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Barron GRE word list --- a abase abash abate abbreviate abdicate aberrant aberration abet abeyance abhor abide abject abjure ablution abnegation abode abolish abominable abominate aboriginal abortive abrasive abridge abrogate abscission abscond absolute absolve abstain v. ~ oneself/sb lower oneself/sb in dignity; degrade oneself/sb ; to destroy the self-possession or self-confidence of:disconcert v. make or become less v. ~ sth shorten (a word, phrase, etc), esp by omitting letters v. resign from or formally renounce the throne adj. not following the normal or correct way n. deviation from what is accepted as normal or right v. ~ sb (in sth) help or encourage sb to commit an offence or do sth wrong n. be in abeyance; fall/go into abeyance (of a right, rule, problem, etc) be suspended temporarily; not be in force or use for a time v. feel hatred and disgust for (sb/sth); detest v. (esp with can/could, in negative sentences or questions can/could) tolerate (sb/sth); endure; bear adj. wretched; hopeless v. promise or swear to give up (a claim, an opinion, a belief, etc); renounce formally n. (fml or joc ) ceremonial washing of the body, hands, sacred vessels, etc n. denial or renunciation (of a doctrine) n. house; home v. end the existence of adj. ~(fml ) causing disgust; detestable v. feel hatred or disgust for (sth/sb); detest; loathe adj. inhabiting a land from a very early period, esp before the arrival of colonists adj. coming to nothing; unsuccessful adj. that scrapes or rubs sth away; rough v. make shorter, esp by using fewer words; condense v. cancel, repeal or annul (sth) The act of cutting off, as in a surgical operation. v. ~go away suddenly and secretly, esp in order to avoid arrest adj. complete; total v. ~ sb (fml esp law , ) clear sb (of guilt); declare sb free (from blame, a promise, a duty, etc) v. ~ keep oneself from doing or enjoying sth, esp from taking alcoholic drinks; refrain ; adj. not taking much food or drink; not self-indulgent; moderate n. ~ abstaining, esp from food or alcoholic drinks adj. existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or practical existence adj. difficult to understand adj. criticizing harshly and rudely; insulting v. ~ on/against sth (of land or a building) have a common boundary or side with sth; adjoin sth adj. extremely bad n. hole so deep that it seems to have no bottom adj. of schools, colleges, etc v. ~ (fml ) take office v. make move faster or happen earlier; increase the speed of adj. ~ that can be reached, used, etc n. thing that is a useful or decorative extra but that is not essential; minor fitting or attachment v. welcome (sb/sth) with shouts of approval; applaud loudly to adapt to a new temperature, altitude, climate, environment, or situation n. upward slope n. praise; approval v. provide lodging or room for n. person who helps another to do sth wicked or illegal n. peace treaty; agreement v. approach and speak to (sb) boldly

30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 accomplice accord accost acclaim acclimate acclivity accolade accommodate abysmal abyss academic accede accelerate accessible accessory abstruse abusive abut abstemious abstinence abstract

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accoutre accretion accrue acerbity acetic acidulous acknowledge acme acne acoustics acquiesce acquittal

equip n. growth or increase by means of gradual additions v. ~ (from sth) come as a natural increase or advantage, esp financial; accumulate Sourness of taste, character, or tone. adj. of, containing, producing, or derived from acetic acid or vinegar adj. rather sharp or bitter in taste or manner v. accept the truth of admit (sth) n. highest stage of development; point of perfection n. inflammation of the oil-glands of the skin, producing red pimples on the face and neck n. qualities of a room, hall, etc that make it good or bad for carrying sound v. ~ (fml ) accept sth without protest; offer no opposition (to a plan, conclusion, etc) n. judgement that a person is not guilty of the crime with which he has been charged adj. having a strongly bitter smell or taste adj. bitter "acro'phobic adjectiv calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics n. expert who calculates insurance risks and premiums v. make (a machine, an electrical device, etc) move or work; make (a process) begin , ; n. (esp of thought or the senses) sharpness; acuteness n. ability to understand and judge things quickly and clearly; shrewdness adj. very great; severe n. traditional saying; proverb ; adj. firmly or stubbornly determined; unwilling to be persuaded v. ~ sth (for sth) make sth suitable for a new use, situation, etc; modify sth n. thing that is to be added n. ~ condition of taking drugs, etc habitually and being unable to stop doing so without suffering adverse effects v. confuse (sth/sb); muddle n. details of where a person lives, works or can be found, and where letters, etc may be delivered adj. ~ ~ (at/in doing sth) expert or skilful in (doing) sth v. ~ (to sth) remain attached (to sth); stick (as if) by means of glue or suction n. supporter of a party or doctrine having a common endpoint or border also immediately preceding or following v. be next or nearest to and joined with v. stop (a meeting, etc) for a time; postpone n. ~ thing that is added or attached to sth else but is less important and not essential solemn urging n. army officer responsible for administrative work in a battalion to express warning or disapproval to especially in a gentle, earnest, or solicitous manner v. love deeply and respect (sb) highly v. ~ sth/sb/oneself add beauty or ornament to sth/sb/oneself adj. ~ skilful; clever n. excessive admiration or praise; flattery v. make poorer in quality by adding another substance n. the ~ of sth/sb the approach or arrival of adj. not planned; accidental n. opponent in a contest; enemy adj. not favourable; contrary n. unfavourable conditions; trouble n. = advertisement n. ~ giving of support (to a cause, etc) v. speak publicly in favour of (sth); recommend; support n. under the aegis of sb/sth with the protection or support of sb/sth, esp a public institution

63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 adore adorn adroit adulation adulterate Advent adventitious adversary adverse adversity advert advocacy advocate aegis adjuration adjutant admonish adept adhere adherent adjacent adjoin adjourn adjunct addle address acuity acumen acute adage adamant adapt addendum addiction acrid acrimonious acrophobia actuarial actuary actuate

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aerie aesthetic affable affected affidavit affiliation affinity affirmation affix affliction affluence affront afterlife agape agenda

= eyrie adj. concerned with beauty and the appreciation of beauty adj. polite and friendly adj. not natural or genuine; pretended; artificial n. written statement that can be used as evidence in court, made by sb who swears that it is true n. affiliating or being affiliated n. ~ ~ (between A and B) structural resemblance or similarity of character; relationship n. affirming v. ~ sth (fml ) stick, fasten or attach sth n. pain; suffering; distress n. abundance of money, goods or property; wealth n. ~ (to sb/sth) deliberately insulting or disrespectful remark, action, etc, esp in public n. existence that is thought by some to follow death adj. ~ (of the mouth) wide open, esp with wonder n. matters of business to be discussed at a meeting, etc

agglomeration n. action of agglomerating aggrandize aggregate aghast agility agitate agnostic agog agrarian airy alacrity alchemy alcove alias alienate alimentary alimony allay allege allegiance allegory alleviate alliteration 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 allocate alloy allude allure allusion alluvial alms aloft aloof altercation altruistic amalgam amalgamate amass to make appear great or greater:praise highly v. ~ sb (fml ) be formed or bring sb into an assembled group or amount adj. ~ filled with horror or amazement nimbleness v. cause anxiety to (a person, his feelings, etc); disturb; excite n. person who believes that nothing can be known about the existence of God or of anything except material things adj. eager; excited adj. of land adj. having plenty of fresh air moving about; well-ventilated n. prompt and eager readiness n. medieval form of chemistry, the chief aim of which was to discover how to turn ordinary metals into gold , n. small space in a room, etc formed by part of the wall being set back; recess n. name by which a person is called at other times or in other places; false name v. ~ sb cause sb to become unfriendly or indifferent; estrange sb adj. of food and digestion n. allowance that a court may order a man to pay to his wife or former wife before or after a legal separation or divorce v. make (sth) less; relieve v. state (sth) as a fact but without proof; give as an argument or excuse n. ~ (to sb/sth) support of or loyalty to a government, ruler, cause, etc n. story, painting or description in which the characters and events are meant as symbols of purity, truth, patience, etc , v. make less severe; ease n. occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of two or more words in succession, as in sing a song of sixpence or as thick as thieves , sing a song of sixpence as thick as thieves v. ~ sth allot or assign sth (to sb/sth) for a special purpose n. metal formed of a mixture of metals or of metal and another substance v. ~ to sb/sth (fml ) mention sb/sth briefly or indirectly v. tempt or attract (sb) by the expectation of gaining sth n. ~ indirect reference adj. made of sand, earth, etc left by rivers or floods, esp in a delta n. money, clothes, food, etc given to poor people adv. up in the air; overhead adj. ~ cool and remote in character; unconcerned n. (act of) quarrelling or arguing noisily (adj.) unselfish n. alloy of mercury with another metal v. ~ (with sb/sth) (cause people or things to) combine or unite v. gather together or collect (sth), esp in large quantities

loss of ability to feel pain while still conscious adj. tall strong athletic woman adj. enough v. pleasant and good-tempered adj. offering an analogy n. animal able to live both on land and in water oval building with tiers of seats adj. person who believes in anarchism n. condition in which blood lacks red corpuscles = anaesthesia. increase (sth) in size or strength v. environment. having angles or sharp corners animadversion n. leisurely pace n. etc and used to moor a ship or boat to the seabottom or a balloon to the ground adj. make minor improvements in. anaesthetic n. not organized n. . showing and inspiring friendliness. not based on moral standards. ~ helping in a subsidiary way n. story of events year by year. etc worn as a charm1( n. showing friendliness. run amok rush about in a wild and angry frenzy adj. friendly relationship between people or countries n. cut off by surgical operation n. make tough by cooling slowly after heating v. n substance that relieves pain adj. general pardon. lawlessness n. ~ partially similar or parallel. having more than one possible meaning the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes v. short. not following any moral rules . food of the gods walking n. adv wrong(ly). readily showing or feeling love. chain. animosity shown in speech or action n. destroy completely v. change slightly [ amenity: ] [often pl] a useful or pleasant facility or service adj. heavy metal device attached to a rope. take possession of v.156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 amazon ambidextrous ambience ambiguous ambivalence amble ambrosia ambulatory ambush ameliorate amenable amend amenities amiable amicable amiss amity amnesia amnesty amok amoral amorous amorphous amphibian amphitheater ample amplify amputate amulet anachronism analgesia analgesic analogous analogy anarchist anarchy anathema anathematize ancestry anchor ancillary anecdote anemia anesthetic anguish angular n. interesting or amusing story about a real person or event . piece of jewellery. esp for offences against the State adv. ~ ~ (between A and B) (instance of) strong dislike or of hostility n. add notes to giving explanation or comment . atmosphere of a place adj. relating to love adj. lively n. mistake of placing sth in the wrong historical period n. criticism animated animosity animus annals anneal annex annihilate annotate adj. partial or total loss of memory n. ~ (of people) willing to be influenced or controlled (by sth) v. without hostility adj. ~ partial similarity between two things that are compared n. able to use the left hand or the right hand equally well n. correct an error in (sth). detested person or thing declare to be evil or anathema n. line of ancestors n. severe physical or mental pain adj. having no definite shape or form. adj. absence of government or control in society. ride or walk at a slow. (cause sth to) become better adj. historical records v. inappropriate(ly) n. waiting in a hidden position to make a surprise attack v.

appearance. ancient times. strange or unexpected . adj. not interested or involved in politics n. fixed sum of money paid to sb yearly. animals. exciting or impressive antidote n. ~ sb apply oil or ointment to sb (esp as a religious ceremony) adj. clearly seen or understood. showing or feeling apathy n. adj. indifference n. esp of sth startling. place with a number of hives where bees are kept the cultivation of bees on a commercial scale for the production of honey n. enthusiasm or concern. hic anticlimax n. untrue or invented n. etc as human in form and personality . obvious n. man-like in form anthropologist n. declare (sth) no longer valid. etc from becoming septic. sudden inability to feel or move. ~ lack of interest. different from what is normal. person who renounces his former beliefs. usu for a choir and an organ. top or highest point n. substance that prevents a wound. esp before the Middle Ages n. irregular n. disappointing end to a series of events which had seemed likely to become more interesting. student of or expert in anthropology anthropomorp adj. esp between two people adj. state of being anonymous n~ ~ (between A and B) (instance of) active opposition or hostility. ~ (of/to sth/sb) direct opposite n. prophesying great and dramatic events like those in the Apocalypse adj. person who prepares and sells medicines and medical goods = apophthegm n. short musical composition. orang-utan. person who keeps bees n. of the time before Noah's Flood n. confidence and self-control. to be sung in religious services. usu for the remaining part of his lifetime v. (of a human being) making or becoming a god or a sain to overcome with consternation. n. n. . ~ substance that acts against the effects of a poison or disease antipathy antiquated antique antiquity antiseptic settled aversion or dislike:DISTASTE adj. cancel n. not likely to be genuine. branched horn of a stag or of some other deer n. go back further ancestr adj. short wise saying. etc n. any of the four primates (gorilla. caused by damage to the brain n. treating gods. poise adj. (of things) out of date. a planet or a satellite when it is at its greatest distance from the earth . n. obsolete . maxim . person who defends a doctrine by logical argument n. partial or total loss of ability to speak or understand spoken language. chimpanzee. hostile be earlier in time. narrow opening n. gibbon) most closely related to man . iron block on which a smith shapes heated metal by hammering it adj. anomalous thing. ~ showing or feeling antagonism. n. shock. esp by destroying bacteria n. position in the orbit of the moon. adj that can relieve pain v. collection of poems or pieces of prose on the same subject or by the same writer adj.annuity 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 anthology 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 apostate apothecary apothegm apotheosis appall apparent apparition apolitical apologist apoplexy aphorism apiarist apiary apiculture aplomb apocalyptic apocryphal apogee aperture apex aphasia antithesis antler anvil apathetic apathy ape anthropoid antagonistic antecede antecedents antediluvian anthem annul anodyne anoint anomalous anomaly anonymity antagonism n. caused by the blockage or rupture of an artery in the brain . irregularity n. belonging to the distant past n. or dismay adj. often with words taken from the Bible . abolish.

adj suitable for ploughing and for growing crops n. accepted. deception a manually skilled worker adj. ~ (between A and B) make a judgement about or settle (a dispute) between two parties (usu when asked by them to do so) adj. money that is owed and should have been paid earlier lacking rhythm or regularity a feeling or an impression of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or presumptuous claims a brook. ~ natural ability or skill adj. of or living in trees n. a creek a water-carved gully or channel n. study of ancient civilizations by scientific analysis of physical remains found in the ground adj. ~ sb of sth inform sb of sth n. covered passage or area. of a much earlier or an ancient period in history n. clever trickery. place where trees are grown for scientific study or for display n. original or ideal model from which others are copied. most important n. name or title. without deceit n. uneasy v. having little or no rainfall. fearful. cunningly clever at getting what one wants. bring sb to court for trial v. ~ suitable. seize (sb). esp in an opera or oratorio adj. simple and natural. consent adj. ~ person who has power to decide what will be done. value highly v. ~ (position of) having dominant power or control . ~ sb (law ) bring a criminal charge against sb. laborious n. v. arrest adj. etc with regard to sth adj. distinctive smell. not on reason v. adj appropriate or relevant to what is being said or done n. the nobility n. historical documents or records of a government. usu by making concessions or by satisfying demands n. system of naming . etc extreme vigor or energy:INTENSITY adj. highest social class. place where weapons and ammunition are made or stored n. crafty adj. make quiet or calm. any of the tubes carrying blood from the heart to all parts of the body adj. n.. ~ ~ (that. place (esp armed forces. large fleet of ships adj. needing much effort or energy. based on personal opinion or impulse. (sea surrounding a) group of many islands n. dry n. right and proper appurtenances [ appurtenance: ] a secondary or less significant thing or part apropos aptitude aquiline arable arbiter arbitrary arbitrate arboreal arboretum arcade arcane archarchaeology archaic archetype archipelago archives ardor arduous argot aria arid aristocracy armada aromatic arraign array arrears arrhythmic arrogance arroyo arsenal artery artful articulate artifacts artifice artisan artless ascendancy adv.262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 appease appellation append application apposite appraise appreciate apprehend apprehensive apprise approbation appropriate v. . cant . understand and enjoy (sth). prototype . especially :an object remaining from a particular period n. approval. words and phrases used by a particular group and not intended to be understood by others. fragrant v. assess the value or quality of v. ~ (to sb) (for sth) formal request adj. esp one with an arched roof and shops along one or both sides requiring secret or mysterious knowledge comb form chief. n. troops. of or like an eagle n. ~ (of a remark. etc) very appropriate (for a purpose or an occasion) v.. having a pleasant./for sb/sth) feeling anxiety. song for one voice. able to express one's ideas clearly in words something created by humans usually for a practical purpose. etc) in battle order n. town. ~ sth (fml ) attach or add sth (esp in writing) n.

shrewd adv. get to know adj. that move across the sky in polar regions. not representative or characteristic of its type. crooked n. ~ sth to sb/sth consider sth to be caused by. apart n. ~ after/to sth desire strongly to achieve sth. surgically clean adj. showing signs of future success. reappearance in a person of a characteristic or quality that has not been seen in his family for many generations adj. process of gradually weakening sb's strength and confidence by continuous harassment adj. used medically or in cosmetics. alert and watchful v. official examination of accounts to see that they are in order v. etc n. approval v. testing of esp metals for quality n. refuge adj. but not proved n. increase omen. any of many small planets revolving round the sun. success. halo [ aurora: ] an atmospheric phenomenon consisting of bands. make (sth) less severe. usually green. venerable sun's corona. make others recognize (sth) by behaving firmly and confidently n. make (sth) larger in number or size. not having parts that correspond to each other in size. daring. adv not in a straight or level position. shape. adj. confident belief in one's own abilities and powers n. defect in an eye or a lens that prevents correct focusing adj. stupid or stubborn adv. that makes skin or body tissue contract and so stops bleeding adj. dress v.315 316 ascertain ascetic ascribe v. error. soothe n. ~ (fml ) agreement. discover (sth) so that one is certain. ~ (fml ) act in a way that compensates for a previous wrong. clothes. harshness or severity. showing constant and careful attention v. showing a willingness to take risks. look adj. free from bacteria that cause a thing to become septic. etc. great wickedness or cruelty n. into pieces. of or from the stars n. clever and quick at seeing how to gain an advantage. v. very pale adj. not allowing oneself pleasures and comforts. have ambition for sth v. . ~ giving attention (to sb/sth). promising 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 astronomical 342 343 344 345 346 atavism 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 atypical audacious audit augment augury august aureole auroral 365 366 auspicious atheistic atone atrocity atrophy attentive attenuate attest attire attribute attrition astute asunder asylum asymmetric astigmatism astral astringent aseptic ashen asinine askance askew asperity aspersion aspirant aspiration aspire assail assay assent assert assessment assiduous assimilate assuage assumption assurance asteroid . make (sth/sb) thin or slender v. esp of manner slanderous remark n. or yellow. written by or belonging to sb/sth adj. ~ sth to sb/sth regard sth as belonging to. ~ sb (fml ) attack sb violently or repeatedly n. favourable. curtains. promotion. (cause sth to) become absorbed into the body after digestion v. thing accepted as true or as sure to happen. lacking symmetry n. ~ (fml ) person who is ambitious (for fame. or streamers of light. esp between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter n. safety. caused by or produced by sb/sth n. red. like ashes in colour. not typical adj. substance. ~ ~ (to do sth) strong desire or ambition v. having or involving a very austere life v. action of assessing adj. fearless n. of astronomy adj. etc) n. ~ (to) sth be or give clear proof of sth n. prophecy majestic. wasting away of the body or part of it through lack of nourishment or use adj.

puzzle n. ruler of an autocracy adj. opposed to sth n. roughly-squared wooden beam n. having no pleasures or comforts n.367 368 369 370 austere austerity authenticate authoritarian authoritative adj.b babble bacchanal bacchanalia bacchanalian 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414 415 416 417 418 bard n. ground near a river adj. animal of the weasel family. . land sloping up along each side of a river or canal. lapse from good ways into one's former bad ways of living n. self-governing. heavy material placed in a ship's hold to keep it steady n. commonplace. eg in a zoo . large cage or building for keeping birds in. feeling of respect combined with fear or wonder adj. menacing n. severely and strictly moral. grey with black and white stripes on its head. living in holes in the ground and moving about at night . giving help or support. (idm ) bandy `words (with sb) (dated ) exchange words. ice and rock that slides rapidly down the side of a mountain n. balmy banal bandy baleful balk ballast balm adj. drunken merrymaking . banter . of or like an uncle. having authority. out of position. adj. assert . acting independently n. playful teasing. statement that is accepted as true without further proof or argument n. sweet-smelling oil or ointment obtained from certain types of tree. additional n. etc to attract prey v. greed for wealth or gain v. as of the sky 371 372 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383 384 385 386 387 388 389 390 391 392 393 394 395 autocrat autocratic automaton autonomous autopsy auxiliary avalanche avarice avenge aver averse aversion avert aviary avid avocation avow avuncular awe awful awl awry axiom azure Barron GRE word list --. adj. extremely bad or unpleasant. traps. piece of solid material n. bacchana-lian adj orgiastic rites associated with Bacchus [ bacchanalia: ] [often cap] orgiastic rites associated with Bacchus 396 397 398 399 . (of air) gentle and pleasantly warm adj. thick. (dated or fml ) bout of noisy. threatening evil or harm. crookedly. v. uninteresting v. the bane of sb's existence/life cause of sb's ruin or trouble n. = robot 1 adj. adj. post-mortem () adj. adj bright blue. etc. etc curved backwards to make it difficult to pull out . esp when quarrelling badinage baffle bait backslide badger v. minstrel bane bank bantering bar barb n. playfully teasing n. be too difficult for to understand. reliable n. ~ strong dislike v. n. mass of snow. small pointed tool for making holes. greedy secondary or minor occupation v. ~ sth turn sth away n. take or get revenge for v. ~ to sth not liking sth. food or imitation food put on a hook to catch fish or placed in nets. (fml ) state (sth) firmly and positively. quality of being austere Rractical experience of sth adj. point of an arrow. examination of a dead body to learn the cause of death. talk in a way that is difficult or impossible to understand n. askew . a fish-hook. terrible n. n. that can be trusted. ~ eager. used for soothing pain or for healing . esp in manner n. n. esp in leather or wood adv. admit adj. declare (sth) openly. favouring complete obedience to authority before personal freedom adj.

person who receives sth. deportment adj. etc. wild with rage v. ~ sb (for sth) ask sb earnestly. make seem unimportant or of little value adj.419 420 421 422 423 barefaced bargain baroque barrage barrister barterer adj. esp the part on which it rests or is supported v. rather than for money n. part of a fortification that projects from the rest let down. through death n. gentle blessing n. give a wrong or an untrue idea of (sth) v. barrier built across a river to store water for irrigation. suited to . person who gives money or other help to a school. services. kindly.. ~ to sb (dated or fml ) owing thanks or indebted to sb n. walking. ~ sit or lie enjoying warmth n. amusing in a coarse or indecent way n. dress with vulgar finery wet thoroughly the most direct route between two places confuse thoroughly v. charitable adj. etc. or wishing to be. eager to fight. gain. way of standing. ~ (fml ) deprived of (a power or quality) adj. impudent. showing active kindness. n highly ornate style fashionable in the arts (esp architecture) in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries . lowest part of sth. ~ being. warlike. etc. advantageous n. bewildered or confused n.) in exchange for other goods. liking or inclination (for sth/doing sth) v. ~ having a helpful or useful effect. waging war. shameless n. showy ornament of little value adj. aggressive adj. besiege v. lawyer who has the right to speak and argue as an advocate in higher lawcourts [ barter: ] to trade (goods. agreement in which both or all sides promise to do sth for each other adj. generous. (arch ) be the father of (sb) v. great happiness. friendly and helpful adj. entreat sb 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 446 447 448 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461 462 463 464 bequeath 465 466 467 bereavement 468 469 470 471 bereft berserk beseech berate bereaved benefit benevolent benign benison bent bauble bawdy bearing beatific beatitude bedizen bedraggle beeline befuddle beget begrudge beguile behemoth beholden behoove belabor belated beleaguer belie belittle bellicose belligerent bemoan bemused benediction benefactor beneficent beneficial beneficiary base bask bastard bastion bate battalion . show sorrow for or complain about (sb/sth) adj. army unit composed of several companies and forming part of a regiment or brigade n. etc when sb dies n. money etc) (to sb) when one dies v. ~ sth (to sb) arrange. illegitimate child n. coming very late or too late v. etc adj. etc n. services. incumbent upon to explain or insist on excessively adj. by making a will. showing or giving great joy and serenity. esp one said before a meal or at the end of a church service n. esp. scold sharply [ bereave: ] [usually foll by of] to deprive (of) something or someone valued. ~ (for sth/doing sth) natural skill (at sth). resent or be dissatisfied with charm (sb) huge creature. restrain n. something of monstrous size or power adj. profit. charity. blessedness . kind. blissful n. engaged in a conflict v. state of being bereaved adj. implore sb. to give (property. prevent flooding. property. blessing. esp one who receives money. hospital. future good (used esp with the vs and preps shown) adj. n.

slander adj. and is intolerant of anyone who disagrees n. indicate v. having a sharp taste like aspirin or unsweetened coffee. scald adj. having the colour of a clear sky or the sea on a sunny day [ blue: ] any of a group of colours. ~ sb of sth) avoid paying money to sb. confer v. exposed. stupid or careless mistake adj. suave . great joy adj. usu irregular in shape a very boastful and talkative person n.472 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 486 487 488 489 490 491 492 493 494 495 496 497 498 499 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508 509 510 511 512 513 514 515 beset besiege besmirch bestial bestow betoken betray betroth bevy beware bewitch bicameral bicker bid biennial bifurcated bigot bigotry bilious bilk billow billowing bitter bivouac bizarre blackball blanch bland blandishment blare blasphemous blasphemy blatant bleak blemish blight blighted bliss blithe bloated blotch blowhard bludgeon blue blues v. threaten v. blurt sth out say sth suddenly and tactlessly v. casual adj. v. ~ (of sb/sth) be cautious (of sb/sth). showing contempt or irreverence for God and sacred things n. happy and carefree. put a magic spell on adj. (fml ) surround (sb/sth) on all sides. try to deceive by pretending to be stronger. eccentric . happening every second year [ bifurcate: ] to fork or divide into two parts or branches n. n. ~ sb/sth hand over or show sb/sth disloyally (to an enemy) become engaged to marry n. prevent from joining a club or group by voting against him in a ballot v. large discoloured mark. ~ make a loud harsh sound like a trumpet adj. (fml ) flattering or coaxing words and actions v. cleverer. braver. Blue is the complementary colour of yellow and with red and green forms a set of primary colours v. disease that withers plants (adj. large wave [ billow: ] a large sea wave adj. strange in appearance or effect. be a sign of (sth coming) n. very obvious. ~ (over/about sth) quarrel about unimportant things v. person who holds strong beliefs and opinions. perfect happiness. be a sign of (sth). showing no strong emotions. dishonour (sb/sth). blasphemous behaviour or language adj.) causing frustration or destruction n. swollen with fat. esp at an auction adj. not sweet n. (of a landscape) bare. of or like a beast. gas or liquid n. such as that of a clear unclouded sky. unashamed. cheat sb (out of sth) n. having two legislative chambers v. ~ (sth) (for sth). that have wavelengths in the range 490--445 nanometres. take care (about sb/sth) . grotesque. esp US ~ (sth) (on sth) offer (a price) in order to buy sth. bigoted attitude or behaviour adj. brutish. temporary camp without tents or any other cover. mark or stain that spoils the beauty or perfection of sb/sth n. ~ sth (fml ) present sth as a gift (to sb). gentle or casual in manner. blow fiercely or in strong gusts v. used as a weapon adj. etc than one is n. cruel v. esp used by soldiers or mountaineers adj. without a sharp edge or a point v. wind-swept n. v. surround with armed forces in order to make it surrender v. short thick stick with a heavy end. caused by or suffering from too much bile v. wet spongy ground formed of decaying vegetation 516 517 518 519 520 521 522 523 524 bluff blunder blunt blurt blush bluster bode bog . large group v. prepare by putting briefly in boiling water. flagrant adj. trouble constantly. ~ (at sth) become red in the face (because of sth) v.

(of a person) ready to face and endure danger. small stream v. shameless. display of boldness adj. make a hole in to draw off the liquid inside. n. fabric woven with a raised pattern. width v. request or favour (used esp with the vs shown) n. across the head of a bed n. brown with streaks of another colour n. open (a bottle. (of animals) produce young n. lively and cheerful n. adj having or displaying a very informal and unconventional way of life . cotton. giving generously adj. short stiff hair rising like bristles. wave in a triumphant or threatening way. noisy quarrel or fight n. strong and muscular adj. of or like a boor v. the straps and the reins n. stock . etc n. metal bar that slides into a socket to lock a door. noisy. all the young birds or other animals produced at one hatching or birth n. edge at the top of a steep high place. slightly salty v. repair sth badly n. etc woven together in a narrow band for decorating clothes and material n. adj. glass. muscular strength adj. fragile v. insolent n. strong muscles. v. breaking or neglect n. window. ~ (about/of sth) talk with too much pride (about sth). including the metal bit for the mouth. rough. cook (meat) on a fire or gridiron. rude or insensitive man adj. bowl. ~ sb (into doing sth) frighten sb with stern looks and words. of or relating to the property-owning middle class n. ornament with a hinged pin and clasp. usu shaped like a roll. ~ short period of a specified activity adj. form the boundary of (sth). leisurely way . bully . number of threads of silk. examine books in a casual. active. limit adj. grill n. ~ sth spoil sth by poor or clumsy work. studious n. display n. top edge of a cup. etc) to use the contents n. having no fear. energetic n. part of a horse's harness that goes on its head. intimidate v. eg a cliff adj. pain or suffering. particular make of goods or their trade mark v. esp of gold or silver threads n. n. false n. booklet or pamphlet containing information about sth or advertising sth v. courageous n. showing irritation adj. thin clear soup or broth. used in medicine to calm the nerves n. quick. distance or measurement from side to side. fond of reading. etc adj. long pillow. person who brags n. pompous and meaningless words adj. shortness or briefness n. worn on women's clothes . hard but easily broken. increase the strength or value of help or encourage (sb/sth) v. chemical compound of bromine. not genuine. boast a:empty boasting b:arrogant pretension:COCKINESS n. of or relating to cattle expurgate adj. pompous and empty adj.525 526 527 528 529 530 531 532 533 534 535 536 537 538 539 540 541 542 543 544 545 546 547 548 549 550 551 552 553 554 555 556 557 558 559 560 561 562 563 564 565 566 567 568 569 570 571 572 573 574 575 576 577 578 579 580 bogus Bohemian boisterous bolster bolt bombardment bombast bombastic bookish boon boor boorish boost botch bouillon bound bountiful bourgeois bout bovine bowdlerize brackish brag braggadocio braggart braid brand brandish bravado brave brawl brawn brawny brazen breach breadth breed brevity bridle brim brindled brink brisk bristle bristling brittle broach brocade brochure broil bromide brooch brood brook browbeat browse adj.

rustic . clowning . or sincere expression:FORTHRIGHTNESS adj. spoil (a task) through lack of skill adj. dead body of a person. wall. quantity or volume. n. make smooth and shiny by rubbing. having a large bosom . outward curve n. injury caused by a blow to the body or to a fruit. clown n. friendship and mutual trust. false report or rumour unreserved. comradeship . not by elected representatives v. comic or exaggerated imitation. serious misfortune or disaster undertaken after considering the likelihood of success or failure = cauldron ability. ~ sb (into/out of doing sth) persuade sb (to do sth) by flattery or deceit. support built against a wall . curt n. loud unpleasant mixture of discordant sounds n. immature and inexperienced n. with a strong heavy body. esp in a railway station or on a train n. ~ against/into sb/sth knock or strike sth with a dull-sounding blow. adj. rounded swelling. cruelly insensitive or unsympathetic adj. do badly or clumsily. of or producing heat n. before it is made into coins. (of an object) able to float n. rhythm in sound n. person who uses his strength or power to frighten or hurt weaker people n. coax sb n. object of baseless terror n. capacity n. honest. ~ sb(into/out of sth). parody adj. sturdy v. polish n. etc n. treasure or weapons (adj. Scouts or explorers) live temporarily in tents or huts n. adj. discolouring the skin but not breaking it n. small piece of hard stone with a raised design. size. collide with sth v. disease that destroys the wood of plants and trees . esp when great n. esp one with two coloured layers so that the background is of a different colour from the design n. area of thick hardened skin adj. of country life or the countryside. beautiful handwriting adj.c cabal cache cacophonous bungle buoyant bureaucracy buffoon buffoonery bugaboo bulge bulk bullion bully bulwark bump brunt brusque buccaneer bucolic buffet n.bruise 581 582 583 584 585 586 587 588 589 590 591 592 593 594 595 596 597 598 599 600 601 602 603 604 605 606 607 608 609 610 611 612 613 614 cajole 615 616 617 618 619 620 621 622 623 624 625 626 627 camp 628 629 630 631 632 canard candor canine canker calamity calculated caldron caliber calligraphy callous callow callus calorific calumny camaraderie cameo cacophony cadaver cadaverous cadence cadet burgeon burlesque burly burnish bust buttress buxom Barron GRE word list . (of women) plump and healthy-looking. shoulders and chest n. built as a defence v. sculpture of a person's head. (of a plant) put out leaves. sprout n. esp of earth. false statement about sb. n. counter where food and drink may be bought and consumed. corpse . bugbear. place for hiding food. secret political plot n. bear the brunt of sth adj. looking like a corpse. like or relating to dogs n. made to damage his character n. n. place where people (eg holiday-makers. pirate adj. very pale and gaunt . gold or silver in bulk or bars. ridiculous but amusing person. rough and abrupt. young person training to become a policeman or an officer in the armed forces v. n. of. ridiculous behaviour. system of government through departments managed by State officials.) sounding jarring n.

short musical work. insincere talk. esp on agreed conditions n. person who draws maps and charts n. esp in business matters n. adj. killing of many people adj. flesh-eating (noisy party with) drinking and merry-making adj. shell on the back of a tortoise or crustacean n. dead and decaying flesh n. n. without responsibilities or worries. unconditional. short title or heading of an article in a magazine.633 634 635 canny cant cantankerous cantata adj. sudden violentchange or disaster. often on a religious subject. chief. turn on its side (esp for cleaning or repairing) n. unpredictable. a revolution or a war n. geld adj. absolute. happening by chance n. esp one of a series forming a large waterfall n. whim . substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without itself changing n. overturn or be overturned n. v. quibbling . n. used esp by children for shooting stones . any of the hereditary Hindu social classes severe punishment v. shrill whistle expressing disapproval n. summary of the principles of a religion in the form of questions and answers adj. any of the very narrow blood vessels connecting arteries and veins in the body v. shrewd and careful. unit of weight ( [ carcinogen: ] "carcino'genic adjective adj. ~ (for sth) go around an area asking (people) for (political support) adj. tending to make petty complaints. that can hold much. ~ surrender (to sb). fond of criticizingor raising objections about unimportant matters. sudden change in attitude or behaviour with no obvious cause. esp drama adj. picture. waterfall. n. n. characterized by sudden changes in attitude or behaviour. esp at social functions n. sung by soloists and usu a choir. sudden great disaster or misfortune n. roomy n. bad-tempered. explicit v. purgative . hypocrisy . glass container in which wine or water are served at meals . esp about religion or morality. adj. sexual or sensual adj. person who is killed or injured in war or in an accident n. fault-finding n. Y-shaped stick with a piece of elastic attached to it. large steep waterfall n. ability to hold or contain sth n. any of the main divisions of a long poem v. quarrelsome . an earthquake. ~ (for sth/sb) provide food and services. most important. (of a horse) movement that is faster than a trot but slower than a gallop n. remove the testicles of (a male animal or person). (instance of the) release of strong feelings through the effect of art. etc . fundamental n. adj. cheerful n. accompanied by an orchestra n. set of bells sounded either from a keyboard or mechanically n. purgative drug adj. profession or occupation with opportunities for advancement or promotion adj. = Roman Catholic (Roman) 636 637 638 639 640 641 642 643 644 645 646 647 648 649 650 651 652 653 654 655 656 657 658 659 660 661 662 663 664 665 666 667 668 669 670 671 672 673 674 675 676 677 678 679 680 681 682 683 684 cathartic catholic cataract catastrophe catcall catechism categorical cater catharsis catalyst catapult cascade caste castigation castrate casual casualty cataclysm carillon carnage carnal carnivorous carousal carping carrion cartographer carafe carapace carat carcinogenic cardinal cardiologist careen career carefree caricature capsize caption captious capitulate caprice capricious canter canto canvass capacious capacity capillary . of the body. eg a flood. causing catharsis.description or imitation of sb/sth that exaggerates certain characteristics in order to amuse or ridicule n. n. impulsive v.

