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November 15th, 2006 [ found at 2007-05]
I’m posting this info. for Don who requested it, but it’s a good plan for anyone who’s got the desire to try. The P90X nutrition plan is as follows: Phase I: Fat Shredder - Days 1-28 Phase II: Energy Booster - Days 29-56 Phase III: Endurance Maximizer - Days 57-90 Body Fat Range Targets For Men: Fit - 14-17% Athlete - 10-13% Elite Athlete - 4-9% For Women: Fit - 21-24% Athlete - 16-20% Elite Athlete - 12-15% Measure Body Fat at start of program and at the end of each phase to measure progress Determining Your Nutrition Level 1. Calculate your RMR Your Body Weight x 10 = RMR 2. Calculate your Daily Activity Burn RMR x 20% = DAB 3. Calculate your Energy Amount RMR + DAB = EA Nutrition Level Chart EA = 1800-2399 = Level I 1800 calories per day EA = 2400-2999 = Level II 2400 calories per day EA = 3000+ = Level III 3000 calories per day Macronutrient Goals in Each Phase Phase I - Protein 50%, Carbs 30%, Fat 20% Phase II - Protein 40%, Carbs 40%, Fat 20% Phase III - Protein 20%, Carbs 60%, Fat 20% Customizing the Phases Phase I - Can be extended if you feel you need to drop more body fat, but still have enough energy to do workouts. Can be shortened if your body fat is already low or you aren’t getting enough energy for workouts. Phase II - Can be extended if you feel you are doing well in this phase and want to keep going. Phase III - Optional phase for those who really want to push to the limit. It is recommended, however, that everyone try this phase at some point. Phase I Fat Shredder Portion Plan Level I Portions Proteins - 5 Dairy - 2

1 Snacks .2 Condiments .1 Condiments .1 Snacks .1 Vegetables .4 Fats .6 Dairy .1 P90X Protein Bar .2 Snacks .2 Snacks .1 Phase II Energy Booster Portion Plan Level I Portions Proteins .1 Vegetables .2 Doubles P90X Recovery Drink .2 Fruit .1 Carbs .1 Protein Bar .2 Fats .1 Vegetables .4 Fruit .4 Dairy .3 Fruit .Fruits .1 Level II Portions Proteins .7 Dairy .1 Condiments .3 .1 Double P90X Recovery Drink .1 Level II Portions Proteins .1 Carbs .2 Fruit .2 Fats .1 Vegetables .9 Dairy .1 Carbs .2 Vegetables .1 Condiments .1 Carbs .1 Single Recovery Drink .1 P90X Protein Bar .1 Single P90X Recovery Drink .4 Fats .1 P90X Protein Bar .1 Level III Portions Proteins .

1 Level II Portions Proteins .2 Vegetables .3 Vegetables .3 Snacks .2 Dairy .1 Double.1 Double Recovery Drink .3 Vegetables .1 Level III Portions Protein .4 Fats .8 Dairy .1 Double.1 Protein Bar .2 Fruit .2 Singles Recovery Drink .1 Carbs .3 Fats .5 Snacks .3 Condiments . 1 Single Recovery Drink .1 Carbs .3 Fats .3 Snacks . 1 Single Recovery Drink .1 Carbs .Fats .1 Carbs .1 Carbs .4 .3 Condiments .3 Dairy .1.1 Level III Portions Proteins .4 Dairy .1 Protein Bar .3 Condiments .2 Snacks .2 Fats .4 Condiments .1 Fruit .5 Condiments .1 Fruit .1 Fruit .1 Phase III Endurance Maximizer Portion Plan Level I Portions Proteins .2 Vegetables.

