Have you attended any other events outside of the monthly meetings?

(Please tick as many boxes as you like)  Undecided Disagree Agree Agree Disagree alternative pub/club nights  cinema screenings          Christmas/Halloween parties      Strongly Strongly  alternative bring/buy SectionI 2: The Vampire real life friends from  talk to my existing Community                                 Section 1: Personal Details  graveyard walks  alternative picnic the did you get involved in the 2.01 ofHow vamp/goth community online vampire to fill in) 1.01 Consent statement (for participants community? (Please write Year  birth: as much as you like and continue on another sheet)   Brighton/seaside visits Whitby Gothic Weekend I find out about events that I want to                                   part in this research, and amM / F that I am free to withdraw aware 1.02 I agree to take  Gender: Instructions to respondents  at any point. Ivisit understand that the information I provide will be treated in theatre online  festivals attend confidence by the researcher and that unless specifically agreed to below, my 1.03 Nationality:  Thank you for agreeing to take part in my research. Please identity Which group do youthe publication of any findings. will 2.02 boatbe protected in and blogs to talk organised talks I use internet forums belong to?                                  save a copy of th questionnaire to your computer, complete it Religion: party/other day trips  1.04   London Vampyre Group?  as best you can and email it to: maria_mellins@yahoo.co.uk about other vampires for trips/weekends  organised quizzes  would be dayConnexion? portin of my responses to be used as happy Vampyre your sexual  1.5 I PleaseHolidays/excursions a orientation: (optional) describe  other N (Please specify) quotations in the finalbecause I am / Vampire Meetup? research thesis: Y  I use the internet shy                                 Alternatively feel free to print it and hand right and then send  other? (Please specify)   1.6 What is your marital status? to: and it lets me be my real self  Ifmarried this research should result in a published article or book I would be ……………………………………………… ………………………………………………  in a relationship researchercouple) (mixed sex to include portions of my responses as happy What is it about these events that you enjoy? for the Maria Mellins in a relationship N  quotations: Y / (same sex couple) 2.03 How often do Social Networksmeetings? Department of Communication, Culture & Creative Arts Section 3: Online you attend group single  Attend every Attend some I do not C/O Kirsty Cox other Meeting  meetings attend 3.1 How member of an online social networkweek? St. Mary’s College I2.07 Have you formed do you spend online (not for work)or platonic) am London Vampyre Group? a much time any close relationships (romantic per  (such as    2 your employment situation: few hours a week URL. I would you a 1.07 MySpace/Facebook)more have provided Pleasethrough your membership to this group? (Please write as much as tick hours or and a day details of my Waldegrave Road Vampyre Connexion?    30 the researcher on  occasionally or be happy for minutescontinue daylook at my profile and use portions of (i) in full-time like Meetup? less a to another sheet)  you employment Twickenham, TW1 4SX Vampire and   within I doresearch: / N this not use the (ii) itin part-time employmentYinternet  other …………………………………………  other? (Please specify)    (iii) in full-or part-time education  3.2 Do you film or fan websites online? If so Online Community (iv) unemployed regularly visit any specialist  IMPORTANT ……………………………………………… please state please refer to me:(please tick one) In all such researchwhich ones. Do not worry if you are unable to provide complete responses to retired (v)  2.08 (please you contribute certain questions, and please do return the questionnaire even if (i) by name give details)  (vi) other How often dolike about beingto the following online communities? tick  2.04 What do you a memberin/chat group(s)?in/ Join of this never join (Please am I  Join in/chat you are not able to fully complete it. Please also feel free to write (ii) net alias/online ID? as many boxes as you like) of educational qualifications (thus more either overleaf or append additional sheets of paper if 1.08 (iii)a anonymously you not Pleasemeetthe highest level Frequently tick new people occasionally something different just read  For those of you who use online networks (if not go to Section 3B) would like to fo so. far if you are still studying): member meet a partner  a chance to dress up     none LVG Yahoo Group 3.3 Whichhappy social  part in follow-up research (either an online to take do you   use? chat about vampires networkother (Please specify)  I GCSE Vampyre Connexion Forum would be    Yes Log on daily  weekly  monthly interview or group chat): Y / N Vampire Meetup network    A Level MySpace or equivalent    ………………………………………………   VEIN     First DegreeYahoo Newsgroup  Facebook    Google groups.vampire  Degree   Are there receive reasons you being a member? (Please write like  I Masters like to any other feedback on this research (This   be via would Livejournal will Doctoratemuch asresearch  as 1-page you like and continue/ on another sheet)  Yahoo newsgroup  Y N  email as a summary) VEIN     2.9 Do you prefer to socialise face-to-face or online? Why?     name: Bebo Net alias/online ID: address: 1.09 What line of work are specify) Other (please you in?     2.05 Why over the signature: did you join this groupinternet has played you are fan mobile: others? If in your a member of 2.10 What thando you think the do you prefer? (Please write as much more role one group which ……………………………………………… experiences? For continuethe following statements please tick each of on another sheet) MySpace date: as you like and email: one box