films. adj. arms and upper body on a horse's body and legs adj. large private house. quickness adj. officer commanding a unit of 100 soldiers adj. large cup for holding wine. procession of people on horseback. prison. etc. etc and remove partswhich are considered indecent. contest to decide who is the champion n. that can burn or destroy things by chemical action burn with hot iron or caustic n. separated from the grain by threshing or winnowing (n. feeling of disappointment or annoyance n. adj. outer covering of corn. in a state of chaos. simple tune to which psalms or canticles are fitted by singing several syllables or words to the same note adj.caucus 685 caulk 686 687 688 689 690 691 692 693 694 695 696 697 causal caustic cauterize cavalcade cavalier cavil cede celerity celestial celibate cemetery censor 698 699 700 701 centigrade 702 703 704 705 706 707 708 709 710 711 712 713 714 715 716 717 chameleon 718 champion 719 championship 720 721 722 723 724 chaperon 725 chaplain 726 727 728 729 730 731 732 char charisma charlatan charm chary chase chaotic chapel chancellor chant chaffing chagrin chalice certitude cessation cession chafe chaff centripetal centurion cerebral cerebration ceremonious centrifugal centrifuge censorious censure centaur n. small building or room used for Christian worship. lack of doubt . of or forming a cause. politically unacceptable or a threat to security adj. who looks after a girl or a young unmarried woman on social occasions n. n. ~ (of sth) cautious. pause n. very formal . clergyman attached to the chapel of a school. action or act of ceasing. or serving in the armed forces v. prison. in cars. remaining unmarried. one of a tribe of creatures with a man's head. full of ceremony. ~ sth give up one's rights to or possession of sth n. head of government in Austria etc n. team. eg in a school. ~ sb/sth run after in order to capture or overtake sb/sth . person. ~ become irritated or impatient (because of sth) n. power of pleasing. completely disorganized n. attractiveness adj. ~ sb criticize sb severely. working of the brain. (cause sth to) become black by burning. scorch n. of the brain n. relating to cause and effect . plays. moving away from the centre or axis n. of the sky adj. area of land. esp in medicine n. thinking .) banter. power to inspire devotion and enthusiasm n. offensive. esp for religious reasons n. not a churchyard. n. etc n. moving towards the centre or axis n. letters. action of ceding sth. usu a woman. wary v. tending to find faults in people or things. etc n. make (esp a boat) watertight by filling the seams or joints with waterproof material adj. etc. rebuke sb formally n. (meeting of the) parliamentary members of a particular political party or any other legislature v. Cavalier supporter of Charles I in the English Civil War v. any of various types of small lizard that can change colour according to its surroundings n. severely critical . esp land or rights v. older person. fascinating or attracting people. ~ (at sth) (fml ) make unnecessary complaints (about sth) v. esp one from which consecrated wine is drunk at the Eucharist n. animal or plant that has defeated or excelled all others in a competition n. n. teasing n. used for burying the dead . eg milk and cream adj. of or using a temperature scale with the freezing-point of water at 0 and the boiling-point at 100 adj. v. person authorized toexamine books. person who falsely claims to have special knowledge or skill. feeling of certainty. rotating machine using centrifugal force to separate substances.

confine circuit circuitous circumlocution n. laugh quietly or to oneself adj. etc n. adj having such power v. v. for shaping wood. virgin . cautious. small routine task n. complain with a lot of noise adj. punish in order to correct or improve. crack or split occurring naturally clarion clasp adj. esp one that performs in church services adj. punish (sb) severely. (method of) secret writing in which a set of letters or symbols is used to represent others. restrict (sth) within limits. collar-bone .733 734 735 736 737 738 739 740 741 742 743 744 745 746 747 748 749 750 751 752 753 754 755 756 757 758 759 760 chasm chassis chaste chasten chastise chauvinist check checkered cherubic chicanery chide chimerical chip chisel chivalrous choice choir choleric chore choreography chortle chorus chronic chronicle chuckle churlish ciliated cipher circlet n. abyss. adj. v. etc fixed loosely inside a bell and making it sound by striking the side v. eg of precious metal. clear and rousing n. ~ sb (for sth) (dated or fml ) rebuke. line. use of clever but misleading talk in order to trick sb. ~ (up) make sure of sth by examining or investigating it adj. find a way of overcoming or avoiding (sth) an artificial reservoir (as an underground tank) for storing liquids and especially water (as rainwater) fortress quote. adj displaying or feeling chauvinism v. It seems churlish to refuse such a generous offer having minute hairs n. . fanciful n. surreptitious make a loud resonant noise v. of or relating to the citizens of a country n. n. v. v. commend adj. flowers. discipline . with a plump and innocent face n. use of many words to say sth that could be said in a few words claustrophobia n. esp in legal matters. glass. stone. choir adj. group of singers. etc. esp by beating n. gorge . code n. ~ sth (together) strike (the palms of one's hands) together n. n. worn round the head as an ornament n. radio or television are built . abnormal fear of being in an enclosed space . showing the qualities of a perfect knight n. piece of metal. done secretly. ~ act of choosing between two or more possibilities n. device for fastening things together citadel cite civil clairvoyant clamber clamor clandestine clangor clap clapper circumspect circumvent cistern adj. dishonest practice v. kept secret. bad-tempered . chequered adj. tool with a sharp cutting edge at the end. lasting for a long time. break or split. deep opening in the ground. route or journey round a place adj. long and indirect. scold adj. continually recurring n. loud chuckle of pleasure or amusement n. not having had sexual intercourse. climb. thin piece cut or broken off from wood. easily angered. china. stone or metal adj. loud. roundabout 761 762 763 764 circumscribe 765 766 767 768 769 770 771 772 773 774 775 776 777 778 779 780 781 782 783 784 clavicle cleave cleft n. circular band. unreal. wary . steps for ballet and dancing on stage n. record of historical events in the order in which they happened v. using the hands and feet shout. considering everything carefully before acting. framework on which the body and working parts of a vehicle. esp along a natural line n. . esp with difficulty or effort. organized group of singers.

piece of metal used as money n. mildness (esp of weather) n. ~ A and B/~ A with B examine and compare in order to find the differences between them adj. heavy blow with the hand or a hard object n. climate(1b) n. knowledge. ~ (fml ) (usu of an unmarried couple) live together v. substance. n. often with shared interests. way in which (esp a woman's) hair is arranged. etc to a surface v. ~ sth (fml or joc ) think deeply about sth adj. huge n. (arch or joc ) country. unity [ cohort: ] one of the ten units of between 300 and 600 men in an ancient Roman Legion n. calm adj. coercing or being coerced adj. arrange (laws. stick together in a mass or group n. hair. tendency to stick together. state of deep unconsciousness. esp one that changes part of it v. metal or plastic bowl with many small holes in it. very large. contemporary . that fit between those of a similar wheel. etc n. or attached to a cathedral n. of or relating to cognition n. parallel . hairstyle . fixing pieces of paper. used to drain water from vegetables. each of a series of teeth on the edge of a wheel. any of various wire or metal devices used for holding things together n. eg from blood when it is exposed to the air n. photographs. combine and form one group. etc. treat with great care and tenderness n. who associate closely and exclude others from their group n. usu lasting a long time and caused by severe injury or illness 793 clot 794 795 796 797 798 799 800 801 802 803 804 805 806 807 cog 808 809 810 811 812 813 814 815 816 817 818 819 820 821 822 823 824 825 826 827 828 829 830 831 832 833 834 colossal colossus coma colloquy collusion collateral collation collected colloquial collaborate collage collate coiffure coin coincidence coincident colander cognitive cognizance cohabit cohere cohesion cohorts cogent cogitate cognate cloying coagulate coalesce coalition coax coda coddle codicil codify coercion coeval clout clown . action of collating adj. rules. occurrence of similar events or circumstances at the same time by chance adj. mass. phrase or idea which is used so often that it has become stale or meaningless n. later addition to a will. ~ ~ (between sb and sb) (fml ) secret agreement or co-operation between two or more people with the aim of deceiving or cheating others adj. esp to create or produce sth n. ~ (on sth) work together (with sb). with a wall on the outer side and columns or arches on the inner side. happening at the same time by chance n. customers or clients as a group adj. half-solid lump formed from a liquid. cloth. covered passage around an open court or quadrangle. sickeningly sweet v. (~ sb sth) persuade sb gently or gradually n. side by side. in control of oneself. so that each wheel can cause the other one to move adj. statue much larger than life size n. immense. convincing. esp within a convent or college. comic entertainer who paints his face and dresses in a ridiculous way and performs funny or foolish tricks adj.785 786 787 788 789 790 791 792 clemency cliche clientele climactic clime clip clipper clique cloister n. small group of people. clot v. forming a climax n. belonging to or suitable for normal conversation but not formal speech or writing n. strong v. ~ (linguistics ) (of a word or language) having the same source or origin as another one adj. awareness v. ~ (fml ) existing at the same time or having the same age as sb/sth else. etc n. conversation n. action of uniting into one body or group v. n. change from a liquid to a thick and semi-solid state. final passage of a piece of music v. esp after cooking v. hedges. clippers instrument for clipping nails. etc) systematically into a code(3a) n.

that includes everything . etc. etc) in people's memories 843 844 845 commiserate 846 847 848 849 850 851 852 853 854 855 856 857 858 859 complacency 860 861 862 863 864 865 866 867 868 869 870 871 872 873 874 875 876 877 878 879 880 881 882 compulsion compulsive compulsory compunction compute compress comprise compromise v. etc. any of the parts of which sth is made v. fascinating adj. is divided n. that must be done. ~ sth (for/from sth) collect (information) and arrange it in a book. shared v. in a coma. ~ pity for the sufferings of others. etc adj. ~ action in accordance with a request or command. summary n. ready to please. so that one has to pay attention n. having a pleasing appearance:not homely or plain something fit to be eaten desert punishment friendly social atmosphere:social harmony v. etc added to soil to improve the growth of plants comprehensive adj. that can exist together commodious commonplace adj. required by the rules. making one want to help them adj. ~ (on/over sth) (fml ) feel. any of the sections into which a larger area or enclosed space. ~ sth calculate sth with a computer composure compound comprehend n. giving up of certain demands by each side in a dispute. for the use of all. list. obliging n. etc compassion compatible commonwealt h communal commune compact compartment n. adj. ~ (usu derog ) calmly satisfied with oneself. deeply unconscious .835 836 837 838 839 840 841 842 comatose combustible comeback comely comestible comeuppance comity commandeer adj. state of being calm in mind or behaviour n. ~ action of taking part with another person (in a crime or some other wrongdoing). independent State or community adj. esp a railway carriage. keep (a great person. having a lot of space available for use. ~ oneself with sth conduct oneself in the specified way. with rules. ~ (usu derog ) calm feeling of satisfactionwith oneself. report. ~ compelling or being compelled adj. take possession or control of forcibly or for official (esp military) purposes commemorate v. obedience compliant complicity adj. shared responsibility n. that can catch fire and burn easily a return to a former position. mixture of decayed organic matter. etc) suited. ~ (fml ) (usu in negative sentences ) feeling of guilt or regret for one's action v. ~ (of people. roomy adj. ~ (usu derog ) (too) willing to comply (with other people. ~ sth press sth together. or makes it complete n. ordinary. behave n. understand fully component comport compost complacent complaisant complement adj. ~ thing that goes well or suitably with sth else. helping to commemorate e commensurate adj~(fml ) in the right proportion (to sth). obligatory n. one's work. thing made up of two or more separate things combined together v. extremely interesting. closely packed together n. compiling v. principles. extremely interesting and exciting. so that an agreement may be reached which satisfies both to some extent n. ~ combining well to form a balanced whole y compliance n. not interesting v. one's work. status. ideas. ~ (of sth) brief but full account. sympathy commemorativ adj. feel close to sb/sth adj. event. have as parts or members. manure. arguments. etc) n. or say that one feels. force sth into a small(er) space v. be made up of n. ~ ~ (together) talk to sb intimately. appropriate complementar adj. etc compelling compendium compilation compile adj.

large pipe through which liquids flow n. happening or done at the same time v. ~ (of circles) having the same centre n. relationship by being descended from the same family conscientious adj. pepper. treat or regard as if it were not serious or wrong. place where two rivers flow together and become one n. ~ conniving (at a wrong action) n. assortment of different things gathered together or found in the same place n congruence correspondence of parts. curved inwards like the inner surface of a sphere or ball . etc n. trusted person to whom one speaks about one's private affairs or secrets v. etc) adj. etc adj. intended or likely to conciliate adj. s consanguinity n. without payment or compensation n. type of tree that bears cones (cone 3) v. etc) . proper. ~ with sb (fml ) express sympathy (for a misfortune. v. ending doubt v. materials gathered together into a rounded mass conglomeratio n. of marriage. idea which a word makes one think of in addition to the main meaning adj.883 884 885 886 887 888 889 890 891 892 893 894 895 896 897 898 899 900 901 902 903 904 905 906 907 908 909 910 911 912 913 914 915 916 917 918 919 920 921 922 923 924 925 926 927 928 929 930 931 932 933 934 935 concatenate concave concede conceit concentric conception concerted concession conciliatory concise conclave conclusive concoct concomitant concord concordat concur concurrent condescend condign condiments condole condone conducive conduit confidant confide confidence confidential confine confiscate conflagration confluence conformist conformity confound congeal congenial congenital conglomerate to link together in a series or chain adj. v. etc) conforming to established rules. person with good judgement on matters in which appreciation of fineness or beauty is needed. excessive pride in oneself or in one's powers. puzzle and surprise (sb). mustard. harmony between people. (cause to) become thick or solid. valid. ~ sb/sth keep (a person or an animal) in a restricted space v. person who conforms to accepted behaviour. ~ (fml ) form (and express) an opinion not based on firm evidence. bereavement. (of punishment. interests. great and destructive fire n. to be kept secret. happening together n. pleasing because of similarities in temperament. etc n. ~ (fml ) (behaviour. harmonious relationship congruent conifer conjecture conjugal conjure connivance connoisseur connotation connubial adj. not to be made known to others v. express agreement adj. of husband and wife consanguineou adj. having the same size and shape n. ~ to sth allowing or helping sth to happen n. the established religion. ~ sth admit that sth is true. (fml ) ~ (with sb/sth) (in sth) agree. convincing. esp between a State and the Church on church affairs v. etc. esp with quick movements of the hands n. ~ sth to sb tell (a secret) to sb n. customs. and do it as well as one can 936 . do sth that one regards as undignified or below one's level of importance adj. take possession of by authority. ~ (fml ) accompanying. esp by cooling adj. in sb's ability. forgive adj. giving a lot of information in few words. esp the fine arts n. etc . or in what is said. overlook. careful to do what one ought to do. reported. private meeting adj. perplex v. ~ conceding adj. v. lack of quarrelling and unfriendliness n. ~ existing. brief n. etc) severe and well deserved [ condiment: ] any spice or sauce such as salt. make (sth) by mixing ingredients (esp ones that do not usu go together) adj. Descended from the same parent or ancestor.etc adj. present from or before birth n. ~ (in sb/sth) firm trust (in sb. do clever tricks which seem magical. of marriage or the relationship between a husband and a wife v. abilities. arranged or done in co-operation n. guess adj. v. agreement. conceiving or being conceived adj.

bring into religious use or (sb) into a religious office by a special ceremony n. (approv ) quality of being consistent(1) v. great dismay n. invent. (often derog ) based on convention(2a) v. usu with a pun in its answer. sentences. ~ contending (contend 1). goods brought into or taken out of a country illegally v. interpret sth adj. (body of voters living in a) district having its own elected representative in parliament adj. esp in sexual matters adj. ~ sth/sb make sth/sb impure by adding dangerous or disease-carrying substances n. ~ act of conspiring. perfect n. control of one's feelings. ~ for sth struggle in order to overcome a rival. and with a door into the house . ~ (for sb/sth) feeling that sb/sth is completely worthless and cannot be respected v. con-straining or being constrained v. ~ agreement in opinion. built against an outside wall of a house. collective opinion adj. esp of a ruler n. laws and principles according to which a state is governed n. arrange (a meeting. ~ with/against sb/sth. obstinate and disobedient n. etc) (come towards each other and) meet at a point adj. riddle . ~ device or tool. etc) n. conference of members of a profession.937 938 939 940 conscript consecrate consensus consequential conservatory v. near n. speech sound produced by completely or partially obstructing the air being breathed out through the mouth n. argue about adj. highly skilled. v. ~ ~ (at sth) (of lines. disappointed. ~ sb/sth to sb/sth hand over sb/sth to sb/sth. ~ sb force sb by law to serve in the armed forces v. design adj. moving objects. etc adj. plan (sth) cleverly or deceitfully. political party. act or be contrary to (a law. spreadingof disease by being close to or touching other people v. room with glass walls and roof used to protect plants from cold. ~ (sth) (from sth) (into/to sth) change (sth) from one form or use to another 941 942 943 944 945 946 947 948 949 950 consternation 951 constituency 952 953 954 955 956 957 958 959 contempt 960 contend 961 962 963 964 965 966 967 968 969 970 971 972 973 974 975 976 977 978 979 980 981 982 converge 983 984 985 986 conversant converse convert contusion conundrum convene convention conventional contention contentious contest context contiguous continence contingent contortions contraband contravene contrite contrivance contrive contrived controvert contumacious consummate contagion contaminate constituent constitution constraint construe consort conspiracy conspire consonance consonant consign consistency console consolidation . ~ sb give comfort or sympathy to (sb who is unhappy. actions. etc). surprise and anxiety. ~ (against sb). v. ~ (about sth). ~ (together) (against sb) make secret plans (with others). give sb/sth up to sb/sth n. question. ~ sth (fml ) explain the meaning of (words. break adj. husband or wife. consolidating or being consolidated n. etc). familiar with sth v. ~ on/upon sth dependent on sth that may or may not happen [ contortion: ] the act or process of contorting or the state of being contorted n. repentant n. forming or helping to make a whole n. bruise n. filled with or showing deep regret for having done wrong. esp one made by an individual for a particular purpose v. summon to come together. neighbouring. that is asked for fun. competition exhibiting an often perverse and wearisome tendency to quarrels and disputes dispute writings preceding and following passage quoted adj. deny the truth of (sth). planned in advance rather than being spontaneous or genuine v. competitor or difficulty n. harmony n. ~ (fml ) touching. etc) n. ~ with sth having knowledge of sth. following as a result or an effect (esp indirect) n. esp joint planning of a crime v. esp to do wrong n. ~ (together) (fml ) talk v.

= company cheat.987 988 989 990 991 992 993 994 995 996 997 convex conveyance conviction convivial convoke convoluted convulsion copious coquette cordial cordon cornice adj. fond of being with others v. girl or woman who flirts adj. too great a readiness to believe things 998 cornucopia 999 corollary 1000 1001 1002 1003 1004 1005 coroner corporeal corpulent corpus corpuscle correlate 1006 1007 1008 1009 1010 1011 1012 1013 1014 1015 1016 1017 1018 1019 1020 1021 1022 1023 cow 1024 1025 1026 1027 1028 1029 1030 1031 1032 1033 1034 1035 1036 crass crave craven credence credential credo credulity cower coy cozen crabbed craft courier court covenant covert covetous counterpart coup couple countenance countermand correlation corroborate corrode corrosive corrugated cosmic coterie . creed n. esp by chemical action n. person employed to guide and assist a group of tourists n. of or for the body. not open. formal agreement that is legally binding adj. symbolizing abundance . ~ ~ (between A and B) mutual relationship v. of the whole universe or cosmos n. sincere and friendly n. n. folded. etc. esp the domestic kind kept by farmers to produce milk and beef v. collection of written (or sometimes spoken) texts n. ) complete. interests. n. authority. (fml derog . cheerful and sociable. esp by giving a new and opposite one . cowardly n. attach/give credence to sth (fml ) believe (gossip. secret adj. esp one which guards sth or prevents people entering or leaving an area n. ~ (fml ) natural consequence or result. crouch down or move backwards in fear or distress abbr. esp a man and woman together n. reports. utter v. ornamental moulding. with a curved surface like the outside of a ball n. etc. such a skill or technique adj. ~ (away) be destroyed or destroy (sth) slowly. coiled. surprising and successful action n. ~ sth have a strong desire for sth adj. wrinkled or furrowed adj. fruit and corn. occupation. person or thing that corresponds to or has the same function as sb or sth else n. n. ~ (derog ) having or showing a strong desire to possess (esp sth that belongs to sb else) n. any of the red or white cells in the blood v. abundant n. tastes. ~ the convicting of a person for a crime adj. plentiful. caused by contraction of muscles adj. swindle adj. twisted n. small group of people with shared activities. line or ring of policemen. fully-grown female of any animal of the ox family. conveying n. thing that logically must be so. cancel (a command or an order already given). call together or summon (a meeting. etc. (try to) show such a relation or connection between sth and sth else n. soldiers. very great. official who investigates any violent or suspicious death adj. small and difficult to read n. (of a person or his body) fat n. esp one that needs skill in the use of the hands. eg in plaster. etc) something that entitles a person to confidence. ~ ~ A and/with B have a mutual relation or connection. esp one that tends to be exclusive n. round the walls of a room. confirm or give support to v. etc) adj. just below the ceiling . hoodwink. (expression on sb's) face v. concealed. esp of affecting or depending on each other. two people or things that are seen together or associated. once sth else has been established n. place where trials or other law cases are held n. ornamental animal's horn shown in art as overflowing with flowers. bodily adj. sudden violent uncontrollable body movement. n. adj that corrodes adj.

esp ceremonially at a funeral adj. (style of) cooking adj. heavy and difficult to carry. person or thing that attracts everybody's attention or admiration. kill (a certain number of usu weaker animals) in a herd. ~ sth splash (hands. condemn (sb) to suffer in hell adj. esp religious beliefs v. ~ move back or lower one's body in fear. with letters rounded and joined together adj. mysterious n. pastry covering of a pie. wear.1037 1038 1039 1040 1041 1042 1043 1044 1045 1046 1047 1048 1049 1050 1051 1052 1053 1054 1055 1056 creed creep cremate crescendo crest crestfallen crevice cringe crinkle criteria crochet crone cross crossbreed crotchety crust crux crypt cryptic cubicle cue n. railway. signal or time after which people must stay indoors until the next day n. eg for dressing. ~ A on ~ B (with A) put (a soft substance) on (a surface) in a rough or careless way . eg x or + + Also: interbreed to breed (animals or plants) using parents of different races. gradually increasing in amount. small pointed missile used as a weapon or in the game of darts v. etc. centre of attraction 1057 1058 1059 1060 1061 1062 1063 1064 cumbersome 1065 1066 1067 1068 1069 1070 1071 1072 1073 1074 1075 1076 1077 1078 1079 1080 1081 1082 1083 1084 1085 1086 1087 1088 Barron GRE word list . an issue. ~ thing that restrains or controls n. having patches of different colour or shades of colour n. room beneath the floor of a church adj. ~ thing said or done to signal sb's turn to say or do sth. undressing or sleeping in n. of or like a cynic n. reduce adj. cower n. system of beliefs or opinions. drain that crosses beneath a road. etc . most vital or difficult part of a matter. esp crouching low v. an art gallery. esp in material such as tin foil or paper. nimble in movement adj. etc. for a speaker. method of making fabric by looping thread into a pattern of connected stitches. adj. v. done quickly and not thoroughly. etc) around in water adj. esp for money or possessions n. etc n. eventual conclusion or result adj. person in charge of a museum. of or for cooking v.d dabble dainty dais dally damn dank dapper dappled dart daub cumulative cunning cupidity curator curb curfew curmudgeon cursive cursory curtail cynical cynosure culmination culpable culprit culvert cuisine culinary cull v. quietly or stealthily. with a meaning that is hidden or not easily understood. in order to reduce its size n. underground channel for electrical cables . mark made by drawing one line across another. move slowly. (too) hurried v. etc n. or in skin . etc adj. greed. narrow opening or crack in a rock. (of things) small and pretty n. adv of or with increasing loudness n. (usu of a small person) neat and smart in appearance. bad-tempered person adj. offender n. n. ~ (over sth) waste time v. etc v. person who has done sth wrong. using a hooked needle (called a crochet-hook) n. tart. ugly withered old woman n. varieties. burn to ashes. (pl of criterion) standard by which sth is judged n. make shorter or less. sad because of unexpected failure. small compartment made by separating off part of a larger room. clever at deceiving people n. bad-tempered n. feet. breeds. adj. tuft of feathers on a bird's head adj. esp in a theatrical or other performance n. raised platform. etc n. esp at one end of a room. disappointment. etc n. wall. blameworthy n. force. hard outer surface of a loaf of bread. ~ deserving blame. wrinkle or thin crease. unpleasantly damp and cold adj. etc by one addition after another adj.

esp slowly so that the sediment is left behind v. giving way to the views. wreckage v. complete failure to reach agreement or to settle a quarrel or grievance marked by an impassive matter-of-fact manner. literature. dignified and socially acceptable behaviour n. pay for (sth) v. (falling to a) lower level (in morals. v. usu in autumn v. esp to pay a debt or appear in court n. failure to do sth. art. ~ sth (to sth) delay sth until a later time. order given by a ruler or an authority and having the force of a law adj. make act immorally by using bad influence v. fiasco to exclude from a place. etc. status or value of v. blind (sb) briefly with too much light. etc) from a bottle into another container. dignified and socially acceptable n. defying v. religion. discourage (sb). provide money for (sth). made weak by age or hard use n. = unfrock adj. ~ shortage. first appearance in public as a performer n. succeed in understanding n. make very weak adj.1089 1090 1091 1092 1093 1094 1095 1096 1097 1098 1099 1100 1101 1102 1103 1104 1105 1106 1107 daunt dauntless dawdle daze dazzle deadlock deadpan dearth debacle debar debase debauch debilitate debonair debris debunk debut debutante decadence decant v. bar v. young woman making her first appearance in fashionable society n. etc) esp after a period at a high level v. refusal to give way to authority or opposition. adj. esp with the hands adj. show that the reputation of is undeserved or exaggerated n.. etc n. wishes.adj n. slow down adj. kill or destroy a large part of (sth) v. destroy the leaves of v. make (sth) dirty or impure adj. etc . sudden and complete failure. fault or lack that spoils a person or thing n. etc of others. usu out of respect. postpone sth n. useful. make (sb) confused and unable to react properly v. frighten adj. person who shows defeatism . disparage sb/sth adj. scattered fragments. cheerful and self-assured n. lower the quality. cause. style. spoil the appearance or legibility of by marking or damaging the surface misuse money held in trust n. that cannot or need not be changed v. ~ deserting a party. brilliance. -. ~ sb/sth (as sth) speak critically of sb/sth to make him/it seem less valuable. be slow. respect n. defaming or being defamed v. cut the head off v. state of being decrepit v. waste time v. a right. ~ (from sth) (cause sth to) turn from its direction of movement v. ~ sth pour (wine. that may be deduced v. downward slope 1108 1109 1110 1111 1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 1117 1118 1119 1120 1121 1122 1123 1124 1125 1126 1127 1128 1129 1130 1131 1132 1133 1134 1135 1136 1137 1138 1139 1140 1141 1142 defile definitive deflect defoliate defray defrock deft defunct deducible deface defalcate defamation defame default defeatist defect defection defer deference defiance decree decrepit decrepitude decry decorous decorum decoy decapitate decelerate deciduous decimate decipher declivity decomposition n. scarcity n. (of people) dead . open disobedience or resistance. not easily discouraged or frightened v. (real or imitation) bird or animal used to attract others so that they can be shot or trapped n. ~ skilful and quick. clear and having final authority. etc. attack the good reputation of say bad things about (sb) n. that loses its leaves annually. or expression n.

resulting in restlessness and often wild talk n. devilish adj. remove water or moisture from v. ridicule or mockery n. ~ sth cross out or deliberately omit (sth written or printed) adj. make a god of (sb/sth). mock sb/sth n. serious and modest v. ~ (into sth) pass into a worse physical. ~ (at sth) (fml ) express a doubt (about sth) or an objection (to sth) adj. esp of a novel. belittle n. ~ sb deliberately mislead sb. political leader who tries to win people's support by using emotional and often unreasonable arguments v. deluding or being deluded adj. not original . fault. become less valuable n. reduce greatly the quantity. (pretending to be) quiet. size. be shocked or offended by (sth). show (sth) by drawing or describing. (cause troops. etc to) move into the correct position for battle v. etc verb to appoint or act as deput adj. intentional v. ~ sb legally force (a foreigner. mad n. removing from power. etc) to leave a country v. misleading v. play. portray v. mental disturbance caused by illness. seriously disturbed adj. last part. name. done on purpose. distinguishing by name n. mental or moral state than one which is considered normal or desirable n. in which everything is settled or made clear v. classification meaning. deprive oneself of others' respect behavior. accident.degenerate 1143 1144 1145 1146 1147 1148 1149 1150 1151 1152 1153 1154 1155 1156 1157 1158 1159 1160 1161 1162 1163 1164 1165 1166 1167 1168 1169 1170 1171 1172 1173 1174 1175 1176 1177 1178 1179 1180 1181 1182 1183 1184 1185 1186 1187 1188 1189 1190 1191 1192 1193 1194 1195 derision derivation derivative derelict dereliction deride denounce depict deplete deplore deploy deport depose deposition depravity deprecate depreciate depredation deputize deranged denotation denouement demolition demoniac demotic demur demure denigrate denizen denomination demean demeanor demented demerit demise demographic delta delude deluge delusion delusive delve demagogue degradation dehydrate deify deign delete deleterious deliberate delineate delirium v. corruption v. ~ sb (to sb) (as sth) give information (to the authorities) against sb v. derived from sth else. state of being depraved. degrading or being degraded v. especially :destruction in war by means of explosives adj. not real. claim that (sb/sth) is inferior. criminal. development or origin adj. deceive sb n. defect n. being derelict v. ~ oneself lower oneself in dignity. person or type of animal or plant living or growing permanently in a place n. etc. esp because of mental illness. very evil. worthless. show (sb/sth) as a picture. ~ sb/sth treat sb/sth as funny and not worthy of serious attention. damage caused by an attack. portray n. dethronement n. feel and express disapproval of (sth) v. dilapidated n. be kind or gracious enough (to do sth). great flood or rush of water n. unable to act and think normally. worship as a god v. power or value of v. deserted and allowed to fall into ruins. ~ in/into sth search or rummage in sth n. etc. of or used by ordinary people v. bearing . condemn v. behavioral attributes adj. remove from power n. death related to population balance the act of demolishing. ~ (fml ) harmful adj. the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet } v. esp of a general class or type. condescend v.

cunning. etc and other things necessary for life. (dated ) man who commits dangerous. spread all around. printing-type. ~ (in doing sth) slow in acting n. falling to pieces. of or relating to dialectic adj. leather. going from one thing to another. acts without worrying about himself or other people adj. digressing adj. duties) be transferred or passed to sb n. etc n. etc).dermatologist 1196 1197 1198 1199 1200 1201 1202 1203 desperate 1204 1205 1206 1207 1208 1209 1210 1211 1212 1213 1214 1215 1216 1217 1218 1219 1220 1221 1222 1223 1224 1225 1226 1227 1228 1229 1230 1231 1232 1233 1234 1235 1236 1237 dictum didactic die 1238 1239 1240 1241 1242 1243 1244 1245 1246 1247 diffidence diffuse diffusion dignitary digression dilapidated dilate dilatory dilemma dialectical diaphanous diatribe dichotomy deterrent detonation detraction detrimental deviate devious devise devoid devolve devotee devout dexterous diabolical diadem dialectic detached detain determinate despicable despise despoil despondent despot despotism destitute desultory derogatory descry desecrate deserts desiccate desolate desperado n. contemptible v. insulting v. = diabolic n. definite . skilful with one's hands adj. light. become wider. deserted and miserable n. expert in dermatology adj. etc or for stamping paper. ~ sb/sth (for sth) feel contempt for sb/sth. without a definite plan or purpose. tyranny adj. ~ harmful v. very fine and almost transparent n. resoluteness n. think out (a plan. block of hard metal with a design. etc cut into it. etc). medals. (philosophy ) art of discovering and testing truths by discussion and logical argument adj. limited in range or scope. completely lacking in sth v. diffusing or being diffused n. situation in which one has to choose between two undesirable things or courses of action . catch sight of n. in a bad state of repair v. esp criminal. person who is devoted to sth. ~ on/upon sb (of work. system. feeling or showing great despair and ready to do anything regardless of danger adj. remove all the moisture from to preserve it adj. crown worn as a sign of royal power n. delay adj. person with a high rank or position n. food. impartial v. prevent from leaving or doing sth. not influenced by others. used for shaping coins. wretched An absolute and irresponsible monarch. what one deserves v. adj. maxim adj. ~sth (fml ) rob (a place) of sth valuable. etc so that designs stand out from the surface shyness v. entirely different. determination n. unmethodical adj. belittling . saying. ~ having or showing loss of hope. plunder sth adj. ~ quality of being firmly committed to doing sth. sincerely religious. (fml ) see (sth) esp a long way away. adj that deters or is meant to deter n. ~ lengthy and bitter attack in words n. invent adj. dishonest v. enthusiast adj. intended to teach n. unfair criticism of sb/sth. explosion n. without money. ~ of sth without sth. ~ from sth stop following adj. send out in all directions n. larger or further open adj. tool. consider sb/sth as worthless v. ~ (to do sth) deserving to be despised. pious adj. ~ (fml ) separation into or between two groups or things that are opposed. impoverished adj. treat in an unworthy or evil way n. showing a hostile or critical attitude (to sb's reputation.

esp in pretending that one knows less about sth than one really does disengage disfigure disgorge disgruntle dishearten disheveled dishonor disinclination v. cause to feel confused. distinct n. (often derog ) person who studies or does sth. any of various types of small open boat adj. refusing to be comforted n. failure to agree adj. continuing loud confused noise n. = disfranchise .S. etc) from the stomach or throat. pay out (money) adj. good judgement and perception 1286 1287 1288 1289 1290 1291 1292 1293 1294 1295 1296 1297 1298 disingenuous 1299 1300 disinter v. contempt v. diminishing or being diminished. that can just be discerned adj. cause to lose hope or confidence [ dishevel: ] di'shevelment nou [ dishonour: ] to treat with disrespect n. dreadful. esp at the loss of sb/sth. lengthy and serious treatment of a subject in speech or writing v. discontented. = dent a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene adj. not in agreement. disapproval n. not cheerful or bright. careful hard work v. conflicting n. showing careful judgement v. but without serious interest or understanding n. song sung at a burial or for a dead person v. ~ sth/sb (fml ) free or disconnect sth/sb from sth/sb that holds it/him firmly v. ~ sth throw out (food. drab n. break up remove from the bar. state in which people or things are no longer properly organized n. terrible n. make (sb) feel uneasy or uncomfortable v. feeling that sb/sth is not good enough to deserve one's respect. and Canadian) to throw into confusion ed discomfit v. insincere. upset or embarrassed adj. quarrelling adj. ~ (fml ) unwillingness. showing good judgement and perception discrimination n. spoil the appearance of v. quality of being discreet. renounce v. say that one does not have (sth). disloyal disapprobation n. ~ (from sth) (of people) leave a ship or an aircraft disenfranchise v. dirty-looking. vomit sth to make ill-humored or discontented usually used as a participial adjective v. amount of money taken off the cost of sth n. ~ difference. expel from the practice of law by official action v. wandering from one point to another n. damage the good reputation of n. good judgement v. ~ sb of sth free sb of (false ideas) adj. disagreement. reduction n. ~ sth make (a liquid or colour) thinner or weaker (by adding water or another liquid) n. stop operating as an organization. reluctance discursive disdain disembark adj. separate. v.dilettante 1248 1249 1250 1251 1252 1253 1254 1255 1256 1257 1258 1259 1260 1261 1262 1263 1264 1265 1266 1267 1268 1269 1270 1271 1272 1273 1274 1275 1276 1277 1278 1279 1280 1281 1282 1283 1284 1285 disarray disavowal disband disbar disburse discernible discerning disclaim disclose diminution din dinghy dingy dint diorama dire dirge disabuse disaffected diligence dilute n. (fml ) dig up (sth buried) adj. ~ ~ A from B see or make a difference (between two things) discriminating adj. confuse or embarrass (sb) discompose disconcert disconsolate discord discordant discount discourse discredit discrepancy discrete discretion discriminate v. unhappy. ~ steady effort. ~ sth (to sb) allow sth to be seen discombobulat [ discombobulate: ] (informal) (chiefly U.

