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Guidelines For PhD Thesis In The Format Of Published Papers


Introduction (1) The University of Malaya permits the presentation of thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the format of published and/or submitted papers, where such papers have been published or accepted by high impact journals (e.g.: ISI journals) during the period of candidature. (2) Papers submitted as a PhD thesis must be based on a particular theme or focus and form a cohesive research write up. The quality of a thesis by published papers should be in accordance with PhD-level research.



Format Of Theses (1) The theses may comprise published papers and/or manuscripts accepted for publication by high impact journals (e.g. ISI journals). The papers should be published or accepted for publication during the period of candidature. The minimum number of papers and/or manuscripts is normally three. However, in some disciplines a larger number of papers is required to meet the expectations of scope and quality in accordance with PhD-level research. Where the papers have more than one writer, the candidate must be the main writer of at least two out of three papers. Normally, the theses shall include the following in addition to the components required of a standard thesis: (a) (b) (c) list of publications and/or manuscripts; acknowledgments of joint writers and permissions; and published papers and accepted manuscripts.






Each published paper or submitted manuscript must begin with a clear statement of the contribution made by each writer of any jointly written paper.


they contribute significantly to knowledge in the discipline. (7) The “Literature Review” chapter must contain. the candidate may chose to submit the thesis for re-examination in the same format or in the conventional PhD thesis format. a critical review of relevant literature. the significance of the findings and the knowledge claim in the thesis. objectives of the study. identify the knowledge gaps and the relationship of the literature to the programme of research. (6) The account of research progress must link together the various papers submitted as part of the thesis so that the reader can understand the logic behind the progression of the research programme. Theses which have not achieved sufficient academic merit may be referred for further work within a period of between 6 – 18 months and be submitted for re-examination. (8) (9) 3. Published or accepted papers must be presented coherently in the thesis according to the requirement of the University of Malaya (Degree of Doctor of Philosophy) Regulations 2007 including any accompanying declarations. The “Introduction” chapter should contain: (a) (b) (c) description of research problem investigated. In such cases. when considered together . and account of research progress linking the research papers. Examination (1) The examination process for theses in the format of published papers is similar to that for conventional theses by research. It should indicate how the included works are thematically linked or tied to a particular research framework and how. in accordance with discipline norms. (2) LO/ra ips1952009PhDtheses 2 . The “Conclusion” chapter establishes the cumulative effect of the papers.(5) The thesis shall be prefaced by a synopsis which summarises the most important findings presented in each published paper or submitted manuscript.