A Vietnamese expert on China said that the relationship between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and China is developing strongly and comprehensively. The ASEAN-China relations are developing fast in all areas ranging from politics, economy, culture and education to defence and security . Besides that, international Trade and investment between ASEAN and China are increasing and keep growing. In other hand, ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (FTA) agreement officially took effect in the beginning of last year, 2010. It has promoted trade between the two sides in the context that both ASEAN and China experienced export decreases to major markets like the United States and European Union countries.The establishment of this free trade area will help ASEAN and China reduce their dependence on the economies of the United States, Japan and Western European countries, The expert said that the FTA brings both opportunities and challenges to companies operating within the area. ASEAN companies should turn challenges into opportunities, actively upgrade the technology and enhance the management capacity to improve the quality of products. Related to this opportunity, ASEAN countries should make more efforts in tapping the Chinese market with large number of consumers and huge demands. China, with a population of about 1.3 billion, is an ideal place for companies of ASEAN members to do business. This FTA is expected to create a win-win situation for both ASEAN and China . Besides economic cooperation, the relationship between ASEAN and China in t he political area is deepening. ASEAN and China's mutual understanding and trust have been enhanced during th e recent times. The two sides have maintained frequent exchanges of visit of high -level officials. Ministries and agencies of ASEAN members and China are boosting their collaboration, according to the expert. ASEAN and China also will support each other in building the capacity and raising people's

Moreover. and help each other in dealing with existing challenges to ensure economic recovery and in the fight against pandemics and disasters. energy and resources. stability. ASEAN is committed to promoting and deepening relations with China in the coming time. The two sides are actively preparing for the 20th anniversary of the dialogue partnership between ASEAN and China in 2011 . contributing to the increase of mutual understanding of people from ASEAN countries and China.This ASEAN and China relationship will enhance cooperation in economic areas. Last 2 year. In relationship with China. ASEAN wants China to help the bloc with building the ASEAN Community and narrow the development gap among ASEAN members. China has consistently affirmed its support for the ASEA N's focal role in the regional architecture.awareness about favourable rules and regulations in implementing the agreement to take trade and investment opportunities . dollars to finance investment cooperation projects in infrastructure. the experts expect that ASEAN and China will strive to make the region become a new impetus for the development of the Asia -Pacific. The partnership is developing strongly and effectively.S. information and communication technology and other fields. ASEAN countries and China possess many cultural similarities. cooperation and common prosperity.The two sides have been cooperating and coordinating closely in regional forums. 2009 China and ASEAN decided to set up the China-ASEAN Investment Cooperation Fund worth ten billion U. Cooperation among non-state organizations from both sides such as youth organizations and professional associations has been intensified. trade and investment. ASEAN and China have built their partnership for nearly 20 years for peace. making great contributions to the world development . making it easy for both sid es to boost cultural exchanges.In the future.ASEAN and China are discussing specific measures to effectively use the fund and ensure that the fund brings benefits to both sides.

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