disinterested 1301 disjointed 1302 disjunction 1303 1304 1305 1306 1307 1308 1309 1310 1311 1312 1313 1314 1315 1316 1317 1318 1319 1320 1321 1322 1323 1324 1325 1326 1327 1328 1329 1330 1331 1332 1333 1334 1335 1336 1337 1338 1339 1340 1341 1342 1343 1344 1345 1346 1347 1348 1349 1350 1351 1352 1353 1354 divergent diverse diversion diversity divest divine divulge dissident dissimulate dissipate dissolution dissonance dissuade distant distend distill distinct distinction distinctive distort distortion distract distrait distraught diurnal diva diverge disputatious disquietude disquisition dissection dissemble disseminate dissension dissent dissertation dispatch dispel dispense disperse dispirited disport disproportion dislodge dismantle dismember dismiss disparage disparate disparity dispassionate

adj. not influenced by personal feelings or interests; unbiased adj. in which it is difficult to understand how the ideas, events, etc follow each other and develop Also called: dis'juncture the act of disconnecting or the state of being disconnected; separation v. ~ sb/sth move or force sb/sth from a previously fixed position v. take to pieces v. cut or tear off the limbs of v. ~ sb remove sb (esp an employee) from a position v. suggest, esp unfairly, that is of little value or importance adj. so different in kind or degree that they cannot be compared n. difference or inequality adj. not influenced by emotion; impartial v. ~ sb/sth send sb/sth off to a destination or for a special purpose v. drive (sth) away; cause to vanish v. ~ sth give sth out; distribute sth v. go in different directions; scatter; break up adj. v. ~ oneself amuse oneself energetically n. ~ (instance of) being out of proportion adj. fond of arguing; inclined to argue ; a feeling or state of anxiety or uneasines n. ~ long elaborate spoken or written report or account n. dissecting or being dissected v. hide or disguise (one's true thoughts and feelings); dissimulate v. spread widely n. angry disagreement n. holding opinions which differ from common or officially held ones n. ~ long essay on a particular subject, esp one written for a doctorate or similar degree; thesis n. person who strongly disagrees with or opposes official views and policies v. hide or disguise (one's thoughts and feelings); dissemble v. scatter or vanish n. ~ breaking up (of sth); dissolving n. discord v. ~ sb (try to) stop sb by advice or persuasion adj. far away in space or time v. (cause sth to) swell by means of pressure from inside undergo distillation; of liquids adj. easily heard, seen, felt or understood; definite n. ~ difference or contrast between one person or thing and another adj. ~ that distinguishes sth by making it different from others v. pull or twist out of its usual shape n. distorting or being distorted v. ~ sb stop sb concentrating on sth adj. absent-minded; not paying attention ; adj. very troubled in mind with grief or worry adj. of the daytime; not nocturnal operatic singer; prima donna v. ~ (of lines, roads, etc) separate and go in different directions, becoming further apart adj. divergent paths, opinions adj. of different kinds; varied n. action of turning sth aside or changing its direction n. state of being varied; variety v. ~ sb of sth take off (sb's clothes) adj. of, from or like God or a god v. ~ sth make known (sth secret)

1355 1356 1357 1358 1359 1360 1361 1362 1363 1364 1365 1366 1367 1368 1369 1370 1371 1372 1373 1374 1375 1376 1377 1378 1379 1380 1381 1382 1383 1384 1385 1386 1387 1388 1389 1390 1391 1392 1393 1394 1395 1396 1397 1398 1399 1400 1401 1402 1403 1404 1405

docile docket doctrinaire doctrine document doddering doff dogged doggerel dogmatic doldrums dolorous dolt domicile dominant dominate domineer don doom dormant dormer dorsal dossier dotage dote dour douse dowdy downcast dowry dowse doze drab draconian draft drama drastic draught draw dregs dribble drip drivel droll drone droop dross drudge drudgery dubious ductile ductility

adj. easy to control n. document or label listing goods delivered, jobs done, contents of a package, etc , adj. rigidly applying a theory with no concern for practical problems n. set of beliefs held by a church, political party, group of scientists, etc n. paper, form, book, etc giving information about sth, evidence or proof of sth adjs weak and uncertain in movement v. take off (one's hat) adj. determined; not giving up easily n. verse that produces a clumsy and ridiculous effect adj. of or based on dogma n. the doldrums parts of the ocean near the equator where there is little or no wind adj. sorrowful n. stupid person n. a person's place of residence, esp as officially established for purposes of taxation, etc , adj. ~ most important or prominent; dominating v. have control of or a very strong influence on (people, events, etc) v. ~ (derog ) try to make sb do exactly what one wants by ordering him about, regardless of what he wants to do n. teacher at a university, esp at an Oxford or a Cambridge college n. death or ruin; any terrible and inevitable fate adj. temporarily inactive n. upright window built in a sloping roof adj. of or on the back of an animal or a plant n. set of documents containing information about a person, an event, etc; file , n. in one's dotage confused in one's mind because of old age v. ~ on sb/sth show (too) much fondness for sb/sth adj. stern; severe; gloomy-looking; joyless v. ~ sb/sth put sb/sth into (water); throw (water) over sb/sth ; adj. (derog ) (of clothes, etc) dull; unfashionable; drab , adj. looking downwards n. property or money brought by a bride to her husband = douse v. sleep lightly adj. dull; uninteresting adj. very harsh n. rough preliminary written version of sth n. play for the theatre, radio or TV adj. having a strong or violent effect n. current of air in a room or some other enclosed space n. (usu sing ) ~ (for sth) act of picking at random tickets in a lottery, matches in a tournament, etc n. solid particles that sink to the bottom of certain liquids, esp wine and beer v. allow saliva to run from the mouth v. fall in drops n. silly nonsense adj. amusing in an odd or a quaint way n. male honey-bee v. bend or hang downwards through tiredness or weakness n. scum of waste matter on melted metals n. person who has to do long hard boring jobs n. hard boring work adj. ~ not certain and slightly suspicious about sth; doubtful adj. that can be pressed, beaten or pulled into fine strands without being heated , the malleability of something that can be drawing into wires or hammered into thin sheets adj. sounding sweet; pleasing to the ear adj. not bright or clear

1406 1407 1408 dulcet dull

1409 1410 1411 1412 1413 1414 1415 1416 1417 1418 1419 1420

dumbfound dummy dupe duplicity duration duress dutiful dwindle dynamic dynamo dysdysentery dyslexia

v. make speechless with surprise; astonish n. model of the human figure, used for displaying or fitting clothes, etc v. ~ sb deceive or trick sb (into doing sth) n. deliberate deception n. time during which sth lasts or continues n. threats or force used to make sb do sth; compulsion adj. showing respect and obedience; fulfilling all one's obligations v. ~ (to nothing) become gradually less or smaller adj. of power or forces that produce movement n. device for converting steam-power, water-power, etc into electricity; generator . [ dys- prefix : ] prefix : ] diseased, abnormal, or faulty n. inflammation of the bowels, causing severe diarrhoea, usu with a discharge of mucus and blood n. (also word-blindness) abnormal difficulty in reading and spelling, caused by a brain condition adj. n person suffering from dyspepsia or the irritability that it causes

1421 1422 1423 1424 1425 1426 1427 1428 1429 1430 1431 1432 1433 eclipse 1434 ecliptic 1435 1436 1437 1438 1439 1440 1441 1442 1443 1444 1445 1446 1447 1448 1449 1450 1451 1452 1453 1454 1455 1456 1457 1458 egoism 1459 1460 egotism n. practice of talking too often or too much about oneself; selfishness ; effete efficacy effigy effluvium effrontery effulgent effusion effusive ego adj. weak, having lost power n. state or quality of being efficacious n. carved figure or model representing a person or animal noxious smell n. boldness or rudeness without shame; impertinence radiant splendor:BRILLIANCE n. pouring out, esp of liquid adj. showing (too much) feeling; too emotional n. individual's perception or experience of himself, esp in relation to other people or to the outside world; part of the mind that can think, feel and act n. state of mind in which one is always thinking about oneself and what is best for oneself ecstasy eddy edict edifice edify eerie efface effective effectual effectuate effeminate effervescence economy ecosystem (Astronomy) a the great circle on the celestial sphere representing the apparent annual path of the sun relative to the stars. n. avoidance of waste (of money, strength, time, resources, etc) n. ecological unit consisting of a group of plants and living creatures interacting with each other and with their surroundings n. great joy or happiness n. circular or spiral movement of water, air, fog, dust, etc n. order or proclamation issued by an authority n. large or imposing building v. (fml or joc ) improve the mind or character of (sb) adj. causing a feeling of mystery and fear v. rub or wipe (sth) out; cause to fade adj. having an effect; producing the intended result adj. (not used of people) producing the intended result to cause to happen; effect; accomplish adj. (of a man or his behaviour) like a woman; unmanly (n.) liveliness; spirit; enthusiasm; bubbliness dyspeptic Barron GRE word list - e earmark earn earthly earthy ebb ebullient eccentric eccentricity ecclesiastic eclectic

v. ~ sb/sth (for sth/sb) assign or set aside sb/sth (to or for a special purpose) v. get (money) by working adj. of this world; not spiritual adj. of or like earth or soil v. ~ (of the tide) go out; recede ; adj. full of energy and excitement; exuberant ; adj. unusual; peculiar; not conventional or normal n. quality of being eccentric; strangeness of behaviour, etc n. clergyman adj. (of people, beliefs, etc) not restricted to one source of ideas, etc, but choosing from or using a wide range n. blocking of the light of the sun or of the moon (when the earth's shadow falls on it)

etc adj. outstanding n. very detailed and complicated. ~ from sth/sb come or flow from sth/sb v. castrate . small territory of one state surrounded by that of another [ encomiast: ] en"comi'astic. ~ (cause sb/sth to) go or be taken on board a ship or an aircraft to enclose closely in or as if in a matrix v. returning to its normal or previous size or shape after being pulled or pressed adj. in an early stage of development v. ~ sb set sb free. lament . legal or social restrictions v. imaginary substance with which medieval scientists hoped to change metals into gold or make people live for ever n. esp to get married n. decorate with heraldic or other devices v. from the body adj. containing ellipsis v. (usu of sb/sth bad ) exceptional. sudden discharge or ejection of fluid. carefully prepared and finished addition of details. (grammar) (instance of) leaving out a word or words from (the grammatical structure of) a sentence when the meaning can be understood without it/them adj. elevating or being elevated v. ~ sth (in sth) (fml ) express or give visible form to (ideas. etc) raise in a relief close encircling with the arms and pressure to the bosom especially as a sign of affection:HUG v. play.1461 1462 1463 1464 1465 1466 1467 1468 1469 1470 1471 1472 egotistical egregious egress ejaculation elaborate elaboration elastic elated elegy elevation elicit elixir ellipsis [ egotist: ] a conceited boastful person adj. (fml or rhet ) profit made from being employed. (fml ) very high praise in speech or writing v. fill with bitter feelings v. ability to imagine and share another person's feelings. famous and distinguished n. n. expressive language. difficult to capture adj. sometimes with difficulty n. the stage of a theatre (adj. n. not on theory v. a response. ~ sth (fml ) draw (facts. ~ in high spirits. experience. etc v. esp for the dead. explain adj. surround n. fee or salary n. feelings. made thin and weak v. make (sth) clear. or as if on. ~ sb (fml ) try to do as well as or better than sb v. person sent to deliver a message or to conduct negotiations n. remove the sexual organs of (a male animal). entangle adj. esp trade. intricacy adj. embezzling v. very happy or proud n. tending to escape or disappear. esp to impress or persuade an audience v. form a circle round. the Elysian fields n. remove errors from n. perform (a part. involve in strife. (right of) going out n. ~ run away with a lover. poem or song expressing sorrow. adj that soothes and softens the skin n. based on observation or experiment. etc) on. action of emending n.) filled with love and desire convert ordinary language into code v. (in Greek myths) home of the blessed after death adj. esp from political. etc) from sb. en"comi'astical adjective n. etc 1473 1474 1475 1476 1477 1478 1479 1480 1481 1482 1483 1484 1485 1486 1487 1488 1489 1490 1491 1492 1493 1494 1495 1496 1497 1498 1499 1500 1501 1502 1503 1504 1505 1506 1507 1508 1509 1510 1511 1512 1513 1514 1515 embroider embroil embryonic emend emendation emetic eminent emissary emollient emolument empathy empirical emulate enact enamored encipher encircle enclave encomiastic encomium encompass embitter emblazon embody emboss embrace elliptical elope eloquence elucidate elusive elysian Elysium emaciated emanate emancipate emasculate embargo embark embed embellish embezzlement n. include or comprise sth . ~ A ~ B (with A) decorate (cloth) with needlework throw into confusion. esp semen. (on sth) official order that forbids sth. the movement of ships. adj causing vomiting adj. ~ sth make sth beautiful by adding ornaments.

envelop v. make necessary. make more lively or cheerful n. busy. ~ (fml ) action of encroaching 1516 1517 1518 1519 1520 1521 1522 1523 1524 1525 1526 1527 1528 1529 1530 1531 1532 1533 1534 1535 1536 1537 1538 1539 1540 1541 1542 1543 1544 1545 1546 1547 1548 1549 1550 1551 1552 1553 1554 1555 1556 1557 1558 1559 1560 1561 1562 1563 epicure 1564 1565 1566 1567 epicurean epigram epilogue n. occupied adj. cause to lose strength or energy v. or a nation's past history entity entomology entourage entrance entreat entree entrepreneur ensue entail enterprise enterprising enthrall entice v. esp the right to vote at parliamentary elections v. make slave v. surround n. give (sb) political rights. ~ sth (fml or law ) impose (an action or prohibition) on sb. etc that is difficult to understand. ~ opening. great wickedness v. occupy all the time or attention of (sb) v. all those who accompany and attend an important person n. etc by which one enters sth v. beg n. fill (sb) with great delight or joy v. ~ sb/oneself to sb make sb/oneself loved or liked by sb n. etc. ~ sb (fml ) ask sb (for sth) earnestly and feelingly. charming v. say or pronounce clearly enclose. count v. esp one that is difficult or needs courage adj. lasting invigorate. short poem or saying expressing an idea in a clever and amusing way n. difficult to understand. play. long poem about the deeds of one or more great heroes. follow v. make forceful and active v. esp one involving financial risk enormity enrapture ensconce enigmatic enjoin enlist enliven enmity ennui adj. adj fond of pleasure and luxury n. condition or feeling of being an enemy. programme. involve n. person who takes a special interest in and gets great pleasure from food and drink enumerate enunciate environ eon epaulet ephemeral epic v. usu by offering sth pleasant or a reward n. weariness of mind caused by lack of anything interesting or exciting to do. door. likely to attract or occupy the attention. word or expression of affection n. person. lasting. person who starts or organizes a commercial enterprise. thing with distinct and real existence n. ~ sb with sth provide or supply sb with a good quality. hire sb adj. circumstance. flames. secret. as a comment on the main action n. film. order v. part or section added at the end of a book. etc for a very short time n. living. ~ (in/for sth). ability etc adj. gate. project or undertaking. or among a particular group of people v. question. comfortable. etc place endorse endue enduring energize enervate enfranchise engage engaged engaging engender engross engulf enhance enigma encumber endear endearment endemic to impede or hamper the function or activity of:HINDER v. mysterious v. feeling of boredom n. name one by one. having or showing enterprise(2) capture. ~ sb (from sth). etc) surround (sth) or cause (sth) to disappear. ~ (into sth) right or privilege of admission or entry n. ~ sb (fml ) arrange to employ sb.encroachment n. mystery . an indefinitely long period of time an ornamental cloth pad worn on the shoulder adj. write one's name on the back of v. thing. ~ happen afterwards or as a result. scientific study of insects n. increase make (sb/sth) look better n. ~ (sb) (as sth) enter or cause (sb) to enter the armed forces v. ~ oneself/sb in sth establish or settle oneself in a safe. ~ sb (into sth/doing sth) try to tempt or persuade sb. hostility n. continuing in existence. be the cause of (a situation or condition) v. adj that is regularly found in a particular country or area. (of the sea. passage.

their characteristics. (speech or piece of writing containing) high praise of a person or thing n. (not used in the continuous tenses ) have a high opinion of (sb/sth). gentle and painless death for a person suffering from a painful incurable disease. mild or indirect words or phrases in place of more accurate or direct ones n. ideas or beliefs of a group. etc) v. avoid adj. etc adj. keep away from (sth). of a national. right judgement adj. adjective or descriptive phrase that refers to the character or most important quality of sb/sth eg Alfred the Great. give one's support to (a cause. sporadic epistemologist [ epistemology: ] e"piste'mologist nou epitaph 1570 epithet 1571 1572 1573 1574 1575 1576 1577 1578 1579 1580 1581 1582 1583 1584 1585 1586 1587 1588 1589 1590 1591 1592 1593 1594 1595 1596 1597 1598 ethereal 1599 1600 1601 ethos 1602 1603 1604 1605 1606 1607 1608 1609 1610 1611 1612 1613 1614 1615 1616 1617 evenhanded eventual evince evocative evoke without partiality adj. esp of the mind. quickly fading. either of the two times in the year (around n. soon disappearing from memory adj. community or culture ethnic ethnology adj. obscure n. adj. mysterious. the history of the earth. practice of spying or using spies to obtain secret information v. esp in words n. science of the different human races. state of being balanced adj. etc etymology eugenic eulogistic eulogy euphemism n. mischievous or adventurous act. show clearly that one has (a feeling. balanced state. doing wrong. occurring irregularly. seeming too spiritual or fairy-like for this world estimable estranged adj. full of high praise n. reasonable n. calmness of mind or temper adj. mistaken adj. often foll by from] to separate and live apart from (one's spouse) espionage espouse esteem equable equanimity equestrian equilibrium equine equinox equipoise equitable equity equivocal equivocate erode erotic errant erratic erroneous erudite escapade eschew esoteric epitome epoch n. fair and just. esp words inscribed on a tombstone . bring to mind (a feeling. ambiguous v. life. memory. theory. moderate n. quality or behaviour. prank v. etc (of sth) v. respect greatly n. thing that shows on a small scale all the characteristics of sth much larger n. summon up evanescent evasive euphony euphoria euthanasia n. relations to one another. etc). happening at last as a result. pleasantness of sound. ~ that evokes or is able to evoke memories. feelings. equilibrium . of unearthly delicacy and lightness. having the aim or intention of avoiding capture. speak in an ambiguous way to hide the truth or mislead people v. study of the origin and history of words and their meanings pertaining to the improvement of race adj. exhibit adj. daring. having a double or doubtful meaning. destroy or wear (sth) away gradually adj. extreme old age. incorrect. quality. misbehaving adj. free from extremes of heat or cold. of or like a horse or horses n. unreliable adj. racial or tribal group that has a common cultural tradition n. of not giving a direct answer. worthy of great respect [ estrange: ] [usually passive. intense feeling of happiness and pleasant excitement n. etc). fairness. Attila the Hun . having or showing great learning. characteristic spirit. moral values. period of time in history. esp one marked by notable events or characteristics adj. scholarly n. words written or said about a dead person. etc adj. etc. likely to be understood by only those with a special knowledge or interest. n.1568 1569 episodic adj. of or arousing sexual desire adj. irregular or uneven in movement. ultimate v. use of pleasant. of horse-riding n. abstain from.

irritate or annoy greatly prep ~ ~ (that. precise adj. urge sb v. ~ free from an obligation. very small (in amount). government tax on certain goods manufactured. etc to censure scathingly v.. esp the Bible . reasoned persuasion. making great demands. ~ (to. unreasonable drive out evil spirits adj. anger. swear-word v. business. done with speed and efficiency n. film. serving as an example. adj. ~ sb (fml ) free sb from blame. esp in a particular field v. breathe (sth) out adj. hasten or speed up adj. a statement or a work of literature) in detail adj. useful. carry out. accept punishment for (wrong one has done) and do something to show one is sorry. not native adj. perform (what one is asked or told to do) n. charge. concerned with the management and carrying out of plans. ~ passage. make (pain. brave or adventurous deed or action serving to expound or set fourth n. duty or payment.1618 1619 1620 1621 1622 1623 1624 1625 1626 1627 1628 1629 1630 1631 1632 1633 1634 1635 1636 1637 1638 1639 1640 1641 1642 1643 1644 1645 1646 1647 1648 1649 1650 1651 1652 1653 1654 1655 1656 1657 1658 1659 1660 1661 1662 1663 1664 1665 1666 1667 1668 1669 1670 1671 ewe exacerbate exact exacting exalt exasperate except exceptionable excerpt exchequer excise exclaim excoriate exculpate execrable execrate execute executioner executive executor exegesis exemplary exemplify exempt exertion exhale exhilarating exhort exhume exigency exiguous existential exodus exonerate exorbitant exorcise exotic expansive expatiate expatriate expedient expedite expeditious expenditure expertise expiate expletive explicate explicit exploit expository expostulation exposure expound n. person living outside his own country adj. etc n. of or relating to (esp human) existence n. not liable n. surprise. action of spending or using n. etc n. able or tending to expand v. terrible to declare to be evil or detestable:DENOUNCE v. (fml ) explanation and interpretation of a written work. etc. action of applying influence. or hardship adj. etc) clearly and fully expressed n. etc). (condition of) urgent need or demand.) not including (sb/sth). requiring great effort v. female sheep v. etc n. make (sb) higher in rank or greater in power v. be a typical example of (sth) adj. helpful or advisable for a particular purpose. but not adj. help the progress of (work... correct in every detail. though not necessarily fair or moral v. pain. say that sb is not guilty adj. public official who carries out a death sentence adj. (of a statement.. suitable for imitation v. scanty adj. a situation) worse. violent (often meaningless) exclamation said in anger. disease. take from the ground (for examination) n. ~ sth (fml ) explain or make sth clear by giving details . aggravate adj. verybad. ~ on/upon sth write or speak at great length or in detail about a subject n. obligation. action of exposing or state of being exposed v. introduced from another country. expert knowledge or skill. ~ sb (fml ) advise sb strongly or earnestly. etc v. etc) much too high or great. from a book. protest. that sb can object to n. piece of music. sold or used within a country v.) (fml or joc ) departure of many people at one time to relieve of a responsibility. explain and analyse (esp an idea. decisions. very exciting. emergency adj. make up for n. extract. (of a price. cry out suddenly and loudly from pain. the Exchequer government department in charge of public money n. person who is appointed by the maker of a will to carry out the terms of the will n. causing happiness v.

as of a message or story v. remove or destroy (sth) completely v.f fabricate facade facet facetious facile facilitate extrude exuberance exuberant exude extricate extrinsic expunge expurgate exquisite extant v. values. etc v. . adj. great or obsessive enthusiasm imaginary. any of the many sides of a cut stone or jewel adj. etc) for public use without payment to the owner v. ~ sth (fml ) force or squeeze out sth under pressure n. fear or indecision n. exact copy or reproduction of writing. often inappropriately adj. etc) adj. funny play for the theatre based on unlikely situations and events adj. us extenuate v. a process. overflowing with happiness and excitement. ooze out v. liable to make mistakes adj. deliberately created or developed.expropriate 1672 1673 1674 1675 1676 1677 1678 1679 1680 1681 1682 1683 extrapolation 1684 1685 1686 extrovert 1687 1688 1689 1690 1691 1692 1693 1694 1695 1696 1697 1698 1699 1700 1701 1702 1703 1704 1705 1706 1707 1708 1709 1710 1711 1712 1713 1714 1715 1716 1717 1718 1719 1720 1721 1722 1723 facsimile faction factious factitious factotum faculty fake fallacious fallible fallow falsify falter fanaticism fancied fancier fanciful fancy fanfare fantastic farce far-fetched fashion fastidious fatalism exult Barron GRE word list . etc surrender of prisoner by one state to another adj. book. ~ not belonging to or directly connected with the subject or matter being dealt with n. unnatural. ~ sth obtain sth by violence. small united group within a larger one. ~ sth (from sb) take away (property. (of an object. n. wild and strange n. etc but not of a person) make (sth) easy or less difficult n. artificial n. spoken or done without preparation. unreal n. make (wrongdoing) less serious (by providing an excuse) extirpate extol extort extradition extraneous v. misleading. threats. walk or act hesitantly. ~ (at/in sth) get great pleasure from sth. ~ (sth) (from/through sth) (of drops of liquid. etc) not belonging to or part of the real nature of a person or thing. person employed to do all kinds of work n. short ceremonial piece of music. easily obtained or achieved (and so not highly valued) v. based on error adj. ~ (fml ) (of qualities. esp in politics adj. front (of a building) n. invent n. intended to be amusing. usu played on trumpets adj. names. selecting carefully. manner or way of doing sth adj. finely or skilfully made or done adj. unnatural n. (of a comparison) strained. extempore . etc) from a list. person more interested in what is happening around him than in his own thoughts and emotions v. choosing only what is good . move. ~ sb/sth (fml ) set sb/sth free. ~ sth (fml ) remove or wipe out (words. a picture. printing. rejoice greatly v. still in existence extemporaneo adj. acceptance of all that happens as inevitable . using the imagination rather than reason n. belief that events are decided by fate(1). object (eg a work of art) that seems genuine but is not adj. state or quality of being exuberant adj. of or causedby faction adj. extremely beautiful or delicate. etc) come or pass out slowly. ~sb (as sth) (fml ) praise (sb/sth) highly v. person with a special interest in and love for sth adj. very lively and cheerful v. power of the mind to imagine n. release sb/sth . coming from outside n. ploughed but left unplanted to restore its fertility make false by mutilation or addition. usu because of weakness. remove improper or objectionable parts from (a book. ~ (fml ) v. etc n. any of the powers of the body or mind n.

great happiness adj. object that is worshipped. change chemically through the action of organic substances (esp yeast) n. last part of a piece of music or a drama. become infected and filled with pus adj. families or groups n. etc adj. eyes) which together form its appearance adj. written symbol for a number. that can be done. esp 0 to 9 09 n. outdoor entertainment or sale. = fervent intensity of feeling or expression v. too deep to measure adj. fluster (sb) adj. of or suitable for a feast or festival. formal authorization. measure of the depth of water . enthusiastic. passionate adj. silver or copper wire [ card: ] an index in which each item is separately listed on systematically arranged cards n. usu to raise money for a special purpose adj. evil spirit. n. (of animals) wild or savage. stupid and silly. of or expected from a son or daughter n. one of the named parts of the face (eg nose. faithfulness n. fierce. caused by a fever adj. complete and ridiculous failure n. joyous n. mouth. person who tries to delay or prevent the making of decisions in (esp parliamentary) meetings by making long speeches n. all the animals of an area or a period of time [ favouritism: ] the practice of giving special treatment to a person or group [ fawn: ] a young deer of either sex aged under one year v.1724 1725 1726 1727 1728 1729 1730 1731 1732 1733 1734 1735 1736 1737 1738 1739 1740 1741 1742 1743 1744 1745 1746 1747 1748 1749 1750 1751 1752 1753 1754 1755 1756 1757 1758 1759 1760 1761 1762 1763 1764 1765 1766 1767 1768 1769 1770 1771 1772 1773 1774 1775 1776 1777 fathom fathomless fatuous fauna favoritism fawning faze feasible feature febrile feckless fecundity feebleminded feign feint felicitous felicity feline fell felon feral ferment fermentation ferocious ferret fertile fervent fervid fervor fester festive fete fetid fetish fetter feud fiasco fiat fickle fictitious fidelity fiend figment figurative figure figurine filch filial filibuster filigree filing filth finale finery n. order or decree adj. gay and elegant clothes or decoration . apt n. ~ loyalty. devil n. fine ornamental work using gold. imagined or invented. kept for driving rabbits from their burrows. often changing. esp of a person v.8 adj. not real n. killing rats. n animal of the cat family pt of fall1 n. v. possible n. esp after escaping from captivity or from life as a pet v. (esp of words) well-chosen. stinking n. esp because a spirit is believed to live in it n. able to produce much. disgusting dirt n. foolish n. pretend n. (of words) used in an imaginative or a metaphorical way rather than literally n. etc n. steal (esp sth of small value) adj. small animal of the weasel family. showing warmth and sincerity of feeling. long and bitter quarrel between two people. violent or savage n. thing that is not real but only imagined adj. chain put round the feet of a person or animal to limit movement n. pretended attack to distract an opponent's attention from the main attack adj. fermenting adj. person guilty of felony adj. practicable. 61. not constant adj. inefficient. rich in nutrients adj. smelling foul or unpleasant. small ornamental statue. irresponsible .

of the shaft of a column) having flutes v. not serious v. party. rate. prosper v. limited. ~ behave (towards sb) in a romantic or suggestive way but without serious intentions v. ~ for sth natural ability to do sth well adj. parts of a wrecked ship or its cargo found floating in the sea v. (of a light or flame) burn or shine unsteadily adj. (of the wings of birds. disobey openly and scornfully adj. as through mud or deep snow v. n. excessively decorated or colourful n. foist sth on sb force sb into accepting sth not wanted n. not firm . unsettled state n. make nervous and confused (esp. be successful. come or bring (sth) to an end adj. etc forhorses and farm animals . particularly bad. woolly hair of a sheep or similar animal n. not showing sufficient respect or seriousness v. show (sth considered valuable) in order to gain the admiration of other people v. well adapted for sb/sth. having bounds. attractive but usu not in good taste. ~ (infml ) in a state of having completed sth or no longer dealing with sb/sth adj. quality or condition of being fluent n. piece of cloth with a particular design. lucky stroke in a game n. move or draw back suddenly. too fussy about food. ~ to do sth suitable or suited for sb/sth. usu on the sea n. long deep crack in rock or in the earth adj. fly or move lightly and quickly from one place to another n. from shock. elaborate and ornate. group of warships. that can be attached by one edge to a rope. (infml ) thing that is accidentally successful. peculiarity or weakness in a person's character n. ~ (of/in sth) n. quick light blow. remove the skin from (a dead animal) n. usu harmless. etc v. clothes. etc and used as a symbol of a country. or widespread. shocking and obvious n. butterflies. (esp of a woman or her behaviour) changeable and unreliable. change irregularly n. good enough for sb/sth adj. not infinite n. used esp formerly to separate grain from chaff . piece of burning wood n. tool consisting of a stick swinging from a long handle. all the plants of a particular area or period of time the process. etc or as a signal adj. number. or period of flowering adj. sheet of floating ice. soft and weak. submarines. n. occurring in short periods. flow of blood to the face that causes a red colouring. very confident and extravagant adj. showy v. very active. metal rolled or hammered into a very thin flexible sheet v. etc under one commander n. covered with or having a lot of flowers v. n. pole. leaves with their stems and branches . etc) rise and fall. continuous change or succession of changes. dried food.1778 1779 1780 1781 1782 1783 1784 1785 1786 1787 1788 1789 1790 1791 1792 1793 1794 1795 1796 1797 1798 1799 1800 1801 1802 1803 1804 1805 1806 1807 1808 1809 1810 1811 1812 1813 1814 1815 1816 1817 1818 1819 1820 1821 1822 1823 1824 1825 1826 1827 1828 1829 1830 1831 finesse finicky finish finished finite firebrand fissure fit fitful flaccid flag flagrant flail flair flamboyant flashy flaunt flay fleck fledgling fleece fleet flick flicker flighty flinch flip flippancy flippant flirt flit floe flora florescence florid flotsam flounder flourish flout flowery fluctuate fluctuation fluency fluke flush fluster fluted flutter flux fodder foible foil foist foliage n. skill in dealing with people or situations cleverly or tactfully adj. move or struggle helplessly or clumsily. small. hay. ~ very small patch or spot of a colour inexperienced n. blush v. ~ (of a price. being flippant adj. toss (sth) with a sharp movement of the thumb and forefinger so that it turns over in the air n. eg with a whip or the tip of a finger v. ~ for sb/sth. etc) move lightly and quickly n. move with difficulty. leaves of a tree or plant. fear or pain v. not regularly and steadily adj. loose and limp. showy. state.

