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NEWS & Rtn. Remya Vallathol

FEATURES Editorial Board

President: Rtn. Gopaldhass Chitaya
Secretary: PP Choo Kai Hong
Treasurer: PP Arvind U Gopi Kumar
Editor's note
PP Prof. Dr. P.K. Rajesh
From President's desk
Rotary International/Sister club
PP Arvind U Gopi Kumar &
PP Sarkuru Govindasamy
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Rotary District 3300

Rotary International/
PP Dr. Bernard Chan Yoon Ngen
Sister club
RCBSP activities and snaps
Rotary District 3300 Rtn. Kartik Thavasi Kanoo
Rotaract club
RCBSP activities and Rtn. Dr. Parthiban Govindarajoo
PAGE 9 - 16 Rotary stories: Memory lane
Rtn. Jeevan Jothee Govinda Rajah
Rotaract club of AIMST
Rotary Trivia
PAGE 17- 21
Rtn. Cheng Yi Xin
Rotary stories: Memory
lane Health and Lifestyle
PAGE 22 - 25 Rtn. Prassana Krishnan
Rotary trivia Rtn. Prabu Sundaramothy
Health & lifestyle Rtn. Dr. Parthiban Govindarajoo,
PAGE 27 - 28 Rtn. Remya Vallathol,
Rtn. Dhanesh Thavasi Kanoo


Join our Charity Virtual Run!
Welcome to the "Fight Your Demons" event by the Rotary Club of Bandar Sungai Petani!

Fight Your Demons is a Charity Virtual Run organised by Rotary Club of Bandar Sungai Petani
to raise funds for the Club's charitable projects.
RCBSP intends to raise RM 100,000.00 for 4 main projects:
* providing laptops to students
* providing free cataract surgeries
* providing wheelchairs
* organise mental health/autism/medical camps.

The idea behind this event is to contribute to the community while promoting a healthy
lifestyle. COVID-19 and the resulting constant lockdowns are affecting us both physically and
mentally. It is time to fight the demons/dementors who are feeding on all the negativity. This
friendly race and your contribution to society is definitely going to boost your physical and
mental health. Registration link:
*Welcome to the first edition of The Wheel,
Rotary Club of Bandar Sungai Petani's

Editor's note quarterly newsletter.

The Wheel will not only revolve around

RCBSP activities, but we are also going to
roll the memory wheels of our Rotarians
and share their beautiful stories with you.
Join us as we ride along on our young,
talented and energetic Rotaractors'
activities. Along the way, let’s glance at
Rotary International, RCBSP's sister clubs
and District 3300 news too. And the
journey just gets better, head on to our
Rotary trivia and lifestyle tips, pick a thing
or two from there.

You can follow RCBSP and The Wheel on

our page
or on Facebook at
or on Instagram at

Just like the Rotary wheel which

represents the preparedness and
willingness to engage with other clubs, or
organisations, around the world with the
object of doing good, RCBSP’s The Wheel
will feature how, as a club we form a bond
R t n . R e my a V a l l a t h o l
of friedship & fellowship with other clubs
Me d i c i n e - E d u c a t i o n and organisations, including our own
+6016 612 8432 Rotaract club to reach out to society.
r e my a v a l l a t h o l 0 9 @g ma i l . c o m
I am delighted to bring you this newsletter
for the first quarter of the current Rotary
Year, which features our activities from
July to September. Many thanks to my
editorial team and all the Rotarians,
Rotaractors and friends of Rotary for being
a part of The Wheel. And, if you are a
Rotarian, Rotaractor or a friend of Rotary
and you are interested in contributing,
please let us know.

Let’s get rolling...


Hello everyone. First and foremost, wishing everyone a very
good day ahead.

i am grateful for the opportunity given to me to serve one of

President's the most vibrant club of Rotary District 3300 as the President.
I’m truly grateful as the cooperation given to me by all my
club members are simply fantabulous and great. I need to tell
message this from the bottom of my heart that each one of you have
inspired me by your tireless effort to live up to our motto of
"service above self".