What is your MySpace URL?Disagree (optional) www.myspace.com/…………… …….. Strongly Strongly What easier to get to know people are your security settings? Public   I find it   


Agree Undecided








4.073.12Are any Do you wear any of the following: (for vampire related events) 3.02(b) Why have of these joined an online list? you not on your friends network? How would you describe the colour scheme of your profile? 4.02 How does your Livejournal profile compare dayyour real life face-to3.18 Do you wear any of the following: (in every  life) corsetLondon Vampyre Group (tongue/nose) to  piercings  Vampyre Connexion florescent hair  PC I have no  it’s an invasion of privacy  Are bright & vibrant  sombre gothic colours  fluorescent   face persona?  you reflecting a different side to your personality? corset piercings (tongue/nose)  florescent hair  Vampire Meetup related vampire sites them specify) I have no timewrite as much as none of andfriends use on another   (Pleasetops you like my continue(please braided pastels colours  plain black  plain white  lace/velvet   silver jewellery  I am not interested  other  lace/velvet tops  light colours  red  other  hair  sheet) give details  anysilver jewellery Please of vampire related sites that feature braided hairskirts   list nets Bustled fish  wigs/extensions/falls  on your friends …………………………………………… ……………………………… Bustled skirts fish nets wigs/extensions/falls  black clothes   mesh tops   combat trousers  combat trousers  3.19 blackyou feel that by mesh tops an online presence your ‘real life’ 3.03(b) Do clothes  not having Which network do you prefer/use the most? How would you describe the tone/mood of your profile? Facebook white  PVC/rubber  rock t-shirts social make-up with the vampire community is effected in anyway? (this interaction vampiric  feminine  plain   PVC/rubber  rock t-shirts  couldwhite make-up be either positive or negative effect) (Please write as much as  MySpace  Facebook  Livejournal goth  S&M  horror  3.13Please give details of the programs you have installed on Facebook: you like and continue on another sheet) Crucifix  dog collar  goth blood other  Crucifixmusic application  dog collar  goth    fun wall  werewolf blood  Fangs is top For each of the following statements please tick chokers/wristvampire  cuffs platforms gifts  3.20  Why this? films   free Please describe the overall tone or mood of your profile Fangs chokers/wrist cuffs   platforms Goth socksphotos  knee/thigh high boots boot covers one box   else  ‘hotness’ 3.04(b)  Do socks the internet forAgree Agree Undecided  theboot covers anything zombie vampire Disagree Disagree goth you use  knee/thigh high boots related to  graffiti write as much as  quiz  other Strongly Strongly community? (Please Teaming jeans & a you like and continue on  Gloves  corset fashion lenses This network              another sheet) has most of my jeans                        fashion lenses gloves teaming & a corset   What is the content of your profile? Do you use any of the below? Please on it below any other programs that you use friends list dark lipstick  dark nail polish  dark eyeliner  custom-made background  blogs dark lipstick  dark nail polish  dark   music/profile tune (specify)………………………… bulletins board This network is more interactive                                     eyeliner   slideshow on profile  3.05(b) Have you ever adopted an alternate persona online? For example in with music/custom-made graphics 3.14 How does your Facebook profile compare to your much as you like networks/communities a role-play forum/gaming network? (Please write as real life face-to-face Do youyou mix alternative & conventional clothing? (Please give Do mix alternative and conventional clothing? persona? on another sheet)                                  and continue Are allows me to be different side to your personality?  display photography  Videos This network you reflecting a examples) (Please in presenting myas you like and continue on another  personal avatars (please specify below)  other (please specify) creative write as much profile sheet) 4.08 For each of the following statements please tick one box Please give a further description or list any other content              Agree on yourUndecided Disagree instance are Agree dress/image? For Disagree 4.03 This profile is easier to use Please discuss any influences                    Section 4: Dress & Appearance Strongly you influenced by a particular person? Movement? Time inStrongly Why history? It is                                       do you important toin such a style? (Please write as much as you like dress me that Livejournalnotice what I’m wearing Day-to- Day Dress any other reason why you don’t use the others? (Please people 3.21 Is there and continue on another sheet) How do you use interactive technologies (of music, videos, photographs at meetings much as you like and continue on another sheet) write as etc) to reflect your personality on your profile? (Please write as 4.1 3.15 would you describe the way you dress in everyday life? (feel free to much How How would you describe the colour scheme of your LJ? bright & vibrant  sombre gothic colours  as you like and continue on another sheet) I often chat about what people                                        Fluorescent tick more than one)  are wearing at Traditional Goth meetings clothes? Or do  Medieval 4.04 Do you make your own Indie you buy them? If you buy   plain plain white 3.22 pastels colours you shop?other black How where do Crustie people profiles?  them Cybergothoften do you look at (please indicate town and specific shop, or  Edwardian   Regularlywe occasionally   rarely At meetings site)often talk about                          dress never  Internet  Cyberpunk S&M Elizabethan    How does your MySpace profile compare to your real life face-to-face light colours  red  other  how to make Punk/hardcore clothes  biker/leathers  Victorian  persona? Are you reflecting a different side to your personality? (Please 3.23 Have you ever adopted an alternate persona online? For example in a Emo ……………………………… dress  Georgian  office wear  write as much as you like and continue on another sheet) role-play forum/gaming                           At meetings we often talk network? (Please write as much as you             rock/metal new romantic  high fashion  like and  about where to buy clothes this way as an 4.05 Have you continue on another sheet) adult? At what age did you always dressed androgynous  vampire the tone/mood  casual wear  3.16 How would you describeIf you no longer of your LJ? way at what age start dressing this way? dress this corporate goth other  vampiric  feminine              plain  I often get told at meetings                          did you stop? Describe your relationship with the top 5 friends on your page. Did you that people like my clothes& M goth  S  horror  Please 3(B) For those of you who do notwriteonline networks like way you dress. (Please use as much as you mostly meet them online or offline? Sectiondescribe the  other Name Met online Met online Met offline and continue onthough you are not a member of a network do you ever 3.01(b) Even another sheet) (optional) (never met in real life) (we have since met up) (we were already friends) look at describeother peoples pages? style how do you feel about Please or read the 4.09 If youCommunity Dress overall tone or mood of your LJ Vampire dress up in an alternative/vampire 1.    regularly  occasionally  rarely  never you those who don’t dress up? If you don’t dress in this manner how do  2.    2 4.06 How would you describe the way you as much occasions within the feel about those that do? (Please write dress for as you like and 3.    continue on another sheet) vampire community? 4.    3.17 Please describemy usual vampire/alternative style account. (Please  I dress up in the main uses of your Livejournal of clothing that I 5.    writeeveryday as you like and continue on another sheet) wear as much