1 cup pasta or noodles .1 veggie dog Carbohydrates 200 calories per serving . pork tenderloin .1 cup couscous . rye.1 cup hummus .1 cup beans (black.1 cup oatmeal .3 oz.3 oz. chicken or turkey breast .1 medium sweet potato . flaxseed oil Proteins 100 calories per serving .1 large whole wheat pita .3 corn tortillas .1 medium whole wheat bagel .6 oz.3 oz.1 potato (2″x4-3/4″) . avocado.1 Portion Plan Foods (the same for all phases and levels except snacks) Fats 1 tbsp = 120 calories = 1 serving Olives.1 veggie burger .5 soy slices .2 slices bread (whole wheat. bran muffin .1 cup quinoa .3 oz.3 oz.1/3 cup protein powder .1 cup wheat berries . tofu . fat free ham slices .3 3.6 egg whites . fish or shellfish .2 slices turkey bacon .1 Double.1 2.1 cup lowfat refried beans . pancakes . etc) .12 crackers . tuna . olive oil. pumpernickel) . lean .1 cup baked beans .2 whole wheat waffles .1 soy burger . 2 Singles Recovery Drink .1 large whole wheat tortilla . canola oil.Snacks . red meat.1 cup brown or wild rice .5 oz.3 oz. kidney.3 oz.1 cup whole grain cereal .2 english muffins .1 cup lentils .

8 oz. bok choy.1 medium tangerine . broccoli.1/4 medium cantaloupe . brussels sprouts. veggie juice. vegetable soup.5 oz. cucumber.1 cup cherries .1.1 cup grapes . soy milk . 1% cottage cheese .1.1/3 medium mango . sprouts. cauliflower.1. squash. etc. soy cheese . lettuce. mushrooms. nonfat plain yogurt Fruits 100 calories per serving .1 cup raspberries. or veggie soup 2 cups of leafy greens . dried fruit .5 oz.3 oz.1 medium nectarine . beets.1 medium apple .1 cup kiwi . or blackberries . skim milk .1 oz. pure fruit jams Snacks Single Serving Snack = 100 calories Double Serving Snack = 200 calories .1 cup apricots . carrots. part skim mozzarella . marinara sauce.1 medium peach .1 medium banana . semisoft goat cheese .1 medium grapefruit .1 cup watermelon Vegetables 50 calories per serving 1 cup of cooked veggies. Condiments 2 tbsp = 50 calories = 1 serving Lowfat sauces and marinades.1.8 oz. celery. blueberries. low sodium V8.1. kale. low fat cheese . collard greens.1 oz.5 oz.Asparagus.5 oz. eggplant. string beans. cabbage. mustard.1/2 papaya . peas.8 oz.6 oz.Dairy Products 120 calories per serving . parmesan cheese .2 cups sliced strawberries . spinach. peppers. feta cheese .5 oz. fat free dressings. fresh squeezed juice .1 large orange . honey.1 medium pear . tomatoes.

2 oz.3 oz.1.12-16 oz.1 Protein Bar .1 frozen fruit bar . lowfat cheese with 6 crackers .12 oz.4 oz.1. soy nuts . peanut butter w/celery .1 Protein Bar .12-16 oz.1 oz.3 oz. lowfat cheese .8 oz.4 tbsp hummus with carrot sticks . dried fruit . turkey jerky . dried fruit .3 cups light popcorn .5 oz. soy nuts . cashews.12 mini rice cakes .1 oz. soy nuts .8 oz.1/2 Protein Bar .4 oz.12 oz. dried fruit .8 oz.1 oz.1 oz.8 oz. Recovery drink .Singles (Phase I) .2 oz. nuts (almonds. fruit sorbet .1 tbsp.1 tbsp peanut butter w/celery sticks . string cheese . 1% cottage cheese .8 oz. string cheese .1 oz. 1% cottage cheese .1 large sourdough pretzel . string cheese .1 oz.3 Fig Newtons .1 oz. nuts . 1% cottage cheese . Recovery Drink . pecans.1/2 Protein Bar . 1% cottage cheese . turkey jerky Singles (Phase II) . turkey jerky .5 oz. turkey jerky . nonfat plain yogurt Doubles . pistachios) .4 oz. nonfat plain yogurt Doubles .2 oz. nonfat fruit flavored yogurt Singles (Phase III) . string cheese .8 oz.2 oz. soy nuts .1 oz.1 frozen fruit bar .1 oz. nonfat frozen yogurt .