We had a very fruitful first quadrant, where we have carried

out a few projects. The pandemic affected the socio-
economic sector and many lost their jobs. RCBSP gave a hand
to many families by providing groceries. The covid not only
affected the adults, but it was a heavy blow on the
conventional education system. With the help of school
authorities, RCBSP handpicked academically good but
financially poor students and provided them with laptops.
The community is going through a tough time. To add on to
the pandemic havoc, flood hit many places in Malaysia.
RCBSP reached out to their immediate community and lend
a hand by providing groceries and other essential items. All of
these projects materialized because of the dedication each
one of our members put in even in the face of pandemic. Let
us strengthen our team by following what our District
Governor Dato Bindi envisioned, "each one bring one".

While aligning with the noble cause of contributing to the

community, let us not forget to take care of ourselves and our
dearest family’s health, as the Covid-19 virus is still out there,
drastically affecting our lives and daily activities. Being
vaccinated is an advantage; however, it will not deter us from
being infected with the virus should we fail to adhere to the
SOP and the safety measurements.

I am also excited about how our Rotaractors under the

leadership of President Chong Sin Yee and her BOD is coming
Rtn. Gopaldhass Chitaya up with a lot of interesting and innovating ideas and projects.
I wish RAC all the best in their endeavours.
Automobile Sales
+6012 401 1044 One of my goal as the President of RCBSP was the start of a newsletter to show case all the activities and creativities of
RCBSP, RAC and also friends of Rotary. We are starting off as a
quarterly newsletter and I wish all the best to the editor, Rtn.
Remya and her team.

As I am stepping to the second quadrant of my Presidency, I

am sure we will do greater service because my leadership is
fueled by the brilliant and beautiful minds of my board of
directors and the rendering support of each and every one of
the RCBSP family.
Let’s work towards the betterment of our community..
Let's do it…
Thank you.



Gopaldhass Chitaya


Sarkuru Govindasamy

Thiagarajan Letchumanan

Choo Kai Hong

Arvind U Gopi Kumar

Dr.Bernard Chan

Cheng Yi Xin



Kalian Kalimuthu

Remya Vallathol

Koek Yee Jeen


Parthiban Govindarajoo

Kartik Thavasi Kanoo


Rotary International with 1.2 million members, in clubs all over the
world, is committed to follow the "DEI" policy. The question is as a
Rotarian are you following and propagating the ideas of DEI?

At Rotary, we understand that cultivating a diverse, equitable, and

inclusive culture is essential to realizing our vision of a world where
people unite and take action to create lasting change. We value
diversity and celebrate the contributions of people of all
backgrounds, across age, ethnicity, race, color, disability, learning
style, religion, faith, socioeconomic status, culture, marital status,
languages spoken, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity as
well as differences in ideas, thoughts, values, and beliefs.
Recognizing that individuals from certain groups have historically
experienced barriers to membership, participation, and leadership,
we commit to advancing equity in all aspects of Rotary, including in
our community partnerships, so that each person has the necessary
access to resources, opportunities, networks, and support to thrive.
We believe that all people hold visible and invisible qualities that
inherently make them unique, and we strive to create an inclusive
culture where each person knows they are valued and belong. In line
with our value of integrity, we are committed to being honest and
transparent about where we are in our DEI journey as an
organization, and to continuing to learn and do better.




Mental Health Day Event

10 OCTOBER 2021

World Polio Day Event

24 OCTOBER 2021

DG's Visit to RCBSP

23 OCTOBER 2021

PrePETS 1 hosted by
VIRTUAL WGM with District Governor,
RCBSP Rotary international PolioPlus Chair, Co-
13-14 NOVEMBER 2021 Founder of WGM and WGM
Country(Malaysia) Coordinator

Presidential Initiatives
Learn about Shekhar Mehta’s presidential initiatives
and how your club can help advance them.