~ strong feeling that danger or trouble is coming adj. dirty and disgusting n. picture painted in water-colour on a wall or ceiling before the plaster is dry v. the fray fight. sign of what is to follow v. right to vote at public elections adj.ancestor n. encourage or promote adj. frantic n. or in order to achieve sth n. ~ (about) play about in a lively happy way adj. be a sign or warning of n. lonely and unhappy. frantic adj. wildly excited or agitated. charged with sth n. lose or give up (sth) as a consequence of or punishment for having done sth wrong. band of sculpture or decoration round the top of a wall or building adj. (usu sing)noisy quarrel. sudden attack. careful observance of rules. leaf-like part of a fern or palm 1846 1847 1848 1849 1850 1851 1852 1853 1854 1855 1856 1857 1858 1859 1860 1861 1862 1863 1864 1865 1866 1867 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 frivolous frock frolic frolicsome frond friction frieze frigid fringe frisk fritter forgo forlorn formality formidable forsake forswear forte forthcoming forthright fortitude fortuitous forum forward foster foul founder fracas fractious frail frailty franchise frantic fraudulent fraught fray freebooter frenetic frenzied fresco fret . worry n. irritable. danger or difficulty adj. renounce n. physically weak or delicate n. raid n. esp fear or anxiety adj. fritter sth away (on sth) waste (esp one's time or money) foolishly (on small useless things) adj. physical weakness n. act before so as to prevent him from doing sth v. drugs. fight. bad-tempered. contest or argument. strong point adj. foolish and light-hearted n. bad-tempered adj. (promise to) give up (sth). person from whom one is descended. esp to obtain sth. or anxious about sth. ~ with sth filled with sth. arouse or increase adj. related to or used in law n. of or like a fop n. tolerance n. happening by chance or coincidence n. person who founds or establishes sth n. not sensible or serious. conventions. etc v. rubbing of one surface or thing against another n. foolishly bold or rash. about to happen or appear in the near future adj. causing fear or great anxiety. esp one used by a smith for making horseshoes v. merry. very cold n. uncared for n. person or thing that prepares the way for the coming of sb or sth else more important. straightforward n. or disturbanc adj. shallow place in a river where one can walk or drive across n. directed or moving towards the front v. clear and honest in manner and speech. (US bang) front hair cut so that it hangs over the forehead v. renounce v. careful planning v. thing that sb does particularly well. dress worn by women or girls v. place where important public issues can be discussed adj. endurance and self-control in facing pain. etc of language or behaviour adj.1832 1833 1834 1835 1836 1837 1838 1839 1840 1841 1842 1843 1844 1845 foment foolhardy foppish foray forbearance ford forebears foreboding forensic forerunner foreshadow foresight forestall forfeit forge v. playful n. pass one's hands over (sb) in a search for hidden weapons. deceitful or dishonest adj. awesome v. reckless adj. ~ (about/at/over sth) (cause sb to) become unhappy. workshop with a fire and an anvil where metals are heated and shaped. of. ability to see what one's future needs are likely to be. frightening. very excited. help the growth or development of (sth). courage. patient self-control. lively or challenging action buccaneer adj. (fml ) give (sth) up. having a bad smell or taste. frenzied. in an extreme state of emotion. give up or do without (esp sth pleasant) adj.

etc gamely. prevent (sb) from doing or achieving sth v. productive or profitable. struggle.g gadfly gaffe gainsay gait galaxy gale gall galleon galley gallows galvanic galvanize gambit gambol gamely gamut gangrene gape garbled gargantuan gargoyle garish garner garnish garrulity garrulous gastronomy gauche gaudy gaunt gavel v. decay and death of body tissue when the blood supply has been stopped v. usu in surprise adj. long flat ship. done secretly and quietly so as not to be noticed n. large Spanish sailing-ship used from the 15th to the 17th century 1517 n. etc n. ~ sth decorate (food for the table) with small additional amounts of food garrulousness ns talkativeness adj. (US also -l-) jump or skip about playfully adv: fight. of or forming the basis or foundation of sth. plans. getting what one wants or has worked for v. continuous or simultaneous shooting of guns n. by melting. ie bravely but perhaps unsuccessfully . ancient Greek or Roman warship . confusedor misleading adj. made exceptionally thin by hunger or illness. unpleasantly bright. producing no result.1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 fructify frugality fruitful fruition frustrate fuddle fugitive fulcrum fulminate fulsome fumble functional functionary fundamental funereal furor furrow furtive fusillade fusion fuss fussy futile Barron GRE word list . gloomy. any of the large systems of stars in outer space n. over-coloured or over-decorated. essential adj. art and science of choosing. fulfilment of hopes. n. ~ protest strongly and loudly adj. esp about unimportant things n. touch or handle awkwardly or nervously adj. n. producing an electric current by chemical action to stimulate or excite as if by an electric shock n. person with official duties adj. ~ (often derog ) stare with an open mouth. deny (sth) n. dismal A general commotion. indiscreet act or remark v. public disorder or uproar. manner of walking or running n. n. excessive and insincere v. (derog ) too bright and showy. socially awkward or clumsy adj. having many good results. (fml ) (cause sth to) bear fruit or be fruitful thrift adj. etc adj. social blunder. usu rowed by slaves or criminals. (usu derog ) nervously active or excited about small things adj. stone or metal spout in the form of a grotesque human or animal figure. esp by a plough adj. bile n. cooking and eating good food adj. talking too much. useless. opening movein chess in which a player sacrifices a piece in order to win an advantage later v. long narrow trench cut in the earth. point on which a lever is supported v. esp with alcoholic drink n. very strong wind storm (at sea) 8 n. (esp unnecessary) nervous excitement or activity adj. successful n. of or having a functionor functions n. fly that stings horses and cattle n. esp in a vulgar way adj. etc. gigantic n. ~ sth ~ sth (in/up) (fml ) collect sth in and (usu) store it v. bitter liquid secreted by the liver. pointless n. haggard n. esp in a vulgar way v. for carrying rainwater away from the roof of a church. wooden framework on which criminals are put to death by hanging adj. confuse (sb/sth). small hammer used by an auctioneer or chairman as a signal for order or attention . the gamut complete range or scale n. enormous. ~ person who is running away or escaping n. the blending or uniting of different things into one. (arch ) (usu in negative sentences or questions ) contradict (sb/sth). suitable for a funeral.

scientific study of old age and the process of growing old v. study of family history. fit sheets or panes of glass into n. with great care and caution to avoid causing harm or making a noise n. official journal with public notices and lists of government. smooth and shiny v. embryo of a seed . arrange the boundaries of or divide (an area) for voting in order to give unfair advantages to one party in an election evolve. list of technical or special words explaining their meanings adj. brief appearance of light v. cover with gold-leaf(3) or gold-coloured paint adv. strong unpleasant dazzling light adj. starting-point. unintelligible talk. adj. in the earliest stage of development v. brightness or shine on a smooth surface n. mild. send out a weak unsteady light v. gesticulating adj. bend the knee. gather adj. send out light and heat withoutflame v. cause to exist or occur. dazzling v. ~ sth (with sth) supply sth with much more than is needed adj. ~ shine brightly with little sharp flashes of light. general statement. meaningless sounds. not specific n. (biology ) group of animals or plants within a family(4). ~ (infml ) stare impolitely or stupidly. distance round sth of approximately cylindrical shape n. of the Ice Age [ glamour: ] charm and allure. shared by or including a whole group or class. often itself subdivided into several species(1) n. people of good social position next below the nobility v. genteel manners and behaviour. military. showing who the ancestors of particular people were and how they were related to each other n. ~ express or feel selfish delight at one's own success or good fortune or sb else's failure n. make fun of sb/sth adj. person who eats too much 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 gloss glossary glossy glow glower glut glutinous glutton glimmer glitter gloat gild gingerly girth gist glacial glamor glare glaring glaze gleam glean glib ghastly gibberish gibe giddy gestate gesticulation gerontology gerrymander germane germinal germinate gerontocracy geriatrics germ genteel gentility gentle gentry genuflect genus generality generate generic genesis geniality genre .1943 1944 gawk gazette genealogy v. esp one that is vague or indefinite v. legal and university appointments n. sparkle v. (derog ) speaking or spoken fluently and without hesitation. ~ (at sb/sth) jeer at or mock sb/sth. branch of medicine dealing with the diseases and care of old people n. produce adj. social superiority adj. of or like gluten. esp in worship . (fml) beginning. nonsense v. start growing government ruled by old people n. the gist main point or general meaning adj. particular style or kind. ~ (fml ) relevant adj. causing horror or fear n. polite or refined in an affected or exaggerated way n. violent or severe n. having the feeling that everything is turning round and that one is going to fall v. sticky n. gawp n. but not sincerely or trustworthily v. careful. quality of being genial n. n. origin n. not rough. as in pre-natal growth n. fascination n. esp of works of art or literature grouped according to their form or subject matter adj. portion of a living organism capable of becoming a new organism. ~ look in an angry or a threatening way v. kind.

fireplace v. underground spirit n. strangely distorted so as to arouse fear or laughter. full of words which ordinary people do not understand adj. in lubrication. causing horror or terror. ~ (of persons and behaviour) kind. a person who has been awarded a first degree from a university or college n. covered with knobs dwarf. rough. etc n. filling one with horror or disgust. ghastly n.1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 gnarl gnarled gnome goad gobble gorge gory gossamer gouge gourmand gourmet gracious gradation graduate graduated any knotty protuberance or swelling on a tree adj. wines. building where grain is stored n. force that attracts objects in space towards each other. ~ (of cattle. impressiveness adj. ~ seize (an opponent) firmly and try to fight n. etc or intended to cause laughter adj. twisted and rough. free adj. person in charge of horses n. simple dish made of oatmeal. esp one made artificially as a garden shelter v. planned on a large scale. etc) eat growing grass adj. (intended to seem) imposing v. sheep. n. unwilling. toasting bread. long narrow cut or depression in the surface of hard material n. etc boiled in milk or water exhausting adj. (derog ) ~ (to/before sb) lie or crawl with the face downwards in a show of humility or fear v. (esp commerce ) twelve dozen adj. tool with a sharp semicircular edge for cutting grooves in wood n. polite and generous (esp to sb who is socially inferior) n. ~ real or imagined cause for complaint or protest (used esp with the vs shown) n. money given to sb who has done one a service. ~ sth feel resentful about sth. surly 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 grapple grate gratify gratis gratuitous gratuity gravity 2023 2024 2025 2026 grill 2027 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034 2035 2036 2037 2038 2039 2040 2041 2042 2043 2044 2045 growl grudge grudging gruel grueling gruesome gruff grisly groom groove gross grotesque grotto grouch grouse grovel grim grimace graze gregarious grievance grandiose granulate graphic graphite granary grandeur grandiloquent . magnificence. and for slowing down neutrons in atomic reactors v. (esp rhet ) covered with gore1 n. using or being a pompous style of speech. done. soft black substance used in making lead pencils. small dark bird of northern hilly areas. ~ (derog ) complain n. etc adj. ~ (of animals or thunder) make a low threatening sound v. ugly twisted expression (on the face). cave. narrow steep-sided valley. liking to be with other people n. form into grains or have a granular surface or texture adj. do or give sth very unwillingly adj. fine silky substance of webs made by small spiders. device on a cooker that directs heat downwards for cooking meat. tip . disgust. (fml ) give pleasure or satisfaction to (sb) adv. reluctant n. etc adj. very serious and unsmiling in appearance n. purposely and without good reason n. frightful adj. lover of food. etc move on v. person who enjoys and is expert in the choice of fine food. glutton . noisily and greedily (leaving nothing behind) n. given or acting unnecessarily. usu with a stream or river adj. n. greatness. so that things fall to the ground when dropped v. gradual change from one thing to another n. expressing pain. ~ person who holds a degree (esp the first or bachelor's) from a university or polytechnic [ graduate: ] n. without payment. and on the earth pulls them towards the centre of the planet. ~ sth eat sth fast. of visual symbols n. fantastic n. pointed stick for making cattle. floating in calm air or spread over grass. shot for sport and food v.

~ (over/about sth) argue (esp about the price. harass n. unfortunate n. ~ (thing that can cause) danger. risk adj. risky adj. widespread damage. etc when agreeing upon the terms of a sale or other transaction) n. lack of sleep. rope or chain used to keep sth steady or secured. serious and usu angry speech v. dangerous. with wind blowing in gusts n.2046 2047 2048 2049 2050 2051 2052 2053 2054 2055 2056 2057 2058 2059 grumble grunt guffaw guile guileless guise gull gullible gush gust gustatory gusto gusty guy gyroscope v. natural environment of an animal or a plant. unlucky. style of dress n. tough. loud. device containing a wheel which. misty . without plan or order. (of men) good-looking chance.. home v. etc or hairs on the neck of a dog adj. when its spins fast. etc. long. enthusiastic vigour in doing sth adj. esp one containing food. etc. (of animals. ~ (rhet ) person or thing that announces or shows that sb/sth is coming to give shelter or refuge to adj. destroy weeds. visit (a place) regularly n. robust [ harp: ] a large triangular plucked stringed instrument consisting of a soundboard connected to an upright pillar by means of a curved crossbar from which the strings extend downwards. opening in a door. slow and hesitant. as if lacking in confidence n. stir the soil. esp pigs) make a low rough sound from deep in the throat . give a noisy laugh n. illusion of seeing or hearing sth when no such thing is actually present adj. arrogance. cover seeds. adj. questions. n. deceit. hale and `hearty (esp of an old person) strong and healthy set apart as sacred n. large basket with a hinged lid. ~ sb/oneself to sth accustom sb/oneself to sth n. Pride. any of several types of large long-winged sea-bird with usu white and grey or black feathers . in soil v. etc v. long feathers on the neck of the domestic cock. able to endure cold or difficult conditions. v. esp from worry. sudden violent rush of wind affecting the sense of taste n. great destruction n. always maintains the same orientation regardless of any movement of the supporting structure. eg to hold a tent in place n. random adj. willing to believe anything or anyone. floor or ceiling n. place of safety or rest. frozen rain falling in a shower adj. trouble and annoy continually n. easily deceived v. often used in ships' stabilizers 2060 2061 2062 2063 2064 2065 2066 2067 2068 2069 2070 2071 2072 2073 2074 2075 2076 2077 2078 2079 2080 2081 2082 2083 2084 halting hamper handsome hap haphazard hapless harangue harass harbinger harbor hardy harping 2085 harrow 2086 harrowing 2087 2088 2089 2090 2091 2092 2093 2094 2095 2096 harry hatch haughtiness haunt haven havoc hazard hazardous hazy hail halcyon hale halfhearted hallowed hallucination hackneyed haggard haggle Barron GRE word list . annoy (sb) with repeated requests. used so often that it has become trite and dull adj. ~ (from sth) flow or pour out suddenly in great quantities n. wine. v. heavy frame with metal spikes or discs dragged over ploughed land to break up lumps of earth. ~ (about/at/over sth) complain or protest in a bad-tempered way v. etc [ harrow: ] any of various implements used to level the ground. break up clods.h habitat habituate hackles n. cunning without deceit n. etc adj. luck adj. looking tired and unhappy. peaceful and happy adj. refuge n.

chop or cut (sth/sb) with an axe. put or keep out of sight adj. large-scale destruction. (also `beehive) box or other container for bees to live in n. time of greatest success. having good health. edge of a piece of cloth which has been turned under and sewn or fixed down n. carefully collected and guarded store of money. esp in religion n. leather case for a pistol. made of yarn spun at home . food or other treasured objects adj. very theatrical in manner. n. n. esp by fire. very ugly. (also hoar) (esp of hair) grey or white with age n. adj with the head first adj. things said or done to show great respect. headlong adv. feeding on plants n. filling the mind with horror. belief or opinion that is contrary to what is generally accepted. usu fixed to a belt or saddle . etc n. handle or wheel for moving the rudder of a ship or boat n. etc n. made up of different kinds. tribute to a person or his qualities (used esp with the vs shown) adj. esp. number of animals. sword. take notice of (sth) not noticing.2097 2098 2099 2100 2101 2102 2103 2104 2105 2106 2107 2108 2109 2110 2111 2112 2113 2114 2115 2116 2117 2118 2119 2120 2121 2122 2123 2124 2125 2126 2127 2128 2129 2130 2131 2132 2133 2134 2135 2136 2137 2138 2139 2140 2141 2142 2143 2144 2145 2146 2147 2148 2149 2150 2151 headfirst headlong headstrong healthful healthy heckler hedonism hedonist heed heedless hegemony heinous helm hem herald herbivorous herd hereafter heresy heretic hermetic hermitage herpetologist heterodox with the head foremost. of or written in hieroglyphs adj. person who made important announcements and carried messages from a ruler adj. (in legal documents. very wicked n. person who is guilty of heresy or who supports a heresy adj. prosperity. tightly closed so that air cannot escape or enter. famous or important in history adj. esp by one state in a group of states adj. great amusement adj. good for the health adj. obstinately determined to do things in one's own way without listening to others. hairy. excessively dramatic. pay attention to (advice. disregarding n. frightful n. well and able to resist disease n. ~ thing or person that hinders n. place where a hermit or a group of hermits lives one that a branch of zoology dealing with reptiles and amphibians adj. loud laughter. concerning past events adj. system with grades of authority or status from the lowest to the highest adj. affected n. not conforming with accepted standards or beliefs heterogeneous adj. wisdom about an event after it has occurred [ hinterland: ] land lying behind something. leadership. (esp of a man) covered with hair. gap in a series or sequence. wintry v. esp cattle. a coast or the shore of a river n. feeding or staying together adv. power. (approv esp Brit) simple and plain tendency of a system to maintain relative stability adj. etc) from now on. selfwilled . etc). extravagantly grand and pretentious n. following this . making it incomplete. belief that pleasure should be the main aim in life n. spend the winter in a state like deep sleep v. adj. break in continuity . n. believer in hedonism v. mischievous trick played on sb for a joke n. n. varied in composition hew heyday hiatus hibernal hibernate hide hideous hierarchy hieroglyphic high-flown hilarity hindmost hindrance hindsight hinterlands hireling hirsute historic historical histrionic hive hoard hoary hoax holocaust holster homage homely homeostasis homespun v. shaggy adj. person whose services may be hired adj. completely airtight . furthest behind n. prevent (sth/sb/oneself) from being seen. great loss of human life n.

lacking excitement or variety. monotonous adj. din . colour. stone used for sharpening the cutting edges of tools. behaving. remain in the air in one place n. small house that is unfit to live in. eg of many voices. hillock . (of a person or his words or actions) having or showing a low or modest opinion of one's own importance. be hard put to it n. etc that is clearly different from that of others . dull. v. harm or kill him unless certain demands are met n. throw violently. impetuous person . give way. not proud adj. esp of small faults n. exaggeratedstatement that is made for special effect and is not meant to be taken literally. n. eg the time of his birth encouraging. n. too critical. forecast of a person's future based on a diagram showing the relative positions of the planets. person who suffers from hypochondria 2189 2190 2191 2192 2193 2194 2195 2196 2197 idiom 2198 idiosyncrasy 2199 Barron GRE word list . huge crowd.i ichthyology icon iconoclastic ideology hypocritical hypothetical hysteria adj. etc and essential to the fertility of soil v. of hypocrisy or a hypocrite adj. having or showing sympathy. animal or plant that has parents of different species or varieties n. modesty n. etc adj. ~ being hostile (to sb/sth). small roughly-built house or shelter. to soothe or content by indulgence n. farming n. a horticultural show. fling v. throng n. very large group (esp of people). person held as a captive by one or more others who threaten to keep. exhortative adj. ideas that form the basis of an economic or political theory or that are held by a particular group or person n. n. eg I've invited millions of people to my party . kindness and understanding adj. trick sb n. with eg laughter. society. humble attitude of mind. loud confused noise. a change of heart.2152 2153 2154 2155 2156 2157 2158 2159 2160 2161 2162 2163 2164 2165 2166 2167 2168 2169 2170 homily homogeneous hone hoodwink horde horoscope hortatory horticultural hostage hostility hothead hovel hover hubbub hubris hue hull humane humanitarian humble n. body of a ship adj. n. enmity n. ~ sb deceive sb. move violently. etc at a particular time. very poor and squalid dwelling . esp as a symptom of rabies in humans n. containing moisture. person who often acts too hastily or rashly. formed of parts that are all of the same type n. etc of a holy person. wild uncontrollable emotion or excitement. etc v. . carving. state like deep sleep in which a person's actions may be controlled by another person 2171 2172 2173 2174 2175 2176 2177 2178 2179 2180 2181 2182 2183 2184 hygiene 2185 hyperbole 2186 2187 2188 hypercritical hypnosis hurl hurtle husband husbandry hut hybrid hydrophobia humdrum humid humility hummock humor humus hypochondriac n. variety or shade of colour n. expert n. concerned with improving the lives of mankind and reducing suffering. antagonism. study and practice of cleanliness as a way of maintaining good health and preventing disease n. esp by social reform adj. not necessarily true or real . of or based on a hypothesis. man to whom a woman is married n. noisily or with great speed in the specified direction n. low hill or hump in the ground. phrase or sentence whose meaning is not clear from the meaning of its individual words and which must be learnt as a whole unit . crying or screaming study of fish n. painting. adj. rich dark organic material formed by the decay of dead leaves. usu made of wood or metal . itself regarded as sacred attacking cherished beliefs n. person's particular way of thinking. damp n. abnormal fear of water and of drinking. long and boring talk from sb on the correct way to behave. arrogant pride n.

very urgent or important. deadlock adj. not employed n. ~ sb (to sth) force or urge sb to do sth adj. hinder or obstruct the progress or movement of n. false idea. adj. proud and arrogant. showing or involving human feelings . catch fire adj. either because of inoculation or through natural resistance v. delusion adjs. about to happen. (fml ) put (sb/sth) in danger. weaken or damage v. that cannot be changed. ~ sb/sth with sth fill or inspire sb/sth with (feelings. not sorry for or ashamed of one's misdoings. that cannot be noticed or felt because so small. ~ sb/sth pierce sb/sth with a sharp-pointed object adj. ~ person or thing that hinders or obstructs the progress or movement of sth v. inequality n. shut in adj.idiosyncratic 2200 2201 2202 2203 2204 2205 2206 2207 2208 2209 2210 2211 2212 2213 2214 2215 2216 2217 2218 2219 2220 2221 2222 2223 2224 2225 2226 2227 2228 2229 2230 2231 2232 2233 2234 2235 2236 2237 2238 2239 2240 2241 2242 2243 2244 2245 2246 2247 2248 2249 2250 2251 2252 impersonal imperial imperil imperious impermeable impenitent imperative imperceptible impeccable impecunious impede impediment impel impending impenetrable immure immutable impair impale impalpable impart impartial impassable impasse impassioned impassive impeach imbue immaculate imminent immobility immolate immune ignite ignoble ignominious ignominy illicit illimitable illuminate illusion illusive illusory imbalance imbecility imbibe imbroglio idyllic igneous idle idolatry idyll a peculiarity of constitution or temperament:an individualizingcharacteristic or quality adj. etc) adj. ~ sth (to sth) give (a quality) to sth adj. free from mistakes. showing no sign of feeling v. passed through. of an empire or its ruler(s) v. fair or neutral adj. imminent adj. esp alcohol) n. confused or embarrassing situation. not allowing a liquid to pass through adj. belief or impression. impossible to travel on or over n. not honourable in character or purpose. not favouring one person or thing more than another. having little or no money v. like an idyll. kill (sb) as a sacrifice adj. about to happen. likely to happen very soon n. state of being immobile v. illegal infinite v. slight or gradual adj. not allowed by law. based on illusion. disgrace adj. v. esp a political or an emotional one . shameful or humiliating. causing disgrace shame or humiliation. worship of idols n. stupidity v. (of rocks) formed by molten matter (esp from volcanoes) that has become solid v. doing or having no work. esp one against the State adj. needing immediateattention adj. ~ that cannot be entered. spotless adj. lack of balance or proportion. etc adj. excellent or faultless adj. provide with light n. deceptive based on or producing illusion:DECEPTIVE n. ~ sb accuse (a public official or politician) of committing a serious crime. that cannot be touched or felt physically v. shameful adj. not penitent. peaceful and pleasant adj. complicated. ~ that cannot be harmed by a disease or illness. not influenced by. domineering. perfectly clean and tidy. imprison (sb). drink (sth. endanger adj. that will never change v. difficult position or situation from which there is no way out. esp of country life adj. short piece of poetry or prose that describes a happy and peaceful scene or event. showingstrong deep feeling adj. expecting obedience adj.

~ not respectful. not convincing n. adv. dishonest practice adj. person that prominently displays a particular quality adj. ~ implied.) bring (goods. with impunity with freedom from punishment or injury v. not politic adj. burst or collapse inwards v. indecent or unsuitable behaviour. saturate sth adj. stimulus incantation incapacitate incarcerate incarnate incarnation incendiary incense n. make poor n. lack of power or effectiveness. lack of respect. impudent behaviour or speech v. beg or demand insistently n. ~ sth ~ sth (into.. by accident. unable to express one's words. esp for God and religion. esp in the way that humans and animals are adj. etc on fire n. not wise. of which the effect or importance cannot be measured or estimated v. powerless or helpless v. unlikely to be true. attributesth to sb/sth . designed to set buildings. oath or curse adj. that cannot be taken away masc. suggest (sth) indirectly rather than state it directly. unintentionally imposture impotent impoverish imprecation impregnable impregnate importunate importune adj. so strong and well-constructed that it cannot be entered orcaptured v. hint adj. acting or done quickly and with little thought or care. not easily troubled or worried. adj. ideas or feelings clearly v. ~ sb (for sth) ask sb persistently (for sth). ask or beg earnestly. ideas. ~ sb (fml ) put sb in prison adj. persistent. thingnot openly stated adj. ~ sth to sb/sthput the responsibility for sth on sb/sth. (action of) deliberately deceiving by pretending to be sb else adj. calm impervious impetuous impetus impiety impinge impious implacable implausible implement implicate implication implicit implode implore imply impolitic imponderable import 2272 2273 2274 2275 2276 2277 2278 2279 2280 2281 2282 2283 2284 2285 2286 2287 2288 2289 2290 2291 2292 2293 2294 2295 2296 2297 2298 2299 2300 2301 2302 2303 2304 2305 2306 incentive n. ~ sb introduce (a new public official or leader) at a special ceremony adj. used esp in religious ceremonies inalienable inamorata inane inanimate inarticulate inaugurate incandescent adj. weaken or disable sb v. without meaning. but not expressed directly. not alive. not prudent n. ~ sth cause (one substance) to be filled in every part with another substance. express doubts about (sth) n. esp in making requests or demands v. weakness n. v. wasteful v. ~ thing that encourages sb to do sth. ~ thing that encourages a process to develop more quickly n. unable to take effective action. beseech v. ~ sb make sb unable (to do sth). ~ not allowing water. series of words used as a magic spell or charm v. rude imperturbable adj. that cannot be changed or satisfied adj. rash or impulsive n. ~ thing that is suggested or implied. gas. showing a lack of respect. esp for God and religion . usu in an annoying manner.. being impudent.2253 2254 2255 2256 2257 2258 2259 2260 2261 2262 2263 2264 2265 2266 2267 2268 2269 2270 2271 impertinent adj. ~ sb show that sb is involved in sth. ~ on/upon sth have an effect on sth adj. in the physical form of a human being n. not wise or discreet. compose or play (music). inamorato adj. adv without preparation. not preparing for future needs. esp a crime n. speak or act without previous preparation adj. rehearsal or thought in advance n. not pious . silly or stupid adj. etc to pass through adj. glowing or shining when heated impromptu impropriety improvident improvise imprudent impudence impugn impuissance impunity impute inadvertently adj. tool or instrument v. not explicit v. substance that produces a pleasant smell when burnt. etc) from a foreign country into one's own country .

2307 2308 2309 2310 2311 2312 2313 2314 2315 2316 2317 2318 2319 2320 2321 2322 2323

inception incessant inchoate incidence incident incidental incinerate incipient incisive incite inclement incline inclined inclusive incognito incoherent

n. start or beginning of sth adj. not stopping; continual adj. just begun and therefore not fully formed or developed n. ~ of sth extent to which sth happens or has an effect n. event or happening,often of minor importance adj. small and relatively unimportant; minor v. destroy completely by burning; burn to ashes ; adj. in its early stages; beginning to happen adj. clear and precise; direct or sharp v. ~ sb urge or persuade sb to do sth by making him very angry or excited adj. cold and stormy; bad v. ~ towards sth lean or slope in the direction of sth adj. ~ wanting to behave in a particular way; disposed adj. ~ including sth; including much or all adj. , adv with one's true identity hidden; in disguise adj. not clear or logical

incommodious adj. uncomfortable, usu because too small; inconvenient; incompatible 2324 2325 2326 2327 incontinent 2328 2329 2330 2331 2332 2333 2334 2335 2336 2337 2338 2339 2340 2341 2342 2343 2344 2345 2346 2347 2348 2349 2350 2351 2352 2353 2354 2355 2356 2357 indigence indigenous n. poverty adj. ~ (fml ) belonging naturally (to a place); native indicative indices indict indifferent adj. stating a fact or asking questions of fact pl of index v. ~ sb (law ) accuse sb officially (of sth); charge sb adj. ~ having no interest in sb/sth; neither for nor against sb/sth; not caring about sb/sth indentation indenture indeterminate indelible indemnify adj. that cannot be rubbed out or removed v. ~ sb (from/against sth) (law or commerce ) promise to compensate sb for any harm he may suffer n. indenting or being indented v. ~ sb contract sb to work as an apprentice adj. not fixed or exact; vague; indefinite indecision indecisive indefatigable incumbent incur incursion adj. ~ on/upon sb necessary as part of sb's duty v. cause oneself to suffer (sth bad); bring upon oneself n. ~ (into/on/upon sth) sudden attack on or invasion of a place (not usu made in order to occupy it permanently) n. ~ state of being unable to decide; hesitation adj. not final or conclusive adj. never giving up or stopping in spite of tiredness or difficulty; tireless incontrovertibl adj. so obvious and certain that it cannot be disputed or denied e incorporate v. ~ sth (in/into sth) make sth part of a whole; include incorporeal incorrigible incredulity incredulous increment incriminate incrustation incubate incubus inculcate adj. without a body or material form adj. that cannot be corrected or improved a tendency to disbelief adj. not willing or able to believe; showing disbelief n. increase, esp in money paid as a salary; added amount v. make appear to be guilty of wrongdoing n. formation of a hard outer covering; encrusting ; v. keep (eggs) warm, usu by sitting on them, until they hatch n. male evil spirit formerly supposed to have sex with a sleeping woman v. ~ sth ~ sb with sth (fml ) fix (ideas, principles, etc) firmly in sb's mind, esp by repetition adj. unable to control the bladder or bowels in passing waste matter from the body incongruity n. state of being incongruous inconsequentia adj. trivial or irrelevant; not important l inconsistency n. quality of being inconsistent adj. ~ not able to live or work happily with sb

2358 2359 2360 2361 2362 2363 2364 2365 2366 2367 2368 2369 2370 2371 2372 2373 2374 2375 2376 2377 2378 2379 2380 2381 2382 2383 2384 2385 2386 2387 2388 2389 2390 2391 2392 2393 2394 2395 2396

indigent indignation indignity

adj. poor n. ~ (at/over/about sth) anger caused by sth thought to be unjust, unfair, etc n. rude or unworthy treatment causing shame or loss of respect

indiscriminate adj. ~ (in sth) acting without careful judgement indisputable indissoluble indite indoctrinate indolence indolent indomitable indubitable induce induct inductive indulge indulgent industrious inebriate inebriated inebriety ineffable ineffectual ineluctable inept inequity inerrancy inert inertia inestimable inevitable inexorable inextricable infallible infamous infantile infer infernal infest infidel 2397 2398 2399 2400 2401 2402 2403 2404 2405 2406 2407 2408 2409 2410 2411 ingenue ingenuous ingrained ingrate ingratiate inherent infiltrate infinitesimal infirmity inflated influx infraction infringe ingenious v. ~ (into sth) (of liquids, gases, etc) pass slowly by filtering; penetrate adj. extremelysmall n. weakness adj. filled with air, gas, etc n. ~ arrival of people or things, esp suddenly and in large numbers or quantities n. breaking of a rule, law, etc , v. break (a rule, an agreement, etc) adj. ~ (at sth/doing sth) (of a person) clever at finding new or simple solutions for complex problems n. simple innocent girl, esp as portrayed in plays, films, etc adj. not attempting to deceive or conceal; open; innocent adj. deeply fixed; thorough ungrateful person to become popular with adj. ~ existing as a natural or permanent feature or quality of sb/sth adj. that cannot be disputed or denied adj. that cannot be dissolved or broken up; firm and lasting write; compose v. ~ sb (usu derog ) cause sb to have (a particular set of beliefs), esp by teaching which excludes any other points of view laziness adj. lazy; inactive ; adj. that cannot be subdued or defeated; unyielding adj. that cannot be doubted; without doubt ; v. persuade or influence (sb) to do sth v. ~ sb install sb formally or with ceremony in a position or an office; admit sb as a member of sth adj. based on induction v. ~ oneself/sb (with sth) allow oneself/sb to have whatever one/he likes or wants adj. inclined to indulge adj. hard-working; diligent ; adj. n habitually drunk (person) adj. drunk; intoxicated habitual intoxication adj. too great to be described in words adj. lacking confidence and unable to get things done; without effect adj. that cannot be escaped from adj. ~ (at sth/doing sth) completely unskilful (at sth) n. injustice or unfairness (christianity) exemption from error adj. without power to move or act n. lack of vigour; lethargy adj. too great, precious, etc to be estimated adj. that cannot be avoided; that is sure to happen adj. continuing unstoppably; relentless adj. so closely linked that separation is impossible adj. incapable of making mistakes or doing wrong adj. ~ well-known as being wicked or immoral; notorious adj. of infants or infancy v. ~ sth (from sth) reach (an opinion) from facts or reasoning; conclude sth adj. of hell To be present in such numbers as to be a source of annoyance, trouble, or danger. n. person with no belief in a religion, esp in what is considered to be the true religion ,

2412 2413 2414 2415 2416 2417 2418 2419 2420 2421 2422 2423 2424 2425 2426 2427 2428 2429 2430 2431 2432 2433 2434 2435 2436 2437 2438 2439 2440 2441 2442 2443 2444 2445

inhibit inhibited inimical inimitable iniquitous initiate injurious inkling innate innocuous innovation innuendo inopportune inordinate inquisitive inquisitor inroad insalubrious insatiable inscrutable insensate insensible insidious insightful insinuate insipid insolence insolvent insomnia insouciant instigate institute institution

v. ~ sb prevent sb from doing sth that should be natural or easy to do adj. (of people) unable to relax or express one's feelings in a natural and spontaneous way adj. ~ (fml ) unfriendly; hostile adj. impossible to imitate; too good, clever, etc to imitate adj. very wicked or unjust v. put (a scheme, etc) into operation; cause (sth) to begin adj. ~ (to sb/sth) causing or likely to cause injury; harmful n. ~ slight knowledge (of sth secret or not previously known); hint adj. in one's nature; possessed from birth adj. causing no harm n. innovating n. (derog ) indirect reference (usu suggesting sth bad or discreditable about sb) adj. not appropriate or convenient adj. beyond proper or normal limits; excessive adj. fond of inquiring into other people's affairs n. investigator, esp an officer of the Inquisition n. ~ (into sth) sudden attack on another's territory; raid adj. unhealthy adj. ~ that cannot be satisfied; very greedy adj. that cannot be understood or known; mysterious adj. without the power to feel or experience adj. unconscious as the result of injury, illness, etc adj. spreading or acting gradually and unnoticed but with harmful effects adj. showing insight v. ~ sth suggest sth (to sb) unpleasantly and indirectly adj. having almost no taste or flavour n. ~ being insolent adj. unable to pay debts; bankrupt ; n. inability to sleep lighthearted unconcern:NONCHALANCE v. cause to begin or happen; initiate n. society or organization for a special (usu social, professional or educational) purpose the act of instituting

institutionalize to subject to the deleterious effects of confinement in an institution insubordinate 2446 2447 2448 2449 2450 2451 2452 2453 2454 2455 2456 2457 2458 integrity intellect intelligentsia 2459 2460 2461 2462 inter interdict interim intangible integral integrate adj. that cannot be clearly or definitely understood or grasped; indefinable adj. ~ necessary for completeness v. ~ sth (into sth); ~ A and B/~ A with B combine sth in such a way that it becomes fully a part of sth else n. quality of being honest and morally upright n. power of the mind to reason and acquire knowledge n. the intelligentsia those people within a community who areof high intelligence and concern themselves with mattersof culture, learning, etc; intellectuals as a class ; v. (fml ) put (a corpse) in a grave or tomb; bury v. (esp law ) prohibit (an action); forbid the use of (sth) ; n. in the interimduring the time that comes between; meantime insularity insuperable insurgent n. state of being insular adj. (of difficulties) that cannot be overcome adj. in revolt; rebellious insubordinatio n. being insubordinate n insubstantial adj. not solid or real; imaginary adj. disobedient; rebellious ;

insurmountabl adj. (of obstacles, difficulties, etc) that cannot be overcome e insurrection n. sudden,usu violent, action taken by the population to try to remove the government

not constant adj. use (sth) as a reason for one's action adj. etc . too strong to be overcome or defeated adj. existing within. etc) which interrupts a conversation. (power of) understanding things (eg a situation. not properly based or able to be upheld by reasoning v. ~ having or being a very close and friendly relationship v. ~ sb frighten sb (in order to make him do sth) adj. ~ sb into sth/doing sth persuade sb to go somewhere or do sth by using flattery and deception adj. without the need for conscious reasoning or study v. period when a state has no normal or lawful ruler. ~ sth (fml ) make (a remark. angry adj. adj. etc n. make invalid n. habits. not tolerant To make drunk. not easily controlled or dealt with. ~ that cannot be wounded. tiresome. annoying adj. ~ B among/between/in/throughout A. that must not be violated or dishonoured => invoke v. causing destruction to both sides v. unwillingness to compromise adj. esp at the end of a sovereign's reign and before the appointment of a successor v. i adj. (of time) come or be between adj. interferes in sth which is not his affair. hard to manage state of stubborn. flood accustomed to/adapted adj. ~ sth(fml ) cover sth with water by overflowing. belonging naturally. expression of one's meaning by saying the direct opposite of one's thoughts in order to be emphatic. not coming from outside adv: He is not intrinsically bad adj. using or expressing irony. continually stopping and then starting again. full of irony n. the Greek letter I. i I. fearless. etc) that have lasted a long time and seem likely to continue adj. hurt or damaged by attack n. ~ A with B vary sth by placing other things at irregular intervals among it n. ~ (of/between/in sth) (fml ) very small gap or crack v. ~ (oneself/sth) into sth (esp fml ) put (oneself/sth) into a place or situation where one/it is unwelcome or unsuitable n. going on too long. sb's feelings) immediately. (of bad feelings. amusing. reversed in position. and is often shy and unwilling to speak or join in activities with others v. ~ sb question sb aggressively or closely and for a long time v. !!! n. ~ (against sb) make and carry out secret plans or plots to do sth bad adj. etc. violent attack in words. person who is present in a place where he does not belong. brave v. abusive language v. put upside down or in the opposite order. ~ against sb/sth attack sb or sth violently in words v. Hurray! or For goodness sake!) . inclined to introspect n. direction or relation v. likely to cause resentment or unpopularity adj. ~ person who acts as a means of communication between two or more others adj. (of a person) easily made angry adj. and usu therefore annoying or boring adj. speech. intruder n. position or arrangement adj. sarcastic. showing colours like those of the rainbow adj. ~ on/upon sb/sth. person who is more interested in his own thoughts and feelings than in things outside himself. word or phrase used as an exclamation (eg Oh!.interjection 2463 interloper 2464 intermediary 2465 2466 2467 2468 2469 2470 2471 2472 2473 2474 2475 2476 2477 2478 2479 2480 2481 2482 2483 2484 2485 introvert 2486 intrude 2487 intuition 2488 2489 2490 2491 2492 2493 2494 2495 2496 2497 2498 2499 2500 2501 2502 2503 2504 2505 2506 2507 2508 2509 2510 2511 invidious invincible inviolable invocation invoke invulnerable iota irascible irate iridescent irksome ironic irony inverse invert inveterate inundate inured invalid invalidate invective inveigh inveigle intrepid intrigue intrinsic intrinsically introspective interstice intervene intimate intimidate intolerant intoxicate intractable intransigence interrogate intersperse interminable intermittent internecine interpolate interregnum n.

