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Appraisal Process:

Appraisal Process over the years in HCL has gone through various changes and year 2009 – 10 was no exception
of implementing new ideas and making process more employee friendly. This year E0/E1 band employees
experienced the major change in their forms while Business Heads could take decisions and control of their own
budgets with the help of Budgeting Module.

This document tries to explain the appraisal process and role of each stakeholder in the process from a bird’s
eye perspective.

Flow of Process:

Appraisal Appraisee
Submitted on time
Initiated Pending

Reverted to be
filled in 2 days No Appraisal No
by appraisee Blocked Yes
Blank form
moves to
Appraiser agrees
Appraiser with
to ME/BE rating
default ME

Appraiser Yes
submits on Reviewer


Reviewer Stays with Appraiser| Reviewer

agrees to Appraiser will not be submits on No
ME/BE rating able to submit own time
appraisal form

Stays with

L4 Stage

HR Stage

C&B Team
Comp Release
Review Salary Structure
Board Definition

E6& above
E0 to E5

Letter Release


I. Appraisee: Employee undergoing appraisal process

II. Appraiser: First level manager in appraisal process
III. Reviewer: Second level manager in appraisal process
IV. L4 Head: Business Head of the respective L4 unit
V. HR: HR executive of the respective L4 and location
VI. Normalization: A process of bringing in forced rankings/ratings as per the defined percentages for each

Role Description:

I. Appraisee: Depending on one’s band and Org Unit, the appraisal form would get populated on the
‘PMS’ link in My HCL with various sections. KRA’s (Key Result Areas) for employees in E0/E1 band will
get auto populated whereas for other bands KRAs’ have to be filled in manually. All appraisees have to
assign weightages to each KRA and rate themselves on the same. Appraisees also have to provide
feedback towards the organization, appraiser, his/her team, etc. All this has to be done within the
defined timelines or else blank form gets auto forwarded to the Appraiser with ‘Meets Expectations’

II. Appraiser: Once appraisee submits the appraisal form to appraiser, appraiser is expected to discuss the
same during ‘One-on-one discussion’ with the appraisee and rate him on each KRA. Appraiser also has to
give an overall rating to the appraisee for his/her performance during the respective performance
review period which has a possibility of getting changed in the subsequent stages (by the reviewer and
the L4 Head only). But whenever the rating is changed in subsequent stages, immediate
communication is sent to the appraiser.

What Appraisers CAN DO?

a. Appraiser can rate appraisee against each KRA
b. Appraiser can edit the weightages assigned by appraisee against each KRA
c. Appraiser can change Overall Performance Rating from the one calculated by the system.
d. Appraiser can give confidential comments about the appraisee to reviewer, assisting reviewer in
taking decision related to rating and promotion in the subsequent stage

What Appraisers CANNOT DO?
a. Appraiser cannot give Promotion Recommendation
b. Appraiser cannot give Super Star Recommendation
c. Appraiser cannot give Salary Increment Recommendation
d. Overall Rating given by Appraiser can be changed at subsequent stages

III. Reviewer: Once the appraiser is done with role in the appraisal process, appraisal form moves to the
reviewer stage. Reviewer has to submit the Overall Rating for an appraisee. He may choose to keep the
performance rating given by Appraiser or may change the same. In case he decides to change the rating
given by the appraiser, appraiser is informed about the same via mail. Performance Rating given by
Reviewer may be changed by L4 Head in subsequent stage wherein immediate communication is sent
to the appraiser and reviewer.

What Reviewers CAN DO?

a. Reviewer can change the Performance rating given by an appraiser
b. Reviewer can give Promotion Recommendation, however the final recommendation is given by L4
c. Reviewer can give Super Star Recommendation for an employee, however the final
recommendation is given by L4 Head

What Reviewers CANNOT DO?

a. Reviewer cannot give the final overall rating. Performance Rating given by Reviewer may be
changed by L4 head in subsequent stage.
b. Reviewer cannot give the final promotion and superstar recommendation. Recommendation given
by Reviewer may be changed by L4 head in subsequent stage.
c. Reviewer cannot give Salary Increment Recommendation

IV. L4 Head: Subsequent to Reviewer submission, appraisal record moves to the L4 Head for normalization
and salary increment recommendation. L4 head finalizes the recommendation received from reviewer
and normalizes ratings at his end. He also takes final decision on Promotion recommendation and
compensation revision (i.e. increments). He may choose to go ahead with reviewer’s recommendations
on Rating and Promotion or may decide to edit the same. In case, he decides to edit any of the
recommendation suggested by reviewer, a system mailer gets generated to inform the reviewer and
appraiser about the same. While doing normalization and finalizing Promotion Recommendations, L4
head has to meet the guidelines published by the Corporate HR (C&B Team) in respect of the defined
percentages for each rating and promotion & superstar numbers.

What L4 Heads CAN DO?

a. L4 head can take decision with respect to appraisee final rating, promotion recommendation,
superstar recommendation and salary increment percentages. L4 head decision with regard to
rating, promotion, superstar & increment recommendation is final and cannot be changed in any
subsequent stages.
b. L4 head can decide the Bell Curve (percentage of each rating to be assigned) for his/her L4
c. L4 head also decides the default increment percentage matrix for his L4 against each rating within
the overall budget allocated to him.

What L4 Heads CANNOT DO?

a. L4 head cannot deviate from the Bell Curve once he has taken decision on the same
b. L4 head cannot give increments beyond the budget allocated for his/her L4 Unit
c. L4 head cannot give promotions more than the allotted numbers
d. L4 head cannot give superstar rating for more than the allotted numbers

V. HR: After the L4 Head gives his final recommendation, HR takes care of New Designation and New Band
selection for Re-designation and Promotion cases. Post validating the recommendations against each
appraisee, HR submits appraisal records to C&B Team.


a. HR can select new Band and new designation for an appraisee, in case there is Promotion or Re-
designation recommendation by the L4 head.


a. HR cannot change the rating given by L4 head
b. HR cannot give/remove Promotion Recommendation
c. HR cannot change the increment percentage submitted by L4 Head
d. HR cannot give superstar rating

VI. C&B Team: C&B team is responsible for auditing of all appraisal records, calculating salary structures
and scheduling letter releases. C&B team also keeps a check on the implementation of the guidelines
circulated to L4 heads and HR partners.

What C&B Team CAN DO?

a. C&B team can refer back the records to HR that failed in the audit process
b. C&B team can release the letters once submitted by HR

What C&B Team CANNOT DO?

a. C&B team cannot change Rating, Promotion Recommendation & Increment Percentages
b. C&B team cannot change Proposed Designation & Band suggested by HR


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