Empowering Girls Campaign

Rotary Days of Service


RCBSP July-September activities
Urgent Di s as t er Rel i ef f or Bat u
Feri ngghi f l ood vi ct i ms

Rotary Club of Bandar Sungai Petani partnered Micron Malaysia to provide

urgent aid to flood hit Kampung Batu Ferringhi. RM10,000 worth of
mattresses and food supplies were sponsored by Micron Malaysia. Mr Amarjit
and Micron Malaysia team met up with us at Batu Ferringhi and paid a visit to
affected families before distributing the emergency rations to them.
President Gopaldhass led the Rotary team comprising Rotarians Koek,
Thiaggu, Jega and Dr Bernard.


RCBSP July-September activities
Support i ng Kl i ni k Kes i hat an Bandar
Sungai Pet ani ' s COVI D- 19 As s es s ment
Cent re

With the relentless rise in COVID-19 cases in Kuala Muda District, Klinik
Kesihatan Bandar, which runs the COVID-19 Assessment Centre (CAC) and testing
centre in Sungai Petani called for assistance in monitoring equipment for
patients who stream through the centre. The patients who were reported to be
positive, need to be assessed by the CAC. More than 300 patients are managed
per day. Rotarians Koek and Dhanesh delivered medical equipment for Klinik
Kesihatan Bandar Sungai Petani. They were received by Dr Habshoh, Family
Medicine Specialist in-charge.

The equipment handed over are:

* MDA-certified Oxitech Pulse Oximeters x 6 units
* Omron BP monitors x 6 units
* Standing thermometers x 3 units
* Stethoscopes x 3 units
The total value was RM 2,181.


RCBSP July-September activities
Pant ai Hos pi t al Sungai Pet ani
Cont ri but es t o Fami l i es Af f ect ed by

Urgent contributions of food items were handed over to Rotary Club of

Bandar Sungai Petani by CEO MS Tio of Pantai Hospital Sungai Petani. They
were immediately distributed by President Gopaldhass, Rotarians Koek,
Jeevan, Sanmugam, Dhanesh and Rev Alfred to beneficiaries in Kampung
Baru Jalan Taman Mewah and Taman Keladi. CEO Ms Tio and Matron Katini
joined Rotarians to distribute food aid at Kampung Titi Mandi Lembu, Sungai


RCBSP July-September activities
Rot ary and Mi cron Mal ays i a bri ng
Lapt ops t o St udent s f or Onl i ne Learni ng

Students deprived of access to online classes during lockdown received

laptops to enable them to reconnect and reestablish their education. Thanks
to Micron Malaysia for supporting education!

A total of 25 laptops (RM 32,475) were delivered in this joint project by

Micron Malaysia and Rotary Club of Bandar Sungai Petani.


RCBSP July-September activities
Del i veri ng Lapt ops t o St udent s wi t h
Rot ary Cl ub of Keri an

Rotarians deliver laptops from Micron Malaysia to students who have been
missing out on online learning as schools remain closed . President Gopal,
Rotarians Thiaggu, Moorthy and Dhanesh joined Rotarians from Rotary Club of
Kerian to deliver the laptops.

Thank you, Micron Malaysia for supporting education. A total of 25 laptops

(RM 32,475) were delivered in this joint project by Micron Malaysia and Rotary
Club of Bandar Sungai Petani.


RCBSP July-September activities
OCBC Al - Ami n Hel p i n Overcomi ng
Barri ers t o Onl i ne Learni ng f or St udent s

Barriers to online learning exist for some students who cannot afford the
equipment. Rotary and OCBC Al-Amin partner to deliver laptops to bring
equitable learning for them. Ten students from Bedong, were happy to receive
the laptops via Rotarians Jeevan, Moorthy, Rev Alfred.

Thank you, OCBC Al-Amin for supporting education. A total of 20 laptops (RM
25,980) were delivered in this joint project by OCBC Al-Amin and Rotary Club
of Bandar Sungai Petani.