made for pleasure adj. narrow strip of land joining two larger areas of land that would otherwise be separated by water adj. especially for sacred things. not relevant (to sth) adj. cheerful . etc to be in accord: AGREE n. adj. plan for. a spacecraft. joke . extreme and unreasonable belief that one's own country is best. with a handle and a lip. state of being jolly v. great happiness. that cannot be changed or revoked. group. humorous adj. that cannot be retrieved or remedied The quality showing or expressing a deficiency of veneration. person who has such a belief adj. thing said or done to cause amusement. sprightly put in danger n. one of two or more forms of a chemical element with different atomic weight and different nuclear properties but the same chemical properties n. disease caused by an excess of bile in the blood which makes the skin and the whites of the eyes become abnormally yellow adj. affected by jealousy. restored or repaired adj. merry. playful . n. . feeling or showing uncertainty. sweet custard-like pudding made of milk curdled with rennet. very large articulated lorry to mix into a confused or disordered mass n. esp important. (US pitcher) deep vessel. spite. final n. travelling from place to place n. ~ talk rapidly in what seems to be a confused manner adj. loss or destruction n. who rule a country after taking power by force in a revolution juggernaut jumble juncture n. ~ push roughly against (sb). humorous. that cannot be put right. bitter n. esp of military officers. a journey. feeling or showing cheerfulness and self-confidence. technical or specialized words used by a particular group of people and difficult for others to understand n. that cannot be proved false adj. n. ~ not connected (with sth). showing or havinggood sense n. or record of. esp because of a success n. etc. or from an aeroplane. usu in a crowd adj. v. that cannot be held back or controlled irreproachable adj. goods thrown overboard from a ship in distress to lighten it. n. freefrom blame or fault 2518 2519 2520 2521 2522 2523 2524 isthmus 2525 2526 2527 2528 2529 2530 2531 2532 jaundice 2533 2534 2535 2536 2537 2538 2539 2540 2541 2542 2543 2544 2545 2546 2547 2548 2549 2550 2551 2552 2553 2554 2555 2556 2557 junket 2558 junta 2559 n. throw or eject from a ship in distress. adj. route irresolute irretrievable irreverence adj. judges of a country collectively adj. in jeopardy in danger of harm. stage in a series of events jingoist jocose jocular jocund jollity jostle jovial jubilation judiciary judicious jug jettison jibe jingoism v. and often sweetened and flavoured . hesitating . short journey. that cannot be remedied or corrected adj. usu with sth sharp or pointed v. ~ (at sb/sth) (with sth). together with a warlike attitude towards other countries n. tired and lacking zest.j jab irreverent irrevocable isotope adj. feeling or showing no respect for sacred things adj. meant as a joke. for holding and pouring liquids jaundiced jaunt jaunty jeopardize jeopardy jest jetsam jabber jaded jargon itinerant itinerary Barron GRE word list . ~ sb/sth (with sth) poke or push at sb/sth roughly.irreconcilable 2512 2513 2514 2515 2516 2517 irreparable irrepressible irrefutable irrelevant irremediable adj. very cheerful and good-humoured. ~ (with sb/sth) (of people) that cannot be reconciled adj. merry n. such goods washed up ashore . at this juncture (fml ) at a particular. usu after too much of sth n.

piece of writing that attacks and ridicules a person. press and stretch with the hands to form a firm smooth paste v. listlessness . slow-moving v. v. etc through which it is difficult to find one's way n. the laity all the members of a Church who are not ordained clergymen. dishonesty. catch fire n. in the habit of weeping. rest on the knee(s) n. of or produced by movement n. =>Usage at dream dream. tearing of the flesh adj. adj n. . family relationship adj. destiny. paths. hit (sb) hard and repeatedly. etc n. complicated network of winding passages. skill at performing some special task. either by hand (using long needles) or on a machine n. v. ability n. ~ sth (for sb) make (a garment or fabric) by forming wool. esp to show a contrast 2562 juxtapose 2563 2564 Barron GRE word list . silk. n. trickery . beyond/outside one's ken not within one's range of knowledge n. ~ (behind sb/sth). an institution. tiredness or laziness of mind and body. right to exercise legal authority n. soft and usu edible part inside a nut or fruit stone . thrash . weapon used for catching fish. of law or legal proceedings n. ~ (down) go down on one or both knees. ~ (for/over sb/sth) feel or express great sorrow or regret for (sb/sth) n. place (people or things) side by side or very close together. fail to keep pace with others n. etc adj. salt-water lake separated from the open sea by sandbanks or coral reefs n. straight and limp n. person suffering from kleptomania . adj. credit readily or continually undergoing chemical. ~ (behind) go too slow. injure by tearing n. lacking vigour and determination. v. honour and glory. area formed by the upper part of a seated person's thighs . etc yarn into connecting loops. science or philosophy of law v. a book. sound of a bell rung slowly after a death or at a funeral v. lacking luster or shine adj. (of timber) full of knots n.2560 2561 juridical jurisdiction jurisprudence adj. laymen . person who lags behind n. using few words. or biological change or breakdown:UNSTABLE adj. etc with a long wooden shaft and a pointed steel head n. fate . physical. delicate fabric with an ornamental openwork design of threads v. sharp pointed two-edged surgical instrument used for opening abscesses. mournful adj. unenthusiastic lacking brilliance or vitality .k kaleidoscope 2565 2566 2567 2568 2569 2570 2571 2572 2573 2574 2575 2576 2577 2578 2579 2580 2581 2582 2583 2584 2585 2586 2587 2588 2589 2590 2591 2592 2593 2594 2595 2596 2597 2598 2599 2600 2601 2602 2603 2604 2605 2606 2607 2608 lancet languid languish languor lank lap lambaste lament lampoon lance lackluster laconic lag laggard lagoon laity lace lacerate laceration lachrymose lackadaisical laborious labyrinth knoll knotty kudos Barron GRE word list . needing much effort n. small round hill or mound adj.l labile knell knit knack knave knavery knead kneel ken kernel killjoy kindle kindred kinetic kismet kleptomaniac n. n. lacking vigour or energy. lack or lose vitality n. person who spoils the enjoymentof others v. tearful. terse v. authority to carry out justice and to interpret and apply laws. = jack1 4 n. toy consisting of a tube containing small loose pieces of coloured glass. etc and mirrors which reflect these to form changing patterns when the tube is turned n.

suspicious n. of. (psychology ) emotional energy or urge.2609 2610 2611 2612 2613 2614 2615 2616 2617 2618 2619 2620 2621 2622 2623 2624 2625 2626 2627 2628 2629 2630 2631 2632 2633 2634 2635 2636 2637 2638 2639 2640 2641 2642 2643 2644 2645 2646 2647 2648 2649 2650 2651 2652 2653 2654 2655 2656 2657 2658 2659 2660 2661 2662 2663 2664 larceny larder largess lascivious lassitude latch latent lateral latitude laud laudable laudatory lavish lax laxative layman leash leaven leave-taking lechery lectern leery leeway legacy legato legend legerdemain legislature leniency leonine lethal lethargic levee levitate levity levy lewd lexicographer lexicon liability liaison libel libelous libertine libidinous libido libretto license licentious lien ligneous lilliputian limber limbo limn limp n. a disposition to yield to the wishes of someone adj. tiredness of mind or body n. rise and float in the air. words that are sung and spoken in an opera or musical play v. high sloping desk made to hold a lecturer's notes. change. measured in degrees . injurious to the good name of a person n. adv (to be played) in a smooth even manner n. = lead n. esp of an ancient language . developed or visible adj. impose sth adj. false written or printed statement that damages sb's reputation defamatory. glorify adj. deserving praise. existing but not yet active. woody adj. dictionary. adj causing or helping the bowels to empty n. cupboard or small room used for storing food n. conjuring . excessive interest in sexual pleasure n. adj. praiseworthy adj. expressing or giving praise adj. man who lives an irresponsible and immoral life adj. money or property left to sb in a will adj. Hot weather makesme lethargic n. causing or able to cause death adj. n. tiny adj. esp one that may not be true n. ~ (infml ) wary. ~ ~ (in doing sth) giving or producing generously or in large quantities adj. distance of a place north or south of the equator. on a small scale. flexible . at. act of saying goodbye n. neglected portray. esp at a formal reception v. not stiff or firm . a Bible in church. communicationand co-operation between units of an organization n. groove. generous giving of money or gifts. substance used to make dough rise before it is baked to make bread n. feeling. skilful performance of tricks using the hands. give a licence to adj. ~ (on/upon sth) right to keep sb's property until a debt owed in connection with it (for repair. consisting of a bar that is lifted from its catch. treating sexual matters in a vulgar or indecent way n. lack of proper seriousness or respect v. supple. etc) is paid . ~ sth (on sb) collect (a payment. of or like a lion adj. esp by means of supernatural powers n. person who does not have an expert knowledge of a subject n. v. amount of freedom to move. transport. in limbo in an intermediate or uncertain state. expressing or causing sexual desire n. body of people with the power to make and change laws mercifulness as a consequence of being lenient or tolerant . having or showing strong sexual feelings. etc adj. esp sexual n. fastening for a gate or door. etc) by authority or force. esp in sexual matters n. etc that is left to sb n. (instance of) theft of personal goods n. person who compiles dictionaries n. n. disregardingthe rules of behaviour. describe vividly adj. n. negligent n. etc by a lever adj. from or towards the side n. lustful . ~state of being liable n. assembly of visitors. not sufficiently strict or severe. esp to sb of lower rank or status adj. story handed down from the past. hole. n. praise (sb/sth). juggling.

sit or stand in a lazy way. growing thickly and strongly. vitality or enthusiasm n. n. ironical understatement. rich and sweet in taste or smell adj. talkative . bluish-grey adj. clear. ~ (for sb) strong sexual desire shine. sit or stand lazily. person who inspires or influences others adj. series of names. etc written or printed adj. features of the face. ~ rest. room or space directly under the roof of a house. bottles) left lying about. be or stay hidden. of the moon n. series of prayers to God for use in church services. the whole `lot the whole number or amount (of sb/sth) n. unevenly balanced adj. length of tree-trunk that has fallen or been cut down v. stay for a long time. light rubbish (eg bits of paper. lush 2678 2679 2680 2681 2682 2683 2684 2685 2686 2687 2688 2689 2690 2691 2692 2693 2694 2695 2696 2697 2698 2699 2700 2701 2702 2703 2704 2705 2706 2707 2708 2709 2710 2711 2712 2713 2714 2715 2716 2717 2718 2719 luminary luminous lunar lunatic lurid lurk luscious lush lust luster lustrous luxuriant lumber lumen lounge lout low lubricate lucid lucrative lucre ludicrous lugubrious lull livid loath loathe lode loft lofty log loiter loll longevity lookout loom lope lopsided loquacious lot lottery . supple n. long life the act of keeping watch against danger. process of going to law n. way of raising money by selling numbered tickets and giving prizes to the holders of numbers selected at random v. be unwilling to leave adj. insane person adj. items. reluctant v. absurd adj. giving out light. esp leaning against sth. ancestry n. etc) noble. feel great hatred or disgust for (sb/sth) n. gloss adj. of the colour of lead. luxuriant n. having bright glaring colours or combinations of colour v. pay or settle n. machine for weaving cloth v. growing thickly and strongly. producing much money. esp when waiting to attack adj. used for storing things adj. ~ stand about idly v. profitable n. with one side lower.esp using a negative to emphasize the contrary . exalted n. ridiculous. loll n. figures. not high or tall. put oil or grease on or in so that it moves easily adj. bright adj. ~ sb/sth (to sth) make (a person or an animal) quiet or less active. It wasn't easy It was very difficult n. having lustre adj. of language or linguistics assign great social importance to v. having no energy. esp in a public place adj. all the `lot. causing laughter. transparent n. the `lot. clumsy vulgar man or youth with bad manners adj. clearly expressed. often while leaning against sth n. mournful v. easy to understand adj. n. unwanted pieces of furniture. fondof talking. etc than the other. line of descent from an ancestor. aims. spoken by a priest with set responses by the congregation adj. profit or money-making.2665 2666 2667 2668 2669 2670 2671 2672 2673 2674 2675 2676 2677 limpid lineage lineaments linger linguistic lionize liquidate list listless litany lithe litigation litotes litter adj. etc. etc that are stored away or take up space a unit of luminous flux equal to the light emitted in a unit solid angle by a uniform point source of one candle intensity n. run fairly fast with long bounding strides adj. soothe sb/sth n. wrappings. bending or turning easily. dismal. (of thoughts. vein of metal ore n. etc v. ~ to do sth unwilling. not extending far upwards v. smaller. as a motive for doing sth adj.

connected with death. writing. disease. (usu large) size v. illness n. gruesome n. compulsory = manoeuvre n. enjoy sth as a luxury adj. mutilate adj. etc. and thus causing fear. smelling unpleasant n. say unpleasant or untrue things about adj. of many types. also used metaphorically . many and various v. fetter . n. bungling n. Justice of the Peace n. caused by a parasite v. plot. showing such cunning or deceit [ machination: ] an intrigue. (publication containing a) public declaration by a political party. spot. one of a pair of chains or metal bands for binding the hands or feet. any of the class of animals that give birth to live offspring and feed their young on milk from the breast n. n. without clear signs of a particular disease ncomical confusion of a word with another. hurt. feeling or showing great desire to harm others. that can be beaten or pressed into different shapes easily adj. adj used temporarily until sth better is available adj. damage greatly. cunning and deceitful in gaining what one wants. malevolent n. (cause sth to) become soft or break up by soaking adj.m macabre mace macerate Machiavellian machinations v. or pollute n. ~ (to do sth) authority given to a party. general feeling of illness. etc by the people who support it adj. affected 2726 2727 2728 2729 2730 2731 2732 2733 2734 2735 2736 2737 2738 2739 2740 2741 2742 2743 2744 2745 2746 2747 2748 2749 2750 2751 2752 2753 2754 2755 2756 2757 2758 2759 2760 2761 2762 2763 2764 2765 2766 manifesto 2767 2768 2769 2770 manifold manipulate mannered mandatory maneuver mange mangle mangy maniacal manifest manifestation mammoth manacle mandate malapropos malcontent malediction malefactor maleficient malevolent malfeasance malicious malign malignant malingerer malleable malodorous mammal magnitude maim makeshift maladroit malady malaise malapropism magnate magniloquent maelstrom magisterial magistrate magnanimity maculated madrigal . ~ wishing to do evil or cause harm to others. prayer that sb or sth may be destroyed. etc. etc of principles and policy adj. criminal adj. required by law.word which has a quite different meaning. ~ in sth take great pleasure in sth. (almost) beyond recognition. clumsy. adj discontented and rebellious n. suffering from mange adj. control or handle with skill adj. large heavy club formerly used as a weapon. spiteful a wrongful act that the actor had no right to do. being magnanimous n. stain. songfor several voices. skin disease of hairy animals.2720 2721 2722 2723 2724 2725 luxuriate Barron GRE word list . indication n. speech) pompous-sounding . having an unnatural style of speaking. large hairy type of elephant. (of words. ~ (fml ) clear and obvious outward demonstration.on the themes of love and/or nature 16. wealthy and powerful landowner or industrialist adj. wound or injure so that part of the body cannot be used n. trade union. improper professional conduct adj. curse . having or showing authority n. usu without instrumental accompaniment. not clever or skilful. ruler. n. eg `an ingenuousmachine for peeling potatoes' of an inappropriate or misapplied nature or kind n. intended to harm others v. wrongdoer. now extinct n. person who malingers adj. n. or scheme make dirty or spotty. v. official who acts as a judge in the lowest courts. usu having a head with metal spikes . great whirlpool adj. violently mad adj. similar-sounding.

etc. soft fatty substance that fills the hollow parts of human and animal bones n. flowing slowly adj. depression . marriage n. person who imposes strict discipline and demands obedience to orders n. want not' .2771 2772 2773 2774 2775 2776 2777 2778 2779 2780 2781 2782 2783 2784 2785 2786 2787 2788 2789 2790 2791 2792 2793 2794 2795 mannerism mantle manumit mar maraud margin marginal marital maritime marked maroon marred marrow marshal marsupial martial martinet martyr mash masochist mason masquerade mass masticate mat materialism n. n. celebration of Christ's Last Supper. search for plunder n. false show. fond of or in the habit of meddling v. speech. person who builds in or works with stone n. esp in the Roman Catholic Church v.g. used to cover part of a floor n. made of straw. peculiar habit of behaviour. noticeable. ~ sb/sth (about) handle sb/sth roughly or brutally n. etc adj. not very good. female head of a family or tribe v. of marriage adj. power. n pale purple colour n. of the sea. sailing or shipping adj. havoc deficient in quality or quantity 2796 2797 2798 2799 2800 2801 2802 2803 2804 2805 2806 2807 2808 2809 2810 2811 2812 2813 2814 2815 2816 2817 2818 2819 2820 2821 2822 2823 melancholy melee mellifluous mediocre meditation medium medley meek megalomania adj. rushes. etc n. confused crowd of people adj. n. clear. timidity or hypocrisy . deep thought. humble and obedient. etc while neglecting spiritual values adj. etc n. sweet-sounding. deep sadness which lasts for some time. etc cooked in water until soft.bodily comforts. to cause harm to. submissive n. fibre. gramophone records. blank space round the written or printed matter on a page adj. esp when drunk . n. form of madness in which a person has an exaggerated view of his own importance. confusedstruggle. pretence n. second-rate n. piece of material. chew (food) n. of or associated with war n. (fml ) (formerly) free (a slave) v. ~ act as a peacemaker or go-between for two or more people. n brownish red [ mar: ] vt. (almost) musical meander meddlesome mediate v. the female of which has a pouch on its body to hold its young adj. saying that expresses a general truth or rule of conduct. violent disorder or confusion. piece of music made up of passages from other musical works adj. person who is killed or made to suffer greatly because of his beliefs n. grain. damage (sth). follow a winding course. of or like a mother n. of or in a margin adj. large. etc is poured to form shapes for eg printer's type. spoil or impair n. liquid. 1obsession with material possessions. be admitted or admit as a student to a university n. groups. state of being married. loose sleeveless cloak v. spoil a sudden short attack . sentimental in a feeble or sickly way n. foolishly or tearfully sentimental or self-pitying. of ahusband or wife. etc who disagree mayhem meager maudlin maul mausoleum mauve maverick mawkish maxim maternal matriarch matriculate matrimony matrix mealymouthed hesitant to state facts or opinions simply and directly as from e. bran. eg `Waste not. easily seen adj. (pl usu media) means by which sth is expressed or communicated n. unbranded calf adj. used as food for animals n. officer of high rank n. finely built tomb adj. adj of the class of mammals which includes the kangaroo. v. mould into which molten metal. esp about spiritual matters n.

(fml) change of form or nature. as in `I'll make him eat his words' or `She has a heart of stone' I'll make him eat his wordsShe has a heart of stone metaphysical adj. ~ monument. environment adj. of or composed in verse. capital n. very small. very attentive to detail adj. plaque. affected v. ~ against sth (of evidence. to achieve one's aims v. miniature representation n. refining. excellence hypnotize 2843 2844 2845 2846 2847 2848 2849 2850 2851 2852 2853 2854 2855 2856 2857 2858 [ metallurgy: ] the scientific study of the extraction. ~ with sth/~ (together) form a mixture with sth. apparently attractive but in fact valueless n. or supporting their use. tone. adj. chief city of a region or country. logical way adj. done in an orderly. of trade and commerce. quality of endurance or courage. unskilled n. a place or an event) n. feeling. etc) adj. etc that reminds people of an event or a person commemorate n. period of 1000 years n. esp one who tries to win favour by obeying a superior slavishly adj. threatening quality. n.memento 2824 2825 2826 2827 2828 2829 2830 2831 2832 2833 2834 2835 2836 2837 2838 2839 2840 2841 2842 mendacious mendicant menial mentor mercantile mercenary mercurial meretricious merger merit mesmerize metallurgical memorialize menace menagerie memoir memorial n. and fabrication of metals and of their structure and properties metamorphosi n. force of civilians who are trained as soldiers and reinforce the regular army in the internal defence of the country in an emergency n. 60 n. interested only in making money. thing or being regarded as representing the universe. distance. using force or strong pressure. combine n. ~ giving or showing great precision and care. worth. (derog or joc ) subordinate or assistant. mete sth out (to sb) (fml ) give or administer (punishment. water. electrical current. (of people or their moods. etc) have great force or influence to prevent sth n. eg by natural growth or development s metaphor n. (of work) suitable to be done by servants. threatening adj. untruthful. etc and kept as a reminder (of a person. equal to 60 seconds . tiny . very small or unimportant details 2859 militia 2860 2861 2862 2863 2864 2865 2866 2867 2868 2869 2870 2871 2872 minuscule minute minutiae millennium millinery mime mimicry minatory mincing mingle miniature minion . etc adj. adj (person) getting a living by begging adj. on a small scale. bought. esp in a travelling circus or for exhibition adj. time passing. of meteors n. very small detailed painting. alloying. etc) often changing adj. mimicking adj. of merchants . thing given. collection of wild animals in captivity. facts. usu of a person n. done from this motive adj. experienced and trusted adviser of an inexperienced person adj. device that measures the volume of gas. usu based on personal knowledge n. one sixtieth part of an hour. (in the theatre. etc n. use of a word or phrase to indicate sth different from (though related in some way to) the literal meaning. lying n. rewards. etc passing through it. etc. or mankind. (trimmings for) women's hats n. written record of events. ceremony. of metaphysics mete meteoric meter methodical meticulous metrical metropolis mettle miasma microcosm migrant migratory milieu militant militate v. quality of deserving praise or reward. adj person or animal who migrates adj. (usu sing ) social surroundings. esp in people or horses n. etc n. not prose n. (fml ) unhealthy or unpleasant mist. joining together (esp two commercial companies) n. having or of the habit of migrating n. etc) use of only facial expressions and gestures to tell a story n.

or doub n. treat (sb) with too much kindness and protection. esp a long or official one n. state of being monotonous. detailed scholarly study of one subject adj.mirage 2873 2874 2875 2876 2877 2878 2879 2880 2881 2882 2883 2884 2885 2886 2887 2888 2889 2890 2891 2892 2893 2894 2895 2896 2897 2898 2899 2900 2901 2902 2903 2904 2905 2906 2907 2908 2909 2910 2911 2912 2913 2914 2915 2916 2917 2918 monogram 2919 2920 2921 2922 2923 monograph monolithic monotheism monotony molten momentous momentum monarchy monastic monetary mongrel mollify mollycoddle molt miserly misgivings mishap misnomer misogamy misogynist missile missive mite mitigate mnemonic mobile mock mode modicum modish modulate modulation mogul molecule misconduct misconstrue miscreant misdemeanor miscellany mischance mischief misanthrope mire mirth misadventure n. fashionable v. very rich. behaviour that is annoying or does slight damage. feathers. ~ (fml ) way or manner in which sth is done n. laughter n. ~ varied collection of items n. serious n. very small or modest contribution or offering v. villain. but is not malicious (used esp as in the expressions shown) n. moderate adj. specifically :ECDYSIS adj. (piece of) bad luck. letter. impetus n. like a miser. pamper the act or process of sheding hair. esp of a sexual or professional kind v. unlucky accident(usu not serious) n. acts. (piece of) bad luck n. etc) n. mean or selfish [ misgiving: ] a feeling of uncertainty. esp by mimicking him/it contemptuously. etc . a crime less serious than a felony adj. notepaper. under a misappre`hension not understanding correctly on miscellaneous adj. lessen the anger of (sb). of various kinds n. smallest unit into which a substance can be divided without a change in its chemical nature v. very important. of or relating to monks or monasteries adj. apprehension. n. or an outer layer periodically. wrong use of a name. that can move or be moved easily and quickly from place to place v. merriment orhappiness. important or influential person n. swampy ground or bog. of money or currency n. horns. melted or made liquid by heating to a very high temperature adj. make (sth) less severe. system of government by a monarch adj. having or using images in black. force that increases the rate of development of a process. violent or painful. wrongdoer . belief that there is only one God n. misfortune a person who hates or distrusts mankind misapprehensi n. black and white n. two or more letterscombined in one design and marked on handkerchiefs. ~ small or moderate amount of sth adj. esp that of a sheet of water seeming to appear in the desert or on a hot road n. changing from one key to another n. ridicule n. person who hates women n. optical illusion caused by hot air conditions. (esp law ) improper behaviour. of or designed to help the memory adj. object or weapon that is thrown or fired at a target n. vary the strength. shell. lack of variety that causes weariness and boredom . volume or pitch of toning down. white and shades of grey. soft deep mud n. make calmer. ~ makefun of (sb/sth). get a wrong idea of or misinterpret (sb's words. soothe v. word or description hatred of marriage n. consisting of one or more monoliths n. dog of mixed breed monochromati having or consisting of one color or hue c monochrome adj.

guilty of mutiny. mix sth up adj. assembly or gathering of people or things. esp in religion 2930 2931 2932 2933 2934 2935 2936 2937 2938 2939 2940 2941 2942 2943 2944 2945 2946 2947 2948 2949 2950 2951 2952 2953 2954 2955 mountebank muddle muggy mulct multifarious multiform multilingual multiplicity mundane munificent mural murky murmur muse 2956 2957 2958 2959 2960 2961 2962 2963 2964 2965 2966 2967 2968 2969 2970 2971 2972 2973 2974 narrative nascent mutinous mutter myopic myriad mystic Barron GRE word list . adj. unpleasantly dark. bad-tempered and silent. history and other branches of art and literature . very unhappy. ~ (to sb) (about sth) speak or say (sth) in a low voice that is hard to hear adj. low continuous indistinct sound n. decorative design or pattern ability to move spontaneously and independently adj. making no sound (of a sound or colour) softened v. an institution. of. picture or pattern made by placing together small pieces of glass. music. esp for review or inspection adj. ~ of sth large number or great variety of things adj. sand and water. marked with patches of different colours without a regular pattern n. adj. not yet well developed . related to or serving as a monument n. etc of different colours n. having or showing an interest in gloomy or unpleasant things. rebellious v. dancing. having great variety having many forms adj.2924 2925 2926 2927 2928 2929 monumental moodiness moratorium morbid mordant mores morgue adj. extremely large number adj. small particle. beginning to exist. (of sth given) large in amount or splendid in quality n. who protected and encouraged poetry. ordinary and typically unexciting adj. etc n. damage or disfigure by breaking. tearing or cutting off a necessary part adj. n. =undertaker v. esp. refusing to obey. cause (sb) to be very ashamed or embarrassed n. of many different types of people or things adj. mixture of lime or cement. about to come to an end adj. n. (of weather) oppressively warm and damp defraud a person of something. a country. extremely generous. one's physical appearance n. silent. ~ sth (up) put sth into disorder. liable to change. short-sighted n. biting n. speaking or using many languages n. building in which dead bodies are kept before being buried or cremated. stones. smelling or tasting stale. short sentence or phrase chosen and used as a guide or rule of behaviour or as an expression of the aims or ideals of a family. speck . person who tries to cheat others by clever talk. (smelling) like musk n. sullen n. gloomy n. mouldy and damp adj. painting done on a wall adj. very sarcastic. daughters of Zeus or Jupiter. etc together in building n. point in the heavens directly beneath an observer [ narcissism: ] an exceptional interest in or admiration for oneself. injure. stone. usu of dust. at the point of death. story adj. ~ (on sth) temporary stopping of an activity. mortuary . adj. esp by official agreement adj. the Muses the nine goddesses. used to hold bricks. customs or conventions considered typical of or essential to a group or communtiy n. fine adj. swindler v. spoken or written account of events. of hidden meaning or spiritual power. of many different kinds. esp disease or death adj. likely to change .n nadir narcissist musky muster musty mutable mutablility mute muted mutilate mote motif motility motley mottled motto mortician mortify mosaic moribund morose mortar n.

disgusting. lack of proper care or attention. causing nausea. of nomads. esp by giving them jobs adj. stinking adj. or the teeth. deserving to be noticed. ~ give too much time and attention to unimportant details. lower n. make feel nausea adj. esp in a particular branch of science adj. system of naming. practice among people with power or influence of favouring their own relatives. art or practice of communicating by magic with the dead in order to learn about the future n. mean. etc to sail on n. pinch n. press (sth) hard (eg between the finger and thumb. (usu sing) (fml) deserved and unavoidable punishment for wrong doing n. adj without a distinctive character and so not easily classified n. total rejection of all religious and moral beliefs n. keep alive and well with food n. of little importance or size. offensive. fame for being bad in some way v. light or dark patch in the night sky caused by a cluster of very distant stars or a cloud of dust or gas adj. sentimental longing for things that are past n. wicked. sailors or navigation adj. wandering n. remarkable n. stingy v. or with the claws as a crab does). loop in one end of a rope. medicine falsely recommended as effective. metal point of a pen n. unimportant person v. person without any special qualities or achievements. carelessness adj. hazy . precision adj. with a knot that allows the loop to be tightened as the other end of the rope is pulled n. lack of interest neutral. undecided n. boats. adj. meaningless words n. n. agile v. quack remedy . deny or disprove the existence of (sb/sth) n. food 3007 3008 3009 3010 3011 3012 3013 3014 3015 3016 3017 3018 3019 3020 3021 3022 3023 3024 3025 3026 nostalgia nostrum notable notch notoriety nourish nourishment nondescript nonentity nonplus nonsense noose nominal nonchalance noncommittal nocturnal noisome nomadic nomenclature . unpledged. not real or actual indifference. disgusting . able to move quickly and neatly. existing. neat n. adj. person recently converted to some belief or religion n. of or in the night. etc in name only. state of perfect bliss in which the individual becomes absorbed into the supreme spirit adj. action of denying n. accuracy.2975 2976 2977 2978 2979 2980 2981 2982 2983 2984 2985 2986 2987 2988 2989 2990 2991 2992 2993 2994 2995 2996 2997 2998 2999 3000 3001 3002 3003 3004 3005 3006 natal natation natty nausea nauseate nauseous nautical navigable nebula nebulous necromancy nectar nefarious negate negation negligence negligible nemesis neologism neophyte nepotism nether nettle nexus nib nicety niggardly niggle nihilism nihilist nimble nip nirvana pertaining to birth swimming adj. ~ V-shaped cut in an edge or surface V n. done or happening in the night adj. criticize in a petty way n. (fml ) connected group or series. common wild plant with hairs on its leaves that sting and redden the skin when touched n. newly-invented word n. bond or connection n. sweet liquid produced by flowers and collected by bees for making honey adj. of ships. believer in nihilism adj. cloudlike. unlawful v. not worth considering n. suitable for ships. (infml ) (often derog ) smart and tidy. surprise or puzzle (sb) greatly n. feeling of sickness or disgust v.

set up as a monument or landmark adj. very noticeable or obvious. interment n. used in porridge. usu female. meal made from crushed oats. having no memory of sth n. stupid v. etc adj. compulsory adj. rub or blot out n. public shame or disgrace. refusing to change one's opinion or chosen course of action. esp when unwanted adj. only for those with special knowledge or powers. doctor who specializes in obstetrics adj. nourishing n.o oaf oath oatmeal obdurate obeisance obelisk obese obfuscate obituary objective obligatory oblique obliterate oblivion oblivious obloquy obnoxious obscure obsequious obsequy obsession obsessive obsidian obsolete obstetrician obstinate obstreperous obtrude n. required by rule. the Occident the countries of the West. ie Europe and America to close up or block off:OBSTRUCT adj. fair adj. adj. (deliberately) make (sth) confused or difficult to understand n. too respectful (esp in the hope of getting a reward or favour from sb) exequies. indistinct. ~(on/upon sb/sth) (fml ) force (oneself. feeling. worthless. hidden adj. pointless. subtle difference in meaning. sloping. (of people) very fat v. unbiased. (astronomy) star that suddenly becomes much brighter for a short period n. state of forgetting. adj (substance) serving as or providing nourishment. old enough to marry adj. secret n. trained to help a doctor to look after the sick or injured v. get rid of n. not influenced by personal feelings or opinions. discredit . often with a short account of his life and achievements adj. of or having an obsession black volcanic rock adj. unruly v. stubborn adjnoisy and uncontrolled. of marriage or of a wedding n. clumsy and awkward person (usu male) n. esp for plants or animals n. no longer used. care for and educate n. colour. hidden. nasty. harmful. person. (words used in making a) solemn promise to do sth or solemn declaration that sth is true (usu appealing to God. slanting v. abuse. general or widespread hatred or disgust felt towards a person or his actions 3070 3071 3072 3073 3074 3075 3076 3077 3078 3079 3080 obtrusive obtuse obviate Occident occlude occult oculist odds odious odium . remove all signs of (sth). tall pointed stone pillar with four sides. offensive adj. printed notice (eg in a newspaper) of a person's death. nourishment. stubborn n. of (high) value as food. etc) lose its legal force n. ideas. impossible to change. disgusting. not easily or clearly seen or understood. state of being unaware or unconscious adj. strangeness n. remove (sth). very unpleasant. person who is new and inexperienced in a job. funeral. specialist in treating diseases and defects of the eye n. hateful n. law or custom. inclined to obtrude adj.3027 3028 3029 3030 3031 3032 3033 3034 3035 3036 3037 3038 3039 3040 3041 3042 3043 3044 3045 3046 3047 3048 3049 3050 3051 3052 3053 3054 3055 3056 3057 3058 3059 3060 3061 3062 3063 3064 3065 3066 3067 3068 3069 nova novelty novice noxious nuance nubile nugatory nullify numismatist nuptial nurse nurture nutrient nutrition nutritious Barron GRE word list . etc as a witness) n. ~ (to sb) too willing to obey or serve. etc adj. newness. adj. etc. ~ state of being obsessed adj. poisonous n. situation. quality of being novel. make (an agreement. oatcakes. deep bow (of respect or obedience) n. collector of coins and medals . out of date n. not horizontal or vertical. slow to understand. one's opinions. stupid. not valid v. probability or chance adj. ~ of/to sth unaware of or not noticing sth. beginner adj. expert in numismatics. food adj. etc) upon sb/sth.

esp contact lenses and glasses n. threatening adj. changing colour like an opal. ~ fierce attack onus ooze opalescent opaque opiate opportune opportunist opprobrium optician optimist optimum optional optometrist opulence opus oracular orator oratorio ordain ordeal ordinance ordination orgy orient orientation orifice ornate ornithologist orthodox orthography oscillate osseous ossify ostensible ostentatious ostracize oust n. ~ from/out of sth. outer opening in the body. rule or law made by a government or an authority n. ~ sb (fml ) remove sb (from a position. upsetting or annoying. showing or liking ostentation exclude from public favor. the Orient countries of the (Far) East (eg Japan. etc) sometimes in order to take his place . having bones. person who is always hopeful and expects the best in all things adj. ~ out/away come or flow out slowly adj. drug containing opium. musical composition for solo voices. activity of orientating oneself. v. abrupt adj. usu with a lot of drinking and/or sexual activity n. used to relieve pain or to help sb sleep adj. suggesting that sth bad is about to happen. too ready or willing to give orders. person who makes formal speeches in public n. the onus duty or responsibility (for doing sth). of or like an oracle. generally accepted or approved n. not transparent n. that may be chosen or not. burdensome onomatopoeia n. offer advice or help. change into bone .3081 3082 3083 3084 3085 3086 3087 3088 3089 3090 3091 3092 3093 3094 3095 3096 3097 3098 3099 3100 3101 3102 3103 3104 3105 3106 3107 3108 3109 3110 3111 3112 3113 3114 3115 3116 3117 3118 3119 3120 3121 3122 3123 3124 3125 3126 3127 3128 3129 3130 3131 3132 3133 3134 odoriferous odorous odyssey offensive offhand officious ogle olfactory oligarchy ominous omnipotent omnipresent omniscient omnivorous onerous giving off an order adj. too casual. with hidden meaning n. of or concerned with the sense of smell n. as one wishes. make a priest or minister n. (of animals) eating both plants and animal flesh adj. (fml ) (cause sth to) become hard like bone. needing effort. etc adj. order. job. combination of sounds in a word that imitates or suggests what the word refers to eg hiss. or use one's authority. knowing everything adj. person who acts like this n. hiss cuckoo thud onslaught n. state of being orientated n. present everywhere adj. difficult or painful experience n. opulently n. having unlimited or very great power adj. public disgrace and shame n. ceremony of ordaining (a priest or minister) n. person who makes and sells optical instruments. ~ at sb look or stare at (esp a woman) in a way that suggests sexual interest adj. of bone. burden v. expert in ornithology adj. insulting adj.usu with a Biblical theme v. not allowing light to pass through. not compulsory one who fits glasses to remedy visual defects n. wild party. stated though perhaps not true. thud . move repeatedly and regularly from one position to another and back again adj. having a (pleasant or unpleasant) smell n. ban v. (study or system of) spelling v. China) n. adj. iridescent adj. musical composition numbered as one of a composer's works (work1 5b) (usu in order of publication) adj. long adventurous journey adj. best or most favourable adj. chorus and orchestra. richly decorated n. bossy and interfering v. cuckoo. form of government in which a small group of people hold all the power adj. bony . apparent adj. (of time) suitable or favourable for a purpose n.

