Affidavit of Truth To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting, I, Me, My, Myself, Affiant, One, living, breathing man

with an address correction c/o Jack Rabbit Patriot Temporary Mail Location, 4800 Briar Patch Lane, city commonly known as Cotton Tail, county commonly known as Swamp, and territory commonly known as Bugs Bunny, being of sound mind, and over the age of twenty-one, whose advocate is Jesus, the Christ, reserving all rights, and who has no bar attorney, and does not waive counsel, knowingly and willingly Declares and Duly affirms, according to law, in special appearance, in good faith, with no intention to delay or obstruct, and with full intent to preserve and promote the public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary, that the following statements and facts, in the matter(s) of C02-1999-C1, and any matter relating to this, are of my own first-hand knowledge, and are the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, with a belief in a life hereafter having rewards and punishments, so help me God.

1. I, Affiant, owns the address Jack Rabbit Patriot, and speaks only for Jack Rabbit Patriot, and speaks for no other person, entity, individual, group, organization, association, order or society, whether incorporated or not, and is not misrepresenting herself, and has not duly granted, sold or donated any power of appointment, special power of appointment, general power of appointment in trust, or any general or special franchise of her name, character, or living body to any other, with the exception of general power of attorney to Big Big Bunny and Little Miss Cottontail to act in my stead by private contract;

2. Affiant States that I, am not, and my name is not JACK RABBIT PATRIOT, JACK R
PATRIOT, JACK PATRIOT, Jack R Patriot, nor Jack Patriot nor am I associated with JACK RABBIT PATRIOT, JACK R PATRIOT, JACK PATRIOT, Jack R Patriot, Jack Patriot, nor related to, and have no contact, nor contract, franchise, donation to, nor


surprise. nor a body corporate. imposition. nor USA. or automatic pre-existing arrangement. nor BB. of any of My documents. or any derivative thereof. the United States of America. or property. Jack R. the foregoing traffic stop and summons to appear applied to Me. personal effects. have made a fundamental Mistake. 3. UNITED STATES. Affiant states that I. or by pre-existing arrangement. contract. nor have I ever been responsible for any/all debts or encumbrances of JACK RABBIT PATRIOT. with any such person. or entitlement. United States. later released and given a summons to appear. am not responsible now. nor State of Bugs Bunny. with either what is commonly known as the STATE OF BUGS BUNNY. Affiant states that neither what is commonly known as the STATE OF BUGS BUNNY. because of misplaced confidence. oversight. or any derivative thereof. Affiant states that I. 2 . Affiant states that I was stopped by a Bugs Bunny state patrolman who stated that he was detaining Me for a speeding violation. or Jack Patriot. inadvertence. nor entitlements of any such person. or donation. 8. have or have had custody or have been donated custody. 6. nor BUGS BUNNY. duly certified or not. nor USA. the United States of America. I was then incarcerated for assault. the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. nor BB. erroneous mental conception. nor have had any contact. 4. nor their agents. JACK PATRIOT. 5. association. or living body. express or implied. or automatic. am not a corporation. shown by the following facts: 8. or entitlement. or franchise "to be" or "to do". Affiant states that I. nor State of Bugs Bunny. donation to. either express or implied. and misconception. representatives. nor am intending or undertaking to become a body corporate. erroneous conviction and belief. United States. or contacts. assigns. nor pre-existing arrangement. JACK R PATRIOT.automatic. Affiant states that I. duly certified or not. Affiant mistakenly presumed. duly certified or not. by Me. neither have. 7. 9. the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. UNITED STATES. Patriot. nor BUGS BUNNY.