RCBSP July-September activities
Rot ari ans hand over Wheel chai r t o
anot her benef i ci ary of "Lend- a- Wheel "

Charter President Dato' Dr Subramaniam and Rotarians Shanmuganathan and

Jeevan delivered the wheelchair on 8 September 2021

More info on Lend-A-Wheel here:


RCBSP July-September activities
The talks conducted by RCBSP are accessible
through RCBSP YouTube and Facebook handles


Rotaract Club of
AIMST University


RAC Madurai North X RAC AIMST University

Rotaract Club of AIMST and Rotaract Club of Madurai North had a joint
fellowship on the 13th August 2021 via ZOOM. This meet was to have a
culture-sharing session from both clubs. The sharing consisted about
the vast diversity of our cultures including the multiple races and
religions, the traditional clothes, festivals, food and dances. It was
definitely a nostalgic event for both parties who have longed for a
vacation for too long. The fellowship then continued with some fun
games such as tongue-twisters, riddles and us making jokes and
having lots of fun! In the end, there was a brief session where both
parties shared some information on the other project developments
that were going on.


Rotaract Club of
AIMST University

World Youth Skill Day - RESILIENCE 2021

The United Nation

inaugurated the “World Youth
Skills Day” to instill the
driving force in youths and
make them realize their
province and its impact on
the world. In conjunction
with this, the Rotaract Club of
Islamabad organized an
entrepreneurship event
termed Resilience 2021. The
event aimed to target youths
today, to coach and build
them into becoming
tomorrow’s young
entrepreneurs. Rotaract Club
of Aimst University, were
approached to co-host this
event alongside numerous
other clubs from all corners
of the world. The project
aimed to prepare the young
generation for strong
entrepreneurship and to
teach them how to solve
problems revolving around
businesses. The webinar was
conducted in 4 segments,
which was conducted by
Mr.Terrence Hugo Tan.


Rotaract Club of
AIMST University

‘Business & Investment 101’ was

conducted to educate the
public, students and young
entrepreneurs on this field
during this pandemic.
Numerous interesting topics
were covered and attracted
about 70 participants for each
episode. This webinar series had
5 different episodes, which
covered on topics such as How
To Start A Business In Malaysia,
Branding & Digital Footprint,
How To Get Into E-Commerce,
What To Expect From A Stock
Market and Cryptocurrency.
Various speakers that are
experts on their respective
fields were invited to this
webinar series to share their
knowledge and experience.


Rotaract Club of
AIMST University
National Day Carnival
‘National Day Carnival’ was
conducted to encourage patriotism
among the participants and members
of Rotaract Club of AIMST University.
There were several competition
conducted throughout this event.
Such as Dressing, artwork, and
photography. Besides these
competitions, they also had an online
celebration which was held on 16th
September 2021 via zoom. They had
several performances by Rotaractors
and also conducted a Kahoot Quiz
Competition too. The guests of the
event wereour club advisors Ms
Remya and Dr Parthiban and also our
District Rotaract Representative Mr
Joshua Tang who gave a special
appearance on that day.


Rotaract Club of
AIMST University
RAC AIMST 5th Installation
RAC AIMST had their 5th Installation
on the 25th September 2021.
Although done virtually, it was not
short on fun and excitement. DG Dato
Bindi, DRC Mr.Neeraj, DRR Joshua
Tang, members of RCBSP graced this
occation. The new President of RAC
Aimst, Chong Sin Yee was inducted
together with her new BOD for the
term 21/22. We wish her and her BOD
a very best of luck in all their


Memory ROTARY....
Lane Adventure in
When I was being welcomed officially
into my Rotary Club way back in 1977,
the President, Major Devan Pillai,
made two points which still lingers in
my mind.
First, that my fellow Rotarians had
chosen me, not in the sense of
exclusiveness but because they
believed that I was the person to
represent my business in Rotary;
and second, that I was beginning a
new adventure in Service-an
adventure in the strict definition of
the word: 'a bold undertaking in
which certain hazards and unforeseen
developments were to be met'.
Yes, it is an adventure. The experience

and testimonies of thousands of
CP Dato’ Dr. Subramaniam Rotarians say it is or can be.
Sundram If a new Rotarian has been properly
Medicine - Retired orientated and if his club is alive to its
+6013 456 7663 obligations and opportunities, his
membership is an adventure.
Service above Self is our prime goal,
but new dimensions will be revealed
as our fellowship deepens within the
community and broadens around the
Such an adventure, as all adventures,
poses certain hazards. But they come
as a challenge to us as Rotarians.

