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50 Fairfield Drive

London, SW18 1DL, UK

Benjamin LEPOUTRE +44 77 151 64 865

PROFILE: Dynamic international French student studying in the UK, in fourth year of Bachelors
degree in Economics, and Politics with European Study with the desire to further develop
his knowledge, analytical skills and corporate understanding, while learning in a
challenging professional environment.

2007- 2011 University of Exeter, Exeter, UK.

BA in Economics and Politics with European Study with Spanish Proficiency.

2009-2010 Universitat de Valencia, Campus de Tarongers, Valencia, Spain.

Erasmus Study Abroad Program in the Business and Economics Department.

1996-2007 European School, Culham, Oxford, UK.

European Baccalaureate – Taught in French, English and Spanish in a multicultural


Year 2011 Administration Tasks, ICEF, UK.

 I was offered the opportunity to work from university and complete several missions
and tasks, including administration duties such as data entry, and data modification.
Summer 2010 Human Resources BNP Paribas, Mutuelle du Groupe BNP Paribas, PARIS, FR
 As part of the insurance filial of the BNP human resources; calculation of costs of the
individual insurances of the workers, adding beneficiaries to their policies,
administration tasks, answering the telephone for queries, and working as part of a
team to achieve the most efficient and successful results.
2009 -.2010 Private English Teacher, Valencia, Spain.
 Teaching English, assisting students with English language courses to help them
develop their understanding, and comprehension of the language.
Summer 2008 Restaurant Supervisor / Waiter, Coconut Beach Resort and Spa (5 Star Hotel), Cape
Tribulation, AUS.
 Hosting, dealing with client needs and complaints, as well making sure food delivery
was carried out efficiently, and maintaining the 5 star rating standard of the restaurant.
Summer 2007 Order Preparation, RM Computer Plc, Oxfordshire, UK.
 Picking and Packing. My responsibilities included ensuring the orders were carried out
efficiently and respecting the requests of customer demands in terms of time and
 Working actively as part of a team.

May 2007 Played the role of “Portuguese Minister Of Health and Education” Model European
Council, Goteborg, Sweden.
 Selected amongst 100 pupils to participate in a European simulation of EC meeting
 Expressing Portuguese position on agenda policies, such as the impact of fast food and
alcohol consumption, and dividing EU health subsidies according to needs.

2005 - 07 Under 12s Basketball Coach, European School, Oxfordshire, UK

 Responsible for a group of up to twenty five primary School boys teaching them the
principles of coordination, team work, and fitness.


Languages: Trilingual: French, English, Spanish and Basic Italian.

IT Skills : Microsoft Office, Paint shop Pro.


Sports Five time Southern Basketball Regional Champion for 5 consecutive years.
Oxfordshire Rugby regional Champion,
International French Rugby Trials, Marcoussis, France.

Travelling Four Months backpacking in Australia.

Eight weeks inter-railing through Eastern Europe.
United States, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Martinique, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt.

Student acts Vice-President of Erasmus Committee 2008-09 at the University of Exeter.

Economics and Politics Course Representative
Received the Exeter Award in 2010-11.
Language “Buddy” Scheme.

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