 5 Alves MAYOR SLTUINToTNVETN ROBERTO ALVES Enon pays —_— BALLOT? a Creek ceed -6645 f@w @AlvesforDanbury aa ‘enporcepey: A local leader with the State Sen. JULIE BUSINED State Re BOB GODFREY ok State Rep. DAVID ARCONTI State Rep. KEN GUCKER State Rep. RAGHIB ALLIE-BRENNAN EXPERIENCE, and the plan we need to COUNCILMAN ROBERTO ALVES knows it’s going to take hard work and dedication to make real difference in Danbury. That’s why he’s got a comprehensive plan to move our city forward, not back. As Danbury’s next Mayor Roberto will: e Guide small businesses through COVID using American - Expand Danbury’s Senior Tax Credit Program to Rescue Plan funds to help businesses recover, and bolster single income up to $57,500 and married household our Office of Business Advocacy so it can provide more to $62,500 direct services with a focus on helping businesses obtain ROBERTO state and federal COVID relief loans \ Proactively and consistently maintain our roads, bridges, buildings, and pipes to fi mitigate flooding on rainy days, fill potholes, ensure building safety, and keep our Vv c , 0? Review and update zoning regulations in partnership infrastructure up-to-date eeties, = with commercial property and business owners to Ea maximize and utilize existing space on Mill Plain Rd P> Allocate our precious resources to eet our priority needs while keeping taxes down = = SEIU Local 2001 1 st CSE II9ONE e | Connecticut Stronger Together fur: ‘Ur’ Paid forby Alves for Danbury, Frank R. Salvatore Jr, Treasurer. Local 210 ‘Approved by Roberto Alves. Pernt No 1754

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