but. by making an intentional false statement. so I only recently discovered my mistake. deceptive. 15. 11. duly authorized any attorney to act in my behalf or for my benefit. or misleading. and have never with knowledge and approval. and instruments. 17. Patriot. JACK R PATRIOT. or Jack Patriot. or Jack Patriot. and I made a mistake because of misplaced confidence. and never been represented by an attorney. Affiant received these by mistake. JACK PATRIOT. 18. surprise. express or implied agreement or promise. malicious. other correspondence and documents. Affiant is unschooled in law. or by express or implied consent. nor accepted for myself. Patriot. imposition. in good faith. oversight. Affiant appeared at the request of appointed counsel and the court for JACK RABBIT PATRIOT. then returned Accepted for Value. a knowing and intelligent waiver of counsel. 14. and misconception. Affiant has never given. state that I was not aware that the complaint and warrant and other documents did not belong to me. nor intended to give. made honest 3 . 16. erroneous mental conception. which were sent to JACK RABBIT PATRIOT. Jack R.10. inadvertence. 12. 13. Affiant accepted for value and returned the foregoing documents. and has been without benefit of counsel or an attorney. nor in propria persona. including but not limited to documents received by Affiant by mistake. by mistake. at any time. Jack R. by mistake. I. Affiant has been unable to find counsel who would agree to represent me in "special appearance". by mistake. JACK PATRIOT. and opened by mistake. Affiant wrote and sent several pleadings to the Court. erroneous conviction and belief. since aforesaid arrest and summons were delivered to my home. Affiant has never had any intent of being negligent. and has not acted pro se. JACK R PATRIOT.

acting in concert. complaint. or accepted for value by Me by mistake and were done so by mistake. apologize to all for any inconvenience or hardship my mistake has caused. JACK R PATRIOT. through this affidavit. or mental error. acting in concert. maliciously. and upon my realization. imposition. or being a party to profit out of a mistake. I. 21. JACK PATRIOT. this the fifteenth day of the eighth month. Gregorian.unintentional misrepresentation of facts. 19. will not knowingly. profit. I have not. Any of the aforesaid documents. inadvertence. JACK R PATRIOT. which but for sure conviction. which I may have in my possession are being delivered forthwith to Big Grey Fox. All documents sent to JACK RABBIT PATRIOT. Jack R. I have just realized my mistake: the name on the above documents was not mine. JACK PATRIOT. JACK RABBIT PATRIOT. Judge of record for JACK RABBIT PATRIOT. Jack R. JACK PATRIOT. or advantage. Jack Rabbit Patriot. or being a party to a mistake. cooperate. signed for by mistake. 24. and have not intention or contemplation of knowingly. or Jack Patriot. 23. indictment or other instrument from someone else's name. two thousand. I. cooperate. to or into my address. Patriot. act in concert. and false impersonation. be a party to converting any document. and I ask forgiveness. be a party to. maliciously. and will not knowingly. willfully. cooperating. maintaining. benefit. JACK R PATRIOT. because of misplaced confidence. cooperating. surprise. in the year of our Lord. willfully. by timely communication of this knowledge of mistake. would not have been done. willfully. i. erroneous conviction. 20. maliciously maintain. for my use.e. Patriot. privilege. Jack Rabbit Patriot. oversight. or Jack Patriot. maliciously. 4 . I have hereunto set my hand. and misconception. or Jack Patriot. and I have no intention of knowingly. Jack R. act in concert. 22. willfully. and do not belong to me. In witness whereof. I am immediately notifying all who may have been affected. resulting in an act done erroneously. Patriot.

who being by me duly sworn did say that he is Jack Rabbit Patriot._________________________________ Jack Rabbit Patriot state of _____________ ss: ____________________ county Be it remembered. The Affiant also acknowledged the signing thereof to be his own voluntary act and deed. ___________________________________ Notary Public Seal: _____________________________________ Address my commission expires: ___________________ 5 . and that said instrument was signed by Jack Rabbit Patriot by authority and said Jack Rabbit Patriot acknowledged to me that he as such. that on this _____ day of the _______________ month in the Year of _______. executed the same in my presence. before me ________________________. the Affiant in the foregoing Affidavit.

with God all things are possible 6 .

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