~ view on which one looks out adj. very small. unimportant n. done with. supervise adj. past their best. tense and upset adj. looking or sounding strange n. adj ~ (person) driven away from home. confident stylish manner n. used for cooking food in n. etc. upset adj. pale. frank v. all the equipment or articles needed for a particular purpose. inner surface of the hand between the wrist and the fingers adj. run faster than (sb in a race) and leave him behind v. cover (sth/sb) completely by flowing over or pouring down on it/him. homeless and friendless (person) n. outer areas adj. any of varioustypes of thick-skinned. win or defeat (sb) by being cleverer or more cunning than him n. with a hole for the thumb to hold it by n. not secret or hidden v. adj. going out. large wooden or metal tray or platform for carrying goods. four-footed animal. esp one that can be raised using a fork-lift truck v. forcing others to do what one wants (without caring about their feelings). examine carefully and thoroughly and make any necessary repairs v. turn over or upside-down. ~ (fml ) friendly approach. great applause or cheering expressing welcome or approval adj. (used esp as a form of address ) clergyman in the armed forces n. ~ saying openly exactly what one thinks. ~ become uninterestingor boring by being experienced too often n. leaving adj. no longer fashionable n. wide flat (usu metal) container. that can be felt or touched v. calm or soothe the anger or distress of (sb) n. withoutremoving its cause. watch over and control (sb/sth). too fully open v.outcast 3135 3136 3137 3138 3139 3140 3141 3142 3143 3144 3145 3146 3147 3148 3149 3150 3151 3152 3153 3154 3155 3156 overwhelm 3157 3158 3159 3160 3161 3162 3163 3164 3165 3166 3167 3168 3169 3170 palette 3171 palimpsest 3172 3173 3174 palliate 3175 3176 3177 3178 3179 3180 3181 3182 3183 3184 panacea panache pandemic pallid palm palpable palpitate paltry pan pall pallet pacifist pacify padre paean painstaking palatable palate palatial paleontology overwrought ovoid Barron GRE word list . friends. showing too much self-confidence or conceit v. domineering adj. proposalor offer made (to sb) with the aim of starting discussions v. like a palace study of prehistoric life n. (fml) song of praise or triumph adj. adj disease occurring over a whole country or the whole world . cause the downfall or defeat of (sb/sth). esp because of illness n. manuscript from which the original writing has been removed in order to create space for new writing v. etc.p pachyderm overturn overweening overblown overhaul oversee overt overthrow overture outfit outgoing outlandish outlaw outlook outmoded outrage outskirts outspoken outstrip outwit ovation overbearing n. eg an elephant or a rhinoceros n. requiring or taking great care or trouble adj. n egg-shaped (object) n. person who believes in pacifism v. (act of) great violence or cruelty n. done or shown openly or publicly. pleasant to taste n. put an end to n. in a state of nervous excitement. ~ remedy for all diseases or troubles n. roof of the mouth adj. kit adj. anxiety. person who has broken the law and is hiding to avoid being caught n. outlying districts (esp of a city or large town). society. thin board on which an artist mixes colours when painting. submerge suddenly adj. make(esp a pain or disease) less severe or unpleasant. beat rapidly adj. alleviate . with a handle or handles.

mean pare pariah parish parity parlance parley v. having the greatest importance or significance. meanness . pander to sth/sb (derog ) try to satisfy (a vulgar. not complete n. turn aside or ward off (a blow or an attack) by using one's own weapon or one's hand to block it adj. set of all the different forms of a word n. a panoramic view from the top of the tower n. sudden attack or outburst n.Pandemonium n. adj. not active. state of being parallel. ~ being partial( n. statement that seems to be absurd or contradictory but is or may be true n. flooring made of wooden blocks arranged in a pattern v. composer. esp in an idealized way paroxysm parquet parry parochial parody adj. the countryside or shepherds. of or forming a part. musical or artistic work in the style of another author. comic imitation n. ~ (piece of) speech. wild and noisy disorder or confusion 3185 pander 3186 3187 3188 3189 3190 papyrus 3191 3192 3193 3194 3195 parallel 3196 3197 3198 3199 3200 3201 paraphernalia 3202 paraphrase 3203 parasite 3204 3205 3206 3207 3208 3209 3210 3211 3212 3213 3214 3215 3216 3217 parsimonious 3218 3219 3220 3221 3222 3223 parvenu 3224 3225 3226 3227 3228 pastry 3229 3230 patent n. esp in order to make it easier to understand adj. gratify sth/sb n. dry up n. etc adj. relatingto or portraying country life. dancing and clowning. trim by cutting away the edges n. very careful in spending money or using resources. excessive carefulness in spending money or using resources. particular way of speaking or use of words. story told to illustrate a moral or spiritual truth n. clear. area within a diocese. etc adj. person who has suddenly risen from a low social or economic position to one of wealth or power adj. state of being equal. based on a traditional story or fairy-tale and usu performed at Christmas n. group or cause n. speech or piece of writing praising sb/sth n. having its own church and clergyman n. writing or music that imitates the style of an author. supreme illicit lover n. etc parched parchment [ parch: ] to deprive or be deprived of water. mental illness in which a person is obsessed by mistaken beliefs. etc in an amusing and often exaggerated way. sudden sharp feeling of pain adj. type of play with music. evident passive paste pastiche pastoral parsimony partial partiality partisan partition n. similarity n. esp that he is being badly treated by others or that he is somebody very important n. phraseology n. quantity that does not vary in a particular case but does vary in other cases adj. esp the equipment needed for a hobby or sport n. social outcast n. weak or immoral desire. equality n. or sb having this). statement. moist soft mixture. re-wording of a piece of writing. literary. heavy paper-like material made from the skin of sheep or goats and used for writing on n. mixture of flour. enthusiastic and often uncritical supporter of a person. numerous small articles or personal belongings. of or relating to a church parish n. pies. (of two or more lines) having the same distance between each other at every point parable paradigm paradox paragon panegyric pang panoramic pantomime v. composer. esp the division of one country into two or more nations n. ~ of sth person who is a perfect example of a quality (used esp in the expression shown) . (esp formerly) meeting between enemies or opponents to discuss terms for peace. etc. fat and water baked in an oven and used as a base or covering for tarts. ~ obvious. esp of a powdery substance and a liquid n. tall reed-like water-plant with thick fibrous stems used by the Ancient Egyptians to make paper n. submissive n. action of dividing or state of being divided into parts. animal or plant (eg mistletoe) that lives on or in another and gets its food from it parallelism parameter paramount paramour paranoia n.

very poor n. quality. headlong adj. striking of two (usu hard) objects together n. esp in a sad or serious way n. extreme poverty n. transparentor translucent. as if dealing with an inferior n. esp when learning or teaching adj. property inherited from one's father or ancestors to be kind or helpful to. ~ for sth liking or taste for sth n. waiting to be decided or settled adj. feeling or showing regret or remorse for having done sth wrong n. deceitful or disloyal v. partly shaded area around the shadow of an opaque object (esp around the total shadow of the moon or earth in an eclipse) adj. acting. disorderly manner. person employedas a messenger adj. study or science of ways and methods of teaching n. his manner. member of the aristocracy n. etc) insisting on immediate obedience or submission. of or relating to pathology n. derogatory. without care or interest n. person who attaches too much importance to detail or to rules. ~ sth make a way into or through sth adj. disparaging adv. superior to all others. very clear n. ornament that hangs from a chain worn round the neck adj. and the management of prisons adj. status or merit adj. (esp derog ) (of a person. green coating that forms on the surface of old bronze or copper n. ~ (fml ) treacherous. etc that causes a feeling of pity or sadness n. small unimportant offence or sin adj. esp in speech. travelling adj. etc. teacher n. line of ancestors n. a planet or a spacecraft at which it is nearest to the earth 3260 3261 3262 3263 3264 3265 3266 3267 3268 3269 3270 3271 3272 3273 3274 3275 3276 peremptory 3277 3278 3279 3280 3281 3282 perennial perfidious perforate perfunctory perigee penurious penury peon perceptive percussion perdition peregrination penchant pendant pending pendulous penetrate penitent penology pensive penumbra . quick to notice and understand things n. dialect spoken by the common people of a region and differing from the standard language of the country n. thinking deeply about sth. adj. very poor person n. everlasting punishment of the wicked after death n. without equal . ~ (fml ) smallness of number or quantity n. domineering adj. hanging down loosely so as to swing from side to side v. consisting of a pointed piece of split metal. of or like a pedant v. causing one to feel pity or sadness adj. irritable . a metal ball.3231 3232 3233 3234 3235 3236 3237 3238 3239 3240 3241 3242 3243 3244 3245 3246 3247 3248 3249 3250 3251 3252 3253 3254 3255 3256 3257 3258 3259 pathetic pathological pathos patina patois patriarch patrician patrimony patronize paucity pauper peccadillo pecuniary pedagogue pedagogy pedant pedantic peddle pedestal pedestrian pediatrician pedigree peer peerless peevish pejorative pell-mell pellucid pen penance adj. expressing criticismor scorn. instrument for writing with ink. person walking in the street expert in children's diseases n. study of crime and its punishment. writing. but in a haughty or snobbish way. base of a column n. person who is equal to another in rank. be a pedlar . lasting for a long time adj. make a hole or holes through adj. point in the orbit of the moon. of or concerning money n. in a hurrying. n. adj. easily annoyed (esp by unimportant things). fixed into a metal or plastic holder n. go from house to house to sell goods. a) (of an action) done as a duty or routine. male head of a family or tribe n. ~ punishment that one imposes on oneself to show that one is sorry for having done wrong n.

present and perceived everywhere. unreasonably impatient or irritable n. man who does this n. treat (sth) as if it were a human being adj. cheeky adj. n. esp in an obstinate and determined way and in spite of opposition. argument or failure adj. esp in a special bowl take away power to feel through terror. discerning plain to the understanding especially because of clarity and precision of presentation adj. tendency to be gloomy and believe that the worst will happen n. unreasonable or unacceptable n. esp through charitable work or donations of money n. esp of infantry ready for battle pertaining to the Pharisees who paid scrupulous attention to tradition. features of a person's face 3301 3302 3303 3304 3305 3306 3307 3308 3309 3310 3311 3312 3313 3314 3315 3316 3317 3318 3319 3320 pharisee 3321 3322 3323 3324 3325 3326 3327 3328 3329 3330 3331 3332 phylum physiognomy philology phlegmatic phobia phoenix philatelist Philistine phenomena philanderer philanthropist petrify petty petulant phalanx pharisaical perversion pervert pessimism pest pestilential pestle perspicuous pert pertinacious pertinent perturb peruse pervasive perverse . turn away from its proper nature or use n. that can be permeated by fluids or gas. commit (a crime. going from place to place adj. teaching strict observance of Jewish tradition as interpreted rabbinically and believing in life after death and in the coming of the Messiah observable facts. hypocritical (Judaism) a member of an ancient Jewish sect that was opposed to the Sadducees. esp in spite of difficulty v. determined adj. science or studyof the development of language or of a particular language adj. ~ ~ (with sb) (usu approv ) continue trying to do sth. having a pleasant appearance or manner v. action of perjuring oneself adj. heavy round-ended tool used for crushing and grinding things to powder. pervading adj. turn to stone adj. or is hostile to them. porous . aversion n. make (sb) very worried. ~ of secondary or minor importance (to sth) n. continuing indefinitely. permanent v. showing the quality of phlegm n. baneful n. person who helps others. (of a person) deliberately continuing to behave in a way that is wrong. not showing respect. disturb v. (fml ) (infml perk) money or goods given or regarded as a right in addition to one's pay v. last part of a speech. ~ continue to do sth. holding firmly to an opinion or a course of action. cause to continue n. annoying person or thing causing plague. changing sth from right to wrong. perverting v. read (sth). ~ (to sb/sth) having a very harmful or destructive effect (on sb/sth) n. person who collects postage stamps n. calm and even-tempered. said to live for several hundred years before burning itself and then rising born again from its ashes . subjects of scientific investigation n. to the point v. unimportant adj.3283 3284 3285 3286 3287 3288 3289 3290 3291 3292 3293 3294 3295 3296 3297 3298 3299 3300 perimeter peripatetic peripheral periphery perjury permeable permissive pernicious peroration perpetrate perpetual perpetuate perquisite persevere persist personable personify perspicacious perspicuity n. having or showing great insight or judgement. etc) adj. summing up v. esp to children or in sexual matters adj. uncultured person n. mythical bird of the Arabian desert. boundary of a surface or an area n. (biology ) major division in the animal or plant kingdom n. outer edge of a closed geometric shape adj. (derog ) small or trivial. esp carefully or thoroughly adj. allowing great freedomof behaviour. person who has no interest in or understanding of the arts. extreme or abnormal dislike or fear of sth. expressed clearly adj. ~ (fml ) relevant (to sth). adj. (in ancient Greece) close formation.

outer segment of a bird's wing n. esp of small value or in small quantities) n. quantity greater than what is needed. bending easily. into which wrongdoers were locked in former times. of or concerning fishing or fishermen n. (also `pine tree) any of several types of evergreen tree that bear cones and have needleshaped leaves growing in clusters n. (decision made by a) direct vote by all qualified citizens on an important political matter adj. (fml ) applause. etc v. offend adj. commonplace remark or statement. etc is vertical . loading goods. water. unsuspected danger or difficulty n. esp black and white n. being pious n. (esp formerly) stealing or damaging of property. take or hold (sth) in a tight grip between the thumb and finger n. (medical ) harmless substance given as if it were medicine to calm a patient who mistakenly believes he is ill adj.physiological 3333 piebald 3334 3335 3336 3337 3338 3339 3340 3341 3342 3343 3344 3345 3346 3347 3348 3349 3350 3351 3352 3353 3354 3355 3356 3357 3358 3359 3360 3361 plane 3362 plaster 3363 3364 3365 3366 3367 3368 3369 3370 3371 3372 3373 3374 3375 3376 3377 3378 3379 3380 pluck plumage plumb plenary plenitude plethora pliable pliant plight ploy platonic plaudit plausible plebeian plebiscite plasticity platitude plaintive plait placid plagiarize pivotal placate placebo pinnacle pious piquant pique piscatorial pitfall pith pithy pittance pinion pinnace pinch pine piecemeal pied piety pigment pilfer pillage pillory adj. feathers covering a bird's body n. covered with irregularly-shaped patches of two colours. etc) under and over one another to make one rope-like length n. adv. pick sth n. intended to win an advantage over one's opponent v. piece by piece. devotion to God and respect for religious principles. straw. weave or twist (three or more lengths of hair. Platonic of or concerning the Greek philosopher Plato or his teachings n. hurt the pride or self-respect of (sb). flexible adj. etc that becomes hard when dry and is used for making a smooth surface on walls and ceilings n. so that they could be publicly ridiculed . make less angry. ~ sth gather or remove sth by pulling. praise or some other sign of approval adj. words or actions. supple n. esp when it is said as if it were new or interesting adj. etc . calm and peaceful. easily bent. state or quality of being able to be moulded or shaped n. having or showing a deep devotion to religion adj. usu black and white . believable adj. terse n. serious and difficult situation or condition n. n. v. piece of lead that is tied to a cord and used to find the depth of water or test whether a wall. wooden framework with holes for the head and hands. of the lower social classes n. having mixed colours. having a pleasantly sharp taste v. concise and full of meaning. sounding sad. shaped or twisted. ~ (from sb/sth) steal (sth. sorrowful v. soft mixture of lime. small motor boat carried on a ship for taking people ashore. paint. adj. soft spongy substance that fills the stems of certain plants. attended by all who have the right to attend a full supply n. . small pointed ornament built on to a roof or buttress adj. eg reeds . of or forming a pivot v. (geometry ) surfacesuch that a straight line joining any two points in it touches it at all points n. very small or insufficient amount of money paid or received as wages or an allowance adj. undisturbed to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own:use (another's production) without crediting the source adj. esp by soldiers in war . of or concerning physiology adj. soothe or pacify n. over-abundance adj. n. colouring matter used for making dyes. seeming to be right or reasonable. a part at a time adj. eg in a game. sand.

etc that is regarded as an example or rule for what comes later . etc) having a strong effect n. being pompous adj. a lecturer. etc that follows adj. of polemics adj. of the Pope n. fit for drinking. treating things in a sensible and realistic way. knowing. omen adj. fleshy n. (derog) person who behaves in an unnatural affected way in order to impress others n. attitude or position of the body adj. move jerkily by raising the forelegs and springing forward from the hind legs n. autocratic monarch adj. etc containing very forceful arguments (against or for sth/sb) adj. case. concerned with practical results n. possession or location of negative and positive poles to break up into opposing factions or groupings n. be a sign or warning of (sth in the future). government by a rich and powerful class n. poison or a liquid used in magic heterogeneous mixture. person whose job is to fit and repair water-pipes. = chiropodist n. ~ (for sb) sit or stand in a particular position in order to be painted. babble n. concerned with practiceand action rather than theory adj. ~ (on about sth) talk or chatter too much (about sth) v. workable adj. following or future generations adj. lecture. (esp of an animal. a person. earlier decision. ~ opening statement explaining the purpose of the book. reduce swelling. happening or given after death occurring after death v. ~ (away) (of a child) talk in a simple way. fat v.plumber 3381 3382 3383 3384 3385 3386 3387 3388 3389 3390 3391 3392 3393 3394 3395 3396 3397 3398 3399 3400 3401 3402 3403 3404 3405 3406 3407 3408 poseur 3409 3410 3411 3412 3413 3414 3415 3416 3417 3418 3419 3420 3421 3422 3423 3424 3425 3426 3427 3428 3429 3430 3431 3432 precarious precedent pragmatist prance prank prate prattle preamble practicable practical pragmatic posture potable potent potentate potential potion potpourri poultice posterity posthumous postmortem postulate porous porridge portend portent portly pose polemical politic polity polygamist polyglot pomposity ponderous pontifical pore plutocracy podiatrist podium poignancy poise polar polarity polarize polemic plume plummet plump n. uncertain n. (of actions) well judged. ~ (against/in favour of sth/sb) speech. slow and awkward because of great weight adj. plumb-line adj. playful or mischievous trick v. that can be put into practice. soft heated mass spread on a cloth and put on a sore place on the body to soothe pain. drink of medicine. drinkable . put (sth) forward as a fact or accept (sth) as true. of or near the North or South Pole n. etc adj. parts of the body) having a full rounded shape. allowing liquid or air to pass through. small platform for the conductor of an orchestra. depending on chance. piece of writing. document. ~ (fml ) sign or warning of a future (often unpleasant) event. drawn or photographed n. using or written in many languages n. possible n. esp slowly n. adj. (of drugs. prudent n. be or keep balanced or suspended adj. event. any of the tiny openings in the surface of the skin or of a leaf. through which moisture can pass adj. soft food made by boiling a cereal in water or milk v. (esp of an older person) having a stout body. etc to stand on n. esp a large one used as a decoration n. etc in buildings n. ruler with direct power over his people. form or process of government man who practices this adj. cisterns. person who acts in a practical way v. water-tanks. state or quality of being poignant v. feather. foreshadow n. that can or may come into existence. esp as a basis for reasoning or argument n. n.

hypothesis n. area enclosed by definite boundaries. stated clearly andaccurately v. hasten adj.3433 3434 3435 3436 3437 3438 3439 3440 3441 3442 3443 3444 3445 3446 3447 3448 3449 3450 3451 3452 3453 3454 3455 3456 3457 3458 3459 3460 3461 3462 precept precinct precipice precipitant precipitate precipitous precise preclude precocious precursor predator predatory predecessor predetermine predicament predilection predispose preeminent preempt preen prefatory prefigure prehensile prelate prelude premeditate premise premonition premonitory n. etc hunted and killed by another for food adj. clean or smooth (its feathers or itself) with its beak adj. ~(of sth) person or thing that comes before sth. widespread v. esp one belonging to a particular person or group n. animal. rude or rough. (living by) killing other animals for food n. foreboding adj. preference v. esp for behaviour n. omen . dignity. bird. or sb doing sth). primeval prey prim pretext prevail prevalent prevaricate n. take (sth) for granted prerogative presage prescience n. mountain or rock Moving onward quickly and heedlessly. etc v. respect based on good reputation. ~ sb from doing sth prevent (sth. ~ (making of a) claim adj. suppose to be true. plan in advance n. dangerously high or steep adj. quantity prepossessing adj. absurd or outrageous presumptuous adj. ~ action or event that happens before another larger or more important one and forms an introduction to it v. (usu derog ) (of a person) disliking anything that is improper. sign that sth (esp sth unpleasant) will happen. pompous or showy adj. represent beforehand (sth that will happen in the future). (of a person or his behaviour) too bold or self-confident . claiming merit or importance. try to avoid telling the (whole) truth by speaking in an evasive or a misleading way. esp one in which sb is uncertain what to do n. ~ (among/in sth/sb) existing or happening generally. prudish pretend pretension pretentious preternatural v. esp the walls of a cathedral. excuse v. prearrange n. ~ reason given (for doing sth) that is not the real reason. makinga good impression. acting as a preface. beyond what is natural or normal. forerunner n. make oneself appear to be sth in order to deceive others or in play n. animal that kills and eats other animals adj. vague feeling that sth (esp sth unpleasant) will happen. eg a bishop or an archbishop n. be widespread adj. able to grasp and hold things n. foreknowledge of events:a:divine omniscience b:human anticipation of the course of events:FORESIGHT n. giving a warning preponderance superiority of power. (of a child) having developed certain abilities at an earlier age than usual n. statement or idea on which reasoning is based. attractive 3463 preposterous 3464 3465 3466 3467 presentiment 3468 3469 3470 3471 3472 3473 3474 3475 3476 3477 3478 3479 3480 3481 3482 primal adj. rule or guide. or importance:OUTSTANDING to replace with something considered to be of greater value or priority:take precedence over v. introductory v. cause (sth) to happen suddenly or soon(er). very steep or vertical face of a cliff. ~ exist or happen generally. completely contrary to reason or common sense. person who held an office or position before sb else v. past achievements. equivocate n. ~ feeling that sth unpleasant is going to happen adj. v. ~ (for sth) special liking (for sth). church or college n. ~ sb to/towards sth influence sb (in a specified way) in advance having paramount rank. first or original. foreshadow adj. right or privilege. make (sth) impossible adj. decide or fix (sth) in advance. unusual prestige presume n. high-ranking clergyman. difficult or unpleasant situation.

make (sth) widely known. used to prevent sth falling or sagging v. primeval v. obtaining . area of high land jutting out into the sea or a lake. (of a speech. difficult to deal with or to understand n. increase the number of by a natural processfrom the parent stock n. n. deprivation adj. existing at or from the beginning. intended to or tending to prevent the use or purchase of sth n. spending money or resources too freely. extravagant adj. not sacred. ~ of sth abundant supply of sth n. each of the two or more long pointed parts of a fork adj. tendency v. race. adj. ~ (fml ) natural inclination to do sth (esp sth bad). of or like a prophet or prophets adj. ~ introductory part of a poem or play v. tending to prevent a disease or misfortune prohibitive projectile proletarian proliferate prolific prolix adj. award given to the winner of a competition. quality of being honest and trustworthy. eg an explosive that propels a bullet from a weapon. esp face downwards n. produce new growth or offspring rapidly. esp a piece of wood. extend adj. recklessly extravagant or wasteful adj. deep. esp from a gun member of the working class v. intense or far-reaching. punctual v. rigid support. in its original condition. tell (sth) in advance. ancestor (of a person. indiscriminate or casual n. lack of things necessary for life. archbishop adj. very noticeable n. etc) in a fussy way adj. offspring n. done without delay. predict prodigal prodigious adj. earliest in time or order of development n. to contribute to the growth or prosperity of:FURTHER adj. most important. . multiply . amount or degree. esp in time. private. delay or postpone action n. ~ (at sb/sth) push or poke (sb/sth) with a finger or some other pointed object adj. one's hair. fact of being a first-born child primordial primp pristine privation privy prize probe probity problematic proclivity procrastinate procurement 3498 prod 3499 3500 3501 3502 3503 3504 3505 3506 3507 3508 3509 3510 3511 3512 3513 3514 3515 3516 3517 3518 3519 3520 3521 3522 3523 3524 3525 3526 3527 3528 3529 3530 prolixity prologue prolong prominent promiscuous promontory promote prompt promulgate prone prong pronounced prop propagate propellant 3531 3532 3533 3534 propensity prophetic prophylactic n. unspoilt n. (medical) forecast of the likely course of a disease or an illness v. fundamental primogeniture n. integrity . esp of the world or the universe. etc n. jutting out. make longer. adj. disseminate adj. chief. enormous v.3483 3484 3485 3486 3487 3488 3489 3490 3491 3492 3493 3494 3495 3496 3497 primary primate prime adj. producing much fruit or many flowers or offspring adj. not carefully chosen. writer. secret n. a fuel that provides thrust for a rocket. an animal or a plant) n. etc) using too many words and so boring to listen to or read prodigy profane profligate profound profusion progenitor progeny prognosis prognosticate n. object (to be) shot forward. verygreat n. (derog ) tidy (oneself. person with unusual or remarkable qualities or abilities adj. or compressed gas that forces out the contents of an aerosol container n. very great in size. propelling agent. esp a thin implement with a blunt end used by a doctor for examining a wound n. lying flat. ~ (for doing/to do sth) (fml ) inclination or tendency adj. so as to cause amazement or admiration. headland . projecting adj. secular adj. tool for examining a place whichcannot be reached otherwise.

of a province (1) n. concerned with processes and phenomena that seem to be outside physical or natural laws adj. ~ (into sth) inquire too curiously or rudely about other people's private affairs n. pen-name n. having or showing excessive interest in sexual matters v. make (sb) angry or annoyed n. ~ of sth giving. providing sth adj. science of verse forms and poetic metres v. person who behaves in an extremely or unnaturally proper manner. put (sth) forward for consideration or solution n. eg `It takes two to make a quarrel' or `Don't put all your eggs in one basket' n. ~ (fml ) giving or indicating a good chance of success. annoyance. person's name that is not his real name. of or suffering from a severe emotional or mental disorder n. variable . ~ person who supports a cause. eg meetings between governments. (place of) origin n. expertise n. lengthen or prolong v. temporary n. food for horses and cattle. thrive n. uninspired. fodder n.3535 3536 3537 3538 3539 3540 3541 3542 3543 3544 3545 3546 3547 3548 3549 3550 3551 3552 3553 propinquity propitiate propitious proponent propound propriety propulsive prosaic proscenium proscribe proselytize prosody prosper prosperity prosperous prostrate protagonist protean protocol prototype n. stretched out on the ground face downward. or cause n. successful or thriving. hero adj. supplying or making sth available. specialist in psychiatry adj. eg hay or oats. esp because of exhaustion or in order to show submission. win the favour or forgiveness of (sb) (esp when he is angry) by a pleasing act. for the presenttime only. acting with or showing care and foresight. that can change quickly and easily. caused or made worse by mental stress n. human soul or mind n. thrifty adj. etc that is insisted on as a condition of an agreement adj. state of being successful or rich. way in which God or nature cares for and protects all creatures adj. ~ (to sth) nearness in space or time. controversy. etc n. n. appease or placate adj. short well-known saying that states a general truth or gives advice. severe mental illness that affects the whole personality 3554 3555 3556 protuberance 3557 3558 3559 3560 3561 3562 3563 3564 3565 3566 3567 3568 3569 3570 3571 3572 3573 3574 3575 3576 pseudonym 3577 3578 3579 3580 psychopathic 3581 3582 3583 3584 pterodactyl psychosis psyche psychiatrist psychic prudent prune prurient pry proviso provocative provoke prowess proximity proxy prude providence provident provincial provision provisional provenance provender proverb protract protrude psychosomatic adj. make (sth) last a long time or longer. that drives sth (esp a vehicle) forward adj. etc. closeness n. etc later. respect. lending. person authorized to act on behalf of another n. institution. tending or intended to arouse anger. theory. etc v. having or showing wisdom for future needs. nearness in space or time v. the part of the stage in front of the curtain v. favourable n. system of rules governing formal occasions. showing good judgement n. being protuberant n. first or original example of sth that has been or will be copied or developed. extinct flying reptile . outstanding skill or ability. etc v. (cause sth to) project n. diplomats. esp one used by an author. good fortune adj. state officially that (sth) is dangerous or forbidden to recruit or convert especially to a new faith. unimaginative n. with the possibility of being changed. dried plum adj. clause. model or preliminary version v. ~ (from sth) (cause sth to) jut or stick out from a surface. state of being correct in one's social or moral behaviour adj. esp financially adj. esp one who is (too) easily shocked by sexual matters adj. be successful. (fml ) chief character in a drama. official etiquette n.

drink (sth) by swallowing large amounts at a time. similar to a partridge . attractively odd or old-fashioned adj. small bag for money n. rumoured n. expand and contract rhythmically. aggressive n. in or affecting the lungs n. etc) n. very learned Hindu n. mystery n. strike (sb/sth) repeatedly. bog or marsh n. weak and underdeveloped n. esp with the fist(s). regular beating of the arteries as blood is pumped through them by the heart. generally supposed to be. four-footed animal v. beating. cowardly. person or firm that supplies goods or services adj. feeling sick quarry quash qualms quandary quarantine putative putrefy putrescent putrid puzzle pyre pyromaniac Barron GRE word list . timid . professionalboxer adj. ~ (sb) (for/as sth) have or give (sb) the qualities. until it is known that there is no danger of the disease being passed on to others n. powerful. having a tendency to feel sick. etc that are necessary or suitable (for sth) [ qualm: ] a sudden feeling of sickness or nausea n. become or make putrid adj. declare (sth) not to be enforceable by law . usu built of stone or iron. where a clergyman stands when he is preaching . large pile of wood. isolation for people or animals that may carry an infectious disease. self-assertive adj. (action of) buying sth n. (Brit) (dish of) sweet food eaten at the end of a meal. decomposed n. small bird. person who suffers from pyromania 3613 3614 3615 3616 3617 3618 3619 3620 3621 3622 3623 3624 3625 3626 3627 3628 3629 3630 3631 3632 3633 3634 3635 3636 quay queasy n. having completed the relevant training or examination v.q quack quadruped quaff quagmire quail quaint qualified qualify interj. etc correctly. etc for burning a dead body as part of a funeral ceremony n. beat adj. (cause sth to) rot or decay.3585 3586 3587 3588 3589 3590 3591 3592 3593 3594 3595 3596 3597 3598 3599 3600 3601 3602 3603 3604 3605 3606 3607 3608 3609 3610 3611 3612 pucker pudding puerile pugilist pugnacious pugnacity puissant pulchritude pulmonary pulpit pulsate pulse pulverize pummel punctilious pundit pungency pungent punitive puny purchase purgatory purge purport purported purse purveyor pushy pusillanimous v. (also pushing) adj (infml derog . inclined or eager to fight. or grinding) to very small particles:ATOMIZE v. alleged. quality or state of being pungent n. raised and enclosed platform in a church. showing immaturity. ~ sb ~ sth (away) make sb clean or pure by removing (evil. strong. reputed v. supposed. state of not being able to decide what to do. childish and silly n. (in Roman Catholic teaching) place or condition in which the souls of the dead are purified by suffering in preparation for Heaven v. inthe process of rotting adj. sin. (esp of animal or vegetable matter) that has become rotten. questionthat is difficult to understand or answer. adj. intended as punishment adj. potent physical comeliness adj. having a sharp or strong taste or smell adj. dessert adj. of. awkward or difficult situation n. very attentive to details of behaviour or ceremony n. ~ (fml ) general meaning or intention (of sth) adj. not taking small sips n. very careful to carry out one's duties. for loading and unloading ships adj. esp as felt at the wrist to reduce (as by crushing. n harsh sound made by a duck n. v. (usu derog ) small. area of soft wet ground. animal or bird that is being hunted v. landing-place. ~ (up) (cause sth to) form small folds or wrinkles n. adj. ) trying constantly to draw attention to oneself and gain an advantage. training. reject (by legal procedure) as not valid. throb n.

flames. complaining. tremble slightly or vibrate adj. long-handled tool with a row of prongs at the end for drawing together fallen leaves. part of a complex structure. fatal virus disease causing madness in dogs. noble. unselfish or gallant in an extravagant or impractical way adj. = mercury adj. etc without method or conscious choice. frayed. everyday. eg after a defeat or when there is danger. greedy. walk for pleasure with no special destination n. different from what is expected. social status. clothing n. etc). intense delight . cause lasting bitterness or resentment v. esp one that complicates v. position in a scale of responsibility. witty or sarcastic remark n. usu torn. disorderly crowd. uncastrated male sheep . slope joining two levels of ground. esp atrivial one n. in a questioning manner. minimum number of people who must be present at a meeting (of a committee. esp a small boy. esp one who helps an enemy occupying his country . a road. etc adj. line of people. foxes and other animals. n. suppress v. extinguish (fire. ~ so intent or absorbed that one is unaware of other things. esp in an unpleasant way v. objection or criticism. habit or action that is peculiar to sb/sth n. grasping n. esp with water adj. suffering from rabies n. person. spellbound n. quality. odd cloth. traitor. tasting or smelling bad because of staleness bitter deep-seated ill will adj. chosen. v. haphazard n. violently or theatrically adj. stillness. n. ~ (round/to sb/sth). speech. a floor. passive. etc can be considered valid adj. a protective barrier. need. eg forming part of a fence. put an end to (sth). etc n. condition. ~ (derog ) speak loudly. level or sloping bar or connected series of bars of wood or metal. esp to make new efforts. done. etc v. unrestrained n. lottery with an article as the prize n. the ~ of sth essential part of (a theory. adj. quiet n. v. ~ sth search (a place) thoroughly v. defensive wall round a fort. transmitted to humans usu by a bite .r rabble rabid rabies n. esp when amused n. of or like a rake v. strange. mob . secondary consequence. etc) before it can proceed and its decisions. irritable n. in dirty untidy clothes n. etc) n. etc waiting for sth or to do sth n. etc adj. etc n. make or become a network n. inactive. person who tells stories skilfully and wittily n.3637 3638 3639 3640 3641 3642 3643 3644 3645 3646 3647 3648 3649 3650 3651 3652 3653 queer quell quench querulous query queue quibble quicksilver quiescent quietude quintessence quip quirk quisling quiver quixotic quizzical quorum adj. etc consisting of a wide bank of earth with a path for walking along the top adj. question n. calm . ~ sympathetic and harmonious relationship adj. (fml ) (cause sth to) branch out in many directions. vehicles. commonplace 3654 3655 3656 3657 3658 3659 3660 3661 3662 3663 3664 3665 3666 3667 3668 3669 3670 3671 ramify 3672 3673 3674 3675 3676 3677 3678 3679 3680 3681 3682 3683 3684 3685 3686 3687 ramshackle rancid rancor random rank rankle ransack rant rapacious rapport rapt rapture ramp rampant rampart ram ramble ramification rakish rally raiment rake raconteur raffle rag ragamuffin rail quotidian Barron GRE word list . smoothing soil. the top of a banister. esp for money. ~ (round) (of people) come together. flourishing excessively. almost collapsing adj. etc n.

harsh-sounding v. temporary decline in economic activity or prosperity a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior. public performance of music. (US also vacation) period of time when work or business is stopped. resisting authority or discipline. etc) officially valid. fixed quantity. etc n. etc can be reduced. state again or summarize the main points of v. loud and hoarse. give and receive (sth) in return. disobedient v. request. ~ sb/sth as sth (not used in the continuous tenses ) be of the opinion or consider that sb/sth is as specified v. countercharge v. the lawcourts. given and received in return. ~ sb/sth among sth. unusual adj. esp an official allowance of food. tax. thin n. ~ (fml ) recover from illness. grating v. accusation in response to an accusation from sb else. suggestions. destroy v. adj (person who is) cowardly. damage badly. ~ able or quick to receive new ideas. etc) aloud from memory. kingdom n. correct n. person who reaps n. ~ sth give a detailed account of sth. etc adj.3688 3689 3690 3691 3692 3693 3694 3695 3696 3697 3698 3699 3700 3701 3702 3703 3704 3705 3706 3707 3708 3709 3710 3711 3712 3713 3714 3715 3716 3717 3718 3719 3720 3721 3722 3723 3724 3725 3726 3727 3728 3729 3730 3731 3732 3733 3734 3735 3736 3737 3738 3739 3740 3741 rare rarefied rasp raspy ratify ratiocination ration rational rationale rationalize raucous ravage rave ravel ravenous ravine raze reactionary realm reaper rebate rebuff rebuke rebus rebuttal recalcitrant recant recapitulate recast receptive recess recession recidivism recipient reciprocal reciprocate recital recite reckon recline recluse reconcile recondite adj. ~ (sth) (up) (cause threads or fibres to) tangle and become knotted adj. n. coarse file with rows of sharp points on its surface adj. unfaithful or treacherous n. esp officially. discount or partial refund n. etc n. esp to an audience v. tell about sth recourse recreant recrimination rectify rectitude recumbent recuperate recurrent redolent n. reprove sb n. honesty adj. process of logical and methodical reasoning n. very hungry n. ~ sth (as sth) put (sth written or spoken) into a new form adj. exchange (sth) mutually . ~ of/with sth smelling strongly of sth . ~ person who receives sth adj. snub v. deep narrow steep-sided valley between mountains to destroy to the ground:DEMOLISH n. etc). less dense than is normal. not often happening or seen. recurring often or regularly adj. unkind or contemptuous refusal or rejection (of an offer. especially :relapse into criminal behavior n. reclining v. etc in times of shortage adj. amount by which a debt. fundamental reason for or logical basis of sth to provide plausible but untrue reasons for conduct adj. (of subjects) little known or understood. esp for military purposes e recount v. esp in Parliament. ~ talk wildly or furiously as if in a fever or mad v. obscure reconnaissanc n. etc by a soloist or a small group v. mutual v. rough. usu by signing it n. dance. exhaustion or loss. person who lives alone and avoids other people to make consistent or congruous adj. passage. lean or lie back in a horizontal or near-horizontal position n. make (an agreement. etc) as being wrong v. a treaty. act of rebutting or being rebutted adj. puzzle in which a word or phrase has to be guessed from pictures or diagrams representing the letters or syllables in it n. eg in an emergency n. belief. able to reason n. (esp of a person) lying down. etc. ~ (to sb) say (a poem. ~ sb express sharp or severe disapproval to sb. friendly gesture. put (sth) right. formally reject (a former opinion. possible source of help. adj opposing (esp political) progress or reform n. moral correctness or straightforwardness. exploration or a survey of an area.