Is there foods missing or is this exactly what is written in the book? . fruit. I’m on my fourth week and feeling great. Al said: January 22nd. chips . soy nuts .4 tbsp bean dip with 1 oz.8 oz.12 mini rice cakes ... nonfat fruit flavored yogurt This is the bare bones of the plan. measure. 2006 at 3:45 am WOW!! I wasn’t expecting that. I’ve done it before.1 oz.1 oz..1 oz.2 oz. for anyone who doesn’t like to track. I actually broke down and bought the guide but it wont be here for a while yet so this will help a lot. and in what combinations.4 oz.1 medium piece fruit . string cheese . string cheese . soy nuts . Posted by firetometal Filed in Uncategorized 19 Responses to “Nutrition Guide” 1. proteins.. how much. and it has worked along with the p90x workouts. carbs.1 Protein Bar . Your awesome.4 tbsp hummus with carrot sticks .8 oz. What I listed here is the vital stuff and should be sufficient to do the plan properly. nuts . nonfat plain yogurt Doubles . pita chip . There was other stuff included which I do not have the time or space to add.1 tbsp peanut butter w/celery .3 cups light popcorn . But in the end it is worth it. It also requires planning.1 large sourdough pretzel . Recovery Drink . Good luck. 2.1. Cuz that’s what this plan is all about. fruit sorbet . veg)seems small.4 oz. nonfat frozen yogurt .12-16 oz.8 oz.3 oz.1 oz. Don said: November 18th. Fair warning. Knowing what to eat. though. and manage every little thing that goes into their mouth. lowfat tortilla chips . 2007 at 9:21 am Just wondering…When it says Level 1 Portions: does it mean all the portions in the list per each day? Also the list of foods in each category (fats. lowfat cheese with 6 crackers . Thank you! I hope all is going well for you.5 oz.

good luck! 4. there are easier and harder weight exercises you’ll just have to figure out for yourself what category to put each food in and how many calories per serving the food you are adding contains. i did not replace them with anything either. i on the other hand. 7. and i did fine. ideally. For the protein bar and recovery drink…. firetometal said: January 22nd. i did not purchase or use either the recovery drink or the protein bars. the book also contains recipes but there is no way i’m going to list all of them. 2007 at 11:21 pm Thanks for replying !Another thing…. Al said: January 23rd. i know the guys on the dvds use a lot of 30s and 40s. whatever phase you are in.. Al said: January 22nd. but they are pretty stout. just ate real food so no. but i will say there a substitute for those or do you need to use them? Guess if you don’t use P90x ingredients you don’t get the right foods going in or just a money grab? 6. used anywhere from 8s to 20s. i really don’t think they are necessary. i’m sure any store with a health section will carry similar products.when doing the workouts…what weights do you need in the dumbells? I have a set of 20lb weights. depending on the exercise. Do I need a lot below or above that weight? 5. 2007 at 2:40 pm hey al. firetometal said: January 23rd. i imagine you can add to that as long as the foods are healthy and nutritional. 2007 at 2:07 pm . you can probably find some of them at much? did you go the whole 90 days? 8. firetometal said: January 24th.if you don’t mind me asking…. the portions listed under your particular level are what you are to strive for each day. 2007 at 10:35 pm Sorry to keep questioning…. it’s all according to how strong you are.did you lose weight/gain muscle?…. Al said: January 22nd. so you probably will definitely need more than just one weight set. 2007 at 11:25 pm Oh yeah…one more. the foods that i listed are exactly what they put in the book. but if you wish to replace them. you should aim to get all the portions listed because it is geared to bring you out close to the desired calorie level. 2007 at 1:39 pm on the workouts you will just have to try it out and see how it goes.Thanks 3.