Thank you.


Memory My rotary journey:

Lane a blend of passions
Despite growing up in a Rotary family,
with immediate and extended family
members having been Rotarians, with
one of them going on to be District
Governor at the age of 37, I still did
not know rotary quite well. For our
membership drive, this is now
cardinal, to explain ‘Rotary’ to our
near and dear ones. If we do not
educate our near and dear about
rotary, who else will?

Prior to my move to Malaysia in early

2005, a Rotarian family member in
India advised me to contact one of his
(Rotarian) close friend upon arrival. I,
however, did not contact the person.

My induction to the Rotary happened

PP Prof. Dr. P.K. Rajesh much later in life. It was in January
Medicine - Education 2012, when I became a member of the
+6016 495 9372 vibrant Rotary Club of Bandar Sungai
Petani. That was the year the
University students had launched a
CSR club. As founding advisor of the
club, I needed ideas, information, best
practices etc. to learn and implement.
Rotary provided all that and more.
The Rotary Foundation receives
highest rating from Charity Navigator
every year and it was an honour to
learn the best practices from the best.

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Memory Lane
My rotary journey: a blend of passions
Until I attended a Rotary workshop on pre-assessment of wheelchair beneficiaries, I
used to be part of teams that handed over wheelchairs like candies.

The workshop gave the rookie service projects chair insights on:
1.Assessing if the person genuinely deserves a wheelchair
2.If they would benefit or be harmed by using a wheelchair
3.Providing customized wheelchair to the beneficiaries.

"The realisation
Matching grants, district grants, global grants were
Greek and Latin, until we applied for it hands on.
The awareness of the availability of resources for
signature sustainable projects was so refreshing.
The partnerships with private and Government
that Rotary can
sectors, banks and hospitals, enabled a project to
provide 100 cataract surgeries for the offer alot more,
came later"
underprivileged. Application for grants and service
are essential traits for an academic and these
opportunities were God send.

After the initial euphoria of being empowered to serve the community, there came a
thought. I can do all the above even if I am not associated with any NGO. The
realisation that rotary can offer a lot more, came later. The 2012 Rotary Youth
Leadership Awards (RYLA) gave a new meaning to the incoming Youth Service chair.
The 2013 and 2014 district RYLA was organized and conducted at the University. This
helped our students to organize a mega event, tapping on their team work,
leadership and networking skills. The awareness and the global reach of the events
lead to me being invited as an inspirational coach for the International RYLA at
Sydney. I should say this remains my best Rotary moment yet. A glorious week
engaging with diverse youth from all over the world. The experience helped an aging
me understand the new gens pulse a lot better than before. 2014 and the RYLA
helped bestow on me the “Best Rotarian Award”, “Avenues of service citation award”
and the “Outstanding project award”-Youth services-District RYLA 2014.

The Rotary journey gave some experiences like donating prosthetic limbs to war
veterans in Sri Lanka, and providing medical laboratory facilities for an old folk’s home
in India. The Sayangi Mata Vision clinic was a district event, which saw our district
distribute 3344 spectacles in a single event, entering the Malaysian Book of records.
The event was hosted at the University, with our students involved in the planning,
budgeting, logistics, screening (acuity of vision) service and execution. The university
Rotaract club was activated and the University CSR efforts were enhanced. This
completed a big cycle with me now becoming the founding advisor of the Rotaract
club.. ...continue to next page


Memory Lane
My rotary journey: a blend of passions
Vocational training to reskill the workforce is another Rotary programme. A joint
project between the Rotary districts of 3300 Malaysia and Nagoya, Japan, allowed
me to lead a team of doctors, nurses and Rotarians to visit Nagoya to update on
the best practices of infectious disease prevention and treatment in February 2018.
We hosted the Japanese team when they returned the visit in May 2018.
I am immensely passionate about infectious disease studies. Hence, the honour of
becoming Malaysia’s country coordinator for ‘World’s Greatest Meal’ to eradicate
polio was very meaningful. This provided networking with polio and infectious
disease experts from all over the world, while enhancing awareness to other fund
raising projects. The durian WGM, the electrolyte WGM, for instance, were a few of
the innovative fund raisers we carried out. National and international webinars,
Kahoot quizzes and many other events followed.