Section 5: Vampire Fiction 5.1 Do you read or watch any of the below?
Frequently occasionally rarely never


Please list up to 5 magazines you read regularly 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

vampire books  vampire film  vampire TV  real life vampire stories  vampire comic/graphic novels 

   

    

    



What first attracted you to vampires? (Please write as much as you like and continue on another sheet)

What is your favourite film genre? Please rate 1-5 (1 being your favourite) horror  sci-fi  comedy slasher  war film  action / Adventure vampire  musical  anime historical Drama  western  foreign Language monster  romantic Comedy  erotic/pornography thriller fantasy  gross out Comedy  documentary  other (please specify)


What is your favourite type of vampire? (for example female, male, lesbian, straight, army, historical… etc) (Please write as much as you like and continue on another sheet) 5.10

……………………………………… How much do you spend a year on your interest in vampires Under £100  £100 – £200  £200 – £300  £300 – £400  over £500  What do you buy?

5.04 What is your favourite vampire film or TV show and why? (Please write as much as you like and continue on another sheet)

5.11 Have you ever created your own vampire fiction? e.g. online slash fiction, made a short film, written articles or created your own fanzine etc? 5.05 Please list up to 5 of your favourite fictional vampires in order of importance 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Yes  No  If yes what was it? Was this on the Internet or another medium? (Please write as much as you like and continue on another sheet)

5.06 Who is your favourite Dracula and why? (Please write as much as you like and continue on another sheet) 5.12 5.07 Please give your view on the recent BBC adaptation of Dracula screened Christmas 2006? (Please write as much as you like and 3 continue on another sheet) Would you describe yourself as a vampire fan? If yes how did you become a fan and how old were you? If no then why not? (Please write as much as you like and continue on another sheet)

Section 6: Miscellaneous 6.01 If you have any further comments you wish to make, that you do not feel were adequately addressed by the questions above, please feel free to make them here (continue overleaf if necessary).

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Please could you now return it in the stamped-addressed envelope provided to the following address: Maria Mellins C/O Kirsty Cox Department of Communications, Culture and Creative Arts St Mary’s College Twickenham Middlesex Alternatively if it is in electronic format please email the completed questionnaire to: maria_mellins@yahoo.co.uk