Hope it doesn’t burn me out as I am not really a weight lifter but want to get into better shape.thanks .. you are talking a dozen workouts. and i don’t really have time to type it all either. they are missing 1 dvd. check it out and see. just getting geared up for it. i cant afford the guides and or the other dvd. 9. to be honest. as for gaining muscle. Thanks 11. 2007 at 10:26 am hey al. again too much to type. so if you are looking for big muscle gain. but if you haven’t ever lifted before. though i don’t remember how much exactly. i believe you can get recipes off of p90x. i did do the entire 90 days. it is a little pricey. i got them through an estate auction.thanks for the replies…. i definitely lost weight. so i hope you understand. or if you are just looking to stay buff.. as for the fitness guide…well.anyone now how i can get this stuff with out paying so freeking much. i think i pretty much just maintained the muscle i had (i have been into weight training for several years off and on).. Al said: January 24th. Guides are 29. i pretty much listed the core of what is in the nutrition guide book. the only thing i left out were the recipes and the meal plans that they have mapped out if you don’t like to plan your own meals. the program is not meant to make you super beefed up or anything like that. 2007 at 10:21 pm Thats great…. good luck to you. i’m also not one to be emailing strangers or anything like and then the calander is 10. Darrell said: February 5th. firetometal said: January 31st. best thing i can tell you is if you need anymore info. 10. p90x is not going to bring it. each with a few dozen different exercises in them. to list every exercise in every workout and the description of how to do them would be overly time consuming. check out the forums at p90x. i have the discs now . and my fingers would probably fall off.yes. then p90x should do just fine. 2007 at 11:01 pm Hi again….I’m going to start on monday.. 2007 at 7:59 pm Thanks so much!! 13.99 each( 2) and the cardio dvd is 19.grand total of 79.Cardio. but it was worth it to me. Al said: January 31st.99. Al said: January 29th.. 2007 at 10:06 pm Hi guys.99 to finish my or purchase the complete package from there. that is just too much to there any chance of getting the P90X Fitness guide and the Nutrition guide scanned and online or emailed? or is there an actual PDF file? I’m getting a little frustrated on the meals and I believe it is quit a good guide. 12.

Steve said: March 18th. unless you want to pay for the .html You can find all the videos there without paying. the P90x nutrition plan .ty again. Thanks. Or you can download them all from TorrentSpy. For example. If you still “have to have it” then you could try ebay. 18.. He does add a few new 2007 at 4:59 pm . but the first 20 minutes is Yoga...darrell PS . 2007 at 1:10 pm http://rapid-share.if you hear of any opne with the books and they want to get rid of them cheap…let me know. you could do a light version of the Plyometrics or Kempo DVD. You then lift your right knee and bring your left elbow to the right knee (the knee and elbow move at the same time). 16.i hope so i copied it. Liz said: March 3rd. 2007 at 5:33 pm ty for that. Tripillian 15. I’ve seen it. Make sure you download all parts or else they won’t work.livejournal.. Use WinRAR to extract the files.will use it i guess. Tripillian said: February The Cardio DVD is only used in the lean and doubles version of the set type in beachbody in the search part and download P90X trackers online using BitComet.sounds basic. I wouldn’t waste your time on the Cardio-X DVD. If you plan to go through the regular routines (6 days straight with rest or stretch on the 7th day) then you won’t need the Cardio. Otherwise. Hope that helps.. 2007 at 10:36 am Hey Darrell. i have a different cardio video . The previous posting website has been suspended. Tony takes routines from the other DVD’s and then repeats certain sequences. 17. they do something I believe is called “Locomotive” where you stand with your hands behind your head..Your Interactive Fitness Community said: April 6th.Muscular Training Development.. You just have to wait about an hour to download each thing. I’ve seen a few P90X stuff for the top the actual netrition guide . It’s kind of like doing cross crunches except you’re standing up. Darrell said: February 6th. You then do the other side.. Ive looked on ebay and did see a few stuff there but still if i can get some one to copy the books …still cheaper. but they’re simply designed to get you moving. 2007 at 8:37 pm Anyone have another website where the file URLs are posted.thanks again 14.

something along those lines? Leave a Reply þÿ Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website þÿ þÿ Submit Comment .[…] evaluate and let me know if this nutrition plan is a bunch of BS or if its the real deal. bob said: May 20th.Days 29-56 Phase III: Endurance […] 19. Source Nutrition Guide � starting over Phase I: Fat Shredder . is it an energy drink or a protein drink .Days 128 Phase II: Energy Booster . 2007 at 12:03 am i was wondering what the recovery drink is.

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