"It is upto each one

The WGM helped raise small amounts
periodically and our club could easily achieve
its ambitious TRF goals every year. The shy TRF
chair* was greatly benefitted.
of us to seek our Polio, circulating vaccine strains, vaccination for
refugees, the adverse effects following mass
vaccination were all discussed in the GAVI,
calling to do more vaccine safety summit at the
headquarters, Geneva in December 2019. The
exposure to the information and hands on

good in the World"

experience as country coordinator made it
possible to participate in this global summit.

The Rotary Education Fund and its activities taught me about intentional
mentoring. This new skill helped an aging educator to better engage with the new
generation. The Rotary action groups and the fellowships provide adequate
avenues for people in any vocation to take up and develop their interests. I joined
the HEWRAG, the action group against Hepatitis, which helped me greatly in my
academic pursuits. Meanwhile, joining the strategic planning fellowship group
served as continuous learning for my administrative career path.

At least, one of the seven focus areas of rotary would

appeal to anyone’s passion. It is upto each one of us
to seek our calling to do more good in the World. We
cannot pour from an empty cup, and rotary can help
us develop our own brand.
Well, I finally met the person who I was supposed to
contact in 2005. However, it dawned on me much
later that it was none other than PDG Dr Baskaran.
PAG Rajesh

1. Rotary club of Chicago and Silvester Schiele
2. A comfort station (public toilet) in Chicago. In Chicago at that time, only saloons
and department stores provided public conveniences and these could only be used
by patrons.
3. This is the banner of the Rotary Club of Space Center, which was carried by
Rotarian Colonel Frank Borman on Apollo VIII Lunar Mission December 21-27, 1968
4. In 1959 at Queensland, Australia Rotary Youth Leadership Awards was organised
by the Rotary clubs there. In 1971, the RI Board officially adopted RYLA as Rotary
international program.
5. Sylvia Whitlock in 1987
Rotary Club within Rotary International and when?
5. Who is the first woman to hold the position of president of a
4. When and where did RYLA begin?
3. What is special about the below Rotary Club banner?
2. What was the first Rotary Club community project?
1. Which is the first Rotary club and who was the first
Rotary Trivia
Health & Lifestyle


1. Water - 260 ml

2. Egg - 1

3. Sugar - 60g

4. Salt - 1 tsp

5. Butter - 60g

6. Milk Powder - 20g

7.High Protein Flour - 350g

8. Rose Flour - 150g

9. Yeast - 2 tsp

1. Mix all the ingredients
2. Spread the dough over and under the pot of
3. Proof using 40 degrees Celcius for half an hour.
4. Glaze with egg
5. Bake at 180 degrees Celcius for 15 minutes.


Health & Lifestyle

Well we all have those; the good day and the bad day. We need to have some
easy tips under our sleeve to make most of the days happy.

Smiling causes the brain to release dopamine, which makes us happier. Just try
it. Well not the smile of creepy clown from IT but a sweet one from your heart
can make other happy too. Did you know that smile is infectious?


Yaa yaa all the OTTs are waiting for you with load of movies, but deep deep
inside you know that a good sleep can take care of our health, brain function,
and emotional well-being.

Why not keep a tab on our gratitude or keep a gratitude diary? Being grateful or
feeling gratitude can significantly impact on our feelings of hope and happiness.

Giving a sincere compliment is a quick and easy way to brighten someone’s day,
which in turn can give your own happiness a boost. Catch the person’s eye and say
it with a smile so they know you mean it. And the surprise and smile on their face
can in turn make you feel happy.

When you are stressed or tensed involuntarily you take a long, deep breath to calm
yourself down. Your body’s that instinct is a good one coz I am sure you know that
deep breathing exercises can help reduce stress. Why not practice a simple one?


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