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James M.

Local Address: Permanent
111 Adams 708 Forestdale Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Royal Oak,
MI 48067
Phone: 248-953-4886 Phone: 248-

EDUCATION University of
Michigan……………………………………………….Ann Arbor, MI
Bachelor of Arts Secondary Education………………………..Expected April
Major: Social Studies
Minor: Mathematics
GPA: 3.38

CERTIFICATIONS Provisional Secondary Certificate…………………………………

Expected April 2011
Adult/Child/Infant CPR, First Aid, and AED certified……..Current

COURSEWORK Academic Major: Academic Minor:

Introduction to Political Theory Calculus I
Introduction to American politics Calculus II
Principles of Economics I Calculus III
Principles of Economics II Linear Algebra
Introduction to Global Geometry for Teachers
Change: Human Impacts Content Course for
World Regions Future Secondary Teachers
US History to 1865
US History 1865-present
The World Since 1942
Africa to 1850
Teaching of Social Studies in the Secondary School

EXPERIENCE Winter 2011 Pioneer Middle School
Plymouth, MI
7th Grade Social Studies and Mathematics Student Teacher
• Developed and taught three units on Ancient Sumer, Ancient
Egypt, and Ancient China over a semester.
• Integrated green screen, iMovie, Final Cut Express, and digital
video into classroom projects designed to enhance students’
understanding of ancient civilizations.
• Updated and maintained a class website that displayed the class
schedule and assignments.
• Co-planned and co-taught a series of lessons covering slope in
mathematics with another teacher.
• Observed and participated in Professional Learning Community
meetings with other faculty members.

Fall 2010 Livonia Churchill High School

Livonia, MI
9th and 10th Grade World History Pre-Student Teacher
• Developed and taught a two-day concept formation lesson on
• Prepared and implemented an interactive simulation that depicted
the silent trade in Africa.
• Observed the school culture and learning activities used in a
diverse, suburban high school.
Fall 2010 Greenhills School Ann
Arbor, MI
7th and 8th Grade U.S. History Pre-Student Teacher
• Developed a summative assessment and a performance
assessment around early explorers in North America.
• Developed and taught a lesson on European explorers as part of a
• Observed student learning in whole class and group interactions
and paid particular attention to how the psychological
components of learning impacted student development.
Winter 2010 Detroit Western High School
Detroit, MI
12th Grade A.P. U.S. History Pre-Student Teacher
• Studied the effectiveness of instructional strategies and influences
on student learning through observations and student interviews.
• Examined the school culture and resources available in an urban,
public high school.
Winter 2010 Novi High School
Novi, MI
10th Grade World History Pre-Student Teacher
• Created and taught a world history lesson emphasizing trade and
societal interactions across space and time as part of a group.
• Studied school culture in a public suburban high school and
observed how resources were utilized in the classroom setting.
Winter 2010 Cesar Chavez Academy
Detroit, MI
10th Grade Economics Pre-Student Teacher
• Created and taught multiple lessons in economics as part of a
• Explored how the texts were integrated into lessons of the
subject area, in addition to observing how various texts were
used as part of a lesson.
• Studied the school culture and use of resources in an urban
charter school.
Fall 2009 Letters to Success Ann
Arbor, MI
• Assisted high school students with ACT preparation in math,
science, reading and writing.
• Worked with high school students on test-taking strategies and
time management skills.


• Certified Jeff Ellis International Training Program Lifeguard
Instructor, March 2011
• Attended a “Courageous Conversations” seminar focusing on how
to close the achievement gap, February 2011
• Society of Leadership and Success member, 2009-present
• Special Olympics Soccer Coach/Volunteer, 2003-present
• Volunteered at multiple youth soccer clinics, 2004-2007