recalling of past events and experiences. (arch or fml ) tear (sth) apart forcibly. etc. put right (a wrong). person appointed to rule a country while the monarch is too young. adj. ~ sth (to/by sb) make sth smaller in size. profitable v. exercise. etc . etc to v. etc) n. ~ sb restore sb to a previous (esp important) position v. royal v. split 3760 3761 3762 3763 3764 3765 reimburse 3766 3767 3768 3769 3770 3771 3772 3773 3774 3775 3776 3777 3778 3779 3780 3781 3782 3783 3784 3785 3786 3787 3788 3789 3790 3791 3792 rend remonstrate remorse remote remunerative reminiscent remiss remission remit remittance remnant remonstrance relic religious relinquish relish remediable reminiscence relegate relent relevant reinstate reiterate rejoinder rejuvenate relapse regiment rehabilitate regicide regime regimen . ~ sense of deep and bitter regret for having done sth wrong adj. ~ with sb. zest adj. isolated adj. say or do (sth) again or repeatedly n. etc. jokes. etc n.3742 3743 3744 3745 3746 3747 3748 3749 3750 3751 3752 3753 3754 3755 3756 3757 3758 3759 redoubtable redress reduce redundant reek refectory referendum refraction refractory refrain refulgent refurbish refuse refute regal regale regatta regeneration regent adj. number. rubbish v. prove to be wrong adj. ~ sb with sth amuse or entertain sb (with stories. determined or harsh adj. esp at the end of each verse adj. what is said in reply. referring of a political issue to a general vote by all the people of a country for a decision. (artillery and armour) unit divided into batteries or squadrons v. school. make clean or bright again. ~ (to sth/sb)connected with what is being discussed. set of rules about diet. remitting of money n. or is absent n. of religion v. medical treatment. formidable v. sporting event at which races are held between rowing-boats or yachts spiritual rebirth n. price. ~ (fml ) careless of one's duty. difficult to control or discipline. strength. what is happening. n. consign to inferior position v. small remaining quantity or part or number of things or people n. like or fit for a king or queen. dining-hall in a monastery. method or system of government n. not needed. gloriously bright. ~ (from sth) far away from other communities. abandon n. protest . restore youthful appearance. adj. shining . ~ of sb/sth reminding one of or suggesting sb/sth adj. v. ~ great enjoyment of food. to be feared and respected. ill. college. feel. old. remonstrating. trace or feature surviving from a past age and serving to remind people of it adj. (fml ) refrain from inflicting (a punishment. reminiscing . vote thus taken n. refracting or being refracted . degree. etc aimed at improving sb's health and physical well-being n. houses. restore to a normal life by retraining. pardoning or forgiveness of sins by God v. compensate for (sth) v. etc. etc (sth). decide to be less strict. convent. lax n. retort v. give up or cease to practise. ~ sth ~ sb (for sth) (usu fml ) pay back to sb (money that he has spent.what is being done. ~ against sth make a protest or complaint about sb/sth n. etc) n. unnecessary n. that can be remedied n. lines of a song or poem which are repeated. etc adj. strong bad smell n. superfluous. of. etc. refund sth v. v. crime of killing a king n. wilful or unmanageable n. etc). ~ fall back into a previous condition or a worse state after making an improvement banish. lost. esp after imprisonment or illness v. redecorate n. waste or worthless material.

sharp clever retorts meal v. n immoral or unprincipled (person) severe disapproval v. pieces. v. crushed. refuse to have any more to do with (sb). esp political or military. actor. annul n. ~ sb rebuke sb (for a fault. person that deserts a cause. consequence n. ~ (with sb) (place chosen for a) meeting at an agreed time n. disown . remaining n. ~ sth put aside or keep sth for a later occasion or special use adj. ~ sth fill sth again adj. ~ give up (one's job. ~ sb (fml ) blame or rebuke sb. determination . repeat performance v. restrain or suppress (an impulse). left over as a residue(1). way in which a dramatic role or piece of music. songs. repulsive n. rendering n. etc knows and is prepared to perform v. ~ strong aversion or disgust v. required by circumstances or necessary for success n. etc. esp for failing to do sth adj. n. ~ (fml ) well-fed or full. esp officially n. etc v. censure v. political party. repel . ~ arousing distaste or disgust. ~ sth (for sth). place where things are stored or may be found. be or make a copy of (sth). ~ feeling of loathing or aversion. a telephone. esp a warehouse or museum adjdeserving to be reprehended v. springy . generally said or considered to be sth/sb n. etc) that can be made good . esp the death sentence v. or as sth which is due n. reproduce v. esp one made by an artist of one of his own pictures. drive (sb/sth) back or away. esp formally v. ~ (fml ) feel or show discontent. sum paid in this way adj. usu written. fame or distinction n. springing back to its original form after being bent. withdraw officially. musical repetition. ~ (for sth) compensating for damage. etc) n. agree to give up ownership or possession of (sth). ~ (on sth) fail to keep a promise. restore to good condition n. making amends for loss n. stretched. quality of being resolute or firm. ~ (instance of) resigning adj. contract. ~ (of sth) what remains after a part or quantity is taken or used v. postpone or cancel a punishment for (sb). having a good reputation. (also requiem `mass) special mass for the repose of the soul of a dead person adj. premises. rest. etc. lie n. machinery. (of a loss. position. n. drive back (an attacker or an attack) by fighting. n. all the plays. etc v. resenting sb/sth v. musician. repay sth v. cancel or repeal (a law. regular payment made for the use of land. fret v. ~ sth (with sth) give sth in return for sth else. etc). disgust adj. etc v. exact copy. etc which a company. respected or trustworthy adj. gorged n. etc). repulse adj. n. ~ (for sth) official. indirect effect or result of an event. returning an injury. religious group. one's word. etc.render 3793 3794 3795 3796 3797 3798 3799 3800 3801 3802 3803 3804 3805 3806 3807 3808 3809 repertoire 3810 3811 3812 3813 3814 3815 3816 3817 3818 3819 3820 3821 3822 3823 3824 3825 3826 3827 3828 3829 3830 3831 3832 3833 3834 3835 3836 3837 3838 3839 3840 3841 3842 3843 3844 3845 3846 resolution requite rescind resentment reserve residual residue resign resignation resilient requisite requisition repress reprieve reprimand reprisal reprise reproach reprobate reprobation reprove repudiate repugnance repulse repulsion reputable reputed requiem repine replenish replete replica replicate repose repository reprehensible reparable reparation repartee repast repeal repel repellent repercussion rendezvous rendition renegade renege renounce renovate renown rent v. etc is performed. done to oneself. retaliation recurrent action. revoke . check v. ~ sb/oneself (for sth) criticize sb/oneself. demand for (esp) the use of property or materials by an army in wartime or by certain people in an emergency v. ~ sth (to sb) give sth in return or exchange.

split. etc adj. etc . adj. produce echoes adj. etc adj. ~ feeling of disgust or horror recite a rhapsody . puzzling question. witty or angry reply. in angry and abusive language . impressions. humorous in a vulgar. determine adj. crack. splendid responsivenes n. permit. continuing to echo. revels v. adopt sth as an expedient v. etc) fill a place with sound. (single act of) breathing air n. ~ (through/throughout sth) (of a sound. voice. ~ sth (with sth) fit (a ship or boat) with masts. resounding v. make (sth) slow or late adj. idle and pleasant thoughts v. keep (sth) in one's possession or use v. (esp of bad things) widespread. adj. restless or uneasy n. effective from a past date adj. criticize (sb/sth). using language impressively or persuasively. ~ on/upon/against sth/doing sth decide firmly. make economies or reduce expenses n. restraining or being restrained n. ropes. etc . ~ echo or resound repeatedly adj. feeling or showing reverence n. obscene or disrespectful way adj. bicycle. stiff. make a quick. proper or legal adj. esp because of age. bring (sb/sth) back to consciousness v. going backwards adj. (often in titles ) romantic composition in irregular form n. (instance of) resuming (resume 1) (rare) adj. spars. s restitution n. esp to an accusation or challenge v. clever at finding ways of doing things n. reserved n. ~ not revealing one's thoughts or feelings easily. shy v. ~ (fml ) deserved punishment or compensation for injury. deserving to be treated with respect. etc v. likely to fall or collapse n. charge. withdraw or cancel (a decree. having the ability to remember facts. v. ~ repay an injury. looking back on the past n. just. sails. retracting v. ~ interval of rest or relief adj. bring (sb) back to life again v. etc v. say (something) with great enthusiasm n. rising or reviving after destruction. ~ sth (esp fml ) get possession of sth again adj. defeat. esp one intended to test the cleverness of those wishing to solve it n. esp in public speaking adj. group of attendants accompanying an important person adj. disappearance. ~ to sth return to (a former state or condition) v. person who rides a horse. weak or shaky. etc) n. break. doing what is morally right adj. etc) n. statement or description. etc with a similar one v. ~ to sth make use of sth for help. noisy celebrations. insult.3847 3848 3849 3850 3851 3852 3853 3854 3855 3856 3857 3858 3859 3860 3861 3862 3863 3864 3865 3866 3867 3868 3869 3870 3871 3872 3873 3874 3875 3876 3877 3878 3879 3880 3881 3882 3883 3884 3885 3886 3887 3888 3889 3890 3891 3892 3893 3894 3895 3896 3897 3898 3899 3900 3901 3902 resolve resonant resort resound resourceful respiration respite resplendent v. esp in the joints. withdraw (a statement. common n. etc v. not bending or yielding severity . avoiding society. ~ (fml ) restoration of a thing to its proper owner or original state restive restraint resumption resurge resurgent resurrect resuscitate retain retaliate retard retentive reticent retinue retiring retort retract retraction retrench retribution retrieve retroactive retrograde retrospective revelry reverberate reverend reverent reverie revert revile revoke revulsion rhapsodize rhapsody rhetoric ribald rickety riddle rider rife rift rig righteous rightful rigid rigor adj. ~ (fml ) brilliant with colour or decorations.

etc) treating sexual activity. pictures. divide or make a hole in (sth) by pulling sharply n. of runes. etc adj. written in or inscribed with runes n. type of evergreen shrub with bitter leaves formerly used in medicine adj. of or showing sadism n. argued about. a company. main adj. eg a cow v. = cock 1 adj. from memory. fat n. annoy (sb). (of speech. rescue of a damaged ship or its cargo. containing salt. vigorous. raised platform from which public speeches are made n. etc). jumping. its headless end being hammered or pressed flat to prevent slipping adj. considered too important to be changed. (of a person) rounded. without thinking of the meaning adj. utter defeat n. irritate v. running. long story of heroic deeds. words put as a heading. as a punishment v. having a good effect n. esp to show or explain how sth should be done. ~ (for sth). etc adj. undulating v. adj that chews the cud. act of running down (an industry. very wise man adj. esp by friction or rubbing together adj. of a style of decorationin furniture. ~ (about/around) turn things over or disarrange them while searching for sth n. typical of the country or country people v. (esp in the army. ponder v.3903 3904 3905 3906 3907 3908 3909 3910 3911 3912 3913 3914 3915 3916 3917 3918 3919 3920 3921 3922 3923 3924 3925 3926 3927 3928 3929 3930 3931 3932 3933 rile rip rivet riveting rivulet robust rococo roil rolling romp rooster roseate roster rostrum rote rotund rotunda rotundity rousing rout rubble rubric ruddy rudimentary rue rueful ruffian rumble ruminant ruminate rummage run-down v. make a dry light sound. having or showing no pity or compassion. violent lawless man v. salty adj. vigorous. showing or feeling good-humoured regret n. profane adj. (of a person's skin or complexion) yellowish adj. ~ think deeply. too sweet desecrating. state of being rotund adj. bits of broken stone. (esp of the climate) health-giving adj. rock or bricks n. deep pink n. showing wisdom and good judgement n. (approv ) (of a person's face) having a fresh healthy colour adj. etc adj. reduction of the size of an industry. make a deep heavy continuous sound n. esp of Icelandic or Norwegian heroes . etc n. by `rote by heart. etc with much elaboratedecoration. deceitful way of doing sth or getting sth. enthralling n. books. floods. indecent. rescue of property from damage caused by fire. adj. architecture. etc in an obscene way. music. common in Europe in the 18th century 18 to stir up:DISTURB. small stream adj. cruel 3934 3935 3936 3937 3938 3939 3940 3941 3942 3943 3944 3945 3946 3947 3948 3949 3950 3951 3952 3953 3954 3955 3956 salient saline sallow salubrious salutary salvage runic ruse rustic rusticate rustle ruthless Barron GRE word list . adj. healthy and strong adj. meditate. plump. nudity. that holds the attention. metal pin or bolt for fastening twopieces of metal together. type of round building or hall.s saboteur saccharine sacrilegious sacrosanct sadistic saga sagacious sage salacious n. existing in an imperfect or undeveloped form n. lewd . play about together in a lively way. DISORDER having gentle rising and falling slopes. trick adj. send (a student) away from university temporarily. most noticeable or important. esp one with a domed roof n. etc . person who commits sabotage adj. etc) list of names showing duties to be performed and the times at which those named are to perform them n. very sweet. giving encouragement n.

bitter. any of the thin overlapping plates of hard material covering the skin of many fish and reptiles sanction sanctuary sanguinary sanguine sap sarcasm sardonic sartorial sate satellite satiate satire n.sanctimonious adj. feeling that prevents one from doing or allowing sth that one thinks may be wrong scanty scapegoat scavenge adj. sacred place. I. painters. young member of a family. extremely careful and thorough. person who is blamed or punished for the wrongdoing of sb else v. cover for the blade of a sword. etc made by a player or team in a game. god of the woods. whip for flogging people n. number of points. play. goals. usu in a grimly humorous way. fragment v. remarks intended to wound sb's feelings adj. hardly large enough n. esp a planet v. sparkle n. Tn.pr. of Scottish people n. ~ plan for doing or organizing sth n. tussle n. not well organized. or gained in a competition. esp a noble one . liquid in a plant that carries food to all its parts n. in which one group stops recognizing the authority of the other adj. not complete [ scrap: ] a small piece of something larger. paying great attention to details examine closely and critically n. ~ (of an animal or a bird) search for decaying flesh as food. with much bloodshed. provide (sb) with so much of sth that he wants no more n. frame made of long metal tubes put up next to a building so that builders. esp ironic. bloody adj. of (usu men's) clothes or a way of dressing satisfy to the full. esp in a religious organization over doctrine. a great quantity n. etc can work on it. Tn. temple or mosque . in the form of a diagram or chart n. usu unwanted. Ipr. strong disagreement... not a scintilla of sth (fml ) not the slightest amount of sth v. permission or approval for an action. showing the learning. smell. I. expressing scorn. care and attention typical of a scholar n. ~ sth make sth very wet.) hopeful. run with short quick steps scrimmage scruple scotch scourge scowl scrap scrappy scraps screech scholarly scintilla scintillate scion scoff scorch score scenario schematic scheme schism n. etc adj. jeer or mock v. written outline of a film. soak sth adj. half man and half goat v. stroll n. a change. optimistic n. esp in a crude or obscene way v. C] small. v. call out (sth) in such a way n. fragment adj. confused struggle between people who are close together adj. Ipr] ~ speak contemptuously (about or to sb/sth). herb of the mint family used in cooking n. burn or discolour (a surface) by dry heat n. etc n. ~ (about sth/that. bad-tempered or angry look on the face n. (of a person or his appearance) gloomy n. dagger or bayonet. etc with details of the scenes and plot adj. give off sparks. cloy n. containing or using satire v. small in size or amount. abusive and insulting. have a distinctive flavor. adj. piece. walk in a leisurely way. Ip. eg a church. often by using sarcasm and parody . Tn. or quality n. confused struggle or fight.p] ~ (out) (at sb) give a harsh high-pitched cry. use decaying flesh for food satirical saturate saturnine satyr saunter savant savor savory scabbard scad scaffold adj. made up of bits and pieces. or to support a platform n. sheath . showing that one feels morally better than other people 3957 3958 3959 3960 3961 3962 3963 3964 3965 3966 3967 3968 3969 3970 3971 3972 3973 3974 3975 3976 3977 3978 3979 3980 scale 3981 3982 3983 3984 3985 3986 3987 3988 3989 3990 3991 3992 3993 3994 3995 3996 3997 3998 3999 4000 4001 4002 4003 4004 4005 4006 4007 4008 4009 scrupulous scrutinize scuffle scurrilous scurry adj. natural body in space orbiting round a larger body. mocking adj. person of great learning enjoy. attacking foolish or wicked behaviour by making fun of it.

worldly adj. part of the year distinguished according to its particular type of weather. state of being senile [ sensitize: ] to make or become sensitive = adj of. seclude being dried and withered n. steady effort or care adj. words or actions intended to make people rebel against the authority of the State v. shabby-looking. capable of perceiving or feeling things adj. composed n. suitable for the time of year adj. group of people who share (esp religious) beliefs or opinions which differ from those of most people adj. run with short quick steps adj. disease of the blood caused by a lack of vitamin C in the diet v. likeness to sth adj. making pleasant and unexpected discoveries entirely by chance the quality or state of being shining bright and steady adj. disreputable / adj (dated or fml ) proper and suitable by the standards of polite society v. sentry adj. esp one of the four traditional periods into which the year is divided. using or based on selection n. enjoying or giving physical (often sexual) pleasure adj. adj. resulting from the apparent movement of the sun north and south of the equator during the course of the earth's orbit around it. affecting. thinks. ~ through into sth/out (of sth) (of liquids) flow slowly and in small quantities through a substance v. having notches on the edge like a saw. etc is right n. rather than the reason n. of or concerning the emotions. tempt to have sexual intercourse adj. scorch or burn (a surface) n. ie spring. varying with the seasons [ season: ] one of the four equal periods into which the year is divided by the equinoxes and solstices. expressing pompous moral judgements adj. ~ sth (from sth) divide or break or separate sth by cutting 4014 4015 4016 seasonable seasonal seasoned 4017 4018 4019 4020 sect 4021 4022 4023 4024 4025 4026 4027 4028 4029 4030 4031 4032 4033 4034 4035 4036 4037 4038 4039 4040 4041 4042 4043 4044 4045 4046 4047 4048 4049 4050 4051 4052 4053 4054 4055 4056 4057 4058 4059 4060 sere serendipity serenity serpentine serrated servile servitude sever semblance seminal seminary senility sensitization sensual sensuous sententious sentient sentimental sentinel septic sepulcher sequester seethe seine seismic selective selfindulgence self-righteous seduce sedulous seedy seemly seep sectarian secular sedate sedative sedentary sedition secession seclusion secrete .4010 4011 4012 4013 scurvy scuttle seamy sear season n. having a toothed edge adj. or grave v. autumn and winter adj. showing in a smug way that one believes that what one does. lacking independence n. ~ of sth appearance of being sth. done sitting down n. not concerned with spiritual or religious affairs. of seed or semen n. of earthquakes adj. tomb. too ready to obey others. noticed by or giving pleasure to the senses adj. calm and dignified. (of an organ) produce (a substance. n. secluding or being secluded v. suggesting. summer. of a sect or sects adj. condition of being forced to work for others and having no freedom v. college for training priests or rabbis n. bubble and froth as if boiling net for catching fish adj. ~ sb/oneself (from sth) keep sb/oneself away or apart from other people. caused by or causing infection with harmful bacteria [ sepulchre: ] a burial vault. unattractive andsordid v. ~ (fml ) (instance of) seceding n. usu liquid) either as waste material or for use within the body n. showing much hard work. happening during a particular season. twisting and curving like a snake adj. drug or medicine that sedates adj.

etc tied together after reaping v. sheltering animals. fire (a bullet. usu by one person . remove cream. eg in order to determine the position of one's ship . hair. ~ (sth) (at sb/sth). an arrow. either of a pair of metal rings linked by a chain. comparison of one thing with another. small light boat for rowing or sculling. of the form used when speaking about one person or thing adj. making difficult problems. position that requires no work or responsibility. quality of being severe n. ~ (with sth) shiver violently with cold. esp of the sun v. one's duty. but gives the holder prestige or money adj. ~ (sth/sb/oneself) (from. cowardice. etc adj. unscrupulous and dishonest person. instrument used for measuring the altitude of the sun. broken piece of pottery. of poor quality or badly made v. etc from the surface of (a liquid) 4066 4067 4068 4069 4070 4071 4072 4073 4074 4075 4076 4077 4078 4079 4080 4081 4082 4083 4084 4085 4086 4087 4088 4089 4090 4091 4092 4093 4094 4095 4096 4097 4098 4099 4100 4101 4102 4103 4104 4105 4106 4107 4108 4109 4110 4111 4112 sinewy singular sinister sinuous siren skeptic skiff skim simulate sinecure simper simplistic simian simile shove shrew shrewd shrivel shudder shuffle shun shunt shyster sibling sibylline sidereal sidetrack sift significant silt shimmer shirk shoddy shoot sheer sherbet shift sheaf shear sheathe shed sham shambles Shangri-la shard shaving .... ideas. having or showing good judgement and common sense. used for fastening a prisoner's wrists or ankles together n. pretend (sth). barley. pretend to have or feel n. etc) through laziness. etc) from one track to another n. having a meaning. cut the wool off (a sheep) with shears v. any one of two or more people with the same parents. brother or sister adj.4061 4062 4063 4064 4065 severance severity sextant shack shackle shade n. tremble v. utter refreshing drink of weak sweet fruit-juice v. v. glass. affected way adj. ~ (place where there is) comparative darkness and often coolness caused by sth blocking direct light or heat. scene of complete disorder. etcseem much simpler than they really are. tough. complete. `a face like a mask' v. esp a lawyer n. eg `as brave as a lion'. etc [ shave: ] [also intr] to remove (the beard. n (of or like a) monkey or ape n. etc) at sb/sth v. n. small mouse-like animal that feeds on insects adj. cutting or being cut. mess a remote or imaginary utopia n. cold or dryness v. feign n. vehicles. muscular adj. put (sth) through a sieve adj. winding n. roughly built shed. hut or house n. one-storey building used for storing things. etc.. ~ sth (off) fire (a gun or some other weapon). avoid v. move (a railway locomotive. scum. having many curves and twists. etc or as a workshop adj. sand. avoid doing (work. walk without lifting the feet completely clear of the ground v./to. mysteriously prophetic adj. etc. ~ sth (from sth). head. ~ (sth/sb/oneself) (about/around) (cause sth/sb/oneself to) change or move from one position or direction to another v. astute v. push roughly n. put (sth) into a sheath n. etc carried by flowing water and left at the mouth of a river. ~ (sth) (up) (cause sth to) shrink and wrinkle from heat. fear.). muddle. in a harbour. or that sth bad may happen adj. or body) by scraping the skin with a razor n. spoken by or characteristic of a sibyl. keep away from (sth/sb). smile in a foolish. bundle of stalks of corn. esp one that is immediately obvious n. of the stars or measured by them to distract or be distracted from a main subject or topic v. shine with a soft light that seems to waver v. thorough. issues. etc adj. suggesting evil.) from (the face. mud. wagons. having strong sinews. device that makes a long loud sound as a signal or warning = sceptic n. discontinuation n. oversimplifying v.

esp for food adj. etc pt of slay adj. or does not want to be seen adj. soaked through. . lazy slow-moving person adj. often cunning and deceitful. etc instead of wheels. (derog ) cry and sniff in a miserable. (usu derog ) too pleased with or proud of oneself. on sth/sb v. etc in appearance. not alert or lively. very wet 4157 4158 4159 4160 4161 4162 4163 4164 4165 4166 snicker snip snivel snub snuffle soar sober sobriety sodden . not tight or tense. esp one that is not planned adj. lock. usu self-pitying. hide or move around as if one is ashamed or trying to hide. loose v. careless. suffocate n. run (sounds. ~ (to sb) (Brit infml derog . way v. lake. laziness. the killing of animals. dirty. or from not being able to breathe. n. vehicle with long narrow strips of wood. esp of a language v. quality or state of being sober adj. laugh in a suppressed. false statement intended to damage sb's reputation v. die from lack of air. deception and planning of evil acts. etc. one's achievements. rudely or with contempt. lacking in independence or originality adj. make sniffing noises v. treat (sb) coldly. with one's actions and thoughts not affected by alcohol n. silly or self-satisfied smile = smoulder v.sleight of `hand great skill in using the hands in performing conjuring tricks. move as if one feels guilty or ashamed. dress or habits n. sordid n. snigger v. miser n. eg paint. heat and melt in order to obtain the metal it contains n. small v. marsh . (infml ) (esp of a place) dirty and not respectable. wrongdoings. sliding gate or other device for controlling the flow of water out of or into a canal. lethargic n. smack adj. oftencaused by rubbing adj. sledge. for travelling over ice and snow adj. ~ slight knowledge. neat n. etc of another child v. waste matter that remains after metal has been extracted from ore by smelting v. esp when one is planning sth bad adj. (often derog ) acting or done in a secret. etc. satisfy n. adv in a careless and hasty way n. ships. dirty or blurred mark. ~ sth on/over sth/sb. person who sleeps in the specified way n. ~ use or provide less than enough of (what is needed) n. fight between small groups of soldiers. esp one drawn by a horse n. trickery v. untidy. slow-moving. ) (used esp by children ) tell an adult about the faults. adj. not done or not doing things carefully. self-satisfied v. strike (sb/sth) with the palm of the hand or with sth flat. go up high in the air quickly adj. way adj.4113 4114 4115 4116 4117 4118 4119 4120 4121 4122 4123 4124 4125 4126 4127 4128 4129 4130 4131 4132 4133 4134 4135 4136 4137 4138 4139 4140 4141 4142 4143 4144 4145 4146 4147 4148 4149 4150 4151 4152 4153 4154 4155 4156 skimp skinflint skirmish skittish skulduggery skulk slack slacken slag slake slander slap slapdash slaughter slavish sleazy sledge sleek sleeper sleigh sleight slew slick slight slink slipshod slither sloth slough slovenly sluggard sluggish sluice slur sly smart smattering smear smelt smirk smolder smother smudge smug sneak v. bright and new-looking. done smoothly and efficiently. ~ sth/sb with sth spread a greasy or sticky substance. become slack n. slide or slip unsteadily n. careless v. lively and playful. idleness . swamp. not serious or important. smooth and glossy n. difficult to control n. apparently without effort adj. words) into each other so that they are indistinct adj. ~ (at) sth cut sth sharply (esp with scissors or shears) in short quick strokes v. esp unpleasant. etc v. metal. way. well-dressed. esp by paying no attention (to him) v.

esp one that shows sb to be foreign or of low social class . green. relating to sound. having a sharp taste (like that of vinegar. and with a formal pattern of rhymes adj. ~ (fml ) very concerned and anxious about (sb's welfare. when melted. use of sophisms conceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature n. not in debt pertaining to the body. ~ (sth) (from sb) (fml ) ask (sb) for (eg money. advises clients on legal matters. speaking one's thoughts aloud. independent sovereign power n. stay (with sb) in a place for a time n. for joining harder metals. (of power) without limit. pp of spit1 n. person who does this. concerning or existing in space n. not continuous or regular pt. having a full deep sound n. almost asleep. physical of a dismal or depressing character:MELANCHOLY n. each of 10 syllables. thick or crowded. esp because of strong feeling 4170 4171 4172 solicitor 4173 4174 4175 4176 4177 4178 4179 4180 4181 4182 4183 4184 4185 4186 4187 4188 4189 sophistication 4190 4191 4192 4193 4194 4195 4196 4197 4198 4199 4200 spare 4201 4202 4203 4204 4205 4206 4207 4208 4209 4210 4211 4212 spawn specious speck spectral spectrum 4213 4214 speechless spat spate spatial spatula sparse Spartan spasmodic sophistry sophomoric soporific sordid sound sour sovereign sovereignty sow spangle sonorous soothsayer sophist sophisticated somnolent sonic sonnet soluble solvent somatic somber somnambulist solitude solstice solicitous soliloquy solemnity solicit . yellow. solitary state n. etc. shellfish and frogs. thinly scattered adj. of.4167 4168 4169 sojourn solace solder solecism v. in good condition. drowsy adj. ~ that can be dissolved adj. orange. diseased. etc) n. mistake in the use of language. without luxury or comforts adj. (of conditions. soft mixture of metals used. squalid adj. etc) n. type of poem containing 14 lines. state or quality of being solemn. having or showing much worldly experience and knowledge of fashionable life n. places. being alone without companions. etc adj. tool with a wide flat blunt blade used for mixing and spreading. esp in a play when a character does this without another character being present on stage n. quality of being sophisticated n. and speaks for them in the lower courts adj. try to obtain (sth) n. sleepy. having enough money to pay one's debts. eggs of fish. help. formed by a ray of light that has passed through a prism adj. esp in cooking and painting n. sudden fast rush adj. ~ (for sth). toads. of or like a spectre(1) n. in addition to what is usu needed or used. adj causing sleep adj. fortune-teller. seriousness v. kept in reserve for use when needed adj. not dense. a lemon or unripe fruit) adj. (thing that gives) comfort or relief (from pain. n. etc) dirty and unpleasant. votes) earnestly. distress. either of the two times of the year at which the sun is furthest North or South of the equator adj. n. (usu sing ) image of a band of colours as seen in a rainbow (and usu described as red. prophet n. adj. seeming rightor true but actually wrong or false n. indigo and violet). sound-waves or the speed of sound n. highest n. fully grown female pig . very small spot or stain. injured or damaged adj. wires. person who uses clever but false arguments intended to deceive adj. etc together n. sleep-walker . lawyer who prepares legal documents (eg for the sale of land or buildings). tiny piece of shining metal or plastic used for decoration on a dress. tiny particle adj. blue. (of conditions) simple and harsh. occurring or done at irregular intervals (usu for short periods at a time). esp in large numbers adj. trouble. comfort. unable to speak. not hurt.

bush or tree coming up from the roots. having a delicate stomach and easily made sick v. very unpleasant smell adj. long-lasting energy and resilience. (of people. squalid state v. false or fake v. etc) v. lively and full of energy v. ~ (of/on sth) humorous imitation or parody n. etc adj.4215 4216 4217 4218 4219 4220 4221 spendthrift sphinx-like spin splice spoilsport spontaneity spoof spoonerism n. not gradually adj. ) firm and not changing or yielding. absence of premeditation n. dignified. tidy and clean in appearance. process or act of starting adj. not moving or changing. etc) serious. excitement. the initial sounds of two or more words when speaking. not smooth(ly) adj. esp accidentally. sudden rush of frightened animals v. happening or seen only occasionally or in a few places. ability to endure much physical or mental strain. ~ sth (round) make sth turn round and round rapidly v. law passed by Parliament or a similar law-making body and written down formally adjfixed. conservative n. adv (to be played) with each successive note short. stayingpower v. person who spends money extravagantly and wastefully v. dull and old-fashioned. grand adj. etc. still and stale adj. halt. tastes. crouch adj. stop the flow of (esp blood) n. shoots. acting or behaving in a quiet or secret way adj. done or required by statute adj. (of a slope. an activity. put out leaves. reject or refuse scornfully or contemptuously v. of a star or stars n. occurring irregularly adj. stairs. (of a voice) loud and powerful 4222 sporadic 4223 4224 4225 4226 4227 4228 4229 4230 4231 4232 4233 4234 4235 4236 4237 4238 4239 4240 4241 stalemate 4242 4243 4244 stammer 4245 stamp 4246 4247 4248 4249 4250 4251 4252 4253 4254 4255 4256 4257 4258 4259 4260 4261 4262 stench stentorian statutory steadfast stealth steep stellar stem stately static statute stampede stanch standstill stanza start stalwart stamina stagnant staid squeamish squelch staccato squalid squalor squander squash squat sportive sprightly sprout spruce spry spurious spurn squabble . result of changing round. adj. crush v. verse of poetry n. a race. eg well-boiled icicle for well-oiled bicycle well-oiled bicycle well-boiled icicle adj. use sth wastefully v. make a sucking sound as when feet are lifted from thick sticky mud adj. main central part of a plant. playful adj. ~ (about/over sth) quarrel noisily (as children do). a plan. flatten (sth) by doing this n. from which the leaves or flowers grow n. group of lines forming a unit in some types of poem. etc) rising or falling sharply. clear anddetached. press or squeeze (sb/sth) flat or into a pulp. their appearance. ~ sth waste (time. smart . etc). ~ (fml usu approv . esp over unimportant matters adj. beginning of a journey. stationary n. join (two ends of rope) by weaving the strands of one into the strands of the other (informal) impulsiveness. behaviour. not flowing and therefore dirty and smelling unpleasant. ~ sth put (one's foot) down heavily on (the ground. stop n. position of the pieces in the game of chess in which the player whose move it is cannot move without putting his king in check adj. etc). ~ (from sth) begin to grow or appear. constant n. not genuine or authentic. (of a person) strong and sturdy n. imposing. speak with sudden pauses and a tendency to repeat rapidly the same sound or syllable (because of a speech defect or from fear. lively and active adj. very dirty and unpleasant (esp because of neglect or poverty) n. money. ~ (down) (of people) sit on one's heels or on the ground with the knees drawn up under or close to the body.

writing. etc n. most admirable kind. limit sb/oneself to a small amount of (esp food) n. ) (of food) heavy. v. very dark. ~ (to sb) lower in rank or position . image. salary . loud and harsh. cover (a surface) with scattered things. behaving. condition of being dazed or nearly unconscious caused by shock. warehouse. alcohol. distribution or use. go under the surface of a liquid. line or wall of strong upright posts. being perceivedor affecting the mind without one being aware of it v. ~ for sth person who thinks that a certain goal is very important and tries to make other people aim at it v. make (a person or an animal) unconscious by a blow. draw or engrave in small dots (not in lines. any of a series of horizontal layers. ~ B with A scatter sth (over a surface). ~ sth (with sth) put (coal or some other fuel) on the fire of a furnace. willing to yield to the authority of others. etc) v. conquer . feel or make unable to breathe (easily) because of lack of fresh air. negate v. spending a lot of time studying v. defeat adj. esp to the head make numb. any officer in the army below the rank of captain v. lines or furrows n. amaze n. of the greatest. official income (esp of a clergyman). esp of rock in the earth's crust v. sprinkle adj. grow or spread in an irregular or untidy manner v. etc). etc adj. ~ sb/oneself (usu in negative sentences ) restrict. plan or scheme to deceive sb (esp an enemy) [ stratify: ] to form or be formed in layers or strata n. carefully considered. ~ strike one's foot against sth and almost fall n. causing awe and reverence adj. (fml ) cause (sth) to be ineffective or seem absurd. discomfort or misfortune without complaining or showing signs of feeling it . that must be obeyed. ~ (down) bend forward and down adj. (of a person) not easily excited. state (sth) clearly and firmly as a requirement n. person who has great self-control and who endures pain. existing in the mind and not produced by things outside the mind v. not producing or not able to produce seeds. store of goods available for sale. artificial v. character. (of a manner of talking. stun. deliberate adj. the sea. bring under control by force. paint. in a shop. young or children n. marked with stripes. v. throttle n. etc that has become fixed or standardizedin a conventional form without individuality adj.stereotype 4263 4264 4265 4266 4267 4268 4269 4270 4271 4272 4273 4274 4275 4276 4277 stoke 4278 4279 4280 4281 4282 4283 4284 4285 4286 4287 4288 4289 4290 4291 4292 4293 4294 4295 4296 4297 4298 4299 4300 4301 4302 4303 4304 4305 4306 4307 4308 4309 4310 4311 4312 4313 4314 suavity subaltern subdue subjective subjugate sublimate sublime subliminal submerge submissive subordinate sturdy stygian stymie striated stricture strident stringent strut studied studious stultify stumble stump stun stupefy stupor stolid stoop stout straggle strangle stratagem stratified stratum strew stockade stodgy stoic stipend stipple stipulate stock stifle stigma stilted stink stint sterile stickler n. ~ on sth. etc adj. (infml ) ~ (of sth) have a very unpleasant and offensive smell v. situation on the green in which an opponent's ball is between one's own ball and the hole [ suave: ] n. shameful feeling or reputation adj. express (instinctual urges. gain controlof (a country. solid and difficult to digest n. suffocate n. strict or severe n. ~ A (on/over B). etc) stiff and unnatural. (fml ) severe criticism or condemnation adj. obedient adj. gloomy n. intentional. kill by squeezing or gripping the throat tightly. drugs. strong and solid adj. (infml derog .idea. strong and thick v. mark of shame or disgrace. v. built as a defence adj. etc adj. trick. showing little or no emotion or interest v. part of a tree left in the ground after the rest has fallen or been cut down v. esp sexual ones) in more socially acceptable ways adj. shrill adj. subdue. rod or bar placed in a framework to strengthen and brace it adj. an engine.

submissive v. heard. etc adj. ~ (of sth) too much of sth. esp of food and drink v. ~ sth/sb (fml or rhet ) separate sth/sb. quality of being subtle adj. various superannuated adj. thinking or showing that one thinks one is better than other people. to support the arts. concise to go to the aid of:RELIEVE adj. etc n. failure. (of the weather. of less importance. blame. ~ trying or likely to weaken or destroy a political system. to help an industry. crush n. suppliant v. etc). bad-tempered and gloomy v. yield v. suppose (sth) without having evidence that makes it certain. esp so that what is underneath can still be seen. not stiff. in excess of the normal number. etc) adj. more than needed or demanded y superficial adj. (of fruit and meat) juicy and delicious v. (fml or rhet usu fig . lying flat on the back. esp by force. esp by a government. take the place of be introduced so as to be used instead of (sth/sb) supine supplant supple suppliant supplicant supplicate supposition supposititious adj. trick or excuse. statement. to keep prices down.face upwards v. following adj. large in amount. stain. esp tell lies in a court of law n. ~ (often derog ) giving too much respect. ) make (sth) dirty. arrogant and disdainful supererogator superfluous. summing-up. class. written order requiring a person to appear in a lawcourt adj. etc. etc or under a rule n. old and barely fit for work or use adj. give facts to support (a claim. replace adj. more than is needed or wanted v. ~ (fml ) stop resisting (temptation. adj (person) asking humbly for sth n. subordinate n. expressedbriefly and clearly. looking expensive and splendid v. esp by force or for ever adj. sink to a lower or to the normal level adj. summary adj. extra y supersede v. illness. flexible n. etc). attack.etc than sth else. take the place of (sb/sth).suborn 4315 4316 4317 4318 4319 4320 subsidy 4321 4322 4323 4324 4325 4326 4327 4328 4329 4330 4331 4332 4333 4334 4335 4336 4337 4338 4339 4340 4341 4342 4343 4344 4345 4346 supercilious 4347 4348 4349 4350 4351 4352 4353 4354 4355 4356 4357 4358 4359 4360 4361 4362 4363 4364 4365 4366 suppress surfeit surge surly surmise sultry summation sumptuous sunder sundry succinct succor succulent succumb suckle suffocate suffragist suffuse suitor sullen sully subsistence substantial substantiate substantive subsume subterfuge subtlety subversive subpoena subsequent subservient subside subsidiary v. ~ sth (esp of colour or moisture) spread all over sth n. silent. real v. person who supplicates. ~ sth (fml ) include sth in a particular group. prove adj. supposing assumed. bad-tempered and unfriendly v. etc) oppressively hot and humid n. feed with milk from the breast or udder v. genuine or actual. ruin or destroy (sb's reputation. 1~ connected to but smaller. of or on the surface only superfluous superimpose adj. air. etc n. put an end to (sth). obedience. move forward in or like waves adj. bent or bending easily. counterfeit. die as a result of not being able to breathe advocate of voting rights (for women) v. considerable v. money paid. an accepted belief. etc supernumerar adj. later. use bribery or some other means to persuade (sb) to do sth illegal. esp one used to avoid difficulties. hypothetical v. ~ sth (fml ) ask (sb) humbly or pleadingly for sth n. ~ sth put sth on top of sth else. subsisting adj. guess . man courting a woman adj.

~ (sth) (up) (with sth) (cause sth to) becomelarger or bulge outwards. (infml ) ~ (at) sth/sb (try to) hit sth/sb with a swinging or reckless blow n. etc moving around together. combining of separate parts. I am a man. done or acting secretly or stealthily n. nourishment n. eg because of pressure from inside v. having or showing tact adj. object that is thought to bring good luck. person who tries to gain people's favour by insincerely flattering them and always agreeing with them n. n. ~ sth (out/down) (esp Brit) rinse or flush sth by pouring large amounts of water. exceed sb/sth adj. esp bees following a queen bee adj. exact match in size and shape between the two halves of sth similary timed. relationship between two species. ~ to sth equal in effect to sth. marsh .t tablet sylvan symbiosis n. etc about what may happen v. claw. walk or behave in a proud or boastful way n. made by synthesis 4394 4395 4396 4397 4398 4399 4400 4401 4402 4403 4404 4405 4406 4407 4408 4409 4410 4411 4412 4413 4414 4415 4416 4417 4418 tantamount tactful tactile taint takeoff talisman talon tan tangential tangible tanner tantalize tacit taciturn tact symmetry synchronous synoptic synthesis synthetic Barron GRE word list . ~ (at sb/sth) use rude or blasphemous words in anger. strip of grass or other plants cut by a mower. worry. person who swindles v. form of reasoning in which a conclusion is drawn from two statements. change direction suddenly v. etc v. soft wet land. overcome v. saying very little. only slightly connected. rude or blasphemous word v. digressing adj. esp following an operation . ~ (fml ) person or thing that acts or is used instead of another. birds. that can be perceived by touch n. bear (weight) without breaking or falling n. be uncomfortably hot. etc into.4367 4368 4369 4370 4371 4372 4373 4374 4375 4376 4377 4378 4379 4380 4381 4382 4383 4384 4385 4386 4387 4388 4389 4390 4391 4392 4393 surmount surpass surreptitious surrogate surveillance susceptible suspend suspense sustain sustenance suture swagger swamp swarm swarthy swathe sway swear swear-word swell swelter swerve swill swindler swipe sybarite sycophant syllogism v. uncommunicative . scythe. as good as sth . simultaneous with adj. large number of insects.etc that live close together and depend on each other in various ways n. dark or dark-skinned n. convert (animal skin) into leather by treating it with tannic acid. n. v. etc peripheral. therefore I must die => silvan n. understoodwithout being put into words. skill at not offending people or at gaining goodwill by saying or doing the right thing adj. slab or panel with words cut or written on it. ~(to sth). esp of a bird of prey v. move or lean slowly from side to side v. careful watch kept on sb suspected of doing wrong adj. implied adj. trace of some bad quality or decay or infection n. of or forming a synopsis n. ~ sth (fml ) hang sth up n. person who is very fond of luxury and comfort n. substitute n. stitch or stitches made in sewing up a wound. eg All men must die. etc. of or using the sense of touch n. etc to form a complex whole adj. person who tans skins to make leather to tease or torment by or as if by presenting something desirable to the view but continually keeping it out of reach adj. ~ sb/sth (in sth) (fml ) do or be better than sb/sth. eg a ring or locket n. food and drink. surprise. suffer from the heat v. curse n. organisms. esp one fixed to a wall as a memorial . over or through it n. elements. adj. feeling of tenseness. etc). ~ to sth easily influenced or harmed by sth v. deal with (a difficulty.

technical terms of a particular subject n. tightly stretched. using few words. move or happen v. of or living on land adj. boredom the principle or practice of complete abstinence from alcoholic drinks n. point at which or way in which sth ends n. turbulent n. principle. length of wax-covered thread like a very thin candle burned to give light or to light other candles. ie not spiritual. system of government by priests or a priestly class in which the laws of the State are believed to be the laws of God adj. delicate n. any of several types of large spider. state or degree of stretching or being stretched adj. violently agitated. of or related to a theme n. of worldly affairs. lukewarm adj. importance. person who pays rent to a landlord for the use of a room. showing self-control adj. holding of office or land or other property. rope or chain by which an animal is fastened while it is grazing adj. tediousness. of the last stage in a fatal disease v. station at the end of a railway line adj. adj. person's nature as it affects the way he thinks. a building. of the art of healing or the curing of disease adj. gain time adj. etc. curt adj. land. etc n. next after secondary adj. third in order. etc v. linger adj. sharp-tasting. brownish-yellow one who study the general principles of scientific classification n. audacity. thin. behaving with temperance(1). a piece of writing. sticking or clinging firmly together or to an object firmness. belief. concerned with the theory of a subject adj. state of the mind as regards anger or calmness n. of tension n. adhesiveness use of land or buildings as a tenant(1) n. secular avoid committing oneself. person who has made a will4(4) adj. doctrine adj. said. (fml ) slow to act. not impartial adj. (arch or rhet ) delay in coming to or going from a place. lose its brightness by being exposed to air or damp v. not definite or decisive adj. etc to test sth. come to an end or bring (sth) to an end n. easily annoyed. esp in a child n. done. adj. jeer at sb adj. feels and behaves adj. not slack tautologous / tR adj. showy or gaudy but without real value adj. acid to make or become ragged or worn to shreds v. etc . easily damaged or hurt. ~ sb try to provoke sb with scornful or critical remarks. outburst of bad temper. stormy. made from small flat pieces of stone of various colours arranged in a pattern n. slender n. irritable n. concise. persistency. take care of or look after adj. ofheat 4421 4422 4423 4424 4425 4426 4427 4428 4429 4430 4431 4432 4433 4434 4435 4436 4437 4438 4439 4440 4441 4442 4443 4444 4445 4446 4447 4448 4449 4450 4451 4452 4453 4454 4455 4456 4457 4458 4459 4460 4461 4462 4463 4464 4465 4466 4467 4468 4469 4470 4471 4472 4473 theoretical therapeutic thermal testator testy tether thematic theocracy tempo temporal temporize tenacious tenacity tenancy tenant tend tendentious tender tenet tensile tension tentative tenuous tenure tepid terminal terminate termination terminology terminus terrestrial terse tertiary tessellated temperate tempestuous tardy tarnish tarry tart tatter taunt taut tautological tawdry tawny taxonomist tedium teetotalism temerity temper temperament . (of a speech. many of them hairy and some of them poisonous . rank. speed or rhythm of a piece of music adj. etc) aimed at helping a cause.4419 4420 tantrum taper tarantula n. rashness n. hesitant or exploratory.

loose outer garment worn by men in ancient Rome v. bridge. large heavy book. stimulate or excite (sb). etc formerly paid as a tax to support the clergy and the church v. bondage v. characteristicquality of sound produced by a particular voice or instrument adj. violently rushing stream of water. natural object. ~ away (at/over sth) work long or hard n. considered by N American Indians as the emblem of a clan or family v. statement or theory put forward and supported by arguments adj. features of a place or district. stagger adj. torpid condition n. lava. very hot and dry n. easily frightened. etc) beat. shabby n. v. etc . etc adj. n. trunk adj. strangle v. touch or stroke lightly. medicine that gives strength or energy. shy timidness ns adj. long angry speech of criticism or accusation adj. of acting or the theatre slave. esp sexually n. n. having a certain title( n. n. esp at sensitive parts. ~ sth (to sb) throw sth lightly or carelessly or easily n. immense n. choke. shaving the top or all of the head of a person about to become a priest ormonk n. economical . etc) successfully v. ~ (with sth) (of the heart. prevent doing what he intends. name of a book. so as to cause a slight tingling sensation. ~ sth colour sth slightly n.4474 4475 4476 4477 4478 4479 4480 4481 4482 4483 4484 4485 4486 4487 4488 4489 4490 4491 4492 4493 4494 4495 4496 4497 4498 4499 4500 4501 4502 4503 4504 4505 4506 4507 4508 4509 4510 4511 4512 4513 thesis thespian thrall thrash threadbare threat thresh thrifty thrive throb throes throng throttle thwart tickle tightwad tiller tiltable timbre timid timidity timorous tinge tint tipple tirade titanic tithe titillate title titter titular toady toga toil token toll tome tonic tonsure topography n. timid v. one tenth of the annual produce of a farm. shade or variety of a colour v. not including the head. crowded mass of people or things v. esp faster or stronger thanusual n. sign. etc using a machine or (esp formerly) an implement held in the hand adj. gigantic. pulse. esp too often or too much n. esp as a punishment adj. person who flatters another or treats him with excessive respect in the hope of gain or advantage n. severe pains n. esp an animal. ~ (on sth) grow or develop well and vigorously. oppose (a plan. seize by the throat and stop him breathing. short nervous laugh adj. expression of one's intention to punish or harm sb. money paid for the use of a road. showing thrift. harbour. ~ (over) be unsteady and fall n. picture. worn thin. tube-shaped explosive underwater missile launched against ships by submarines. beat with a stick or whip. miser n. arousing pity or sympathy stone used to test the fineness of gold alloys. main part of the human body. person who tills n. roads. prosper v. be in the habit of drinking alcoholic drinks. esp a scholarly or serious one . poem. walk or move unsteadily. symbol or evidence of sth n. esp the position of its rivers. twisting force causing rotation in machinery n. mountains. beat out or separate from husks of wheat. taken after illness or when tired n. often with twitching movements and laughter excessively frugal person. buildings. esp if he does not obey v. full of twists and turns v. aircraft or surface ships n. etc v. etc . criterion 4514 4515 4516 4517 4518 4519 4520 4521 4522 4523 4524 4525 4526 4527 totter touching touchstone torpor torque torrent torrid torso tortuous toss totem topple torpedo . arms and legs.

question or activity that has little value or importance adj. not new or original. caused eg by being hypnotized n. jewels. transient adj. docile . long hard journey. etc n. slander or defame. a secret. n. lasting for only a short time. (idm ) plight one's troth transient transition transitory translucent transmute transparent transpire transport transpose trappings traumatic travail traverse travesty tread treasure treatise trek tremor tremulous trenchant trepidation tribulation tribunal tribune adj. lie or extendacross n. make (sth) neat or smooth by cutting away irregular parts n. strongly and effectively expressed. etc adj. penetrating n. transgressing . illness. ~ long written work dealing systematically with one subject n. esp in a mystical or religious way transcribe v. group of three related works. thing. eg a missile v. of or causing trauma n. supreme 4540 4541 4542 4543 4544 4545 4546 4547 4548 4549 4550 4551 4552 4553 4554 4555 4556 4557 4558 4559 4560 4561 4562 4563 4564 4565 4566 4567 4568 4569 4570 4571 4572 4573 4574 4575 4576 4577 4578 4579 4580 4581 tribute trickle trickster trident trifle trifling trigger trilogy trim trinket trite trivia troth n. etc of little value adj. great worry or fear about sth unpleasant that may happen n. because often used. ~ sth copy sth in writing transgression n. brief. small ornament. n. outward signs of prestige. etc that causes) great trouble or suffering n. easily guided. (of an event.4528 4529 4530 4531 4532 4533 4534 4535 4536 4537 4538 4539 touchy tout toxic tract tractable traduce trajectory tramp trample trance tranquillity transcend transcendent adj. etc) become known v. details or pieces of information n. hackneyed. transcendental adjgoing beyond the limits of humanknowledge. ~ sth/sb (down) tread heavily on sth/sb so as to cause damage or destruction n. belief. easily offended v. commonplace . be or go beyond the range of (human experience. flow in a thin stream n.. cause to change places n. large stretch or area of land adj. group of officials with the authority to settle certain types of dispute Any champion of the rights and liberties of the people: often used as the name for a newspaper. ~ (to sth) (instance of) changing from one state or condition to another adj. gold. fleeting n. unimportant things. etc sth/sb) set one's foot down. curved path of sth that has been fired.) take sth/sb from one place to another in a vehicle v. lasting for only a short time. spear with three points n. etc) adj. painful effort v. allowinglight to pass through but not transparent v. (sad event. piece of jewellery. unimportant. hit or thrown into the air. n. powers of description. esp so as to fire a gun n. tremblingfrom nervousness or weakness adj. esp on foot n. slight shaking or trembling adj. experience or reason. accident. lever that releases a spring. handled or controlled. statement or gift that is meant to show one's respect or admiration v. ~ absurd imitation of or inferior substitute for sth v. tranquil condition v. swindler . wealth. ~ try to get people to buy (one's goods or services). trivial n. esp three novels or operas v. ~sth change sth (into sth completely different) adj. action. poisonous n. v. walk or step n. ~ (on. esp in an annoyingly insistent way adj.. sleep-like state. allowinglight to pass through so that objects behind can be seen clearly v. ~ sth/sb (to. saydamaging untrue things about (sb/sth). extremely great. travel. person who tricks or cheats people. walk with heavy or noisy steps v. silver.

awkward or ill-mannered. country. unjust or oppressive use of power or authority beginner. n. ferocity n. that cannot be attacked or conquered unceremoniou adj. state or express in a very controlled way n. eg one sent to a foreign government and threatening war if the conditions are not accepted n. depravity . etc. weaken at the base v. esp one that does not say anything important. esp in an oily way strengthen the base of adj. vast flat treeless Arctic regions of Europe. etc to another n. Asia and N America where the subsoil is permanently frozen adj. meeting adj. ~ sth uncover or obtain sth from the ground by digging adj. give `umbrage. cruel. disturbance or confusion. (seeming to be) present everywhere or in several places at the same time n. not drawing attention to oneself or to one's merits or rank. (of liquids) opaque or muddy. etc) pompous and difficult to follow. esp of a large mass of people n. done or doing things in a sly or secret way. v. state or quality of being wicked. statement that is obviouslytrue. unnatural n. eg Nothing lasts for ever . not controlled or checked adj. last or final n. final demand or statement of terms to be accepted without discussion. modest adj. long narrow open box for animals to feed or drink from agressiveness. style. deep dish with a lid from which soup. that cannot be explained or accounted for 4611 4612 4613 4614 4615 4616 4617 4618 4619 4620 4621 4622 4623 4624 4625 4626 4627 4628 4629 4630 4631 4632 undulate undulating unearth unearthly v. insincerelyearnest or flattering. acting as a guardian or protector n. guardianship adj. open sore containing poisonous matter on the outside of the body or on the surface of an internal organ adj. not clear n. rough. agitation or confusion n. boring n. protection of and authority over a person. beyond what is obvious or admitted adj. take `umbrage (at sth) (fml or joc ) (make sb) feel offended or slighted 4609 umbrage 4610 unaccountable adj. = underline v. great disturbance. deceitful v. magnate n. not refined . unction unctuous undergird underhand undermine underscore understate undertaker n. shorten by cutting off the top or end n. without proper formality or dignity s unconscionabl adj.4582 4583 4584 4585 4586 4587 4588 4589 4590 4591 4592 4593 4594 4595 4596 4597 4598 4599 4600 4601 4602 4603 4604 4605 4606 4607 4608 trough truculence truism truncate trunk tryst tumid tumult tundra turbid turbulence tureen turgid turmoil turncoat turpitude tutelage tutelary tycoon typhoon tyranny tyro Barron GRE word list . person whose business is to prepare the dead for burial or cremation and arrange funerals . unrest or disturbance n. vegetables. beyond which no other exists or is possible. unreasonable or excessive e uncouth adj. main stem of a tree. complete agreement or unity adj. etc are served at table adj. have a wave-like movement or appearance [ undulate: ] to move or cause to move in waves or as if in waves v. (of language. wealthy and powerful businessman or industrialist. from which the branches grow . action of anointing with oil as a religious rite adj. person who changes from one side. make a hollow or tunnel beneath (sth). novice adj. supernatural or mysterious or frightening unanimity unassailable unassuaged unassuming unbridled uncanny adj.u ubiquitous ulcer ulterior ultimate ultimatum n. violent tropical hurricane that occurs in the western Pacific n. (of parts of the body) swollen n. party.

monotony adj.etc) not proper or seemly. disorderly distasteful. manner of using sth. without precedent. not attractive or appealing in appearance ng unravel v. unexceptionab adj. unharmed adj. (lending of money at) excessively high interest n. the ~ the final result or outcome adj. not injured or hurt. belonging to. been done or been known before 4654 4655 4656 4657 4658 4659 4660 4661 4662 4663 4664 4665 4666 4667 4668 4669 4670 4671 4672 4673 4674 4675 4676 4677 4678 4679 4680 4681 4682 4683 4684 4685 unrequited unruly unsavory unscathed unseemly unsightly unsullied untenable untoward unwarranted unwieldy unwitting unwonted upbraid upright uproar uproarious upshot urbane urchin urge urgent ursine usage usurp usury utopia uxorious adj. erect n. ugly unprepossessi adj. ~ sb (dated or fml ) scold or reproach sb adj. not too obvious or easily noticeable. bonds. dismiss from the priesthood adj. having no accompanying advantages whatever. entirely satisfactory le unfaltering steadfast unfeigned unfetter unfledged unfrock ungainly unguent uniformity unilateral adj. of. being the only one of its type n. pertaining to a bear n. awkward adj. etc. in unison (with sb/sth) sounding or singing together the same musical note (or the same note in different octaves) adj. position) wrongfully or by force n. having or showing refined manners. right. inconvenient or unfortunate. trustworthy 4645 4646 4647 4648 4649 universal 4650 4651 4652 4653 unprecedented adj. action or decision bearlike. that cannot be doubted or questioned. tumult adj. not customary or usual v. absolute adj. not graceful ointment sameness. one-sided unimpeachable adj. imaginary place or state of things in which everything is perfect adj. clear and unmistakeable adv. excessively fond of one's wife adj. never having happened. looking dishevelled or neglected adj. that cannot be criticized. treatment v. take (sb's power. that cannot be defended adj.4633 4634 4635 4636 4637 4638 4639 4640 4641 4642 4643 4644 unequivocal unerringly adj. not pretended. very noisy or high-spirited n. clumsy or awkward. drive forcibly or hurry in a certain direction adj. awkward to move or control because of its shape. unjustified or unauthorized adj. not pleasant to look at. esp a boy v. knotted or tangled to) separate into strands unregenerate unrepentant. done by or affecting one person. country. not drawing attention to itself or himself. etc and not another. genuine or sincere to release from fetters. discreet unrepressed . having only one possible meaning. complete. (cause sth woven. unreformed unkempt unmitigated unobtrusive uninhibited unintimating unique unison adj. smooth elegance and sophistication n. group. (esp of love) not returned or rewarded adj. (esp dated ) mischievous or naughty child. noise and excitement or anger. affecting or done by all people or things in the world or in a particular group adj. not knowing or aware adj. morally offensive adj. immature v. in a vertical position. not kept tidy. unbecoming adj. size or weight adj. (of behaviour. consistency. needing immediate attention. not easy to control or discipline.

(of people) ready to take risks. etc n. etc. passionate n.to express an idea. inane n. respect (sb/sth) deeply. excusable n. flesh of a deer used as meat n.) boastfully v. decorative wood or plastic glued to the surface of cheaper wood (for furniture. adj. or unnecessarily difficult words. (of grass. strange. (usu of inanimate things ) speed. position. esp an idle or dishonest one n. esp for a sports contest or match adj. the vanguard leading part of an advancing army or fleet n. project or undertaking. v. showing or suggesting absence of thought or intelligence. ratify bravery n. = soft shoulder (soft) 4707 vaunted 4708 4709 4710 4711 4712 4713 4714 4715 4716 4717 4718 4719 4720 4721 4722 4723 4724 4725 4726 4727 4728 4729 4730 4731 4732 4733 4734 4735 4736 4737 verbose verdant verdigris verge venue veracious veracity verbalize verbatim verbiage ventilate ventral ventriloquist venture venturesome venerable venerate venial venison venom vent vendor veneer veer vegetate vehement velocity venal vendetta . adv exactly as spoken or written. fields. possessions.unusual or capricious change. poisonous fluid of certain snakes. whim n. associations. (of a person) truthful n. having too high an opinion of one's looks. abilities.v vacillate vacuous vagabond vagary vagrant vain vainglorious valediction valedictory valid validate valor vampire vanguard vantage vapid vaporize variegate variegated varnish vassal v. (use of) too many words. hard shiny transparent coating applied to the surface of esp woodwork or metalwork n. of or on the abdomen n. opening that allows air. dull or uninteresting to convert (as by the application of heat or by spraying) into vapor To mark with different shades or colors. ) keep changing one's mind. etc) . (words used in) saying farewell. injected by a bite or sting n. reanimated corpsebelieved by some to leave its grave at night and suck the blood of living people n. person who sells food or other small items from a stall in the open air n. person skilled in this n. praise. ~ (fml usu derog . etc v. ready to accept money for doing sth dishonest n. to describe. (esp of a vehicle) change direction or course v. make legally valid. conceited . regard as sacred adj. spots. man promising to fight for and be loyal to a king or lord in return for the right to hold land [ vaunt: ] vt. showing or caused by strong feeling. esp in a given direction adj. daring n. streaks. marked irregularlywith differently coloured patches.4686 4687 4688 4689 4690 4691 4692 4693 4694 4695 4696 4697 4698 4699 4700 4701 4702 4703 4704 4705 4706 Barron GRE word list . adj. esp on serious occasions adj. place where people agree to meet. etc adj. n. etc.etc that gives sb superiority or advantage adj. cause air to enter and move freely through adj. live a dull life with little activity or interest adj. etc. brass and bronze surfaces n. not serious. truthfulness. legally effective because made or done with the correct formalities v.esp a commercial one where there is a risk of failure adj. move backwards and forwards between two emotions adj. conceited and boastful . gas. using or containing more words than are needed adj. truth put into words adj. deserving respect because of age. etc to pass out of or into a confined space . tramp adj. adj. serving as or accompanying a farewell adj. person without a settled home or regular work. liquid. full of vainglory. word for word n. vegetation. or display (one's success. scorpions. hereditary feud between families in which murders are committed in revenge for previous murders n. etc) fresh and green n. greenish-blue substance that forms on copper. wanderer or vagrant. character.

as compared with a formal or written language adj. extremely harmful or deadly n. weaken or spoil the quality or efficiency of (sth) adj. esp playing a musical instrument or singing adj.4738 4739 4740 4741 4742 4743 4744 4745 4746 4747 4748 4749 4750 4751 4752 4753 4754 4755 verisimilar verisimilitude veritable verity vernacular vernal versatile vertebrate vertex vertigo verve vestige veto vex viable viand vibrant vicar vicarious having the appearance of truth probable n. vibrating strongly. etc) n. resonant n. esp in artistic or literary work n. connected with or essential to life v. moral goodness or excellence n. provisions . etc.esp for the worse n. constitutional right to reject or forbid a legislative proposal or action v. having a glass-like texture or finish adj. staying awake. of. ~ with sb (for sth/to do sth). having or showing a desire for revenge. power of seeing. clear (sb/sth) of blame or suspicion adj. break or be contrary to n. (fml ) say evil or insulting things about (sb). to keep watch or to pray watchfulness adj. language or dialect spoken in a particular country or region. person who is exceptionally skilled in the techniques of a fine art. unforgiving n. simple organism. looking out for possible danger. savagely and bitterlyhostile adj. person'sface adj. activities. but not accepted as such in name or officially n. skill or occupation to another n. esp with trivial matters adj. caused esp by looking down from a great height. smaller than bacteria. and causing infectious disease n. not pouringeasily. rightly named or called. any of various types of poisonous snake found in Africa. spirit or vigour. by sharing imaginatively in the feelings. wine-merchant v. truth (of a statement. extremely disgusting v. member of a self-appointed group of people who try to prevent crime and disorder in a community n. trouble. small remaining part of what once existed. illustration. but not in a definite border active bodily or mental strength or force adj. criticism. sound and workable. rival sb for sth n. trace n. esp at night. enthusiasm. sight adj. etc of another person n. apex n. turning easily or readily from one subject. Asia and Europe . feeling of losing one's balance. felt or experienced indirectly. adj having a backbone n. dizziness n. anger or annoy (sb). etc 4756 4757 4758 4759 4760 4761 4762 4763 4764 4765 4766 4767 4768 4769 4770 4771 4772 4773 4774 4775 4776 4777 4778 4779 4780 4781 4782 4783 4784 4785 4786 4787 4788 4789 4790 virulent virus visage visceral viscid viscous vise vision visionary vital vitiate vitreous vitriolic vituperative virtue virtuoso vignette vigor vile vilify vindicate vindictive vintner violate viper virile virtual vigil vigilance vigilant vigilante vicissitude victuals vie . adj. feasible food adj. v. vituperative debate. (of men) having procreative power. sexually potent adj. having or showing foresight or wisdom adj. gluey adj. being or acting as what is described. real n. appearance or semblance ofbeing true or real adj. in or appropriate to the season of spring adj. (fml) highest point or top. (fml ) change in one's circumstances. thick and sticky tool for holding work in place n. of the viscera adhesive. watchful or alert n. slander v. ~ for sth (fml ) compete keenly with sb (for sth). esp on the title-page of a book. clergyman in charge of a parish where tithes formerly belonged to another person or an institution adj. food and drink.

~(up) stop sleeping v. strong and bright.w wade waffle adj. as in a whirlpool or whirlwind v. act of using one's will in choosing. be carried lightly and smoothly (as if) through the air v. his appearance. very greedy in eating. etc adj. sanction n. expressing one's views forcibly and insistently n. air. pallid n. esp one given to the buyer of an article. adj. (esp of a bird) sing in a continuous gentle trilling way n. of. that lives on the flesh of dead animals president part of vie(compete) v. of or like a fox n. practice of performing surgical experiments on live animals for scientific research n. large bird. forego v. ~ for sb/sth take responsibility for or express confidence in (a person. often eaten with syrup . v. regular (usu weekly) payment made or received for work or services adj. not insist on (sth) in a particular case. done deliberately for no good reason. water. (cause sth to) move quickly from side to side or up and down n. become bent or twisted from the usual or natural shape. soft sticky yellow substance produced by bees and used by them for making honeycombs 4816 4817 4818 4819 4820 4821 4822 4823 4824 4825 4826 4827 4828 4829 4830 4831 4832 4833 4834 warranty 4835 4836 4837 4838 4839 4840 warren wary wastrel waver wax warrant warranted wanton warble ward warp waft wag wage waggish waif waive wake wallow wan wanderlust wane wangle . wilful v. simultaneous throwing or firing of a number of stones. whirling mass of water. authorization. ~ current or prevailing fashion adj. (~ in sth) lie and roll about in mud. mud or anything that makes walking difficult) n. etc. his behaviour. like. be or become weak or unsteady. guarantee. falter n. cautious n. separate part or room in a hospital for a particular group of patients v. making a decision. loose-fitting or ample adj. ~ written order giving authority to do sth [ warrant: ] anything that gives authority for an action or decision. ~ sth (dated or fml ) grant sth (to sb) as a gift or privilege n. walk with an effort (through water. female fox adj. loudor noisy. done or made by a wag n. esp in Haiti . (of a person. promising to repair or replace it if necessary n. etc). intense n. ~ sth (out of sb) get or arrange sth that one wants by using trickery or clever persuasion adj. etc n. person who gets pleasure from watching in secret others undressing or engaging in sexual activities adj. esp because of uneven shrinkage or expansion n. show a gradually decreasing area of brightness after being full v. (of a person) speaking a lot. homeless person. bullets. usu with head and neck almost bare of feathers. etc) pale and looking ill or tired. esp an abandoned child v. ravenous n. lacking in good taste or refinement adj. ~ that can be hurt. (of clothing etc) using much material. strong desire to travel v. form of religion based on belief in witchcraft and magical rites. changing rapidly into vapour n. giving a feeling of luxury or sensual pleasure n. small crisp cake made of cooked batter with a pattern of squares on it. area of land with many burrows in which rabbits live and breed adj. ~ (of sb/sth) looking out for possible danger or difficulty. practised by blacks in the W Indies. (esp of a woman) lively or high-spirited adj. lazy good-for-nothing person v.4791 4792 4793 4794 4795 4796 4797 4798 4799 4800 4801 4802 4803 4804 4805 4806 4807 4808 4809 4810 4811 4812 4813 4814 4815 vivacious vivid vivisection vixen vociferous vogue volatile volition volley voluble voluminous voluptuous voodoo voracious vortex vouch vouchsafe voyeur vulgar vulnerable vulpine vulture vying Barron GRE word list . talkative adj. guarantee v. etc adj. wounded or injured adj.

bundle or twist (of sth) adj. crafty or cunning. fruit. not spiritual n. ~ small separate bunch. ~ (about/over sth) noisy or angry argument or dispute (with sb) (about sth) n. keep sth back v. twist or roll about. great sorrow or distress adj. v. etc adj. ~ (at) sth cut thin slices or strips off (wood. collapsing.waylay 4841 wean 4842 4843 4844 4845 4846 4847 4848 4849 4850 4851 4852 4853 4854 4855 4856 4857 4858 4859 4860 4861 4862 4863 4864 4865 4866 4867 4868 4869 4870 4871 4872 4873 4874 4875 4876 4877 4878 4879 4880 4881 4882 4883 4884 4885 4886 4887 4888 4889 4890 4891 4892 writ 4893 4894 writhe wrangle wrath wreak wrench wrest wretch wring wrinkle windfall winnow winsome wisp wistful withdrawn wither withhold withstand witless witticism wizardry wizened woe woeful wont worldly welter wheedle whelp whet whiff whim whimsical whimsy whine whinny whit whittle wholesome whorl wiggle willful willowy wilt wily wince weird well-bred welt weary weather v. an axe. ~ sth (out of sb) obtain sth by being pleasant to or flattering sb n. having or showing good manners n. (cause sth to) move from side to side with rapid short movements intentional. wearing out. wind. ~ sth (out) twist and squeeze sth in order to remove liquid from it n. ~ sb/sth away twist or pull sb/sth violently away from sth v. etc) adj. (pt. practice of magic adj. (of a plant or flower) droop and wither adj. (often fml ) endure (sth) without giving in. to which the sole is stitched n. uncanny or strange adj. esp by rubbing with a stone n. having a dried-up wrinkled skin. sunshine. (fml )~ sth (from sb/sth) (fml ) refuse to give sth. issued by a court of law or a person in authority v. odd or playful behaviour or humour n. (fml ) sharpen (the blade of a knife. lithe and slender v. blow a current of air through (grain) in order to remove (the chaff) adj. ~ sb/sth (on to sth) gradually stop feeding (a baby or young animal) with its mother's milk and start feeding it with solid food adj. playful or capricious n. headstrong adj. (frightening because it is) unnatural. ~ to do sth in the habit of doing sth. formal legal written order to do or not to do sth. esp because of great pain . gentle neighing sound n. young animal of the dog family. fanciful. sudden desire or idea. esp of the muscles in the face n. inflict sth v. esp one made by a dog or child n. the smallest amount v. ~ ~ (sth) (up) (cause sth to) become dry. ~ sth (on sb) carry out (revenge or vengeance) on sb. puppy or cub . full of or expressing sad or vague longing adj. condition of the atmosphere at a certain place and time. small fold or line in the skin. distress or embarrassment by a slight involuntary movement. long high-pitched complaining cry. ~ sth from sb take sth away from sb violently n. full of wiles v. witty remark n. sad adj. ~ sth off (sth). full of woe. pp waylaid )wait for and stop (sb who is passing). strip of leather round the edge of the upperof a shoe. etc). resist adj. good for one's health or well-being n. esp in order to rob him or to ask him for sth v. ~ show pain. esp as a result of effort or endurance. esp an unusual or unreasonable one. that has been blown off a tree by the wind v. caprice adj. attractive and pleasant n. very unfortunate or miserable person v. general confusion v. esp the pursuit of pleasure or material gain. shrivelled or dead v. tall. esp an apple. full of whimsy. out of one's mind n. accustomed to doing sth adj. unintelligent or foolish. very tired. with reference to temperature and the presence of rain. exhausted n. etc. uncommunicative or unsociable v. esp one of those on the face that are caused by age n. one turn of a spiral v. extreme anger v. shrivelled n. of (the affairs of) the world. ~ faint smell or puff of air or smoke n. ~ of sth/sb disorderly mixture of things or people.

fanatic . etc n. ~ (for sth) (usu intense) energy or enthusiasm.x xenophobia Barron GRE word list . etc) twisted into an expression of disappointment. point in the heavens directly above an observer n. unit of money in Japan n. adj.wrongheaded 4895 wry 4896 4897 4898 4899 4900 4901 4902 4903 4904 4905 4906 4907 4908 4909 4910 4911 4912 zenith zephyr zest yokel yore Barron GRE word list . n. of yore (arch or rhet ) long ago adj. plough. . simple-minded country person. n. (of a person's face. keenness n. esp religion or politics.z zany zeal zealot Barron GRE word list . ~ great enjoyment or excitement. soft gentle breeze n. Perverse and obstinate. bear. (Brit) (esp arch ) farmer who owns and works his land v. intense dislike or fear of foreigners or strangers n. disgust or mockery n. (infml ) amusingly ridiculous. gusto .y yen yeoman yield yoke adj. features. eccentric n. produce or provide n. bumpkin . shaped piece of wood fixed across the necks of two animals (esp oxen) pulling a cart. person who is extremely enthusiastic about sth.

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